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The latest poll has shown that 85 percent of Russian citizens trust President Vladimir Putin and 74 percent say they would vote for him if presidential elections were held next weekend.

The poll, conducted by the Public Opinion Foundation on February 7-8 and released on February 13, shows that the current 85 percent trust rating is up from 75 percent in February 2014. The share of those who said they were ready to vote for Putin was also up from 45 percent one year ago.

84 percent of those polled said they approved of Putin’s work as president and only 7 percent admitted they were discontented with it.

The general attitude toward Putin was also mostly positive – 75 percent of Russians said they sympathized with their leader. Fourteen percent said they had both positive and negative sentiments about him and 7 percent reported that their attitude to the president was purely negative.

Other politicians’ ratings remained generally unchanged. Five percent of respondents said that if presidential polls were to be held next Sunday they would vote for the head of the populist-nationalist LDPR party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Four percent pledged support to the head of the Russian Communist Party, Gennadiy Zyuganov and 1 percent said they would vote for billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, the founder of the pro-business party Civil Platform.

The head of the Russian Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Research, Dmitry Badovskiy, connected the new surge in Putin’s ratings with Russia’s strong position on the Ukrainian crisis and personal diplomatic success of the president demonstrated at this week’s summit in Minsk. Another factor was people’s hope for Putin’s ability to cope with the ongoing economic crisis and return stability to the national economy.

According to the expert, the results of the research mean that in the conditions of a real presidential election, Putin would win with a result approaching 90 percent.

Putin’s approval ratings were on the rise in Russia last year and in December an overwhelming majority citizens named their president the “Man of the Year” when they chose among other serving Russian politicians.

At the same time, the poll conducted by the Levada Center in October 2014 showed that the majority of respondents did not see the president’s popularity as a potential cult of personality. Only 19 percent said they had noticed features resembling a cult, compared to 27 percent in 2013.

In early December, Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov commented on the surge in the president’s popularity in an interview with RT. Peskov said that in his opinion Putin did not need any publicity, bad or good, and the people’s love for Putin was a manifestation of their love for Russia.

Source: Russia Today

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Hajj Imad Moughnieh: Family Memories Will Last Forever

E. al-Rihani

"I didn't know I am the daughter of Hezbollah Military Chief. I miss his lovely silence, his presence and his charm. I loved starring at him. I often feel that I need to restore this scene and this moment. These are Men of Allah," Fatema Imad  Moughnieh told Al-Manar Website.

Hajj Imad Moughnieh with his daughter FatemaIn the first interview with a media outlet since the Zionist entity assassinated her father in Syria in 2008, Fatema narrated a lot of memories about the great leader Hajj Imad Moughnieh.

"I do resemble him very much. Jihad also did," she told the website when we visited her house in the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

"You have led me to search among my memories," Fatima muttered as searching in her room for a souvenir from her father. She took a picture of her with her family when she was a child and said:

"Jihad is the blond boy," pointing at her younger brother martyr Jihad, who was killed in the latest Zionist aggression on the Lebanese Resistance when the enemy targeted a Hezbollah envoy in Syria's Quneitra and killed 7 fighters, including an Iranian General.

"When I was young, my mother used to talk about the appearance of Imam Mahdi (as) every time I asked her: Where is Dad?. In that way she sanctified my father's work in our ideology."

However, Hajj Imad's security became a part of his family's attitude. His wife used to tell Fatema and brothers that he shouldn't be late for work, and they shouldn't ask him about his destination or to listen to his phone calls.

"Later we got used to it," Fatema said, even though she didn't realize the nature of her father's job before being mature. Yet, she had realized early that he had been wanted by several intelligence apparatuses worldwide.

"We were all concerned not to unfold any of his photos. His photos and that of the family were always hidden. We were instructed not to shoot him absurdly and to make sure that nobody had shot him without his knowledge. Protecting him was a part of our task. We were always mindful that no one was chasing us. Our home address was always confidential. At some point, we used to live in two rooms inside a work office (of Hezbollah). But despite these difficulties, my mother was able to create a positive atmosphere. We were very happy during those days," she narrated.

