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Ode to Boycott

DateFriday, September 2, 2011 at 2:51PM AuthorGilad Atzmon
It is encouraging and cheering to find out that those who are daily engaged in gatekeeping, silencing and harassing people within the Palestinian Solidarity movement can also be poetically creative and musically productive.
Well done!!!

A PROMS performance by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra was taken off air yesterday after it was interrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters.
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On a further note, I may as well admit that, regardless of the politics involved, it takes some boldness to stop a symphonic orchestra playing a violin concerto. I certainly cannot imagine myself engaging in such an act in million years. Regardless of the legitimacy of such a non-violent act, which I do not doubt, I have to agree that the people who stopped the Israeli orchestra, weren’t at all ordinary. I hope that their action will lead Israelis towards self-reflection, but I actually doubt it very much.
Here are the lyrics of the BBI’s ”Ode to Boycott”.
Israel, end your occupation:

There’s no peace on stolen land.

We’ll sing out for liberation

‘till you hear and understand.

Ethnic cleansing and apartheid

Should belong to history.

Human rights cannot be silenced:

Palestine will soon be free!

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ADL: ‘Blaming Israel or Jews for 9/11 is anti-Semitism’

In the past, the Zionist regime had created their ‘official fact finding reports’ on 34-day invasion of Lebanon in 2006, 23-day Operation Cast Lead in 2009, May 31, 2010 attack on Gaza flotilla and the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri. All those reports put the blame on the victims of Judeofascism.

On the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in New York – the Jewish lobby group the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has published its ‘investigating report’, on August 30, 2011. The report, entitled ‘Decade of Deceit: Anti-Semitism 9/11 Conspiracy Theories 10 Years Later‘, claims that all those people who believe that Jews or Israel were behind 9/11 terrorist attacks – are anti-Semites.

What could be the reason behind this report by a Jewish group which believes the Christian Bible is anti-Semitic or even criticism of Bilderberg or Henry Kissinger amounts to Jew-hatred – other than guilty conscience!

“One of the saddest outcomes of 9/11 is that despite the fact that this national tragedy that brought so Americans together, there remains this small groups of bigots who, nearly a decade later, are still seeking to promote and sell their own sinister agenda of blaming Jews and Israel,” said Abraham Foxman, national director ADL.
I have written several posts on this subject in the past quoting both Jewish and Christian historians and scholars who believe 9/11 was conceived by neocons (mostly Jewish) several months before September 11 and executed it with the help of Israeli Mossad.

I was thinking of responding to Abe Foxman’s guilty conscience rant – but then I came across this excellent article at Mr. Friend’s Blog which says more than I could have said.

That’s right, it’s anti-Semitic to state the fact that the only people actually arrest on 9/11 were Jewish spies and military operatives directly from Israel. It’s now common knowledge that federal agencies of the United States government actually uncovered an elaborate, sophisticated, and state sponsored espionage operation involving Israeli intelligence and military operatives posing as art students as a cover for engaging in espionage at numerous federal facilities, buildings, and military bases.

I’d like to present the Detailed Summary (beginning on page 49) of the Gerald Shea Memo, which was prepared for the National Commission On Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (9/11 Commission), the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and the House Permanent Committee on Intelligence in September of 2004 shortly after the 9/11 Commission released it’s coverup.

How irrational that these anti-Semites “see the 9/11 attacks as one of a series of “false flag” operations that Israel” has carried out to frame the Muslim world! Why would anyone think that?
Well, we do know that some of the Israeli spies arrested on 9/11 were Mossad operatives (and all of them appear to be former military specialists), including three of the 5 “dancing Israelis” discovered filming the attacks on 9/11………..And the list goes on.

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Glenn Beck Will Shed Real Tears Next Time He Visits Israel

by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat on September 2, 2011

“It is hard to imagine that the story of the Zionist land grab of Palestine could go down in history as the redemption of the world Jews and a courageous act that need to be restored by a hypocritical Zionist mouthpiece like Glenn Beck.”

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

“– We should go east into Transjordan. That will be a test to our movement.
- Nonsense, isn’t there enough land in Judea and Galilee?
– The land in Judea and Galilee is populated by the Arabs
– Well, we’ll take it from them; we’ll harass them until they get out, let them go to Transjordan. As soon as we have a big settlement here, we’ll seize the land, we’ll become strong, we’ll expel them from there too … let them go back to the Arab countries.”

