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Alan Dershowitz' Plight

Alan Dershowitz , the infamous ethnic cleansing enthusiast, has recently filed a  lawsuit against TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, for injuries he sustained during a slip and fall in the bathroom .  
(Dershowitz’s complaint alleges that “[t]he bathroom at this time — and plaintiff believes for at least 60 minutes before his entry into the restroom — had no paper towels to allow male patrons to dry their hands post washing of them. This dangerous condition allowed water from the recently washed hands of each of the myriad bathroom users to drip or be ‘shaken’ onto the floor, negligently creating a hazardous situation for all users.”) Oy Vey...
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Yemeni Army Launches Scud Missile onto Emir Khaled Airbase in Saudi

Local Editor

The Yemeni army launched on Saturday a Scud missile onto Emir Khaled airbase in the area of Asir in Saudi Arabia.

The Joint Forces command in Riyadh recognized that a rocket was launched from the Yemeni onto the Saudi territories, claiming, in a statement by the Saudi Press Agency, that the missile was intercepted by Patriot air defense system.

The Saudi army also recognized that two officers and two soldiers were killed while "repelling a Yemeni military attempt to storm KSA territories".

Yemen has been since March 26 under brutal aggression by Saudi-US coalition. Thousands have been martyred and injured in the attack, with the vast majority of them are civilians.

Source: Al-Manar Website
06-06-2015 - 14:46 Last updated 06-06-2015 - 18:39 

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قناة الساحات الفضائية برنامج وجهة نظر 4 6 2015

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ايلي الفرزلي | كلمة سيد المقاومة : ايضاح الواضحات

ايلي الفرزلي | كلمة سيد المقاومة : ايضاح الواضحات

حديث الساعة

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Hizbullah a Great Regional Power

Nadia Shehade, Toufic al-Mahmoud

After the outstanding number of victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army and Hizbullah in Syria's hot zones, starting with the battles to liberate Qusayr in the summer of 2013 to the battles of Qalamoun in the Spring of 2015, it became normal that these victories spread hysteria amongst many of the enemies of the Syrian state and Resistance movements in the region.
Hizbullah a Great Regional Power

Facing this relapse, they decided to pour their anger out on Hizbullah, whose decision to interfere in the ongoing battles in Syria fell within its political and combative path as an armed resistance movement.

Hizbullah was able to justify its siding with, and defense of the Syrian state as part of the strategic and security relationship they share, considering what the Syrian state represents, in terms of defending the Lebanese and Palestinian Resistance.

It was according to these principles that Hizbullah marched along the road it saw fit, at harmony with its own position and political and ethical principles. Therefore it intervened militarily, and began resolving matters on the field, in cooperation with the Syrian army.

One of the main battle Hizbullah's combatants are fighting head-on in defense of the axis they belong to is the battle of Qalamoun. It is an open war with regards to its space, time, and stages, wherein they were able to inflict great defeat upon the armed groups, as Hizbullah's Secretary General His Eminence Sayed Hassan Nasrallah had confirmed.

Hizbullah, who was also fighting a fierce war against a mix of fighters from the so called "FSA", "al-Nusra", and "ISIL", achieve a string of victories and defeat upon the armed groups of the region enveloping the Qalamoun Mountains separating Lebanon and Syria. These same victories enabled Hizbullah to expel these armed factions aimed at Hizbullah's presence in the South of Lebanon, and open a direct route between Lebanon and Syria.

This was also confirmed by the American "Foreign Policy" magazine in a report it published the day before yesterday. The report confirmed that Hezbollah's combatants seized 120 miles of Lebanon's border areas, expelling al-Nusra militias therefrom.

The Magazine added that Hizbullah is at this stage fighting a series of large regional battles, as he is fighting in Syria, whilst simultaneously waging a political and media war against Saudi Arabia for its war on Yemen, as well as participating in other wars, in different forms, both in Iraq and in its conflict with its mortal enemy, the Zionist entity, through the special relationship it enjoys with the Palestinian Resistance.

Hizbullah, who over the last years has succeeded in increasing its military, security, and logistic capabilities, and whose fighters have gained great fighting expertise, still considers that the battle with the Zionist enemy to be the main battle and its preparations are ongoing to face the "Israeli" army in any battle.

Sayed Hassan Nasrallah has said it when he declared that "the Resistance has not suffered any weakness, shortcoming, or debilitation and neither its ability nor its readiness to face the "Israeli" enemy has been affected".

By entering numerous battlefields, Hizbullah has gained much experience and has turned into a great regional power. It has now become the main concern of decision makers in Western states, whose military strengthening has become the subject of a number of military and political American and "Israeli" report, which consider this a great setback for the rebalancing of power in the region.

With Hizbullah's logistic force, its deterrence, and the great discipline of its combatants, observers note that it has a rising regional role. It has become a main element in a regional axis that can engender great change in the balance of power amongst the different parties of the region's conflict.

Source: al-Binaa Daily, Edited by website team

05-06-2015 | 10:41

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Syrian Perspective has learned that the governments of Syria and Iran are going to announce the implementation of the Mutual Defense Pact which binds the countries together in the event of invasion by another state.

