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Israeli agent claims MI6 knew about 'fake passports & hit in Dubai'...

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MI6 was tipped off that Israeli agents were going to carry out an 'overseas operation' using fake British passports, it was claimed last night.
A member of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, said the Foreign Office was also told hours before a Hamas terrorist chief was assassinated in Dubai.......the claim from a credible source that the Government had some prior knowledge of the abuse of UK passports will strengthen calls for ministers to come clean about what they knew and when.

A British security source who met the Mossad agent, and has a track record of providing reliable information, told the Daily Mail: 'This is a serving member of Israeli intelligence.....

The security source said that the tip-off was not a request for permission to use British passports but more a 'courtesy call' to let the security services know 'a situation' might blow up.

The Mossad man said Israeli intelligence chiefs understand British authorities will have to 'slap them on the wrist' and added: 'The British government has to be seen to be going through the motions.'

The Israeli's claims contradict Foreign Office assertions that the UK knew nothing of the affair until shortly before the Dubai authorities went public over the assassination earlier this week..."

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EU: Funds for Gaza fuel reached PA

[ 20/02/2010 - 10:06 AM ]

BRUSSELS, (PIC)-- The European Union (EU) has denied slashing funds allocated for financing the fuel purchases necessary to operate the Gaza power station, affirming that the funds were paid to the PA in Ramallah in full.

The European campaign to lift the siege on Gaza said on Saturday that it received official messages from EU officials, including foreign ministers, in reply to its inquiry about halting the financing of the fuel.

It said that the official messages clearly stated that the EU did not reduce the amount of funds or halt them but rather the PA in Ramallah last November asked that the money be deposited with it and asked the EU to leave it to Ramallah to decide where to spend those funds according to priorities.

The European officials, who appeared upset over smearing the EU image in the media in this regard, said that they would discuss the issue with Ramallah.

The campaign, for its part, criticized the exploitation of humanitarian needs of one and a half million Palestinians in political wrangling, especially when it could lead to the loss of hundreds of lives topped by the patients.

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Sheikh Qassem: Resistance Won’t Be Shaken by Criticism

20/02/2010 Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem said that “the Resistance will not be affected by statements of critics because it represents a majority of the Lebanese,” according to a statement issued by Hezbollah on Friday.

Numerous Lebanese political figures criticized Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech on Tuesday during leader martyrs’ commemoration. Sheikh Qassem praised the role of the Resistance, saying it achieved many victories and achievements.

Sheikh Qassem vowed to those who want to know the future of Hezbollah’s resistance "to make it stronger and stronger until Israel fails to just think of attacking Lebanon."

The Resistance will strengthen until the Israeli enemy no longer contemplates attacking Lebanon, he added. According to Sheikh Qassem, a balanced national defense strategy requires calm dialogue sessions instead of critical statements to the media. "If some want to discuss the defensive strategy through media outlets, we tell them that we will hear their screaming without answering them."

"A reasonable defensive strategy requires calm sessions rather than 'acrobatic' media statements," he added.

He warned that European passport holders could pose a danger to Lebanon, referring to the 11 Israeli agents—six of them holding British passports, three Irish, one French, and one German—believed by the Dubai police to have assassinated top Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. Special measures to protect the Lebanese people should be taken as long as Israelis could sneak in Lebanon by using European passports, his eminence said.

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February 20, 2010 at 10:31 am (Activism, Democracy, Extremism, Free Speech, Hasbara, Israel, zionist harassment)

Perhaps after you watch this YouCrap video you will know why a group like the New Israel Fund exists in the first place…. someone has to be around to counter this type of propaganda.

Also read THIS Ynet report to see what the zionists are saying about the NIF….

“The Brightest Spot in Israeli Democracy”

As many of you now know, the New Israel Fund is under attack from those seeking to weaken Israel’s democratic foundation by equating the legitimate and necessary work of human rights groups with disloyalty to Israel.

The scurrilous campaign falsely accuses NIF of working to weaken Israel by supporting human rights, and personally demonizes NIF president and former Deputy Knesset Speaker Naomi Chazan, in a manner many commentators have likened to historic anti-Semitic propaganda. The comprehensive media campaign, which began three weeks ago with an exclusive article in Ma’ariv and a spate of advertisements in major Israeli dailies grotesquely caricaturing Professor Chazan with a horn on her head, was designed by the architect of the anti-disengagement settler organizations and is being spearheaded by Im Tirtzu, a right wing organization with strong ties and shared funding with extreme branches of the settler movement.

While we were shocked by the virulence of the accusations, we were not surprised by the attack itself. It is part and parcel of an extraordinarily heavy-handed backlash against democratic values that has become all too evident in the last year. The real agenda is to de-legitimize the New Israel Fund, shut down the human rights organizations we fund, and marginalize the progressive values for which we stand as “anti-Israel.”

Regular readers of NIF News understand this attack as the latest in what appears to be a coordinated attempt to stifle dissent. The arrest of the executive director of our flagship grantee, ACRI, at a peaceful demonstration…the interrogation of the director of the Reform Movement’s Israel Religious Action Center for her role in leading egalitarian women’s prayers at the Western Wall…violent attacks on Israeli judges …threatened Knesset legislation requiring loyalty oaths and other measures targeted to the Arab minority and progressive organizations in general…the list unfortunately goes on.

