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Sharon Letter to Saudi King Revealed as Crown Prince Slams «Israel» at UN

In the most recent revelations of Saudi-“Israel” normalization and alliance, a letter written by Ariel Sharon ten years ago has been revealed as the Saudi Crown Prince in an attempt to wash his hands of barbarity, slammed the entity’s brutal measures in the Occupied Palestine.
Ariel Sharon
Though the stain of shame haunts the Saudi regime, its Crown Prince Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef addressed the UN General Assembly on Wednesday.
In a bid to wash away that taint, the crown prince first excoriated the “Israeli” entity before discussing the situation in Syria, Yemen or Iran.
Even more, he disregarded the Syrian crisis and the dire situation in Yemen, which had cost the lives of thousands of innocent civilians by the US-backed Saudi-led aggression on Yemen.
The Saudi Prince bin Nayef pointed out that progress in the Palestinian-“Israeli” conflict “seems impossible in the light of the continuation of the ‘Israeli’ settlement policy, the tampering with the holy city of al-Quds [Jerusalem], ruining the Arab, Islamic and Christian identity of the city, and the heartless policy of repression practiced against the Palestinians people.”
Little did he know that by slamming the “Israeli” entity, he would be dooming Riyadh and its ties to the entity!
Early in the month, at a ceremony in a museum in the Tel Aviv district of “Or Yehuda”, the “Israeli” entity’s former consul in Boston and ambassador to Egypt, Yitzhak Levan, mentioned Ariel Sharon’s letter to then Saudi King Abdullah.
A framed copy of the letter was presented to the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Museum.
Levan hailed the letter as an“important historical document,” and proof that the “Israeli” entity worked behind the scenes to move the so-called “peace process” forward. He also said the letter confirms that there were ties with the Saudis.
The spirit of those ties, and of reports of a growing but still discreet relationship between Tel Aviv and Riyadh was in no way evident, but the letter shed light on the relation of the two regimes that goes back a long way.
“In light of Saudi Arabia’s central status in this region, and your Majesty’s political wisdom and foresight, we believe that your country can make an immense contribution to the success of this [‘peace’] process,” Sharon wrote to the Saudi king in reference to the diplomatic process with the Palestinians.
Sahron further wrote to the Saudi King,
” It is our hope that Saudi Arabia, under your Majesty’s strong leadership, will exert its power and influence to encourage the moderate forces in this region and advance the prospects of peace, stability and prosperity.”
“I offer my hand in friendship and hope to have the opportunity to cooperate and work with you personally to advance our mutual goal of peace. I look forward to receiving your response,” Sharon concluded the letter of friendship.
Ariel Sharon wrote these words on November 27, 2005, and had a Jew born in Iraq who lived abroad named Moshe Peretz to deliver the letter to the Saudi King Abdullah, thanks to a good relationship he developed with the king’s brother-in-law.
Peretz turned to the “Israeli” Prime Minister’s Office and offered his services in relaying a message to the king. On December 3, 2005, the king’s brother-in law-called Peretz and said the letter was personally delivered.
Source: JPost, Edited by website team 
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Syrian Army Controls Entire Camp of Handarat in Northern Aleppo

Syrian Army Controls Handarat
[Map] Syrian Army makes significant progress in northern Aleppo
The Syrian army and allies managed on Saturday to regain control over Hanadart camp in northern Aleppo, killing dozens of terrorists and destroying their weapons.
SANA mentioned that the engineering units were dismantling mines and explosives planted by terrorists and the army was consolidating positions in order to broaden operations against terrorists in the area
The Syrian army and allies also continued their anti-terrorist campaign in several provinces, inflicting heavy losses upon the militants.

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The “12 Commandments” of the israel Lobby

Rep. Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania is the latest to take heat from the Israel Lobby, mainly because he once attended a meeting with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), and also refused to sign a letter written by AIPAC. So they created a TV ad that tries to tie him to terrorism. Never mind the fact that Sestak acted on his conscience in both instances—anybody who flouts the dictates of the Israel Lobby has to be punished.
The people who are promoting this latest experiment in intimidation are pretty open about what they’re doing, and why. “We’re the pro-Israel wing of the pro-Israel community,” exults neo-con godfather William Kristol. So here’s the crazy part—we’re not supposed to acknowledge that there’s an Israel Lobby, even though its main players talk openly about their activities! No, as Abraham Foxman pointed out in his book “The Deadliest Lies,” the existence of an Israel Lobby is a scurrilous falsehood made up by anti-Semites.
Got that? There’s no Lobby, but you’d better do what the Lobby says.
To help readers with this Orwellian dilemma, I offer these “12 Commandments of the Israel Lobby,” to be memorized if possible in a venue featuring the theme song of “The Twilight Zone” in the background.
1.      The Israel Lobby does not exist. In those cases where it does exist, its conclusions cannot be questioned.
2.      All criticisms of Israel are false. They are invented by anti-Semites, self-hating Jews, and terrorists. Also by crypto-Nazis, apostates and liars.
3.      All critics of Israel must be punished by extracting a public apology. Some offenders may be required to apologize more than once, if they do not grovel sufficiently the first time around.
4.      Those who criticize Israel and do not publicly apologize must be endlessly harassed, and fired from their jobs if possible. In academia they must be denied tenure.
5.      Any Arab or Muslim that criticizes Israel is a terrorist, and deserves to die.
6.      To praise anybody who ever criticized Israel is the same thing as criticizing Israel. Just as all things Israeli are good, anybody that criticizes Israel is bad.
7.      In any conflict involving Israelis and Palestinians, the Israelis are always the victims. If an Israeli hurts a Palestinian, the Israeli is still the victim because the Palestinian is trying to make the Israeli feel bad.
8.      Israel/Palestine is never debated. That implies another side to the issue, and there is only one side. Therefore debate is suppressed or disrupted.
9.      The United Nations, the World Court, the various UN agencies, every human rights organization and non-governmental organization in the world that isn’t approved by the NGO Monitor [an Israeli screening operation] is anti-Semitic. That is because these organizations are likely to criticize Israel’s human rights record—and as any fool knows, that means they’re anti-Semitic.
10.  The interests of the US are exactly the same as the interests of Israel. If they aren’t, the interests of Israel take precedence.
11.  Any war that the US is likely to be involved in must be evaluated from the point of view of its helpfulness to the current government of Israel.
12.  Anybody who threatens to make sense while criticizing Israel must be immediately shouted down. If shouting doesn’t work, screaming and crying are recommended. As a last resort, one must declare that criticisms of Israel are making one feel “unsafe.”
These rules, while meant to be humorous, reflect a reality that is petty, tiresome and essentially undemocratic. Thereore let us answer them by answering the call from Palestinian civil society for international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israeli apartheid. The purpose is to end the longest and most brutal military occupation of our time, and in so doing resolve the one issue most likely to cause religious war. But there is another reason to support BDS. The Israel Lobby operates as a thought police, spending millions of dollars to stop anybody in public life who would have a candid discussion of American interests in the Middle East. For this reason, we must counter the intimidation of the Israel Lobby in order to restore free speech and freedom of association to American discourse.

