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Friday, 29 July 2016

Globalization is Over, Brexit is the Biggest Sign: The Guardian

De-globalizationIn an article written by Ruchir Sharma and posted by the British newspaper, The Guardian, Brexit is expected to be contagious to the extent of introducing the era of de-globalization.
What follows is the complete article:
In among the shock from the EU referendum result, the risk of contagion was raised. Analysts asked which EU country might leave next and whether this unraveling could shatter the postwar European order. A month later, it’s clear that Brexit was less a cataclysmic cause than a symptom; a manifestation of global forces unleashed by the 2008 global financial crisis, including slower growth, rising inequality, and a widening backlash against open borders and incumbent leaders.
Inside Europe the political earthquake is receding, with the installation of a new UK prime minister who, ostensibly, did not want to leave the EU. Yet even if Brexit does not herald the unraveling of Europe or of the global economy, it is the most important sign yet that the era of globalization as we have known it is over. De-globalization will be the new buzzword.
The world has entered what I call the AC era – after the crisis of 2008. It is already marked by much more upheaval than prevailed in the era before the crisis, and many of the policies and leaders that nations have embraced, hoping to ease the pain, have only made matters worse.
Worldwide, an anti-establishment revolt has been raging since the crisis. In 30 of the major democracies, the incumbent has been winning in as few as a third of national elections each year since 2008, down from two-thirds before that year. In the 20 top emerging and developed nations, the median approval rating of the incumbent leader has fallen from a high of 54% in the years before 2008, to just 37%.
Anger at incumbent governments is now widely seen as a boon to rightwing populists such as Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, and some of the leaders of the Brexit campaign. This, however, is a revolt against the establishment, not an ideology, left or right.
In Europe and the US rightwing upstarts are exploiting the frustrations of the working class by blaming their woes on immigrants stealing jobs. But there is no such widespread rise of the populist right in Asia or Latin America, where voters have been toppling leftwing governments in favour of mainstream reformers like Mauricio Macri of Argentina, and Pedro Pablo Kuczynski of Peru. A former World Bank economist ,whose first promise to Peruvians was to rebuild “consensus”, Kuczynski is about as far from angry populism as a president can get.
The ballot-box revolts are not isolated, local events. They have sprung from slow growth in the global economy, which has fallen since 2008 from its postwar average of 3.5% to just above 2%, the level that feels like a global recession. This is the weakest recovery of the postwar era, and until recently Europe was the hardest-hit region, having suffered not one but two recessions since 2008. It has thus been fertile ground for popular anger.
The popular frustration is amplified by rising inequality. To fight the global slowdown, central banks have been pumping out easy money. Instead of fuelling wage and job growth in the real economy, as intended, much of that money has found its way into financial assets, including stocks, bonds and housing – pushing prices to record highs. Because the rich own most of these assets, inequality is widening and spreading, and wealth is massing in financial capitals like New York and London. The period since 2008 has seen weak wage growth but spectacular returns for the wealthy: in Britain, wages are up 13%, but the stock market is up 115%.
This story repeats itself in country after country. In a recent study of 46 major economies, Credit Suisse found that prior to 2007, wealth inequality was on the rise in 12 of them; but after 2007, that number more than doubled to 35,.
In that brief span, the world population of billionaires nearly doubled to more than 1,800. More than 70 of them live in London – one of the highest concentrations in the world – making the British capital a ripe target for class resentments. In England proper the Brexit vote was, in large part, a vote against London, its globalised elite, and all they stand for, including free trade and open borders.
Here too, the British revolt is less a turning point than the latest flashpoint for the negative passions of the AC era. In late 2008 the G20 gathered at a summit and vowed not to engage in the kind of trade wars that extended the Great Depression. Then they went back home and have since imposed hundreds of new barriers to trade. This bout of protectionism has helped to slow growth in global trade from better than 8% before the crisis to near zero. Britain has turned inward too, imposing more than 200 new trade barriers after the global financial crisis – third most in the developed world after the US and Germany, according to the Centre for Economic Policy Research.
The hype for globalization that excited the era before the crash has given way now to fears of de-globalization, and the measures governments have taken to buffer economies against another crisis have only deepened this self-destructive trend. Driven in part by new limits on their overseas activities, global banks have pulled back to within their home borders. Global capital flows fell from a peak of 16% of global GDP in 2007 to just 1.6% – a level last seen in the 1980s. This retreat will act as a drag on economic growth, suggesting that every country needs to downsize its ambitions, or face new outbreaks of frustration.
The anti-immigrant movements that have gathered pace are the latest proof, and they come at an inopportune time. In countries rich and poor, women are having fewer and fewer children, a trend that predates the crisis of 2008. Since 1980 the number of countries with a shrinking population of working age people has risen from 2 to 38. And one of the only ways for any country to counter the economic shock of depopulation is by attracting immigrants.
In fact, Britain’s workforce would already be in decline too, were it not for relatively strong net migration, which brought in 900,000 people over the last five years. Though the challenges of assimilating foreign workers are real, so are the economic consequences of barring them: fewer workers will mean less growth.
But perhaps this outcome is unavoidable now. In the decades before 2008, the world economy expanded at it fastest pace in recorded history, thanks in part to greater freedom of movement for goods, capital and people. Unfettered globalization lifted millions of people out of poverty in the emerging world, but it also frayed the social fabric of many western nations. Brexit is just one manifestation of the anti-globalization backlash in the post-2008 era. The champions of that backlash are pushing policies that are likely only to exacerbate the global economic slowdown.
But the message from Brexit and similar movements is clear: economic growth may have to take a back seat while political leaders work to address the anger of those who believe that globalization has left them behind.
Source: Newspapers
29-07-2016 – 14:48 Last updated 29-07-2016 – 15:27