The actual “research report” produced to tie NIF to the Goldstone report has now been thoroughly debunked by us and the media (e.g. Forward and JTA.) Timed to capitalize on the Israeli public’s anger at Goldstone, the report erroneously reported that more than 90% of the Goldstone negative allegations about the IDF were sourced to Israeli human rights groups supported by NIF. In reality, less than 14% of the report’s citations were attributed to groups funded by NIF, and the vast majority of Goldstone’s most controversial conclusions originated in official statements by the Israeli military and political leadership. (A new source-by-source report under preparation by NIF-Israel indicates that NIF-funded groups actually provided less than 2% of the Goldstone material on Gaza.) And our funding for these organizations comprises less than 10% of our overall grant-making. But because these human rights groups work on the most complicated and sensitive issues in Israel, they attract more than their share of controversy.

The truth is that the New Israel Fund supports Israel’s most reputable and internationally-respected human rights groups. These groups fulfilled their mission by carefully monitoring and reporting on the Gaza operation – and provided reports that have been utilized by the IDF, the Goldstone Commission, and others. In turn, it is the task of an independent inquiry to assess these reports and put them in context. Indeed, these human rights groups were also among the first to declare the need for an independent Israeli inquiry into the events of Gaza.

Many leaders of the Jewish community, in Israel, the U.S., and elsewhere around the world, have spoken out against the defamation of the New Israel Fund. A proposed Knesset inquiry into NIF and the organizations it supports was defeated, thanks in no small measure to hundreds if not thousands of NIF supporters who contacted the Prime Minister’s office in Israel. Israeli leaders across the political spectrum voiced opposition to the idea of a political witch-hunt against progressive civil society, although the original sponsor and his political allies have publicly vowed to continue his attempts in the Knesset.

What We Will Do…and What You Can Do to Help

Even before the specific attack on NIF, we committed ourselves to new initiatives in Israel on the issues of highest concern, including human rights, anti-racism and defending democracy against those who conflate self-examination and social justice with Israel’s real enemies. We will need your support to expand what have become critically important programs, and initiate new ones.

As you may know, the New Israel Fund has never spent resources on “building its brand” – every dollar not spent on basic operations goes to fund positive social change in Israel. But now, we hope you will share our alarm at the bold attempts by authoritarian extremists, in government and out, who publicly declare the need to stifle criticism, muzzle and defund organizations critical of various aspects of Israeli society, and even outlaw legitimate expressions of speech and conscience.

And so we will not be silent.

As columnist Gershom Goremberg recently wrote:

“So the fight here isn’t over funding. It’s about free speech. For several decades, the brightest spot in Israeli democracy has been the growth of groups independent of the government and political parties that promote civil rights and social equality…The New Israel Fund has helped these and many other groups financially. In the process, it has given liberal Diaspora Jews a way to contribute to Israel’s future — without schizophrenically acting as liberals at home and jingoists in Israel.”

In the coming days and weeks, we will ask the supporters of the New Israel Fund to speak up and speak out – in your synagogues and temples, in the pages of your local newspapers, at your Hillel, on blogs, Twitter and Facebook. We will ask that you educate and recruit your friends and family to understand the issues at stake in Israel, bring these concerns to your communities and participate in building the Israel we all know to be possible.

For thirty years, NIF has founded and funded progressive civil society in Israel. We and our organizations are proud of our accomplishments and we will not yield to those who confuse building a better and society with anti-Zionism and other inflammatory catch-phrases. And with your help, we will continue and succeed in building the Israel of which we all can be proud.


An opinion from one of the few ‘voices of sanity’ left at the Jerusalem Post…..
Counterpoint: Im Tirzu’s witch hunt continues


While one may legitimately disagree with some of the organizations in Israel that NIF supports, it is well known for its aid to some of the most creative, progressive and socially-minded NGOs in the country.

Most stories in the news have a brief shelf-life. Even the tragedy in Haiti has faded from the world’s consciousness after dominating the media for a number of weeks. But there are other events that drag on, including those that at first glance seem insignificant. In Israel, we are experts at flogging a dead horse, belaboring a particular news item ad nauseam. Such is the lingering coverage of the radical right-wing Im Tirzu’s frontal assault on the New Israel Fund (NIF) and its director, Dr. Naomi Chazan.

Indeed, Im Tirzu is guaranteeing that the story be kept alive as they now have produced inflammatory billboards: “Exposure: Naomi ‘Goldstone’ Chazan’s NIF stands behind the Goldstone Report,” thus inciting a vicious atmosphere. Further breathing life into the issue is the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee setting up a sub-committee to examine how foreign foundations sponsor Israeli organizations. Kadima’s Otniel Schneller, former secretary-general of the Yesha Council and former deputy speaker of the Knesset, has announced that he is working to reach a broad consensus to probe the conduct of NIF and its Israeli grantees.

As the founding chairperson of Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR), I can categorically state that RHR might never have gotten off the ground if it were not for the funding it received from NIF at the incipient stages of the organization’s formation. I am proud of the work of RHR and grateful for NIF’s continued support.

With the dismissal of Dr. Chazan as a columnist for The Jerusalem Post earlier this month, I am caught in a dilemma. I understand the reason for the termination of her column. It’s difficult to imagine any newspaper extending a free hand to one of its writers who, at the same time, is suing it. However, the Post, along with Yediot Aharonot and Maariv, do need to answer for printing an advertisement with classic anti-Semitic overtones, like the one that demonized Dr. Chazan.

