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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Obama Incites Bloodshed in Venezuela

Nil NIKANDROV | 27.02.2015 | 16:04

The US special services together with their “assistants” from Canada and Great Britain tried again to stage a coup in Venezuela. In the middle of February, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said the national security services frustrated the plans of US embassy and put an end to its hostile actions. As a result, a number of people were arrested, including Venezuelan air force officers and activists of radical opposition. The subversive activities were guided by Western diplomatic missions. The names of those behind the plot are known but they cannot be brought to justice being protected by diplomatic immunity. The President said the plotters wanted to assassinate him. The United States embassy guaranteed that the perpetrators would be granted asylum in America.

The Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (El Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia Nacional – SEBIN) had been warned about the conspiracy preparations. A Super Tucano aircraft (a light, highly agile Brazilian aircraft designed principally for pilot training and counterinsurgency operations) used before for special operations by Academi (former Blackwater), an American private military company, was handed over to plotters in the United States. The plane had the insignia of Venezuelan air force. It was armed and prepared to make a flight from Columbia to the island of Curacao where a US forward operating location is stationed. The CIA-recruited pilots, who betrayed the Bolivarian regime and their home country, learned well which targets they had to strike: the presidential palace, the buildings of ministries of Defense and General Staff and TV company TeleSUR. Security agencies found caches of arms, the equipment to provide guidance to the target and a video footage showing air force officers and opposition leaders involved in the plot addressing people. The video footage was given in Miami to journalist Patricia Poleo, a fierce opponent of the current Venezuelan government. She was to make it go on air but the plan was thwarted. The video material got into the hands of SEBIN operatives.

The video showed the plotters with balaclavas on their heads announcing the beginning of insurgency in the armed forces and the establishment of interim government. It was prepared to be made public by El Nacional newspaper at the time of coup. Three key figures of the Venezuelan opposition – Leopoldo López, the mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma, the leader of Voluntad Popular (People's Will) and former member of parliament Maria Corina Machado signed and distributed a joint communique on February 11, just one day before the planned coup plot that President Nicolas Maduro denounced was to take place. All these people were known to be close to the United States. Entitled “The Call for a National Transition Agreement,” the statement calls for unification of Venezuelans behind a national plan aimed at supplanting the current socialist administration of President Nicolas Maduro. It says the country was going through hardships unparalleled in its history. It is the fault of regime that has been trying for sixteen years to impose a failed system. In the text the current government is described as a “failed” “corrupt” and “inefficient” regime, made up of an “elite of no more 100 people” who have pilfered public funds “which could have been used for the benefit of all”. It also states that Venezuela is on the brink of a “humanitarian crisis” whilst the Maduro government is “delegitimised” and in its “terminal phase”. It says nothing about the hard struggle against the United States trying to overthrow the regime fallen out of its favor. In the effort to achieve the goal, the US uses all any methods without hesitation, including economic sabotage, subversive activities against oil and energy sectors, never ending information war, organizing street protests in big cities and the use of local criminals and Columbian paramilitaries to destabilize the situation in the country. The list also includes artificially created shortages of food and basic consumer goods. The operations against Salvador Allende in Chile come to mind. The US uses the same dirty methods in Venezuela. Waiting in line has become a common occurrence in Venezuelan cities since 2013. Different prices in Columbian and Venezuelan shops are one of the reasons. Almost everything is smuggled to Columbia – from super cheap gas to corn meal and sugar. To some extent the military called by President Maduro to fight the cross border smuggling helped to control the situation.

According to the plotters’ plans, Maria Corina Machado was to head the new government. She has been patronized by former US President George Bush Jr. The Machado’s three minute meeting in the White House with the President of the United States in March 2005 attracted unusually high attention of pro-US media. Maria was painted as the most promising politician able to defeat President Hugo Chavez and become a Venezuelan President absolutely loyal to the United States. The revelations about the Machado’s ties with US intelligence services spoiled the plans. She was the founder, former vice president, and former president of the Venezuelan volunteer civil organization Sumate that used US-provided funds. When it was revealed that Machado got large sums of money from special services, she had to keep away from spotlight. Today the United States needs her again. She is ready to go to any length in an effort to overthrow Nicolas Maduro. Washington wants her to lead the country.

The planning has been done. A group of pro-US Latin American presidents is carrying out the mission. Former Mexican President Felipe Calderón, former Chilean President Sebastian Piñera and former Colombia President Andres Pastrana came to the country under the pretext of expressing their support for Leopoldo López. The real purpose was to see the real situation in the country. Nicolas Maduro never stood in their way. He only said that these people came to support ultra-right wing radicals who do not recognize the government and call for a bloody coup. Maduro warned that the visitors would have their hands soaked in blood if they hobnob with this kind of people.

