On February 9th, the Donetsk republic authorities announced that the regime in Kiev was behind the assassination of Mikhail Sergeyevich Tolstykh, nom de guerre Givi. They also claim that  they know who were individuals, involved in this crime.
Igor Mosiychuk, a Rada deputy representing the “Radical party,” an ultra-radical nationalist known for his alleged involvement in intimidation of the fellow members of the parliament, kidnapping and other criminal activities.
In his interview to the local TV channel, Igor Mosiychuk says that he knows that Motorola was “liquidated” by Ukraine, and not by the Russian Federation, FSB or some kind of Donets insider job, as some claimed.
“It’s our people that liquidated Motorola. I cannot say anything about Givi yet, but I can say about Motorola and who did him in. I can confirm that Motorola was liquidated with the help of our armed forces and it was done by our people who live in Donetsk.”
“Mossad kills around the world, and everyone knows that Mossad does the killing and everyone is afraid to do something against the state of Israel, like what Givi and Motorola did against the state of Ukraine.”
“I am certain that the next will be Zaharchenko.” “I am saying what I am allowed to say.”
I should translate everything that a Rada deputy Igor Mosiychuk says in his interview posted above, but I am having a mental fatigue, listening to him.
During his interview, he mentions Israel, Knesset and Mossad several times as an example of political and military strategy.  This should give you an understanding  who are writing guidelines for Poroshenko’s government.

Stanislav Ichenko, one of the leading experts on Ukraine: current escalation on the South-East of Ukraine is the direct result of a fight between members of Kiev regime for the control over the Ukraine’s armed forces.

Video of the rescue efforts after the assassination

On February 9th, the head of the Donetsk republic Alexander Zaharchenko visited  frontline near Donetsk, accompanied by a group of journalists and gave them an interview stating that an assassination of Givi was a provocation made to trigger an angry response by the Donetsk armed forces and the further destabilization of the situation.
 “We are not going to answer to this sort of provocations the way which is favorable to our enemies.”
At 1:25 a journo asked how long the republics are going to tolerate Ukraine attacks, and Zaharchenko says that they will be patient till they win.
Zaharcheno also said: “About all those statements about me being “next.” Us are millions here. You can’t kill us all.” “To my fellow citizens of Donbass. This is our land, we live here, we know who we are and our character. We have never danced to someone else’s tune before, and we are not going to start doing this now.”

Nomercy suggests an excellent point, why is this UA Igor admitting or claiming these things.?
The same day, the Rada deputy was talking on the national TV about the Ukraine armed forces and SBU organizing extra-judicial murders on Donbass, an ultra liberal anti-Russia online news source  Novaya Gazeta (New Newspaper) published an unverified material titled: “This is to you for our boys who were killed near Avdeevka.”
The editorial team of this newspaper claims that a fighter, serving in the Somali battalion with Givi, contacted them with an admission of his guild. According to the article, this fighter with two others killed Givi for abandoning them near Avdeevka, shooting himself in a foot, and embezzling money from them.
After this publication, Igor Multsev, who is featured in the article as a fighter who took a responsibility for this crime, came forwards and said that he never wrote this, never contacted the newspaper, never met Givi and that his account in vkontacter was hacked back in 2016.
If you follow the link to the ColonelCassad’s post, you will see some screenshots illustrating this story.

Coming back to the question of multiple admissions of guilt and the way they were  organized  on the same day as Basurin stated that they knew who killed Givi and that Donetsk special services were following the  terrorists’ every movement.
It’s done to confuse people. In my opinion, behind the assassinations of Motorola and Givi stands the CIA, and both murders were carried out by the US private military specialists.
That’s why all these fake admissions are being publicized, to sidetrack public’s attention from the real culprits.
After all, according to the France24: NATO backs Ukraine as clashes surge: deputy chief
 Just in:
Rada adopted a new law making factual analysis of the Ukraine’s economy and even private conversations about the past to be instance of the “family based terrorism.
Spreading rumors about better life during the “Russian puppet regime of Yanukovich” and during the “occupational Soviet time” is now considered to be the fact of terrorism punishable accordingly.

I have more information that I need to figure out.
Check back for updates.
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