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The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

Israel Faces a Civil War in near future, by Scott Humor

Via The Saker
The owners of the tiny eBay store that sell my eBooks are being inundated with mysterious phone calls on the phone number that has been dedicated to the eBay store. It’s easily available per customers’ requests.
Previously, over the years, they have received just one call on this phone number.  This week phone calls are coming from the phone numbers presumably originating in the vicinity of a general geographic location of  the store.
This bullying of innocent people pisses me off to no end. I just hope that Fred Zimmerman, a publisher of the Essential Saker, has avoided this fate. At least, he has not said anything to me.
For those who have nothing better to do but bully and intimidate innocent people, I want to give them the following bit of information. Sleep on it, if you can.  Tomorrow you might decide to discontinue your activities.

On July 18th, speaking at the a Zionist Camp parliamentary bloc session, an opposition leader Isaac Herzog said:
“We hear hatred at every turn, whether it is directed toward women by military rabbis, by Ashkenazi Jews against Sephardi Jews and Mizrahi Jews against Ashkenazis.”
“This way the seeds of the uprising of hatred are planted, which will lead to a civil war. This hatred is being carried out by the full support and cover of those in charge,” Herzog said.
“Whoever heads this administration remains silent about the uprising of hatred, without working against it, ending it, taking steps against its leaders, or preventing those behind it from receiving funding.”
Turns out a civil war is not a foreign concept for Israeli society, as Adeyinka Makinde, a writer based in London, England, proves, by giving an educational historical overview of Jewish civil conflicts.
He concludes his article by expressing legitimate doubt of the possibility of this sort of conflict taking place:
It is clear that the statements made by Herzog, Yaalon and Golan point to the increasingly extremist drift of Israeli politics, but whether they reflect a state of affairs capable of metastasizing into an internecine civil conflict remains doubtful. “
Everyone knows that Israeli society is not sustainable. Since Germany ceased its payments to Israel, it’s mostly the US that funnels money there. Most of the American money goes to the military spending, maintenance of enormous punitive machinery, the Israel Prison Service (IPS), and to the intelligence and terror operations around the worlds. Israel, along with the US, remains a country with the highest incarceration rate. A part of the American aid goes to pay subsidies to the unprofitable agricultural sector. It would be much cheaper and healthier for Israelis to buy food produced in Russia, for example. But to maintain a myth of Israel being a land running with “milk and honey,” the Zionist ideologues need to maintain this insanely expensive and water consuming agricultural project. I have one word for you to describe food in Israel, it’s ground on human excrements. Bon Appétit!
The remaining part of the financial aid goes to paying welfare, and to social programs like pensions, unemployment benefits, free medical care, and free education. Still, one out of five Israelis  lives in abject poverty, and the remaining four spend more that they earn.
Since we analyze world current events from the pro-Russian point of view, we have to ask ourselves would an armed civil conflict and engineered mass casualties be beneficial for Russia or not.
The situation between Jews living in Russia and the Russian society in general could be described as a cold civil war.
A month ago prior to the Herzog’s warning about an impending “civil war” in Israel, Valery  Pyakin, a Russian political analyst, outlined a plan for the “final holocaust.”
I know that many of our readers know him and respect his opinions. For those, who don’t know who he is: Pyakin, along with Efimov, Zaznobin and a late General Petrov have been the most famous proponents of the Concept of Public Security (CPS). Very little information about the CPS exists in English. Someone pointed out that there are only one old lecture by Victor Efimov for FSB (ex-KGB) and a large video with General Petrov, in English on youtube. Lots of information and videos of the CPS is available in the Czech language. It’s only Czechs who translate the weekly editions of Pyakin on topical issues of global policy in terms of CPS.