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In your dreams. In Kerry’s Own Words: Syria Prohibited from Attacking al-Qaeda

In Kerry’s Own Words: Syria Prohibited from Attacking al-Qaeda
No wonder the United States insisted that its Syria ceasefire deal with Russia remain secret! It turns out that one of the US demands was that the Syrian air force must be prohibited from attacking al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda in Syria). Crazy conspiracy theory? Listen to John Kerry’s own words at the UN yesterday:  
Why US kept Syria truce terms secret: Syrian planes prohibited from flying over areas where al-Nusra is present i.e. US protecting al-Qaeda
— the Lemniscat (@theLemniscat) September 22, 2016Kerry argued at the UN that it would be impossible to separate Washington’s “moderates” from al-Qaeda while al-Qaeda was under attack: Now, I have said to Russia many times it’s very hard to separate people when they are being bombed indiscriminately and when Assad has the right to determine who he’s going to bomb, because he can, quote, ‘go after Nusrah’ but go after the opposition at the same time because he wants to.Does this make any sense?
It seem much more logical to argue that the threat of being bombed alongside al-Qaeda would be the greatest incentive for “moderates” to separate themselves from al-Qaeda as soon as possible!
You would think Washington would tell its “moderates”: “You must cease and desist from fighting alongside al-Qaeda in Syria within the next 48 hours or you will yourselves become targets of Syrian, Russian, and coalition planes.” 
Instead Washington argues that because its “moderates” refuse to separate from al-Qaeda the Russians and Syrians must stop attacking al-Qaeda!
George W. Bush famously said, “either you’re with us, or you are with the terrorists.” But what happens when Washington itself is “with the terrorists”?

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Why the recent developments in Syria show that the Obama Administration is in a state of confused agony

via The Saker
The latest developments in Syria are not, I believe, the result of some deliberate plan of the USA to help their “moderate terrorist” allies on the ground, but they are the symptom of something even worse: the complete loss of control of the USA over the situation in Syria and, possibly, elsewhere.  Let me just re-state what just happened:

First, after days and days of intensive negotiations, Secretary Kerry and Foreign Minister Lavrov finally reached a deal on a cease-fire in Syria which had the potential to at least “freeze” the situation on the ground until the Presidential election in the USA and a change in administration (this is now the single most important event in the near future, therefore no plans of any kind can extend beyond that date).

Then the USAF, along with a few others, bombed a Syrian Army unit which was not on the move or engaged in intense operations, but which was simply holding a key sector of the front.  The US strike was followed by a massive offensive of the “moderate terrorists” which was barely contained by the Syrian military and the Russian Aerospace forces.  Needless to say, following such a brazen provocation the cease-fire was dead.  The Russians expressed their total disgust and outrage at this attack and openly began saying that the Americans were “недоговороспособны”.  What that word means is literally “not-agreement-capable” or unable to make and then abide by an agreement.  While polite, this expression is also extremely strong as it implies not so much a deliberate deception as the lack of the very ability to make a deal and abide by it.  For example, the Russians have often said that the Kiev regime is “not-agreement-capable”, and that makes sense considering that the Nazi occupied Ukraine is essentially a failed state.  But to say that a nuclear world superpower is “not-agreement-capable” is a terrible and extreme diagnostic.  It basically means that the Americans have gone crazy and lost the very ability to make any kind of deal.  Again, a government which breaks its promises or tries to deceive but who, at least in theory, remains capable of sticking to an agreement would not be described as “not-agreement-capable”.  That expression is only used to describe an entity which does not even have the skillsetneeded to negotiate and stick to an agreement in its political toolkit.  This is an absolutely devastating diagnostic.

Next came the pathetic and absolutely unprofessional scene of US Ambassador Samantha Powers simply walking out of a UNSC meeting when the Russian representative was speaking.  Again, the Russians were simply blown away, not by the infantile attempt at offending, but at the total lack of diplomatic professionalism shown the Powers.  From a Russian point of view, for one superpower to simply walk out at the very moment the other superpower is making a crucial statement is simply irresponsible and, again, the sign that their American counterparts have totally “lost it”.

