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Open letter to Chilean miners

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Open letter to Chilean miners

Church of the Nativity, 1945

Mrs. (Mary) said to them (NO) will win. However, they did not believe her. She saw the corresponding spokesman on Chilean TV telling: It seems that (NO) won, and said its decision. So, people got their freedom from the regime of Chilean General Augusto Pinochet. Sound was chasing in her prayers to say that the right and logic prevail no matter how long time, and no matter how much injustice. In her exile in Latin America, as a Palestinian, she followed all Chilean miners getting out of the darkness of death to the light of life again. She Prayed for them and deeply affected by one of them telling they overcome the devil.
She hoped that if the survivors be invited to Palestine to celebrate the birth of Jesus and visit the Church of the Nativity, the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem, and the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth.

However, she was surprised by the news that Israel is inviting them to the Palestinian territories. As history is repeating itself, this happened days after the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration which gave those who do not have to those who does not deserve.
What an anachronism, the inviter is the one who shifted the live of the people (Christians and Muslims) to the darkness. She memorized how much the rest of her Christian family are suffering in holy places of worship, and how they were deported with Late President Arafat from the church. They are waiting in the holidays at the borders for hours to visit their relatives in Jerusalem because of the apartheid wall. She cried President Arafat, who was besieged in the Church of Nativity, in his anniversary.
She said: "I am a Christian Palestinian, but did not visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher resurrection in Jerusalem, the land of the prophets.

Dear valued workers, your victory of good over evil by your survival, when you go to occupied Jerusalem, Kindle a candle for me in the Christmas.  Definitely, the good will prevail. So that, she return to the land of my parents and ancestors (the free Palestine).
Will you help Mrs. (Mary) to send this open letter to Chilean workers before they go? Thanks.
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Arabic version of the letter

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Salim Nassar to As-Safir: I Wrote Kissinger’s Letter Based on Direct Sources

After Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah referred in his latest speech to the letter sent by former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, to the late Raymond Edde.

Many political analysts appeared to claim that the content of the letter which Sayyed Nasrallah read were merely fabricated, where the read writer of the letter is Lebanese Journalist Salim Nassar, while Kissinger has nothing to do with it.

In this context, in an interview with As-Safir newspaper, Salim Nassar mentioned the facts related to that letter, where he said that he gathered the information and wrote them in a form of reply from Kissinger, depending on direct sources who were in the urgent meeting between Henry Kissinger and then Lebanese President Suleiman Franjiyeh.

Journalist Salim Nassar's letter came as follows:

Commenting on the discussions in Lebanon over Henry Kissinger's letter to Colonel Raymond Edde, and whether it's credible and true, I would like to clarify the following:

First of all, the information mentioned in the letter is derived from official sourced including then Prime Minister Taqi Al Dien Al Sulh, Foreign Minister Foad Nifaa, and the White House Translator Kamil Nofal.

I preferred not to relate the information to prior sources for the sake of its required confidentiality. That is why I rephrased it in a form of a reply letter from Henry Kissinger to General Edde, as a reply to his letter in Annahar newspaper.

Second, I tried as much as possible to keep away doubts from my sources, knowing that the report of the meeting is recorded in specialized departments.

I recall very well that Kissinger opened the meeting with asking then President Franjiyeh whether the Lebanese army is capable of bombing the Palestinians and monitor their activities in the south.

Franjiyeh answered in a rather embarrassing question: "If the Lebanese Army was capable, why would it have to bomb the Palestinians who were expelled from their country which they're trying to gain back?"

This is a tip of the iceberg of the historic meeting that was marked with tension and intensity of debate. According to this information available with me, I rephrased the words in a virtual form, for the sake of my sources' reputation.

Wrote Salim Nassar

Furthermore, Salim Nassar added that all what His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said about the US policy towards Lebanon is a 100% true, and that the facts Nassar mentioned in his article are information gathered by head of intelligence back then.

In the same context, it's worthy to mention that the parts of the letter which Sayyed Hassan read in his latest speech are mentioned in the book entitled "Raymond Edde- A Conscious that Never Dies", dedicated to the late General Raymond Edde.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Dahalan presents new plan to take over the Gaza Strip

Dahalan presents new plan to take over the Gaza Strip

[ 12/11/2010 - 09:58 PM ]

LONDON, (PIC)-- Well-informed Palestinian sources have confirmed Thursday that the infamous Fatah leader and chief of the mutiny trend in the Movement, presented a plan to attack the Gaza Strip in a bid to topple Hamas and to restore his "reputation" in the Palestinian arena.

The PIC obtained a copy of Dahalan's plan comprising 70 pages and classified as "confidential" where he put his vision for the scenario of the invasion that starts with giving him a position in the PA security apparatus in the West Bank.

A close associate of Dahalan for nearly two decades revealed to the PIC that based on his relationship with Dahalan, the controversial Fatah leader needs the security position for a number of reasons, including his belief that no one could control security in the West Bank and block Hamas and the Islamic Jihad from controlling the region except himself.

According to the sources, Dahalan succeeded in convincing a number of European and Arab countries to train his men to carryout the mission successfully.

According to the plan, Dahalan alleged he could topple Hamas Movement in the Strip if he receives "adequate" logistical, political, and financial support, adding that he coordinated with security experts from Egypt, Jordan, the Zionist entity, the USA, and the UK to prepare details of the plan.

