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Saturday, 20 December 2014

U.S. Declares (Currency) War On Russia

russiaWith the USA massive debt, huge Treasury & trade deficits, failing Petro-dollar, they should be the last people to want a currency war

Jeff Nielson: U.S. economic terrorism (i.e. the One Bank’s economic terrorism) has hit a new extreme this week. This crime syndicate has launched what can be termed nothing less than an all-out effort to destroy the economy of Russia.

Its modus operandi is, once again, currency manipulation. What is the quickest/easiest way to destroy an economy? Drive the value of its currency as close to zero as possible. The effect of such a manipulated “devaluation” is a massive explosion in inflation. And the effect of that is to make all Russians much poorer.

The economic destruction caused by this economic terrorism affects Russians, and the Russian economy on a percentage-for-percentage basis. Each percentage lower that the banksters drive the ruble with their criminal manipulation makes Russians, and the Russian economy 1% poorer.

There are numerous aspects to this criminality which clearly merit categorizing this assault as a “new extreme”. To begin with; there is both the magnitude and the sheer brazenness of this attack on the ruble. The latest plunge in the ruble’s value came with Russia’s benchmark interest rate already at 10.5%. Here a comparison will be highly illustrative of the degree of criminality at work here.

The United States has a bankrupt economy. It is mired in a permanent, worsening Greater Depression. Its own currency, the mighty dollar is fundamentally worthless, based on three different, objective metrics. Yet despite the U.S.’s interest rate being permanently frozen at 0% (because the U.S. can’t afford to pay legitimate interest on its debts); the U.S. dollar is once again at the top of the totem-pole amongst the world’s currencies.

For those readers who don’t understand the relationship between interest rates and the value of a nation’s currency; it is a simple equation. We live in a global economy filled with an ocean of “liquidity”, almost all of it the paper wealth of the world’s oligarchs.

Very little of this “money” is ever productively invested; thus the oligarchs are permanently on the hunt for the best place to park this paper wealth. The higher the interest rate of any particular nation, the more interest the oligarchs can collect by converting their wealth into that nation’s currency. As (the equivalent of) trillions of dollars of this currency is bought-up on global markets, this forces the value of that currency higher – in legitimate markets.

Yet today, Russia’s national interest rate is set at 17%, and the value of the ruble is still falling. The interest rate of the (bankrupt) United States is still frozen at 0%, but the dollar is (still) rising. It is not simply nonsensical. It is blatant fraud, on a level never before seen in the history of the global economy.

Based on all of the fundamentals of the two economies; it is the U.S. economy which should be experiencing a “currency crisis”. And with its national interest rate at an ultra-extreme high; it is the Russian ruble which should be soaring in value. The actual value of these currencies is not merely “wrong” it is totally, absolutely perverse – and totally, absolutely illegal.

This brings us to the second aspect to this outrageous act of economic terrorism. The fraudulent manipulation of the world’s currencies by Western bankers (the One Bank) is now totally exposed. The (pretend) “regulators” of nearly every major Western economy are now publicly “investigating” these banksters for precisely this form criminal conduct.

Several of these thugs-in-suits have already been criminally charged with serial acts of currency-manipulation. The banksters’ eternal apologist, the Corporate media, publicly predicted that one or more of the Big Banks (tentacles of the One Bank) would be criminally charged. And even several of the banks themselves warned that they would likely be criminally charged.
What happened? Nothing. Again.

Yet again this crime syndicate – these economic terrorists – were let off with what cannot even be described as a slap on the wrist. They were “fined” paltry amounts, likely not even equal to the profits they made on their serial crimes of rigging the world’s currencies.
Thus the banksters of the One Bank are now known economic terrorists, with a known method for conducting their economic terrorism: currency manipulation. But as their crimes against humanity reach a new extreme, we see/hear nothing from the so-called “leaders” of the Rest of the World.

Where are the public denouncements of the economic terrorism now being directed against Russia? Given the interest rate differentials between Russia and the U.S., which has already been engaging in an undeclared war against Russia for over a year; there is no possible way that their currencies could be at opposite extremes in their official exchange rates – not if there was even the tiniest vestige of legitimacy remaining in the global currency “market”.

It is impossible for the plunge in the value of the ruble to be anything other than (more) U.S. economic terrorism. It is impossible that the leaders of the Rest of the World could fail to be aware of this terrorism. Yet again the haunting words of Pastor Martin Niemoller spring to mind:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out –
Because I was not a socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out –
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out –
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.