Finally, there came the crowning moment: the attack of the humanitarian convey in Syria which the USA blamed, of course, on Russia.  The Russians, again, could barely believe their own eyes.  First, this was such a blatant and, frankly, Kindergarten-level attempt to show that “the Russians make mistakes too” and that “the Russians killed the cease-fire”.  Second, there was this amazing statement of the Americans who said there are only two air forces which could have done that – either the Russians or the Syrians (how the Americans hoped to get away with this in an airspace thoroughly controlled by Russian radars is beyond me!).  Somehow, the Americans “forgot” to mention that their own air force was also present in the region, along with the air forces of many US allies.  Most importantly, they forgot to mention that that night armed US Predator drones were flying right over that convoy.

What happened in Syria is painfully obvious: the Pentagon sabotaged the deal made between Kerry and Lavrov and when the Pentagon was accused of being responsible, it mounted a rather crude false flag attack and tried to blame it on the Russians.

All this simply goes to show that the Obama Administration is in a state of confused agony.  The White House apparently is so freaked out at the prospects of a Trump victory in November that it has basically lost control of its foreign policy in general and, especially, in Syria.  The Russians are quite literally right: the Obama Administration is truly “not-agreement-capable”.

Of course, the fact that the Americans are acting like clueless frustrated children does not mean that Russia will reciprocate in kind.  We have already seen Lavrov go back and further negotiate with Kerry.  Not because the Russians are naive, but precisely because, unlike their US colleagues, the Russians are professionals who know that negotiations and open lines of communications are always, and by definition, preferable to a walk-away, especially when dealing with a superpower.  Those observers who criticize Russia for being “weak” or “naive” simply project their own, mostly American, “reaction set” on the Russians and fail to realize the simply truth that Russians are not Americans, they think differently and they act differently.  For one thing, the Russians don’t care if they are perceived as “weak” or “naive”.  In fact, they would prefer to be perceived as such if that furthers their goals and confuses the opponent about their real intentions and capabilities.  The Russians know that they did not build the biggest country on the planet by being “weak” or “naive” and they won’t be take lessons from a country which is younger that many Russian buildings.  The western paradigm is usually like this: a crises leads to a breakdown in negotiations and conflict follows.  The Russian paradigm is completely different: a crisis leads to negotiations which are conducted up the the last second before a conflict erupts.  There are two reasons for that: first, continuing to negotiate up to the last second makes it possible to seek a way out of the confrontation up to the last second and, second, negotiations up to the last second make it possible to come as close as possible to achieving strategic surprise for an attack.  This is exactly how Russia acted in Crimea and in Syria – with absolutely no warning signs or, even less so, a well-publicized display of power to attempt to intimidate somebody (intimidation is also a western political strategy the Russians don’t use).

So Lavrov will continue to negotiate, no matter how ridiculous and useless such negotiations will appear.  And Lavrov himself will probably never officially utter the word “недоговороспособны”, but the message to the Russian people and to the Syrian, Iranian and Chinese allies of Russia will be that at this point Russia has lost any hope of dealing with the current US Administration.

Obama and Co. now have their hands full with trying to hide Hillary’s health and character problems and right now they probably can think of only one thing: how to survive the upcoming Hillary-Trump debate.  The Pentagon and the Department of State are mostly busy fighting each other over Syria, Turkey, the Kurds and Russia.  The CIA seems to be fighting itself, though this is hard to ascertain.

It is likely that some kind of deal with still be announced by Kerry and Lavrov, if not today, then tomorrow or the day after.  But, frankly, I completely agree with the Russians: the American are truly “not-agreement-capable” and at this point in time, both the conflict in Syria and the one in the Ukraine are frozen.  I don’t mean “frozen” in the sense of “no fighting”, not at all, but I do mean “frozen” in the same of “no major developments possible”.  There will still be combats, especially now that the Wahabi and Nazi allies of the USA feel that their boss is not in charge because he is busy with elections and race riots, but since there is no quick military solution possible in either one of these wars, the tactical clashes and offensives will not yield any strategic result.

Barring an election-canceling false flag inside the USA, like the murder of either Hillary or Trump by a “lone gunman”, the wars in the Ukraine and Syria will go on with no prospects of any kind of meaningful negotiations.  And whether Trump or Hillary get into the White House next, a major “reset” will take place in early 2017.  Trump will probably want to meet Putin for a major negotiations session involving all the key outstanding issues between the USA and Russia.  If Hillary and her Neocons make it into the White House then some kind of war between Russia and the USA will become almost impossible to prevent.
The Saker

PS: some Russian military experts are saying that the kind of damage shown in the footage of the attack on the humanitarian convey is not consistent with an airstrike or even an artillery strike and that it looks much more like the result of a blast of several IEDs.  If so, then that would still not point at Russia, but at the “moderate terrorist” forces in control of that location.  This could still be a US ordered-false flag attack or, alternatively, the proof that the US has lost control over its Wahabi allies on the ground.

