Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Syrian Army Regains Control over al-Muhamadyia Town, Continues Advancing in Eastern Gouta

The Syrian Army units achieved a new advancement in their operations against al-Nusra Front and the groups affiliated to it in Damascus countryside and they continued to ensure the safety of the corridor assigned for the exit of the besieged civilians from Gouta towards al-Wafideen camp to transport them to the temporary housing shelter in al-Dwair.
SANA delegate to Gouta said that army units regained full control over al-Muhamadyia town after inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorist organizations in the equipment and personnel.
The delegate added that army units are now combing the area and they dismantle the explosive devices and the mines planted by terrorists in the town.
The delegate indicated that army units are hunting down the remnants of the terrorists who fled away to the nearby farms.
Establishing control over al-Muhamadyia town contributed to cutting more supply routes between the terrorist groups who are living in a state of panic and collapse thanks to the significant advancement achieved by army units and the heavy losses inflicted upon the terrorist organizations in the personnel and equipment.


Video: Syrian Forces In Recently Liberated Town Of Muhammadiyah In Eastern Ghouta
The Hezbollah media wing in Syria has released a video confirming that the key town of Muhammadiyah in the Eastern Ghouta region, near Damascus, is now under control of government forces.

Separately, the Syrian Army and its allies have relaunched their effort to retake the town of Rayhan in the northeastern part of the militant-held area. Intense fighting is now ongoing there.
Earlier on March 6, the Russian military offered militants a safe passage out of Eastern Ghouta. However, local militant groups rejected the offer triggering further military operations in the area.
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