Thursday, 31 May 2018

Palestinian Resistance Showers ’Israeli’ Settlements with Missiles in Response to Earlier Attacks

30-05-2018 | 09:06

In response to the Zionist forces’ targeting of Palestinian resistance sites in the Gaza Strip, as well as the “Israeli” crimes against Great March Return protesters, and maintaining a new equilibrium of horror, the Palestinian resistance factions fired several missiles on Zionist settlements surrounding Gaza, in which at least 6 Zionist soldiers were injured in the Eshkol settlement.

In this respect, Yedioth Ahronoth’s website reported that several missiles were hit towards the settlements based in the north of Gaza Strip, some of which landed in Ashkelon and other areas.

Meanwhile, the Zionist occupation army urged settlers based on the coastal area of Zikim’s settlement to immediately evacuate it due to the lack of safe rooms in the place, urging all settlers in the surrounding area to stay in safe places.

Relatively, the Zionist army confessed that new missiles hit the Gaza Envelope settlements claiming that some of them were intercepted.

In parallel, electricity went off in those settlements, and sirens were activated some 50 times since Tuesday morning in the Gaza Envelope.

Earlier, the Zionist military targeted dozens of bases belonging to Palestinian resistance movements inside the Gaza Strip, with the “Israeli” army spokesperson alleging that some 30 targets in Gaza have been bombed, including an “offensive tunnel” in Karm BouSalem Area.

Gaza’s Ministry of Education, meanwhile, confirmed that an official school was bombed while students were performing their high school tests.

For its part, Hamas resistance movement issued a statement stressing that the resistance’s action is a natural right to defend our people and respond to the Zionist killings and intended assassinations of resistance fighters in Rafah and north of the Gaza Strip.
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