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Messianic U.S.-Israel Axis Showcased at Jerusalem Embassy Ceremony Is Gut-punch for Most American Jews

Chemi Shalev — Haaretz May 15, 2018
The stark contrast that played out on split screens throughout the world Monday, between the Israeli celebration in Jerusalem and the Palestinian casualties in Gaza, was worthy of Charles Dickens’ immortal opening to “A Tale of Two Cities:” “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”
Whether one accepts the Palestinian narrative of hungry masses demonstrating for dignity or the Israeli version of a cynical exploitation of human lives as cover for homicidal intent, there is no doubt that the scores of dead and many hundreds of wounded on the Gaza border spoiled Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump’s extravaganza. The more the casualties in Gaza mounted, the more those assembled at the site of the new American embassy in Jerusalem seemed arrogant, detached and mainly devoid of compassion. As more and more reports and tweets came in about the mounting casualties in Gaza’s day of bloodshed, the worst since the 2014 Protective Edge operation, the more the claim that the embassy move could actually help achieve peace seemed both cynical and ridiculous.
The knockout to Israel’s image was built-in in the script. When a modern, sophisticated and armed-to-the-teeth army confronts unarmed masses sporting kites and stones, the propaganda debacle is inevitable. Even the best hasbara points – sorely lacking in this case, except for domestic consumption – cannot contend with so many killed and wounded. Hamas recruited the embassy ceremony as a catalyzer for its Nakba campaign, which could escalate in the coming days, and exploited the international media’s coverage of the Jerusalem ceremony to its own ends. But while Israelis told themselves that they’re dealing with a terrorist organization that is callous to the lives of its own people and rules over a territory that Israel supposedly withdrew from, international public opinion could only see strong versus weak, occupier against occupied, a heartless state confronting despair and desperation.
At the same time, the makeup and participants in the Israeli-American Jerusalem hoopla made clear – if there were any doubts – that Netanyahu and his colleagues couldn’t care less these days about international public opinion. Israel has only one king, and his name is Donald Trump. He is Israel’s salvation and his word – or at least his benefactor Sheldon Adelson’s – is the bond that fuses Jerusalem and Washington together. The participation of pastors John Hagee and Robert Jeffress in the ceremony accentuated this new axis of fundamentalist, messianic End-Times-adoring elements that increasingly dominate ties between the two countries. Hagee once described Adolf Hitler as God’s hunter and Jeffress consigned unrepentant Jews to hell, but in the era of Trump-Netanyahu, old-style aversion to Jews is cast aside for the sake of unqualified support for Israel’s rejectionist, settler-dominated agenda. A shared hostility to Islam, which Jeffress once depicted as a religion of paedophiles, underpins the ties that bind the two countries together.
In this regard, the ceremony also marked the demise of bipartisan support for Israel and even dispelled the notion that anyone really cares. The U.S. delegation didn’t include even one Democratic legislator – an absence that spoke volumes. And even though most Israeli opposition leaders came to the ceremony, out of true conviction or fear of public opinion, Meretz leader Tamar Zandberg was right to stay at home. A genuine, peace-loving leftist, even one who supports the embassy move in principle, shouldn’t be seen in the nationalistic-messianic forum that convened in Jerusalem under the guidance and orchestration of left-loathing U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman.
For most American Jews, especially those who still see themselves as supporters of Israel, the ceremony was nothing less than a punch in the gut. Not only do they consider Hagee and Jeffress beyond the pale, but the tumultuous standing ovation that preceded Trump’s videotaped greetings highlighted the growing schism between Israel and the largest Jewish Diaspora. For American liberals, Jews and non-Jews alike, there is no more incriminating evidence of their distance from Netanyahu’s Israel and its steady veer toward the rabid right than Israel’s adoring embrace of a president who is seen as a clear and present threat to the enlightened values they cherish.
All of this probably doesn’t bother Netanyahu at all. The Israeli prime minister is riding an unprecedented wave of public support for what is seen as his unstoppable stream of successes, from Trump’s decision to abandon the Iran nuclear deal all the way to singer Netta Barzilai’s victory in Saturday’s Eurovision contest. Netanyahu has chosen to put all of Israel’s chips on a U.S. president whose foreign policy, according to Monday’s Washington Post, is based on a principle of “buy now – pay later.” Trump is already a hero for unilaterally reneging on the nuclear accord, despite the immediate damage to the trans-Atlantic alliance and the still-unknown repercussions and ramifications of his decision. On Monday he was anointed “King of Mercies” by Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef – who recently compared black people to monkeys – even though the consequences of his decision to move the embassy, including the smothering of faint hopes for peace and the threat of a third intifada, will only become known in the coming weeks and months.
In the meantime, Israelis rejoice and Palestinians remain despondent.  Only time will tell, as the cliche goes, whether the “historic day” so joyfully pronounced in Jerusalem on Monday heralds the arrival of a spring of hope or a winter of despair, or, as only the Middle East can sustain, of both together.