The following is the translation of Pyakin’s interview
Question: We have many questions about Yakov Kedmi and his fury of activity in Russia.
Pyakin: Kedmi is a Mossad agent, who has been banned from entering Russia since Putin became a president, and who is now allowed into the country. Essentially, Kedmi works for Israel. Israel got very lucky that the Syrian war has not turned into an all out war on the Middle East. Next, we should expect a possible war coming from the territory of Ukraine to Europe, and to the other Russian territories. The next element after that will be a total ethnic cleansing of the Jewish population. The last final holocaust. Historically, Jews served as an instrument of the political world management,  today they lost their role, and they have been largely replaced by newer and better functioning Scientology. That’s why the world Jewry has ceased to be  important for the “master” so called ‘Global predictor.” But, to finalize the replacement, it’s necessary for the final holocaust to take place.
People who work for Israel understand that they have been condemned to death. That’s why they are being forced to help Russia with information. This “help” has  only one aim – to preserve the world Jewry  and the state of Israel. In the moment of crises, like now, any allies are welcome. It doesn’t mean that you’re completely opened to cooperate with them. It means that they have their own  interests, but they are working for you also.
Generally speaking, information is always good. If it’s disinformation, you, after checking it and seeing that it’s not true, avoid some wrong directions. If information is true, you can use it to improve the quality of your own management.
In this case, Kedmi and his “comrades” provide information which is truthful, and it helps to understand the plans of the word’s supra-governmental structures.
Israelis are very interested in a peaceful Ukraine, because of the Dnepropetrovsk region. Because this region is a seat of Habad (Chabad)
That’s where the world fire will start and will engulf the world Jewry completely.
Question to Pyakin: Could you please describe how a “final holocaust” might take place. Wouldn’t it cause a huge protests around the world?
Pyakin: No, it wouldn’t. Just like when the genocide of Serbs took place in Yugoslavia. The informational preparation for this holocaust has been taking place for a long time, including anti-Zionist conferences. The world society in general is ready for this. Anti-Semitism is on the rise everywhere, even in the most “tolerant” European countries.
Look. when Ukrainian situation has started, we saw a Jew Kolomosky funded and formed groups of militants, and a Jew Yarosh formed groups of militants, who had started anti-Jewish propaganda and threatened to kill Jews. That’s was the point when (in 2014) the final Jewish holocaust was suppose to take place.  For the US plans, it was supposed to start in Ukraine. Israelis perfectly understood this.   That’s why when the question came whom to support in Ukrainian conflict, Russia or the US, the state of Israel immediately stood on the Russia’s side. It doesn’t mean that some politicians are not acting against the national interest of Israel, just like some politicians are acting against the national interest of the European countries. But, Israel as a state has started to support Russia in this conflict.
That’s why Kedmi is so active. They need to put the flames of this conflict out. They need to prevent the final Holocaust from taking place.
Question: How this process would be taking place?
Pyakin: It’s very basic. Zionism has a term “cutting dry branches.” Jews are supposed to grow in very distinct atmosphere, and to be completely isolated from the culture of “goyim.” If Jews are contacting with “goyims” in their everyday life, they are getting “humanize” which is very dangerous from the point of view of the “global predictor.” Imagine, two shoemakers, a Jew and a Christian, would start a business together, and start communicating and visit each other’s families. One, would see that Russian Ivan is not that bad, and the other would see that Jew Abram us not that bad, as they were told. Their children become friends. [Humanization here is a process of changing a point of view and seeing the “others” as human.] As a result of this  process, Jews stop seeing nations around them as territories populated by something that is dangerous and needs to be destroyed, and the rest to be exploited. On the other hand, people who work together with Jews producing something, they see that Jews are just as poor as them, and that they all are suffering from the same Jewish banker.
This is the beginning of the questioning how exactly countries and economies are being managed. That’s when the Jewish bankers organize pogroms and holocausts. That’s when Schicklgruber, a Jewish tax collector, comes and cuts “dry branches.” Some Jews had died in German death camps, while others waited comfortably forrepatriation to Israel, the US and to other countriesthose who are considered “useful” for global management were saved. Those who were deemed “useless’ were condemned to death. We have heard about the Warsaw Ghetto, and how people were starving there. There was a Soviet photographer Yevgeny Khaldei, who was allowed by the authorities to take many images of the Warsaw Ghetto.
You look at those pictures and you see men and women who were well nourished. They lived in the same Ghetto, with many others who were starving and dying. The laws of the Third Reich, didn’t apply inside the ghetto. Ghetto was self-ruled by the local synagogue, and the Jewish Police, and it were them who were deciding who would die and who would live. That’s why some Jews were starving and ended up in death camps, while others lived comfortably till so called “liberation.”
End of the interview.
In my June 17th SITREP I have brought up some of the questions concerning Russia’s dealing with Israel, and Netanyahu’s monthly reports to Kremlin.
This past May, Noam Chomsky gave a talk at the Chatham House on the Jewish lobby. In his short speech he gives a definition of the national interests saying that its “state power and concentrated economic power.”  He rejects the notion that a small group of people like a Jewish lobby can influence the American politics. He also throws out a couple interesting facts:
  1. Working with the US defense industry, “Israel tests high-tech equipment on live targets. We learn things from that.” [3:39]
  2. Israel has very close relationship with US intelligence.
  3. A Snowden revelation that Israel is the only country that gets “raw data.” Most data is what is called “minimized.” NSA is sorting things out and things that are improper or illegal are being thrown out. That’s how the Five Eyes receive their intelligence. Not Israel. They get straight data. The intelligence relationship are extremely close.
  4. One of the Wikileaks exposures was a list of super strategic sites that the US needs to defend at all costs. One of them is in Israel near Haifa. It’s called Rafael Military Industries (Rafael Advanced Defense Systems).
  5. Intel set up their biggest new factory for the next generation computer chips.
  6. The US defense industry relationship with Israel is good for America, because every time the US government gives Israel $2 billion dollars, Israel turns around and buys weapons from Lockheed Martin, which is “good for America.”

