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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Hezbollah capture hundreds of ISIS fighters around Ramadi, Anbar Province

Video captured by the Islamist militant group Hezbollah حزب الله or "Party of Allah" apparently shows hundreds of captured Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS) fighters around Anbar's capital Ramadi. 

The development came after the Iraqi army launched a major operation to recapture Anbar from Islamic State who overran the province just a week ago. 

The army soldiers, backed by Shiite and Sunni volunteer forces, began Anbar's operations codenamed "Labaik Ya Rasoulollah 2" early on Tuesday 26 May 2015 to win back Northern Tikrit, capital of Salahuddin province, Southwest Samarra and Ramadi, capital of Anbar province.

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مع الحدث : عملية تحرير الانبار والانهيارات في صفوف داعش | العالم 

حديث اليوم | معركة الانبار بين الحسم العسكري والبعد الاستراتيجي | الاتجاه

الآن | الانبار ،، استيعاب الصدمة | الاتجاه

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Confirmed Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US “Created” ISIS As A “Tool” in a Proxy War Against Assad

Pentagon: ISIS Was Created To Remove Assad!
A 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency Document declares “the West, Gulf countries, and Turkey support(ed) the opposition” in Syria, namely al-Qaeda in Iraq, the precursor to ISIS. Right there, In the Pentagon’s own words, Al Qaeda and ISIS were created to isolate the Syrian Regime. Mainstream Media answers with giving credence to an article in the ISIS magazine Dabiq that states First Lady Michelle Obama would be worth $40 on the terror group’s slave market.
Can you smell the stench of Propaganda?
The Capital City of Damascus is now focused in the sights of the New World Order Agenda to control Syria as it remains one of the last hold outs concerning total global economic domination.
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May 25, 2015
Truth In Media questioned 2 years ago why the U.S. and our allies were financing ISIS in Iraq and arming so-called “moderate rebels” in Syria.
Reports have confirmed that US Intelligence knew in 2012 that backing Syrian rebels would result in an ISIS victory.
A newly declassified DIA document from 2012 confirms that arming the anti-Assad rebel forces and Islamist groups would lead to the emergence of ISIS.
According to award winning journalist Dr. Nafeez Ahmed, “the secret Pentagon document provides extraordinary confirmation that the US-led coalition currently fighting ISIS, had three years ago welcomed the emergence of an extremist ‘Salafist Principality’ in the region as a way to undermine Assad.”
Below is an excerpt from the DIA report:
… there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist Principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran).
War hawks like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) have lobbied the White House to arm “moderate rebels,” but these moderate rebel groups have reportedly joined with ISIS.

As reported on the, the above video entitled “US Key Man in Syria Worked Closely with ISIL and Jabhat al Nusra,” which shows raw reporting footage compiled by “Eretz Zen” channel (YouTube), is the clearest video evidence to date documenting the role of the United States in creating and sustaining ISIS on the Syrian battlefield.
Last year, Vice President Joe Biden slipped up and admitted (start at 1:30:00) that there were no “moderate rebels” and had to later apologize for stating “the biggest problems are our allies.” He admitted that Saudi Arabia and Gulf states were funding ISIS to oust Assad.
Recently on the Scott Horton show, Brad Hoff reminded listeners that the former U.S. Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, admitted to an Al-Monitor journalist that he knew the U.S. backed rebels fought with ISIS on front lines.
The mainstream media has ignored and refused to report on the important DIA section regarding the Syrian proxy war led by the U.S. and its allies.
TruthInMedia’s Joshua Cook recently interviewed former Senator Bob Graham about the 28 pages and the House of Saud being the main support of ISIS and international terrorism.
If Biden is correct and the Gulf states are funding ISIS, why is the U.S. not holding them accountable?
In an exclusive interview, TruthInMedia’s Joshua Cook interviewed Congressman Mark Sanford regarding U.S. foreign policy. Cook asked Congressman Sanford about his experience reading the classified 28 pages in the 9/11 report.
Sanford told Cook, “It cements my belief in the importance of government being transparent about what they do and why they do it.”
“I think that for people to trust their government, they may agree or may disagree with the decision, but they want to know the why, and too often people are told just trust us, it’s not appropriate or you don’t have the capacity to know – that’s just not true, said Sanford.
“Open and free governments are built upon transparency so that people can look under the hood, and say I agree or I disagree, and consequently hold people accountable, and when things are hidden people can’t do that…These kind of things for me reinforce my belief in the importance of freedom resting on openness and transparency in the way the government conducts its business.”
Listen to Ron Paul’s perspective on the newly declassified report.