Clearly the One Bank has now “come for Russia”. Ever since it ordered its servants in the U.S. government (the Fourth Reich) to engineer the coup in Ukraine (Russia’s closest neighbor), and to commence its economic and media/propaganda war against Russia; it has been clear that this crime syndicate now sought to destroy (at least in economic terms) one of the world’s great powers.

Now that war has reached a pivotal point, in symbolic terms, if nothing else. If all of the other nations in the world do nothing but sit back and watch as the One Bank destroys the Russian economy, in an act as blatantly illegal as it is totally malevolent, then Pastor Niemoller’s warning would have once again become reality.

It would demonstrate that the Rest of the World was nothing more than a flock of passive, impotent, pathetic Sheep – standing next to a handful of Psychopaths holding large shears.
It was little more than a week ago that the U.S. (Republican-dominated) Congress passed a resolution clearing a direct path for a declaration of war against Russia (World War III?). All that is required is for the One Bank’s favorite pet, (the Democrat) Barack Obama to pull the trigger. Yet again we see the U.S. Two-Party Dictatorship functioning as a tag-team.

If the One Bank is not successful in its present campaign to bring Russia to its knees via its total economic destruction, presumably the Fourth Reich will fabricate a pretext to declare war – and seek to do so by military means. However, there is one alternative interpretation to this latest economic terrorism by the U.S. We get an (obvious) clue to a possible, other agenda in the form of more of the Corporate media’s propaganda:

Traders Betting Russia’s Next Move Will Be To Sell Gold

Is this the One Bank’s real agenda in the new economic terrorism it is now directing at Russia, attempting to force it to disgorge some/most/all of its gold? There are several reasons to give this alternative agenda serious consideration, apart from the propaganda from Bloomberg, and numerous other media tentacles.

At the top of the list as to why the One Bank may have gold on its mind more than any other geopolitical agenda is that Russia has been increasing its gold reserves in recent months at a torrid pace. We already know based upon previous actions (and convolutions in precious metals markets) that the One Bank is deeply concerned about the near-depletion of all inventories/stockpiles of gold (under its own control).

This brings us to the second reason why we should give serious consideration to “the gold motive”. It was little more than a year ago that the One Bank directed a campaign of economic terrorism against India.

Why did it engage in such economic terrorism? Because (at that time) India was importing gold at an unprecedented rate. How did it engage in that campaign of economic terrorism? By attacking (i.e. illegally manipulating) the value of the rupee – and causing a “currency crisis”.

The only thing which makes the current, illegal assault on the ruble anything other than simple déjà vu is the ferocity of this economic terrorism. The illegal assault on India’s rupee was milder in its intensity, and the economic terrorism abated the moment that India’s government capitulated to the One Bank’s blackmail – by instituting a near-total embargo on gold imports.

Conversely, even if the banksters are successful in forcing Russia (as an act of final desperation) to sell some/most of its gold, we have absolutely no reason to believe that the One Bank would relent in its economic terrorism, this time. The overall campaign by the puppet-governments of the fascist West to destroy Russia is clearly nothing less than an existential threat to that nation.

Yet throughout the Rest of the World; there seems to be an attitude of little more than “business as usual”. United we stand. Divided we fall. It’s true for us, individually, as people. It’s (now) also true for us collectively, as nations.

The fascist malevolence of the One Bank knows no boundaries. Last time it generated such a crescendo of hate and aggression between nations, it produced a world war. Hopefully there is still time to prevent more of its greed-driven madness.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

Is a coup being plotted against PA President Abbas?

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas attends an extraordinary meeting with the members of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) after the death of Palestinian official Ziad Abu Ein who died due to the tear gas which was fired by Israeli police during a demonstration on December 10, 2014. Anadolu Agency/Rimawi Issam

Published Friday, December 19, 2014
While the Palestinian Authority (PA) fights a battle at the Security Council, there is fire in Ramallah burning under the embers. PA President Mahmoud Abbas faces a test of leadership within the Mukataa, the president’s headquarters, amid overlapping political and personal issues. This suggests Abbas may be on the cusp of implementing a number of decisions to sack figures who are no longer toeing his political line, especially since his phobias about conspiracies targeting him have shifted from his known opponents to figures who were once close to Abbas.
Gaza – Just like there is no smoke without fire, there can be no sudden security measures and movements in the media without a real, if not also a major, dispute. In Ramallah, there is an open-ended battle now between PA President Mahmoud Abbas on the one hand, and PLO Secretary Yasser Abed Rabbo and former Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, on the other. The dispute is added to the major rivalry with expelled Fatah leader Mohammed Dahlan, who has emerged as a kind of a Trojan horse in the Palestinian political landscape, slipping in through the cracks that have started to appear. For the first time in eight years, his supporters are appearing in public in Gaza carrying his portraits, with Hamas’ consent.
It is a Fatah-Fatah message from Dahlan to Abbas. Dahlan said what is happening is the first step to “break the silence after we patiently put up for long with the deviant approach of the small tyrant.” It is also a message from Hamas to blackmail Abbas, taking advantage of Dahlan’s tentacles that extend to the Gulf and Egypt.