Of those who signed the statement Machado is the only one who is still at large. A year ago Leopoldo López was put behind bars for inciting street protests resulting in dozens of victims. Antonio Ledezma was detained a few days ago charged with involvement in coup attempt. The conditions of detainment are not so tough; he can continue the struggle against the Bolivarian regime. Recently he sent a letter to media outlets calling for continuing protests and peaceful struggle against Nicolas Maduro to make the current President resign. In the letter he stuck rigidly to the constitution. It says "We must keep up the struggle in the street, in a civil manner with the constitution in our hands and with the truth in front of us" Ledezma wrote. "They [the government] have the weapons but we have the ideas to unite the Venezuelan people. Violence is a pointless vacuum that leads nowhere." He wants no mercy and calls for solidarity to protect democratic values in Venezuela. He stands out among Venezuelan politicians for his aggressive style and vindictiveness. It is suggested that if the plotters won, he would have headed the Interior Ministry to cleanse the national politics from Bolivarians, Chavistas and other elements hostile to the United States.

After the leading plotters were arrested and their ties with special services and embassies of the United States, Canada and Great Britain were revealed, Nicolas Maduro could say with certainty that another coup attempt orchestrated by Washington was effectively foiled. The tension in the relationship with the United States remains. In December 2014, President Obama endorsed sanctions against top officials of Venezuela accused by Washington of human rights violations. Maduro warned Americans that arbitrary sanctions and other attempts to exert pressure would deteriorate the bilateral relationship even further. He said the United States tried to stage coups in Venezuela a number of times. The US interference into the internal affairs of other countries has become a constant factor to negatively affect the situation in the world.

Jen Psaki, the spokesperson for the United States Department of State, as usually rejected all the accusations of US involvement into the conspiracy to organize a coup in Venezuela. “Well, I think we’ve seen continued accusations, no question, that are false and baseless. And our view continues to be that political transitions must be democratic, constitutional, peaceful, and legal. We do not support a political transition in Venezuela by non-constitutional means. We’re not promoting unrest in Venezuela, nor are we attempting to undermine Venezuela’s economy or its government. And this is a continued effort – ongoing, because I do feel like we talk about these incidents once a week at least – about – of the Venezuelan Government to try to distract attention from the country’s economic and political problems and focus and try to distract and make these false accusations.”

Meanwhile, the investigation continues. Nicolas Maduro says Antonio Ledezma tried to abuse his position to organize a violent coup and destabilize the country. New arrests are to follow. The government of Venezuela is adamant in its desire to prevent the events unfolding according to a scenario worked out by the United States Central Intelligence Agency.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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Israel loses ‘Iran cover-up’ case against Argentina President


31[1]Yesterday, Daniel Rafecas, a Buenos Aires Federal Court judge dismissedOrganized Jewry’s allegations against country’s president Cristina Fernadez de Kirchner claiming she covered-up Iran-Hizbullah involvement in the 1994 bombing of AMIA building.

The judge dismissed the case, citing a lack of evidence. Both de Kirchner and her Jewish foreign minister Hector Timerman were the ‘criminals’ in the case. Both have denied their involvement in shielding Iran’s government from responsibility in the attack.

Alberto Nissman (Jewish), country’s prosecutor, was appointed by late president Nestor Kirchner, an Israeli ally, to clear Israeli Mossad involvement in the 1994 bombing of AMIA which also housed Mossad office, and put the blame on Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah backed by Iran. Nissman visited the US and Israel several times during his 10-year long investigation against Iran. Failed to find any credible proof to implicate Iran, last year he accused de Kirchner for shielding Iran in order to secure an oil-import deal. Fearing Nissman’s failure to prove the case against de Kircher, CIA-Mossad agent killed him in ‘suicide look-like before the day he was scheduled to appear in a court to prove his accusations against country’s president.

Last year, before even appearing in an Argentina court, Nissman appeared in Israeli Supreme Court with the proof that the former Iranian president Ayatullah Ali Rafsanjani (mentor of the current ‘moderate’ president Hassan Rouhani) and eight of his ministers masterminded, financed and organized the AMIA attack through Hizbullah.

Argentina Congress has passed de Kirchner proposed bill to scrap country’s intelligence agency by 131:71 votes. The agency was infiltrated by CIA and Mossad agents during the presidency of her husband Nestor Kirchner and Carlos Menem. The new agency would be responsible to the parliament.