I scratch my head trying to understand how is the removal of thousands of jobs in high-tech industries from the continental US is good for America? I also fail to see how paying for the Israeli military is beneficial for the US taxpayers, despite the claims that the money goes into US industries anyway. It’s like paying yourself from your own pocket for a job you do for someone else. How long is it going to last? It’s not sustainable.
Even form this small piece of information we can see that relationships between the US and Israel constitute a scheme that called “an inverted empire.”  It’s when the outskirts of an Empire are getting more resources than the center. That is exactly how the Soviet Union operated. In 60s, 70s and 80s, only two parts of  Soviet Russia, the Russian republic and the Azerbaijan republic were contributing funds for the country’s budgets. The other thirteen republics were the budget recipients.
That the pro-Israel lobby has to make Chomsky go and vouch for them, tells me that they are desperate and grabbing onto the last straw.  Chomsky is being viewed by some as a pro-Kremlin nut, and as a anti-Zionist self-hating Jew, by others. Both of these views are completely misleading. Furthermore, Chomsky’s view of the Donald Trump electorate is something that also gives me pause.  Chomsky said that only poor, unemployed, disenfranchised angry white males are voting for Trump. Essentially, Chomsky is talking about the core of the American population, that by now has lost any footing and representation in the power structures of the country.  Again, that’s exactly what had happened with the Russian population which constituted the majority in the Soviet Russia, but was completely removed from its governing systems.
To summarize:
  • The American public is critical of Israel and opposes the unconditional support for Israel
  • “An Extraordinary Development”: Record Swiss Gold Flow Into The United StatesThere was a huge trend change in U.S. gold investment in May.  Something quite extraordinary took place which hasn’t happened for several decades.  While Switzerland has been a major source of U.S. gold exports for many years, the tables turned in May as the Swiss exported a record amount of gold to the United States.How much gold?  A lot.  The Swiss exported 50 times more gold in May than their monthly average (0.4 mt) since 2015:In May, the Swiss exported more gold to the U.S. in one month than they have every year going back until 2000.
  • A meeting somewhere in the Western Ukraine against Jews. It says “No to Jews in power”
  • the moment the US support for Israel ceases, Israeli society will collapse
  • The European Jews are “dry branches” that are planned to be removed by artificially instigating ethnic cleansing
  • the state of Israel and its secret services are working to prevent the “final holocaust” from taking place
  • Russia is the only country that the state of Israel can relay on for defense on condition that Vladimir Putin and his people are in power.
  • Cease and decease calling and harassing my book seller.
P.S.:  Just to gain some understanding how deeply the Israeli society is divided on“true Jews” and non-Jews, read the Open Letter to Natan Sharansky from Uri Regev, published on  June 16th, 2016
Uri Regev wrote:
“Last week, you spoke before hundreds demonstrating for full recognition of Rabbi Haskel Lookstein’s conversions. To the assembled crowd (which I was part of) you said, “At a time when… our enemies attempt to sever the ties between young Jews and the Jewish state…the Jewish Agency fights to strengthen Israel’s stature among world Jewry, and we protest this unacceptable blow to the vital bond between Israel and Diaspora Jewry….”
As head of the Jewish Agency, doesn’t non-Orthodox Judaism deserve that you urge the State of Israel, if not the rabbinate, to do so? For Israel’s sake and for the relationship between the Jewish state and the Diaspora, these converts must be able to be fully absorbed into Israeli society! How can they, if they are not allowed to marry in Israel? As the state handed total control over marriage of Jews in Israel to the Chief Rabbinate, which does not recognize them as Jews, none of them can legally marry here. Neither can some 350,000 Israeli citizens from the former Soviet Union, born to Jewish fathers and non-Jewish mothers. Don’t they deserve that you, as head of the Jewish Agency, demand that Israel grant them the right to family, and not subjugate them to the anachronistic rabbinic establishment that refuses to accept even Rabbi Lookstein’s legitimacy? Even with your goodwill, the Agency’s funding and the handful of lenient Orthodox rabbis willing to defy the rabbinate’s intransigence, few will undertake Orthodox conversions.
Can a Jewish Agency committed to the successful absorption of the miraculous Russian Aliya close its eyes to this mistreatment, which renders them second class citizens? In rightly stressing the need for Israel to welcome the young generation of Diaspora Jewry, you must know that the majority of that youth will not be accepted as Jewish by Israel’s rabbinate, and would similarly be excluded and humiliated.
Many among them converted (or their mothers converted) with non-Orthodox or modern Orthodox rabbis like Lookstein, or were born to mixed marriages.
As there is no legal option for civil marriages in Israel and neither do non-Orthodox rabbis have the authority to officiate at marriages in Israel – the majority of Judaism’s next generation would not be able to marry in Israel! As Hiddush polling repeatedly demonstrates, the overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews support equal status for non-Orthodoxy and state recognition of all forms of marriage.
The non-Orthodox make up the overwhelming majority of Diaspora Jewry, as you well know. Shouldn’t the primacy of Jewish unity and inclusiveness, Israel’s founding principles of religious freedom and equality, and the overwhelming support for Jewish diversity among both Israeli and Diaspora Jews compel you to mobilize the Jewish Agency toward this goal?”
scott book cover sm

