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The biggest problem in the world are journalists.
Many of whom work for editorial groups financed by multinationals that aspire to control the planet, others are really incapable and serve to support the same project, some of the best remain confined to talk-show that appear more like gossip broadcasts rather than real insights into journalism of inquiry.
Next to them there are very few characters, Max Blumenthal of GrayZone is certainly one of these, who try to challenge the logic of the mainstream every so often they succeed. Still others have fallen into battle trying to fight what, after a public admission by a former CIA director, I have called Deep International State.
Among these was the Italian Mauro di Mauro, who vanished while he was investigating the death of Enrico Mattei, former president of the italian National Hydrocarbons Authority (ENI), who died in a mysterious plane crash like his friend Dag Hammarskjold, UN general secretary still awaiting justice after 58 years for dossiers secreted by the United Kingdom.
There was Mino Pecorelli, believed by the Carabinieri general Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, also killed by the Mafia, sentenced to death for his knowledge of the P2 covered lodge and above all on the secrets about the imprisonment and killing of the Christian Democrat politician Aldo Moro, kidnapped and killed by the terrorists of the Red Brigades in 1978.
We cannot forget Mauro Rostagno who was assassinated while in Trapani he was investigating the report on the Masonic lodges of the Centro Scontrino, the Mafiosi of Cosa Nostra and the military secret services with ties to Stay Behind, the US paramilitary operation in Italy.
In more recent times it is worth mentioning Lasantha Wickrematunge, the Sri Lankan journalist killed in an ambush while he was investigating some government politicians about some suspected arms supplies from the United Kingdom. And finally Jamal Kashoggi, Islamic columnist of the Washington Post torn to pieces in the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul.
Just because many journalists have been sold or repaid, representatives of two world powers such as the US and Israel can make people believe they are serious while they are gambling on the table of international provocations.
If we were in a world at least a little serious, at least half of the journalists would have burst out laughing when American President Donald Trump together with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented his Deal of the Century.
The project is quickly summarized in a few words: to recognize the Palestinian Territories as a State in order to certify Israel’s annexation of the Golan stolen from Syria together with a slice of Jerusalem destined to become the capital of the Zionist state with good peace of Muslims.
The Palestinians, however, would also be allowed to make a tunnel between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank to maintain continuous and uninterrupted connections, at least until some Mossad secret service agent will be given orders to place a bomb in the middle of the underground passage.
Let’s face it: Monty Python would not have been able to study a better screenplay for a show that would only be comical if the bombings that Israel and the USA, whenever they want, continue to do in the Middle East were not involved.
Only the idiots, like many hired Western journalists, can believe the conditional proposal to recognize Palestine as a state only in the face of the possibility of claiming a dominance over Jerusalem and, above all, to legitimize the robbery of the Golan, with its precious waters of the underground and its strategic position, to the detriment of Syria by President Bashar Al Assad that the Israeli Defense Forces army did everything to destroy together with the USA.
The disgusted response of Muslims is inevitable.
“Jerusalem is not for sale, and our rights are not bartered.” Palestinian President Abu Mazen said so, rejecting the peace plan announced today by US President Donald Trump. Trump’s plan “is aggressive and will provoke a lot of anger.”
Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said the Israeli part of the Plan “does not make sense”, Reuters told Israeli media. “Jerusalem – he continued – will always be a land for the Palestinians. The Palestinians will face this Plan and Jerusalem will always remain a Palestinian land”.
Trump’s plan is “doomed to failure”. So Iran rejects the American President’s proposal without appeal for peace in the Middle East between Israelis and Palestinians. “The shameful American plan imposed on the Palestinians is the betrayal of the century and is doomed to failure,” the foreign ministry said in a statement. The Lebanese Shiite allies of Tehran, Hezbollah, along the same lines, according to which the Trump plan is “an attempt to eliminate the rights of the Palestinian people”.
What makes the farce of the White House plan really comical is the situation in which the two allies who propose it find themselves.
Trump under trial in the Senate for an Impeachment on the conditioning of Ukraine, Netanyahu, still in the role of prime minister in extension for the failure of two parliamentary elections in Tel Aviv unable to give a majority to the Knesset, is formally indicted for various episodes of bribery.
Two politicians hovering over the abyss of electoral defeat, Netanyahu in the elections of March 3, 2020 and Trump in those of November 3 of the same year, try to win consensus by proposing the impossible to Palestinians on the skin of Syria.
More than the Deal of the Century, as defined by the tenant of the White House, the attempted robbery of the century appears to give Israel the Golan plateau in defiance of the last UN pronouncement, peremptory in reiterating that that area must go back to Syria where it belongs.
It would be a dangerous robbery. But above all it becomes grotesque and ridiculous because invented by two politicians at risk of defeat in their respective countries where they are under investigation. Two shameless clowns in the service of Deep International State.

