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Relief: US and UK have spied on Israeli army for 18 years

By Gilad Atzmon

 For the last two decades some of us have insisted that the Jewish State is a prime threat to world peace. Apparently, we weren’t alone. The American and British military elite reached the same conclusion.

Now we learn that 18 years ago the U.S. and British intelligence services cracked Israel’s encryption for communication between fighter jets, drones and army bases and they have been spying on Israel ever since. The information was reported Friday by The Intercept and the German newspaper Der Spiegel based on documents revealed by whistle blower Edward Snowden.

Aware of its own danger to world peace, Israel said Friday it was disappointed but not surprised by the revelations. According to the reports, breaking Israel’s drone encryption allowed Britain and the United States to view images and videos broadcast to Israel Defense Force commands during drone operations in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and near the Jewish state’s northern border. This revelation suggests that America and British encryption technology is almost as advanced as the Taliban who have been intercepting American and British drone communication for some time. So maybe we are safe after all.

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Yemen Army, Committees Fuly Control Strategic Saudi Post

Local Editor

Jabal al-DoudThe Yemeni army, backed by the Popular Committees, managed to control the strategic Saudi Post of Jabal al-Doud in the border area of Jizan.

Field sources said that the allied forces are in full control of the strategic post which overlooks several Saudi posts in the area.

The Yemeni military media also released video showing the Saudi posts seized by the army and the committees. The footage also shows bodies of Saudi soldiers killed during battles with the allied forces.

The video below, meanwhile, shows several Saudi vehicles destroyed after being targeted by Yemeni rockets.

The Yemeni army and the popular committees seized large amounts of weapons after the Saudi forces fled the area.

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Sayyed Nasrallah: Franjieh The Eye Light... Committed to Aoun for Presidency

Zeinab Essa

Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Friday a televised speech, in which he tackled various topics, particularly the Lebanese Presidential file.

Hizbullah Secreatry General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah H

Before discussing the domestic issues, Sayyed Nasrallah denounced the terrorist bombing that rocked Imam Rida's Mosque in Saudi al-Ahsa province.

"We condemn the vicious attack at the hands of takfiris in the Saudi region of al-Ahsaa and we extend condolences to the martyrs' families," he said, stressing the importance of countering terrorism.

"This is a dangerous incident that highlights the need to address the roots of terrorism and boost security measures."

On another level, His Eminence condoled the Palestinian people, particularly the Hamas Resistance movement, over the martyrdom of Qassam brigades' fighters in a tunnel collapse in Gaza.

Meanwhile, the Resistance Leader saluted those who are safeguarding the Lebanese borders against Takfiri militants in this harsh weather, whether the Lebanese Army soldiers or the Resistance fighters.

"We salute all the men who are guarding the country's borders ... We bow to the patience and endurance of the army's officers and soldiers and the resistance's fighters. The Lebanese must appreciate these men's efforts."

His Eminence further welcomed the resumption of the Lebanese government's work.
"We were pleased by the reactivation of government's work and we hope there will be commitment to the agreed mechanisms. We laud the positive approach of all the political forces and we thank Speaker Berri for his personal and intensified efforts. We hope there will be commitment to the agreed mechanisms."

Moving to the issue of Lebanese Presidential issue, Sayyed Nasrallah elaborated: "We refrained from addressing the presidential issue in the media because this issue requires direct action and communication. It must stay away from overbidding, incitement and blackmail."

In response to the accusations that Iran is paralyzing the Lebanese Presidential file, he stressed: "Iran, the powerful country in this region, doesn't need the issue of Lebanon's presidential vote to solve its nuclear program."

According to His Eminence, "If Iran wants to hinder the presidential elections in Lebanon, then it should have utilized this issue in its international relations."

As for the issue of Iranian democracy, Sayyed Nasrallah highlighted: "Iran has organized more than 35 elections in the past 37 years and the polls were never suspended, despite the wars and bombing. The Islamic Republic conducted elections even during Saddam Hussein's aggression, backed by the US and the Saudis..."

"We in Lebanon are searching for any excuse to postpone the elections and we don't have a constitutional authority to address the differences," he asserted, noting that "the Expediency Discernment Council has granted Iran what it was aspiring for at the political, industrial, military and technological levels."

On this level, the Hizbullah Secretary General revealed that Tehran has stressed that the presidential issue is a domestic affair and that it would support what the Lebanese would agree on.