Dahlan said what is happening is the first step to “break the silence after we patiently put up for long with the deviant approach of the small tyrant.”

For his part, Yasser Abed Rabbo is a new-old foe. The most recent confrontation with Rabbo erupted when Abbas-affiliated TV host Maher Shalabi accused Abed Rabbo, Dahlan, and Fayyad of meeting in secret with US Secretary of State John Kerry in the UAE. The accusations, which were made on Shalabi’s program on the official Palestine TV channel, were enough to further fuel the fire that has been raging between Abbas and Abed Rabbo for more than three years. Abed Rabbo responded to the claims in a sharp tone, saying, 
“[…] what Shalabi said is a deterioration and is meant to disrupt the patriotic line we defend in light of the aggression on Gaza, the reconciliation [with Hamas], and the battle at the Security Council.”
Abed Rabbo under siege
Abbas did not wait long to exploit the accusations Shalabi mentioned to clip Abed Rabbo’s wings. Abbas stripped Abed Rabbo of his duties related to the PLO’s financial allocations (Abed Rabbo’s real role was always a mystery, being a very powerful figure within the PLO despite not being affiliated to Fatah).
However, Fatah Executive Committee member Ghassan Shaka denies that there is a link between the differences between Abbas and Abed Rabbo, and stripping the latter of his financial and administrative duties.
Speaking to Al-Akhbar, Shaka said, “Stripping the secretariat of the Executive Committee of functions that are originally entrusted to the Palestinian National Fund is not a political issue. There is no need for an intermediary to handle financial allocations.” Shaka added, “An office was opened for the National Fund in the West Bank run by Ramzi Khoury. All financial matters were referred to the Fund recently.”
Shaka continued, “Abed Rabbo continues to serve, and was present at the most recent meeting of the Palestinian leadership to discuss the move at the Security Council.” Furthermore, Shaka defended Abed Rabbo by saying. “[He is one of the] figures who steers clear of maneuvering,” noting at the same time that the sacking of an Executive Committee member is not in the hands of the president alone, but involves “legal steps that govern accepting or rejecting dismissals and resignations.”
Despite Shaka’s statements, there are signs that the exclusion of Abed Rabbo from the political front is imminent, though no presidential decree in this regard has been issued yet. However, the move by the head of the anti-corruption court, Rafik Natsheh, to tackle corruption in civil society organizations prepares solid ground for Abbas to banish the mastermind behind the Geneva Initiative on grounds related to graft. Abed Rabbo heads a civil society organization, the Peace Alliance, which he established in 2000 following the initiative, and so does Salam Fayyad, who heads Palestine Tomorrow, a very active civil society organization.
Reports of Natsheh’s move agree with statements made by Al-Akhbarsources, who said, “The president’s decision (financial referral) has entered into force, despite Abbas being certain that the most recent security report related to the secret meeting in the UAE is inaccurate.” The sources continued, “[Abbas] is considering two options to get rid of Abed Rabbo, either by sacking him directly, or preparing charges of financial corruption against him.”

“[Abbas] is considering two options to get rid of Abed Rabbo, either by sacking him directly, or preparing charges of financial corruption against him.” –Al-Akhbarsources