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Sayyed Nasrallah: The Liberation of Al-Quds Will Be A Stone’s Throw Away

Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah assured the Resistance community that our will will not be broken by the martyrdom of Lieutenant Qassem Soleimani.
Sayyed Nasrallah said, “When we are martyred, we are victorious”, adding that the “liberation of al-Quds is a stone’s throw away”.
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The last week of January turned badly for Idlib militants. Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda), the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation and their allies appeared to be unable to contain the offensive of the Syrian Army, lost several key areas and suffered notable casualties.
On January 27, units of the Syrian Army, led by the Tiger Forces, breached the defense of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham-led forces in southeastern Idlib and by the evening of January 28, they liberated the key town of Maarat al-Numan on the M5 highway. Meanwhile, the 4th Armoured Division and Iranian-backed militias launched an advance in southwestern Aleppo. On January 29, they liberated the town of Khan Tuman, also located on the M5 highway, and a number of smaller villages near Aleppo city.
On January 30, government forces launched an advance from Maarat al-Numan towards the town of Saraqib, located on the crossroad of the M4 and M5 highways.
Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and Turkish-backed groups conducted several counter-attacks in southwestern Aleppo and southeastern Idlib. At least 2 suicide bombers were employed to target new positions of the Syrian Army. Militants also received reinforcements from the Turkish-occupied part of Aleppo province. Despite these, they were not able to stop the advance.
On January 31, government forces continued their operation in southwestern Aleppo.
All these took place amid a bombing campaign by the Syrian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces. According to reports by pro-militant sources, over 200 airstrikes hit fortified positions, HQs, weapon depots and columns of militants on the frontline as well as deep inside Greater Idlib.
The Russian Defense Ministry said that as of January 29, militants lost 8 battle tanks, 15 infantry fighting vehicles, 49 vehicles armed with large-caliber guns in clashes with the Syrian Army. These numbers have not been confirmed by visual evidence and seem to be overestimated.
The ongoing Syrian Army advance caused a public negative reaction from Turkey and the United States, that have been one of the key supporters of the so-called Idlib opposition for a long time. Nonetheless, it appears that they have no direct leverages of pressure to rescue Idlib radicals as their defense is crumbling. Local sources say that the next ‘humanitarian ceasefire’ could start not earlier than the Syrian Army would secure the M4-M5 crossroad and the area east of it.
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Zionist Terror in London

Why I have withdrawn from my commitment to play at the Great 606 Jazz Club this Saturday night.


