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Sayyed Nasrallah: Israeli Army Will Never Has Successful Strategy in Lebanon

Local Editor

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan NasrallahHezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stressed on Friday that every spot of the Lebanese land will be a fortified that will destroy the Israeli tanks, kill the Israeli soldiers and defeat the Israeli army.

During a live speech he delivered on the ninth anniversary of the Divine Victory of July 2006, Sayyed Nasrallah said that there will not be a successful Israeli strategy in Lebanon from now on.

"This is our commitment, readiness and effective daily work regardless of all developments in the region."

His eminence stated that the Zionist enemy failed in land, sea and air during July war, because "there is no way for you [the Zionists] to reach or to stay in this land, and what happened in July War is being taught as new military theories."

He also stressed that Hezbollah presented the strategy of al-Hujeir Valley against the Israeli strategy of incursion and that Hezbollah's will and determination are now stronger than it was in 2006.

Sayyed Nasrallah indicated that Hezbollah celebrates August 14 of every year in order to learn lessons from the event it represents, encouraging the Lebanese people to withstand against the enemy project and thwart its plans and achieve victory against the terrorists and the strongest army in the region.

Hezbollah Secretary General touched on the regional developments, urging the Arab and Muslim people to reject the partition projects and calling on the clerics and Imams of the Muslim Ummah to shoulder the responsibility of educating the public about the dangers of these plans.

"Today, we reject the current partition... This what the US, Israeli and some regional powers are working on - whether intentionally or accidently - including the Saudi Arabia," he said.

"The US uses Daesh  today to divide the region whether Daesh knows that or not," he added, underlying that the US wants to exploit the so-called 'Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant' (ISIL) takfiri group to reformulate the region and draw new maps, without willing to strike ISIL in Syria because it wants to exploit the group to divide the country.

"US and allies employ Daesh to overthrow the regime in Syria, so do those who are other than Daesh can fight this group? This is the trick that is being used in more than a country in the region," his eminence revealed.

Daesh is the Arabic acronym of the so-called 'Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant' (ISIL) takfiri group.

On Iraq, Sayyed Nasrallah condoled the Iraqi people on the massacre committed by ISIL in al-Sadr city in Baghdad, that killed more than 70 people and left several hundreds wounded, and said that the Iraqi people were asked to change their government in exchange for receiving support to fight terrorism, but that promise was not fulfilled, adding that the US is cooperating with ISIL in Yemen to fight the national forces.

"This, it [the US] employs terrorism to implement its project, i.e. the partition," Sayyed Nasrallah said.

Addressing the Syrian file, Hezbollah Secretary General stressed that the Syrian people and army are fighting in Hasakeh, Aleppo, Idleb, Deir Ezzor, and Homs in order to maintain the unity of the country and to reject the partition.

On Yemen, his eminence reiterated Hezbollah condemnation of the Saudi-US aggression that sets the basis for other serious aggressions by the Zionist entity and the United States, stressing that wherever there is a cause, faith, steadfastness and dignity, this aggression will not achieve goals.

On the anniversary of the Divine Victory of July War that the Zionist enemy launched on Lebanon in 2006, leader of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance saluted the sacrifices of Hezbollah fighters who fought the enemy till the last drop of their blood, as well as the Lebanese army and people.

"Before such sacrifices and the convoys of martyrs... I can say that words are incapable of expressing, so I will replace words by kissing the hands of the families of martyrs and all those who sacrificed," he said, adding that "by the blessing of their sacrifices the victories have been achieved and your victory will be always permanent."

Moreover, Sayyed Nasrallah called for declaring August 14 of every year a Divine Victory Day in July War, because it was the day when the Zionist aggression stopped and the enemy failed to achieve its goals. This day also marks the return of our people to the land from which they were displaced in the most powerful popular reaction against the aggression.
"We want to prove through this political and media title that they were really in front of a Divine Victory in August 14 which Allah granted it to all of us. This is what we believe in," he said.

"The mythical steadfastness of our army, people and Resistance represents the peak of this commitment.. The military steadfastness integrated with the popular and political one in the face of the suspected projects and dictating conditions and waging threats, despite the political differences," Hezbollah Secretary General reminded, noting that al-Hujeir battle of 2006 was very crucial and essential in ending the war and humiliating the enemy.