Turkey’s attack against Syria in Idlib and Aleppo have triggered the pact.

Don’t listen to the Western Press.  We are telling you that Iran is now fully at war with Turkey and that the people of Turkey had better come to their senses and remove the tyrant-rat Erdoghan.

Do not believe anything about Russian advisers leaving Syria.  If anything, their numbers are increasing as are Russian naval destroyers off the coast of Syria. it appears someone ruffled Putin’s feathers.

الراي الاول | هل تتحمل تركيا جزءا من مسؤولية ارهاب داعش ؟ | العالم

بانوراما | تركيا ، فضائح تسليح الارهاب عشية الانتخابات | العالم

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Saudi Arabia,Israel reportedly held 5 secret meetings since 2014

Saudi, Israeli officials say they share mutual interests against Iran

Saudi Arabia and Israel are engaged in a campaign of covert diplomacy against Iran.

According to media sources, Saudi and Israeli officials have held at least five secret meetings since the beginning of last year to discuss their mutual interests in the face of Iran. The covert campaign was revealed for the first time on Thursday when at the Council on Foreign Relations think tank in Washington.

The rare public meeting was held between Dore Gold, the incoming director-general of the Israeli Foreign Ministry and Anwar Majed Eshki, a retired Saudi general and ex-adviser to Prince Bandar Bin Sultan. Tel Aviv and Riyadh say they’re worried about what they call Iran’s growing influence in the Middle East. 

السعودية و«إسرائيل»… وحكاية غزل عنوانها أنور عشقي!


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S.Nasrallah: Hezbollah Will Displace Millions of Israelis in Next War on Lebanon

Local Editor

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah
Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah warned the Israeli enemy on Friday of displacing millions of the Zionist settlers in 

any possible war that may be imposed on Lebanon, stressing that the Zionist home front is not immune to wars anymore, and that all the threats waged by a number of Zionist officials lately are part of the psychological war that "we have become accustomed to since the establishment of this entity."

Speaking at the celebration marking the thirty-year anniversary of founding the Imam Mahdi (as) Scouts in the southern suburbs of the Lebanese capital, Sayyed Nasrallah addressed the Israelis, urging them to realize that they have a defeated army that cannot deter the Resistance capabilities. 

"You are admitting in this drill that you have a defeated army by saying that the resistance is able to reach all the areas where the exercises are taking place," his eminence said, noting that the enemy leadership and people know this fact very well, stressing that the recent Zionist threats will have no effect on Hezbollah.

"Hezbollah is not preoccupied by the Qalamoun battles. Qalamoun has nothing to do with this matter," he said, urging the Lebanese not to become afraid of these threats.

Hezbollah fighters have been engaged in fierce battles in the Qalamoun area on border with Lebanon, liberating the Syrian region from the operating terrorist groups by clearing the highest mountain, Moses Hill, from all takfiri operatives.

Sayyed Nasrallah made it clear that "the time in which Israel destroyed our homes and our infrastructure and keep its homes and infrastructure has ended, and that what is coming is greater than the 2006."

"If you are threatening to deport a million and a half Lebanese, the Resistance will displace millions of Zionists. We are not afraid of your war nor your threats," he told the Israeli authorities.
"I clearly say to Israel: the Resistance threatens to displace millions of Israelis in the next war if imposed on Lebanon," his eminence warned, reassuring that such threats are just the loud voice that reflects the enemy's anxiety and its fear of Resistance.

Touching upon Arsal and Qalamoun battles in the border areas between Lebanon and Syria, Sayyed Nasrallah reviewed how the Lebanese domestic politics tackled the security situation in the area, underlying that Hezbollah was clear from the very beginning and didn't say that he will enter the town of Arsal.

"We always used to say that this town [Arsal] has been occupied and its liberation is the responsibility of the Lebanese state and army," Sayyed Nasrallah stated, adding that the Lebanese people "are hopeful that the army would bear this great national responsibility."

"We were very clear regarding Arsal barrens. Here we are standing before a malignant form of political hypocrisy, political disinformation and political recruitment," his eminence said, recalling that  there are people who invented a battle named Arsal and came out to defend it.

"They are assuming that Hezbollah wants to enter to the town of Arsal, but this is untrue and hypocrisy," he stressed, urging those who are resorting to sectarian mobilization to get rid of that action.

As for Arsal barrens, Sayyed Nasrallah stated that the battle occurred early because of the gunmen attack on the posts of Syrian army and the Resistance in Younin barrens "in a direct field attack."

"We are not invaders, but liberators and resistance," Hezbollah secretary General emphasized, highlighting that the battles narrate the victories achieved by the Resistance fighters over tens of kilometers of the liberated lands in the area, praising the solidarity expressed by the families and clans of Baalbek who showed their support for the Resistance and their readiness to sacrifice.
Sayyed Nasrallah thanked all people who expressed their solidarity with Hezbollah, and refuted rumors on the party's intention to form brigades or to declare the popular mobilization, stressing that the battle of Arsal will make the task of Lebanese army easier and will ease its burdens.
Moreover, his eminence said he would not talk "about the time for the completion of the battle," elaborating that Hezbollah "does not want to approach the town of Arsal, and that the battle will continue until the liberalization of barrens.