By Gilad Atzmon
They destroyed the Labour Party, now they have launched a campaign against the British arts scene. Will they successfully abuse the moniker of anti-Semitism to destroy any place, person or organization where they sense opposition?
The 606 Jazz Club and its owner, Steve Rubie, have been subjected to a constant barrage of pressure and threats for hosting my concert. In a familiar first act,  a Jewish “member of the public” asked the 606 to explain why the club gives a [music] platform to me, whom he duplicitously  calls ‘an anti-Semite and a Holocaust denier.’  The UK Jewish press avidly repeated the lies about me.  Ludicrous accusations were made. The club was told that I advocate the ‘burning of synagogues.’ I was accused of suggesting that “Hitler was right after all.” The accusations are false and, of course, unsourced as they cannot be found anywhere in my work. If I were a Hitler supporter who urged burning synagogues, certainly these campaigners would have used Britain’s strict hate speech laws to have me spend some time behind bars.. 
I have played in the 606 club for many years and Steve and I have spent many hours discussing Israel and its politics. Steve has no doubts that the accusations against me are unfounded. Yesterday  he wrote a moving  statement explaining why I am invited to play at his club on a regular basis despite the constant pressure he endures. Amazingly, Steve had to point out that The 606 is  “a music venue first and foremost. We are here to promote the best in UK music and Gilad falls in that category…” This is without regard to Steve’s disagreement with most of my political views.  
Steve’s explained the basic core western value that political disagreement is no reason to stop the music. Are we to live in a land where Tories and Labour block each other’s arts events? Ridiculous. But apparently kosher in the case of supporters of Israel and its critics. The Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA)  were not persuaded by the simple truth of Steve’s letter. Last night, the CAA launched its new strategy, to threaten and then harass the Jazz community, the club, that artists and the jazz audience whenever it so decides.  A few hours ago the CAA posted the this Tweet:
“Campaign Against Antisemitism will be selecting a number of future dates on which to picket the
@606Club over its decision to provide notorious antisemite Gilad Atzmon with a platform.”Campaign Against Antisemitism✔@antisemitism
This should horrify every Brit, Jew and Gentile, as it horrifies me.  In 2017 a similar CAA campaign ended in a vicious attack on an audience member who suffered a serious eye injury.
This morning I decided that in the light of the CAA’s threats, I am withdrawing from the gig. I do not want to see the art scene obliterated by an insane Zionist pressure group. I certainly don’t want British artists and audiences subjected to violence. I did this despite my concerns about the consequences of bowing to anti-cultural bullies and my obligation to the British artists who have played with me for decades and whose livelihoods depends on such gigs.
Of far larger concern is that a pressure group that tweets its call for volunteers to destroy our art scene enjoys such impunity in Britain. How is it that British tax benefits granted charitable status to the benefit of the CAA that openly threatens to harass the Jazz community, its audience, venues and artists?
I deeply believe that  Britain must reinstate its liberal and universal values of tolerance and diversity, and as a first step, I intend to file a complaint against  the CAA with the Charity Commission. I ask you to examine their rules and decide if you want to do the same. 

My battle for truth and freedom involves  some expensive legal services. I hope that you will consider committing to a monthly donation in whatever amount you can give. Regular contributions will enable me to avoid being pushed against a wall and to stay on top of the endless harassment by Zionist operators attempting to silence me.

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On January 27, an E-11A Battlefield Airborne Communications Node aircraft of the US Air Force crashed in the Taliban-controlled Deh Yak district of Ghazni province, 150 kilometers from the Afghan capital.
When the incident took place, the crashed plane was initially described as a passenger plane with up to 83 people on board. However, after Taliban-affiliated media accounts released videos from the crash site, the passenger plane version was debunked and the Pentagon confirmed that the incident happened with a US military aircraft.