The plan presumes an attack by Dahalan's men from the Egyptian borders in the south, and through the Israeli crossing points east and north of the Gaza Strip, in addition to Jordan-trained commandos who would attack from the sea.

Dahalan asked for three billion US dollars to achieve his plan that he alleged gained the blessing of Omar Suleiman, the Chief of Egypt's intelligence apparatus, and Yoval Disken, the head of the Israeli internal security department, adding that he furnished copies of his plan to a number of intelligence apparatuses in "friendly" Arab states.

In 2007, Dahalan led a coup against the Palestinian legitimacy in a bid to topple Hamas, but the coup failed, and Generals of Dahalan fled to Egypt where he was waiting for them. The mutiny led to the political rift in the Palestinian arena that benefited only the Israeli occupation, as most of the Palestinians believe.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Israel's self-destruction: Reunifying the Palestinian nation

by Jonathan Cook

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, is in the United States this week, but few observers expect an immediate or significant breakthrough in the stalled peace talks with the Palestinian leadership.

In public, Mr Netanyahu maintains he is committed to the pledge he made last year, shortly after he formed his right-wing government, to work towards the creation of a demilitarised Palestinian state.

But so far he has proved either unwilling or unable to renew even a partial freeze on Jewish settlement building in the West Bank -- a key condition set by Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, for reviving the negotiations.

Most of Mr Netanyahu's cabinet, including Avigdor Lieberman, his foreign minister, barely conceal their opposition to Palestinian statehood. Instead, Mr Netanyahu has imposed a precondition of his own: that the Palestinians recognise Israel as the state of the Jewish people.

A leading analyst of Palestinian politics says the picture is not as bleak for the Palestinians as it might appear.

Asad Ghanem, a professor of political science at Haifa University, predicts Mr Netanyahu and his cabinet will eventually come to rue their obduracy.

The intransigence and the unabashed espousal of "an ideology of Jewish supremacy" by Mr Netanyahu and his supporters will lead to the gradual "reunification" of the Palestinian people, Dr Ghanem said in an interview.

In clinging to a vision of Greater Israel, Mr Netanyahu and the right are fuelling a potentially powerful Palestinian nationalism that could yet come to crush not only the occupation but Israel's status as a Jewish state, said Dr Ghanem, the author of several books on Palestinian nationalism.

Dr Ghanem, who belongs to Israel's Palestinian minority, a fifth of the country's population, noted that the original goal of Israel's founders was to use a sophisticated version of divide-and-rule to weaken an emerging Palestinian national movement that opposed Zionism.
The war of 1948 that created Israel led to the first and most significant division: between the minority of Palestinians who remained inside the new territory of Israel and the refugees forced outside its borders, who today are numbered in millions.

Since 1967, Israel has fostered many further splits: between the cities and rural areas; between the West Bank and Gaza; between East Jerusalem and the West Bank; between the main rival political movements, Fatah and Hamas; and between the PA leadership and the diaspora.

Israel's guiding principle has been to engender discord between Palestinians by putting the interests of each group into conflict, said Dr Ghanem. "A feuding Palestinian nation was never likely to be in a position to run its own affairs."

He is dismissive of plans by Mr Abbas and his prime minister, Salam Fayyad, to try to revive the Oslo process by bypassing Israel and seeking the international community's blessing for the establishment of a Palestinian state next summer.

Palestinian leaders who have pursued statehood, Dr Ghanem added, have done so on terms dictated by Israel.

First the rights of the refugees to be considered part of the Palestinian nation were sacrificed, then those of the Palestinians inside Israel. Next parts of East Jerusalem and all of Gaza were excluded. And now finally, he said, even significant parts of the West Bank were almost certain to be counted outside a future Palestinian state.

"The core of the negotiations for Abbas is about ending the occupation, but he has progressively conceded to Israel its very narrow definition of what constitutes occupied land. The rights of the refugees and other Palestinians to be included in the Palestinian nation now exist chiefly at the level of rhetoric."

The Israeli right's insistence on Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state would accelerate the unravelling of Israel's long-term policy of fragmenting the Palestinian people.
"All Palestinians are affected by such a demand, not just those living inside Israel. The Palestinian national movement accepted Israel as a state decades ago but Netanyahu is not satisfied by that.

"He wants to reopen the 1948 file," Dr Ghanem said, referring to the war that established Israel by expelling and dispossessing 80 per cent of the Palestinian people. "He is provoking the Palestinian national movement to reassess the accepted two-state model for ending the conflict."

As fewer and fewer Palestinians cling to the belief that Israel will ever agree to partition the territory, the physical and ideological barriers between the Palestinian sub-groups are starting to crumble, he said.

The separate struggles of the Palestinians -- for civil rights among Israel's Palestinian minority; for national liberation by those in the occupied territories; and for the right of return among the diaspora -- were being superseded by "a common fight against the reality of an ethnic apartheid".

