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Criminal gangs of "Free Army" run by Turkish intelligence in the town of "Ras al-Ain" on Syrian border

 "Free Army" Militants , which is considered by "coordinating body" a part of the revolution, raid the homes of members of the "coordinating body" - "Democratic Union"party  and torture them

هذا بعض مما تقوم به عصابات"الجيش الحر" في بلدة... by syriatruth

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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By Design: French Mali Invasion Spills into Algeria

Global Research, January 17, 2013

Exactly as predicted, the ongoing French “intervention” in the North African nation of Mali has spilled into Algeria – the next most likely objective of Western geopolitical interests in the region since the successful destabilization of Libya in 2011.
In last week’s “France Displays Unhinged Hypocrisy as Bombs Fall on Mali” report, it was stated specifically that:
“As far back as August of 2011, Bruce Riedel out of the corporate-financier funded think-tank, the Brookings Institution, wrote “Algeria will be next to fall,” where he gleefully predicted success in Libya would embolden radical elements in Algeria, in particular AQIM. Between extremist violence and the prospect of French airstrikes, Riedel hoped to see the fall of the Algerian government. Ironically Riedel noted:
Algeria has expressed particular concern that the unrest in Libya could lead to the development of a major safe haven and sanctuary for al-Qaeda and other extremist jihadis.
And thanks to NATO, that is exactly what Libya has become – a Western sponsored sanctuary for Al-Qaeda. AQIM’s headway in northern Mali and now French involvement will see the conflict inevitably spill over into Algeria. It should be noted that Riedel is a co-author of “Which Path to Persia?” which openly conspires to arm yet another US State Department-listed terrorist organization (list as #28), the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) to wreak havoc across Iran and help collapse the government there – illustrating a pattern of using clearly terroristic organizations, even those listed as so by the US State Department, to carry out US foreign policy.”

Now, it is reported that “Al Qaeda-linked” terrorists have seized American hostages in Algeria in what is being described by the Western press as “spill over” from France’s Mali operations.

The Washington Post, in their article, “Al-Qaida-linked militants seize BP complex in Algeria, take hostages in revenge for Mali,” claims:
“As Algerian army helicopters clattered overhead deep in the Sahara desert, Islamist militants hunkered down for the night in a natural gas complex they had assaulted Wednesday morning, killing two people and taking dozens of foreigners hostage in what could be the first spillover from France’s intervention in Mali.”

The Wall Street Journal, in its article, “Militants Grab U.S. Hostages in Algeria,” reports that:
“Militants with possible links to al Qaeda seized about 40 foreign hostages, including several Americans, at a natural-gas field in Algeria, posing a new level of threat to nations trying to blunt the growing influence of Islamist extremists in Africa.As security officials in the U.S. and Europe assessed options to reach the captives from distant bases, Algerian security forces failed in an attempt late Wednesday to storm the facility.”
The WSJ also added:
“Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the U.S. would take “necessary and proper steps” in the hostage situation, and didn’t rule out military action. He said the Algeria attack could represent a spillover from Mali.”
And it is military action, both covert and incrementally more overt, that will see the West’s extremist proxies and the West’s faux efforts to stem them, increasingly creep over the Mali-Algerian border, as the old imperial maps of Europe are redrawn right before our eyes.
Image: The French Empire at its height right before the World Wars. The regions that are now Libya, Algeria, Mali, and the Ivory Coast all face reconquest by the French and Anglo-Americans, with French troops literally occupying the region and playing a pivotal role in installing Western-friendly client regimes. Also notice Syria too, was a French holding – now under attack by US-British-French funded, armed, and backed terrorists – the same terrorists allegedly being fought in Mali and now Algeria.
Meanwhile, these very same terrorist forces continue to receive funding, arms, covert military support, and diplomatic recognition in Syria, by NATO, and specifically the US and France who are both claiming to fight the “Free Syrian Army’s” ideological and very literal allies in North Africa.
In reality, Al Qaeda is allowing the US and France to intervene and interfere in Algeria, after attempts in 2011 to trigger political subversion was soundly defeated by the Algerian government. Al Qaeda is essentially both a casus belli and mercenary force, deployed by the West against targeted nations. It is clear that French operations seek to trigger armed conflict in Algeria as well as a possible Western military intervention there as well, with the Mali conflict serving only as a pretense

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Israel Complicit in Global State Terrorism