Ben Swann presents a clear and damning report on how the US actions in Iraq and Syria led to the rise of ISIS. Watch Ben Swann’s ground breaking report on ISIS that the mainstream media refuses to report.

Joshua Cook is a writer and a political activist. His work has appeared on DrudgeReport, InfoWars,,,, DailyCaller and If you have any tips please email him at

Origin Of ISIS

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West’s Death Squad Strategy : How and Why ISIS & Al-Qaeda Became ‘Shock Troops’ of Global Powers

Posted on May 27, 2015 by Alexandra Valiente

The strategy was first revealed as far back as 2007 in Seymour Hersh’s article ‘The Redirection’, which revealed how Bush administration officials were working with the Saudis to channel billions of dollars to sectarian death squads whose role would be to “throw bombs… at Hezbollah, Motada al-Sadr, Iran and at the Syrians” in the memorable words of one US official.

But more evidence of precisely how this strategy unfolded has been coming out ever since. Most recently, last Monday saw the release of 100s of pages of formerly classified US Defence Intelligence

Agency documents following a two year court battle in the US. These documents showed that, far from being an unpredictable ‘bolt from the blue’, as the mainstream media tends to imply, the rise of ISIS was in fact both predicted and desired by the US and its allies from as far back as 2012. The DIA report, which was widely circulated amongst the USA’s various military and security agencies at the time, noted that “There is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in Eastern Syria, and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran)” Elsewhere, the “supporting powers to the opposition” are defined as “Western countries, the Gulf states and Turkey”.

In other words, a Salafist – that is militantly anti-Shia – “principality” was “exactly” what the West wanted as part of their war against, not only Syria, but “Shia expansion” in Iraq as well. Indeed, it was specifically acknowledged that “ISI [the forerunner of ISIS] could also declare an Islamic state through its union with other terrorist organisations in Iraq and Syria”.

The precision of the declassified predictions is astounding. Not only was it predicted that the terrorist groups being supported by Washington and London in Syria would team up with those in Iraq to create an ‘Islamic State’, but the precise dimensions of this state were also spelt out: recognising that “the Salafist[s], the Muslim Brotherhood, and AQI are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria”, the report noted that the consequences of this for Iraq would be to “create the ideal atmosphere for AQI [al Qaeda Iraq] to return to its old pockets in Mosul and Ramadi.” Mosul, don’t forget, was taken by ISIS in June 2014, and Ramadi fell earlier this week.

In the three years since the document was drawn up, the policy has continued relentlessly. Recent months have seen the West and its regional allies massively stepping up their support for their anti-Shia death squads. In late March, Saudi Arabia began its bombardment of Yemen following military gains made by the Houthi (Shia) rebels in that country. The Houthis had been the only effective force fighting Al Qaeda in the country, had taken key territories from them last November, and were subsequently threatening them in their remaining strongholds. This was when the Saudis began their bombardment, with US and British support, natch, and, unsurprisingly, Al Qaeda have been the key beneficiary of this intervention, gaining ‘breathing space’ and regaining valuable lost territory, retaking the key port of Mukulla within a week of the commencement of the Saudi bombardment.
Al Qaeda have also been making gains in Syria, taking two major cities in Idlib province last month following a ramping up of military support from Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. And of course, Britain has been leading the way for a renewed military intervention in Libya in the guise of a “war against people smuggling” that, as I have argued elsewhere, will inevitably end up boosting the most vicious gangs involved in the trade, namely ISIS and Al Qaeda.