The crashed E-11A (tail number 11-9358) was one of just four Bombardier Global Express Business jet aircraft purchased by the U.S. Air Force and equipped with the Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN).
The BACN is a communications relay and gateway system that enables real-time information flow across the battlespace between similar and dissimilar tactical data link and voice systems through relay, bridging, and data translation in line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight situations.
The BACN can allow surface and air forces to overcome communications difficulties caused by rough terrain, distance and different types of communications networks employed by different types of aircraft and equipment.
The unit cost of a single E-11A equipped with the BACN has not been officially revealed. However, it is approximately $1 billion. In January 2020, the Pentagon announced that Northrop Grumman Systems was awarded a $217.2 million modification contract to support payload equipment and services for the BACN. Work will be carried out in San Diego and at undisclosed overseas locations, with an expected completion date of January 23, 2021. The total cost of the contract after the recent modification is $570.2 million.
The crashed aircraft was assigned to the 430th Expeditionary Electronic Combat Squadron based at Kandahar Air Field and providing service across the CENTCOM area of operations.
All existing E-11As are deployed in Kandahar. The E-11A flies over Afghanistan constantly. It surpassed 10,000 sorties in 2017, about eight years after being initially deployed to the country.
The loss of such a high-value asset as the E-11A is a major blow to the US capabilities in the region by itself. Prior to the January 27 incident, the US had 8 aircraft equipped with the BACN: four E-11As and four unmanned EQ-4Bs which are modernized variants of the RQ-4 Global Hawk. Now, there are only 7 such aircraft capable of performing command-and-control battle management functions, communication, electronic warfare tasks, and surveillance. 12.5% of the BACN fleet was lost in a single day.
The mystery surrounding the crash is another issue. The Taliban was first to report that the incident involved a US military aircraft on January 27 and release videos and photos from the site. The movement claimed that the aircraft was shot down by a rocket and applauded “the bravery and courage” of the “men” that did this.
Reports appeared claiming that Michael D’Andrea, head of the CIA’s Iran Mission Centre and one of the persons that orchestrated the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, died in the E-11A crash, which he supposedly used as a mobile command. This story describes the E-11A crash as Iranian revenge for the actions of the United States. Nonetheless, these claims remain unconfirmed.
The US military did not comment on the supposed death of D’Andrea, but strongly denied reports that the aircraft was shot down by enemy fire. It also announced that on January 28 US forces recovered the remains of two personnel from the site, the flight data recorder and destroyed the remnants of the aircraft.
The aircraft destruction was needed to prevent high-tech equipment from falling into the hands of the Taliban. The aforementioned casualties were identified as Lt. Col. Paul K. Voss, 46, and Capt. Ryan S. Phaneuf, 30.
In general, the E-11 flies with a crew of two. So, the casualtie part of the US official version is plausible. The problem is the ability of US forces to ensure that no high-tech equipment or sensitive data leaked to the Taliban.
Images from the crash site released from the Taliban on January 27 show at least one burned body.
  • If we adopt the version that two US personnel died in the crash and US forces evacuated their bodies, it becomes evident that Taliban forces were there first and took all that they wanted. This may include BACN components that will later become accessible for third parties. Washington and mainstream media have repeatedly accused Russia and Iran of contacting the Taliban despite the fact that the US itself is in talks with the group.
  • If we imagine that US forces somehow reached the crash site first and just announced this on January 28 to trick its rivals, the question appears: to whom did the images of the body shown by the Taliban belong? In this case, reports claiming that the US is hiding some vital casualties become reasonable.
The D’Andrea death story could easily appear to be just a successful example of propaganda in the ongoing US-Iranian media and diplomatic standoff. However, the reality behind this media noise may appear even more hard-hitting with some BACN components soon appearing in the hands of key US geopolitical competitors.