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If Israel were a State

Background:  Yesterday I was  in San Diego having fun at the beach. For a while I sat on the shore with my feet in the water reading The Diary of a Young Girl. Then a miracle happened. A score of  little bottles reached land  and assembled in between my bare feet. I could see that each was sealed and contained a short note. I picked up the bottles carefully and moved them to safety. I collected the notes and tried to assemble the lines into a cohesive  message. I understand that this text, as put together by me, may be  offensive to some. If you can think of a different arrangement of the messages that offers an alternative meaning, please share it with me and I will consider publishing it.
san diego.jpg
If Israel were a State
A poem assembled by Gilad Atzmon
If Israel were a state (and Jews a people like all other people) it would have deployed policemen at the Gaza border instead of snipers with live ammunition.
If Israel were a state (and Jews a people like all other people) it would invite the indigenous people of Palestine to return to their land.
If Israel were a state (and Jews a people like all other people) it would apologize for making Gaza into the biggest open-air prison known to man.
If Israel were a state (and Jews a people like all other people) it would, by now, live in peace under the sun.
But Israel is a Jewish Ghetto (and Jews are somehow different…)
If they want to burn it, you want to read it!
Being in Time – A Post Political Manifesto, , and  here (

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Salehi: Iran to Remain Committed to Its Promises if EU Can Keep JCPOA Alive

19-05-2018 | 15:13
Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Ali Akbar Salehi said the Islamic Republic is more powerful than any time and cannot be easily pressured in the face of US plans to re-impose sanctions on the country.
Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Ali Akbar Salehi
“Iran’s authority and position are such that it cannot be easily pushed around. Today, Iran is in a more powerful position than the past,” Salehi told a joint press conference with EU Energy Commissioner Miguel Arias Canete in Tehran Saturday,
Canete is in Tehran to reassure Iran that the European Union remains committed to salvaging a nuclear deal with Tehran despite US President Donald Trump’s decision to exit the accord and reimpose sanctions on the country.
“We have sent a message to our Iranian friends that as long as they are sticking to the agreement, the Europeans will… fulfill their commitment,” he said, adding the bloc hoped to boost trade with Iran.
Salehi said Iran hopes the European Union will fulfill its pledges “in the near future” after the bloc launched “the blocking statute” process on Friday to protect Europeans from US sanctions on Iran.
“However, until these promises are not implemented and put into practice, we could not speak firmly,” he said. “We hope that in the near future, we could witness the materialization of these pledges.”
Otherwise, “the Iranian nation should rest assured that we will press ahead on the path of progress with strength and firmness without any worries and there will be no serious problems even though there might be some disruptions which may slow down the pace but they cannot stop us,” Salehi added.
The European Union, he said, had made proposals and taken initial steps toward using the euro in dealings with the Islamic Republic.
Salehi also described US exit from the Iran nuclear agreement, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), as a foolish move.
Trump announced US withdrawal from the JCPOA on May 8 and vowed to reinstate US nuclear sanctions on Iran and impose “the highest level” of economic bans on the Islamic Republic.
Tehran has said it would make a decision on its future role in the nuclear agreement in the coming weeks following negotiations with the other signatories of the deal.
EU powers have scrambled to save the JCPOA and protect their businesses in Iran against the US sanctions.
Salehi said EU efforts to preserve the nuclear pact shows that “the JCPOA is a very important agreement in line with our national interests and regional interest as well as those of the international community.”
Iran’s nuclear chief further stressed that the US pullout of the JCPOA shows “the correct impression of senior government officials that the US cannot be trusted.”
Now the whole international community has come to the understanding that “the US is not a reliable and trustworthy country in international dealings,” he added.
Canete, for his part, said that preserving the nuclear deal, despite the US withdrawal, was “fundamental for peace in the region.”
“For sure there are clear difficulties with the sanctions,” the EU official said. “We will have to ask for waivers, for carve outs for the companies that make investments.”
Canete is due to meet Iran’s Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zanganeh and head of the Department of Environment Isa Kalantari later on Saturday, and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Sunday.
Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

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The Palestinian context will rule the region, so be patient السياق الفلسطيني سيحكم المنطقة فانتظروا