Dr Ghanem added that, when Palestinians came to realise that they would never be offered more than a "crippled state" by Israel, the new paradigm would become "one binational, democratic state for all Palestinians and Jews in historic Palestine".
The different Palestinian factions would eventually merge their politic al platforms. The civil rights movement rapidly emerging among Palestinians inside Israel would then serve to complement the fledgling anti-apartheid struggle in the occupied territories.
Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories, as well as the millions of refugees, said Dr Ghanem, would one day come to thank Mr Netanyahu for bringing them together.
Jonathan Cook is a writer and journalist based in Nazareth, Israel. His latest books are “Israel and the Clash of Civilisations: Iraq, Iran and the Plan to Remake the Middle East” (Pluto Press) and “Disappearing Palestine: Israel's Experiments in Human Despair” (Zed Books). His website is version of this article originally appeared in The National (, published in Abu Dhabi.

Global Research Articles by Jonathan Cook

The Baghdad Cathedral Massacre: Zionist Fingerprints All Over

Mask of Zion

by Jonathan Azaziah

Prior to the fascist, destructive, genocidal US-UK-Israeli occupation of Iraq, Sunni and Shia, Muslims and Christians, Arabs and Kurds lived together in a harmonious atmosphere of brotherhood and unity that paralleled that of occupied Palestine before the Zionist occupation in 1948. It is egregious.

Disgusting. Despicable. Ignorant. Absurd. And erroneous on every factual basis to assert that the aforementioned ethnic and religious groups are now massacring each other, when in reality, they are being massacred by the murderous occupation armies.

Dividing Iraq via partition and driving it into a hell of ethnic cleansing was a Zionist plot that was originally designed in 1982 by Israeli foreign policy advisor Oded Yinon (1). The policies for destabilizing Iraq were reestablished in the ‘Clean Break’ papers written for mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu by Zionist spy Richard Perle and several Zionist war criminals including Douglas Feith, David Wurmser, Meyrav Wurmser and Robert Loewenberg (2). Agents of the international terrorist group known as Mossad have been operating in Iraq as early as the 1950s, when the Zionist entity engaged in a false flag campaign of terror against the Iraqi-Jewish community (3). It has always been the absolute goal of the illegitimate usurping entity to destroy Iraq as a nation, so it can bring its ‘Greater Israel’ dream to fruition, settling its colonial extremists on the banks of the ancient Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

The bloody travesty of humanity that occurred on October 31st, 2010 which left 58 Iraqis dead in the Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral in Baghdad (4) was not the work of Al-Qaeda. The gunmen didn’t belong to Islamic State of Iraq. The homicidal shooters weren’t even Iraqi. The best way to honor the victims of senseless violence is to expose the truth of the attack. And the truth is, this massacre has Zionist fingerprints all over its blood-drenched structure.

SITE Intelligence: Mouthpiece of Mossad

As the events that led up to the massacre unfolded, the Zionist mainstream media reported that an Al-Qaeda offshoot known as Islamic State of Iraq was behind the horrors. The media obtained its reports from an organization known as SITE Intelligence Group (5). SITE is the primary source that the falsehood-spewing Zionist media, Zionist-designed Homeland Security, and even the FBI and CIA obtain their information from regarding Muslim and Arab affairs (6). When Israel is accused of a crime, SITE says otherwise and the media follows SITE’s lead. When SITE says Muslims commit a crime, the media follows SITE’s lead as well. SITE is controlled by Rita Katz, a former soldier in Israel’s Occupation Forces who has close ties to Mossad via her working relationship with Mossad agent Ben Venzke’s Intel Center (7), as well as the FBI (8). Katz, who comes from a deep-rooted Zionist family and whose father was executed in Iraq due to his spy activity for the Zionist regime, has admitted to disseminating false information to the United States government itself about ‘Jihadists,’ Al-Qaeda, and other ‘Islamic extremist’ groups (9).

Rita Katz collaborated with fellow Zionist Jane Harman, by delivering testimony on ‘Islamic terrorists’ using the internet as a weapon, before a congressional committee so the ardently pro-Israel congresswoman could pass Orwellian legislation to monitor anti-Zionist and anti-war activism online (10). Katz violated the privacy of hundreds of Muslim-Americans in their mosques, community centers and other social functions by illegally spying on them on behalf of the US government, and is currently being sued by several organizations (11). The former Israeli soldier is considered to be a protege of Zionist Steve Emerson (12), the notorious xenophobic propagator of Islamophobia, whitewasher of Zionist crimes against Palestinians and Lebanese and creator of the repulsive propaganda film, ‘Jihad In America (13).’ Rita Katz’s SITE organization has even been endorsed by the bloodthirsty killers at Blackwater, now known as XE (14), who are responsible for civilian murders across occupied Iraq, including the infamous massacre at Nisour Square (15).

Rita Katz is an ultra-Zionist who clearly works as an asset for the Israeli-invented ‘war on terror’ which has claimed millions of lives in occupied Arab and Muslim lands already. Her lies have affected Iraq directly, as she has attempted to sow division through spreading lies about the long-dead CIA asset Osama Bin Laden and the Shia population of the occupied nation (16). She is a noxious propagandist whose words, writings and actions are completely immersed in unequivocal falsity for the benefit of the usurping Tel Aviv regime, and whose SITE organization is an utter fraud and obvious front for Mossad. Only the oblivious, the deaf, dumb and blind would be unable to see through her lies.