To the Lebanese political factions, he said: "If you are serious, go to internal dialogue instead of waiting for regional and international developments, as waiting is not in your interest. Don't bet on international developments while dealing with the issue of the presidential vote."

Meanwhile, His Eminence responded to all accusations regarding the presidential elections.

"Hizbullah has been accused that it is seeking bargaining over the issue of the election and that it wants something in return for facilitating the vote. They alleged that we want a constituent assembly or a greater share in state institutions. When I spoke of a settlement I mentioned concessions and I noted that it would abide by the Taef Accord, but some parties resort to animosity and use all illegitimate means."

Regarding Hizbullah's relations with its allies, Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized that the party's relations with its allies is based on mutual respect, confidence and understandings.

"Our alliances are not only based on political interests but also on trust and friendship. We meet over common principles and this political camp does not have a sole leader. We organize disputes among us in a friendly and respectful manner," he explained.

His Eminence further noted that "on some levels, we refrain from informing our allies, so not to embarrass them by some subjects such as going to Syria, and our stance from the brutal Saudi aggression on Yemen."

"Our alliances are not based on strategic interests, but on trust, friendship, and love away from buying and selling," he mentioned.

He also clarified that "in the last stage, since the beginning of the presidential election, the other side worked on creating dispute with our allies."

On this level, Sayyed Nasrallah confirmed that the relationship between Amal and Hizbullah is based on trust mutual respect, trust, dialogue and almost daily talk.

"Our relation with Amal movement became a model in Lebanon and the region."
Regarding the relation with the Free Patriotic Movement [FPM], Sayyed Nasrallah highlighted that "since the signing of the understanding, they are working to hit the relationship between the FPM and Hizbullah."

"With the beginning of the presidential issue, Hizbullah's leadership mulled its choices and we unanimously agreed that General Aoun is naturally a candidate who enjoys the needed characteristics. Based on these characteristics and our political vision, and out of loyalty to General Aoun's stances, we decided to back this nomination and we discussed the issue with the allies."

His Eminence recalled that the FPM-Future dialogue preceded Hizbullah's public support for this nomination. "Since the beginning of the presidential elections, we reached the result that General Michel Aoun is our candidate. This was based on certain merits and political vision. We backed the FPM-Future dialogue because we want to have a president."

He also assured that Hizbullah trusts its allies when they talk with the rival parties and it does not worry us because we trust them. "Hizbullah trusts its allies. When an ally holds dialogue with our rival we have no problem. Even, we welcome any meeting that include Lebanese factions."

The Resistance Leader also explained the aspects of Hizbullah's relation with former minister Suleiman Franjieh, calling him "the eye light".

"Our relation with former minister Suleiman Franjieh is out of talk. He is our ally and old dear friend. The trust between us is strong ... When he told us about the Paris meeting, as asked him to be cautious because certain parties might seek to sow discord between him and Aoun or between Hizbullah and Aoun. When Franjieh asked about our camp's response if the proposal was serious, we told him that that would be a new development that we would have to discuss with General Aoun."

In face of a new reality that is the nomination of Hizbullah's ally, minister Franjieh, by the Future party, Sayyed Nasrallah uncovered: "During the meeting with the minister Franjieh, we told him to wait and pay attention because it may be that the other team wants to create dispute with General Aoun or between Hizbullah and General Aoun."

He further unveiled "We told Franjieh that we are committed to back Aoun for presidency, but we will discuss the issue of nominating Franjieh himself [by former PM, the Future leader, Saad Hariri]."

"We told him that we trust him and that we believe that he has the needed characteristics while noting that we are politically and morally committed to Aoun's nomination and that the issue needs to be discussed with him," His Eminence mentioned.

Noting that the way Hariri went about his initiative to back Franjieh was wrong, and problematic for Lebanon, Sayyed Nasrallah declared that he doesn't believe the leaked information regarding the Paris meeting with the Future party leader. "I believe minister Franjieh."

"The manner in which the issue was addressed and the leaks to the media prevented any real or serious dialogue. The leaks created ambiguity and the way the issue was addressed from Paris created negative repercussions in the March 8 and the March 14 camps. Many leaks occurred but I only believe what Franjieh told me."

However, he stressed that leaking the nominating of Franjieh [by Hariri] was wrong because it was then politically utilized by powers within March 14 camp

On the Lebanese Forces' nomination of Aoun, Sayyed Nasrallah stated that his party welcomes any approach or agreement between the Lebanese factions.