 The Palestinian context will rule the region, so be patient

مايو 18, 2018

Written by Nasser Kandil,
Those who expect that the confrontation ignited by the Palestinian people is meaningless and that the generous sacrifices are for free do not pay attention to the spiritual fact illustrated in the past two days that America and Israel are worried despite the Arab humiliated mobilization support, and that the complicated issues dominate on the entire region, while the Palestinian people are mobilizing as if they are on the first day of confrontation not in its seventieth year.
The radical deviation of the American administration was planned for a long time, but it was conditioned for the moment of the American-Israeli-Gulf victory in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Iran in a lost dismantled situation where the promoting for the deal of the century is the best possible. But the resorting to it was after the despair from changing the equations and in order to reveal the hidden, therefore there is no way for negotiation and the opportunities of compromises. And thus, despite the apparent tyranny and oppression, the Arabs of America who seek to protect their threatened thrones are brought to announce their loyalty to Israel. Practically this means the fall of the negotiation option which disabled the resistance choice for decades due to the illusion of the supposed compromise which is no longer available today. So after the fall of the negotiation option Palestine returns to the confrontation option ending what America, Israel, and Gulf thought that they are the achievements of the last decade as the sectarian fragmentation and manipulating with identity. Therefore the classification now becomes under the title of who is with Palestine and who is with Israel?
The target was the Arabs whom the rulers of the Gulf supported by America and Israel think that the attempt of turning them into sectarian ideological blocs that forget Palestine since the Arab Spring succeeded. But the scrutiny in reading the elections in Lebanon leads to a reverse result. The sectarianism which affected the Arab Sunnis ended. The symbol of extremism in Lebanon fails to reserve its personal seat after it got two years ago all the seats of Tripoli municipality, and those who left Al Mustaqbal Movement did not go to extremism but they returned to the Arab national option which allies with the resistance and Syria, from Saida represented by Osama Saad to the Western Bekaa represented by Abdul Rahim Morad to Tripoli represented by Faisal Karami and Jihad Al Samad, and to Beirut represented by the Islamic Projects Association.
Before talking about the moment of turning into confrontation and then into a full uprising of all Palestine and before talking about the joining of the armed resistance to it, the Palestinian Diaspora will be present strongly at the popular confrontation line. We will witness in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt Arab Islamic crowds that meet the Palestinians, and we will witness from behind the seas crowds in the sea taking the ships of return holding a sit-in the waters of Palestine facing the gas bombs along with the freemen of the world and the free media. The governmental position in numbers of European countries is a good evidence of this transformation of Palestine in the Western public option contrary to the desire of America and Israel.
Despite the American and the Gulf support Israel is afraid of launching a war on Gaza, so how if its borders with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and then Egypt become confronting lines where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and non-Palestinians gather and become more ready for the confrontation day after day, so what should it do knowing that the course of war is disabled by the constant growing deterrence balances?
The Israeli-American- Gulf impasse is that the conflict in Palestine and around it will overwhelm over the region and the world and the coexistence with its entitlements means the erosion of this black triangle, and where the war means disaster, while in the resistance axis the confrontation is growing in its current form and where a war may become a reality.
This is the meaning of the words of the Secretary-General of Hezbollah Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah few months ago. The wars in the region have almost finished and we will return to the priority which we have never abandoned “Palestine”.
Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

السياق الفلسطيني 
سيحكم المنطقة فانتظروا

مايو 16, 2018

ناصر قنديل

– الذين يتوقعون أنّ المواجهة التي افتتحها الشعب الفلسطيني بلا أفق وأنّ التضحيات السخية التي يقدّمها مجانية لا ينتبه إلى الحقيقة التي تقولها روحية اليومين الماضيين بقوة، وهي أنّ الأميركي والإسرائيلي يصلان منهكين عابسين قلقين بلا أفق مفتوح أمامهما، رغم الحشد العربي الذليل المصطفّ خلفهما والملفات المعقدة تسدّ طريقهما على كلّ مساحة المنطقة، بينما يحشد الشعب الفلسطيني كلّ حيويته كأنه في اليوم الأول للمواجهة وليس في عامها السبعين.

– الانعطاف المتطرّف للإدارة الأميركية كان مقرّراً منذ زمن، لكنه مشروط بلحظة انتصار أميركي إسرائيلي خليجي في لبنان وسورية واليمن والعراق وإيران ووضع مفكّك وضائع ومكسور يصير فيه تسويق صفقة القرن كأفضل الممكن، ولكن الاتجاه إليها الآن يجري يأساً من تغيير المعادلات واضطراراً لكشف المستور فتسقط لغة التفاوض وتسقط معها فرص التسويات، ويصير جلب عرب أميركا إلى بيت الطاعة الإسرائيلي بقوة بحثهم عن حماية عروشهم المهدّدة رغم ظاهر البطش والاستبداد وما يوحي به من القوة. وهذا يعني عملياً سقوط خيار التفاوض الذي جمّد خيار المقاومة لعقود بوهم التسوية المفترضة التي ما عادت مطروحة على جدول الأعمال اليوم. ومع هذا السقوط تعود فلسطين لخيار المواجهة، لتسقط أهمّ ما يظنّ الأميركي والإسرائيلي والخليجي أنها إنجازات العقد الأخير، لجهة التفتيت المذهبي والتلاعب بالهوية، لتصير الاصطفافات مجدداً تحت عنوان مَن مع فلسطين ومَن مع «إسرائيل»؟