The second solution is the most probable in light of the position of the leadership, as the first option would bypass the decisions of the National Council. In this regard, member of the Executive Committee Jamil Shehadeh told Al-Akhbar, “The National Council was not convened yet as the party in charge of deciding on dismissals. Furthermore, the meetings of the Committee did not discuss anything about sharp disputes between the two sides at all,” noting that the disputes are just “differences in opinion.”
Abed Rabbo does not have any official capacity in the PA, which makes it difficult to force him to retire, as happened with Jamal Zaqout days ago, Zaqout being a close associate of Abed Rabbo. On December 8, Abbas issued a presidential decree forcing Zaqout to retire. Zaqout was adviser to former PA Prime Minister Fayyad for six years, and member of the final status negotiations delegation led by Abed Rabbo. Al-Akhbar contacted Zaqout, who refused to speak in detail about the sudden measure, but said, “This is a very arbitrary decision, because it was made without explaining the real reasons.”
The background of the disputes
The dispute between Abbas and Abed Rabbo dates back to September 2011, when the former accused the latter of trying to disrupt his political efforts for international recognition of Palestinian statehood. Abed Rabbo and Fayyad were accused of hinting to Arab capitals that the PA president was not serious about obtaining recognition. Following a battle of statements and counter-statements, Abbas removed functions related to overseeing the official PA media including radio and television from Abed Rabbo, describing what happened as a “stab in the back at a critical historical moment.”
The breaking point came a short time later, when Abed Rabbo and Fayyad declined to participate in a Palestinian delegation tasked with relaying Abbas’ message to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, something that observers saw as the “straw that broke the camel’s back.” At the time, the dispute reached a peak, and Abbas barred Palestine TV from hosting Abed Rabbo and Fayyad, before he removed the ban for a period of time. Now, the ban is in place again.
This has happened despite the fact that Abed Rabbo has been one of the leading “peace doves” and advocates of normalization with Israel and the United States, since he was appointed to the PLO in 1971. During the most recent war on Gaza, however, Abed Rabbo made statements unusual for him. Responding to Abbas at the time, he said, “Gaza is not a sponsor of terrorism, but a shield that has endured against the occupation. Woe to us Palestinians if Gaza is broken.” Abed Rabbo had also said, “Neither Hamas nor its weapons are to blame for what is happening, rather it should be criminal Israel.”
Last month, Abed Rabbo intervened on the back of the crackdown on trade unions and the arrest of the president of the Union of Public Employees, Bassam Zakarneh, and the Union’s vice-president, Moein Ansawi. As Abed Rabbo attended the meeting called by the electoral lists commission in the Legislative Council afterwards, he said, “The PLO can only be on the side of the voices calling for the executive branch to stop its assault on the freedom of trade union work.”
Fayyad and Abbas’ succession
By contrast to the battle with Dahlan and Abed Rabbo, the battle between Abbas and Fayyad is not public. It seems that Fayyad is benefiting from the Arab resentment on account of Abbas remaining in office, to sell his stocks in the Palestinian street and strengthen his relations with outside powers. Before going into details, however, it is important to note that the Third Way electoral list launched by Fayyad in the general election of 2006 was secretly steered by Abed Rabbo and backed by the UAE.
The dispute between Fayyad and Abbas had surfaced sharply in 2012, when Fayyad resigned following a clash with Abbas over accepting or rejecting the resignation of then-Finance Minister Nabeel Kassis, as Fayyad had held that portfolio for years. Since Fayyad’s resignation, the man has retreated from overt political work, and focused his efforts on the Palestine Tomorrow Foundation, which is active in “achieving sustainable development and improving the quality of services offered to the neglected areas of the West Bank and Gaza.” The foundation has caused a lot of controversy within Fatah and the PA because of its huge financial capabilities and links to donor countries and local organizations .
As a result of Fatah’s hostility, the Preventive Security Service – which is not authorized to deal with NGOs – raided Fayyad’s foundation and requisitioned electronic documents, and even summoned Fayyad himself for interrogation in August. Although Palestine Tomorrow’s assets have not been frozen and it did not shut down, the prevailing view is that Abbas will continue pressing in this direction.

On Thursday, Gaza woke up to large posters accusing Abbas of treason and threatening him of a major Fatah event mid-next month.

Other sources told Al-Akhbar, “Fayyad has a good reputation among donor countries. He is trying to expand his popular base to become a strong presidential contender, benefiting from his close ties to the security leaders and capitalists in the PA, in addition to his attempt to market himself as a successor to Abbas in American and Israeli circles, which have not objected to this yet.”
Thus a threefold headache now surrounds Abbas, who has yet to set a time for the presidential election or express his intention to step down. Abbas’ concerns have been made worse by the fact that the minister of civil affairs and the liaison between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, Hussein al-Sheikh, told him about a planned coup staged by Abed Rabbo, Fayyad, and Dahlan, as well as former intelligence chief Tawfiq Tirawi, and other members of the Fatah Central Committee, according to sources who spoke to Al-Akhbar.
On Thursday, Gaza woke up to large posters accusing Abbas of treason and threatening him of a major Fatah event mid-next month. A person close to Dahlan said, “Abbas no longer trusts anyone, especially that he is suffering from symptoms related to his old age and wants to eliminate what is left of collective leadership.” The man added, “All of Abbas’ concerns are delusional. The Palestinian situation is complex and it is not easy for anyone to take over the helm.”
On the other hand, Fatah leader Yahya Rabah said, “Those who move in an individual capacity outside the legitimate framework and overstep their jurisdictions should be punished.” He added, “It is not the right of any PLO member to deal with outside parties on the basis of his personal perspective away from laws and regulations,” in reference to the alleged secret meeting in the UAE.
This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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PFLP: Draft UN resolution of “French initiative” threatens Palestinian rights