I have written for the Post for more than 25 years; for the past four years, I have written a bi-weekly column in the Magazine, switching every other week with Dr. Chazan, my ideological colleague. Some of the articles I pen are acutely critical of Israel. At no time has anything I’ve written ever been censored. Given the fact that the Post’s international readership is so wide, what I write can certainly be used as political fodder for Israel’s detractors.

NOT ONLY do I identify with Naomi Chazan, but also with the goals of NIF. She and NIF have become the foci of Im Tirzu’s witch hunt, which has made the bogus allegation that NIF is actively involved in undermining the Jewish state. Im Tirzu would have us believe that Israeli NGOs funded by NIF supplied 92% of the negative accounts of Israel in the Goldstone Report. Regarding RHR, I know for a fact that this is a libelous assertion.

Im Tirzu has not provided any credible evidence to support its outrageous assertion; but history has shown, particularly for us Jews, that the bigger the lie, repeated often and loud enough, the more it becomes believable. Sadly, the present government provides fertile ground for the organization’s accusations. Fearful of a possible revolution of Im Tirzu’s sympathetic ministers like Lieberman, Yishai, Landau and a host of other xenophobic characters in the government, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has remained embarrassingly silent. As for Labor Party representatives in the coalition, they have said nothing. Once again, they have proven to be a spineless pack of hypocrites willing to violate any and all principles to maintain their cabinet seats.

The hypocrisy extends to Ronen Shoval, the force behind Im Tirzu. He questions NIF’s funding process; who gives to NIF; and which Israeli NGOs receive moneys from it. He sees no contradiction with Reverend John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel (CUFI) donating $100,000 to Im Tirzu. This is the same John Hagee who has frequent anti-Semitic outbursts: Hitler carried out the will of God to return the Jews to Israel in accordance with the biblical promise. . . The Holocaust took place because Jews rebelled and renounced their true God. Their disobedient behavior is the reason for anti-Semitism and the persecution Jews have suffered throughout the ages.

Apparently, this does not disturb Shoval who told Haaretz last week: “We are not financially well off enough to say ‘no’ to money, even if the source doesn’t perfectly match our own personal views.” That logic should apply to NIF. While one may legitimately disagree with some of the organizations in Israel that NIF supports, it is well known for its aid to some of the most creative, progressive and socially-minded NGOs in the country; many of which have become essential watchdogs to protect Israel’s democratic values, not to mention its support of environmental projects, minority rights, immigration, religious pluralism and the economically deprived.

Im Tirtzu has succeeded in wreaking havoc, creating a snowball effect, whereby NIF and Naomi Chazan felt compelled to bring a legal suit against The Jerusalem Post, which in turn forced the Post to let her go. It is simply unfair that the Post’s editor David Horovitz – who did not even see the ad before it appeared in the paper, and for whom I have great respect – should have been compromised.

Im Tirzu has placed not only the Post, but also other Israeli and Diaspora institutions between a rock and a hard place. Using innuendo and intimidation, the organization threatens the basic tenets of democracy.

Protesting by stopping to write makes good sense. Yet, I refuse to capitulate to Im Tirzu’s ongoing bullying. As long as the Post allows me editorial freedom, I will continue to express critical opinions on the social, political and religious dynamics in Israel when I deem it necessary. I can only hope that those within our government, as well as within the Diaspora Jewish community, will stand up to Im Tirzu’s continuing witch hunt so they do not fall victim to Pastor Martin Niemrs warning about the silence of German intellectuals during Word War II:

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out because I was not a communist;

Then they came for the trade-unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a trade-unionist;

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew;

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

The writer is a Reform rabbi, author, lecturer and ongoing contributor to

The Jerusalem Post Magazine.

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President Assad: Peace Requires “Will” Something Israel Lacks

20/02/2010 In a meeting with French Prime Minister Francois Fillon on Friday Syrian President Bashar Assad said peace requires will – something that the Israeli is lacking. The president stressed that European countries should take up an active role in the region and force “Israel” to commit to a peaceful path.

He also reiterated the need for Turkish mediation in the so-called peace talks and stressed the importance of France's support in the matter. Syrian news agency SANA reported that the two discussed regional affairs in their Damascus meeting, which included the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Assad stressed that the so-called peace process must be based on international resolutions.

The French prime minister expressed his country's desire to improve ties between Paris and Damascus, as well as between Syria and the European Union. He added that coordination between France and Syria should continue, as said this would help find solutions to the region's problems. The two also discussed signing an economic cooperation treaty.

Earlier this week Assad met with US Under Secretary of State William Burns in Damascus. The White House announced that the meeting was meant to boost dialogue and "all aspects" of Washington-Damascus relations, which have been strained.

This month also saw the Syrian president speak with a more assertive tone against the Israeli enemy. In a meeting with Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri earlier this month, Assad stressed that his country would stand by Lebanon "in the event of an Israeli attack it could find itself up against."

The official Syrian news agency SANA reported that the two discussed "Israel's repeated threats against the region's countries and Israel's extremism which threatens to foil chances of peace, by igniting the region with wars and leading it into the unknown."
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The Placeman Cometh: New IAEA Chief Stokes Iran War Fever for the Bush-Obama Regime

Via intifada Voice

Chris Floyd

Amano of Japan new IAEA Chief

20 Feb 2010

In an astounding development, the brand-new director of the International Atomic Energy Agency — who was narrowly elected to the post a few months ago with the strong, one might say insistent, backing of the United States — has just issued his very first report on Iran’s nuclear program. And guess what the new, American-backed director said? Go on, you’ll never guess.