– المستهدَف كان جمهور العرب الذي يظنّ حكام الخليج ومِن خلفهم أميركا و«إسرائيل» والكتبة المستلحقون بهم، أنّ عملية غسل الدماغ التي تمّت له قد أدّت نتائجها بتحويله كتلاً مذهبية عصبية نسيت فلسطين، منذ الربيع العربي، لكنهم يستعجلون، فالتأني بالقراءة لما قالته الانتخابات في لبنان، يوصل لنتيجة معاكسة. لقد زالت الغيمة السوداء التي عبثت بمزاج السنّة العرب تحت عنوان المذهبية، وها هو رمز التطرّف فيها لبنانياً يفشل بحجز مقعده الشخصي بعدما حصد قبل عامين كلّ مقاعد بلدية طرابلس، ومَن غادروا خيار تيار المستقبل، لم يذهبوا للتطرف بل عادوا للخيار القومي العربي المتحالف مع المقاومة وسورية من صيدا وما يمثل أسامة سعد إلى البقاع الغربي وما يمثل عبد الرحيم مراد وصولاً إلى طرابلس وما يمثل فيصل كرامي وجهاد الصمد وانتهاء ببيروت وما تمثل جمعية المشاريع الإسلامية.

– قبل الحديث عن لحظة تحوّل مقبلة ولو بعد حين للمواجهة إلى انتفاضة شاملة لكلّ فلسطين أو عن دخول المقاومة المسلحة على خطها سيحضر الشتات الفلسطيني وبقوة على خط المواجهة الشعبية، وسنشهد من لبنان والأردن وسورية ومصر حشوداً عربية إسلامية تلاقي الفلسطينيين، وسنشهد من خلف البحار حشوداً في البحر تركب سفن العودة وتعتصم في مياه فلسطين تواجه قنابل الغاز والرصاص ومعها أحرار من العالم وإعلام حر يواكبها، والموقف الحكومي في عدد من بلدان أوروبا خير شاهد على التحوّل الذي تحدثه فلسطين في الرأي العام الغربي، بعكس ما ترغب أميركا و«إسرائيل».

– «إسرائيل» رغم الدعم الأميركي والخليجي تتهيّب حرباً على غزة، فكيف عندما تصير حدودها مع لبنان وسورية والأردن ولاحقاً مصر خطوط مواجهة يحتشد عليها عشرات ومئات الآلاف من الفلسطينيين وغير الفلسطينيين يزداد عديدهم وترتقي نوعية مواجهتهم يوماً بعد يوم؟ وماذا عساها تفعل وهي تعلم أنّ طريق الحرب مقفلة بقوة موازين الردع الثابتة والمتعاظمة؟

– المأزق الإسرائيلي الأميركي الخليجي هو أنّ الصراع في فلسطين وحولها سيطغى على ما عداه في المنطقة والعالم، وأنّ التعايش مع استحقاقاته يعني التآكل في قوة هذا المثلث الأسود، وحيث الذهاب للحرب يعني الكارثة، بينما معسكر المقاومة مدد للمواجهة في صيغتها الحالية المتنامية وجهوزية لحرب قد تصير استحقاقاً مقبلاً.

– هذا معنى قول الأمين العام لحزب الله السيد حسن نصرالله قبل شهور، تكاد الحروب تنتهي في المنطقة، وسنعود إلى الأولوية التي لم نغادرها يوماً، والأولوية دائماً هي فلسطين.

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Palestine will remain the priority in spite of them فلسطين إلى الواجهة رغم أنوفهم