Posted on December 19, 2014 by Alexandra Valiente
UNSC_2The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine unequivocally rejects the so-called “French Initative” being sponsored at the United Nations by the Jordanian regime as a dangerous threat to Palestinian refugees’ right of return that undermines Palestinian rights in the United Nations under the guise of support for a “Palestinian state,” said a spokesperson for the Front.
The draft resolution before the UN Security Council provides no enforcement mechanisms nor penalties upon the occupying power for its continued flagrant violation of international law, occupation, imposition of apartheid and denial of Palestinian refugees’ fundamental rights for the past 66 years. On the contrary, unlike the resolutions which the Security Council has so eagerly passed against Iraq, Syria, Sudan and other countries, it contains no requirements, mandates or penalties whatsoever but rather presents a false view of the “conflict” as one between equal parties with legitimate rights and interests.
In no way does this resolution mandate the creation of a Palestinian state within 12 months; it simply “affirms the urgent need” to “attain no later than 12 months…a just lasting comprehensive peaceful solution  that brings an end to the Israeli occupation since 1967 and fulfills the vision of two independent, democratic and prosperous states, Israel and a sovereign, contiguous and viable State of Palestine living side by side in peace and security within mutually and internationally recognized borders.”
In the context of the United Nations, this merely reiterates existing UN policy demanding an end to the Israeli occupation in violation of UN resolutions and international law. “Affirming an urgent need” creates no requirement or mandate to implement this desire, nor does it provide any penalties to the Israeli state for refusing to end its occupation.
The most damaging and dangerous part of the resolution, however, comes in its definition of the “negotiated solution,” where it recognizes the principles of “mutually agreed, limited and equivalent land swaps;” Palestinian land is entirely occupied. It is not to be bartered with the occupier to legitimize its settlements on our land or allow it to transfer Palestinians of 1948 occupied Palestine to the so-called Palestinian state.
Second, and most importantly, the draft resolution seeks to replace the cornerstone of UN resolutions on Palestinian refugees’ inalienable right to return, denied them for over 66 years, Resolution 194, with “a just and agreed solution to the Palestine refugee question on the basis of Arab Peace Initiative, international law and relevant United Nations resolutions, including resolution 194 (III).” The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine has always rejected the so-called Arab Peace Initiative and all similar initiatives, as they seek to replace the individual, national and collective right of return of the Palestinian refugees with a “negotiated solution” that puts that right on the negotiating table to be sold or bargained away.
The inclusion of this clause within the UN draft resolution renders it a threat to Palestinian rights under the guise of support for “Palestinian statehood,” and a damaging attack and attempt to liquidate the undeniable right of Palestinian refugees to return to their original homes and lands, the cornerstone of the Palestinian cause and the key to the liberation and self-determination of our people. Palestinian refugees are in fact the majority of the Palestinian people – and their rights and those of all other Palestinians are only endangered by this resolution.
The resolution does not recognize Jerusalem as occupied, but only notes it to be “the shared capital of two States.” It provides the longest paragraph in this section for “security arrangements,” labeling the occupation army “security forces,” and viewing the occupation and colonization of Palestine as a security issue rather than one of anti-colonial struggle against a colonizing occupier.
Furthermore, the resolution lags far behind existing UN resolutions: it does not demand an end to the construction of colonial settlements but merely “calls upon…parties to abstain from..settlement activities.” Nowhere does the draft resolution mandate the dismantlement of settlements; rather it promotes “land swaps” and leaves the issue of settlers entirely aside.
The resolution seeks as well to demand Arab normalization with Israel and states that the above “final status agreement” will put an “end to all claims” and lead to “immediate mutual recognition.” Above all, it situates the Palestinian struggle within a framework of negotiations, which have done nothing more over more than 20 years than to provide cover for the crimes of the occupation and the dismantlement of Palestinian rights.
The Zionist state is built on the dispossession of Palestinian land and the displacement of Palestinian people. It is an apartheid, racist, settler colonial state. It divides the Arab people for the interests of imperialism and it is a project that has no place in our region. We do not  recognize a colonial racist state; its racist structure must be dismantled. In no way is the achievement of the Palestinian state on one part of Palestine an “end of all claims.” The Palestinian people do not concede their full right of return; the right of our Palestinian people inside 1948 to live free, self-determined lives free of racism and discrimination; and the right to liberate the entire land of Palestine.
The Palestinian struggle is one for liberation of our people and our land from a brutal, genocidal colonial regime. It is for the return of Palestinian refugees, it is for the exercise of the sovereignty and self-determination of the Palestinian people on all of their land. It is not a conflict between equal parties, it is a struggle between the colonized and the colonizer, between the oppressed and the oppressor. It is the fight to establish a democratic Palestine for all on the entire land of Palestine, liberated from occupation, racism and oppression.
The “two state solution” has not been a mechanism to gradually achieve Palestinian rights, nor even any real Palestinian sovereignty; rather, the “state-building initiatives” referred to positively in the draft resolution have supported capitalist investment and exploitation at the expense of the Palestinian popular classes, who have not benefitted from such funding. There is no liberation for any part of Palestine or its people envisioned by this resolution: only the continuation of the endless series of negotiations chipping away at Palestinian rights while the occupier continues to attack and destroy.
Centrally, this draft resolution is an effort to undermine the right of return and enshrine the bankrupt negotiations process in a resolution of the UN Security Council, replacing the right of return with “negotiated solutions,” and UN resolutions affirming Palestinian rights with those affirming the path of negotiations.
The PFLP spokesperson called upon Palestinian and Arab communities in France and French supporters and friends of Palestine to reject the role of the French imperialist state in attempting to redefine and undermine the Palestinian cause. The French state has no legitimacy on the issue of Palestine and has provided no support for Palestinian rights. Rather, it has attempted to legitimize the constant Israeli attacks on the Palestinian people while imprisoning strugglers for Palestine such as Georges Ibrahim Abdallah and suppressing demonstrations in solidarity with Palestine in Paris.
This draft resolution is widely rejected by Palestinian political forces who have repeatedly pointed out the threats and dangers within it. It is supported only by a few Palestinian capitalists who seek to profit and Palestinian Authority officials. Once again, the Palestinian political decision has been hijacked by Abbas and his cronies to the detriment of the Palestinian people.
The fact that the Israelis reject this draft resolution and the United States has expressed its “lack of support” means only that Zionism and imperialism in the region are not willing to concede even a few crumbs to the Palestinian people. Much like Netanyahu’s rejection of the Oslo process, the flagrant racism and genocidal discourse of the Israeli state does not make the draft resolution a step forward for Palestinian rights and liberation.
“We unequivocally reject this attack on Palestinian rights under the guise of ‘Palestinian statehood’ and urge its rejection by all responsible Palestinian parties as unrepresentative and dangerous to the rights and the cause of the Palestinian people for which so many martyrs, wounded and prisoners have given their lives,” said the PFLP spokesperson.

