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Former UK Envoy Says Bahrain all but a US, Saudi Colony

29-05-2018 | 11:13

Ex-British Envoy to Bahrain Peter Ford said the Gulf island has almost turned into a vassal state for the US and Saudi Arabia out of fear for its existence in the face of popular protests.

Peter Ford

In an interview with Lebanon-based al-Mayadeen TV on Sunday, Ford said that “Bahrain has almost turned into a Saudi and American colony since the beginning of the protests” in 2011.

The ruling Al Khalifah family has been capitulating to Riyadh since this dynasty became scared, said Ford, who served as Britain’s accredited ambassador to Manama for three years.

This fright is also the reason behind the proximity of Bahrain’s position to the anti-Iran stance of the United States and “Israel”, he added.

Over the years of protests, scores of people were martyred and hundreds more imprisoned during the regime’s crackdown on peaceful protesters. Many more Bahraini nationals have also been stripped of citizenship, following accusations of being involved in acts of “terrorism” or measures to undermine national security.

The ruling Bahraini regime has further aligned itself radically with the US, Saudi Arabia, and “Israel” in their bid to demonize and isolate Iran.

Ford stepped down as an adviser to the Bahraini royal family after those remarks. The British Foreign Office, Ford said, did not welcome the resignation but the decision generated some “positive reactions” inside Bahrain.
“The Bahraini media were absolutely silent on this issue, and British Foreign Office officials were not happy with my resignation,” he said.

Ford also warned Bahrain against throwing itself into regional disputes, saying the tiny island would seriously be hurt if a wider conflict broke out.

“Bahrain will be at risk more than any other region in the event of a widespread conflict between “Israel” on the one hand, and Lebanon, Syria and Iran on the other, due to its proximity to Iran and the instability of Bahrain.” 

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