His Eminence went on to say: "We aren't embarrassed. We are morally and politically committed to the nomination of General Aoun unless he decides to withdraw from the race."

"If we guarantee that Aoun will be elected president tomorrow, we would go to parliament and take part in the elections and we would not demand a package settlement, a constituent assembly or constitutional amendments," he said, pointing out that "our demands from the package settlement have been fulfilled seeing as both candidates are from March 8."

He also said: "If a year and a half ago, we gave our agreement and commitment to minister Franjieh, our position today would have been to be committed to him."

In conclusion, Sayyed Nasrallah called for dialogue and discussion between the Lebanese factions in a bid to reach an agreement on the presidential vote.

Source: al-Ahed news

29-01-2016 | 22:35


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"Kurds Gear Up for Major Offensive Against ISIS" aka Annexing Syrian Territory

There is not and never has been anything but  perverted war theatrics between Kurds and ISIS-  Yes, people die. People always die when a political agenda is being undertaken. I’ve said it repeatedly and I will say it again- Not caring what lies others want to believe. Choosing instead to see what is happening right in plain site. Annexation of Syrian and Iraqi territory. For Sykes Picot redux and the 2nd Israel. In Turkey the annexation process has just begun, but is definitely occurring.  I've stated these things plainly for so long now, yet, still people haven't caught on. I can't understand how that is possible?!

Let’s read the spin but face the reality
Pay attention to the truck the masked YPG is driving in! What is it?
Fighters from the People's Protection Units (YPG), ride on a pick-up truck during what they said was an offensive against Islamic State militants south of Kobani, Syria December 26, 2015
The exact same truck as ISIS drives. Coincidence? NO. Not at all. No coincidence. I've posted pictures here previously of YPG driving around in the same Toyota's as ISIS.  Cheer for Kurdish militias. Cheer for ISIS. Cheer for the destruction of Syria.  A classic controlling both sides of the fight in order to guarantee the outcome. Quite a twisted & perverted reality created by the elites for the masses. 

One more thought! It's been reported that wages were cut by ISIS for Syrian 'fighters' so mercs were leaving, maybe for Libya?  Making it easier for PKK to 'fight' ISIS in Syria, no doubt. Funny how that worked out?
 The powerful Syrian Kurdish YPG militia and its local allies have drawn up plans for amajor attack to seize the final stretch of the Syrian-Turkish border held by Islamic State fighters, a YPG source familiar with the plan said on Thursday.
Such an offensive could deprive Islamic State fighters of a logistical route that has been used by the group to bring in supplies and foreign recruits.
Annexation by any other name is still annexation. Concerns for Syria's territorial integrity? Where are they?  They must be in the the same place as concern for Iraq's and Turkey's territorial integrity and respect for existing borders. Israel must be waiting for the moment it can pounce on the rest of Golan.
But it could lead to confrontation with Turkey, which is fighting against its own Kurdish insurgents and sees the Syrian Kurds as an enemy.
After a year of military gains aided by U.S.-led air strikes, the Kurds and their allies already control the entire length of Syria's northeastern Turkish frontier from Iraq to the banks of the Euphrates river, which crosses the border west of the town of Kobani.
But Turkey says it will not allow the Syrian Kurds to move west of the Euphrates. 
The source confirmed a report on Kurdish news website Xeber24 which cited a senior YPG leader saying the plan includes crossing the Euphrates to attack the Islamic State-held towns of Jarablus and Manbij, in addition to Azaz, which is held by other insurgent groups. 
The source did not give a planned date, but said a January 29 date mentioned in the Xeber24 report might not be accurate.
The YPG has been the most important partner on the ground of a U.S.-led air campaign against Islamic State, and is a major component of an alliance formed last year called the Syria Democratic Forces, which also includes Arab and other armed groups. The alliance is quietly backed by Washington, even as its NATO ally in the region, Turkey, is hostile. 
Ankara fears further expansion by the YPG will fuel separatist sentiment among its own Kurdish minority. (there was no separatist sentiment- approximately 50 percent of the Kurds voted for Erdogan) It (Turkey) views the Syrian Kurdish PYD as a terrorist group because of its affiliation to Turkish Kurdish militants.
The United States and Turkey have for months been discussing a joint military plan to drive Islamic State from the border, but there has been little sign of it on the ground. 
Pretty sure I explained months back that this joint US/ Turkey plan was a no go- With the US just paying lip service to Turkey. While they stuck the knife in and turned it! 
July of last year Turkey: Creating "Safe Zones", Fighting for it's Survival, Turkey's letter to UN
 "Washington doesn't want a safe zone- And their 'fight' against ISIS has been a cover all along for the Kurdish/Israeli land grab. Turkey wants the safe zone because the leadership of Turkey understand exactly where that Kurdish land grab will lead..  To the destabilization and destruction of Turkey"
*The so called Geneva talks are going nowhere. By design