So what explains this sudden stepping up of Western and ‘allied’ support for al Qaeda and co right now?
The answer lies in the increasing disgust at the activities of the death squads across the region. No longer perceived as the valiant freedom fighters they were depicted as in 2011, their role as shock troops for the West’s ‘divide and ruin’ strategy, promising nothing but a future of ultra-violent trauma and ethnic cleansing, has become increasingly obvious. The period between mid-2013 and mid-2014 saw a significant turning of the tide against these groups. It began in July 2013 with the ouster of Egypt’s President Morsi following fears he was planning to send in the Egyptian army to aid the Syrian insurgency. New President Al-Sisi put an end not only to that possibility, but to the flow of fighters from Egypt to Syria altogether. The West hoped to step in the following month with airstrikes against the Syrian government, but their attempts to ensure Iranian and Russian acquiescence in such a move came to nought and they were forced into a humiliating climbdown.

Then came the fall of Homs in May 2014, as Syrian government forces retook a key insurgent stronghold. The momentum was clearly with the government side; that is until ‘ISIS’ sprang onto the scene – and with them, a convenient pretext for the US intervention that had been ruled out just a year before.

Meanwhile, in Libya, the pro-death squad parties decisively lost elections for the first elected ‘House of Representatives in June 2014. Their refusal to accept defeat led to a new chapter in the post-NATO Libyan disaster, as they set up a new rival government in Tripoli and waged war on the elected parliament. Yet following a massacre of Egyptians by ISIS in Libya last December, Egypt sent its airforce in on the side of the Tobruk (elected) parliament; it is now, apparently, considering sending in ground troops.

Losing ground in Yemen, in Libya, in Egypt and in Syria, the West’s whole strategy for using armed Salafists as tools of destabilisation had been starting to unravel. The direct interventions in Syria, Yemen and soon Libya, then, are nothing but a means of propping them up – and last Friday’s bombings show they are already paying dividends.

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  مصدر عسكري: الجيش ينسحب إلى خطوط دفاعية بمحيط مدينة اريحا بريف ادلب

Areehaa is Jericho in Arabic.  It fell to the Turk-supported vultures yesterday after very heavy fighting.  I HAVE SAID THIS BEFORE, AND I WILL SAY IT AGAIN NOW: WE ARE AT WAR WITH TURKEY, SAUDI ARABIA, QATAR AND JORDAN.  There can be no beating around the bush.  Syria is even at war with Britain’s ruling junta, the French criminal regime and the United States which is led by the world’s most sinister war criminal – the half-breed fraud, Obama.  Russia has sent a Parliamentary delegation to Damascus to reassure Syria of Moscow’s deep commitment to the security and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic emphasizing growing technological cooperation between the two sovereign nations.  SyrPer can confirm that a record number of ships and cargo planes from Russia have been both docking and landing in Syria’s coastal zones.  They are not carrying bottles of vodka.

Turkey planned this operation for weeks.  Syria has used drones to monitor the concentration of terrorist forces mostly in the area of Turk-occupied Iskenderoun.  One drone was shot down by the miserable Turks when it encroached on to their territory last week.  The SAA knew of the assault on the northwest part of Idlib Province.  The only surprise was the vast number of rodents used to accomplish the assault.  The came from both Turkey and Idlib.  Their efforts to collect rodents from Jisr Al-Shughoor came a cropper due to the fact that the town is completely surrounded by the SAA.

Areehaa is about 3 kms to the south of Idlib.  It’s population is very pro-Damascus so expect the usual carnage at the hands of the Alqaeda savages.  I have been informed that the SAA assured the safety of government employees by evacuating most of them before the phased and organized withdrawal of our army.

About 7 days ago, the rodents bombarded the town with over 1000 rockets and artillery shells acquired by the Saudi Arabian apes and delivered to them by the brainless, sick Turks of Hakan Fidan’s MIT.  Coupled with American-supplied TOW anti-tank rockets, their ground assault to the north of the town was too costly to withstand given the fact that the army was still awaiting a large force from Hama to arrive.  The rats also, with Turk connivance, picked a time when meteorological predictions were for cloud cover essentially handicapping the SAAF again a la Idlib City.  With American-supplied MANPADS, our air force has to stay at elevations higher than the clouds in order to use newly acquired, super-accurate laser-guided Russian air-to-ground missiles.

The decision to withdraw from Areehaa was an easy one for the SAA High Command.  The chance of losing many soldiers to American equipment given to Alqaeda to massacre Christians and other minorities when the air force was hobbled by bad weather was too high a price.  Moreover, the areas about which we are talking are in the northwest of the country close to the stagnant feudal state of Turkey where the rats have guaranteed supply routes attended to by Erdoghan’s thugs.