Despite the ethnic cleansing and the wall, the Palestinian land speaks Arabic
… That was part of a dialogue between two pro-Zionism advocates in 1891 and the intro of the famous documentary “The land speaks Arabic” in which Dr. Nur Masalha, a Palestinian professor of politics and history reveals through his ‘Post-Zionism’ and ‘new history’ argumentation the hard to disguise anymore neo-colonialist ideas on which the Jewish state of Israel was established, namely the ‘transfer’ and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

This highly criminal plan of transferring an entire indigenous population did in fact require, besides the international political duplicity, a parallel substance of brazen imprudence and methodical terrorism carried out by the then terrorist Zionist guerrillas , the Stern Gang, Haganah and the Irgun group, the infamous right-wing Zionist militants responsible for the King David hotel bombing operation and commissioned under Jabotinsky’s teaching to deter the Palestinians and disrupt the genuine fabric of the Arabic society in Palestine in the 1930s through mass murder and terrorism.
It is hard to imagine that the story of the Zionist land grab of Palestine could go down in history as the redemption of the world Jews and a courageous act that need to be restored by a hypocritical Zionist mouthpiece like Glenn Beck.

Beck in Jerusalem without tears nor cheers.

“My Israeli friends, I have a message: You must not lose hope. You must not lose confidence. You must have courage.
And you must draw courage from the knowledge that you were led to this land by God. And in the affairs of mankind, God is not a stranger to the children of Abraham.
He promised that Israel would rise again. For two thousand years the Jewish people held on to this promise. We have seen the promise fulfilled.
Israel, we have witnessed the dawn of your redemption.
We live in an age of manmade, technological miracles. But these are the days of divine miracles.
Not by the hand of any man, whether his name is Balfour or Truman, does Israel exist. Israel is here because the God of Abraham keeps His covenants.
In the 40 years of wandering in the desert, the ancient Hebrews were led through the dark of night by a pillar of fire.
Courage is the act of walking into the darkness, and knowing that each step would be guided and protected by the pillar of fire, if we follow it. God is with us.
I will admit, I did not know this, until very recently.”

Isareli leftists protesting Glenn Beck' Jerusalem rally
… Thus Said Glenn beck in his latest speech delivered in Jerusalem in what was expected to be a mass rally dubbed “restoring courage“, or rather restoring the bits and pieces left of his right wing fundamentalism and media mania after he was kicked out of Fox.

I believe Mr. Beck when he said he didn’t know this until recently, but I also believe that he has neither a right nor a proxy to assume a prophet’s intonation and speak on behalf of God and describe the Israeli military occupation of Palestinian land as yet another divine miracle.

This Israeli military takeover of the Arabic land with the premeditated plan for the transfer of its whole indigenous population could not and should not be cloaked in the shrouds of piety as Beck’s recent and flimsy knowledge of the Israelite story clearly shows.

Beck is as clueless about the true meaning of the story of the chosen people as many of the Hebrew Bible followers who listened many times to, but never contemplated, the historically refuted story of the exodus of the ancient Israelites from Egypt after alleged tale of years of enslavement and torture, wandering in the wilderness for 40 long years and then getting the divine clearance/visa to enter a land historically known as Canaan, but from the Hebrew Bible’s perspective called the land of milk and honey or better yet the promised land.

Canaanite Nakba

During that ancient time and as the Israelites were about to invade Canaan they were led by Joshua, a biblical figure said to be Moses’ assistant for he was most gifted as a spy, so he sort of did the job of Mossad for the Israelites in the famous story in that remote era in history.

The Israelites reached Canaan but to their astonishment, though no one of them seemed astounded since they had Yahweh on their side to do all the thinking, the Promised Land was not empty; it was not some deserted terrains with a big sign at its gate saying “welcome my dear and chosen children to the promised land, please take a number and wait in line”

The whole of Canaan, with Jericho included was inhabited with people who had their own culture, religion and language, in other words, the Promised Land was a land of milk and honey alright, along too many other resources, but only with a tiny and rather inconvenient obstacle, it was unfortunately populated with indigenous people who not only ever attacked or provoked the Israelites but also never heard of them before.