Russia said on Thursday it wanted to hold an international meeting on Syria -- including key players from the West and the Middle East -- in Munich next month.
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov
 "There is an agreement in principle between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Secretary of State John Kerry, and now we will propose to all the other participants of the international Syria support group a time and place -- Munich, February 11," state news agency TASS quoted deputy foreign minister Mikhail Bogdanov as saying.
 And finally!

 Advisor to the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ali Akbar Velayati said that the Zionist regime policy is to based on disintegrating Islamic countries of the region by sowing discord among them.

He made the remarks in a short interview with Turkish newspaper Aydinlik.

 On the sidelines of an international conference dubbed on dangers of Takfiri groups in today's world, Velayati in reply to a question asked by Aydinlik correspondent concerning statement of the Israeli justice minister on establishment of a independent Kurdish government between Iran and Turkey, said that the regime will not reach this goal at all.
Velayati said that the aim of the Zionist regime is to establish a second or even a third Israel in the region and added that the aim of imperialists and the Zionists is partition the whole region.
He added 'Turkey is an important Islamic country, and we are opposed to disintegration of Turkey and they do not allow such an event to happen and we are all duty-bound to defend Turkey's territorial integrity.'
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Corbyn and the Holocaust

Six months ago, Jeremy Corbyn was unable to sing the national anthem. Two days ago he signed the holocaust book.  Our revolutionary  leader is quick to adapt. 
Jewish News reported yesterday that the Labour leader has joined people from across the political spectrum in signing the Book of Commitment to remember the Holocaust.
Corbyn left a universal note inside the book: “To remember the Holocaust is a vital way of saying to all generations that the tragedy, brutality and loss must not be repeated, We must ensure all understand this and we can all play a role in preventing future tragedies.”
He could just say  “To remember the Holocaust is to say NO to Ziocon wars.” But apparently he  didn’t.
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Syrian Army Advances in Aleppo, Hama

Syrian army

More areas in different Syrian cities have come in the Syrian army’s hands on Saturday as its units intensified operations against terrorist organizations, leaving many of their members dead and their vehicles and equipment destroyed.


Army units restored security and stability to Tannouzeh village northwest of the Air Force Academy and to Afash village in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, a military source announced on Saturday. Mines and explosive devices left behind by the terrorists were removed and dismantled.

Earlier, army units fired intensively at centers and fortifications of ISIL terrorists in the villages of Jeb al-Safa- al-Seen, Jeb Ghabsheh and Tal Maskour in the same countryside.
The centers and sites with terrorists, weapons and vehicles equipped with machine guns present were all destroyed, the military source confirmed in a statement to SANA.

In the northern countryside, gatherings of terrorists were targeted, with their vehicles getting destroyed, in Hayyan town and Retyan village.

Another army unit destroyed vehicles and gatherings of al-Nusra-linked terrorists in al-Mansoura village, 10 west of Aleppo city.

Inside the city, terrorist targets were hit in al-Lairamoun and Salah-Eddin neighborhoods.


Units of the army and the armed forces restored security and stability to the villages of Kabaseen and al-Zankahyia in the northeastern countryside of the central Hama province.
The source added that units of the army, in cooperation with the popular defense groups, carried out intensive operations over the past 24 hours and restored stability and security to the two villages to the northwest of al-Sa’an town in the northeastern countryside.
The army also combed the villages of Kabaseen and al-Zankahyia and dismantled the landmines and explosive devices planted by the Takfiri terrorist organizations after eliminating their last gathering in the villages as the remnants of the terrorists fled and left their arms and ammunition.

Meanwhile, units of the army in cooperation with the popular defense groups clashed with terrorist groups that infiltrated into the surrounding of the military points in the villages and towns of al-Bouaida, al-Masasna, al-Zalakyiat and Jubain in the northern countryside.
Heavy losses were inflicted upon the terrorists in the clashes in the arms and personnel as 15 of their machinegun-equipped vehicles and 5 of their armored vehicles were destroyed, in addition to seizing a number of vehicles and a bulldozer.