Islamic State Of Iraq Doesn’t Exist

Al-Qaeda doesn’t exist. It should be reiterated for emphasis: Al-Qaeda. Does. Not. Exist. Even the atrociously pro-Israel apologist news agency known as BBC has admitted this undeniable fact through a documentary it released, in which CIA agents admit that the ‘terror’ organization is a sheer fabrication (17). The aforementioned Zionist propaganda outfit SITE Intelligence Group has reported Islamic State of Iraq is linked to Al-Qaeda. But if Al-Qaeda doesn’t exist, how can Islamic State of Iraq be linked to it? The answer is simple: Islamic State of Iraq doesn’t exist either. Something that exists can’t be linked to something non-existent; such notions are the peak of illogic and preposterousness. The US military itself, most saliently a Brigadier General, have already declared that the leader of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq, Omar al-Baghdadi, is an invention (18). The officials went on to declare that they needed to give an ‘Iraqi face to a foreign-run terrorist group.’ Typical.

SITE is an Israeli intelligence dummy company. Al-Qaeda and Islamic State of Iraq are Zionist-concocted fallacies. The question remains then: Who carried out the heinous massacre that martyred 58 and injured 78 others at Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral?

Karada: Crawling With Israeli Agents and Mercenaries

The Karada district of Baghdad where the Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral is located, a mixed neighborhood of Sunni, Shia, and Christians, has faced atrocity after atrocity by the invaders since the savage Zionist occupation began. In March of 2008, Karada was rocked when twin IEDs detonated and murdered 68 innocents, and injured 150 others (19). In September of 2008, Karada was shaken to its core when five car bombs and IEDs exploded and claimed the lives of 27 innocents and injured 84 more (20). Earlier this year, in January, a car bomb rattled Karada and 18 lives were taken along with 80 more people being injured (21). In the summer of 2009, the churches of Karada were slammed repeatedly, including a triple IED attack in July that murdered 4 innocents and injured 20 others (22).

As is the case with every bombing, kidnaping, robbery, rape, assault and murder in occupied Iraq, not a single suspect was taken into custody by the malicious Western forces of the US and UK, nor the puppet forces of the disgraceful Iraqi regime. All of the blasts in Karada (as well as everywhere else in Iraq) were the products of IEDs and car bombs. The Zionist media propagates a ridiculous theory that the car bombs are the work of ‘Islamic militant’ suicide bombers, and that the IEDs are explosives made from scratch by the same militants. This is an insult to anyone with a functioning brain. The sophisticated and destructive force of an IED, as well as the meticulousness and strategic placing of car bombs throughout Iraq, especially in Karada, can only be the work of one group in the world: the Mossad (23).

In late September of 2003, a private military contractor named Zapata Engineering began operating in occupied Iraq with a $200 million contract from the Pentagon; its function was to destroy unusable Iraqi munitions and store usable munitions in American safe houses (24). Zapata Engineering received another contract for over $32 million in February of 2004 from the Army Corps of Engineers (25). The relationship between the US occupying army and Zapata turned sour in 2005 however, when 19 of its employees were arrested by Marines after firing on American checkpoints (26). The Zapata contractors were carrying illegal weapons, which the US military identified as anti-tank weapons (27). The weapons identified were the rifles of Rafael Advanced Systems Limited, the chief weapons manufacturer of the Zionist entity (28). When the Marines took the Zapata employees into custody, the detainees claimed they were humiliated and the Marines ripped their religious medallions off of their necks; the symbol on those religious medallions was the six-pointed star found on the flag of the Zionist entity (29).

Under the microscope, Zapata Engineering is exposed as a Zionist company with offices in North Carolina, Hawaii and Tel Aviv (30). Zapata has a partnership with Rafael in the production of IEDs, with Rafael making the IEDs (many of which are equipped with depleted uranium tips) as well as the neutralization technology which it sells to the US (31), and Zapata manufacturing the triggers (32). Israeli occupation forces were even called into Iraq by high-ranking American generals to help the US ‘combat’ the ‘problem’ of IEDs (33). These IEDs are powerful enough to lift a 70-ton tank clear off of the ground and pierce military-grade armor; the Iraqi Resistance has noticed the high level of sophistication of these killing devices, and has made it clear that no Iraqi group has the capability to assemble such devices, although foreign intelligence and secret service agencies do (34). Though Zapata Engineering is no longer officially operating in Iraq, its Rafael Advanced Systems-linked IEDs are; wreaking havoc every single day on the innocents of occupied Iraq.

It is vital to point out, that prior to the horrific Western occupation that began in 2003, car bombs weren’t detonating in Iraq. But after March 20, 2003, like the Zionist IEDs, car bombs have become a nearly-everyday occurrence that Iraqis have been forced to cope with due to the illegal and barbarous occupation. It would be a monstrous mistake to link these attacks to anyone other than the occupiers that brought this savage madness down on the ancient head of Iraq.