My PhotoIsrael threatens world peace and security. It's a global menace. The International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAZN) is unequivocal.
Its new pamphlet headlined "Israel's Worldwide Role in Repression." 
It discusses "the role of Israel’s government, its military, and related corporations and organizations in a global industry of violence and repression." 
"The states most involved with this industry profit from perpetual war and occupation across the globe while maintaining vastly unequal societies of their own."
"Maintaining and expanding" Israeli colonization of Palestine requires regional ethnic cleansing, military repression, and "accompanying atrocities."
Israel "developed great expertise." It exports it "on an industrial scale. Doing so is crucial to its economic and political power."
It partners with Washington's crimes. It collaborates with the worst of regional despots. It's waging war on Palestine, other world communities, and popular movements.
Allied with America and other Western states, it seeks regional dominance and resource control. 
It wants its share of what Franklin Roosevelt's State Department called a "stupendous source of strategic power, and one of the greatest material prizes in world history."
It referred to Saudi oil. Regional control is now sought.
Israel's importance to Washington is reflected in "the growing significance of both oil and the arms trade to the world economy."
Israel gets more US aid than all other countries combined. Most is military related. It's vital to Israel's budget. 
It covers about 18% of total spending. From 1949 - 2011, direct aid way exceeds official estimates. 
Included are $3 billion or more in annual congressional allocations, special trade advantages, preferential contracts, hidden amounts, weapons and munitions supplied, interest free loans, and various other exclusive Israeli benefits.
In 2002 dollars, multi-decade estimates range from $1.8 - $3 trillion. Official numbers place it between $115 - $123 billion. 
Most often, whatever Israel wants it gets. US taxpayers pay the tab. They have no idea how much it costs. In 2009, Israeli military spending accounted for "an additional 15.1% of (its) overall budget."
As a percent of GDP, it's "the biggest defense spender." It's for offense, not defense. Israel has no regional enemies. It invents them to hype fear. 
Washington does the same thing. They're rogue partners in crime.
US-supplied aid funds regional instability, settlements, and other forms of occupation harshness. It also made Israel a "laboratory to develop weapons, surveillance technology, and" control populations.
Israel markets what it has globally. It exports death, destruction and human misery. It sells to allies and alleged enemies.
Its customers include Islamist, communist, capitalist, despotic, and nominally democratic states. Where there's profit to be made, Israel seeks it.
Where there's a way to further Israel's imperium and ally with likeminded partners, Israel prioritizes it.
Israeli "crowd control, forced displacement, surveillance, and military occupation" expertise "place(s) it at the forefront of a global" repression industry.
Militaries, police, and other security forces brutalize people with what Israel supplies.
Government agencies, the IDF, and private Israeli corporations grossed over $2.7 billion in 2008. Doing so accounted for over 7% of Israel's economy.
Israel has over 300 Homeland Security companies. They operate globally.
"No other country has such a large pool of experienced former security, military, and police personnel." None were more able to field test "systems and solutions in real-time situations."
None ever manufactured more out of whole cloth to do so. Israel has no enemies. It invents them and pretends.
Zionist organizations provide their own political and economic support. They share "intelligence information," coordinate surveillance and repression strategies, and collaborate for profit.
Israel is a rogue terror state. It collaborates with others like itself. It plays a major global role. It limits free movement. It helps police communities. It undermines worldwide struggles for justice.
It's well documented. It's rarely if ever discussed publicly. It's almost never challenged.
In his 1982 book titled "Israel's Global Role: Weapons for Repression," Israel Shahak discussed Israel's ties with global repressive governments.
They included apartheid South Africa, El Salvador fascists, Somoza's Nicaragua, Panama's Noreiga, Gulf State despots, Uganda's Idi Amin, Ian Smith's Rhodesia, Iran under the Shah, Suharto's Indonesia, Argentina's military dictatorship, and others fitting the same mold.
"Israel ties its interests not with the masses fighting for freedom, but with their jailers," said Shahak.
Haaretz once called Israel the West's "watchdog." It's America's regional cop on the beat. Turkey plays a similar role. So did Iran under the Shah.
Regional violence and instability remain prioritized over conflict resolution and peace. They're anathema and spurned. A new book explains more. 
Avi Raz is a former Israeli journalist turned historian. He's an  Oxford University Faculty of Oriental Studies Associate Faculty Member. 
His book titled "The Bride and The Dowry: Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinians in the Aftermath of the June 1967 War" covers the two-year period following Israel's West Bank occupation.
It goes where most others won't dare. It documents ethnic cleansing. It exposes what Israel goes to great lengths to conceal.
Its arguments are irrefutable. Sound evidence affirms them. It occupied the West Bank and East Jerusalem to stay. It considered annexing Gaza. It seeks expanded territory for a greater Israel. It's the only country with no official borders.
Israeli officials acknowledge their international law violations. Raz explains Washington's complicit role. His title derives from former Prime Minister Levi Eshkol quote he perhaps wished he never said.
He called the West Bank and Gaza the "dowry" Israel's Six Day War won. "The trouble is that the dowry is followed by a bride whom we don't want," he said.
He referred to Palestinians. Before 1948, they were marked for ethnic cleansing. Israel wasted no time. It never stopped. Moshe Dayan explained. He told then Lt. General Yitzhak Rabin "that the aim was to empty the West Bank of its inhabitants."
How mattered less than doing it. In 1947-48, Israel expelled or slaughtered about 800,000 Palestinians. It destroyed 531 villages, as well as 11 urban areas in Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, and elsewhere.
In June 1967, it removed or killed another 200,000. Twenty or more additional West Bank villages were partially or totally destroyed. It was done "to obliterate the Green Line."
Israel "encouraged" Palestinians to flee. They terrorized them to move east of the Jordan River. Thousands who tried returning home when fighting ended were called "infiltrators." 
Hundreds were killed trying. Women and children were treated like men. Many were buried in mass graves.
Israel never intended to return stolen land and doesn't now. It wants more. It wants all valued parts of Palestine. It wants Jewish exclusivity. 
It "prefer(s) land to peace." It disguises its real intentions. It says one thing and does another. It's operates this way throughout its history. Lying is official policy. So is subterfuge.
It wants Arabs marginalized and ethnically cleansed. Slow-motion genocide is policy to achieve it. Peace is anathema. 
Palestinians never had a legitimate partner. Israel never missed an opportunity to spurn what it won't tolerate.
Brussels-based European Friends of Israel (EFI) calls itself "a political initiative which aims to improve the overall relationship between the European Union and Israel."
Parliamentary national/Israeli friendship groups from all 27 EU states are involved. EFI's purpose is political. Israeli needs and objectives are prioritized. Reality is suppressed to further them.
After decades of inflicting death, destruction and human misery on a scale few other countries can match, EFI declared Israel a "world humanitarian leader."
It shocks how it subverted truth. Willful deception substitutes. It called the region's most ruthless terror state a caring and liberal country.
On January 23, it plans a conference titled "Humanitarian aid - Israel as a world leader."
It turned truth on its head. It said Israel has "aid teams posed to respond in the wake of natural or man-made disasters anywhere in the world."
It creates enough of them on its own. It doesn't give a damn about humanitarian needs at home or abroad. Claiming so is willful deception. Propaganda, myths, lies, and damn lies substitute for truth.
It's been America's way for generations. It's Israel's way since stealing 78% of historic Palestine in 1948 and the remainder in 1967.
It's Palestine's way to establish self-determination within 1967 borders. Israel wages war on Palestinians who try.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at
His new book is titled "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity."
Visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.
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The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Nahid Hattar to Al-Akhbar: Your Media cover injure reason and conscience, give me a gun and a trench