Syrian War Report – September 23, 2016: Operation to Clear Eastern Aleppo

The Syrian Arab Army announced renewed operations in eastern Aleppo on September 22nd. Hezbollah announced their participation shortly after the SAA General Command.  The operations are reportedly coordinated with Russian military advisers deployed in the area.
The Syrian Air Force has delivered up to 45 air strikes on militant targets in the Aleppo neighborhoods of Sakhour, Hanano, Al-Sukkari, Bab Al-Maqam, and Bustan Al-Qasr.
Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that some 3,000 Russian soldiers have been deployed at a base in the south-eastern suburbs of the village of Al-Safir, citing an unknown ‘reliable source’. There is no confirmation of this information, except the ‘reliable source’. Russian troops are officially deployed only in the north-west of Aleppo at the Castello Highway.
Last night in the province of Homs, Ahrar al-Sham managed to overrun the checkpoint at Shukarah, manned by the SAA and the National Defense Forces, thanks to the help of an armored contingent. This move was aimed to cut off the strategic Homs-Salamiyah highway. However, the government forces recaptured the positions lost in Shukarah.
40 fighters of the Islamic State were killed in 20 airstrikes by the Turkish Airforce that had intensified air strikes against the group amid setbacks of the Ankara-led forces in northern Syria.

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Yellen To Trump: The (Jewish run) Fed Is Above The President

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. After Rate Hike Fake Out, Yellen Responds To Trump and Clinton Tells Trump to Shut Up on Federal Reserve. Plus other stories like the crackdown in little neighborhood libraries.

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On September 20, the Syrian army, the National Defense Forces and Hezbollah, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, repelled an attack of Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra/Al-Nusra Front) and its ‘moderate allies’ in southwestern Aleppo.
Terrorist infantry, supported by battle tanks and artillery, attacked the government forces’ positions in the 1070 Apartment Project and in the Ramouseh Artillery Base. However, they were not able to break the army’s defenses.
Separately, the joint terrorist forces attacked the Syrian army positions at the strategic Castello Highway and in the al-Layramount Neighborhood in northwestern Aleppo without any significant gains there.
The Russian centre in Syria said that Jabhat Fatah al-Sham and its allies lost four battle tanks, three infantry combat vehicles and nine pickup trucks with heavy guns during this failed advance. About 100 militants were killed, accodring to pro-government sources.
By September 21, firefights have been ongoing at the Ramouseh Artillery Base, al-Layramount and near the Handarat refugee camp. The Syrian army and its allies also launched an advance on the 1070 Apartment Project – Hikmah School – Tell Uhud axis, southwest of Aleppo city. Clashes are ongoing in Sooq al-Jebes.
Separately, the Syrian army repelled an ISIS advance on the village of Nasrallah located near the Kuweires Military Airport, killing some 14 ISIS terrorists.
In the northern part of Aleppo province, the Turkish Armed Forces and Ankara-backed militants have continued operations against the ISIS terrorist group. On September 20, ISIS launched a series of counter-attacks east of Al Rai, capturing from the Ankara-led forces over 9 villages. By September 21, the Turkish forces have not been able to regain the ground that they had lost. Meanwhile, pro-Turkish sources report that all is ‘ok’ and the Turkish artillery hit over 50 ISIS targets in northern Syria.
In the northern part of Homs province, the pro-government forces launched an advance on ISIS positions at Jabal Al-the Sha’er hilltop located near the strategic hilltop of Tal Sawwan. The Syrian army and its allies also advanced on the ISIS-controlled Al-Sha’er Gas Fields. Clashes are ongoing there.

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رعاة البقر يفاجئون الفرسان في “دير غراد” .. والقوات الجوية لداعش تظهر لأول مرة

نارام سرجون

أرجو ألا تكونوا قد أضعتم وقتكم في الاستماع الى بيان وزارة الدفاع الاميركية لشرح وجهة نظرها حول ماحدث من “احتكاك” غير مقصود مع الجيش السوري

.. وأتمنى فعلا ألا يكون احدنا قد ألقى بالا الى بيان التمويه عن(النار الصديقة) الذي صدر عن القيادة العسكرية الاميركية .. وأرجو بكل حرارة ألا يكون احدنا قد انخرط في جدال مع أحد ليؤكد على صحة الاستنتاج بارتباط داعش بالمشروع الاميركي .. لأننا عبثا بهذا الجدل نحاول أن نملأ السلة بماء الحقيقة .. ومن نجادل دوما له دماغ يشبه سلة لاتحتفظ بالماء ولن تمتلئ بالماء ولو غرفت بها ماء المحيط .. وحتى ان سكبت فيها ماء البحر حتى آخر قطرة في البحر .. فالسلة سلة والماء ماء .. بل ان العبث بعينه هو أن تكون هوايتنا جمع الادلة على ارتباط داعش والسي آي ايه .. لأن داعش والنصرة والاسلاميين هم القوات البرية للجيش الاميريكي في الشرق الاوسط منذ حرب أفغانستان .. وبالمقابل فان سلاح الجو الاميركي هو القوات الجوية لداعش والنصرة والاسلاميين .. وان أي محاولة لجمع الادلة عن هذه الحقيقة هي بمثابة الاهانة بعد كل ملايين الادلة التي صارت بحوزتنا .. ويعني اننا مصابون بداء التوحد .. واننا لانزال نسكب الماء في السلال .. أو اننا نتوقع بسذاجة ان يفيض البحر ويرتفع منسوبه ويغرق نيويورك اذا اضفنا له كأسين من الماء العذب ..

