Saturday, 7 April 2018

British Jewish political terrorism finally meets resistance from righteous Jews

Corbyn attends left-wing Jewish group’s Passover event… and is attacked regardless
… from Russia Today, Moscow
Having dinner with the wrong kind of Jews in Britain ignites Britain’s Jewish form of ISIS
[ Editor’s Note: This incredibly cheap shot on Jeremy Corbyn by the Jewish KKK equivalent may signal that it is time to call Jewish political terrorism for what it is, nothing more than a modern form of lynching. ISIS also believes in terrorizing all non-believers.
But one must pick the timing of such an event carefully, and the Passover Seder group dinner that he attended with his constituents has provided such with their standing up to the Jewish hatemongers (defined as anyone who disagrees with the Jewish lobby on anything) by denouncing the anti-Semitic smear lynching attempted on Corbyn.
Corbyn is standing on the shoulders of these righteous Jews so his neck did not get stretched. It is time now to rethink and re-tag which groups are really a disservice to Judaism, the extremists of course, who are similar in their thinking to the Saudi Wahhabis, who feel that all non-believers should be put to the sword or enslaved.
Israel’s IDF has another Gaza turkey shoot, 
with no apologies
The political support that these extremists Jews have created for themselves has never been revealed for what it is, an election rigging effort at its core, that all power structures should be made to support a “Jewish agenda”, and anyone objecting punished, with all tools available, including cheap smears.
The timing of this attack is obvious, as we know Corbyn will support an independent investigation of the latest slaughter of unarmed Gazans protestors. So the Jewish terrorists are trying to make an example of Corbyn, as their strangle hold on British politics is something they want to maintain by beheading Corbyn as Labor leader.
The Jewish Lobby has its fingers into the Labor Party, also, and those hounds were let loose under the guise of fighting anti-Semitism in Britian when such a claim is a bad joke. This is all about knocking off anyone politically not with the Israeli Lobby … Jim W. Dean ]

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