The SAA has withdrawn to a short distance from Areehaa.  The SAA’s large army has repositioned at Awram Al-Jawz and Kafr Shalaayaa, all to the south and southwest.  The area around Jabal Al-Arba’een has been overrun by the rats except that the summit remains under the control of our soldiers who will need air-borne resupply every once in a while.  We can confirm that all supply routes to the army and to the provinces of Latakia, Hama and Tartous are protected with the International Highway remaining under the SAA’s control.  The Wahhabist child molesting war criminals have control now over Kafr Najd, Al-Mu’taram and Arshaayaa. 

The Western Press has begun another propaganda offensive quoting the eminently unquotable felon at SOHR.  That rodent claims that Hizbollah was involved in the withdrawal from Areehaa.  He is lying.  If there are any Lebanese fighters in the area, they are part of the National Defense Force which does accept both Lebanese, Iraqi and Palestinian volunteers.   You can always assume SOHR is lying from the fact that it gets all its falsehoods from MI6 and the stinking British Foreign Office.  Not to worry.

There are several factors playing out here which can explain why the SAA is not fighting to its highest capabilities.  The first is Iran’s negotiations with the West.  June 30 is the last day for the talks unless someone can extend that time.  The Iranians are not interested any longer in delaying this process.  They have received assurances from the BRICS countries that, no matter what the outcome, sanctions will be lifted in their entirety.  This means that China, India and Russia will declare the sanctions regime over.  With all these countries interested in trading with their own currencies, the bankruptcy of Obama’s policies will be brought into full relief.  This is why the U.S. is so keen on strengthening ISIS.  The trip by Iraqi p.m.  Al-‘Abbaadi to Moscow is only a prelude to what the Americans now know will be another U.S. exit.

Iran is anxious to get out of the U.N.-imposed sanctions regime.  And, so is Germany.  Businessmen in Germany are flooding Iran with opportunities for investment and business proposals  which the feckless, matronly hag, Angela Merkel, cannot ignore.  Add to this the burgeoning relationship between Germany’s BND and Syria’s security establishment in which Damascus is cooperating in anti-terrorist operations in Europe.

Whether a deal on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program will get off to a punctual and positive start is anybody’s guess.  But, Iran is banking, literally, on a major shift in its economic posture – so important the Saudis and their Zionist allies shiver at the very thought – because Iran will overtake the Zionist Khazar State as the biggest provider of technology to the region, an event which will redound to Syria’s benefit as bigger and better equipment will be purchased from the frugal Russians.
But, there is also the imminent collapse of Saudi Arabia.  The Saudi clan or “royal” family is at odds over succession and economic policy.  Add to that the adventure in Yemen where a coalition of nobodies is waging an empty-headed war to enshrine sectarianism as an axiom of Arab existence.  With Yemen not breaking, and, in fact, expanding into Saudi Arabian territory, the Saudis are completely at a loss to deal with this development especially in light of Pakistan’s reluctance to send troops while the Taliban are having their way in Afghanistan and the western spine of the country.  The Saudis can try to cajole Africans to come and participate in this fool’s errand, but, that cannot shake the belief that all experts have about the very existence of a Saudi army or, even if it existed, whether it would fight and die for a race of greedy apes and bloodsucking leeches which are the symbols on the Saudi escutcheon.

It appears that the SAA is willing to cede territory if it is on the margins of the country.  Towns like Al-Raqqa, Palmyra, Idlib, Manbij, are expendable and recoverable.  It’s all a matter of timing and planning.  The center of the country is in the hands of the government.  Rats can occupy desert zones with little interference from our army, to be sure, a condition which often leads commentators to proclaim, misleadingly,  that huge swathes of our lands to be in the realm of ISIS, for example.  But the territory is, more often than not, arid wasteland or rainless steppes.  We must never lose sight of the essential constituents of statehood and remember how wars ebb and flow.  I am most optimistic about Syria’s future.  The enemies of Syria are heading for a dark, pitiless abyss.  ZAF

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Friday, 29 May 2015

The Mother of All Battles Looming


The events of the last few months have been unravelling in a manner that was least revealing. Suddenly however, some developments can be seen, which if connected together, can only lead to one assessment and speculation.