السؤال هو ماذا يعني التدخل الاميركي في دير الزور الذي بدا أنه عملية تمهيد ناري لداعش لتتقدم وتخلط الأوراق .. والذي يتكامل مع دور سلاح الجو الاسرائيلي في نفس الفترة لتأمين غطاء ناري للنصرة في الجنوب السوري؟؟ ولماذا جاء هذا “الخطأ الجوي” والنار الصديقة في دير الزور والجولان بعد فشل مساعي اميريكا لتحويل هدنة حلب الى ثغرة عسكرية طرية وطريق الكاستيلو الى حبل سري يربط بين المشيمة التركية ومسلحي النصرة في حلب .. ؟؟

الحادث ليس رسالة عادية وضعتها اميريكا في صندوق بريد جبل الثردة ولكنه اقرار لأول مرة بشكل لالبس فيه لوضع عسكري جديد لصالح الجيش السوري وحلفائه من الشمال الى الجنوب .. حيث تترنح الغوطة وتترنح حلب الشرقية وتهتز ادلب .. والنار الصديقة الاميريكية تشير الى أن جيش اميريكا الاسلامي لم يعد قادرا على احداث صدمة في الميدان .. فداعش لم تعد داعش التي لاتقهر و قدراتها الهجومية تآكلت كثيرا وهي لاتستطيع تغيير الميدان واقتحام اي موقع مهما كان صغيرا الا بتدخل سلاح دولة عظمى .. وان التدخل العلني في دير الزور بذريعة الخطأ جاء بعد تقدم الجيش السوري في مواقع مهمة في دير الزور حيث كشفت المعارك الاخيرة عن وهن في جسم داعش وأدائها لم يلحظ منذ فترة .. كما أن النصرة التي قاتلت الجيش السوري بضراوة منذ خمس سنوات صارت متآكلة والدليل ماحدث من فرض الطوق في حلب رغم انها تهيأت للمعركة وحشدت وتسلحت من رأسها حتى أخمص قدميها منذ سنتين .. وقد أظهرت معارك حلب عن قدراتها المحدودة في المناورة في الميدان حيث تمزق تكتيك موجاتها البشرية وتعرضت لخسائر جعلت جيش النصرة كتلة لينة الى حد انها صارت أيضا في الجنوب السوري لاتستطيع تحقيق انجاز او هجوم الا بمساندة اسرائيلية صريحة علنا .. أي اننا الآن دخلنا مرحلة تليين النواة الصلبة للقوى الاسلامية الارهابية منذ حرب افغانستان .. وصار الاشتباك المباشر الآن مع القوة التي كانت تحارب من خلف الستار وتلبس القفازات الارهابية وتمسك الاراجوزات الاسلامية الملتحية في مسرح عرائس الثورة السورية .. اسرائيل وأميريكا خرجتا من وراء الستار بعد ان تعثر الاتراك ووجدوا انفسهم وجها لوجه مع روسيا .. فاميريكا الآن تستميت لحماية جبهة النصرة وتلبسها ثياب الدراويش الصوفيين .. فيما جيش بيت العنكبوت يعطيها ستراته الفولاذية الواقية من الرصاص كيلا تموت ..

أميريكا في هجومها على دير الزور قالت بشكل مباشر أنها صارت تدرك ان معركة حلب لم تعد في صالحها وان الأمل في انقاذ مسلحي حلب لن تنفع معه اي خدعة او تكتيك انساني .. لأن مسلحي حلب يعزفون لحن النهاية الجنائزي .. وأن الشمال سيهتز بسقوط جبهة النصرة في حلب التي قد يتبعه انهيار النصرة في ادلب ربما قبيل سقوط أوباما .. فقررت التلويح بما يمكنها ان تفعله من اختراق شرقا تحت مسمى خطأ (نار صديقة) التي قد تتكرر ..

المشروع الاميريكي لم يتغير ولكنه يغير خريطة التحرك بسبب الصعوبات المستحيلة التي تواجهه .. فاذا لم يسقط النظام الذي يقف على “بوابة” البحر المتوسط فان عليه ان يتحول الى نظام بلا فائدة لروسية والصين وايران والعمق الآسيوي عبر سجنه بين البحر والنهر .. أي بين “البحر المتوسط ونهر الفرات” واغلاق الكوريدور العملاق بين “بوابة البحر المتوسط” و “البوابة الشرقية” التي كان يحرسها صدام حسين كما كان يشاع .. لأن احدى البوابتين يجب ان تغلق بأقفال اميركية أو ان يفصل بينهما حاجز اميريكي أو كيان غير صديق لاحدى البوابتين .. فالمشروع الاميريكي يريد بوضوح اقامة أي كيان هش فاصل بين سورية والعراق بحيث تكون حدوده طبيعية مقل نهر الفرات ويملأ بأي تنظيم او كتلة عسكرية مناوئة للدولة السورية في المنطقة الشرقية .. ومن هنا جرى الترويج لحتمية التقسيم في فترة من الفترات .. وكان من المفترض أن يتم تشكيل قوس مقاتل من ادلب الى البوكمال مرورا بحلب والرقة ودير الزور بحيث يتقاطع هذا الخط مع الخط الافقي لكيان كردي رخو في الشمال ولذلك قامت الولايات المتحدة بنشر داعش في فترة وجيزة على طول نهر الفرات وأكملت نشر النصرة على الخط نحو ادلب التي حاولت الوصول الى الساحل لانجاز السجن الجغرافي بين البحر والنهر .. وكان المفروض أن الثوار المعدلين والمعتدلين (النصرة وأخواتها) بعد ان تمهد داعش المكان وتنظفه على طول نهر الفرات سيتدفقون بعد تمكينهم من حلب وادلب والساحل الى الرقة ودير الزور والبوكمال بذريعة تحريرها من داعش الذي سينكفئ الى أنبار العراق طوعا دون قتال كما انكفأ طوعا وأخلى جرابلس أمام الأتراك الذين كان دخول ساحة تقسيم في استانبول أصعب عليهم وأكثر كلفة من دخول جرابلس المدججة بالدواعش والانتحاريين ..