صورة: ‏وكــانــت أحـــلــى الشّـــهـــادات ..
شهداء جامعة حلب 


Coffins of the martyrs in the corridors of the National Hospital in Aleppo, because the hospital is full fully with the bodies of aleppo University students

Do not tell me, my friends: You are fighting with word. I want a trench and a gun and the badge of Seif al-Dawla al-Hamdani, and in my neck the Mutanabi song: «Aleppo our target and you our way. I want to shout to the criminals: criminals! To the invaders: Invaders! And to the 'national opposition': When you will stop flirting with the terrorists?

The 'neutral', Media coverage, injure reason and conscience:


Are these boys and girls who challanged the bombs and destruction and death in order to win everyday life, just 'dead'?

Even our colleagues in «Al-Akhbar» follow news agencies, and are unaware of the killer!

Since twenty-two months, the media of the enemy is attaking us by debauchery and "allied" media by neutrality!


Neutrality! After apointing an Ottoman wali for Syria,
Neutrality! After importing thousands of professional killers from all swamps of the east to tear the Syrian rose?

Will Doha and Riyad remain safe after all this death and destruction in Damascus and Aleppo?..

Are we accustomed to inferiority?Think and write and dialogue like crazy, shy, and confused liberals, afraid and neutral ...  as If we are accused! Accuse of what? Arabism? Rights of nations? Secularism? State? Resistance? Are we orientalists?

Analyze accurately envisage false 'objectivity' all false, and engage in deception, don't say what Badr shaker al- Sayab said: «I am impressed by how traitors can betray ? How a man betray his country? What it means to be? How can that be? Really, how that, after treason, be, 'democratic' or even a human being?