Contrary to Zionist hasbara, and the garbage spewed from the mouths of US-puppets within the Iraqi regime, the car bombs aren’t the work of ‘suicide bombers;’ they are the work of Mossad, working intimately with occupation forces (35). In fact, the car bomb has become the signature of the Zionist regime when carrying out assassinations and terror operations. The car bomb is the weapon it admitted to using to murder Lebanese Resistance Commander, the martyr Imad Mughniyeh (36). The Zionist entity used the car bomb to murder former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, as exposed by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (37). It is the weapon that the sanguinary usurping regime used to assassinate a Resistance fighter in illegally blockaded Gaza last week (38). It is the weapon that the Mossad used to murder Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqir al-Hakim, a fierce critic of the US occupation (which wasn’t in line with the disgusting and traitorous nature of his family), in the massive bombing at the Imam Ali Mosque in Najaf that martyred 125 innocents in addition to the Ayatollah (39). And it is the weapon that has been used in an ongoing assassination campaign against Iraqi policemen and security forces (40); exactly the way IOF trained the US special forces to operate, as well as participating in the death and destruction themselves by posing as consultants (41).

It is not a coincidence by any means, that just months after the illegal occupation of Iraq began, an Israeli Center of Middle Eastern Studies was opened in Baghdad. Several Iraqi professors were sickened at the establishment of a Zionist entity satellite in the Iraqi capital, and they said in no uncertain terms that it was a Mossad front (42). Muslims and Christians united against this Mossad haven, and resisted steadfastly in a refusal to cooperate with the Zionist entity and the US (43). A week after the opening of the Israeli Center, the UN headquarters in Baghdad was destroyed by Mossad with CIA assistance (44). Mossad has been caught traveling throughout Baghdad in armored SUVs (45). Four Zionist agents were killed by the Iraqi Resistance in 2005, when they were uncovered stealing archaeological artifacts and planting car bombs (46). The evidence is astonishingly overwhelming that Mossad has swarmed Iraq, Baghdad in particular, with its IEDs and car bombs to transform Iraq into a fractured state; Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khameini, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, has stated that Washington D.C. and Tel Aviv are the ‘root causes of all terrorist operations in Iraq (47).’

Not only is Karada riddled with parasites from the illegal occupier of Palestine, it is riddled with mercenaries and private contractors; United States-backed guns for hire, usually ex-military, who shoot with impunity and sign on to have no mercy whatsoever. Karada has been assaulted by United Resources Group, who murdered two innocent Iraqi women in 2007 (48). It has been attacked by Almco, when mercenaries inside four convoys opened fire on civilians and wounded an Iraqi woman named Roba Taha (49). The residents of Karada have been terrorized by none other than the infamous Blackwater, now known as Xe (50). Dyncorp has its headquarters in Central Baghdad (51), just moments away from Karada, and its mercenaries have terrorized all of Baghdad, most notably shooting an Iraqi taxi driver dead in November of 2007 (52). As of 2009, there were over 132,000 private military contractors operating in Iraq (53), with membership across 27 private military companies (54).

Karada, a place where religious groups lived amongst each other peacefully, has been bombarded by agents of the Zionist entity, mercenaries and foreign occupiers from all angles since 2003. The fingerprints of Tel Aviv and private military contractors are revealed when the deconstruction of the official Zionist media story is brought forth and the false flag attack on the Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral is uncovered.

The Massacre, The Aftermath and Maliki’s Cover-Up

It’s disturbingly typical that the dreadful bloodshed in Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral began with the so-called ‘militants’ detonating a car bomb and four IEDs before storming the church and taking hostages (55).

A three hour bloody struggle followed before Iraqi security forces cut off the lights and entered the church to subdue the murderers and rescue the hostages. 41 Christians inside the church including 2 priests were slaughtered; 12 policemen died in the gun battle; and 5 innocents were murdered by the car bomb and the IEDs.

Though American occupation forces immediately issued a statement that they were at the scene only as advisors to provide reconnaissance, intelligence and surveillance, several eyewitnesses and a journalist noticed at least three US soldiers wearing assault gear outside of the church as well as American helicopters on Sunday night (56).

Iraqi security forces arrested five suspects and while they claimed that only some of them were not Iraqi (57), eyewitness accounts show that none of them were Iraqi, as none of them spoke Arabic in an Iraqi dialect nor with an Iraqi accent; the suspects spoke the classical form of the language which made it impossible to detect where they’re from (58). In addition, the Iraqi authorities investigating the massacre discovered 6 foreign passports; three from Yemen, three from Egypt (59). Iraqi officials further discovered, that the assailants were able to pass through the occupier’s security checkpoints because they were dressed up as mercenaries of foreign contracting companies (60), and in addition to the passports, they were carrying fake ids (61).

War criminal, US-puppet and traitor Nouri al-Maliki immediately identified the tragic events as the work of Al-Qaeda and laughingly identified himself as an ‘honorable Iraqi’ who was horrified by the incident (62). There is nothing honorable about selling out your own countrymen to invaders; al-Maliki is a disgrace to the Iraqi people, and instead of protecting the innocents being butchered by Zionist bombs and barbaric American oppression tactics, he would rather protect George Bush from being hit with a shoe. Al-Maliki used the massacre at the Karada cathedral as a pretext to shut down Al-Baghdadia newspaper; a publication that was providing live, eyewitness courage of the events unfurling and more importantly, that has given the Iraqis themselves a voice to criticize the occupation and the government’s collaboration with it (63).

Only two logical, intelligent theories could arise from the evidence presented: The shadowy assailants that stormed the Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral and perpetrated the massacre weren’t dressed as private military contractors and actually were private military contractors, employed by one of the agencies aforementioned; or the massacre was the sinister work of Mossad. The former theory is frail, private military contractors are hired guns, not the orchestrators of complicated false flag operations; the latter theory however, is perfectly plausible, and as the Lebanese Resistance movement of Hezbollah recently observed in a statement condemning the massacre, ‘The crime has all of the Zionist hallmarks in a Zionist scheme based on fragmenting the region into feuding entities in order to dominate it (64).’

