Tuesday, 7 August 2018

#Kushner Unfit – Period- Kushner’s only “qualifications” as the lead on the Middle East are that he is an Orthodox Jew & a Zionist

They say a picture is worth a thousand words
Jared Kushner, the son of law of President Donald Trump is a graduate of Harvard Law School, a rich man who made his money in real estate and in public housing, and of course in marrying the favorite daughter of the president.
All of this is fine, but it does not qualify him to be the person responsible for Middle East policy, with its long term impact for many generations yet to come.
We fully understand his qualification as a businessman, but to task Kushner with shaping the destiny of tens of millions of people amounts to a crime that is unforgivable for the President or the US.
Kushner’s only “qualifications” as the lead on the Middle East are that he is an Orthodox Jew, a Zionist and a financial contributor to criminal trespassing settlers and thieves.
Well, his qualification fits well with the idea of Eretz Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates; and it fits well with the new Israeli nationality laws, which formally establish Israel as an Apartheid State with the rights of citizenship defined by religion – not that I buy the idea of the “Jewish Race”.
The new Israeli nationality law is no different from Germany’s idea of a pure Aryan race. With some minor exceptions in certain Arab-Muslim countries that do not grant nationality to Christians, I am unaware of any country in the world that makes “faith” or religion the prime criteria for nationality.
Can you imagine if President Trump with his Republican allies in Congress were to pass an American nationality law that made White Evangelical Christians as the only group of people who could qualify for full citizenship? Would this be accepted by his “Jewish daughter” or his Jewish son-in-law, or by the many Jewish Zionist billionaires who are major contributors, or by the majority of his cabinet? I doubt it.
Not that the US was ever so fair or so honest in its Middle East policies that appointing a person such as Kushner should be a surprise. Since Lyndon Johnson, who, under the toxic influence of certain persons, became a truly committed Zionist that, as a Commander in Chief, dismissed the cries for a formal Naval Board of Inquiry into Israel’s deliberate assassination and attempted assassination of hundreds of members of our US Navy on the USS Liberty.
As it happens with few exceptions, the US has always appointed Jewish Zionists as special envoys to the Middle East. US Special envoys always came from the Israel-First crowd – from the Israeli Fifth Column in the US – and all without exception bear the blame for the death of hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East, and bear full responsibility for the destruction and chaos in many countries in the Middle East due to covert regime-change strategies.
But for the US’ dishonesty and deliberately belligerent attitude toward the people of the region, we would not have the conflicts we have in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, or even Iran. The people in the driver’s seats in all the decisions that instigated wars and conflicts in the Middle East have been Zionists and Israel-Firsters.
Somehow no other groups or individuals are fit or qualified to be special envoys to the Middle East but for a select group of Israel-Firsters, such as Kushner. But for these people, Israel and the Palestinians and the entire region could be at peace

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