According to the story, Joshua was commanded by his god upon the crumbling of the walls of Jericho, that mysteriously collapsed like the 911 towers, to kill every man, woman, child and farm animal in Canaan. And that he did with the rest of the so called chosen people and children of god without a blink of shame, Hesitation or remorse.

Socio-politically speaking, the massacre of the Canaanites is described as blatant and unabashed act of genocide, but biblically speaking, it is reverently referred to as a divine land grant regardless of all the killing of innocent men, women, children, animals and even babies still inside their mother’s wombs.

Couldn’t we learn anything from history?

July 14.1948 edition of the "Jerusalem Post" only it was then titled "The Palestine Post"
Now if we jumped ahead thousands of years we will be astounded by the similarity of the same crimes of genocide committed in Palestine by the Israelis and their modern spy agents of Mossad.

But the more astonishing is the fact that after thousands of years of dauntless efforts to reach the realm of separating facts from myths and after painful sacrifices to reach new grounds of shared values of respected freedoms and human rights the world conscience is still quite at ease with the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, if not indifferent to the whole crime, to say the least.

Another Bin Laden but in a smart suit

Back to Mr. Beck’s bold speech as he went on and said
“Everything we know about human rights and civilization came from this place. Whether you live by 613 commandments or 10 or just one golden rule, they all came from here, this throne of the Lord.
When the world turns its back on Israel and the Jewish people, the world turns its back on the source of all human rights. Without the Jewish people, humanity would not know that every individual life has dignity and that every life is sacred”
Mr. Beck’s ignorance, knowing not that the human conscience dawned from ancient Egypt rather from the teachings of some pastoral nomads, and his brazen hypocrisy surprised me not, for he was just being himself.

Glenn Beck
But the weird thing is that nobody caught him in tears as he was ass-kissing the few bunch of Israelis who showed up for his pathetic performance.

Glenn Beck is virtually no different from other religious extremists like Osama bin laden or rabbi Ovadia Yosef except for the chic suit he wears and the celebrities of the like-minded as Jon Voight who regularly attended his campaigns of restoring fear and reconstructing the foolish milieu of the ages of medieval fanatics who accept no creed other than their own as a legitimate path to God, and who seem intent on hastening the arrival of their version of Armageddon.

With the tenth anniversary of 9/11 a few days away and with the majority of honest scientists, experts and intellectuals attesting to the fact that the collapse of the world trade towers is a false flag operation done by a covert agency that managed to pull out the biggest demolition scam ever in history, next to of course the mythical collapse of the walls of Jericho, how could America prevail over militant Islamism whom was scapegoated for 9/11, with such a backward religious thinking promoted by fanatics like Glenn beck and John Hagee.

The next time Mr. Beck will visit Israel, which I reckon will be soon after the UN will have rejected the Palestinian bid for statehood, thanks to the United states’ only good for Israel brokering peace efforts and timely vetoes, his eyes will be sore and wet all day, not from the poignant ambience of being in the company of the chosen children of god, but from the highly irritant smoke emitted from tear gas canisters and grenades the Israeli settlers in the west bank will be firing this September on the angry and stateless Palestinian protesters or in other words, the few thousands left of the descendants of the ancient Canaanites.

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Gilad Atzmon: Machine of Israel

Friday, September 2, 2011 at 8:15PM AuthorGilad Atzmon
'Machine of Israel' is the name of the following cartoon. The short clip is openly critical of Israeli politics but it is also critical of Israel as a whole. The organisation behind the clip left a short note on youtube. It says in Hebrew “rather than (politicians) changing chairs, let’s change the system.”
Israelis are unhappy with the ‘Israeli impersonal oppressive reality’. But for some reason, they fail to grasp where the real problem is. They complain about the system but they are yet to admit or even realise what their ‘system’ is all about.

Israel defines itself as the ‘Jewish State’ and as such, it regards itself as the state of the ‘chosen’. The Israeli system is fuelled by ‘choseness’ because ‘choseness’ is the true pragmatic meaning of the Jewish State and Zionism. If Israel wants to ‘change its system’ it must first drift away from tribalism, chauvinism and supremacy. It may as well be possible but once it happens, Israel wouldn’t be the Jewish State anymore.

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Iran distance itself from Syria!