On February 26, the Business Insider reported that two big Jewish banks at the Wall Street JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank sent a letter warning potential investors not to invest in the proposed Argentina bond offering. The offering was suspended as result of Jewish Lobby’s campaign, reported the Wall Street Journal on February 26, 2015.

Argentina has a very sad history of being friendly toward the Zionist entity and accommodating to its tiny (0.5% of Argentina population) extremely powerful Jewish community. Pope Francis as Archbishop of Buenos Aires was a close friend of local Jewish community. Israeli Mossad misused this friendship when it abducted Adolf Eichmann (aka Ricardo Klement), a German-born Argentine citizen.

Eichmann, a former high-ranking Nazi official – fluent in Yiddish and Hebrew languages – was intensely involved in negotiations during WW II between Germany’s SS (SuchutzStafflen) and key Zionist organizations – working together on one very specific common goal: getting as many Jews out of Europe as possible. Eichmann accompanied by his wife had visited British mandate Palestine on the invitation of the World Zionist Organization.

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Nasser Kandil: The changing Israel-USA Relationship, Yemen and Lebanon

ستون دقيقة مع ناصر قنديل

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The Stage Is Set For The Syrian Invasion

Tyler Durden's picture
One week ago, when reporting on the latest bizarre plan presented by the Pentagon, namely providing Syrian rebels (but only the moderate ones, not the jihadists like al Nusra, or, well, ISIS) with B-1B Bomber air support in their attacks on ISIS, when we wrote that this "means in the coming weeks and months look forward to a surge in false flag "attacks" blamed on the Assad regime, aiming to give Obama validation to expand the "War against ISIS" to include Syria's regime as well."

We didn't have long to wait: in an entirely unsourced Time article written today by Aryn Baker, the Middle East Bureau Chief, the stage for the second attempt at invading Assad regime is finally set.

The article, titled "Why Bashar Assad Won’t Fight ISIS" is essentially an essay that, as the title suggests "proves" that the Syrian leader is, in fact, quite close with ISIS and derives strategis benefits from his relationship, which is why he won't attack them, and thus by implication is just as bad as ISIS and worthy of America's wrath.

How does Baker build up her propaganda? First, she cits a "Sunni businessman who is close to the regime but wants to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions from both ISIS supporters and the regime" and who "trades goods all over the country so his drivers have regular interactions with ISIS supporters and members in Raqqa, the ISIS stronghold in Syria, and in ISIS-controlled areas like Dier-ezzor." According to this Syrian version of Amazon:
The regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad has long had a pragmatic approach to the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria. Even from the early days the regime purchased fuel from ISIS-controlled oil facilities, and it has maintained that relationship throughout the conflict. “Honestly speaking, the regime has always had dealings with ISIS, out of necessity.”
"Honestly speaking" of course being used quite loosely, considering that it is by now no secret that ISIS, in the words of General Wesley Clark, "got started through funding from our friends and allies", most notablyQatar and Saudi Arabia, and according to some even the CIA is involved so, no: honestly speaking, if anything, the Assad regime has been doing its best to stay away from ISIS, which at least on paper, was created as a result of extremist Al Nusra factions, who were fighting Assad in 2013, and were funded and weaponized by the US.

Of course, none of that is mentioned. What is, however, duly emphasized is the goalseeked conclusion that Assad and the Islamic State are like two peas in a pod:
Assad does not see ISIS as his primary problem, the businessman says. “The regime fears the Free Syrian Army and the Nusra Front, not ISIS. They [the FSA and Nusra] state their goal is to remove the President. But ISIS doesn’t say that. They have never directly threatened Damascus.” As the businessman notes, the strikes on ISIS targets are minimal. “If the regime were serious about getting rid of ISIS, they would have bombed Raqqa by now. Instead they bomb other cities, where the FSA is strong.” That said, the businessman does not believe that the regime has a formal relationship with ISIS, just a pragmatic one. “The more powerful ISIS grows, the more they are useful for the regime. They make America nervous, and the Americans in turn see the regime as a kind of bulwark against ISIS.”
Actually, the "Americans" see ISIS as the perfect false flag placeholder to build up yet another case about invading Damascus, after the humiliation of the bumbled attempt to use a doctored YouTube clip showing paid actors following what the CIA guaranteed was an Assad "chemical weapon" attack as a pretext to launch an invasion on Syria in the first attempt to topple Assad. It took an escalation that involved numerous Russian ships side by side with US cruisers in the Mediterranean before John Kerry realized that building Qatar's nat gas pipeline to Europe is not worth rising World War III over, and promptly backed off.
This time, ISIS is the bait.