Give up? Well, hold on to your hats — the American-backed director, Yukiya Amano, has “broken with the more cautious style of his predecessor, Mohamed ElBaradei” — you know, the man who was right about Iraq’s lack of a nuclear weapons program — to suggest (sans proof, of course) that there might be “possible military dimensions” to Iran’s nuclear program, which just happens to be the most internationally inspected and regulated nuclear power program in history.

That’s right; coming just days after Hillary Clinton’s fresh bout of fear-mongering about Iran, the American-backed Amano echoed the talking points of the Bush-Obama Administration. (Should we not finally just give the proper name to the “continuity” of our militarist-corporatist rulership?) The Bush-Obama regime has continually proclaimed its unshakable belief that Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons. So unshakable is this belief that nothing on earth can alter it — not Iran’s willingness to send its uranium to other countries for enrichment, and not the acknowledgment by the White House itself that Iran lacks the technical capability of enriching uranium even to a level far below that needed for weaponization.

But yes, it is true that any nuclear program might have “possible military dimensions” somewhere down the line. That indeed is not outside the realm of possibility. Which means, of course, that the United States and its allies and clients are fully justified in taking any action against Iran they please. Because the Bush-Obama Administration — indeed, the entire American political and media elite — now operate entirely on Dick Cheney’s “One Percent Doctrine,” which was delineated by journalist Ron Suskind. As we noted here awhile back:

As Suskind notes, it was Cheney who enunciated the certifiably paranoid principle that governs the regime’s behavior: If there is even a one-percent chance that some state or group might do serious harm to the United States, then America must respond as if that threat were a certainty — with full force, pre-emptively, disregarding any law or institution that might hinder what Bush likes to call the “path of action.” Facts and truth are unimportant; the only thing that matters is the projection of unchallengeable power: “It’s not about our analysis, or finding a preponderance of evidence,” said Cheney. “It’s about our response.”

And make no mistake. Despite the frequent Kabuki-like displays of conflict between the current managers of the Bush-Obama regime and Dick Cheney, they remain united on the essential principles of the modern American state: projecting dominance and protecting the rich. Indeed, one reason why American politics today seems so bitter and vitriolic and personal is because there are no real policy disagreements anymore — and hence, no real politics. There are only two corrupt factions of imperial courtiers squabbling over the perks and spoils of office. They follow the same policies, feed at the same trough; there is nothing of substance left for them to fight about. And so they spend their time in ever-more frenzied bouts of blaming each other for the disastrous results of the foul and evil principles they both embrace so avidly.

Clinton’s blackly comic blather — denouncing Iran’s lack of democracy while praising Saudi Arabia and Egypt — has been regarded in some quarters as a “shift” in U.S. policy, a move away from the “engagement” with Iran that Barack Obama has supposedly been undertaking. But as Stephen Kinzer notes, this “engagement” has been a transparent and sinister falsehood from the word go:

Hillary Clinton’s sudden volley of shots at Iran marks the end of an engagement policy that never really began. She wants to convince the world that the regime in Tehran is opposed to serious talks with the west. That may be true, but we’ll probably never know because in fact, no one has offered such talks. …

Whether the increasingly splintered regime in Iran would or could respond to a serious offer of negotiations is highly uncertain. What is clear, though, is that the regime has not been offered this option. The Obama administration, like its predecessor, has made clear that it is interested in negotiating only one thing: curbs on Iran’s nuclear programme. No country, however, would agree to negotiate only on the question that an adversary singles out, without the chance to bring up others that it considers equally urgent. …

A more promising approach would be to tell Iran what President Nixon told China 35 years ago: if you agree to consider all of our complaints, we will consider all of yours. Clinton has made clear that the US will make no such offer. Instead it clings to the decades-old American policy toward Iran: make demands of the regime, threaten it, pressure it, sanction it, seek to isolate it, and hope for some vaguely defined positive result.

And in a powerful article at, Peter Casey details both Barack Obama’s long-standing bellicosity toward Iran — and what’s more, his administration’s move beyond Cheney’s One-Percent Doctrine, which, as Casey notes, did require at least the barest modicum of evidence, manufactured or otherwise:

Since the turn of the year, the U.S. has been deploying the heavy machinery needed to put war plans against Iran into action. In January, the Obama administration forced several Gulf countries to agree to install American ballistic-missile defense emplacements on their soil. At the same time, the Pentagon announced a new “first line” of defense in the Persian Gulf, reinforcing the U.S. Navy’s already considerable armada in the region with Aegis cruisers equipped with advanced radar and anti-missile systems. Moreover, under Obama, the plans for missile-shield systems Bush crammed down on Poland and the Czech Republic, which triggered furious protests from Russia, have been modified to concentrate on potential medium and short-range missile attacks from Iran. More recently, the Romanian government reportedly has agreed to accept U.S. anti-missile batteries on its territory to thwart theoretical Iranian rockets. …

A lot of this recent effort looks and sounds similar to the run-up to Bush-Cheney’s Iraq invasion. There is, however, a profound difference in the current administration’s targeting of Iran. It is essentially following Cheney’s model for preventive war – with one exception: It has dispensed with relying on any tangible facts to “make the case” for war. Instead, it has made the Iranian leadership’s intent the decisive factor.