» Palestine will remain the priority in spite of them  

مايو 18, 2018
Written by Nasser Kandil,
The dispute between America and Iran is summarized in Palestine as the transferring of the US embassy to Jerusalem. The American war which aims at achieving profits has been lost in Syria, but the war of preventing losses continues. The loss which America fears is the growing of the resistance axis due to the victory of Syria and the threat which it represents to Israel’s security. The incitement against the nuclear understanding in order to put it into circulation starts and ends with accusing Iran of employing the moral and material revenues of its understanding in granting more support to the resistance forces. The cause is Palestine. The recognition of Jerusalem as a capital of Israel is related directly to the moral support of the Israelis who are afraid from the variables around them, and in order to show publicly the Arab infidelities to Palestine by saying to the Israelis “despite the losses you are not alone, your new allies; the Gulf rulers are professing of being allied with you, so do not worry”.
The Israelis test their fear with the American reassuring messages, they feel happy towards the American threats to Syria but their optimism was dispersed once they saw that the consequences of the aggression led by Washington were zero. They applauded for the American withdrawal from the nuclear understanding with Iran and celebrated this new stage through targeting Syria with their aircraft, but the result is new deterrence equations. They celebrate the transferring of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the settlers go out to the courtyard of Aqsa Mosque celebrating and feeling happy with the Arab participation and the statements which support their aggression on Syria, but they discover that their new allies have only statements.
After the celebrations ended and after Washington paid the bills of its promises, the question now is what is next. Everything proves that Palestine which they wanted to remove from history and geography comes back strongly with the blood of its people. The Palestinians have to react now and the Israelis have to ask their new allies about what can they offer for the deal of the century to become a fact and about the Palestinian partner who is capable of signing the waiver of Jerusalem. They have to ask them whether if they will participate in offering blood in the coming confrontations and to what extent they can overlook the coming Palestinian days without retreating.
Palestine is deciding the agenda of the region not Israel despite the American decisions which formed the maximum of what can be offered at once. By the end of the American gifts Israel has to show its ability in one of three aspects; a crucial war that changes the equations, an important Palestinian partner in a compromise to announce the end of the confrontations, and the ability to bear a long war of attrition on all fronts, while the Palestinians away from the confusion of many of their leaderships have decided to confront whatever the cost is, with the determination of the first round without fatigue or considerations, since time is the ally of those who stick to their right making strength out of weakness.
Palestine is the priority in spite of them. Neither Trump’s decision, nor the Gulf rulers ‘ money and nor Israel’s brutality and oppression are valid elements to write the history that was started with a blood of child martyr. The fifteenth of May will remain the remembrance of the usurping of Palestine not a festival for the birth of Israel at all.
Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

فلسطين إلى الواجهة رغم أنوفهم 

مايو 14, 2018

ناصر قنديل

– قضية أميركا مع إيران تُختصر بفلسطين ومثلها نقل السفارة الأميركية إلى القدس. فالحرب الأميركية الهادفة لتحقيق الأرباح سقطت منذ زمن في سورية، وتستمرّ حرب منع الخسائر، والخسارة التي تخشاها أميركا هي تعاظم محور المقاومة بنصر سورية والخطر الذي يمثله على أمن «إسرائيل»، وكل التحريض على التفاهم النووي تمهيداً لطرحه في التداول يبدأ وينتهي باتهام إيران بتوظيف عائداتها المعنوية والمادية من التفاهم لتقديم مزيد من الدعم لقوى المقاومة، والقضية هي فلسطين، والانتقال لخطوة من نوع الاعتراف بالقدس عاصمة لـ»إسرائيل» يرتبط مباشرة بالدعم المعنوي للإسرائيليين القلقين والمذعورين من المتغيرات من حولهم، ولتظهير الخيانات العربية لفلسطين علناً بلا مراعاة، للقول للإسرائيليين، رغم الخسائر لستم وحدكم. فها هم حلفاؤكم الجدد حكام الخليج يجاهرون بحلفكم فلا تخافوا.

– يختبر الإسرائيليون خوفهم مع رسائل التطمين الأميركية، مع كل جديد، فيرون التهديدات الأميركية لسورية ويفرحون وإذ تأتيهم التفاصيل عن العدوان الذي قادته واشنطن فيضطرون لتبديد تفاؤلهم، والقول إن النتائج كانت صفراً، ثم يأتيهم الانسحاب الأميركي من التفاهم النووي مع إيران فيصفّقون، ويخرجون للاحتفال بتدشين المرحلة الجديدة بطائراتهم في استهداف سورية، فتكون النتيجة وبالاً ومعادلات ردع جديدة، ثم يأتي احتفال انتقال السفارة الأميركية إلى القدس ويخرج المستوطنون إلى باحات المسجد الأقصى، ويفرح الإسرائيليون بالمشاركة العربية، والبيانات التي أيّدت عدوانهم على سورية، فيكتشفون أن ما لدى حلفائهم الجدد ليس أكثر من البيانات.

– أما وقد انتهت مواسم الاحتفالات، والانتظارات بعدما سدّدت واشنطن فواتير وعودها، فالسؤال ماذا عن الغد؟ وكل شيء يقول إن فلسطين التي أرادوا شطبها من التاريخ والجغرافيا تعود بدماء أبنائها للحضور، وبقوة، ومن اليوم سيكون الدور للفلسطينيين ليصيغوا هم الخبر، وعلى الإسرائيليين أن يسألوا حلفاءهم الجدد عما يمكنهم تقديمه لتصير صفقة القرن حقيقة، وعن الشريك الفلسطيني القادر على توقيع التنازل عن القدس، ويسألونهم هل سيشاركونهم تقديم الدماء في المواجهات المقبلة، وكم سيستطيعون التغاضي عن الأيام الفلسطينية المقبلة، من دون الاضطرار للانكفاء؟