ولكن التنفيذ تعثر بوجود فاصلة دير الزور العسكرية العنيدة والصلبة والتي بقيت مثل الاسفين في صدر القوس الى جانب مدينة الحسكة حيث يتركز الجيش السوري وكان من الواضح انه لن يترك هذه الفاصلة الفولاذية التي صارت بمثابة ستالينغراد الفرات وتستحق ان تسمى “دير غراد” .. كما أن انهيار حلب المتوقع قريبا سيعني ان القوس المرسوم سيتفتت ويتقطع بفواصل كبيرة للجيش السوري تلتقي بسرعة قياسية .. بل ان الجيش السوري سيتمكن من السير على القوس الفراتي من حلب نحو الرقة ودير الزور .. وسيره من الناحية التكتيكية والعسكرية من حلب المحررة ودير الزور نحو الرقة أفضل من سيره من الرقة المحررة نحو حلب .. وقد استمات الاميريكي من اجل منع هذا السير .. فأطلق الاكراد وقوات سورية الديمقراطية للسيطرة على قوس نهر الفرات حتى الرقة .. ولكن الاكراد لم يتحمسوا للهبوط جنوبا قبل التدفق غربا لأنه قتال في بيئة “غير صديقة” من الناحية العقائدية والنفسية .. وهذا أيقظ الوحش الديموغرافي الكردي جنوب شرق الاناضول الذي تخشاه تركيا فاعترضت وهددت بالانسحاب من المشروع ..

الأميريكون ونكاية بانتصار حلب المتوقع وتعثر حماية جبهة النصرة عبر شريان الراموسة .. قرروا تهديد الروس والسوريين بالتلويح بالغاء فاصلة دير الزور عبر عملية مراوغة وقحة بالتزامن مع تبرع الاتراك بتحرير الرقة مع التحالف الدولي في تصريحات حديثة كما سمعنا .. فأطلقوا النيران “الصديقة” التي تلاها على الفور تحرك داعش التي (وياللمفارقة) لم تخش ان تتقدم تحت نظر الطيران الاميريكي الذي يفترض أنه يقصف كل شيء يتحرك غربا .. فاذا سقطت دير الزور تدفق الاتراك نحو الرقة ودير الزور لتنسحب منهما داعش (سيناريو جرابلس) بذريعة الضغط العسكري الهائل ورسمت تركيا مع اميريكا خط الفرات على انه المنطقة المحايدة الدولية ومنطقة نزاع مع داعش التي ستعود ان انسحب التحالف والتي يجب ان تبقى محاصرة في العراق ويمنع تمددها .. وتكون تركيا بالتالي قد قصمت ظهر الاكراد وشقتهم الى نصفين محاصرين شمال سورية فيما اميريكا شقت سورية الى نصفين عبر فالق الفرات المائي والعسكري الذي سيكون حدودا لكيان ما سيتم الاتفاق عليه بحكم الامر الواقع والذي قد يملأ بمقاتلي الجولاني لاحقا بعد غسيل لحيته من دماء السوريين التي خضبتها .. وسينقطع الممر العملاق نحو آسيا بين البوابة المتوسطية نحو البوابة الشرقية ..

ولذلك فهذه النار الصديقة كانت مسددة نحو روسيا وسورية معا في حلب من أجل فرض وجهة نظر اميريكا في فتح طريق الراموسة وفق الشروط الأميريكية حيث تمر قوافل الامدادات بحرية دون عائق وتفتيش .. وبالتالي يفرغ الانجاز العسكري بالحصار من مضمونه ويثقب اتفاق حلب الذي لم يجف حبره بعد ويجعله بلا معنى بعد ان حشر الاميريكيون في الزاوية وفرض عليهم الاقرار بأن جبهة النصرة “عدو مشترك” .. حبث تحاربها اميريكا بيد وتساعدها بيد أخرى ..

رغم حجم الضربة المؤلمة في دير الزور الا أن فهمها العميق يعني ان مشروع اميريكا يترنح وهي باتت نزقة من ترنح جيوشها الاسلامية والارهابية وباتت مقتنعة ان الشعب السوري وحلفاءه قد يكونون السبب في تدمير أهم جيوشها وأهم مشاريعها على الاطلاق .. لأن مايعرفه الاميركيون جيدا انهم والاتراك لايمكن ان يبقوا بجنودهم على الأرض السورية ويحتفظوا بما يبنون من قواعد ومراكز اذا بقيت حولهما الدولة السورية التي لن يكلفها طرد التواجد الاميريكي وحلفائه الا بضع عمليات مدمرة من نوع عملية تدمير مقر المارينز في بيروت التي رحل بعدها الاميريكون .. فالاميريكي رغم عناده الا انه لايحب ان يدفع ثمنا .. ومافعله في العراق لن يكرره لأنه درس قاس دفع فيه ثمنا باهظا .. لن يجرؤ عليه اي رئيس اميريكي .. قبل مرور خمسين سنة أخرى ..

رعاة البقر لم يفاجئوا الفرسان السوريين في ستالينغراد الفرات .. فكلنا نعلم أن رعاة البقر لاعهد لهم ولاميثاق طالما ان في مسدس أحدهم رصاص .. لكن الفرسان كانوا يطلقون النار على قطيع الأبقار التي يدفعها رعاة البقر أمامهم لدهس كل من يعترض طريق القطيع وأصحاب القطيع الذين يريدون توسيع مزرعتهم في الشرق .. لزيادة عدد رؤوس الابقار التي يملكونها .. والمزارع التي يقيمونها .. لتنضم الى مزارع الخليج وشرق الاردن وتركيا وليبيا مابعد القذافي .. وبعض الزرائب الصغيرة في لبنان ..