Bush-Cheney lowered the bar for starting war by adopting the doctrine that in a “post-9/11 world,” preventive war is not only permissible but morally imperative. Cheney’s innovation lay in arguing that “failure to act” was inherently the greater risk, even if the likelihood of terrorist or other attack was trifling. … Cheney’s “1 percent solution,” however, had an Achilles heel. It required the putative existence of actual, physical fact. The possibility that WMDs may exist may be small – but it still must exist. But the drawback to any plan based on assertion of fact is the possibility of refutation – maybe not in time to prevent a horror show, but sooner or later. In other words, under the Cheney Doctrine, the casus is subject to falsification, even long after the belli has broken out. Which is, of course, exactly what happened in Iraq.

The Cheney Doctrine’s very low bar for war was bad enough. Obama and his own neoconnish coterie of advisers, however, are tossing away the bar altogether. … Obama’s advisers also learned from Cheney’s mistakes. Picking up on Iran where Bush-Cheney left off, the Obama hawks are not about to try to justify war based on testable factual claims – or any fact-based claims whatsoever. If the Obama/Netanyahu war factions get their war, they will do so based on the article of faith that “we cannot allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon.” To ensure that objective, they have concluded, Iran cannot be permitted to achieve the technological and manufacturing capability to build a bomb. Thus, a plan for war is being built on inherently unverifiable beliefs about what the leadership – more likely, some later leadership – of Iran might decide to do in the future with knowledge, skills, equipment, and infrastructure it has yet to acquire. Under the Cheney Doctrine, the U.S. needed to strike if there was a 1 percent risk that Iraq actually had WMDs. In contrast, the Obama-Netanyahu Doctrine permits military aggression if there is any chance that Iran someday may have the ability to create a nuclear weapon and might then decide to actually make one.

… Obama himself best illustrated this sort of reasoning at a news conference Feb. 9, discussing Iran’s alleged “rejection” of an offer by the U.S. and its Western allies to convert some low-enriched uranium in Iran’s possession into medical isotopes, requiring enrichment to a level just short of weapons-grade. He said: “That indicates to us that, despite their posturing that their nuclear power is only for civilian use, that they in fact continue to pursue a course that would lead to weaponization. And that is not acceptable to the international community, not just to the United States.” But virtually any step by Iran to develop nuclear capabilities with is own science and resources could lead to “weaponization.” Obama here simply imputes a malicious intent – building the “case for war” based on analysis no better than palm reading.

Now the Bush-Obama administration has inserted its own man at the top of IAEA — and suddenly the Agency has reversed years of a cautious, evidence-based approach in favor of, yes, palm-reading about what Iran might eventually do someday under optimal conditions that do not exist today and will not exist for the foreseeable future, if ever.

As I wrote here in 2008, following yet another scaremongering “scandal” about Iran’s enrichment activities:

There is literally nothing that Iran can do – or not do – to divert the American elite’s desire to strike at their land and bring it under domination. And apparently there is nothing that anyone in America with any power or a major platform will do to stop it either.

As I have noted over and over, including here, just a few weeks ago: “No one has laid out the case against attacking Iran with more depth, power, eloquence and persistence than Arthur Silber. What’s more, Silber has offered practical steps that even those obsessed with retaining their ’serious’ and ‘politically savvy” cred could employ.’ (For just one example, see this piece, whose title says it all: “So Iran Gets Nukes. So What?”)

But, as noted above, no one has followed up on Silber’s suggestions, or on anything remotely like them. And so the Kabuki dance of death in the imperial court goes on — now aided, appropriately enough, by the Japanese placeman installed at the IAEA by the Bush-Obama Administration.


Chris Floyd is an American journalist and author best known for his blog of political news and commentary, Empire Burlesque. Since 2000, Floyd has worked as a freelance journalist and as a writer and researcher for Oxford University. He is also the Chief Editor of Atlantic Free Press.

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Three Palestinians wounded in IOF incursion, Palestinian woman detained in WB

[ 20/02/2010 - 09:20 AM ]

KHAN YOUNIS, (PIC)-- Three Palestinians were wounded on Saturday morning when Israeli occupation forces (IOF) raided east of Qarara, Khan Younis district south of the Gaza Strip, local and medical sources said.

They told the PIC reporter that a number of IOF tanks advanced 300 meters into the area amidst violent artillery and machinegun fire wounding three citizens who were later hospitalized.

The sources pointed out that the incursion followed clashes with resistance fighters who monitored the infiltration of a special IOF force in the area and engaged the intruders as sounds of explosions and shelling were heard.

They said that the IOF gunships were taking part in the clash using their machineguns.

Meanwhile, the IOF troops detained a Palestinian woman in Al-Khalil on Saturday at the pretext that she attacked an Israeli settler.

Local sources said that the soldiers claimed that she stabbed the settler but would not identify her.

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Occupation 101

Via Intifada Voice

more about “Occupation 101“, posted with vodpod
A thought-provoking and powerful documentary film on the current and historical root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Unlike any other film ever produced on the conflict — ‘Occupation 101′ presents a comprehensive analysis of the facts and hidden truths surrounding the never ending controversy and dispels many of its long-perceived myths and misconceptions.
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Hamdan: Europe should react firmly to Mossad practices


[ 20/02/2010 - 08:55 AM ]

DAMASCUS, (PIC)-- Osama Hamdan, Hamas's representative in Lebanon, has asked the world community especially Europe to adopt strict measures against Israel for constituting a permanent source of world tension.

Hamdan told Al-Jazeera network on Friday night that the world should realize that Israel is a source of tensions and problems.

He asked the western countries especially those whose passports were used in murdering Hamas operative Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in Dubai last month to adopt firm measures against Israel.