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Corbyn doesn’t speak anti-Jewish, he just IS anti-Jewish

Introduction by GA: the following insightful and unusual comment was made by a great friend of mine who prefers to stay anonymous.    

Corbyn doesn’t speak anti-Jewish, he just IS anti-Jewish.

Note how every time Corbyn denounces anti-Semitism (as he is required to do, and as he always DOES do) he always adds “and all kinds of racism.” The Jews hate this. What’s with this guy? Does he not understand that anti-semitism is not any ordinary run-of-the-mill racism? Can he not see that anti-Semitism is special? Can he not see that Jews are special?
No he cannot. And that is why Corbyn IS anti-Jewish
But he has one immense, insurmountable flaw – he just cannot understand that the Englishman wants to be an Englishman., This just passes him by (strange, since he is the quintessential Englishman)  – and this will be his undoing.
Perhaps you (Gilad) have trouble seeing this because you have a limited engagement with Englishness.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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By Canthama, exclusive to SyrPer:
After the great victories recently at Castilo Highway and Al-Layramoon Industrial District, we bring news of the total annihilation of the terrorists inside Bani Zayd and Al Ashrafiyeh districts. These are the very same districts utilized for most of the mortar attacks which killed hundreds of civilians inside Aleppo.
Aleppo: As if there’s not enough bad news recently for the terrorists in northwest Aleppo, they are about to taste a special treat courtesy of the Syrian and Kurdish forces from the Al-Shaykh Maqsood District.  After a fierce attack on Tuesday night by the terrorists in what seemed to be a desperate, but, coordinated effort from Bani Zayd andal Ashrafiyeh to storm the Al-Shaykh Maqsood Quarter in order to either blackmail the citizens into outright support, or, once and for all, take that quarter and place it under terrorist control. They failed miserably! Not only did the defending forces inside Al-Shaykh Maqsood repel the attack, they launched their own counter-offensive early on the 27th and stormed the housing complex west of Al-Shaykh Maqsood over which they they promptly took control during the same day, thus pinning down the terrorists insideBani Zayd and Al-Ashrafiyya, meaning the terrorists inside both districts lost the last possible link to the terrorists in eastern Aleppo.  They managed to get themselves 100% blocked with severe restraints on their movements and no allies anywhere near them.
In what was a coordinated effort by Syrian forces and the Kurds, the terrorists inside Bani Zayd and Al-Ashrafiyya were crushed from all sides during the night. The fight did not take very long. The leaderless terrorists inside Bani Zayd and Al- Ashrafiyyahad few choices, if any, and many decided to flee through whatever possible tunnels they had while many others were killed trying.
At the moment, Bani Zayd and Al-Ashrafiyya are being combed for IEDs and any remaining terrorists inside. This is a huge victory for Syria and for the people of Aleppo; the encirclement of Aleppo was not only physically accomplished, it was methodically done. Hundreds if not thousands of soldiers will be able to move to other front lines inside Aleppo, and most important of all, no more mortars from the terrorists inside Bani Zayd and Al-Ashrafiya will kill civilians any more.
Latest news indicates a rapid advance by the 4th Mechanized Armored Division toward the critical Dhahrat ‘Abid Rabbuh village across the Castillo Road. This is a fundamentally correct move to   liberate all of Al-Layramoon District, a vital step towardKafr Hamraa and the most important crossroad of all in NW Aleppo, at Ma’arrat Al-`Arteewhere this crossroad links all of the ‘Anadaan Plains.
The maps below give a very good perspective of Aleppo in 2013 and Aleppo in 2016, and how dire  the terrorist situation is inside and around the city. It has been an arduous and long campaign for Aleppo, but, it is approaching the end.