Mossad has the ability to duplicate any passport of any nation with the technology located in an Israeli military base at Petah Tikvah; first quality passports, second quality passports and fake identifications are produced in this facility for all international operations (65). The most recent case of Mossad using fabricated passports to carry out its murderous operations would be its assassination of Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai (66). Knowing Arabic has been a prerequisite to becoming a Mossad agent (and a CIA agent for that matter) for quite some time (67), and that is why to this very day, the corrosive Israeli terrorist group advertises in Israel for Arabic-speaking linguists (68). The usage of a car bomb and IEDs were damning enough to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the masked men were Mossad.

It eclipses the highest peak of inanity to believe that US occupation forces that had a security check point near the cathedral, along with helicopters hovering over the cathedral and the surrounding area to conduct reconnaissance, allowed ‘Islamic militants’ to carry out ‘martyrdom’ operations and take hostages before any official knew a thing about it. The US won’t even allow children through a checkpoint without searching them and violating them, is it reasonable to think it would allow mercenaries armed to the teeth through one without a security check? Nonsense.

As the late Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah remarked not too long before his passing, all violence in Iraq is linked to the ‘occupation,’ he said ‘the Zionist entity operates through its intelligence and political influence to keep Iraq divided (69).’ America’s military allowed the attackers through that checkpoint, because it was collusive in the incoming attack, as it always is. Though there is no direct evidence that the gunmen were Israeli, all of the circumstantial evidence points in only one direction as to where they came from: the usurping supremacist regime of Tel Aviv.

A Theory Based On Logic And Facts

The October 31st attack on the cathedral in the Karada district of Baghdad was a false flag operation carried out by the Mossad terror organization, with aid from the US occupation forces and collusive elements within Iraq’s puppet security forces. The attack against the Iraqi Christians was meant to look like a hit from ‘radical Islamists to sow discord and division amongst Muslims and Christians and ravage the relative peace that Karada’s people have experienced despite the illegal occupation, sending one more part of Iraq into absolute chaos. Using Israeli-designed ordnance and firepower, the Mossad agents were given access to the church by US forces and protected from above by American helicopters; this cover allowed them to unleash hell upon the innocents within Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral for hours before being brought to a halt by Iraqi security forces.

Carrying documents made in an Israeli intelligence stronghold in occupied Palestine, the Mossad operatives left behind Egyptian passports to perpetuate the illusion of ‘Islamic extremists,’ as well as passports from Yemen to give further solidarity to the Zionist Obama administration’s plot to invade the gulf state based on lies. The agents were taken into custody to complete the fraudulent operation and their identities were concealed from the press, and of course, it will remain that way. Seeking an American push in the stalemate of the disgusting sham Iraqi elections, al-Maliki weighed in by attributing the attack to Al-Qaeda despite a total lack of evidence, and with the blessing of the US, al-Maliki shuts down a newspaper that has been a thorn in the side of his puppet administration and the occupier for years. 58 innocents dead. 78 injured. No mention of Mossad, Israel or even American complicity in the crime by any Zionist media organization. Islam slandered again. Iraq’s blood spilled once more. The murderers not brought to justice. The families of the martyrs angry, confused and bewildered. Zionist mission accomplished.

Conclusion: Sectarian Division or The Illusion Of It?

One of the worst tragedies of the Iraqi genocide is the near extermination of Mesopotamia’s ancient Christian community; their systematic decimation is barely mentioned at all. It is shameful.

The Chaldean Christians have been under violent assault from Mossad operatives and Christian Zionist mercenary groups in Nineveh, Irbil, al-Hamdaniya, Bartella, Talasqaf, Batnaya, Bashiqa, Elkosheven, Aqrah, and Mosul (70). US officials were advised by their Israeli overlords that the Christian population of Iraq was instrumental in the fight against the British and its puppet monarch prior to the July 14th Revolution of 1958; they were advised that the elimination of the Christians as anti-occupation entity would be just as instrumental, which is why the US set up a puppet army of 200,000 men, nearly completely comprised of ‘Shia,’ to be led by CIA death squads to ravage the Christian population completely (71). While the CIA and its puppet army of traitors terrorized Iraq’s Christian civilians, Mossad launched a campaign of mass killing against Iraq’s intellectuals, murdering 530 scientists and academics, several of whom were Assyrian and Chaldean Christians. The majority of the intellectuals had their lives taken in Baghdad universities and the universities in the southern Iraqi province of Basra (72). Hunter-killer operations continue against the Christians of Iraq at this very moment; Less than two weeks after the Sayedat al-Najat massacre, five Christians were murdered and twenty others were injured on November 10th. The bombings that claimed the innocents’ lives were linked to ‘Sunni militants,’ but further scrutiny of the incident reveals that a dozen roadside bombs were the cause of the mayhem (73). Roadside bombs are also known as IEDs; IEDs equal Mossad.

Muslims across the Middle East, especially in Iraq itself, have shown their solidarity with their Christian brothers and sisters while Zionist Western nations have encouraged them to leave their ancestral land. This division needs to be rejected; it is another Zionist plot to fractionalize Iraq.