Last week, Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah delivered anti-US and anti-Israel speeches on International Al-Quds Day in which both had shown their solidarity with Syrian President Bashar Assad – while exposing the evildoers behind the turmoils in several Muslim countries. The Jewish media and Zeocon think tanks recently have fabricated new hasbara lies to put a wedge between Tehran and Damascus.
The latest lie came from a visiting scholar with Ziocon think tank, Institute for Strategic Studies, Kaveh Afrasiabi PhD. Kaveh is a secularist writer who is influenced by Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky. He wrote in Asia Times (September 1, 2011): “After months of tacitly echoing Damascus’ dismissal of the growing political opposition as armed gangs and foreign agents, Tehran has adjusted its policy by referring to the “legitimate demands” of protesters and the need for the embattled regime of Bashar al-Assad to respect “people’s right to elect and achieve freedom”, to quote Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad in a recent interview with an Arab network”.

Since Kaveh did not provide link to his “Arab network” source – I know for sure the statement “legitimate demands” was made recently by Iran’s foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi (reported by The Independent on August 29, 2011) and not by President Ahmadinejad. Furthermore, Tehran has made similar statements regarding public protests in Tunisia, Egypt, Bhrain, Britain and Yemen. As a believer in true democracy for the ‘have-not’ majority – The government in Tehran is required by Constitution to practice “legitimate demands” and “people’s right to elect and achieve freedom” – not only in Iran but voice its support to those who are seeking same rights in foreign countries.

Another ‘Iranian expert’ Karim Sadjadpour, an associate with Ziocon think tank Carnegie Endowment for International Peace – in an interview he gave to Jewish-dominated powerful think tank, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), spilled the beans why Washington wants a regime change in Damascus.
“If the Assad regime were to be succeeded by a regime in Damascus that was no longer interested in continuing Syria’s patronage of Hezbollah, or was not interested in maintaining the Syrian-Iran alliance, it would be very difficult logistically for Iran to continue its patronage of Hezbollah,” said Karim Sadjadpour.

Tehran’s foreign policy is not based on ‘personality cult (the ruler)’ but on cultivating friendly relation with the public. However, looking beyond the Zionist lies – I bet if Pew take a new poll now – Ahmadinejad, Bashar, Qaddafi and Nasrallah will come out as the most popular leaders in their respective countries.
In March 2011 – Dr. Ahmadinejad had told Spanish state television TVE that the US and European nations should not intervene militarily in strife-torn Libya because it would make matter worse. His prediction has come true. While Qaddafi is gone – the western imperialists are now paranoid by a worse scenario – a Taliban-style regime in Tripoli and a civil war between Qaddafi loyalists and Zionist-funded mercenaries.

“I think a military intervention would be even worse. The experience of Iraq and Afghanistan is before us. It made things worse, not better,” said Dr. Ahmadinejad.

Tehran’s priority must be looking after its national interests but without jeapardizing the interests of the rest of Muslim Ummah.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Open your eyes

Nahida the exiled Palestinian

And come with me

I want to show you something

Some times, we waste our lives

Searching and dreaming of paradise


Paradise is near… it's here

All around us

And deep within

If only we could hear

Hills, valleys, meadows and mountains
Music to the eye, healing to the soul

Creeks, rivers, seas and oceans
Azure compassion inviting for devotion

Jasmine, lilies, daisies, and roses

Vibrant poetry, tender and sublime

Sand, Pebbles, rocks and stones

Majestic beauty, humbling down

Forests, oasis, deserts in bloom

Melodies of angels, heartrending tune

Dancing galaxies and twinkling stars

Breathtaking splendour

Makes you want to cry

Can you feel your body trembling?

Can you hear the pounding of your heart?

See this planet

It’s ours

This is our planet

And we are LIVING in it

To cherish

To enjoy

To hold dear

Deep within our hearts

Wrapped with love

Offered with affection

A bequest … magnificent
From the Most Compassionate

Most Merciful, Most High

See this beauty

Who would want to destroy that?

See this innocence

Who would want to hurt that?

See this purity

Who would want to spoil that?

See this gentleness

Who would want to upset that?

See this love

Who would want to reject that?

See this mercy

Who would want crush that?


Am falling on my knees


Don’t let them

Don’t let them

Don’t let them

Don’t let them

Don’t let them

I plead with Thee

Don’t let them mess that up

Don’t let them tear it down