Map credit to Nimr The Tiger @Souria4syrians
Damascus -East Ghouta: Late Tuesday night, in a very bold move, the Syrian Army and its allies used a decoy further east of East Ghouta, at Maydaana, to powerfully storm the village of Hawsh Al-Faara. This impressive maneuver allowed the Syrian forces to break the terrorists’ forward defensive positions. Fighting is still very fiercel and is reported not only inside this village but also in its neighboring farms and factories.
A Syrian victory will push the terrorists deeper in East Ghouta, while creating several opportunities to establish/increase the de facto government strongpoints in a few areas like Tal Kurdi and Al- Nishaabiyya.
After the victory in the battle for Hawsh al Faara, the villages of Maydaana and Hawsh Al-Siliq will then be the next important pieces in the liberation of the Al-Nishaabiyya area and the terrorist stronghold and HQ at Hazrama, SE in the East Ghouta.
 Map credit to Islamic World News @A7_Mirza
Read more 
It’s called “Operation Waadi Baradaa and it’s in full swing now.  The SAA has directed its forces from the recently deloused village of Hurayra to areas along theBaradaa River which include Kafr ‘Awaameed, Kafeer Al-Zayt, Dayr Qaanoon, Dayr Muqrin, ‘Ayn Al-Feeja, Baseema, `Afrah.  In essence, the idea here is to deny the terrorists access to water and to deprive them of the ability to extort concessions from the government.  Some of you might have heard that the cut-off of water 2 days ago was relieved quickly by Syrian engineers who repaired the damage to the water pipeline in about 24 hours.  It was a great undertaking, but, had to be done.
Hurayra Village in the Waadi Baradaa:   Once again, desperate for some appearance of military success, the Saudi-funded mercenaries of Nusra/Alqaeda mounted a counter-attack on this village which they lost 4 days ago.  It was a disaster as both the SAA, the NDF and HZB responded with a ferocious wall of artillery which killed an estimated 40 rodents.
(Photo: Khaled Nawaz Al-Nouri)
You can hear supporters of terror in the West griping about the state of affairs in Aleppo.  The self-same sirens of governmental brutality are sounding the alarms:  “barrel bombs and indiscriminate shelling”.  Yawn.  Nobody really cares that their reporting is all made up.  Even the pushover Zionist media is jumping for any quote from fictional sources like the Local Coordinating Committees which does not even exist.
Here’s what’s got them all in a tizzy:  The SAA and its allies have hunkered down at theAl-Layramoon Bus Station (Al-Karaajaat); at the Recreational Center, the Swimming Club – and all of them at the Roundabout which affords the army a perfect view of everything in Bani Zayd.  There are still some citizens inside the Bani Zayd area.  They are mostly poor people who could not afford to leave their paltry belongings to the ravenous appetites of the terrorist savages.  They have now been offered a chance to leave by way of “secure” routes established by the army to both the north and south.  They really should leave since I have been told that the army’s intention is to level the entire Bani Zayd Quarter.
Dead in Al-Layramoon is this rodent whose departure down to the incendiary quarries of Hell was announced by the rodents themselves:
Yaaseen Najjaar (a/k/a “Khattaab”):  He was a leader of the Abu ‘Amaara Battalion.
HOMS:  And they’re crying over Al-Rastan,  also.  Yesterday, the SAAF and SAA pounded a group of terrorists inside this incorrigibly sectarian town of mindless apes killing the following rat leader and 8 other fellow rodents:
Ameen Sameer Al-Ruzz (a/k/a “Abu Maalik”)
Al-Rastan:  In another stunning military assault on rodent nests in this deplorably unenlightened town of Morlocks, the SAA killed these:
‘Azzaam Mustafaa Al-Lattoof (leader in Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islamiyya)
Mahmoud Dhaaher Al-Khateeb (Nusra leader)
Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Jawlaani (Id pending.  Military commander for Ahraar Al-Shaam)
Read more 
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Hezbollah’s Sheikh Qassem: We Can’t But Eradicate Terrorism