"Don't ask us about the time needed. Time is determined by the battle commanders on ground."
"We launched the battle of Arsal barrens and we are not bound by a specific time, but we are interested in accomplishing the goal with the least human sacrifices possible. We are not in a rush," his eminence elaborated.

Hezbollah: Celebration marking the thirty-year anniversary of founding the Imam al-Mahdi (as) Scouts across LebanonAddressing the Lebanese government, Hezbollah leader called on the officials and ministers to bear their responsibilities and take things seriously, without waiting for changes in Yemen, Iraq or the region.

Turning to the so-called 'Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant' (ISIL) takfiri group and the media reports about the party that created it since its emergence,  Sayyed Nasrallah expressed surprise after media reports published after the Saudi terrorist suicide bombings to claim that Iran, Syria or Hezbollah have created ISIL and support it.

"Is it rational that the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is accused of spreading Shiism and everything related to it, stands behind Daesh (Arabic acronym of ISIL)? his eminence asked.

"This talk is senseless... It is very ridiculous," he went on to say, recalling the history of ISIL which is the Iraqi branch of al-Qaeda terrorist group, but defected over disputes on power in Syria.

"The whole world knows that al-Qaeda was created by the United States, the Saudi Arabia and the Pakistani intelligence... The US admits that, while the world acts as if ISIL is an imminent danger," Sayyed Nasrallah revealed, hoping that everyone will help in diagnosing the enemy.
"ISIL is being fought by the parties that are accused of creating it, i.e. Iran and Syria, while other parties fund it and sell its oil," he said.

"ISIL is believed to be a threat to the world. However, there are people in Lebanon who argue whether ISIL poses a threat to Lebanon or not," he added, pointing out that ISIL does not only exist in Palmyra, Raqqa or Mosul, but it is in Arsal barrens as well.

On the Saudi-US aggression on Yemen, Hezbollah Secretary General reiterated the party's position that supports the people and the army of the Arab state, categorically rejecting the Saudi military intervention that is persistent for 72 days ago.

"This aggression is very clear and obvious, and if anyone vetoed it objectively, the Saudi regime would work with all the institutional means and threats to silence such voices. It does not want anyone to open mouth and condemn the aggression."

"In every moment we condemn this brutal and barbaric Saudi-US aggression against the Yemeni people. This position will not change as long as the aggression is persistent," Sayyed Nasrallah stressed, asking about the horizon that this attack might have later on.

"What is the horizon of this aggression? Destruction, murder and bloodshed are not symbols of strength. All the announced goals were not materialized, and despite his high demands, the [fugitive] Yemeni President is now obliged to go to Geneva because there has no other solution," his eminence pointed out.

Sayyed Nasrallah congratulated all Muslims and audience on the birth anniversary of Imam Mahdi (as), the twelfth Imam of Prophet Mohammad's household, and Imam al-Mahdi Scouts on their founding anniversary.

His speech was delivered live on a screen and was watched by all leaders and members of the Scouts in several cities across Lebanon, including Beirut, Tyre, Nabatieh and Bekaa.
The speech is broadcast live on Al-Manar TV with a real-time coverage on Al-Manar English website.

Manar Website
05-06-2015 - 17:43 Last updated 05-06-2015 - 18:49

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AL-HASAKA:  John Esq. sent me an email with a link to Pat Buchanan’s ranting-cum-ignorant article which seems to suggest the Western mantra about “Assad about to fall”.  The West is even kiting lies about Russian advisers leaving Syria which is completely and utterly false.  Buchanan, seemingly losing his compass at his advanced age, is mimicking the press and repeating the same blunder-laden nonsense which the Zionist press continues to eruct.  It’s a shame when someone like Pat Buchanan begins to appear frail in the mind.

Al-Mujabbal Al-Zifti:  The SAA engaged ISIS in extremely intense combat here destroying a confirmed 2 pickup trucks with the usual Doschkas.  All aboard the trucks were killed.  The SAA is not permitting photography of these scenes as a matter of security.

Al-Ahdaath Prison Complex:  Remember, the prison is not yet completed and the attacks on it remain somewhat puzzling.  In any case, yesterday, defenders of  the SAA and PDC destroyed one pickup with 23mm cannon, a van loaded with ammunition and killed a reported 7 rodents.

All these villages are seeing heavy combat as I write:  Ghuraat, ‘Abid, Sawdaa`.

Syrian Army Wins Back New Areas in Idlib and Hama

Massive counterattack by the Syrian Army at Abyadh Bridge in rural southeast Al-Hasaka.  Reports are that the ISIS buzzards have sustained devastating losses to the SAAF as it covered a counter-sweep by the SAA.  As I write, the rats are screaming for help with no chance of reinforcements in sight.

Al-Maylabiyya:  A pickup with 23mm cannon destroyed.  The number of these trucks deployed to Syria and Iraq gives the reader an measuring stick for analysing the huge financial losses to KSA and Qatar in funding this fool’s errand.

Al-Daawoodiyya:  Another pickup destroyed.

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