أحيانا يكون اصطياد قطيع البقر أفضل من اصطياد راعي البقر .. وفي أوقات أخرى يكون اصطياد راعي البقر أجدى من اصطياد البقر .. كما حدث في العراق وفي لبنان يوما ما عندما افتتحنا من دمشق مواسم اصطياد رعاة البقر على أرض الشرق .. ولامانع من ان نعيد افتتاح الموسم اذا كان لابد من ذلك .. ولسنا وحدنا طبعا من يتوق لذلك ..


ملاحظة: بعد ظهور سلاح الجو في داعش عبر المقاتلات الاميريكة سارع جهابدة الاستخبارات في اميريكا وفجروا في اليوم التالي (طنجرة بخار) في نيويورك وجرحوا بعض المدنيين بسكين مطبخ .. وتبنى داعش عملية السكين فقط ولانزال ننتظر ان يتبنى تفجير طنجرة البخار .. وهو تفجير يثير السخرية لأنه في المرة القادمة سيستعمل مقاتلو داعش في اميريكا مسدسات مائية .. المضحك أن أصغر شحنة يفجرها داعش والنصرة في شوارع بغداد والشوارع السورية هي عادة خمسة آلاف طن دفعة واحدة لكنه في اميريكا يتعامل مع المتفجرات وكأنها من غبار الذهب والماس المطحون .. فقط أونصة (تي ان تي) في طنجرة بخار كافية لجعله عدو اميريكا وكافية لتنسف فكرة انها تسانده ويساندها برا وبحرا وجوا .. فربما كانت بضعة غرامات من غبار الذهب المطحون كافية للتغطية على غبار الغارات التي تساند داعش .. وبالأمس أجرى الاميريكون مناورة مع داعش وأنقذته من هجوم الفرسان السوريين في دير الزور .. أو ديرغراد ..

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Friday 23 September 2016

How Shimon Peres Stole the Nuclear Bomb with a Bluff, and Why Military Censor Doesn’t Want Israelis to Know about It

Global Research, September 23, 2016
Richard Silverstein 16 September 2016

Shimon Peres had a severe stroke two days ago and while his health has improved since he entered the hospital, at age 93, he is in the twilight of his years.  It’s appropriate to take stock of his legacy as an epochal figure who spans the founding of the State to the present day.  I can’t think of another active Israeli politician with that length of service or span of history.
When Peres dies, an entire nation will mourn him as a founding father of the state.  Someone who served it faithfully and diligently for nearly seven decades.  The accolades will pour forth.  Newscasters will show historic footage of him with his political mentor, David Ben Gurion, and intone solemnly about the deeds of the Great Man.
But, as is often the case in these matters, the truth lies elsewhere.  Peres began his career as Ben Gurion’s errand boy.  He was diligent and inventive.  What the boss needed done, he always figured out a way to accomplish.  Eventually became his chief fixer.  That’s how he was assigned the monumental task of getting Israel the Bomb.  Such a task is no small feat and it required immense amounts of grit, determination, invention, and even outright thievery.  Peres was more than up to the task.
israeli censorship nuclear bomb
Uncensored version of Wall story which describes Peres’ bluff which enabled French to circumvent international nuclear prohibition against selling uranium to Israel
From almost the first moment after the State was founded Ben Gurion aspired to create a nuclear weapon.  He saw it as his Doomsday device.  The ace he could draw from the deck if all the cards were stacked against him.  Though Israel’s actual strategic strength was quite robust, Ben Gurion suggested otherwise.  In a famous episode of that era, he’s reputed to have looked at a map of the Middle East spread upon the wall of his study and exclaimed to those around him:
“I didn’t sleep a wink last night because of this map.  What is Israel?  A single tiny speck.  How can it survive amidst this Arab world?!”
This was part and parcel of the Israeli strategy of portraying itself as the eternal victim, the weaker party to every conflict, who required moral and military support to prevent its destruction.  None of it was true.  But in the aftermath of the Holocaust, the world felt it couldn’t to take a chance that it might happen again.  That’s how Israel became little David to the Arab Goliath in the eyes of much of the world after 1948.
Though the conventional Israeli belief is that Israel’s  WMD was meant to protect Israel from imminent destruction should  it suffer a catastrophic defeat, that theory is wrong either in whole or in part.  In actuality, Israel never faced such a threat.  It always maintained military superiority over its enemies in every war from 1948 through 1967 (and after).
Ben  Gurion’s real goal in obtaining nukes was political.
He wanted to ensure Israel would never have to negotiate away the gains it made on the battlefield.  He wanted a weapon he could hold over the heads of any enemy, that would ensure he never had to renounce anything that was rightfully Israel’s (in his mind at least).  So Israel’s Bomb has enabled it to reject virtually every peace initiative offered going all the way back to 1967.  Israel’s leaders knew that the U.S. would never gamble that it wouldn’t use WMD if it had to.  So American presidents already had one hand tied behind their backs in such negotiations.  In a card game, when one party holds the ace of spades in his pocket and everyone else playing knows this, it’s not much of a game, is  it?