Today, excuse me, will drink from the first spring... Where truth shine like silver under the sun (I do not like gold, yellow and black together): 

No dialogue with the invaders about the transitional phase, and no negotiations as Hassan Abdel Azim Haytham Mannahe wants - exclusion of Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, and no understanding with the Maath Guru-Khatib!

In the confrontation with the invaders there is only two positions, only two, either resistance or treason.
Today nothing in Syria called 'crisis' but a new Ottoman invasion backed by Western and Israeli alliance and Gulf hatred, using the sectarian incitement, terrorists and traitors, to restore the time of the WALI (governors) in Syria ... , Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and the Palestinian share is left for the Israeli military governor!
Will drink from the spring first, and I recall that we, who have devoted our lives to achieve popular demands,and social democracy, we have learned the first eloquent lesson in our leftist youth clear as the Dawn 

When the invaders comes internal conflicts become secondary, and we go, all of us, to the trenches. He who fight the invasion would have an opinion and the authority and the future, and he who opens the gates to the invaders have only shame, colluding is like betraying.

In Syria, no one will not be able to send the army, which pays blood tax , month after month, to the camps, and all those today not in the trenches of the armed struggle, work and hope, has no place in Syria tomorrow

بهدوء | حلب، أريد خندقاً وبندقيّة

ناهض حتر
كل جرائم إرهابيّي المعارضة السورية، لم تطأ قلبي مثلما فعلت جريمتهم البشعة في جامعة حلب؛ كنتُ شاهدتُ، منذ بضعة أيام، تقريراً تلفزيونياً عن أجواء الدراسة ومشاكلها في الجامعة؛ رأيتُ الشباب والصبايا، كالزهور النديّة، يتجوّلون أو يقتعدون الأدراج أو يتحدثون عن مصاعب الدرس العملي، في ظل انقطاع الكهرباء عن المخابر الجامعية، لكنهم يحضرون، يتعلمون ويتحاورون ويحبّون... كأنني لمحتُ، في الكادر الثاني للكاميرا، فتىً وفتاته، تحدّيا الإرهاب، وقَدما إلى ملعب الحياة، كأنني لمحتُ ولدي على أدراج الجامعة الأردنية، كأنني لمحتُ فتوّتي فيها، واستذكرتُ القلوب القوية والأيدي المتشابكة والهتاف العالي في مواجهة جنازير «الإخوان» وسكاكينهم. السكاكين تحوّلت اليوم صواريخ ومتفجرات، وبكيتُ لأنني غدوتُ كهلاً يخشى على ولدَيه الجامعيّين من الإرهاب المتمدد من حلب إلى عمان، ولأن زمان البنادق فاتني، ولم أعد قادراً على القتال في حلب، دفاعاً عن عمان، وعن ولديّ.

لا تقولوا لي أيها الأصدقاء: أنت تقاتل بالكلمة. كلا. أريد خندقاً وبندقية وشارة سيف الدولة الحمداني، وفي عنقي أنشودة المتنبي له: «حَلَبٌ قصدنا وأنت السبيلُ». وأريدُ أن أصرخَ بالمجرمين: أيّها المجرمون! وبالغزاة: أيها الغزاة! وبـ«المعارضة الوطنية»: متى تتوقفون عن مغازلة الإرهابيين؟
التغطية الإعلامية «المحايدة»، تجرح العقل والوجدان: «قتلى»! أهؤلاء الأولاد والبنات ممن تحدّوا الدمار والقنابل والموت لكي تنتصر الحياة اليومية، مجرّد «قتلى»؟

حتى الزملاء في «الأخبار» يتبعون وكالات الأنباء، ويجهّلون الفاعل! منذ اثنين وعشرين شهراً، يهاجمنا الإعلام العدوّ بالفجور، ويهاجمنا الإعلام الحليف بالحياد!

ألا يكفي حياداً؟

أيبقى، بعد «والي السوريين» العثمانيّ، حيادٌ؟

أيبقى بعد آلاف القَتَلَة المحترفين الآتين من كل مستنقعات الشرق لتمزيق الوردة السورية، حيادٌ؟

أتبقى الدوحة والرياض وأنقرة في مأمن بعد كل هذا القتل والدمار في دمشق وحلب؟

أنبقى نجادل الأخضر الإبراهيميّ في بشار الأسد، بينما يصول المازوشيّون (حيال السيد الغربي الإسرائيليّ) ــــ الساديّون (حيال الشعبين السوريّ والعراقيّ) ويجولون؟ أم تعوّدنا الدنيّة؟ نفكر ونكتب ونحاور مخبّلين خجلين حائرين ليبراليين خائفين محايدين... كأننا متهمون! بماذا؟ بالعروبة؟ بحقوق الأوطان؟ بالعلمانية؟ بالدولة؟ بالمقاومة؟ أو كأننا مستشرقون!