"He attended my wedding and we had some pictures together, but I was concerned for his safety. I forgot I was the bride, and started to watch everyone among the attendees to make sure that no one is shooting him," Fatema went on to say.

Hajj Imad's daughter recalled moments of joy and her "walks" with her father, as well as the early songs of Hezbollah that they were used to sing together. "My father's voice was beautiful," she said.

The Holy Quran, a gift from the Supreme Leader Sayyed Ali Khamenei to Hajj Imad MoughniehFather-Daughter Relation

Fatema went on to say that her relation with Hajj Imad was exceptional. Their mutual talks were strategic and tactical, without being limited to the daily details of each other's life.
"If he was still with us, our conversation would take a deeper turn, it would address the ideological and emotional aspects in which I need him."

"Jihad also used to say that if our father was still alive, he would be happy about how mature and aware we have become," she recalled, explaining that her brothers and she "were less mature when Hajj Imad died, especially Jihad."

The Father, the Teacher

Fatema talked deeply about Hajj Imad's innovation, the feature that had been his lasting passion. She narrated a special incident of a caring father, when he helped her during exams time.

"I remember when I couldn't study for a Management exam that I had to submit for, during my first year of political science. At that time, my father took the book and worked all over the same night to summarize the subject. On the second day, he summoned me to his office and explained the subject for me. In that way I became ready to make the exam the next day."


"He hated too much the cigarette, and the hubble-bubble as well. He liked the traditional plate of 'Laban Emmo', the toasted bread with cheese and tea, the shrimps, Humus with tahini. He was passionate about the music, as well as the resistance of course. He loved the violin very much."

Fatema assured that the martyrdom didn't separate her from Hajj Imad, not even form her brother Jihad: "I feel them every day... They are alive and I am so sure of it."

After Hajj Imad's martyrdom, his daughter didn't lose the tranquility she used to fell in his life:
"I was feeling safety in his presence as much as I still feel it in his absence," Fatema confirmed, stressing that "our enemy is the one who will lack the tranquility."

Interviewed by Somayya Ali

Source: Al-Manar Website
14-02-2015 - 16:58 Last updated 14-02-2015 - 17:00 

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Martyr Hajj Imad Moughneih Life Portrayed in Photos


Following is a group of photos, posted for the first time, about different stages of martyr leader Hajj Imad Moughnieh.

The photos have been posted in a separate book entitled "Replica of Original Copy" in three languages, Arabic, English and Persian, that narrates Moughnieh Jihadi and social life.
"It needs some patience, for it is the key to relief": Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah.

Moments before the start of attack against Zionist military position in southern Lebnaese town of Aramta, in 2000, before the liberation of May 25.

Hajj Imad Moughnieh (L) besides his younger brother, martyr Fouad, enjoying the first day of Eid Al-Fitr, that follows the holy month of Ramadan.

8-year Hajj Imad Moughnieh (L), brother martyr Jihad (M), brother martyr Fouad (R) and the younger sister Naheda sitting on the swing.

"The goal is clear, specific and precise: Wiping Israel off the world map": Hajj Imad Moughnieh handwriting.

Hajj Imad Moughnieh in Adloun Hills, while participating in one of the military courses in the PLO-Fatah camps, Summer 1978.

Hajj Imad Moughnieh's hand-written poetry in Arabic language, talking about courage and pride, Adloun Hills, Summer 1978.

Hajj Imad Moughnieh during his friend's wedding in Dahiyeh, Beirut.

Hajj Imad Moughnieh delivering a speech on behalf of his friends on the funeral of martyr Hassan Ezzeddine in Lebanese town of Barish, April 1981.

Hajj Imad Moughnieh (M), martyr Yasser Korani (L).

From left to right: Hajj Fayez Moughnieh -Hajj Imad's father-, Hajj Imad Moughnieh carrying his son Mostafa, Ms. Amena Salameh - Hajj Imad's mother, Ms. Fatema Jezzini - Hajj Imad's mother-in-law, Iranian city of Karj, June 1987.
The two little girls are Fatema Moughnieh -Hajj Imad's daughter (L), Zeinab Moughnieh -Hajj Imad's sister (R).

Hajj Imad Moughnieh with Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah on the wedding of his son, Jawad Nasrallah.