Hamdan said that his Movement's reprisal would not be emotional but rather would be well studied taking into consideration the Palestinian higher interests.

For his part, Ezzet Al-Resheq, political bureau member of Hamas, reiterated charges in a press statement on Friday against the Israeli foreign intelligence the Mossad of masterminding the assassination of Mabhouh.

He said that the act fell in line with the ceaseless Israeli war against the Palestinian people and its resistance.

"Hamas does not incite Israel into launching war on the Palestinian people and always tries to evade war but if it is imposed on us then we have to defend ourselves with bravery, which is exactly what happened in Gaza last year," Resheq underlined.

Meanwhile, the Hebrew media castigated the Mossad chief Meir Dagan for botching up the assassination in Dubai after the assassins were revealed accurately and quickly.

The British Daily Mail said in a report on Friday that the British foreign intelligence MI-6 had prior knowledge that the Mossad would launch an assassination using forged British passports.

The paper quoted a Mossad agent as saying that the British foreign office was informed of the operation only hours before it was carried out without detailing the target or place of attack.

However, a spokesman for the British foreign office denied any previous knowledge of the operation.

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IOF troops wound foreign activists while quelling peaceful anti wall marches


[ 20/02/2010 - 07:58 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- Israeli occupation forces (IOF) used rubber bullets and gas canisters to disperse peaceful demonstrations the Palestinian villages of Bilin, Ma'sara and Beit Ummar in the West Bank against the separation wall, wounding a number of foreigners in the process.

Local sources in Bilin, Ramallah district, said that tens of citizens and foreign activists, including two Israelis, were hit with rubber bullets while many others were treated fro breathing difficulties as a result of the IOF troops' abundant use of gas canisters.

The weekly march on Friday marked the fifth year since the protest demos started against the Israeli confiscation of vast village land to build the racist, separation wall.

In Beit Ummar, tens of citizens were hurt when the IOF soldiers violently quelled their march to the north of Al-Khalil city.

Locals noted that armed Jewish settlers joined the IOF soldiers in firing at the march, adding that the citizens threw stones at the soldiers and in some cases engaged them in fistfights.

In Ma'sara, Bethlehem district, several demonstrators were injured with rubber bullets and many others suffered breathing problems when the IOF troops opened fire at them along with gas bombs.

IOF soldiers assaulted journalists and foreign activists for attending the rally, locals reported.

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I am the Resistance

Via Intifadah Voice

Whenever there is injustice, there are people fighting it with every possible means. We have seen it so many times before: the oppressed rise up, the oppressor dehumanizes them calling them such names as “terrorists”, “saboteurs”, “death loving” extremists… It is only normal that the oppressor will always lie to justify his actions and its crimes.

What is different in the case of Palestine, is that the Israeli regime has built an effective media and communications networks and campaigns to distort the image of the Palestinian resistance, and that a large portion of the world has believed the Israeli line and hence adopted it.

It is our duty to remember and remind the world that the Palestinian freedom fighter is a man, a woman, like any other. He loves his family. She loves her country. They seek a better future. They are willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of justice and freedom. They waited for the world to lift the blatant injustice that has befallen them since 1948. They expected the world to understand when they took up arms to lift this injustice themselves.

Now, they don’t care what anyone else calls them. They do not seek anyone’s permission, just like any resistance movement. They believe that their cause will be triumphant because it is a cause for justice and humanity. They are merely fulfilling their duty to make the day of justice in Palestine come sooner. So should we.
(Most of the photos used in this video are by Mr. Ahmad Mesleh, Palestine)
Source: neverbeforecampaign

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Ahrar center calls for release of seriously ill physics professor


[ 20/02/2010 - 07:19 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- The Ahrar center for prisoners' studies and human rights has asked international organizations and human rights groups to swiftly demand the release of Professor Isam Al-Ashqar, who is held in Israeli occupation authority (IOA) jails.

Fuad Al-Khafsh, the director of the center, said in a statement on Friday that the physics professor is dying in the IOA jails as a result of chronic high blood pressure and hardening of the kidney veins.

Khafsh charged the IOA with attempting to eliminate Palestinian scientists who contribute to building their country.

He lashed out at the IOA for bringing the judge to the hospital bed of Prof. Ashqar to renew his administrative detention, without trial or charge.

The director quoted the judge as telling Ashqar that he knew his scientific status and certificates and that he is suffering from many diseases but "for the sake of preserving the security of Israel I have to keep you in jail".

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Possible Consequences for the Israeli Mossad


Feb. 19 2010 – Now that the latest atrocity of Israel has badly blown back, with the pictures of 11 death squad assassins published worldwide, 2 names of Palestinians connected to the PA published, 6 more suspects in Dubai, knowledge that the whole crime was coordinated from Austria, consequences are inevitable. These are not consequences under national or international law, but the kinds of consequences which are due when mafia thugs or secret agents are burnt, and which seldom come to the knowledge of the public.