نحلّل بدقة تتوخى «الموضوعية» بكل زيفها، ونتواطأ على التضليل، فلا نقول كما كان بدر السيّاب يقول
إنّي لأعجب كيف يمكن أن يخون الخائنون!
أيخون إنسان بلاده؟
إن خان معنى أن يكون !
، فكيف يمكن أن يكون؟

« حقاً، كيف يمكن أن يكون، بعد، «ديموقراطياً» أو حتى إنساناً؟

اليوم، اعذروني، سأشرب من النبع الأولى... حيث تلمع فضّة الحقيقة تحت الشمس (أنا لا أحبّ الذهب، أصفر وأسود معاً):
ليس في مواجهة الغزاة حوارٌ حول المرحلة الانتقالية، ولا مفاوضات ــــ كما يريد حسن عبد العظيم وهيثم منّاع ــــ لإقصاء بشار حافظ الأسد، والتفاهم مع معاذ غورو الخطيب! ليس في مواجهة الغزاة سوى موقفين لا ثالث لهما، فإما المقاومة وإما الخيانة!
ليس في سوريا اليوم «أزمة» بل غزو عثماني جديد يتوسد الحلف الغربي الإسرائيلي والحقد الخليجي، ويستخدم التحريض الطائفي والإرهابيين والخونة، لاستعادة زمن الولاة في سوريا... فالعراق فالأردن فلبنان، أما فلسطين فحصّة الحاكم العسكري الإسرائيلي!

سأشرب من النبع الأولى، وأستذكر أننا، نحن الذين نذرنا حيواتنا لتحقيق المطالب الشعبية، الديموقراطية والاجتماعية، تعلّمنا الدرس الأول البليغ في صبا يساري كان واضحاً كانبلاج الفجر:
حين يأتي الغزاة تغدو الصراعات الداخلية ثانويةً، ونذهب، جميعاً، إلى الخنادق. مَن يصدّ الغزو سيكون له رأي وسلطة ومستقبل، ومَن يفتح البوابات للغزاة ليس له سوى العار، ومَن يتواطأ كالذي يخون. وفي سوريا لن يستطيع أحد أن يرسل الجيش الذي يدفع، شهراً بعد شهر، ضريبة الدم إلى المعسكرات، ومَن ليس موجوداً اليوم في خنادق الكفاح بالسلاح والعمل والأمل، ليس له مكان في سوريا الغد.

إنفجار حلب وتجهيل الفاعل

‏الجمعة‏، 18‏ كانون الثاني‏، 2013

أوقات الشام

لم يكن الانفجارَ الأول، وأغْلَبُ الظن أنه لن يكون الأخير. ذلك أن العدوان الاستعماري المفتوح على سورية منذ 2011 توسلَ الظلاميين باسم الديمقراطية، وألبَسَ العبيد عباءة الحرية. هكذا يمسخ الإعلام المأجور حقائق ما يجري، ويصل الأمر ببعض المسؤولين العرب وأدواتهم السورية الداخلية والخارجية إلى حد تجهيل الفاعل، بل إلى اتهام دمشق بإطلاق القذيفتين الإرهابيتين على نفسها أي على جامعة حلب الرائدة في سويتها الأكاديمية وحرمها الجامعي ومستوى شهاداتها، حتى وَصَفَ وزير الخارجية الروسي سيرغي لافروف هذا الادعاء السمج بالعمل غير الأخلاقي.

إن العمل الإجرامي الجبان الذي نفذه الظلاميون ضد طلاب جامعة حلب والذي أَتْبعه أشباههم في إدلب، والذي استشهد فيه أكثر من ثمانين شاباً وشابة إضافة إلى عشرات المصابين، هو عمل يصعب وصفه بأقل من التفجير الدنيء الحقير الذي يدل على مستوى الوحشية المعششة في نفوس منفذيهِ، وعلى بشاعة الثقافة الإجرامية التي تلقاها الفاعلون ففعلَتْ فيهم البربرية فعلها الغرائزي الذي لا مكان فيه للعقل ولا للقلب ولا للإنسانية.