"It foiled all his [the enemy's] military plans and left no choice for him but to rapidly withdraw till the borders," his eminence said, highlighting that the enemy was in need to the land progress so that he wouldn't go out of the war with a full defeat, but the heroic fighters left scores of his tanks destroyed, and dozens of his soldiers killed.

"Here, the myth of Merkava tank and its undefeatable army was smashed. From al-Hujeir Valley, the project of occupying the south of Litani river fell," Sayyed Nasrallah stated.

Regarding the political crisis in Lebanon, Hezbollah Secretary General stressed the party's stance on the presidency challenge, reiterating the full support of Gen. Micheal Aoun, calling all the political factions in the country to get united and build a strong state that serves all its people without discrimination, denying any Iranian interference in Hezbollah position in this regard.

Source: Al-Manar Website
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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

The Eye and the Needle - Final Part

By Hadi Safa

They summoned all males aged between 16 and 60 to gather at the village mosque. The mother of one slim, blue-eyed boy aged 16, who looked closer to 12, covered him with a woman's headscarf. He pretended to play hand games with his sisters to avoid the wrath of the "Israeli" occupation soldiers who went house to house to make sure their order was being met. 

Once all the males that they could gather were in the mosque prayer hall, an "Israeli" officer with a golden canine tooth and a heavy eastern-European accent singled out 17 men; 11 young, 5 middle-aged, and one in his late fifties. The officer's henchmen took them outside, blindfolded and hands bounded behind their backs. 

 The Eye and the Needle...

They lined them up against the wall, and one bullet was inserted in each one of their heads. The village men in the mosque thought, I would help if I could, but I can't, so I won't. At least this is what they convinced themselves. The golden-toothed officer grinned at the silence of a space filled with men. His terror managed to do exactly what it was meant to do: terrorize.
In a nearby village, around about the same time, there was also a summoning. This time 70 men were gathered, both young and old. They were told by the Israelis to remain quiet and patient. The occupation soldiers decorated the outer mosque walls.


The old village mosque was now rubble, just like the dreams of seventy men and their families.

In a third nearby village the next day, ten young men held an angry demonstration in the old mosque.

""Israel" is absolute evil", they shouted.
"Death to "Israel"," they shouted.
"The occupation must end", they shouted.
Their voices echoed throughout the heart of the village.

The Eye and the Needle...

It didn't take "Israeli" tanks and armored vehicles long to arrive. The youth were hurdled into the backs of military jeeps, and then taken, away.
Little did the young men know, that their tiny demonstration will have huge effects on the life of one man who will carry out many great works.
Adnan sat in the village coffee house with friends.
"What have those kids done to themselves?" he asked sarcastically, as he exhaled his cigar with cringed eyes.
"How can an eye fight the tip of a needle?!"
In contrast to the poisonous skepticism of Adnan and his likes, the village people came out in droves. They kindled huge fires at all entrances of the village, flames that continued to scream for days. The walls of fire prevented the "Israeli" patrols from entering the village square. On the third day of rage, the occupation budged, and released the ten youth.
The young men were received by the villagers with a hero's welcome, while Adnan and his likes boycotted the festivities, feeling despised and dejected.

Source: al-Ahed news

Part 2

Adnan was a car trader. Every 6 months or so, he would travel to Europe to buy used cars in order to sell them in a Lebanese market hungry for the quality that carmakers like BMW and Mercedes have to offer. His 15 years in the business had earned him a small fortune.
 The Eye and the Needle - Part 2
This summer was especially hot. Sustained mosquito raids on the villagers during this time of the year, was a fact of village life. Adnan went out to buy mosquito mesh sheets from Abu Ahmad's small hardware shop. Abu Ahmad was a short man with a short temper, but a big heart. He was growing old, and lacking the blessing of offspring - he was only nicknamed Abu Ahmad, father of Ahmad, during his youth - the hardware shop was his main means of maintenance.

Abu Ahmad regularly kept chicks in a small chicken house which he kept near the shop's entrance. As Adnan approached the chicken house, he held his breath to safely pass the awful stench. Abu Ahmad nurtured the chicks and sold them off weeks thereafter, and despite the horrible smell, it gave him some much needed extra income.

"Salam Abu Ahmad".

"Ahlan", Abu Ahmad replied as he walked over to Adnan with a slight wobble to his left. 