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  • Will the mossad get rid of the elements of the death squad after the assassination of Mahmoud Mabhouh in Dubai?
  • How will the mossad deal with their problems?
  • What would they use to get rid of the elements which participated in the assassination of al-Mabhouh?
  • Will it be a mass culling, will they be killed in a soft and merciful way, or will it be a messy butchery?
  • Will the bodies of these people be disposed by them, dropping them from airplanes into the ocean, or will they become part of the fundaments of yet to be built bridges?
Whatever happens, the Dubai 11 and all other people who participated in any capacity in this botched assassination must count on being killed if they do not surrender to or are not captured by the security forces of another nation. Regardless of what intentions the mossad has towards these elements, they are finished, and, even if the manage to evade capture, their refuge in Israel will be only temporary at best, until the pertinent decisions are taken.
Interpol on Thursday issued arrest notices for 11 suspects – six listed with British passports, three Irish, one French and one German – wanted by Dubai for the killing.
Now that they have been put on the wanted list of Interpol, that their faces are known, and that Dubai has stated that their retina prints taken at Dubai airport and other details will be published, they represent a giant liability to the Zionist regime of Israel. They are publicly known carriers of secrets, presumably in the know of many terrorist deeds of the mossad around the world. Their disposal will become an inevitable consequence, even a priority, to protect the secrets of global terrorism practiced by the mossad.
Meanwhile, the Dubai Police continues revealing new information relating to the murder of Mabhouh. They stated that the British, French, German and Irish authorities expressed during contacts with Dubai officials their strong displeasure because of the fact that the passports of their nations were used to enter Dubai and perpetrate this crime. Experts of the Dubai Police said that “the technology of recording retina prints at the airport will help to identify the perpetrators of the crime in Dubai, as it is difficult to hide or falsify this imprint, even if the person has surgery to change their face”. The videotape distributed by the Dubai Police about the perpetrators of the al- Mabhouh murder shows that all of them passed through the airport, which uses records retina prints.
Palestinians elements supporting Mosssad

Why did the Dubai Police not show the photos of the two Palestinians who were arrested in the wake of the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai?
Why did the police not publish the names of the Palestinian suspects?
Is it because they are elements connected to the Palestinian National Authority?

Last week, the Dubai police stated that had they had arrested two Palestinians among 18 suspects in the al-Mabhouh assassination, but they have not yet identified the two Palestinians or revealed their pictures.
Instead, the leader of Hamas, Mohammad Nazzal, announced the names of Palestinian detainees who were involved in the assassination of al-Mabhouh besides the Israeli death squad. He named them as Ahmed Hassanein, a former member of the Palestinian Intelligence Service, and Anwar Shuhaiber, a former officer in the Palestinian Preventive Security Forces. Both are former members of the PA security forces with links to Mohammed Dahlan of Fatah. Hamas claims that the senior Fatah official visited Dubai after these elements were arrested in order to try to persuade the Dubai authorities to release their operatives.
The Palestinian detainees are suspected of providing the mossad death squad with logistical aid, including renting cars and hotel rooms for them. According the Chief of the Dubai police, the Palestinians met the commander of the mossad death squad in a shopping center.
The spokesman of the Jordanian government, Nabil al-Sharif, revealed last Monday that Jordanian authorities handed these two Palestinians to the Dubai authorities. The detainees were caught by the airport security after their arrival at Amman airport.
Meanwhile, Mahmoud al-Zahar called on the West to forbid Israel from using their land to enter Arab countries and kill Palestinians. He said: “If the West allows the Zionist enemy to turn its land into land where Palestinian Muslims are murdered, or leave from it to Arab countries to assassinate our people, then we will confront them as God compels us too: ‘One evil for another’”, he said at a sermon in a Gaza mosque Friday.
While all the consequences and the scandal in the wake of this crime are still developing, it is noteworthy to mention that the Reut Institute, an extremist think tank which advises the Israeli regime, has recently released two the executive summaries of two reports (see here) and (here) which deal with the increasing “deligitmization” which the zionist entity suffers (which of course can’t be explained). It is funny to note that among their “policy options” they write
“18 – Relationship-based diplomacy with elites and ‘influentials’ – An effective barrier against delegitimization is a network of personal relationships. Working within identified hubs, Israel should aspire to maintain thousands of personal relationships with political, financial, cultural, media, and security-related elites and influentials.”
Now that Israel is successfully in the process of affirming its image of an obnoxious cry-baby and leg-humping hyena, a liability to anybody who has anything to do with them, one can’t help but smirking while asking where these thousands of “personal relationships” are to come if not from among people who are ignorant of their own best interests.
by Kawther Salam

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The Tide Has Changed - Gilad Atzmon


Friday, February 19, 2010 at 3:40PM Gilad Atzmon

London is ‘angry’ over the use of stolen identities by the Dubai assassins and points its finger at the Jewish state and its notorious Mossad espionage agency. The Israeli ambassador to Britain, Ron Prosor, was summoned yesterday by the foreign minister to “share information”. In practice Britain has stopped short of accusing Israel of involvement in the scandalous assassination, however to signal its displeasure the Foreign Office ignored an Israeli plea to keep the summons secret. "Relations were in the freezer before this. They are in the deep freeze now," a British official told the Guardian.

The British anger at Israel would be a positive signal in the right direction if we were not aware of British Foreign Secretary David Miliband investing enormous efforts trying to amend Britain’s ethical stand just to appease Tzipi Livni, Ehud Barak and other Israeli leaders. The British Foreign Ministry’s reaction could almost be deemed a revelation, were we able to forget that just five weeks before Israel launched its lethal criminal attack against Gaza, David Miliband visited Sderot, an Israeli town on the Gaza border to offer his support. "No country can accept constant bombardment of its citizens”, Miliband told the people of Sderot. He then continued “Israel should, above all, seek to protect its own citizens". It was that foolish statement by Britain’s Foreign Secretary that made us all complicit in Israel’s flattening of Gaza. Bearing these facts in mind, it is rather unlikely that the Israeli Ambassador to Britain was sweating while ‘sharing information’ with the chief aid to the British Foreign Secretary.