ثمة أسئلة تتداعى في الذهن عما يحصل في محافظة حلب من تفكيك مئات المصانع والمعامل والمؤسسات ونقل محتوياتها وتجهيزاتها إلى»العدالة والتنمية» في تركيا، المنفلتة من كل عقال إلا العقال العثماني المتجدد في ثوب «الناتو» و»الباتريوت» والسعي المستميت للالتحاق بالاتحاد الأوروبي. وهكذا يَصْدُق على تركيا المثل القائل إنها انتقلت من مقدمة الشرق إلى مؤخرة الغرب.
والذين يُجَهّلون الفاعل ليسوا فقط من المتآمرين على سورية وموقعها السياسي ودورها المقاوم. فهناك متفرجون وانتهازيون وناؤون بالنفس، يراقبون ما يجري، فيضربون تارة على الحافر وأخرى على المسمار علّهم ينحازون بالشكل السافر يوم تتضح الأمور وينجلي غبار المعركة عن صهيل الفارس المنتصر، فيستدركون التموضع الكامل ولو متأخرين أو متطفلين.

لكننا ممن يعتقدون أن النتيجة واضحة منذ ما قبل اللحظة الراهنة. إنها نتيجة الانتصار الفاصل للسوريين قيادة وجيشاً وشعباً على المؤامرة الخبيثة التي لم يترك لاعبوها ورقة واحدة دون توظيف إلى الحد السلبي الأقصى، لكن القيادة صمدت وتميزت بالحكمة والشكيمة والقرار الحاسم، كما أن الجيش ازداد صلابة وقوة ووحدة ورعاية لسورية كلها برغم خسائر الغدر التي طاولته من قبل ألوف الإرهابيين المستقدمين من أصقاع الكرة الأرضية. أما الشعب فتحمّل الحصار الخارجي وقدّم أبناءه الميامين قرابينَ تـَرْخُص أمام الأرض الغالية والكرامة الأغلى، وأصر على المواجهة والثقة والإيمان بالنصر.
وأما الأعراب الأغراب، الواغلون في دم السوريين تهريباً وتمويلاً وتسليحاً للإرهابيين ودعماً للقَتَلة والمجرمين، فسيعرفون قيمة سورية القوية الآمنة المستقرة، بعد أن تعبث المؤامرة عينها بأمنهم واستقرارهم وذهبهم الأسود. ولن يجدي لهم اللجوء إلى مجلس الأمن والمجتمع الدولي لأن كليهما مرتَسَماً مصالح، للدول الكبرى التي لا يهمها من جزر النفط ومدن الملح سوى الاعتمادات المفتوحة لصالح الدول الكبرى ولو طافت الآبار هذه المرة بالدم بدلاً من النفط، وبالدمع بدلاً من مياه الخليج الملوثة بالقواعد العسكرية الغربية وإفرازاتها

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Exorcism / When Peoples Recover Dignity

By Daniel Mabsout,


We have been cheated for so long and we have contributed to the plight that has been inflicted on us . We have glorified our enemies and turned them into gods and idols, we have turned them into examples and models to all . The more cruel they proved to be the more we surrendered to them and acknowledged their authority and superiority and this is what made them even more determined to transgress human and natural laws and commit what they commit .

We have followed them blindly and made them lead us on the way of knowledge and science and progress and success. We believed that they were the promising future and the bright tomorrows . We felt that there was no alternative but follow their steps and walk in their trails. We knew probably that we could never catch up with them and that we will lag behind endlessly, nevertheless we continued on the same pace and playing the same tune , each step forward made us more dispossessed and vulnerable .

Gradually we were stripped of our culture and language and tradition while thinking that we were treading the path of progress . We made the enemies our reference, we overlooked their horrors and crimes , we thought these were the price we have to pay for the betterment of humanity in general , and we were ready to pay the price as high as it proved to be . Palestine was taken which was a big thing in itself and then our resources were exploited and taken , our language our heritage were declared useless , our traditions outdated , our society inadequate, our thinking reactionary , our heritage empty .

This is what our enemy made of us : a complete failure , leaving us in want of everything , demonizing us thus, making us convinced that our culture and civilization were defective and in great need to be straightened and redeemed . This process of demonizing touched all people : the Natives , the Africans , the Arabs , the Muslims . The western monster demonized all keeping all the good attributes to himself and acting in the name of God and religion and welfare of humanity while helpless we watched this usurping of the morals and principles in which we had faith.

Without this demonizing process the indigenous t could not be stripped of everything including his own identity. We rejected what could not be admitted or praised by the superior west, we became thus removed from our cultural and social and historical identity . We became nobody and therefore it became easy to fill us with anything including the big lie of the civilized west .

This lasted until something unusual happened . It happened in Iran. The great achievement of the Islamic Revolution of Iran was to recover the lost treasure , to give back to us our identity and superiority and reality and above all our dignity . Once this war of dignity won , once the cultural and spiritual superiority of the indigenous over the predators asserted and confirmed and experienced, then all the other wars could be easily won.