"I need 3 meters of mosquito sheets please".

While Abu Ahmad went out back to fetch the sheets, Adnan pulled out a white envelope and carefully placed it under Abu Ahmad's old sales keeping book.
"That'll be 5,000 lira, Adnan".

Just as Adnan readied to take a deep breath to safely navigate back past the wicked smell of the chicken house, something else held his breath first. A sudden sound shook the heavens and rendered the earth asunder. 

The Eye and the Needle - Part 2

A large crowd gathered at Abu Ali's petrol station in the village square. Village men lined up for much needed diesel to power their electricity generators. The "Israeli" occupation's tight restrictions had left diesel in short supply.

"Who was killed this morning?", Adnan asked Abu Hassan the Baker.

"A slim, blue-eyed young man from the Resistance...all I know is that his first name is Husayn, and that he's from the village next door. And he was martyred, Adnan, martyred!".

Adnan gave a look of disagreement as they both moved up in the queue.

"Even if he really did take out the golden-toothed officer, there are at least one thousand other officers like him in the "Israeli" army!".

Abu Hassan the Baker was having none of it.

"This was the path taken by our elders who fought the French occupation and won...".

"This is "Israel" Abu Hassan! Attempting to fight it militarily is suicidal. These operations only bring more harm to our people".

They both now stood at the front of the queue. Only Abu Ahmad stood before them. He began filling up his diesel canister.

"We need to develop our land and villages Abu Hassan, to grow our people economically, if we are to stand any chance against the Zionist project".

"Adnan, the blood of a martyr is like a bell that awakens a thousand souls".

"Oh yeah, sure, and what about the poor parents of this martyr huh, who's going to support them now that he's gone?", Adnan's voice now emboldened with added purpose.

Abu Ahmad placed the diesel canister near his feet and paid Abu Ali the petrol station owner. 

Through the corner of his eye, Adnan could see Abu Ahmad cautiously placing money back into the white envelope that he had left him earlier that day.

"WE become their family Adnan, WE become their support!", retorted Abu Hassan the Baker, as he moved forward with his canister.

Adnan remained as still as a statue, frozen in thought, staring at Abu Ahmad's feebleness as he walked off with his slight wobble.

Within four hours he had booked a ticket and boarded a flight from Berlin to Beirut. Those few hours were the longest of his life. He was devastated, confused, and somewhat angry. He kept asking himself, ‘why?!'

The funeral procession and burial had to be held in the capital Beirut. Even worse, Adnan could not live any longer in his house in occupied southern Lebanon. The Israelis had only recently imposed a new rule: any family from which a member is found to be a resistance fighter, whether dead or alive, that family will be banished from their home and prohibited from remaining in the occupied South. 

The Eye and the Needle - Part 3

Adnan tried to hold back his tears as hundreds waited their turn to not only condole and console him, but congratulate as well.

"May he be granted an abode alongside the Master of Martyrs inshAllah', one elderly man addressed him aloud.
Adnan sat quietly with his son Jawad. He finally began to regain some composure. He looked at Jawad who sat opposite to him. Jawad had a strong build, was handsome, and highly resembled his martyred brother.

"Are you in the Resistance too Jawad - be honest with me?"

"Dad, you be honest with me, are you proud of Sadiq's martyrdom?"

"How did he fall son?", Adnan countered, to dodge the difficult question.

"Dad, it is your right to know, and I've been given permission to tell you..."
"What is it, speak..."

"Sadiq was a leading commander..."


"Of the missile launchers..."

Adnan's eyes grew wide, "What missile launchers?"

"All missile launchers of the Resistance dad, north of the Litani."
News quickly spread of the martyrdom of the Hizbullah Secretary General's son Sayyed Hadi Nasrallah. Adnan ordered the whole family to immediately get dressed. This was the son of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah after all - his eldest son too.

Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

Adnan focused all his attention on the Secretary General of Hizbullah. His glory, dignity, power, confidence, and beauty. His black turban was a constant reminder of his ancestors, the Holy Prophet's progeny, cruelly oppressed throughout the ages.

There was much talk whether the Sayyed will actually speak to the crowds. It had only been hours since his son was martyred. But there he was, standing as tall as a mountain, much to the euphoria of the thousands that had gathered.