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Yemen’s Operation ‘Firm Structure’: 1500 Militants Killed, 1830 Injured, Hundreds Detained

Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman Brigadier General Yehya Saree held a press conference to announce details of the Operation ‘Firm Structure’ noting the operating started with confronting the Saudi-led aggression’s escalation.
Saree explained that Nihm witnessed military operations by the aggression forces, which pushed our forces to deal seriously with this threat.
In light of the success in the operation, the Yemeni forces went forward in their counter offensive along the operations field, Saree added.
“The main goal of the ‘Firm Structure’ operation was to deter the enemy forces and expel them out of the region, eventually securing the area entirely.”
Operation ‘Firm Structure’, Saree said, aimed at thwarting the offensive against our forces and advance towards the areas close to the capital Sanaa.
According the Yemeni Armed Forces intelligence, the enemy has been preparing for this operation since months ago, with the aim to reach the nearest area linked to Sanaa.
The enemy forces in Nihm were composed of 17 brigades, and a number of battalions that was supplied with different kinds of weapons, the statement added.
“An entire military zone of the enemy used Nihm as its platform,” Saree said, adding that Special Forces of the countries of the coalition of aggression were in charge of fire and intelligence support of the mercenaries force in Nihm.
Nihm is a mountainous area with complicated topography, Saree said, a matter that pushed the Yemeni Armed Forces to deploy Special Forces in the first days of the battle.
After the successful confrontation of the enemy forces’ offensive, the Yemeni Forces started a military offensive that was based on the collapse of the enemy’s forefronts, allowing our forces to advance towards the strategic heights, Saree added.
The Yemeni Forces, he added, succeeded in the operational duties in the first hours of the operation, before which the command ordered surrounding the enemy forces from different eastern and western tracks.
In the first three days of the operation, Saree explained, the Yemeni armed Forces secured most of the Nihm area, which include all of strategic sites.
The offensive was from the all four main sides and all branches which resulted in different tracks.
The Yemeni forces were keen to surround the enemy forces inclusively while opening other tracks to allow the most possible number of mercenaries flee the place.
Saree went on to say that the Yemeni Armed Forces made military pressure on all enemy’s sites and camps to force them to surrender.
At the same time, the Yemeni Armed Forces were keen on the Yemenis’ lives at the enemy’s sites, namely those who showed readiness to flee the battlefield.
They also succeeded in dealing with the enemy’s forces in clashes and direct fighting after giving them the chance to flee.
“With the defeat of the enemy forces, the Yemeni Armed Forces continued to advance beyond Nihm,” Saree stated.
As the Yemeni Forces were keen to save lives of the mercenaries, thousands of them were able to flee the battlefield in the first days.
The enemy’s warplanes, meanwhile, waged more than 250 strikes against the Yemeni Forces.
Elaborating on the Aerial Defense Units’ role in the Operation ‘Firm Structure’, Saree said the Fatir-1 missile system played a crucial role in confusing the warplanes and preventing them from launching airstrikes.
He further noted than the Aerial Defense system carried out more than 25 operations forcing the enemy’s aircrafts to leave the area.
“The command’s instructions were clear to strike Saudi facilities and military bases in response to the airstrikes.”
He also explained that the Rocketry Force and the Propelled Ai Force targeted many airports the enemy uses for military purposes, while the missile and aerial strikes targeted airports in Najran and Jizan in addition to targeting the Khamis Mushait base with a number of missiles.
Their first operations, he noted, only represented a warning, but the continuity of air bombing led to targeting an economic target of Aramco Company, in addition to two sensitive targets in the enemy’s depth. Saree also noted that the aforementioned forces played a crucial role reflecting the command’s instructions related to the deterrence strategy.
In further details, he said they carried out more than 41 inside and outside operations between January 25th and 30th. As part of their role, the Rocketry Force and the Propelled Air Force carried out 26 operations targeting the airports of Abha, Jizan and Najran. They also targeted Khamis Mushait base, Aramco Company and sensitive sites in the Saudi depth.
Saree noted that the Operation ‘Firm Structure’ led to a major defeat in the enemy’s lines, while hundreds of the mercenaries fled the area.
The major achievement of the Yemeni Armed Forces was securing Nihm in the first days of the operation. Saree also stated that the Yemeni forces reached al-Jawf and advanced inside al-Jawf Province, clashing with the forces that were in the same area.
The Yemeni Armed Forces, meanwhile, started another offensive in al-Jawf to liberate the provinces of al-Jawf and Ma’rib. Saree told the press conference that the liberation of those two provinces, in addition to Nihm, occupied an area of 25002 kilometers.
Relatively, Saree hailed the patriotic stance of the tribesmen, which mainly contributed to the liberation of many areas located in the field of the operation.
“The Al-Hazm Directorate, which includes the capital of al-Jawf was an area of confrontation, as well as some parts of the directorates of Ghayl and Madghal in Ma’rib,” Saree said.
The Operation ‘Firm Structure’ boosted our forces in their forefronts close to Ma’rib, Saree said, adding that more than 3500 members were either killed, injured or detained. He made clear that the bodies of 1500 killed militants are still in the operations’ field.
According to Saree, 1830 of them were injured, in addition to hundreds of others who were detained.
He concluded his conference as saying that due to the big number of those killed, the command ordered the formation of humanitarian committees whose role is to document details about all bodies.

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السيطرة على معسكر الفرضة في نهم ضمن عملية البنيان المرصوص
الاعلام الحربي اليمني يوزع مشاهد من عملية البنيان المرصوص تطهير نهم
السيطرة على قيادة المنطقة العسكرية السابعة بجبهة نهم ضمن عملية البنيان المرصوص
مع الخبر | التضليل الاعلامي للتغطية على انتصارات البنيان المرصوص في اليمن
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China’s virus response has been ‘breathtaking’

Would Mao Zedong (pictured in background at Tiananmen Gate in Beijing) be happy with China’s attempt to win a ‘People’s War’ on the coronavirus? Photo: Nicolas Asfouri / AFP