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Syria - Western Sponsored Aleppo Mass Murder


My PhotoFor nearly two years, Washington waged terror war on Syria. Death squad proxies are used. They recruited largely from regional countries. 

Some come from Europe. America supplies small numbers. They invaded Syria. They want Assad toppled, so they say. They're manipulated to believe he must go. They want Islamic extremism replacing secular governance.

They're reigning terror on defenseless people to achieve it. Assad loyalists are targeted. Scores die daily. No one's sure how many. For sure it's many thousands. 

On January 16, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) headlined "Foreign and Expatriates Ministry Calls on UN and UNSC Member States to Condemn Massacre against Aleppo University Students and Terrorist Crimes in Syria."

Students, employees, and others seeking refuge were slaughtered or injured. At least 87 died. Another 150 or more were injured. 

On January 15, terrorist rockets struck. A university dormitory was targeted. It was used as a shelter. Terrorists bombarded it.

They've committed numerous other similar attacks and atrocities throughout the country. SANA said 2,362 schools were destroyed. Many innocent children and teachers were killed.

Washington and supportive Security Council members don't condemn terrorism. Nor does the UN Human Rights Council. It said nothing about Monday's attack. 

It blames Assad for death squad crimes. It's done it throughout the conflict. It's complicit in Washington's war on Syria.

SANA called on Security Council and other UN member states to condemn terrorist crimes. It wants Aleppo martyrs recognized. It wants guilty parties held responsible.

There's "no excuse for states which are practicing double standards and supporting terrorism in Syria while they condemn it" elsewhere.

Hypocrisy defines Washington's agenda. Complicit NATO partners and regional allies share guilt. Conflict shows no signs of ending.

Union of Syrian Students President Dr. Ammar Sa'ati expressed condolences for victims and surviving family members. He condemned the cowardly attack. 

He pointed fingers the right way. He said Syrian students know what Western media won't explain. They know who's friend and foe.

Ba'ath Arab Socialist Party leaders condemned attacking university students. They called them evidence of political and moral bankruptcy.

Responsible parties have no legitimacy. Killing and destruction is the only language they know. Outside forces direct them. Washington, complicit NATO partners, Israel, and other regional allies bear full responsibility.

''This coward terrorist act targeted one of the beacons of science and education in our country, in an attempt to stand in the face of spading the message of our universities, institutes and educational centers.''

Syria's General Command of the Army and Armed Forces called Aleppo's massacre a "coward(ly) criminal act."

It exacted revenge on Aleppo residents. Doing so reflects perverse wickedness. Western-sponsored Syrian massacres and others like them elevate depravity to a higher level.

Russia condemned the Aleppo attack. A Foreign Ministry statement said:

"We strongly condemn the mass killing of innocent citizens in Syria, stressing that the international community should take a similar uncompromising stance towards terrorism."

Department of Information and Press Deputy Director Maria Zakharova said:

"We particularly note that this terrorist attack took place in an atmosphere in which normal life had begun to gradually return to the majority of the city's districts."

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was unequivocal. He condemned death squad terrorism. He denounced spurious media reports, saying:

"I saw on CNN that they say that the Syrian government forces are the ones which committed this terrorist act in Aleppo. I cannot imagine more repulsive and unscrupulous talk than that."

Other scoundrel media reports turned truth on its head the same way. They do it all the time. BBC cited "conflicting reports of air raids and two explosions on the ground."

The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) was its source. It's an illegitimate UK-based pro-Western propaganda tool. 

It pretends to support human rights. Its reports lack credibility. They're later proved false, grossly exaggerated, or misleading.

The New York Times quoted from an opposition Facebook page. It claimed "Syrian Air Force MIG fighter planes" targeted Aleppo University's campus. They launched "two missiles three minutes apart."

They "destroy(ed) buildings and caus(ed) massive destruction in the surrounding roads."

Unnamed sources were cited. They "speculated that the university was hit by accident, or argued that both sides in the conflict were to blame."

The illegitimate Syrian National Council (SNC) 2.0 (National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces) was quoted, saying:

"The regime used heavy weapons to bombard Aleppo University students while taking their exams, killing dozens of them." 

"By committing unprecedented heinous atrocities, the regime hopes to see hatred and destruction in Syria before its demise."

AP said both sides blamed the other for Aleppo University's attack. Reuters said the same thing.

It added that dozens of countries asked the Security Council to refer Assad and other Syrian officials to the International Criminal Court (ICC). At issue is prosecuting them for Western crimes.