"Praise is due to God, who took a generous look at my family, and chose from it a martyr", Sayyed Nasrallah eloquently announced.

Listening to these words, Adnan hated himself. One man sat his child on his shoulders. Donned in a small military outfit, the child waved the yellow banner of the Resistance. The raised AK-47 imprint on the flag momentarily covered Adnan's view of Sayyed Nasrallah.

Deep down, Adnan was more and more convinced that military resistance against the "Israelis" was necessary, and that the "Israeli" army was not some ‘invincible army'. 

Sayyed Nasrallah spelled out this reality to the crowds, but it wasn't mere talk either. The "Israelis" were gradually losing ground in the South due to the painful, continuous blows of the Resistance.
People gathered around the Secretary General to express their condolences and felicitations in person. Adnan stood nervously on the edge of the human circle that surrounded Sayyed Nasrallah. In the blink of an eye, Adnan found himself a mere arms-length away from the leader of the Resistance. Jawad smiled at his father and let go of his hand. After having navigated his father through the hustle and bustle, Jawad solemnly saluted the leader, and introduced him to his father.

Sayyed Nasrallah looked at Adnan and embraced him. The storm of his stature captivated Adnan, just like the few words that he could remember from his leader:
"Congratulations Hajj Adnan, now we are both the fathers of martyrs".

Final Part Part 4:

As if it were Judgment Day. Many martyrs fell under the falling fire. The sky dropped to the ground, its face covered in red with the blood of the martyrs.

Adnan placed his rifle against the wall, faced the Qiblah, the Muslim direction of prayer, and swung his hands through the air. A small prayer of thanksgiving.

First Sadiq, now Jawad.

The Eye and the Needle - Final Part

He stood and recited verses from the Holy Quran, when his eyes caught sight of Islamic calligraphy framed onto the wall:

"Whoever strives in Our way, We will Guide him onto our paths".
And like the first spiritual vision of a mystic, a quick history of the most significant stations in Adnan's life flashed before his eyes. Adnan realised that God was there all along, that God had guided him because he sought it. 
The Eye and the Needle - Final Part

It was clear that the commander of the attack that killed Jawad and his entire task force was "Golden-tooth", that wretched commander was responsible for a generous share of innocent blood.

Adnan and his special force unit were made well aware by top command that the veteran Golden-tooth and his advanced group of 4th Generation Merkava tanks had to be stopped at all costs. Adnan fully understood that the next few minutes could decide the course of the war, and consequently, the shape of the entire Middle East for decades.

Intelligence and scout units had managed to identify the exact ‘chariot' that Golden-tooth rode. 

 The Eye and the Needle - Final Part

"Tanks 1, 3, and 5, and then as many as you can", Adnan ordered his men.

"Ya Allah" his men affirmed, expressing their readiness as they stationed themselves at sophisticated "Kornet" anti-tank missile systems.

"Golden-tooth is mine brothers, I got number 3..." Adnan declared. He had personal scores to settle.
A line of 17 Merkavas rolled into a majestic valley, moving within 2 kilometres of the Resistance's range of fire.

What occurred next reminded Adnan of the victims of Golden-tooth, especially those boys and men buried under the concrete mosque walls with fire, many years ago. But this time, things were different. It was Golden-tooth and his soldiers that were the prisoners, captives within the melting walls of the Merkava. 
 The Eye and the Needle - Final Part

"This victory is too great to be comprehended by us", Sayyed Nasrallah declared.

The melody of exploding Merkavas spoke of a page in history that was not entirely comprehensible, at least not in this world.

A sea of yellow then, rejoiced in an everlasting victory.

"The coming weeks, months, and years will confirm this fact", the leader of the Resistance explained.

Within the yellow sea, Adnan glanced into the eyes of his two martyrs. He felt the tips of the needles on the back of the badges. His people were never an eye at the mercy of a needle, he thought.

Nevertheless, soon the clouds of fitna will gather, that perhaps the dark can bar the light of Tammouz.

"The End..."

Note: "The Eye and the Needle" was a fictional short story series based upon and inspired by true events.
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Zarif Meets Assad: It’s Time for Regional Players to Fight Terrorism

Local Editor

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad received Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif who stressed that it’s time for countries in the region to get involved in fighting terrorism.