In the last few days Robert Fisk reported from the Middle East that, in Dubai there is not much doubt about Britain being involved in the Israeli blunder. "The British passports are real”, says one of Fisk’s sources in Dubai. “They are hologram pictures with the biometric stamp. They are not forged or fake. The names were really there. If you can fake a hologram or biometric stamp, what does this mean?" The truth better be exposed here. As if this is not enough, the Israeli Ynet reports today (quoting the Daily Mail) that Israel informed the British government that its agents were going to carry out an 'overseas operation' using forged British passports. “It wasn't a request for permission, but rather a courtesy call”.

If Britain was collaborating with Israel at any level, we better know it all, we better find out whether it was a person or a body within the Government or the intelligence, or just an ordinary sayan* in the Home Office or any other government office. If there was British collaboration, we better identify what it was exactly, who decided to serve Israeli murderous interests in our midst. We also better find out who in Britain decided to put British interests and British security in the Arab world at enormous risk.

In the Guardian yesterday Seumas Milne didn’t save his words either. “Instead of setting off a diplomatic backlash, the British government sat on its hands for almost a week after it was reportedly first passed details of the passport abuse. And while the Foreign Office finally summoned the Israeli ambassador to ‘share information’, rather than to protest, Gordon Brown could ­ yesterday only promise a ‘full investigation’”.

The truth of the matter is tragic. The British political system is paralysed by the Israeli Lobby. Like in the USA, British national interests are sacrificed for the sake of dirty Zionist cash. If Britain wants to liberate itself from the Zionist grip and have any prospect of a future, it must move fast and clean the entire list of Zionist infiltrators from its political ranks, Government offices and strategic positions. I am not talking here about Jews. By no means do I mention ethnicity or race. I am talking here about a political and ideological affiliation. Considering Zionism is a murderous, racist, expansionist ideology, it is natural to stress that people who are affiliated with Israel and Zionism must be removed immediately from any political, government, military or strategic posts and so on.

As much as Britain would refrain from delegating decisions regarding its security with Arab, Chinese or Russian Nationalists, it should similarly treat Jewish nationalists with at least as much caution.

But here is the good news. Unlike the Zionised British political system, the British people and media are actually outraged. The Mossad’s blunder, as well as the British political impotence is overwhelmingly exposed in the British press. It is on the front page of every British daily paper, it is featured on every TV news item. There is no doubt today, the patience towards Israeli barbarism is clearly running out.

A few years back I was listening to a talk given by Dr. Mustafa Barghouti who pointed out that back in 1948 the world stood silent watching 750,000 Palestinian people being driven out of their land, their villages and their cities through an orchestrated ethnic cleansing coupled with many massacres. The world kept silent when Israel set its racist return laws to prevent the Palestinians from returning to their land. In 1967, the developed world wasn’t just silent, it actually praised the Israeli expansionist extravaganza. It applauded the IDF as it cleansed tens of thousands of Palestinians out of their historic land.

But then things started to change. In the Lebanon war of 1982 the world at large was still pretty silent as 30,000 Palestinian and Lebanese were butchered by the Israeli Air Force and the IDF. Yet it miraculously woke the Left up from its terminal snooze. Some activists started to realise that Palestinians and their cause were at the heart of the battle for a better world. During the first and the second Intifadas more and more people came to realise that Israel was the aggressor. In 2006 Israel again unleashed total havoc in Lebanon. This time Israel left 3,000 fatalities. However, the impact of these successive Israeli brutalities led to a drastic rise of anti Israeli feelings. It was in fact the 2nd Lebanon war (rather than Iraq) that was the catalyst for Tony Blair’s overdue political downfall. Blair paid an immediate political price for condoning the war. The Gaza massacre of 2009, left 1,400 dead Palestinians, most of them women and children, it left Gaza in total ruin, but as we know, it also led to the highest tide of anti Israeli resentments in every possible level in the media, in the street and even in the UN.

This week we learn about Israel’s latest murderous blunder. It assassinated a Hamas military leader. While in the past Israel would be praised for the courage of its assassin squads, those who are chasing the enemies of the Jews in far lands and beyond, the reaction this week is very different. The Jewish state is now regarded as a qualified pariah state. British media and people start to see through it. No one in the British press stood for Israel, no one tried to justify or advocate Israel’s acts. No one repeated the clichés about Hamas being a terrorist organisation. I guess that by now, people out there grasp that Hamas is Palestine’s democratically elected leadership. People also realise that Hamas is justified in pursuing a fully legitimate struggle for liberation.

As much as Israelis and their supporters try to tell us that the diplomatic backlash is fuelled by merely technical matters such as ‘identity theft’, reading the British press conveys a far deeper resentment to Israel, what it stands for and the way it operates.

For a while some of us have been talking about remote signs that the tide is changing. As it happens, we are waking up into a new reality. The tide has changed already. Israel has exhausted the last drops of moral integrity, as if it possessed such an integrity to start with. Britain and every Western country better move fast and identify the enemy within, those amongst us who support the Zionist project and convert us all into being complicit partners in Israel’s never ending sin.

*Sayan- a unique and important part of the Mossad's operation. The Sayan (assistant) must be 100 percent Jewish. The Sayan supports the Israeli cause and assists the Mossad operation. Victor Ostrovsky the veteran Mossad agent says: “There are thousands of sayanim around the world. In London alone, there are about 2,000 who are active, and another 5,000 on the list…” To read more

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