January 31, 2020

Chinese President Xi Jinping is leading a scientific ‘People’s War’ against the coronavirus
President Xi Jinping formally told WHO head Tedros Ghebreyesus, at their meeting in Beijing earlier this week, that the coronavirus epidemic “is a devil and we cannot allow the devil to hide.”
Ghebreyesus for his part could not but praise Beijing for its extremely swift, coordinated response strategy – which includes fast identification of the genome sequence. Chinese scientists have already handed over to Russian counterparts the virus genome, with snap tests able to identify it in a human body within two hours. A Russia-China vaccine is under development.
The devil, of course, is always in the details. In a matter of a few days, at the peak of the most congested travel period of the year, China did manage to quarantine an urban environment of over 56 million people, including megalopolis Wuhan and three nearby cities. This is an absolute first in terms of public health, anytime in history.
Wuhan, with a GDP growth of 8.5% a year, is a significant business center for China. It lies at the strategic crossroads of the Yangtze and Han rivers and at a railway crossroads as well – between the north-south axis linking Guangzhou to Beijing and the east-west axis linking Shanghai to Chengdu.
As premier Li Keqiang was sent to Wuhan, President Xi visited the strategic southern province of Yunnan, where he extolled the immense government apparatus to boost control and sanitary prevention mechanisms to limit propagation of the virus.
Coronavirus catches China at an extremely sensitive juncture – after the (failed) Hybrid War tactics displayed in Hong Kong; an American pro-Taiwan offensive; the trade war far from solved by a mere “phase 1” deal while more sanctions are being plotted against Huawei; and even the assassination of Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, which ultimately is about targeting the expansion of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in Southwest Asia (Iran-Iraq-Syria).
The Big Picture spells out Total Information War and non-stop weaponization of the China “threat” – now even metastasized, with racist overtones, as a bio-threat. So how vulnerable is China?

A people’s war

For almost five years now a maximum-security biolab has been operating in Wuhan dedicated to the study of highly pathogenic micro-organisms – set up in partnership with France after the SARS epidemic. In 2017, Nature magazine was warning about the risks of dispersion of pathogenic agents out of this lab. Yet there’s no evidence this might have happened.
In crisis management terms, President Xi has lived up to the occasion – ensuring that China fights coronavirus with nearly total transparency (after all, the internet wall remains in place). Beijing has warned the whole government apparatus in no uncertain terms not to attempt any cover-ups. A real-time webpage, in English, here, is available to everyone. Whoever is not doing enough will face serious consequences. One can imagine what awaits the party chief in Hubei, Jiang Chaoliang.
A post that went viral all over the mainland this past Sunday states, “We in Wuhan have truly entered the stage of people’s war against the new viral pneumonia”; and many people, “mainly Communist Party members” have been confirmed as “volunteers and observers according to street units.”
Crucially, the government directed everyone to install a “Wuhan Neighbors” applet downloaded from WeChat. That determines “our home’s quarantine address through satellite positioning, and then lock on our affiliated community organization and volunteers. Thenceforth, our social activities and information announcements would be connected to the system.”
Theoretically, this means that “anyone who develops a fever will report their condition through the network as soon as possible. The system will immediately provide an online diagnosis, and locate and register your quarantine address. If you need to see a doctor, your community will arrange a car to send you to the hospital through volunteers. At the same time, the system will track your progress: hospitalization, treatment at home, discharge, death, etc.”
So here we have millions of Chinese citizens totally mobilized in what’s routinely described as a “people’s war” using “high technology to fight against illness.” Millions are also drawing their own conclusions when comparing it with the use of app software to fight against the police in Hong Kong.

The biogenetic puzzle

Apart from crisis management, the speed of the Chinese scientific response has been breathtaking – and obviously not fully appreciated in an environment of Total Information War. Compare the Chinese performance with the American CDC, arguably the top infectious disease research agency in the world, with an $11 billion annual budget and 11,000 employees.
During the Ebola epidemic in West Africa in 2014 – considered a maximum urgency, and facing a virus with a 90% fatality rate – the CDC took no less than two months from getting the first patient sample to identifying the complete genomic sequence. The Chinese did it in a few days.
During the swine flu in the US in 2009 – 55 million infected Americans, 11,000 killed – the CDC took over a month and a half to come up with identification kits.
The Chinese took only one week from the first patient sample to complete, vital identification and sequencing of coronavirus. Right away, they went for publication and deposit in the genomics library for immediate access by the whole planet. Based on this sequence, Chinese biotech companies produced validated essays within a week – also a first.
And we’re not even talking about the now notorious building of a brand new state of the art hospital in Wuhan in record time just to treat victims of coronavirus. No victims will pay for their treatment. Additionally, Healthy China 2030the reform of the health/development system, will be boosted.
Coronavirus opens a true Pandora’s box on biogenetics. Serious questions remain about experiences in vivo in which the consent of “patients” will not be required – considering the collective psychosis initially developed by Western corporate media and even the WHO around coronavirus. Coronavirus could well become a pretext for genetic experiments via vaccines.
Meanwhile, it’s always enlightening to remember Great Helmsman Mao Zedong. For Mao, the top two political variables were “independence” and “development.” That implies full sovereignty. As Xi seems determined to prove a sovereign civilization-state is able to win a scientific “people’s war,” that does not exactly spell out “vulnerability.”

