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No Peace Without Hezbollah and Hezbollah will not compromise on a grain of soil of Palestine.

صورة: ‏‎" All the major disasters which befell the region stem from the existence of the state called Israel. So long as there is a state called Israel, disasters and suffering will continue. This is a cancerous body in the region... When a cancer is discovered, it must be dealt with fearlessly; it must be uprooted...". Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General and Great Leader of Hezbollah. God Bless and Protect Him Against zionists Murderers !‎‏
No Peace Without Hezbollah and Hezbollah will not compromise on a grain of soil of Palestine.

Daniel Mabsout"The Palestinian cause is definitely at a turning point . What will happen next we don’t know . With the fall of HAMAS in the sectarian set up has fallen the last bastion of the Palestinian Resistance if bastion there were . During more than sixty years the cause has remained stagnant if not worse. And even if the PLO thinks that it had succeeded in preserving the Palestinian identity , what about the other goals? What about Palestine? What about the land ? Even this identity is a double edged sword , it has separated the cause from its Arab belonging and has not retrieved the land . " - Daniel Mabsout,

I would add the whole region, may be the whole world is at a turning point. From the Syrian womb, a new middle east and a new multipole is emerging. The question is wheather there is a place for Palestine in middle east map?.
Before Yesterday, I wrote:
"After 1973 war Kissinger said: No war without Egypt, and no peace without Syria. In front of the failure in the domestication of Syria, and the failure to destroy Hezbollah in July 2006, the enemy thought that by destroying Syria they would isolate Hezbollah and liquidate the Palestinian cause. Having failed to defeat Syria, the would think they would bribe Hezbollah, as they did with international brotherhood, and sublet Lebanon to Hezbollah. Yesterday Nasrallah implicitly declared the he will not be a part in any settlement of the crisis Syrian or Iranian nuclear file, instead he laid a new equation:
No Peace Without Hezbollah and Hezbollah will not compromise on a grain of soil of Palestine.
They say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The picture below posted by brother Daniel worth a million words. I have posted the same picture in many posts. The last was few days ago while comparing the the 'democracy' in Moroco and the 'dictatorship' in Syria.
My problem with the picture is not kissing hands.

The problem is why Haniya is kissing the filty hand of Qaradawi?

Most likely, Daniel, selected the picture as a milestone for the sectarian spring known as the "arab spring" 

Here is a picture for Seyyed Nasrallah, taken after the Iiberation of south Lebanon, kissing the hand of Khamenei, expressing his loyality and grtitude for the Iranian great support that made the liberation possible.

This picture worth bilion words, a milestone, the end of the era of defeats, and the beginning of the era of victories.

In April 2001, the supreme leader of the Iranian revolution opened the conference "in Support of the Palestinian Second Intifada", he noted that "Israel" left lebanon last year because the Lebanese Hezbollah backed by Iran refused to compromise, and that the Palestinians will not accept compromises or bargains anymore.

"the armed struggle not dialogue must be pursued because is not the languageIsrael understand"
After the Imam Khamenei's speech, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah went towards the Supreme Leader and kissed his hand. When asked about why he did that in a formal meeting, he said.
"I have deliberately done it with complete sincerity because the world media considered me the " Man of the Year ", and in the Arab countries " the most successful leader in the Arab world", so, in this important meeting attended by leaders of Islamic movements and political figures of the Islamic Countries, broadcasted directly in the world, I wanted say to all: "I am just a soldier of the Revolution"
When we talk about the liberation of South Lebanon, we have to remember Syria and Iran. For Syria south Lebanon is an Occupied Syrian land and for Iran its an occupied Islamic Land, it is JABAL AAMIL the Shia historic Custodial, since Abu Tharr al-Ghfari, and, I guess the birth place of Sheykh Lotfollah who introduced Shiism into Iran. In Lebanon, Lebanon's patriotism, both Arab and Syrian Nationalism, Communism, failed to achieve anything because Palestine was not the focal point. After the Islamic revolution in Iran, Lebanon's patriotism, Arab-Syrian Nationalism, and Islamic Iran worked in Hanrmony, and that Harmony made the liberation possible. And to be fair, not to forget, many of Hezbollah freedom fighters including the Great leader Martyr Imad Mughniyeh were trained by Fateh, they fought with Palestinian left weapons and built on the Palestinian experience. 

On the other hand, we have to remember the following:
From 1948 upto 1967 the Arab armies especially in Lebanon and Jordan were protectors of Israel's borders. In 1955, Palestianian refugee living in border zone were deported to north Litani, to stop few Palestinian cells working with Syrian and Egyptian inteligence. My father was leading one Egyption cell, Our neighbour Abu Kayed was leading the Syrian cell.

In 1958, the peak of Arab Nationalism movement, Fateh was founded to close ( not to re-open) the Palestinian file as Alan Hart claimed. The armed struggle against Israel, and the Petro-dollar were Fateh tools to pull the rug from under the feet of the Arab Nationalist Movement.

With 1967 Naksa Arafat achieved his first goal and and started working for the second (closing the Palestinian file). Hani Al-Hassan declared in London that Arafat started in 1968 (Actually 1958) the mission of preparing Palestinians to accept "peace" with zionist entity. HOW??
  • By the so-called Palestinian independant decision, ignoring that Palestine is south Syria, thus putting the Palestinian "independant" decision in the Saudis hands, especially after forming OIC in 1969.
  • The Jordan option that lead to Black September in 1970,
  • The civil war in Lebanon,1973 - 1976 -1982, and the Lebanon's option (1976),
This phase was crowned with the Israeli invasion and the shamful withdrawal from southern Lebanon to Beirut and the into exile udrer the slogan "O' we are alone".

Palestinians were not alone, they were there with the Lebanese national movement, and the Syrian Army. Instead of returning to Damascus, Arafat went to Tunis for the resumption of his contacts with Peres via Alan Hart, until he was called to end the first INTIFADAH (Oslo).

The PLO-IRAN honey moon was too short and reached its end when tried to please the Americans in the hostages crisis.

Moreover, when we talk about the Liberation of Gaza, to be fare and remember:
  • Palestinians paid heavily for that due to the topographical, and geopolitical facts.
  • Gaza was a significant burden on Israel to the extent that Rabin wished he would wakes up and finds that the sea had swallowed Gaza.
  • Gaza has been able to withstand the brutal siege and invasion, thanks to the blood of Martyrs and the support of Hezbollah, Syria and Iran.

Finally, you should not lose hope. I would say the conspiracy against the resistance camp will not pass and will not see the light of day, the failure of the global war on Syria will change the balance of power and the alignment in favor of the option of resistance. The real Arab spring has just started in both Egypt and Tunis and will not stop. Thanks for the great steadfastness of the Syrian people and its leadership.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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