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«Israel» Wants US Boots on the Ground in Syria to Counter Iran

04-04-2018 | 13:05
As the war winds down in Syria and Iran rises as a regional power, notably building a presence in the country, the Director of the “Israeli” entity’s so-called Ministry of Intelligence Chagai Tzuriel warned that “‘Israel’ would have to act,” adding that a “conflict could be avoided if US troops stay there.”
US troops in Syria
“If the US has presence on the ground, which it has…and if it takes part in the political processes around the future of Syria, it can influence,” Tzuriel explained, quoted by The Cipher Brief.
However, Tzuriel on Monday would not comment on US President Donald Trump’s recent comments about leaving Syria “very, very soon,” but it’s clear that if the US doesn’t find a way to deter Iran’s growing influence in Syria, the “Israeli” entity may well have to be the “other people” Trump referred to who will have to “take care of it.”
Though, Tzuriel would like to convince his American counterparts to stay too.
In a bid to counter future threats, the “Israeli” entity’s so-called intelligence ministry and other intelligence groups weaved efforts together “trying to cooperate with the Mossad and Shabak and military intelligence and other organizations, like the research and analysis section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” Tzuriel said.
Accordingly, the “Israeli” entity sees a myriad of potential future headaches from Iranian influence in the region – headaches that could lead to direct confrontations that could draw in its US ally.
The entity is frustrated with the previous Obama administration’s go-slow approach with Syria. And now that the current America First president might want to leave as soon as possible, “Israel” is calculating its moves.
The “Israeli” entity sees Syria as “a microcosm of global and regional relations – Russia and the US, Turkey and Iran, Arabs and non-Arabs, Shiites and Sunnis…”
So “Israel” would like the US to stay in the fight, with at least a small number of troops on the ground.
“I hope they continue to be involved and continue to represent our concerns. Countering Iran, which is the biggest issue in the region, must be done in Syria first,” he said. “You can do a lot with a little. By being there, you are sitting around the table, shaping the future of Syria.”

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