– فلسطين تتقدّم وتضع جدول أعمال المنطقة، وليس «إسرائيل»، رغم القرارات الأميركية التي شكلت أقصى ما يمكن تقديمه ودفعة واحدة، ومع نهاية الهدايا الأميركية بقي على «إسرائيل» أن تظهر قدرتها على واحد من ثلاثة، حرب حاسمة تغيّر المعادلات، شريك فلسطيني وازن لتسوية تعلن نهاية المواجهات، قدرة على تحمّل حرب استنزاف طويلة على الجبهات كلها، أما الفلسطينيون فقد قرّروا بمعزل عن ارتباك الكثير من قياداتهم، أنهم ماضون إلى المواجهة مهما كان الثمن، وأنهم يدخلون هذه الجولة بعزم الجولة الأولى بلا تعب ولا كلل ولا حسابات، والشهداء زادٌ لا ينضب والزمن حليف الثابتين على حقهم، يصنعون من الضعف قوة.

– فلسطين إلى الواجهة رغم أنوفهم، فلا قرارات ترامب ولا أموال حكام الخليج ولا التوحّش والبطش الإسرائيلي.. عناصر صالحة لكتابة تاريخ يفتتحه دم طفل شهيد، وسيبقى الخامس عشر من أيار ذكرى اغتصاب فلسطين ولن يكون يوماً عيداً لولادة «إسرائيل».

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Gaza killings: Names and faces of those killed by the Jewish terror state forces this week

Middle East Eye | May 15, 2018
Eight-month-old Laila is youngest Palestinian killed in Gaza on Monday, the deadliest day since 2014 war.
From left: Ahmed Alrantisi, Laila Anwar Al-Ghandoor, Ahmed Altetr, Alaa Alkhatib Ezz el-din Alsamaak, Motassem Abu Louley (screengrab)
Sixty-two people were either killed or died of wounds inflicted by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip on Monday and Tuesday as thousands of Palestinians demonstrated across the occupied territory to mark the 70th anniversary of the Nakba.
As of Tuesday afternoon, the Gaza Ministry of Health released the names of 59 Palestinians killed:
1. Laila Anwar Al-Ghandoor, 8 months old
2. Ezz el-din Musa Mohamed Alsamaak, 14 years old
3. Wisaal Fadl Ezzat Alsheikh Khalil, 15 years old
4. Ahmed Adel Musa Alshaer, 16 years old
5. Saeed Mohamed Abu Alkheir, 16 years old
6. Ibrahim Ahmed Alzarqa, 18 years old
7. Eman Ali Sadiq Alsheikh, 19 years old
8. Zayid Mohamed Hasan Omar, 19 years old
9. Motassem Fawzy Abu Louley, 20 years old
10. Anas Hamdan Salim Qadeeh, 21 years old
11. Mohamed Abd Alsalam Harz, 21 years old
From left: Fadi Abu Salah, Motaz Al-Nunu, Jihad Mohammed Othman Mousa, Mousa Jabr Abdulsalam Abu Hasnayn, Ezz Eldeen Nahid Aloyutey, Anas Hamdan Salim Qadeeh
12. Yehia Ismail Rajab Aldaqoor, 22 years old
13. Mustafa Mohamed Samir Mahmoud Almasry, 22 years old
14. Ezz Eldeen Nahid Aloyutey, 23 years old
15. Mahmoud Mustafa Ahmed Assaf, 23 years old
16. Ahmed Fayez Harb Shahadah, 23 years old
17. Ahmed Awad Allah, 24 years old
18. Khalil Ismail Khalil Mansor, 25 years old
19. Mohamed Ashraf Abu Sitta, 26 years old
20. Bilal Ahmed Abu Diqah, 26 years old
21. Ahmed Majed Qaasim Ata Allah, 27 years old
From left: Mahmoud Wael Mahmoud Jundeyah, Ibrahim Ahmed Alzarqa, Musab Yousef Abu Leilah, Jihad Mufid Al-Farra, Saeed Mohamed Abu Alkheir, Mohamed Hasan Mustafa Alabadilah (screengrab)
22. Mahmoud Rabah Abu Maamar, 28 years old
23.Musab Yousef Abu Leilah, 28 years old
24. Ahmed Fawzy Altetr, 28 years old
25. Mohamed Abdelrahman Meqdad, 28 years old
26. Obaidah Salim Farhan, 30 years old
27. Jihad Mufid Al-Farra, 30 years old
28. Fadi Hassan Abu Salah, 30 years old
29. Motaz Bassam Kamil Al-Nunu, 31 years old
30. Mohammed Riyad Abdulrahman Alamudi, 31 years old
31. Jihad Mohammed Othman Mousa, 31 years old
32. Shahir Mahmoud Mohammed Almadhoon, 32 years old
33. Mousa Jabr Abdulsalam Abu Hasnayn, 35 years old
From left: Shahir Mahmoud Mohammed Almadhoon, Khalil Ismail Khalil Mansor, Mahmoud Saber Hamad Abu Taeemah, Mohamed Ashraf Abu Sitta, Mustafa Mohamed Samir Mahmoud Almasry, Obaidah Salim Farhan (screengrab)
34. Mohammed Mahmoud Abdulmoti Abdal’al, 39 years old
35. Ahmed Mohammed Ibrahim Hamdan, 27 years old
36. Ismail Khalil Ramadhan Aldaahuk, 30 years old
37. Ahmed Mahmoud Mohammed Alrantisi, 27 years old
38. Alaa Alnoor Ahmed Alkhatib, 28 years old
39. Mahmoud Yahya Abdawahab Hussain, 24 years old
40. Ahmed Abdullah Aladini, 30 years old
41. Saadi Said Fahmi Abu Salah, 16 years old
42. Ahmed Zahir Hamid Alshawa, 24 years old
43. Mohammed Hani Hosni Alnajjar, 33 years old
44. Fadl Mohamed Ata Habshy, 34 years old
45. Mokhtar Kaamil Salim Abu Khamash, 23 years old
46. Mahmoud Wael Mahmoud Jundeyah, 21 years old
47. Abdulrahman Sami Abu Mattar, 18 years old
48. Ahmed Salim Alyaan Aljarf, 26 years old
From left: Mohammed Hani Hosni Alnajjar, Yehia Ismail Rajab Aldaqoor, Mohammed Riyad Abdulrahman Alamudi, Ahmed Adel Musa Alshaer, Fadl Mohamed Ata Habshy, Ismail Khalil Ramadhan Aldaahuk (screengrab)
49. Mahmoud Sulayman Ibrahim Aql, 32 years old
50. Mohamed Hasan Mustafa Alabadilah, 25 years old
51. Kamil Jihad Kamil Mihna, 19 years old
52. Mahmoud Saber Hamad Abu Taeemah, 23 years old
53. Ali Mohamed Ahmed Khafajah, 21 years old
54. Abdelsalam Yousef Abdelwahab, 39 years old
55. Mohamed Samir Duwedar, 27 years old
56. Talal Adel Ibrahim Mattar, 16 years old
57. Omar Jomaa Abu Ful, 30 years old
58. Nasser Ahmed Mahmoud Ghrab, 51 years old
59. Bilal Badeer Hussein Al-Ashram, 18 years old
60 – 62: Unidentified
Middle East Eye has live coverage of protests in Palestine and Israel here.