In their meeting in Damascus on Wednesday, Zarif stressed that the Syrians’ will must be the compass of any ideas for resolving the crisis away from any foreign interference and in a way that preserves the Syrian territorial integrity and its independent decision.

Assad and ZarifHe also stressed Iran’s determination to support the steadfastness of Syrian people and ease their suffering due to the fierce war waged against them, SANA news agency reported.

“Both sides affirmed that all countries inside and outside the region have to realize that they are not safe from a metastasizing terror threat, urging them to exert genuine and serious efforts to combat this threat through coordinating efforts and adopting policies based on truths and severing their support for terrorist groups,” the Syrian agency said.

The top Iranian diplomat called on regional countries to fight terrorism and extremism.

“I say to the other (regional) players and to our neighbors that now is the time to care about the truth, answer the aspirations of the Syrian people and work to fight terrorism, extremism, and sectarianism," Zarif said, according to AFP.

For his part, President Assad expressed his "appreciation for Iran’s strong support for Syria.
He welcomed "the sincere efforts made by Iran and friendly countries to stop the war against Syria and to preserve the sovereignty and integrity of its territory".

The Syrian leader also relayed his congratulations to the Iranian people over the nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 group, pointing out that Iran reached this historic achievement thanks to the steadfastness of the Iranian people and their support for their leadership, SANA reported.

The meeting was attended by Syrian FM Walid al-Mouallem, Presidential Political and Media advisor Bouthania Sha’aban, Deputy FM, Fayysal Mikdad, FM advisor Ahmed Arnous and Fayza Iskandar, Director of MFA’s Asia Department from the Syrian side, while Iranian Deputy FM, Hussein Amir Adbulahayan, and Iranian Ambassador to Syria Mohamed Raouf Shibani from the Iranian side.

Source: Agencies
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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

The Centerpiece of US Foreign Policy Struggle – James Petras

The Conference of 52 Presidents of the Major American (sic) Jewish Organizations and the US-Iran Nuclear Agreement

by Dr. James Petras

In the village of Duma, an 18 month old Palestinian baby died following the fire-bombing of his family’s home by Israeli settlers.  The father of the child died of burns a week later and the surviving mother and young sibling are barely alive – covered with burns from racist Jewish arson.  The United Nations Special Committee to investigate Israel’s practices toward Palestinians in Israeli occupied territory have revealed that the ‘root cause’ of the escalating violence is the ‘continuous policy of Jewish settlement expansion (financed and defended by the Netanyahu regime) and the climate of impunity relating to the activities of the settlers (financed and defended by the Presidents of the 52 Major American Jewish Organizations). (UN News Centre, Aug. 10, 2015).
An image released by Palestinian news agency Ma’an shows 18-month-old Ali Sa’ad Dawabsheh, who was killed in an arson attack by Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank on July 31, 2015, with his parents. The father of the boy has succumbed to his burns.
An image released by Palestinian news agency Ma’an shows 18-month-old Ali Sa’ad Dawabsheh, who was killed in an arson attack by Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank on July 31, 2015, with his parents. The father of the boy has succumbed to his burns.

Federica Mogherini, the EU's foreign policy chief, and Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran's foreign minister, speak at a press conference in Vienna after announcing the Iran nuclear deal.
Historic agreement reached in Vienna. Federica Mogherini, the EU’s foreign policy chief, and Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister, speak at a press conference in Vienna after announcing the Iran nuclear deal. Photograph: Joe Klamar/AFP/Getty Images