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Friday, 19 December 2014

US To Veto UN Resolution on Israeli Occupation of Palestine

The State Department has confirmed that the US is going to veto the Palestinian/Jordanian bill at the UN Security Council which would call for an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine within three years.

It is not something we would support,” insisted State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki. She declined to say what about the resolution the US found objectionable.

Psaki refused to get into whether the US would support the French alternative, which simply called for a resumption of peace talks within the next two years, saying it wasn’t clear if that version would come up for a vote.

Israeli officials have expressed equal outrage at both resolutions, and Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz declared the effort to end the occupation “an act of war” against Israel.

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8 Children Found Dead at Home in Northern Australian City


Eight dead children and a woman suffering from serious stab wounds were found inside a northern Australian home Friday, police said.

policePolice believe the 34-year-old woman found with chest wounds is the mother of seven children with the eighth child believed to be a relative.

Queensland state police were called to the home in the Cairns suburb of Manoora Friday after receiving a report of  a woman with serious injuries. When police entered the house, they found the bodies of the children, ranging in age from 18 months to 15 years.

The Guardian reports the children were all stabbed to death.

Detective Inspector Bruno Asincar said he didn't believe there was a multiple murderer still at large and that police were talking to the woman. Asked if she was a suspect, he said officials have not yet identified any suspects and were questioning everyone who had contact with the family in the past 2-3 days.