A certificate obtained by Hajj Imad Moughnieh following a specialized political course he took, in the Diplomatic Training Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Beirut.

Hajj Imad Moughnieh with one of his friends.

After the liberation in 2000, while honoring the Mujahedeen of Hezbollah.

After the liberation in 2000, while visiting the Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei.

Before the July 2006 war, during an inspection tour in the facilities of Lebanese southern region.

Source: Al-Manar Website
14-02-2015 - 12:42 Last updated 14-02-2015 - 13:03

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Does West Want Peace in Ukraine?

Alexander DONETSKY | 14.02.2015 | 00:00

It has become a trend. Any time the Novorossia’s forces gain ground the West gets involved in vibrant diplomatic activities. That’s how it was in August-September 2014 and that’s what we have in February 2015. The West did its best not «to notice» hundreds of civilians dying in the Donbass when the Ukrainian army broke cease-fire to launch an offensive supported by heavy artillery. It razed to the ground populated areas but as soon as large contingents of punishers’ forces came under the threat of being eliminated, diplomatic, political and economic channels were used with an aim to influence Russia and make it convince the Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics to immediately hold their fire. 

* * *

The West demonstrated a drive to act as a peacemaker by the time the Donetsk airport was ultimately liberated and the «Debaltsevo pocket» appeared where, according to some sources, a few hundreds of mercenaries coming from NATO countries are trapped at present. The punishers used the position at the airport to shell the residential areas of the Donetsk Republic’s capital. The trophies left in the airport area prove that many citizens of Poland, the United States, France and other European countries fight in the ranks of punishers’ forces. 

Americans were the first to react by sending John Kerry to Kiev and threatening Russia with new sanctions in case no progress was made at the Minsk talks. As the punishers’ forces faced a debacle, many voices in Washington called for starting lethal arms supplies to Ukraine, no matter Europeans generally adopted a rather cautious approach on the matter with some exclusions. The British are ready to toe the line as the most loyal US ally in Europe along with the Baltic States and Poland – the countries considered to be the «US fifth column» by the old continent. The Americans’ warlike spirit raised concern in Europe. The US-made Javelin is a fire-and-forget missile with lock-on before launch and automatic self-guidance. The system takes a top-attack flight profile against armored vehicles, but can also take a direct-attack mode for use against buildings. This missile also has the ability to engage helicopters in the direct attack mode. The supplies of Javelin to Ukraine may make life more complicated for self-defense forces and European states. The Ukraine’s military have always been notorious for corruption, it will not take much time till the systems get into the hands of radical Islamists which operate in Europe ready to go beyond terrorist acts committed against the Paris-based weekly, especially in view of old partnership between Pravy Sector and Islamists (a more detailed story on the subject will follow). 

The differences of opinion on the arms supplies issue do not mean there is a split between Washington and Europe when it comes to support of Ukraine’s regime. As strategy is concerned, the divergences are related only to the means of achieving the goal and the distribution of roles to be played while dealing with Moscow. Washington resorts to blackmail and puts forward demands, while Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande visit Kiev, Moscow and Minsk in an attempt to convince. The European tactics is more successful. 

Petro Poroshenko never tried to hide the reasons he needed the talks for: to rearm the army and make up for the losses inflicted during the combat actions. The previous cease-fire was formally broken by Ukraine, it was never observed after the last year’s Minsk memorandum was signed. As Igor Plotnitsky, a self-defense forces leader from Luhansk, told Russian TV, «We give this chance to Ukraine to change its constitution, to change its attitude. The country will change as well as the people». It’s rather a wish that an affirmation. It’s not an occasion that his colleague from Donetsk Alexander Zakharchenko said there would be no new memorandums in case Ukraine violated the reached agreements. 

With the «tough» stance taken by America (together with Great Britain) and the «soft» stance adopted by the continental Europe, the both are united on the Ukraine’s issue and it tells a lot. After returning to Kiev from Minsk Poroshenko discussed the achieved accords with British Prime Minister David Cameron to coordinate further activities. In a high faluting manner of a lecturing school teacher Cameron intertwined the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions with the Russian President’s «change of behavior». Prime Minister Alexander Stubb, the «good cop» from Finland, went on the loose as he warned that "We are in a make-or-break situation. If this does not last then we will see a frozen situation between Russia and the West for the foreseeable future." "Let's now stick to the ceasefire strictly and hope for the best, to try and normalize relations with (Russia) for the future," he said.