The recent US-Iran nuclear agreement, entitled Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA, has implications far beyond the ending of nearly 40 years of regional confrontation.
Several fundamental issues concerning the nature of US policy making, the power of a foreign regime (Israel) in deciding questions of war and peace and the role organized power configurations with overseas loyalties play in making and breaking executive and legislative authorities.
To investigate these fundamental issues it is important to discuss the historical context leading up to the rise of this paradoxical situation:  Where a ‘global power’ is subject to the dictates of a second-rate state through the strategic penetration and influence by domestic organizations composed of ‘nominal citizens’ of the subject state with ‘divided (to put it politely) loyalties’.
The Centrality of Israel’s Unchallenged Regional Supremacy
The motor force of Israeli foreign and domestic policy is their drive for unchallenged regional supremacy:  Military dominance through wars, territorial occupation, brutal armed interventions, extra territorial political assassinations of opponents and favorable one-sided treaties.  To ensure its unquestioned dominance Israel has developed the only nuclear weapons arsenal and largest missile launch capacity in the region and has openly declared its willingness to use nuclear weapons against regional rivals.
Israel’s repeated mantra that it faces an ‘existential threat’ from its Arab neighbors and subjugated Palestinians has no factual basis.  On the contrary, history has taught the world that Israel, directly and indirectly, has engaged a series of aggressive wars devastating its Arab and Muslim neighbors.  Israel has bombed and/or invaded Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Palestine and Sudan.   Israel has assassinated scientists in Iran and Palestinian political leaders as well as intellectuals, writers and poets in the Gulf, Jordan and Europe.  Even family members have not been spared Israeli terror.
Israel can brutalize its neighbors with total impunity because of its vast military superiority, but its real power is found in its overseas proxies, the Tel Aviv-dominated Zionist power configurations, especially in North America and Europe.  The most important proxy organizations and individuals operate in the United States.  Thanks to them Israel has received over $150 billion dollars in economic and military grants and loans from US taxpayers in the past half-century.  Each year Israel rakes in billions in tribute, billions in tax-free donations from billionaire Israel loyalists with dual US citizenship, who extract their wealth from American workers, investors and gamblers, and hundreds of billions via unrestricted investments, privileged market access and technology transfers.
The economic and military transfers to Israel result from the cumulative build-up of political poweramong powerful US Zionists.  No one disputes today that what is dubbed as the ‘pro-Israel lobby’ is the most powerful configuration inside Washington DC today.  Focusing primarily on the ‘Israel lobby’ overlooks the powerful role that influential, Zionist political officials have played in deciding issues prioritized by the Israeli leadership.
Israeli power over the making and implementing of US Middle East policy has led to the US invasions of Iraq, Syria and Libya; the current economic boycott and blockade of Iran; the breakup of Sudan; and the bombing of Somalia.
Israeli power in the US operates through various political instruments in different institutional settings. The pro-Israel mass media moguls at the Washington PostWall Street Journal, the New York Times and all the TV networks unconditionally defend Israel’s bombing, dispossession and repression of Palestinians while demonizing any Arab or Muslim states which has opposed its brutality – frequently calling for the US to impose sanctions and/or to launch armed attacks against Israel’s critics.

Paul Wolfowitz, William Kristol, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Scooter Libby, John Bolton, Michael Ledeen. Zionist authors of ‘A clean break’.
The US military campaign known as the ‘Global War on Terror’, a series of brutal invasions and ‘regime changes’, launched after the attacks of September 11, 2001 was formulated and promoted by fanatical Israeli proxies in strategic positions within the Bush government, especially Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, ‘Scooter’ Libby, Elliott Abrams and Richard Perle.  The boycott of Iran was designed and implemented by US Treasury officials Levey and Cohen.  The drumbeat for war in Iraq and the phony ‘intelligence’ about ‘weapons of mass destruction’ was propagated by New York Times scribe Judith Miller, designed by Wolfowitz and Feith, backed by the 52 President of Major American Jewish Organizations and ultimately paid for with the lives of over five thousand Americans and well over a million Iraqi civilians.  The destruction and breakup of Iraq, a long-time supporter of Palestinian national rights, was accomplished without the loss of a single Israeli life – despite the enormous benefit the Jewish state has enjoyed from the war!
The extraordinary success of this highest Israeli military priority was due entirely to the machinations of Israel’s highly placed US proxies.
Zionist Architects of Iraq War

Yet the cost of the war has been very high for the American people (and unimaginably high for Iraqis): Over a quarter million physical and mental casualties among US troops;  two trillion dollars and counting in military expenditures crippling the US economy and a vast and growing army of Islamist and nationalist rebels opposing US interests throughout the region.
The Israeli power configuration within the US led the US into a war, which enhanced Israel’s dominance of the Middle East region and accelerated its annexation of Palestinian land.  But Israeli ambition for total regional power is not complete.  It still faces a formidable opponent to its conquest of the Middle East:  Iran remains a staunch supporter of the people and national sovereignty of Palestine, Syria and Lebanon.
The regime of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, backed by the entire Israeli political opposition and the majority of the Jewish electorate, has been aggressively pushing for aUS confrontation with Iran – through economic and eventually military warfare.