Israeli Opponents of the Bomb

It would be a misnomer to believe that Ben Gurion and Peres were lionized by their peers for their visionary project.  Opposition to an Israeli Bomb was strong and crossed party lines.   Among those who were against were future prime minister Levi Eshkol, Pinchas Sapir, Yigal Alon, Golda Meir, and Israel’s leading weapons developer, Yisrael Galili.  Even then IDF chief of staff Chaim Leskov opposed the Bomb.  Prof. Yeshayahu Leibowitz, in his typically prophetic fashion created an NGO that called for making the Middle East a nuclear-free zone (it was called in Hebrew “the Public Committee to Demilitarize the Middle East of Nuclear Weapons”).  It was probably the first such call anywhere in the world.  In one matter, he turned out to be wrong.  He predicted that by building the nuclear reactor Israel would tempt its enemies to bomb and destroy it.  Afterward, Lebowitz predicted, they would call Dimona: “Shimon’s Folly.”
The sheer chutzpah that Peres employed to get what he wanted was astonishing.  He played on the heartstrings of German guilt to obtain funding for the  nuclear arms project.  He recruited Arnon Milchan as a covert operative to organize a conspiracy to steal highly enriched uranium from the U.S. depository where it was stored.  Peres negotiated with the French a complex deal to build the Dimona plant, which to this day produces the plutonium for Israel’s WMD arsenal.
The defense ministry director general traveled extensively to France in those days and cultivated the entire political leadership in pursuit of the necessary agreements to build the Dimona plant.  On the very day he flew to France to sign the final deal, the government in Paris fell.  Though Ben Gurion saw Peres’ trip as wasted, the latter refused to give up.  He went to the resigning prime minister and suggested that they back-date the agreement to make it appear as if it had been signed before the resignation.  The French leader agreed.  And so, Israel’s Bomb was saved by an audacious bluff.  When someone asked Peres afterward how he thought he could get away with such a stratagem, he joked: “What’s 24 hours among friends?”
Peres facilitated outright theft as well.  If Israel waited to produce the highly enriched uranium it would need to create a Bomb on its own, it would’ve taken years longer than it did.  If it could procure the uranium by other means it would immensely speed the process.
That’s how the father of the Israeli Bomb recruited future Hollywood film producer Milchan to steal hundreds of kilos of nuclear materials from a warehouse in Pennsylvania with the connivance of American officials who were pro-Israel Jews recruited to the task.
Roger Mattson recently published a book on the subject, Stealing the Atom Bomb: How Denial and Deception Armed Israel.
This article summarizes his findings. Among them, are that a group of American Jewish scientists and engineers founded the company which likely embezzled and transferred to Israel enough material to make six nuclear bombs. Several officers of this company later became national officers in the Zionist Organization of America. A founder of the company fought in the Haganah during the 1948 War and was a protege of future Israeli intelligence chief, Meir Amit. Key figures in U.S. intelligence even suggested that the company itself was established by Israeli intelligence in order to steal U.S. materials and technological expertise in the service of Israel’s nuclear weapons project. All of this means that leaders of one of the key organizations in the Israel Lobby aided and abetted a huge national security breach which gave Israel the bomb.
If you’re a pro-Israel advocate you likely see such figures as heroes. If so, consider this: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed in 1956 for doing far less harm to America’s nuclear program than these individuals did.

Israel Lobby’s Covert Fundraising Program

The WMD project was extraordinarily expensive.  The new State, saddled with huge expenses to feed and house millions of  new immigrants, had no budget to fund it.  That’s where Peres turned to wealthy Diaspora Jews like Abe Feinberg to covertly raise funds for the Israeli bomb.  Feinberg spearheaded a fundraising campaign which raised $40-million, equivalent to $260-million in today’s dollars.  Feinberg also conspired through his Democratic Party connections to secure from Pres. Johnson Israel’s right to refuse to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation pact.
Nasser announces the nationalisation of the Suez Canal
The Israeli news portal Walla describes the brilliant stratagem Ben Gurion and Peres concocted that drew France to Israel’s side in the effort to make a Bomb.  It began in 1956 with a secret meeting at a French villa outside Paris with a high-level British and French contingent.  The goals of the French and British were aligned with those of Israel, but not completely so.  The British and French wanted to give Egypt’s new firebrand leader, Gamal Nasser a black eye for nationalizing the Suez Canal and offering aid to the Algerian resistance.  They hatched a plan to attack Nasser and carve up Egypt’s strategic assets for themselves.  Israel was happy to go along for the ride.  But it had a separate goal–to garner European support for its nuclear effort.
After getting the go-ahead sign from Ben Gurion, Peres approached his French counterparts and announced Israeli agreement to join in the attack which later came to be known as Operation Kadesh.  But Israel, he told them, faced far more danger in the venture than either the British or French.  If Israel lost, its very existence could be threatened.  That’s why it needed a strategic weapon that could prevent its annihilation in the event of a disastrous defeat.
As negotiations proceeded with the French, they warned the Israelis that there were prohibited from selling them uranium under international agreements.  Peres came up with a typically brilliant and devious solution:
“Don’t sell it to us, lend it to us,” he said.  “We will return it to you after our mission is completed.”
So began the real effort to build an Israeli Bomb.  The reactor was completed in 1960 and by 1967 Israel had its first primitive nuclear weapon to use in case it lost the 1967 War.
For some strange reason, the Israeli military censor disapproved of Walla talking about Peres’ “bluff” regarding back-dating the French-Israeli nuclear agreement. In the censored version, you won’t find any reference to it. Nor will you find the story about Peres’ suggestion that the French “lend” the uranium to Israel, since it was illegal to sell it.  My guess is that with Peres’ demise likely, they preferred not to tarnish the Old Man’s reputation any more than necessary. Which raises the question: why is a censor stooping to protect Israeli politicians’ reputations rather than protecting the security of the state, which is its putative mission?”

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!