"As it stands at the moment, there's no need for the public to be concerned about this other than the fact that it's a tragic, tragic event," Asnicar said. "The situation is well controlled at the moment. There shouldn't be any concern for anyone else out of this environment."

Lisa Thaiday, who said she was the woman's cousin, said another sibling, a 20-year-old man, came home and found his brothers and sisters dead inside the house.

Detective Inspector Bruno Asnicar said the police who reported the incident were initially 'distressed.'

"These events are extremely distressing for everyone, of course, and police officers aren’t immune to that, we’re human beings as well," Ansicar said. "But the police we have here are very highly trained and professional.. I’m very happy with the response."

Source: Websites
19-12-2014 - 14:50 Last updated 19-12-2014 - 14:50

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Putin on the defensive forced to invest a lot of his personal political capital

The Saker

Let's begin by what I personally consider bad news: either Putin really believes in liberal market economics or he has to say he does.  He began his Q&A and ended it with a categorical expression of full support for the policies of the Central Bank and its Chairwoman, Nabiulina, and a no less categorical expression of support for the Government and its Prime Minister, Medvedev.  Worse, Putin declared that he believes that market forces will by themselves correct the current disequilibria.  At most, he agreed that certain decisions should have been taken earlier or more forcefully, but that's it.  

Some will love it.  Lew Rockwell went as far as to say that he would hand Elvira Nabiulina the award of "Central Banker of the Year".  Not everybody agrees.  For example, Victor Gerashchenko, a former Chairman of the Central Bank, declared that if he had been in the position of Nabiulina today he would have "asked for a gun to shoot himself".

I have to admit that I personally am dismayed by Putin's apparent beliefs in market economics.  I say 'apparent' because there might be things going on which I am not aware of.  For example, while Putin speaks of "market forces" China seems to get heavily involved in the Russian economic crisis.  For those interested in these developments, please check the following sources:

First, check out the latest CrossTalk: Dumping the Dollar.
Then read Pepe Escobar's Go West, Young Han.
Then check out this article in the English version of the People's Daily. 
Finally please read this article in Zero Hedge.

The Chinese friend who sent me the article in the People's Daily made a particularly interesting comment.  He wrote:
"Yin and yang politics?  I cannot help but notice a strong pattern. China and Russia each engages each other's enemies/allies with whom they have friction in order to bring them into the Eurasian fold. What do you think? Is this intentional? I had my doubts earlier in the year, but more and more this keeps happening".
I think that he is spot-on here.  It is very much in the Russian strategic interest to have China applying some "Yuan diplomacy" in the EU not only because China is a close ally, but mainly because China is "not the USA".  At this point in time, *anything* which can weaken the total control of the USA over its EU colonies is welcome.  Any Yuan invested in the EU is one Dollar which is not.

This is just an example.  Putin probably knows a lot of things which we don't and he probably cannot say everything he thinks or plans.  But my purely subjective impression is that Putin simply does not have the power needed to confront the Atlantic Integrationists head on.  Mikhail Khazin, who knows a lot, recently even declared that there were Atlantic Integrationists in the "power ministries".  And since I am pretty sure that he was not referring to the Ministry of Defense that leaves either Internal Affairs or State Security.  If true, that is not good.  Either that, or Putin sincerely believes in liberal market-economics.  I most definitely don't believe in them at all.

There are, in my opinion, two major problems with Putin's logic.  First, Russia needs not less, but more regulation and more state control.  At the very least, I really believe that the very institution of the Central Bank is a toxic one: it was created by the US-controlled Eltsin regime to subordinate Russian politics (and politicians) to the international banking cartels and we see that it works perfectly.  Putin can send bombers to the Gulf of Mexico, but he is unable to remove Nabiulina, nevermind take control of the Central Bank.  Nikolai Starikov has even said that there is a joke going around now saying "Putin, send the troops into the Central Bank!".  That is how disgusted many Russians have become with this supra-national institution which is accountable to nobody.  But there is even worse.

The choice of a free-market non-regulated "solution" basically leaves Russia fully enmeshed into the AngloZionist controlled financial system.  How can Russia free herself from the "Dollar yoke" while remaining fully part of the Dollar-dominated international system?!

I have to tell you that while I gratefully posted Peter Koenig's excellent "Free Fall of the Ruble – A brilliant ploy of Russian economic Wizards? Who’s chess game" this was one of those instances when I post something I find very interesting but which I do not agree with.  I just don't get the sense that Putin is about to pull some clever judo-move on the western plutocrats.  I most sincerely hope that I am wrong here, but that is my gut-feeling.