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Trump Warns Kim: Make A Deal or Suffer Same Fate as Gaddafi!

18-05-2018 | 08:29

US President Donald Trump threatened the North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un with the same fate as Libya’s former dictator Muammar Gaddafi if he “doesn’t make a deal” on his nuclear weapons program.

Donald Trump

Trump issued the threat at the White House when he was asked about the recent suggestion by his national security adviser, John Bolton that the “Libyan model” be a template for dealing with North Korea at a summit between Trump and Kim planned for 12 June in Singapore.

The model Bolton was referring to was Gaddafi’s agreement in December 2003 to surrender his embryonic nuclear weapons program, which included allowing his uranium centrifuges to be shipped out to the US.

Trump, however, appeared to be unaware of that agreement, and interpreted the “Libyan model” to mean the 2011 NATO intervention in Libya in support of an insurrection, which ultimately led to Gaddafi’s murder at the hands of rebels in Tripoli.

“The model, if you look at that model with Gaddafi, that was a total decimation. We went in there to beat him. Now that model would take place if we don’t make a deal, most likely. But if we make a deal, I think Kim Jong-un is going to be very, very happy,” Trump said, suggesting that the regime’s survival could be assured if Kim agreed to disarm.

“This with Kim Jong-un would be something where he would be there. He would be running his country. His country would be very rich,” Trump said.

“We’re willing to do a lot, and he’s willing … to do a lot also, and I think we’ll actually have a good relationship, assuming we have the meeting and assuming something comes of it. And he’ll get protections that will be very strong.”

Asked whether his comments meant that he disagreed with his national security adviser, Trump said: “I think when John Bolton made that statement, he was talking about if we are going to be having a problem, because we cannot let that country have nukes. We just can’t do it.”

Pyongyang, for its part, complained about joint military exercises being conducted by US and South Korean forces. The regime’s mission to the United Nations issued a statement on Thursday saying that nuclear-capable B-52 bombers and F-22 fighter planes were taking part in the exercises. He described it as “an extremely provocative and ill-boding act”.

