Sunday, 4 March 2018

U.S. supported Terrorists renew attacks on safe corridor for evacuating civilians from #Ghouta

Damascus Countryside- For the fourth day in a row, Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists and other affiliated armed groups continued to prevent civilians from leaving Ghouta through the safe corridor set up near al-Wafidin Camp, so they could use them as human shields.
SANA’s reporter at al-Wafideen Camp said the terrorist organizations on Friday targeted with three mortar and rocket shells the safe corridor after less than one hour of the start of the truce from 9 am till 02:00 p.m, in an attempt to spread fear among civilians.
The truce began at 9 am on Friday morning to allow the evacuation of civilians willing to leave Ghouta area in Damascus Countryside, after terrorists prevented them from leaving over the past three days, the reporter said.
A number of ambulances and public transportation cars have been waiting since 09:00 am near the assigned crossing point to transport the civilians who exit from the Ghouta to the temporary housing shelter in al-Dwair.

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