Netanyahu and fawning US Lawmakers – NYTimes, March 2015.

There have been scores of public and private meetings in the US and elsewhere, where Netanyahu’s regime “informed” (or rather dictated to) the entire Zionist power configuration to launch an economic and military attack against Iran with the open aim of ‘regime change’ and the ultimate aim of breaking up and destroying the Islamic republic – similar to the destruction of Iraq, Libya and now Syria.
Israel’s Proxies and the Obama – Iran Nuclear Accord
All the major US spy agencies, including the CIA, long concluded that Iran did not have a nuclear weapons program.  Its nuclear program has been proven to be limited to legal, internationally sanctioned peaceful civilian use.
When the US intelligence establishment went ‘off-script’ and cleared Iran of a nuclear weapons program, Israel responded by brazenly assassinating five Iranian scientists and engineers, leaking faked evidence of a nuclear weapon program and directing its US proxies to push the US toward greater economic sanctions.  They escalated their media campaign demonizing Iran, pushing for an economic and military blockade of Iran using the US naval forces in the Persian Gulf and its military bases in adjoining countries.  Israeli officials want yet another US war for Israel along the lines of the Iraq invasion.
With the recent change in the Iranian government leadership via democratic elections there have been serious expressions of greater flexibility with regard to inspections of its nuclear programs and facilities.  At the same time Washington has been confronted with multiple escalating insurgent wars in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan.  This provides the context for President Obama’s ‘pivot’ toward negotiations and diplomacy to secure an agreement with Iran and away from military confrontation.
This has infuriated the Netanyahu regime.  Its government leaders and agents met with the Presidents of the 52 Major American Jewish Organizations, leading Zionist Washington insiders like (Dennis Ross), super-rich Zionist billionaires and multiple delegations of notables and told themto launch an all-out campaign to sabotage the Iran-US- England- France-Russia-China, and Germany (‘P5+1’) nuclear agreement.
The entire Zionist political apparatus immediately organized a multi-prong, multi-million dollar campaign blitz to undermine the US President.  The American (sic) Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC) mobilized hundreds of its full-time functionaries, invading the US Congress with offers of all expense-paid junkets to Israel, political threats, campaign ‘donation’ enticements and outright blackmail.
John McCain, Charles Schumer, Bob Corker, Lindsey Graham and Israel’s PM, Netanyahu
Influential US Zionist Congress people joined the onslaught with their ‘leader’ the ‘Senator from Tel Aviv’ Charles Schumer, accompanied by his fellow Zionist one-hundred percenters, Congress people like Steve Israel, Ted Deutsch, Eliot Engel and Nita Lowery.  They have openly chosen to follow the dictates of the Israeli Prime Minister against their fellow Democrat US President Obama.  Schumer, who frequently boasts that his name derives from ‘shomer Yisrael’ (Israel’s Guardian), flaunts his ‘role in Washington’ to serve Israel’s interest.   The unannounced (or undenounced) ‘elephant in the room’ is their primary loyalty to Israel over the US.  The Democratic Congressional Zionists have joined hands with the Republican war mongers – both in tow to militarist, Zionist billionaires and media moguls.  The 52 organizations brazenly announced a $40 million budget to fund an Israeli front group “Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran” to undermine President Obama’s (and the other members of the P5+1) push for diplomacy.
Netanyahu’s ‘megaphones’ in the US mass media spread his message in their daily reports and editorial pages.  The Zionist power configuration ran roughshod over dissident Jewish voters and Congress people who dared to support Obama’s Iran agreement – an agreement which has majority support of the war-weary US public and strong support from US scientists and Nobel Prize recipients.
President Obama’s recent speech at American University, and the text deserves closer examination than it has so far gotten.

President Obama has finally counter-attacked this campaign to undermine the agreement, calling attention to the fact that “the same people who led us into the Iraq war are pushing us into war with Iran”.  The President discreetly omitted identifying the Israeli links of the “same people”.
Obama understands that the alternative to the peace accord opposed by Israel and the Zionist-led US Congress members will be a devastating regional war, costing trillions of dollars in losses to the US economy, thousands of US lives and hundreds of thousands of wounded soldiers – not to speak of millions of Iranian casualties – and an environmental holocaust!  While the Zionist power configuration saturates the airwaves with its unending lies and fear mongering, each and every major city and community Jewish Confederation have sent their activists to plant stories and twist arms to sabotage the agreement.