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem stressed that there is no solution in dealing with terrorism but to eradicate it, warning that the Western countries will pay the price for backing terrorism.
Hezbollah Deputy Chief Sheikh Naim Qassem
Sheikh Qassem said Europe and US are trying to end the Syrian crisis because they were hit by the Takfiri terrorism, stressing that there is no way to deal with terrorism execpt through eradicating it.
Saudi Arabia abandon Palestine and chose to be part of the Israeli scheme, Sheikh Qassem said during a a graduation ceremony in Beirut on Thursday.
“Israel is satisfied with what is happening in Syria, and Saudi paid money to destroy Syria.”
On the Lebanese presidential impasse, Hezbollah Deputy Chief stressed that there is no way to solve it but through election MP Michel Aoun, noting that al-Mustaqbal (Future) movement is hindering the vote because Riyadh refuses Aoun.
Source: Al Manar TV
29-07-2016 – 12:41 Last updated 29-07-2016 – 12:41
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«Nusra» and the American malignant game in the south and east Syria «النصرة» واللعبة الأميركية الخبيثة في الجنوب والشرق

Local Editor
The head of Al-Nusra Front in Syria said his terrorist group was breaking ties with Al-Qaeda and changing its name, in remarks broadcast Thursday by Al-Jazeera news channel.
Abu Mohamad al-Jolani said Al-Nusra would change its name to Jabhat Fateh al-Sham and expressed his gratitude to the “commanders of Al-Qaeda for having understood the need to break ties”.
Qaeda terrorist group had told the members of its branch in Syria, Nusra Front, that they can break their organizational tiles with with global extremist organization to preserve its unity and continue its terrorist battle in Syria, in an audio statement released on Thursday.
“You can sacrifice without hesitation these organizational and party ties if they conflict with your unity and working as one body,” al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri said in an audio statement directed to the Nusra Front terrorist group.
A number of media reports mentioned that Nusra Front chief Abu Mohammad al-Jolani was about to withdraw his group’s allegiance to Qaeda and that he refrained from implementing the order for fear of assassination.
This organizational split is not expected to change the terrorist nature of the group which has been fighting the Syrian army and committing atrocities across the country since the inception of the crisis in 2011.
Source: Al-Manar Website
28-07-2016 – 15:06 Last updated 28-07-2016 – 19:56

«النصرة» واللعبة الأميركية الخبيثة في الجنوب والشرق

ناصر قنديل– تزامن حدثان كبيران بتسارع لافت يتزامن معتقدّم الإشارات الميدانية من جبهات حلب، التي تؤكد أنّ الإمساك بزمام المبادرة صار نهائياً بيد الجيش السوري وحلفائه، وأنّ المسألة باتت مسألة وقت بالأيام والأسابيع لحسم وضع المدينة كاملاً، كما يتزامن مع تقدّم التعاون الروسي الأميركي لوضع التفاهم الذي تمّ التوصل إليه بين موسكو وواشنطن قيد التطبيق، سواء ما يخصّ التعاون العسكري في مجالات الحرب على جبهة النصرة وتنظيم داعش، أو ما يخصّ التعاطي مع الجماعات السياسية والمسلحة التي تحمل لواء المعارضة وتعمل تحت مظلة واشنطن أو حلفائها، وإعادة ترتيب ملفاتها وفقاً للتفاهم الروسي الأميركي حيث الهدنة والعملية السياسية متاحتان فقط لمن يرتضي أولوية الحرب على الإرهاب، ويرتضي بالتالي فك التشابك مع جبهة النصرة، وتأجيل الصراعات الداخلية بما فيها مستقبل الرئاسة السورية إلى ما بعد نهاية هذه الحرب لحسمه في صناديق الاقتراع، ومع هذين الحدثين فجأة ظهر حدثان كبيران، الأول ما أعلنه زعيم تنظيم «القاعدة» وتلاه إعلان جبهة النصرة عن تغيير اسم النصرة واستقلالها عن تنظيم القاعدة من جهة، وإعلان وزير الدفاع الأميركي آشتون كارتر عن عزم واشنطن التركيز على جبهتَيْ جنوب سورية وشرقها في الحرب على داعش.