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ضربات استراتيجيّة للمشروع العثمانيّ الجديد في سورية واليمن

التزامن بين تحرير قسم استراتيجي من منطقة ادلب السورية وبين تحرير منطقة نهم اليمنية يختزن إصرار هذين البلدين على تحرير اراضيهما المحتلة، هذا في التقليد الوطني.
اما في العمق، فيبدو وجود إصرار من اليمن وسورية على وقف الزحف العثماني الذي بدأ يتمدّد في العالم العربي، مستغلاً التراجع السعودي الأميركي بموازاة انكفاء آلياتهما الإرهابية التي يدعمونها في داعش وهيئة تحرير الشام والنصرة المنهارة بمعدلات كبيرة.
لقد تبين أن الهجومين الكبيرين على اليمن في 2015 وسورية في 2011 ارتديا شكل مشاريع سياسية كانت تبدو واحدة وتبين آنفاً أنها تتمحور في مشروع أميركي كبير يحتوي الخصوصيات السعودية – الإماراتية الإسرائيلية والتركية.
لكن ما دفع هذه الوضعية الى التفتت هو خسارة الإرهاب الداعشي وحوامله من هيئة تحرير الشام والنصرة في ميادين سورية وتراجع التحالف العربي المدعوم من الإخوان المسلمين (حزب الإصلاح) في اليمن.
لقد استفاد الأتراك من التركيز على ضرب المحاور السعودية الإماراتية في سورية فعبأوا الفراغ الناتج من تراجعهما محتلين محافظات واسعة في شمالها الغربي وحدودها وأنحائها الشرقية متعاونين مع الاخوان المسلمين والتركمان السوريين الى حدود دمجهما في الجيش التركي.
لجهة اليمن، هناك حزب الإصلاح الاخواني الذي تمكن بدعم تركي بالتمويل والسلاح والتدريب من التحول قوة ضاربة تنتشر في محيط عدن ومحافظات الجوف وحضرموت ونهم والكثير من مناطق جنوبي اليمن.
لقد بدا بوضوح أن المشروع العثماني يريد بقوة الاحتفاظ بإدلب السورية رافضاً الالتزام بوعوده لروسيا بسحب إرهابييه منها بموجب اتفاق سوتشي منذ مطلع 2019.
فيما كان يخطط في اليمن للاستفادة من تعثر السعودية والإمارات في هجماتهما في الساحل الغربي لإنجاز نقلة نوعية تُحدث صدمة كبيرة على مستوى الحرب السعودية الإماراتية الأميركية على اليمن وقد تؤدي الى إنهائها.
هناك إذاً مشروع تركي – اخواني للسيطرة الكاملة على إدلب وإسقاط العاصمة صنعاء من بوابة محافظة نهم.
على المستوى السوري تحرّكت منظمات الارهاب الاخوانية فجأة في أرياف مدينة حلب وإدلب وحاولت اقتحام مراكز الجيش السوري المنتشر في تلك المناطق.
لقد تفاجأ الضامنون الروس لاتفاق سوتشي بهذا الهجوم مطلقين تصريحات اتهمت تركيا مباشرة بالتخلي عن التزاماتها.
وفجأة بدا أن الجيش العربي السوري كان متهيئاً لمثل هذه المحاولات بدليل تمكّنه من هزيمتها ومسارعته الى شن هجوم مضاد كان واضحاً أنه ناتج من تخطيط عسكريّ لتحرير سورية وليس مجرد ردة فعل على هجمات إرهابية.
ما فعله الجيش السوري في إدلب كان إنجازاً استراتيجياً تجسّد بالتقدم المظفر نحو ثاني أكبر مدينة في إدلب ونجاحه في السيطرة عليها، الى جانب نحو ثلاثين قرية ويواصل معاركه لتحرير مدينة سراقب عازلاً مراكز المراقبة التركية في المناطق المحرّرة عن مثيلاتها في الأنحاء الأخرى التي لا تزال خاضعة للاحتلال التركي الاخواني الارهابي.