There is no doubt Ukraine will not comply with the terms of the armistice. It’s enough to remember that by the end of 2014 Pravy Sector punishers’ battalions refused to carry out the commands of Ukraine’s military. Their leader Dmitry Yarosh called Petro Poroshenko a traitor while the Minsk talks proceeded. As soon as the first reports on the talks’ results appeared, the Ukrainian forces intensified the attacks. According to self-defense forces, a real hell broke loose in the village of Stanitsa Luhanskaya where the situation had been more or less stable during the previous three weeks. It became worse in Donetsk as Ukrainian artillery located in Peski shelled the city’s residential areas. There was an attempt to break through to the airport. Heavy fighting took place in Marinki. 

According to Life News «Near midnight on February 12, as the terms of cease-fire agreement to become effective on February 15 were made public, Ukrainian forces intensified attacks near Debaltsevo trying to break through the encirclement. Heavy fighting is reported near Logvinovo located in the strategic position crucial for control over the Debaltsevo-Artemovsk highway where the so called Debaltsevo pocket was «locked» on February 10. In Minsk President Poroshenko denied the reports about Ukrainian military being encircled at Debaltsevo. After his statement made at the meeting of Normandy Four the attacks resumed near Logvinovo apparently to support the President’s statement». They used Grad and Uragan multiple launch rocket systems as well as Pion self-propelled artillery pieces. It was confirmed by different sources on the day the Minsk talks wound up. 


The diplomatic efforts ended in success: an armistice in Ukraine is stated on paper, but will it become a reality from midnight, February 15?


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Venezuela Foils US-Sponsored Coup Attempt - Maduro...

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PFLP denounces racist murder of Arab students in United States, holds US government responsible

Posted on February 13, 2015 by 


The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine denounced the murder of three Arab university students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina as a heinous crime that represents the growing racism and fascism in North America and Europe against people of color – attacking Black people, other communities of color, and people identified as Arab and Muslim.

The PFLP further denounced the US and Zionist media propaganda and their role in perpetuating incitement and hatred against Arabs and Muslims, saying that this dehumanizing portrayal played a role in the murder of Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu Salha and Razan Abu Salha, Palestinian and Syrian American youth. The US media has engaged in this propaganda in order to beautify the image of US imperialism and the Zionist occupation and to justify the racist attacks of the US government, and is a major cause of the growing threat of racist and fascist crimes.

The PFLP urged the Arab and Palestinian communities to continue their organizing to confront this incitement, noting the numerous vigils of solidarity across the United States to stand in solidarity with the victims, and to protest this heinous crime and the racist system that spawned it.

The Front stated that the US government is responsible for this crime, because of its efforts in public and private to demonize Arabs and Muslims and anyone who stands against the criminal policies of imperialism in the world.

Thousands mourn the executions of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, N.C.

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زيارة ميدانية لوزير الدفاع السوري في المنطقة الجنوبية

Lt. General Fahd Jaassim Al-Furayj, touring the Southern Front after both the Syrian Army and Hizbollah shattered Nusra fortifications killing over 300 rodents and forcing the rats to take cover behind Zionist lines in the Golan.  Many also rushed to Jordan for treatment at the hands of Jordanian quack doctors.  

رستم غزالي من درعا: نذرنا أرواحنا لحماية سورية

Brig. General, Rustum Ghazaala, Director of the Political Security Bureau (Al-Amn Al-Siyaasi), visits his home town of Qarfaa, in Der’ah Province, and speaks to officers who just annihilated the Zionist-rat trash belonging to Nusra.  He excoriated the Zionist Abomination, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey and the United States for their involvement in the spread of terrorism in Syria and their effort to break Syria into pieces – an effort that is doomed to fail. 