Back to the Time article, where next we get the next "source" of information:
A senior Western diplomat who specializes in the Syrian civil war agrees that ISIS is seen as an asset by Assad. “They will do whatever it takes to devalue the opposition, even if it means strengthening ISIS. They know that if it comes to choosing between the black flag [of ISIS] and Damascus, the international community will choose Damascus.” And the strategy has worked extremely well. “The way it’s going now, it’s a matter of months, not even a year,that the moderate opposition is so weakened that it won’t be a factor anymore. So in just a few months from now the regime will be able to achieve its strategic goal of forcing the world to choose between Damascus and the black flags.”
Actually, according to that logic, the "international community" will choose both Damascus and the "black flags", in fact the community will be delighted to have the "flags" as a cover in an invasion, both air, sea and ground, toppling Assad and replacing him with yet another US-puppet regime (whose fate, following such sterling examples as Egypt, Libya and Iraq will be just spectacular), one which will be glad to accept Qatar and Syria hush money, while thousands of kilometers of pipes are laid under the territory in attempt to dethrone Gazprom as the provider of first and last resort to Europe... which as a reminder is what it is all about.

The anonymous "western diplomat" continues:
... by ignoring the conflict between the Syrian opposition and the Assad regime to focus purely on ISIS may solve problems in the short term, says the diplomat, “but there will be more problems to come. These are the ingredients for a further escalation of the conflict — alienating large parts of the Sunni population, so that they have no choice but to join ISIS. Not for ideological reasons, but because they will do whatever it takes to overthrow the regime in Damascus.” Not only that, it will widen the geographical boundaries of the conflict by making this a fight of all Sunnis. “It’s a clear recipe for further escalation well beyond the geographical boundaries of the current conflict.”
Which is why in order to prevent further escalation in the future, the US will be delighted to provide much more escalation right now.

And here is the piece de resistance of the article that may as well have been written by a 6th grader who is about to flunk propaganda class:
Damascus believes that once it has neutralized most of the opposition, it can then defeat ISIS with ease. “ISIS alone, the regime can deal with them. What Assad wants is international recognition of his legitimacy as Syria’s President,” says the businessman. “When the war is over, he can easily handle ISIS with the help of Hizballah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.”
So let's get this straight:
  1. A "terrorist" group which was created and funded by US allies in the middle east (there are many) is fighting a war on behalf of a regime that the US and its allies in the middle east are desperately trying to topple; a "terrorist" group which until recently did not exist and which, inexplicably according to the author, Assad refuses to fight because.... unlike the US he has not seen the dreadful beheading movies which lead to so much daily water cooler talk across the US?
  2. Ths US now believes that "ISIS is seen as an asset by Assad" and that the moderate (this distinction is key: their flag has a pink skull and crossbones as opposed to the red one used by the "non-moderate") opposition which spawned ISIS in the power vacuum following the incomplete first US invasion of Syria in the symmer of 2013, is about to be destroyed by the same ISIS.
  3. Assad is confident he can "defeat ISIS with ease" once he has destroyed his so-called moderate enemies; the same ISIS which the US has been "fighting" now for half a year, and achieved absolutely nothing.
  4. We know all those due to an essay of amateur propaganda caliber, which derives its entire narrative and conclusions based on two anonymous sources.
At this point we probably speak for everyone when we say: just invade Syria already, and let's proceed to the inevitable, and quite understandable, Russian retaliation, because frankly this endless propaganda and false-flaggery is now as obvious and pathetic as the Greek default which is also about 5 years overdue.
* * *
P.S. from Aryn Baker's LinkedIn profile:
  • Producing breaking news, features, analysis and investigative stories from the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan for the world’s most influential English language weekly newsmagazine.
  • Frequent reporting travel to countries affected by the changes of the Arab Spring, from Syria to Saudi, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, and Libya, as well as continued reporting in Pakistan and Afghanistan, which I have been covering since 2003.
  • Managing a widespread network of stringers, fixers and translators to enable thorough coverage of a rapidly changing region for both the magazine and the associated website.
  • Maintaining contacts with diplomats, politicians, think tanks, influential actors, activists and intelligence sources in all regions in order to provide context and analysis for on-the-ground reporting.
  • Working with world-renowned photojournalists on story development and logistics.
Among her previous articles one can find "The YouTube War"

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Jihadi John: Another Known Terrorist Travels To Syria

Anthony Freda Art
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

In what has become an all-too familiar story to those with an attention span that goes back farther than one week, it has once again been revealed that a famed terrorist was known to and in close contact with Western intelligence agencies before and, presumably, during his notorious acts.