Moscow believes Aleppo's attack was revenge for other defeats terrorists suffered. Students were targeted on their first day of exams.

Death squads frequently attack Aleppo. Various parts of the city are targeted. Residential neighborhoods, commercial districts, schools, and other areas are struck. Civilians suffer most. There's no place to hide.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Ramin Mehmanparast, strongly condemned what he said took scores of lives and injured hundreds.

Addressing a January 15 Security Council session, Syria's UN ambassador, Bashar al-Jaafari said armed terrorists "reached dangerous levels in terms of quality and quantity." 

"The suspicious goals which some countries seek to achieve by supporting terrorism and extremism in Syria have started to appear on the surface."

"We always say that the terrorist groups in Syria seize the opportunity whenever a Security Council session is held to carry out terrorist acts in Syria, and this is what happened today for the 10th or 20th times."

"How many foreign terrorists of those operating in Syria from across the border were previously involved in killing and injuring citizens in several other countries, and how many of terrorists operating in Syria would move in the future to other areas just like what happened in the recent past and what is happening today."

"Those who think they could bring the jinni out of the bottle of terrorism and control it are mistaken because those who mess with terrorism will be hit by it sooner or later." 

"Some influential countries have foiled taking any tangible measures to combat the terrorism targeting Syria."

"No Syrian can be convinced that what these armed groups, which are prompted by petrodollar and a huge amount of hatred and lack of patriotism, are doing in terms of starving the Syrian people and depriving them of home and security to suffer cold and disease and force them to seek shelter in refugee camps is a 'spring' seeking reform and freedom for the Syrians."

"The suspicious goals which some countries seek to achieve by supporting terrorism and extremism in Syria have started to appear on the surface."

"Israel is using the existence of armed terrorist groups in the separation zone in the occupied Syrian Golan as an excuse to build a 42 km wall along the ceasefire line."

He concluded saying that "ignoring of the violations committed by some countries has become shameful and the exploitation of the Syrian blood for implementing political terrorist agendas has become flagrant, wondering." 

"How could moves be taken to fight terrorism in Mali while, at the same time terrorism in Syria is being backed, armed and encouraged?"

On January 14, Iran's Fars News Agency headlined "President Assad Orders Commanders to Target Israel, US Interests 'If Assassinated.' "

He believes Washington ordered him killed. Something similar to assassinating Gaddafi is planned. US Special Forces and Salafist extremists are assigned the job.

"Syria's top army commanders told (Assad) that 'foreign hostile states will strive to assassinate him instead of launching a military attack on Syria,' " said Fars.

Western and regional states' "spy agencies….smuggled hi-tech missiles into Syria to provide armed rebels and terrorist groups with a chance to target (Assad's) likely residence."

If he's killed, he ordered robust retaliation. Legitimate targets include US bases, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Jordan. 

Regional war might follow. NATO may intervene. Moscow may defend its regional interests. On January 12, Press TV headlined "Russia warships near Syria, signal to US: Vyacheslav Matuzov."

Political analyst Matuzov said their presence is significant. Concentrating near Syria's coast sends a message.

"I think that it is a very clear signal to the NATO leadership, to United States of America that Russia….is ready to (take appropriate) steps to provide necessary measures to prevent negative developments in political side, in geopolitical side, in Middle East, in Syria and in Caucasus."

"I am sure absolutely that these exercises are connected politically, very closely with American policy that is encouraging military groups to intervene in Syria through Turkish territory."

"Russia will not approve any violations of international law anymore because it (ignored) American behavior in Libya, in Iraq, in Yugoslavia, in many other places." 

"I think that now Russia came to the conclusion, no other place will be permitted for the United States."

The ball is in Washington's court. It's up to America to rethink its regional policy, he added. Russia wants international law respected. 

It's especially concerned about protecting its interests in areas close to its borders. It knows Syria is a stepping stone to Iran. 

If America controls the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, Russia and China become the last line of defense. They'll be largely alone to prevent US global dominance.

Expect neither country to roll over and permit it. Expect them to defend what's too vital to lose. Expect trouble if America tests them.

What's possible ahead bears watching.
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Nasir Kandeel: On the global war on Syria


   ناصر قنديل عن الربيع العربي والاخوان وحماس وكيف اعطى  مرسي لاسرائيل  أكثر مما أعطاه السادات ومبارك خلال عدة عقود والوضع السوري، وعودة مشعل الى غزة بتاشيرة اسرائيلية

المشهد العربي | النائب السابق ناصر قنديل 3-12-2012

لقاء مع الأستاذ ناصر قنديل | الاخبارية السورية 30-10-2012

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