Generally, Putin was clearly defensive when asked questions about the Central Bank and the Government.  Especially in contrast to the absolutely magnificent way he handled the questions about the Ukraine, even when asked by a very hostile Ukrainian journalist.  Again, as I so often say this, I am not a mind-reader or a prophet.  I cannot tell you what Putin thinks or what he will do.  But I think that many years of studying the man give me a pretty decent gut feeling about him and that gut feeling tells me that while he has a clear and strong vision on international politics in general, and especially about the Ukraine, he lacks such a vision for economic problems.

For the Ukraine his position is crystal clear: "Crimea is ours forever, we will not let you crush the Donbass, we want a untied Ukraine in which the rights of all people and regions are respected and you will have to negotiate with the Novorussians who have a right of self determination" (which leaves open the possibility that while Russia might "prefer" a united Ukraine, the Novorussians have the right to decide otherwise).  Clear, direct and, I would argue, perfectly reasonable.  In contrast, in economic I get a sense of faith-based politics: "market forces will correct the current artificial situation and within 2 years the crisis will be over".  The problem with that is that the very same Putin ALSO says that the West is completely manipulating the markets and not allowing them to act.  So what he is really saying is this: "the Empire does not have the means to artificially skew the markets for more than two years".  Oh really?  I am not so sure of that at all.  In my book the Empire has been skewing the markets for many years already (I would argue since 1971).

Bottom line, what I hear from Putin is "more of the same" and since I don't like what I have seen so far, I can only add "only worse".

Can this nightmare be averted?
Still, the situation is not necessarily hopeless.  While I think that Putin's economic policies are wrong and while I believe that the Russian Central Bank is very much part of the problem and not the solution, this is not a black and white binary kind of choice: playing by the wrong rules or on the wrong field does not necessarily mean that you will lose, only that you have made the wrong initial choice.  For one thing,you can make the argument that the Ruble is a much more credible currency then the Dollar.  Second, I do agree that market forces are resisting the US distortion and that the integration of China and Russia will inevitably contribute to help the Russian economy.  Third, the EU is already in recession and if that get's worse, and it will, this will start pulling down many US banks who are heavily linked to the EU market.  Fourth, in objective terms, Russia is sitting on a tangible fortune of natural resources and she has full access to the gigantic Chinese market.  In these conditions, it is going to be awfully hard for the AngloZionists to "isolate" Russia.  So, objectively, Putin is right about one thing: even if it does get worse before it gets better, it will inevitably get better.

So is Putin a genius chess player?  That is not quite how I would put it.  He definitely has a record of absolutely brilliant moves, but right now he is clearly struggling.  I am like everybody else, I would like him to pull yet another brilliant "chess move" and stick it to the Empire but I don't see how we could do that, at least not in this point in time.

What I saw today is a Putin clearly on the defensive who had to invest a lot of his personal capital of popularity and trust.  He honestly admitted that things might get worse and that there is no quick fix to the current crisis.  He did commit to a time frame of 2 years which is both very shot and very long.  It is plenty enough time to lose his popularity and very little time to turn around such a huge country like Russia.

The most poignant moment of the entire 3 hours came when Putin explained what was at stake today.  He said:
You know, at the Valdai [International Discussion] Club I gave an example of our most recognisable symbol. It is a bear protecting his taiga. You see, if we continue the analogy, sometimes I think that maybe it would be best if our bear just sat still. Maybe he should stop chasing pigs and boars around the taiga but start picking berries and eating honey. Maybe then he will be left alone. But no, he won’t be! Because someone will always try to chain him up. As soon as he’s chained they will tear out his teeth and claws. In this analogy, I am referring to the power of nuclear deterrence. As soon as – God forbid – it happens and they no longer need the bear, the taiga will be taken over (...) And then, when all the teeth and claws are torn out, the bear will be of no use at all. Perhaps they’ll stuff it and that’s all.  So, it is not about Crimea but about us protecting our independence, our sovereignty and our right to exist. That is what we should all realize.
Amazing words which fully confirm one of the most important facts of the current situation: the AngloZionist Empire and Russia are at war, a war in which either the Russian Bear will be "stuffed and that's all" or the AngloZionist Empire will crumble.  This is an existential war for both sides, for the AngloZionist Empire and the Russian Civilizational Realm - one of them will defeat the other.

This is not the first time that Putin explains this, but this time I felt an urgency in his voice which I have not heard before.  He was both warning the Russian people and asking for their support for him personally.  My guess is that he will get it, I just don't know for how long.

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