27-year-old Mohammed Emwazi has been identified as “Jihadi John,” the masked terrorist who appeared in the numerous staged beheading propaganda films depicting the killing of Western “aid workers,” “journalists,” and others.

It was already largely accepted that the terrorist star of the videos was from Britain. However, the exact identity of “Jihadi John” was not released to the public until Wednesday.

Already, the story is being presented as a failure of intelligence services and a tragic oversight that could only have been remedied with even greater police state powers being granted to the UK government.

With such ridiculous statements coming from “experts,” and “officials” suggesting that the UK intelligence agencies were simply too overwhelmed and overburdened to catch the suspicious behavior of Emwazi, the only logical conclusion that can be arrived at is that the UK intelligence apparatus need more powers to surveil, more money with which to do so, and, presumably, more authority to detect and prevent “pre-crime.”

With lines like “we simply can’t monitor all of these people sufficiently” and “we can’t monitor everyone” as the official line from the UK government and mainstream British media, the official narrative is inherently contradictory, especially considering the fact that the UK government and GCHQ is in fact capable of monitoring everyone, which they do in an almost identical fashion to theAmerican NSA.

Indeed, the statement by the 17-year-old daughter of David Haines, the Scottish “aid worker” allegedly killed by Jihadi John in the propaganda video, is being used to drive this point home in the minds of the general public. Haines’ daughter says that she doesn’t really blame UK intelligence or law enforcement agencies and that “If they'd known his name earlier they could've stopped him going - but they can't and once he's captured I think there will be a lot of happy faces.”

But they did know his name earlier. Mohammed Emwazi was well-known to UK intelligence agencies and police.

In fact, there is a reasonable amount of evidence – the track record of the UK and US government in terms of false flag terror attacks involving the use of Muslim patsies being one portion of that evidence – that not only was Jihadi John known to agencies and police before his travels to Syria but that he was working with these very same intelligence agencies in doing so.

The story goes that, upon graduating from the University in 2009, Emwazi and a few friends flew to Tanzania on a safari trip. Upon landing in Dar es Salaam, Emwazi was arrested and sent back to Britain.

On the way back, he stopped over in Amsterdam where he claims that he was accused by MI5 of trying to go to Somalia, apparently suggesting that he was going to join the group Al Shabaab while there. Emwazi also claims that he was subsequently harassed so much by security agencies that he was forced to complain to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, a report of which there is a record.

He stated that MI5 knew “about me; where I lived, what I did, and the people I hanged around with.” He also claimed that MI5 attempted to “turn” him, meaning that the agency wanted to recruit him to work for them.

In 2009, Emwazi apparently moved back to Kuwait and got a job at a computer firm there. When he returned to Britain in June, 2010, he was detained and not allowed to return to Kuwait. Somehow, despite having been placed on a terrorism watch list and being banned from leaving the UK, Emwazi allegedly managed to travel to Syria where he committed the alleged terror attacks of which he now stands accused.

Emwazi’s travel represents yet another example of the curious ability of terrorists who are known to intelligence agencies to travel in and out of the country at will despite having been placed on a terrorism watch list.

The Daily Mail reports that “As it was claimed Emwazi had spoken to police and security services three times in a year, it emerged that senior members of the security services could be called to give evidence to the Intelligence and Security Committee about contact between him and MI5.”

The Daily Mail continues by writing that
Asim Qureshi, research director at the rights group Cage told the Washington Post: 'Mohammed was quite incensed by his treatment, that he had been very unfairly treated'.
Emwazi claimed in emails that he was repeatedly approached by the security services over the course of the following year but he said he refused to co-operate and denied he had any links to terrorism.

In an email to Mr Qureshi he said: 'I feel like a prisoner, only not in a cage, in London. A person imprisoned & controlled by security service men, stopping me from living my new life in my birthplace & country, Kuwait'.

Another friend said: 'He was upset and wanted to start a life elsewhere. He at some stage reached the point where he was really just trying to find another way to get out.'
Another friend said that Emwazi later tried to travel to Saudi Arabia to teach English in 2012 but again stopped from leaving. 
He was 'desperate' to leave Britain and 'was ready to exhaust every single kind of avenue within the machinery of the state to bring a change for his personal situation', Mr Qureshi said. 
Mr Qureshi said he last heard from him that year and said the Jihadi John suspect believed 'actions were taken to criminalize him and he had no way to do something against these actions'. 
Soon afterwards he vanished and is believed to have travelled to Syria, where he may now be ISIS' figurehead.
In other words, given the track record of Western intelligence agencies when it comes to acts of terror at home or abroad, one would be justified in wondering whether or not this “harassment” of which Emwazi complained was actually an attempt to recruit him to act as a face for terror, an actual terror fighter, or patsy in their war against the Syrian people and the secular government of Assad.