– أعلنت الخارجية الأميركية أنّ تغيير اسم جبهة النصرة وما تضمّنه بيانها عن استقلالها كجهة سورية معارضة عن أي جهة خارجية، لا يغيّر تصنيف النصرة كتنظيم إرهابي، لكن هل يمكن لعاقل أن يتقبّل فكرة أنّ ما صدر عن القاعدة والنصرة في ظلّ تسارع المتغيّرات، معزول عن سياق دولي إقليمي يتصل بما هو مقبل، وقد سبق أن رفضت النصرة ومرجعيتها في تنظيم القاعدة عروضاً شبيهة مشفوعة بالمال القطري والسعودي والتشجيع الفرنسي والتركي، والاحتضان الأميركي الذي عبّر عنه رئيس المخابرات الأميركية السابق ديفيد بترايوس بقوله إنّ النصرة ضرورة لهزيمة داعش، وأعاد صياغته وزير الخارجية الأميركي جون كيري شريك التفاهم مع موسكو ضد النصرة اليوم، بقوله وفقاً لما نقله عنه وزير الخارجية الروسي سيرغي لافروف قبل شهور قليلة، وأعاد تأكيده علناً، بالقول إنّ الخلاف بين موسكو وواشنطن ليس على تصنيف النصرة، بل على إيجاد أولويات للحرب على الإرهاب تضع داعش في المقدمة وتسعى لضمّ مؤقت للنصرة إلى الهدنة.

– ما يمنح التغيير في لعبة جبهة النصرة أهمية ومعنى، وهو تغيير بإعلان الاستقلال عن تنظيم القاعدة، بأمر مِن مَن؟ بأمر من تنظيم القاعدة نفسه مؤكدة أعلى مراتب الولاء للتنظيم، أنه يتزامن في لحظة حاسمة عسكرياً وسياسياً، مع الإعلان الأميركي الاهتمام بجبهتَي الجنوب والشرق، بدلاً من جبهة الشمال، وهذا يعني عملياً أنّ الأميركي يعرض تقاسماً جغرافياً عسكرياً على روسيا ضمن التفاهم والتعاون، أن يكون الشمال مسؤولية روسية والجنوب والشرق مسؤولية أميركية، وإعلان الحرب على داعش جنوباً وشرقاً يعني حرباً غامضة، حيث داعش وجود غامض خارج الرقة ودير الزور والحسكة، والجماعات المتعاونة مع واشنطن من مسمّيات المعارضة غامضة، وحيث داعش هزيلة وهذه الجماعات التي تقودها واشنطن أشدّ هزالاً.

– يسعى الأميركي للعبة جيواستراتيجية في الميدان العسكري، فيترك سحق النصرة في الشمال متاحاً لسورية وحلفائها، ومعها ترتيب الحدود السورية التركية، ويتفرّغ للمهمة التي من أجلها أصلاً سلّم الأميركيون بواسطة الأتراك لداعش كما سلّموا من قبل الجغرافيا الحدودية المتممة لجبهة النصرة، أيّ خطوط الفصل الحدودية التي سبق وتحدثنا عن معانيها وأبعادها مطولاً، حيث لا يهتمّ كل من داعش والنصرة لقلب الحواضر الكبرى مثل دمشق وحلب، حيث يفترض الكثافة التي تعني خطابهما من الزاوية المذهبية، بقدر ما كانا يهتمان لحدود سورية مع تركيا، وحدود سورية مع العراق، وحدود سورية مع الأردن، وحدود سورية مع الجولان السوري المحتلّ، وحدود سورية مع لبنان، ويتقاسمانها، والآن يندفع الأميركي لملء الفراغ الناجم عن قرار شطب داعش، لاسترداد المفاصل الحدودية دون أن يملك قوى تملأ الفراغ فيها، فهو سيخوض معارك هوائية تحت عنوان إسقاط داعش في القنيطرة، وتسليم جماعات يسمّيها معارضة معتدلة، وكذلك في حدود سورية مع العراق، وحدود سورية مع الأردن، ويتقبّلون خسارة اللعبة في الحدود السورية التركية، ويتركون الوضع على الحدود اللبنانية إلى بحث هادئ ولاحق.

– البديل الأميركي سيظهر تباعاً بمسمّى يحمل اسماً جديداً، مثل جيش سورية المستقبل، أو الغد، أو الموحدة، وتنضمّ إليه جماعات تنفصل عن جبهة النصرة نظرياً، وتقول إنّ قرار الاستقلال عن القاعدة والعودة للحساب السوري الصرف يحرّرها من التقيّد بتعليمات زعيم النصرة أبي محمد الجولاني، ويجري تسليم هذه الجماعات التي يتولى الأميركيون ترتيبها تحت إمرتهم، لتتسلّم مهمتي، منع التواصل بين سورية والعراق، ومنع المقاومة من التقرّب من حدود الجولان المحتلّ، أيّ ضمان أمن «إسرائيل» الاستراتيجي، لأنّ خط العراق سورية وحدود الجولان هما عنوان هذا الأمن للمقاومة ومقابلها لـ «إسرائيل».

– ما لم يحسبه الأميركيون هو أنّ حرب شمال سورية ستحسم قبل أن يتسنّى لهم ترتيب بديلهم للجنوب والشرق، وسيجدون الجيش السوري وحلفاءه أمامهم في جبهات الجنوب حتى خط الجولان، وعلى الحدود السورية العراقية من التنف حتى الشمال.

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