The War on Syria is coming to a head and the real battle for liberating Syria is about to begin.

Al-Alam Footage Shows Syrian Army & Hezbollah’s Control over Qalamoun
The stalemate of the months leading up the death of the Saudi King Abdullah were inadvertently related to the fact that he did not want to further engage Saudi Arabia in risky battles that could threaten its own security.

Soon after the incumbent king Salman assumed power, he declared war on the Houthis in Yemen, and in doing this, he declared a proxy war on Iran.

His uncalculated risk was based on the assumptions that Pakistan and Egypt were going to walk the talk and put their boots on his ground, but when push came to shove, they snubbed him leaving him high and dry. The war in Yemen is in its very early stages and its consequences can be far-reaching within Saudi Arabia. As a matter of fact, soon after the commencements of Saudi strikes on Yemen, Iran Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamanei broke his regular rhetoric and all rules of diplomacy when he promised the Saudis that their noses will be rubbed in the dirt.

Similar words were heard from Hezbollah Chief Nasrallah. Ever since the war on Syria started, Hezbollah had been fighting in Syria with one hand and having its other hand tied behind its back in Lebanon. For political reasons and in order to keep calm within Lebanon and prevent it from slumping into another civil war, Hezbollah did not take any serious actions in order to cleanse the Arsal district; an area in Lebanon’s east just a few kilometers from the Syrian Qalamoun district. But delaying this decision has also caused Syria a lot of harm because all forms of supplies reaching the Jiihadis in the Qalamoun has been coming from Lebanon via Arsal.

The stalemate was nudged before it was broken with the rise of ISIS in Mosul and most recently with ISIS reaching Palmyra.

Major and serious decisive moves have to be implemented, and the time is ripe; not only on the Syrian front, but also “assisted” and provoked by the Saudi attack on Yemen and even events as far as the Ukraine.

Just before Kerry’s recent Russian visit, tens of thousands of fresh Jihadi troops entered northern Syria via the Turkish borders. This was the culmination of a newly-formed Qatari-Saudi-Turkish alliance to topple President Assad. All three countries put aside their recent differences and decided to make fresh advances in the government-controlled region all the while ISIS makes its own advances in the eastern front.

Kerry only went to Russia because Western policies failed in the Ukraine. He went to seek terms of settlement, not to impose his own. It is beggars who go knocking at doors; not the other way around.

Little leaked out of the Russo-American talks and their outcome. All logical indicators however point to a scenario in which Kerry went to trade Ukraine for Syria. The Russian reply was clear; Russia is winning the situation in Ukraine and does not need to negotiate it.

Thinking that he was empowered by the new three-party-sponsored assault on Syria, Kerry believed that he had a bargaining chip. The Russians did not relent and told him that Syria will not fall into the hands of ISIS.

Given that there is little room left for diplomacy, given that the whole globe is on the verge of another world war, Russia and its friends realise that Syria is going to be the pilot light that will defuse the situation, and the only way for this to happen would be via a decisive military win that does not provide NATO with any bargaining chips.

Its timing is still for us to know, but the zero hour has been already declared.

Hezbollah Chief Nasrallah now feels that his hand in Lebanon is no longer tied behind his back. Surely, an all-out engagement with the Arsal Jihadis may have consequences that will encompass all of Lebanon and Lebanon might plunge into another civil war, but the risks of not going all the way to Arsal are more dangerous.

For the first time ever, in a speech given yesterday (25th of May) commemorating the fifteenth anniversary of victory in South Lebanon, Nasrallah commented on a call he made two days earlier, a call for general mobilization. He noted that “such a call would not be made had the situation did not warrant it”. He emphasized the level of preparedness of his troops, and that they will count in the tens of thousands on all fronts.

Friends of Syria ought to brace themselves for the mother of all battles.

Once the Qalamoun is cleansed, Aleppo will be purified, Palmyra would have already been liberated, and the ISIS fighters will flee like rats.

Syrian forces will meet Iraqi forces, shake hands, and call it mission accomplished.
By Ghassan Kadi, 25 May 2015, Intibah Wakeup
Submitted by NevaehWest
The real SyrianFreePress.NETwork at:

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