It is not fully known whether Emwazi had fundamentalist sympathies before his encounter with UK intelligence services or whether his encounter with UK intelligence services was the precursor to the fundamentalism or, at least, the perception of such fundamentalism. Considering the shaky narrative provided by the mainstream – that Emwazi was arrested, harassed, denied having anything to do with terrorism, was arrested again, harassed so much that he desperately wanted to leave Britain, placed on a terrorism watch list, and then suddenly appeared in Syria as “Jihadi John,” there is ample reason to wonder whether or not Emwazi was coerced and/or forced into his role.

That is, of course, assuming that “Jihadi John” is actually Emwazi at all, a claim that, in actuality, has very little in the way of evidence to back it up.

Still, it should be remembered that the connection between British intelligence and al-Qaeda is by no means a new one. For instance, in 1996, British intelligence was involved in the direction of al-Qaeda for the purposes of an attempted assassination of Muammar Ghaddaffi. Ever since, the London connection to Islamic terrorism, terrorist recruitment, and the training of terrorists has been well-known in honest and informed researching circles.

Indeed, the very concept of Islamic Fundamentalism as a fighting force was largely a British idea which took the form of the establishment of the Muslim Brotherhood to combat Arab nationalism early in the 20th century.

Whether or not Jihadi John was legitimately a radical fundamentalist (through the network of Mosques acting as British intelligence fronts[1]) or whether he was merely blackmailed and bullied into doing the bidding of UK intelligence in Syria, the fact remains that his actions were entirely coordinated by NATO intelligence.

One need only to consider the many “coincidences” that benefited NATO forces as a result of the propaganda videos that “Jihadi John” had a cameo role in.

Remember, when the United States was “debating” the idea of becoming more directly involved in Syria and Iraq, particularly in the form of bombing civilian and government infrastructure and openly funding the death squads they claim to be fighting, a video allegedly showing the beheading of James Foley was released resulting in widespread anger and indignation amongst a general public who were temporarily yanked away from reality TV long enough to view it.

Likewise, when the British seemed hesitant to directly join the imperialist bombing coalition, a video was released allegedly showing the beheading of a British citizen, Alan Henning, also causing widespread indignation amongst the public and shoring up support for British military involvement in Iraq and Syria.

When the French seemed hesitant to join the bombing, ISIS releases a third video of an allegedbeheading of a Frenchman, which provided justification for French involvement.

Either ISIS and Jihadi John are the absolute dumbest public relations operatives in world history, or the actions of ISIS and Jihadi John are directly controlled by NATO for propaganda, geopolitical, and military purposes since it is only NATO who has benefited from the videos and the alleged beheadings.

The timing of ISIS and Jihadi John’s actions – always in line with the goals of the NATO faction of the world oligarchy – is clearly the result of the latter.

[1] Tarpley, Webster Griffin. 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made In USA. 5th edition. Progressive Press. 2011.

Recently by Brandon Turbeville:
Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Florence, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of six books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom7 Real ConspiraciesFive Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1and volume 2, and The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria. Turbeville has published over 500 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville's podcast Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV.  He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at) 

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Hezbollah Announces Plan to Defeat Islamic State Group

Hezbollah announced it will fight those providing arms to the Islamic State group.

Hezbollah announced it will fight those providing arms to the Islamic State group. | Photo: Reuters

Published 22 February 2015

After announcing it was active in Iraq, Hezbollah is seeking to stop arms flowing to Islamic State group.
Hezbollah, the political party and resistance movement that has been fighting Israeli occupation of Lebanon for decades, has declared a new plan for defeating Islamic State group in Iraq.
On Friday the group announced a special initiative aimed at preventing the arming of the Islamic State group in Iraq.
It follows remarks earlier last week from the head of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah,  saying the Lebanese resistance movement has been fighting Islamic State in Iraq.
“We may not have spoken about Iraq before, but we have a limited presence because of the sensitive phase that Iraq is going through,” Nasrallah said.
The latest initiative is part of a policy seeking to avoid more civilians becoming  victims of the conflict, stated a communique from the movement.
“In order to target helicopters and planes that send weapons and food to the armed group from abroad, we will establish anti-helicopter missiles on all the fighting fronts against Daesh (the name for Islamic State group in Arab),” details the statement.
Sophisticated anti-aerial missiles will be able to take down any flying system, according to Hezbollah, adding that its brigades are equipped with “new and sophisticated weapons and munitions, which will allow the achievement of this goal in an effective way.”