While many US intellectuals, liberals, progressives and leftists support the US-Iran agreement (see the Scientists’ Letter to Obama on Iran Nuclear Deal, Aug. 8, 2015 with 29 top scholars and Nobel laureates support diplomacy), few would dare to identify and attack Israel’s US proxies as they promote Tel Aviv’s agenda pushing the US to war with Iran.  A brief glance through the sectarian left press, for example, The Socialist Register, New Politics, New Left Review, finds no discussion of the powerful, well-financed, highly organized, elite-driven Israeli proxies and their role in determining US wars in the Middle East, and more specifically the war agenda toward Iran.
The success or failure of the US-Iran nuclear agreement will have momentous, world-historic consequences that go far beyond the Middle East.  Obama is absolutely right to pose the question as one between a diplomatic accord or a large scale, long-term devastating war.  But war is what Israel, its leaders, its majority and its opposition parties are demanding and what its US proxies are pursuing.
The basic question for all Americans is whether we will act as an independent, sovereign country pursuing peace through diplomacy, as we currently see unfolding with Iran and Cuba, or a submissive military instrument, directed by Israel’s proxies hell-bent on destroying America for Israel.

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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Zionist Entity Releases Suspects in Arson Attack

Local Editor

Israeli occupation authorities released all suspects detained s part of a probe into the firebombing of a Palestinian home that burned to death an 18-month-old child and his father.

"All those arrested yesterday for interrogation have been released," a spokeswoman for the Shin Bet security agency told AFP, without providing further details.

Palestinian baby burned to death by Zionist settlersThey did not provide the number of those detained in the raids early Sunday in wildcat Jewish settlement outposts in the West Bank near the Palestinian village of Duma, where the brutal firebombing occurred.

Wildcat outposts in the Israeli-occupied West Bank are notorious for housing Zionist settlers, referred to as hilltop youth.

The Palestinian family's small brick and cement home in Duma was gutted by fire early on July 31, and a Jewish Star of David spray-painted on a wall along with the words "revenge" and "long live the Messiah".

The arson attack on the family's home in the occupied West Bank that killed 18-month-old Ali Dawabsha and his father, Saad sparked an international outcry over the ongoing Israeli crimes against Palestinians.

Mother Riham and four-year-old son Ahmed were also in an Israeli hospital, where a spokeswoman described their condition last week as life-threatening.
Source: AFP
10-08-2015 - 12:37 Last updated 10-08-2015 - 12:37

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Monday, 10 August 2015

IOF Arrests Suspects over Deadly WB Arson Attack

Local Editor

Zionist forcesThe Zionist police arrested several suspects Sunday in raids linked to the deadly firebombing of a Palestinian home and placed two more alleged Jewish extremists in a controversial form of detention without trial, officials said.

The authorities\' moves came as calls mounted for a crackdown on Jewish extremism in the wake of the July 31 arson attack in the West Bank village of Duma that killed an 18-month-old child and his father.

The child\'s mother and four-year-old brother were also critically wounded in the firebombing.

Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to tackle the problem and labeled the firebombing \"terrorism\".

The suspects arrested on Sunday were detained in raids on wildcat Jewish settlement outposts in the occupied West Bank as part of \"the investigation into the events that occurred in Duma,\" occupation police said in a statement.

It did not give the number of arrests or the suspects\' identities.

The international community regards all Jewish settlements in the West Bank as illegal but the Zionist government makes a distinction between those it has authorized and those it has not.

Separately, the defense ministry said two more alleged Jewish extremists were placed in what is known as administrative detention, which allows suspects to be held without charge for six-month intervals that can be renewed indefinitely.

A third alleged extremist was put in administrative detention several days ago. The measure is usually used for Palestinians.

One of those placed under the measure on Sunday was Meir Ettinger, a 23-year-old accused of being a key figure in a loose band of youths suspected to be behind \"price-tag\" attacks -- the term used to refer to nationalist hate crimes.

Ettinger\'s grandfather Meir Kahane founded Kach, a racist movement that wanted to chase Arabs from the occupied territories. Kahane was assassinated in New York in 1990.

Source: AFP
09-08-2015 - 13:17 Last updated 09-08-2015 - 13:17 

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