Monday, 17 May 2010

Mathematical Politics

Political Mathematics OR Mathematical Politics

X= In 1948, a small country,

Called Palestine

Was savagely attacked

By Zionist Jews

Who came from all over the world

80% of the land was occupied

They then named it "Israel"

In 1967, the rest of Palestine

Was taken over

* * * * *

Y= Palestine was inhabited by Palestinians

Which (according to Zionists)

Was defined as Φ

i.e. the Palestinians didn't exist

Still, they killed some of them

Exiled some more

And kept the rest under occupation

* * * * *

Z= Palestinians, like every other nation

Resisted occupation

For over than 46 years

Non violent Strikes

And demonstrations

* * * * *

A= In 1994, in the month of Ramadan

A settler named Goldstein

Armed to his teeth

Entered a mosque in Hebron

Attacked the worshipers

While kneeling down

He injured over sixty

And massacred 29

* * * * *

B= A few days later

Surprise surprise

The first Palestinian


Was the front page cover

In every news paper

* * * * *

How can you solve the problem?

Given that: F= freedom J= Justice P= Peace S= Security W= war

Z + B = Resistance X + Y + A = Aggressive Occupation

Solution 1: (by a Soft Zionist)

Palestine was only a piece of Arab land

Oil rich countries, with plenty in hand

All we want is "peace", so, why not divide?

93:7 seems a fair deal .so, hurry up, and decide

We'll cage all the terrorists, to be safe and sound

Only 3 million, hope you don't mind

S=W+ P +J + F

X+Y+A = 93 Z+B = 7

Security = war + peace + justice + freedom

Aggressive Occupation = 93 Resistance= 7


Solution 2: (by a Right Wing Christian Zionist)

Palestine is a third world country

Backwards, uncivilized

Just give it all away

To some-one more deserving

Who looks more like us

Until the second coming

Of a "violent" Jesus Christ

Who will kill all the "badies"

And give us eternal life

And forever remember

In the dictionary of power

Might is always right

The struggle for freedom

Is the twin-half of terror

So, bombard the natives

With ethics so superior

To give up resistance

And live as inferiors

Teach them our morality

Of turning the other cheek

It's gracious, it's noble and obviously sleek

P = Σ W + S – F – J

X+Y+A = 100 Z+B = 0

Peace = catastrophic wars + security – freedom - justice

Aggressive Occupation = 100 Resistance= 0


Solution 3: (by an Average Zionists)

It's very complicated, you see

"Israel" is a tiny peaceful country

With unidentified borders

And a shape so absurd

Swamped by a sea of hatred

Of terrorist Arabs, all around

Fairly and truly

In order to survive

With safety and security

All intact

We need much much more land

And in the mean time

We'll keep the Palestinians under our eyes

Crush their spirits, with even more lies

Until one day, they loose all the hope

They'll give up and go

"Voluntary transferred"

A "pure" Jewish state

Only then, will be declared

S = 235 W - F – J + p

X+Y+A = 500 Z+B = - 300

& redefine p as : P = piece of land

Security = 235 wars – freedom – justice + a piece of land

Aggressive Occupation = 500 Resistance = -300


Solution 4: (by an Ordinary Person)

Palestine is the holy land

It's a treasure for all mankind

It's an easy problem, if we use our mind

Start by correcting all the wrongs

Making them right

Give the Palestinians their own homes back

Return of refugees is a must, all right

Disarm the Zionist; the law of fairness is a fundamental fact

Equal are humans, Jews and Arabs, blacks or whites

P + S = F + J – W

If X+Y+B=0 Z+B=0

Peace + security = freedom + justice - war

If Aggressive Occupation = 0 Resistance= 0

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