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Satanic USSA lurches insanely toward World War III

February 27, 2015 2:36 pm EST

You can see it coming.

Just as you know that a hard storm is coming when you see towering thunderclouds billow up on the horizon, and see the lightning flash against the dark, angry sky; so, too, can you tell that one hell of a geopolitical storm is coming.

You have but to consider the depth of the insanity in which it is being nurtured and brought to term, and you know of a certainty that it will be wicked beyond all reckoning.
You know it is going to be bad, I mean really, really bad,  when the USSA keeps trotting out its deranged Vice-President to insist, among other things, that, “Russia cannot be allowed to redraw the map of Europe,”  and that the Russians must get out of Ukraine.

To begin with, the USSA itself has already radically redrawn the map of Europe with its vicious, military dismantling of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. For the lengthy, bloody details please read this and also this analysis of that conflict. There is, indeed, a satanic, psychopathic, fascist butcher of the Balkans and his name is USSA ex-President Bill Clinton. He should be in chains awaiting trial on unpardonable crimes against humanity, with a non-negotiable penalty upon conviction of hanging by the neck until dead.

So who, therefore, is the USSA Vice-President to lecture anyone about redrawing the map of Europe?

As for the Russians having to get out of Ukraine — they have actually been there from its birth centuries ago! The western region of the modern country called Ukraine is part of the ancestral homeland of the Slavic peoples, Russians being one of the Slavic peoples. Ethnic Russians and Russian-speaking people have lived there for centuries. In the case of the Crimea, the peninsula has been Russian territory for more than two centuries and has a majority Russian population. The Russians have had a naval base in the Crimea that goes back to Soviet times, and even well before that, to the rule of Catherine the Great, in the late 18th century.

Is the USSA Vice-President demanding that England vacate Gibraltar, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales? Must France abandon Corsica and Brittany, Alsace and Lorraine? Does he go so far as to require that Spain pull out of Catalonia and the Basque lands?  Is he adamant that Italy let Sardinia and the South Tyrol go?

No, no, no and no. So why is there a double standard for Russia?

Moreover, why the feigned outrage over the Russian military presence in the Crimea, which has long been Russian national territory? Why, the Russians have been in the Crimea longer than the USSA military has been in Texas, New Mexico, Alaska or Hawai’i.

By the same standard, the argument could be made that the Pentagon must pull its forces out of Hawai’i, New Mexico, Alaska and Texas. By what right is there one set of rules for Russia and another for the USSA?

But it is much worse than that. The USSA government maintains that Russia must withdraw from the Crimea, and yet the USSA maintains tens of thousands of men at arms, and dozens of military bases, in Germany, Italy, Japan and South Korea. And that is just a small part of the full picture.

2007 report by Global Research revealed that the USSA owned 737 military bases in 63 foreign countries, with the presence of USSA military personnel in 156 countries,  and over 250,00 military personnel deployed worldwide. Given the militarily aggressive foreign policy of the USSA, those numbers could well be higher today than they were eight years ago.

So who is the USSA to dictate to the Russians that they may not have a military base in the Crimea?

Sanctions and More Sanctions

Against that global, imperial, military backdrop the USSA continues to ratchet the pressure up against Russia, by raising the possibility of yet more, punitive economic sanctions, which are themselves an act of war.

The USSA Secretary of State, John Kerry, has again in recent days threatened more sanctions against Russia over that country’s alleged “craven” actions. And make no mistake about it, there is real danger in the anti-Russia sanctions policy that the USSA power establishment is pursuing. The USSA pursued a similar policy against Imperial Japan in the run-up to World War II; until the Japanese reached the limits of their patience and lashed out militarily against the USSA naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawai’i. The difference in the instant case is that modern Russia is not Imperial Japan of 1941. Russia has the military capability to reduce vast areas of the USSA mainland to smoking heaps of glowing, radioactive gravel and dust.

But that has not deterred the USSA Vice-President, Joe Biden, from upbraiding the Europeans (e.g., French President Hollande) who have questioned the anti-Russian sanctions, as being “inappropriate and annoying.”

You Want to Know What’s Inappropriate and Annoying?

Joe Biden, that’s what, a shrill, ignorant, arrogant, bullying, Delaware blow toad.

And to be repeatedly subjected to the incessant, puffed-up harrumphing of that senescent little nothing, a fatuous, braying, little fart of a limousine liberal, an ass-licking little pisser of an ex-Senator from DuPont leading the charge to a war with Russia that could easily go nuclear?