‘Sunni’ officials that once served as Saddam Hussein’s closet advisors have been tapped by the State Department and the CIA to carry out covert operations team to track down Shia Resistance movements and obliterate them; this team was formed into an intelligence agency called the General Security Directorate, and it was led by traitor and butcher Iyad Allawi (74). The US also armed several ‘Sunni’ militias to target the predominantly Shia Iraqi police force as well as weaken the Iraqi Shia Resistance fighters clashing with US occupation forces in Baghdad (75). The CIA set up another puppet intelligence group comprised of ‘Sunni’ officials from Saddam’s regime to crack down on Shia and Sunni Resistance in Samarra, a city holy to the Shia, respected by the Sunni, and inhabited peacefully and brotherly by both (76). Maliki’s ‘Shia’ police forces, at the behest of the American occupier cracked down on Shia Resistance within Baghdad, massacring hundreds of innocent Iraqi Shia (77).

The US provided arms and massive amounts of funds to the Sons of Iraq, a ‘Sunni’ militia, that fought against Sunni and Shia Resistance across the occupied nation (78). The US created another ‘Shia’ militia, the Zulfiqar Army, to neutralize Muqatada al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army, and it brutally killed dozens of Sadrist officials (79). The ‘Shia’ Badr Organization has been a willing and even happy partner of the US occupation; they have not only been deeply involved in the arrest, torture and killing of Sunni Resistance fighters but the Shia Resistance as well, most prominently the Mahdi Army, who had many of their fighters massacred by Badr in 2006 (80). The Kurdish military organization Peshmerga is another willing and happy collaborator in the illegal US occupation of Iraq and has launched deadly attacks on all of Iraq’s Resistance fighters, Sunni, Shia and secular. Peshmerga is fully trained, armed and financed by the Zionist entity, and several private Israeli companies operate in Iraqi Kurdistan, providing consultation and intelligence to the Kurdish collaborationists (81).

Grand Ayatollah Ahmad al-Husseini al-Baghdadi, a fiery critic of the American and Israeli occupation of Iraq, as well as the puppets and traitors currently running the Iraqi government issued statements in an interview 3 years ago that are crucial to understanding so-called sectarianism; the Ayatollah remarked that when the American occupiers were faced with an increase in the Iraqi Resistance, they established collaborationist death squads to be led by US intelligence in order to discredit the real Iraqi Resistance (82).

When a US-backed, US-financed ‘Shia’ organization murders a Sunni, it isn’t Shia killing Sunni; it isn’t sectarian violence, it is the US killing Sunni. When a US-backed, US-trained ‘Sunni’ militia murders a Shia, it isn’t Sunni killing Shia; it isn’t sectarian violence, it is the US killing Shia. When an Israeli-armed, US-supported Kurdish security squad murders an Arab, it isn’t Kurd killing Arab; it isn’t killing based on ethnic hatred, it is the US killing Arabs. When US-backed, US-financed, Israeli-armed ‘Muslim’ groups kill Christians, or ‘Christian’ groups kill Muslims, it isn’t Muslims killing Christians or Christians killing Muslims; it isn’t sectarian violence, it is the US and Israel murdering Muslims and Christians. When the CIA-backed, CIA-trained, repressive dictator Saddam Hussein brutally oppressed the Shia of Iraq for decades, including the savage torture and murder of Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr and his sister, Sayyeda Amina Bint al-Huda (83), it wasn’t sectarian violence; it was US-sponsored state terrorism. And when the US-backed, US-financed ‘Shia’ puppet government tortures and murders Sunni dissenters, it isn’t sectarian violence; it is US-sponsored state terrorism. These ‘sectarian’ organizations don’t just kill innocents from outside of their own ‘sects’ and ethnic groups; they kill whoever criticizes the occupation and the puppet regime and whoever their American masters tell them to kill. The regimes are authoritarian and totalitarian, not sectarian.

All of these groups take their orders from Task Force 121, the elite CIA death squad that has been operating in occupied Iraq since 2003 (84) and Mossad; the crimes of these Iraqi traitors pale in comparison to the toxic crimes of the US and Zionist occupiers, but their cancerous collaboration has contributed greatly to the destruction of Iraq.

There are those who claim to stand with the oppressed; who claim to have the best interest of Iraq at heart while preaching nothing but disgusting, hateful, prejudicial propaganda and Zionist-designed sectarianism, directing the attention on the crimes committed in Iraq towards certain ethno-religious groups instead of the Zionist, American and British criminals that murdered 1.5 million innocent Iraqi men, women and children. Never mentioned by these abhorrent persons are the declarations of the Iraqi people in 2003, "We are brothers, Sunni and Shia, we are not selling our homeland (85)." Never mentioned by these debauched hate-mongers are the Sunni and Shia who stood united in Baghdad one year after the occupation to inform the occupier that its ‘divide-and-conquer’ strategy failed miserably (86).