DER’AH:  There are critical developments in the triangle which brings Damascus, Qunaytra and Der’ah together.  This triangle is the focus of the rodent Zionist pariah state.  The campaign in this area was not supposed to go the way it did.  By Zionist calculations the terrorists, who received direct military support from the nations mentioned herein-above, were to be advancing in the Damascus Plain toward the capital which is the government’s center of power.
The Zionists under Mileikowski (a/k/a Netanyahu) are stupid.  Don’t ever believe they are intelligent.  By assassinating a group of Hizbollah officers and some Iranians who were visiting the area of the Golan, they have unintentionally opened up a Pandora’s Box.  You see, Hizbollah has received the “go-ahead” from Iran to deploy in the Golan Heights and to undertake all military missions there.  Syria, for its part, has agreed to the deployment and is coordinating with the Lebanese super-militia.  In doing so, the Syrian Army has been freed in 2 ways:  The First Army Corps stationed around Damascus can reconfigure to defend the capital in the air and on the ground.  On the second level, units of the 4th Mechanized Armored Division can concentrate all their power on the Jordan Front.  SyrPer has learned that Hizbollah has positioned 25,000 of its troops on the Golan with a large contingent of Iranian officers acting as liaison and advisors.  Hizbollah fighters have been seen in long convoys moving into Syria.  Zionist combat jets were also seen tracking their movements.
I have learned, also, that Syria may turn on the S-300 radar soon.  This decision was made in consultation with our Russian allies who always wisely advised against disclosing technology.  With a regional war to start soon, the Russians, having nearly resolved some of their seriious problems in the Ukraine are itching to demonstrate the power of their technology.  The Jordanians and the Zionists are going to get rocked by what Syria is preparing to unleash.
تواصل معارك الجنوب.. وصدمة في إسرائيل من سرعة انهيار دفاعات الجماعات الإرهابية؟

‘Abdullah II of Jordan came to the United States in 2013 and told Obama that if Assad would not resign his position by the end of the year, he would participate in any effort to oust the president.  That, of course, translated into open collaboration with the Zionist State and the simian kingdoms of Qatar and KSA.  Now that the Southern Front has turned out to be a major flop, the Jordanian dwarf king, a pig from the Hashemite line of traitors and British slaves, has put his fate into the hands of the Zionists in what appears to be a full theater war to crush the Syrian Army.  But, we have bad news for the fat rat monarch.  Very bad news indeed.  He will be lucky to survive this gambit for 2 months as movements are afoot in Jordan to oust him and his stinking litter-mates.  His “loyal” tribes, the Bani Sakhr and Huwaytaat, cannot save him because the population of Jordan is deeply opposed to any cooperation with the Zionist State to attack a fellow Arab country.  His soldiers could mutiny at any time as the pretense to massing troops on the “Iraqi” border becomes an all-too-clear deployment on the Syrian border.
We have kept from you the details of the “Big Surprise” for a good reason.  But, you will see it in Cinerama and Technicolor very shortly.  And so will the enemies of Syria.

Tal-‘Antar:  The SAA is cleaning up pockets of resistance here.

Tal-Al-‘Alaaqiyya Village:  At the Dayr Al-‘Adas Triangle which was liberated 3 days ago, SAA killed 8 rodents.

Zimreen:  SAA artillery fired volleys of rockets and shells at the northern hill destroying 2 terrorist bases.

Simleen and Zimreen:  More fortifications destroyed by SAA as preparations are underway to liberate the area.

Itmaan:  West of the Al-Kawaabil Building, the SAA killed 16 hyenas in the West Neighborhood:
Haaroon Suwaydaani
Taahaa ‘Abbaara
Jawaad Bakri
Taariq Muhammad Al-Shihaada
The rest were not named.

Tafass:  SAA confirmed 11 killed and scores wounded.  I have no names.

Al-Hiraak:  Rats coming in from Jordan with the help of the Jordanian military were strafed by SAAF and their convoy forced to return.  Many rats wounded.

Busraa Al-Shaam:  The SAA destroyed a Hell cannon and killed 2 rats in its vicinity.

More fighting here:  Al-Shaykh Miskeen, Al-Jeeza, Ma’raba, Al-Lijaat, Daa’il

Al-Muzayreeb:  The SAA killed this rodent:
Muraad Faayiz Muhammad

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اهمية وانعكاسات معركة الجنوب السوري | العميد مصطفى حمدان | الاخبارية السورية

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