هذه المعركة سدّدت ضربة قوية للمشروع التركي الاخواني ولم تكن مجرد احتلال محاور، لأن الجيش العربي السوري تمكّن من تحرير خط حلب إدلب – حماة – حمص – دمشق حتى الحدود الأردنية المعروف بالـ M5.
بما يؤدي الى المزيد من التحام سوري سوري على حساب تضييق حركة الإرهاب مؤدياً الى تعزيز التطور الاقتصادي في هذه المنطقة وعاملاً على دفع المشروع الاخواني العثماني الى ما وراء حلب نحو الشمال، وأيضاً نحو ما تبقى من أجزاء محتلة من إدلب.
لا بد من الإشارة الى ان الجيش العربي السوري يواصل حملته لتحرير مدينة سراقب التي لم يعد يبعد عنها إلا كيلومترات قليلة. وهذا أيضاً انتصار استراتيجي لأنه يؤدي بدوره الى فتح طريق الـ M4 الرابط بين حلب – إدلب باللاذقية على الساحل السوري، بما يمكن اعتباره نجاح الدولة السورية بربط كامل مناطقها الكبرى ببعضها بعضاً مع اتجاه الى خنق المشروع التركي الاخواني وإلحاقه بالمشروع السعودي الوهابي الداعشي.
على مستوى اليمن، بدا أن المشروع العثماني الاخواني أراد تحقيق ضربة نوعية تقع على رأس القوى العاملة في جنوبي اليمن من خلال التغطية الاميركية وهو إسقاط العاصمة صنعاء في هجوم مباغت وضخم يستهدف مناطق في نهم على بعد نحو عشرين كيلومتراً تقريباً، لكن النتيجة بدت مذهلة.
على الرغم من ان المهاجمين زادوا عن 45 ألف اخواني ومرتزق تجمّعوا في 16 لواء و20 كتيبة بدعم طائرات التحالف الدولي وقوات عبد ربه منصور هادي، لكن جيش دولة صنعاء اليمني مع المؤتمر الشعبي وقوات أنصار الله صدّوا الهجوم الكبير موقعين آلاف القتلى والأسرى والجرحى.
هذا الجانب المباشر من الموضوع، وما هو أكثر أهمية منه فهذا الهجوم المضاد الذي شنّه أنصار الله والجيش اليمني والتحالفات ونجحوا فيه بتحرير منطقة نهم بكاملها على مساحة 25 كلم2 ناقلين الحرب الى محافظات الجوف وحضرموت محررين مديريات في الجوف وصرواح ومحزر ومأرب وحزم الجوف وكامل نهم جبال البياض ويام والخلق والصفنة والقتال مستمرّ.
ماذا يعني هذا النصر في عملية البنيان المرصوص؟
عسكرياً ابتعاد القتال عن صنعاء العاصمة اليمنية بتحرير نجران منذ أشهر عدة والآن بتحرير نهم وفتح جبهات مع القوى العسكرية للمشروع العثماني الاخواني والمشروع السعودي الأميركي في مناطق تربض على احتياطات هائلة من النفط يؤكد خبراء انها تفوق احتياطات السعودية.
بذلك يتمكّن اليمنيون من حماية أجزاء بلادهم المحررة في الساحل الغربي صلة وصلهم مع الخارج ومحافظة نهم رأس حربتهم لتحرير كامل اليمن.
عملياً، تكشف هذه العمليات العسكرية في اليمن وسورية أن المشروع العثماني الاخواني تلقى ضربة على أمّ رأسه من هرواة شديدة الوقع صنعتها الجيوش السورية واليمنية في جهادية عالية الكعب لن تستكين إلا مع تحرير بلادها من كل أنواع المشاريع المرتبطة بالعمق بالجيوبوليتيك الأميركي لخدمة الكيان الإسرائيلي.

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