Army units destroyed dens and gatherings of terrorist organizations in the north eastern countryside of Lattakia.

Army units destroyed positions, arms and munitions for terrorists in Kabaneh village in the north eastern countryside of Lattakia.

The intensive strikes which were carried out by the army units against axes of movements of terrorist organizations in the mentioned village which is located between Idleb and Lattakia resulted in destroying vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns along with all terrorists on board.

Deir Ezzor

In eastern Syria, an army unit clashed with a group of ISIL terrorists who infiltrated the surroundings of al-Rushdiyeh neighborhood in the city of Deir Ezzor.

A filed source told SANA that the terrorists, who are mostly foreigners, suffered heavy losses as some of them were killed or injured and the rest fled and two of their heavy machinegun-equipped vehicles were destroyed.

Another army unit destroyed ISIL positions and fortifications in al-Huweiqeh neighborhood on the northern outskirts of Deir Ezzor city.

Army units at the site of Deir Ezzor Airport targeted and destroyed several ISIL hideouts, killing the terrorists present at them and destroying their weapons and ammunition.
Gatherings and positions of ISIL terrorists were also hit by an army unit in al-Bgheiliyeh village in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor province.
Source: Agencies
30-01-2016 - 19:45 Last updated 30-01-2016 - 19:45

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US, UK Hacked into Israeli Air Surveillance: Yediot Aharonot

US and British intelligence agencies for years hacked into the ZionisZionist spy dronet drones carrying out surveillance to prepare for a potential strike on Iran, Zionist daily Yediot Aharonot reported on Friday.
Citing documents leaked by US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, Yediot said that the operation, codenamed “Anarchist”, began in 1998 at a British facility in the Troodos mountains of Cyprus and a US National Security Agency (NSA) site at Menwith Hill, in northern England.
“From the documents it emerges that Israel operates a large fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles,” the paper wrote.
“They collect intelligence in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and throughout the Middle East and were even used according to the editors (of the Snowden files) for gathering intelligence to plan the bombing of Iran.”
Snowden, who had worked for the NSA, leaked a hoard of documents in 2013 revealing a worldwide US surveillance program.
The Yediot report, which the paper says was submitted to the Zionist military censor before publication, does not give details of the Jewish entity’s surveillance of Iran but it shows what are purportedly the first published images of armed Zionist drones.
It also tells of Anarchist’s penetration of F16 fighter pilots’ heads-up display, in one case showing the aircraft tracking a target on the ground.
“It’s as if they sat with them in the cockpit,” the paper wrote.
“The United States and Britain profited from Israel’s superb intelligence abilities and saw everything that Israel saw.”
The Zionist foreign ministry declined to comment but Yuval Steinitz, minister of energy and a former intelligence minister, said he was disappointed.
“We are not surprised. We know that the Americans spy on everyone including us, their friends,” he told the Zionist army radio.
“It’s disappointing nonetheless because of the fact that for decades we haven’t spied or gathered intelligence or broken codes in the United States.”
After the 1985 arrest in Washington of US Navy intelligence analyst Jonathan Pollard, for passing US secrets to the Zionist authorities, the Jewish entity pledged never to spy on its ally again.
Yediot quoted an unnamed senior Zionist intelligence official describing the latest report as “an earthquake.”
“Apparently none of our encoded communications devices are safe from them,” he said.
Source: AFP
29-01-2016 – 14:45 Last updated 29-01-2016 – 14:45

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Sayyed Nasrallah: Lebanon’s Next President Is No More from March 14

As his eminence firmly reiterated Hezbollah’s backing of the head of Change and Reform bloc, General Michel Aoun, for presidency in Lebanon, Secretary General, Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, stressed that the next President is from March 8 camp and is no more from March 14.

Sayyed Nasrallah

In a TV address via al-Manar on Friday night, Sayyed Nasrallah tackled the issue of presidential elections in Lebanon, stressing that Hezbollah is morally committed to the nomination of General Aoun.

Meanwhile, his eminence questioned sincerity of al-Mustaqbal bloc’s backing of MP Sleiman Frangieh for presidency, noting that the way in which (former PM) Saad Hariri nominated Frangieh had negative effects because it was not publicly announced and it was not discussed between March 8 allies.

On the other hand, Hezbollah S.G. called for dialogue and discussion between the Lebanese factions in a bid to reach an agreement on the presidential vote.