However, Trump said that despite Pyongyang’s threats to call off the summit, “they’ve been negotiating like nothing happened”.
Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

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White House Removes Jared Kushner's comments that Gaza protesters are 'part of the problem'

By Francesca Chambers and Afp
Jared Kushner hit out at the Palestinian protesters during the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem 
  • Specifically touched on the protests occurring Monday, in which 52 were killed and 2,400 were injured 
  • Kushner went on to say that ‘those provoking violence are part of the problem and not part of the solution’
  • But his remarks were omitted when the White House released a transcript of his speech on Monday afternoon 
  • Israeli snipers have killed scores of protesters near the Gaza border with more than two thousand injured 
US ‘blocks UN motion’ calling for investigation into Israeli killing of Gaza protesters:
As more than 50 Palestinian protesters were shot and killed by Israel security forces on Monday, Jared Kushner declared them ‘part of the problem’.
Kushner was speaking at the official opening of the new US embassy in Jerusalem when he hit out at thousands of protesters, who were injured on what was the single deadliest day in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since 2014.
‘As we have seen from the protests of the last month and even today, those provoking violence are part of the problem and not part of the solution,’ Donald Trump’s son-in-law told the crowd as his wife Ivanka looked on.
But Kushner’s remarks went briefly under the radar as the White House omitted the line from his remarks in the official transcript.
Kushner hit out at the Palestinians who were protesting the official opening of the new US embassy in Jerusalem on Monday and called them ‘part of the problem’ – but his remarks were left off the official White House transcript 
A side-by-side comparison of Kushner’s speech (left) and the White House transcript (right), first tweeted by Ayman Mohyeldin, shows that Kushner’s remarks about the protesters was omitted from the official transcript
A side-by-side comparison of Kushner’s speech and the White House transcript, first tweeted by Ayman Mohyeldin, shows that Kushner’s remarks about the protesters had completely disappeared.
The White House transcript included Kushner’s preceding comments, in which he said Monday’s ‘celebration’ of the embassy ‘do not reflect the departure from our strong commitment to a lasting peace’.
But the transcript completely scrapped Kushner’s comment about the protesters and instead jumped to his claim that the United States ‘is prepared to support a peace agreement in every way we can’.
‘We believe that it is possible for both sides to gain more than they give so that all people can live in peace, safe from danger, free from fear, and able to pursue their dreams,’ he added.
Israeli snipers have killed scores of Palestinians and wounded thousands more as 35,000 protesters rallied against the US Embassy opening overseen by Kushner and Ivanka on Monday.
A 14-year-old was among 52 shot dead along the Gaza border on what is already the deadliest single day in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since a 2014 war between the Jewish state and Gaza’s Islamist rulers Hamas.
At least 2,400 more have been injured with hundreds of them by live bullets, according to Gaza officials.
The Palestinian government has accused Israel of committing a ‘terrible massacre’ and Amnesty International called the bloodshed an ‘abhorrent violation’ of human rights.
But Kushner’s controversial remarks were in line with the White House, as Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah blamed Hamas for the violence in Israel on Monday.
Shah said he did not believe that the violence would undermine the United States’ positioning on a peace agreement and went so far as to call the deaths a ‘propaganda attempt’ by Hamas and Palestine.
‘The responsibility for these tragic deaths rests squarely with Hamas. Hamas is intentionally and cynically provoking this response,’ he asserted.
Shah also demanded that Hamas stop its ‘cynical exploitation of the situation’ that has led to the deaths.
The president’s spokesman said that embassy opening is ‘about following through on what the President promised and believes’.
‘I think we’ve. for decades you know, walked on eggshells, pretending that Jerusalem isn’t the capital of Israel when it obviously is. And this is just a recognition of reality,’ he said.
Shah added that the ‘peace plan will be brought forward at the appropriate time, and it can be evaluated on its merits.
‘We don’t think it will impact the peace plan,’ he said of the deaths in Gaza.
Trump tossed aside decades of precedent when he recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December – a decision that sparked global outcry, Palestinian anger, and exuberant praise from Israelis.
On Monday Russia said it feared that the embassy opening would increase tension in the Middle East, while Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan warned that the US had forfeited its role as a mediator in the region and was now ‘part of the problem rather than the solution’.
As deadly clashes continued, Trump said in a video address aired at the opening that the embassy has been a ‘long time coming’ and that the US had ‘failed to acknowledge the obvious’ for many years.
Trump also said his ‘greatest hope’ is for peace and that he ‘remains fully committed to facilitating a lasting peace agreement’.

he UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said the international community must bring those responsible to justice.
‘Shocking killing of dozens, injury of hundreds by Israeli live fire in #Gaza must stop now,’ Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein wrote in a message carried on the UN Human Rights Twitter account.
‘The right to life must be respected. Those responsible for outrageous human rights violations must be held to account. The int’l community needs to ensure justice for victims.’
Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Trump for making ‘history’ on Monday.
This article was originally published by “Daily Mail” –

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