Now that’s annoying. That’s really annoying.

To think that an absolute know-nothing like him holds high political office in the USSA demonstrates perfectly the great peril in which all humanity stands.
Have you ever seen anything more pathetic?

And none of this would matter; it could all be dismissed as the insane ranting of a foaming at the mouth, raving mad lunatic, except that Joe Biden is Vice-President of the USSA, and he is speaking for the ruling sector of the USSA power establishment

The Run-Up To War

That is not to say that there are not some sane voices out there. French President Hollande has warned of a “bleak outcome“, i.e., war, if the Ukraine peace talks fail, and to his credit did go to Moscow, along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to meet with Vladimir Putin to try to work out a peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian civil war. Hollande also called for “broader autonomy” for eastern Ukraine. His position is a sensible and pragmatic alternative to all-out war. It would create political space, very much along the lines of the model in which the South Tyrol is an autonomous region in northern Italy; it is part of Italy, and yet it retains its distinctive, Geman-speaking, Tyrolian culture and a large measure of self-governance. But there is no sign that Kiev is prepared to accept any similar political accomodation with the eastern Ukraine.

The Greek Foreign Minister has warned that the European Union must stop its ‘feverish’ anti-Russian steps, and think about long-term relations with Russia. The Defence Secretary of the United Kingdom has also chimed in to publicly state the obvious: sending weapons to the Ukraine would escalate the violence. It’s hard to fight a war without weapons. Cut off the weapons flow to Kiev and the ability to wage civil war vanishes.

Unfortunately, there are forces in Kiev, in NATO and the EU, and in the USSA that want war. The Pentagon has recently deployed A-10 attack jets, along with 300 support personnel to Germany, in an ominous sign of upcoming land warfare. The A-10 is used in support of close, ground combat, to destroy tanks, armored personnel carriers, artillery, etc. There is no land warfare in Germany, but there is in eastern Ukraine, just a short flight away. The obvious inference is that the A-10s have been prepositioned by the Pentagon for use in upcoming ground combat in the eastern Ukraine.

It is likely that the A-10s are but a prelude to much more to come. The Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister announced last week: “… we are preparing for full-scale war,” even as the government in Kiev is demanding that the West supply it with lethal military arms. And right on cue there is a growing movement in the USSA Congress to send weapons to the Ukraine. See how that works?

You could be forgiven for thinking that this psychotic march to war is scripted by madmen whose puppet strings are pulled by invisible demons who want to take down the world. There clearly is a script, with various actors large and small assigned their parts to play. The whole thing has been game played and lined out well in advance. All that remains is to fill in the blanks, send in the weapons and troops, stage a false flag attack or three, perhaps very spectacular, notorious false flag attacks, bark the orders for war — and there you go.

Mushroom cloud city. Or mushroom cloud cities.

That’s no joke.

The Deputy Commander of NATO in Europe, General Adrian Bradshaw, warned last week that tensions with Russian could escalate into all-out war. That is very bellicose rhetoric. Have no illusions about what all-out war with Russia could possibly entail. Please see the mushroom cloud allusions above.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Commander of NATO forces in Europe, General Philip Breedlove, stated, I don’t think we should preclude out of hand the possibility of the military option.”

The trajectory towards war is obvious and ominous.

It certainly has not escaped Russian notice. The Russian envoy to NATO has labelled NATO’s military involvement in the Ukraine as “destructive” and “unacceptable.” Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has scathingly pointed out that the USSA has “escalated the Ukraine crisis at every stage and blamed Russia,” whereas Russian President Vladimir Putin has tersely remarked that, “No external pressure on Russia will go unchallenged.”
Earlier this month he put Russia’s mobile nuclear missile launchers on combat patrol in six different regions of the country.

Meanwhile, USSA Secretary of State, John Kerry, continues mewling that the USSA won’t close its eyes to Russian aggression in the Ukraine, and British Prime Minister Cameron has announced that the U.K. is sending military advisers to the Ukraine within a matter of weeks.

While Petro Poroshenko, President of the Ukraine, jetted off to the United Arab Emirates to sign a major weapons supply deal, thus effectively arming the Ukraine military for another round of warfare in eastern Ukraine against the ethnic Russian militias and upping the military ante against Russia, by allying the government in Kiev with the wealthy Sunni Arab monarchies in the Persian Gulf.

You do not need a crystal ball to see where all this is headed. It just gets uglier and uglier. Real evil has been unleashed and it looks like the devil will get his due.

There must be a really heavy, darkly negative, karmic harvest that is coming due, that’s all I can see.
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