Regional Issues
Before getting into the presidential vote, Sayyed Nasrallah denounced the terrorist attack which targeted Imam Ridha Mosque in the Saudi province of al-Ahsaa, as he stressed the importance of countering the Takfiri terrorism in the region.

His eminence offered condolences for Palestinian movement, Hamas, over the martyrdom of seven of al-Qassam Brigades fighters in a tunnel collapse in Gaza strip.

Hezbollah S.G. meanwhile, saluted the resistance fighters who are defending the Lebanese borders against the Takfiri insurgents, as he praised their sacrifices in this harsh weather.
Sayyed Nasrallah also welcomed the resumption of the Lebanese cabinet work, calling on the government to tackle the daily life problems of the Lebanese citizens.

Truth and Fidelty

Tackling the Lebanese presidency issue, Sayyed Nasrallah cited a quote for Imam Zainul Abidin, Ali Ibn al-Hussein (a.s.): “The best key to the matters is truth & the best termination & finalization of the matters is fidelity.”

Getting in to the context of Imam Zainul Abidin’s quote, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that he will honestly talk during his speech, and that at the end of the speech he will announce Hezbollah’s stance on the presidential vote issue.

His eminence slammed accusations that Iran has been hindering the presidential vote in Lebanon, stressing that the Islamic Republic, the powerful country in this region, "doesn’t need the issue of Lebanon’s presidential vote to solve its nuclear program."

These remarks come in response to accusations that Tehran was bargaining with the Lebanese internal affairs in a bid to settle the nuclear program issue with world powers.
“If Iran wants to hinder the presidential elections in Lebanon, then it should have utilized this issue in its international relations.”

“Iran has not interfered, and will never do so in the Lebanese affairs,” Sayyed Nasrallah affirmed.

Mutual Trust, Intimacy

Sayyed Nasralah
Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that Hezbollah, since the beginning of the presidential crisis in Lebanon, announced that it backs General Aoun for Presidency.

“Based on several conditions, Hezbollah decided to back the candiday of General Michel Aoun.”

Meanwhile, his eminence stressed that the relation between Hezbollah and its allies is based on mutual trust, respect and intimacy and not just on mutual interests.

In this context, Hezbollah S.G. put forward and explained the developments related to the presidential elections: Hariri’s backing of Frangieh for presidency in November and Lebanese Forces’ Chief, Samir Geagea’s nomination of Aoun last week.

“Frangieh is an old ally and a dear friend,” Sayyed Nasrallah stressed.

He said that he had voiced concern to Frangieh over Hariri’s initiative, adding that he called on Marada leader to be cautious regarding this issue in a bid to discuss it with March 8 allies.

“We told Frangieh that we are committed to back Aoun for presidency, but we will discuss the issue of his nomination (by Hariri).”

His eminence noted that Hezbollah had no problem with Frangieh-Hariri meeting.

“Hezbollah trusts its allies. When an ally holds dialogue with our rival we have no problem. Even, we welcome any meeting that include Lebanese factions.|

However, Sayyed Nasrallah said that the manner in which Hariri backed Frangieh for presidency was wrong and “blocked the way for any serious dialogue" between the Lebanese factions, because it was leaked and not publicly announced, as it was not discussed between Frangieh’s allies.

“Leaking the nomination of Frangieh (by Hariri) was wrong because it was then politically utilized by powers within March 14 camp.”

“Hezbollah Morally Committed to Aoun Nomination”

Talking about Aoun’s nomination by Geagea, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that Hezbollah “welcomes any approach or agreement between Lebanese factions.”

Hezbollah S.G. hit back at those who consider that Hezbollah is “confused and embarrassed” because both Aoun and Frangieh are the party’s allies.

In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated Hezbollah’s backing of Aoun, stressing that the party is morally committed to Aoun’s nomination.

“We took the moral decision to back General Aoun,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, but hinted that Hezbollah would back Frangieh in case Aoun withdraws from the presidential race.
“If General Aoun announces he is no longer a presidential candidate, then this is a different story.”
Meanwhile, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that Hezbollah “is keen to preserve friendly ties with our allies,” adding: “We are honest; we don’t stab them in the back.”

At the end of his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah urged dialogue, calling on the Lebanese factions to sit down together and discuss the presidency issue in a bid to settle the disagreements.

Source: Al-Manar Website
29-01-2016 - 22:20 Last updated 30-01-2016 - 00:03

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