Never mentioned by these amoral, self-anointed geopolitical rejects are the thousands of Shia who gave blood to their Sunni brothers who had just been appallingly besieged by the American occupier in Fallujah (87). Never mentioned by these undignified, deliberately vicious lunatics is the massive support shown to Iraqi Shia Resistance leaders by Iraqi Sunnis during what the brutal occupier labeled an uprising (88). Never mentioned by these shameful peddlers of prejudicial propaganda are the men, women and children of a unified, Sunni-Shia Iraqi Resistance group fighting together due to the strong faith that links them all (89). Never mentioned by these pathetic, fraudulent loudmouths are the more than 300,000 Iraqi Sunni and Shia that gathered in Baghdad in a jointly organized affair by al-Sadr movement and the Association of Muslim Scholars to protest the occupation and debunk myths of disunity in Iraq (90). And never will it be mentioned, by these ignominious, untruthful and useless idiots, that Shia and Sunni stood together once more to lend their support to the desecrated Iraqi Christian community (91).

A select few collaborationist groups do not equate to ‘sectarian’ violence when the nearly perfect majority of the civilian population stands together against the occupation; these groups equate to Zionism and they are the stooges in its plot to cripple Iraq irrevocably. All of Iraq’s ethnic and religious groups have suffered unimaginable, unspeakable and genocidal pain and suffering since the Zionist occupation of Iraq began (92); that must never be forgotten. The Israeli, British and American annihilation of Iraq must never be forgotten.

Do not say that you are against sectarianism when you spread sectarianism. Your gargantuan hypocrisy is legendary and unbelievably easy to detect, analyze, deconstruct and expose for the asinine hot air that it is.

It is a foregone conclusion that the conservative xenophobes, liberal propagandists and Zionist hasbara experts will crawl out of the woodwork and blame the Sayedat al-Najat tragedy on sectarianism and ‘volatile’ religious tensions. This tactic is a tired one that has been used consistently by the Zionist monsters for decades. It is used to portray the Arab and Muslim peoples as barbarians; as animalistic savages who kill each other over petty ethno-religious differences and minuscule territorial disputes. It is the chief asset in their dehumanization campaign which has been in effect since Zionist meddling in the Middle East began over a century ago. It is the very peak of vileness; the pinnacle of the most malicious of falsehoods. There is no sectarian division in occupied Iraq; simply the mere illusion of it. In reality, the only sectarianism that exists when discussing the occupiers and the indigenous people that they occupy, is the sect of the oppressors and the sect of the oppressed.

May Iraq, the land of prophets, saints, martyrs, scholars, poets, mathematicians, dignified women and righteous men be freed of all oppressors; foreign and homegrown alike.

~ The End ~


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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Israeli gov't concocting plan requiring Arab states to compensate Jews

[ 11/11/2010 - 03:51 PM ]

NAZARETH, (PIC)-- The Israeli foreign ministry announced Thursday it was preparing a plan requiring Arab states to pay monetary compensation to former Jewish residents who were transported to lands occupied by Israel after the 1948 war.

Israeli Radio reported that the foreign ministry’s legal department was working lately to prepare a plan aimed at requiring Arabs to recognize the Jews who left their lands after the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe) and migrated to Israel as refugees deserving monetary compensation for the property they left behind.

According to statements issued by deputy foreign minister Danny Ayalon, millions of Jews were ejected from Arab states after the establishment of Israel and thus deserve compensation.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Palestine and the Fate of the United Nations

Friday, 12 November 2010 18:22
By Lawrence Davidson

The United Nations celebrated its 65th birthday (1945 to 2010) on 24 October 2010. At 65 the world body has lasted 27 years longer than its predecessor, the League of Nations (1919 to 1946). Will the UN go another 65 years? To help answer that question a quick look at what did in the League of Nations is in order.

The League of Nations was certainly not a perfect organization, infected as it was with the colonialist notions of its European founders. We can see that aspect of the organization in its mandate system which served as a cover for imperialism. But ultimately the mandate system is not what brought the League low. The fatal flaw was its inability to achieve its primary goal of preventing war by transcending the power of nationalism and compelling all states to end their quarrels through negotiation or arbitration.

What success the League did have in this effort was restricted to a category of relatively weak states. For instance, it successfully brought an end to disputes between Columbia and Peru, Greece and Yugoslavia, Finland and Sweden, and even, in 1921, Poland and a very weak Germany. However, when disputes involved aggressive "great" powers, as they did in the 1930s, the League failed utterly. It was ultimately destroyed by its inability to project authority and influence, as well as punishment, on countries like belligerent Italy and resurgent Nazi Germany. As Mussolini observed while, with impunity, using poison gas on the Ethiopians, "the League is very good when sparrows shout, but no good at all when eagles fall out." He thought of Italy as an eagle.

As the League was founded in response to the First World War, so the United Nations was founded as a response to the Second World War. Where once there was the horror of the trenches, now there was the horror of the Holocaust. Where once there was mustard gas, now there was something much worse, nuclear weaponry. Thus the prevention of war still formed the central and urgent mission of the United Nations. This time around it should have been easier for the new world body. Where the First World War spurred on imperialism, carving up the Ottoman Empire and introducing the facade of mandates, the Second World saw the dismantlement of empires and, finally, the fulfillment of Woodrow Wilson’s promise of self-determination for most of the non-European world. Most, but not everywhere.

For at the end of World War II, as the United Nations Charter was ratified and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed, the members of the United Nations were coerced into committing a fatal mistake. Under heavy pressure from the United States, the General Assembly gave its blessing to an arrangement whereby the sin of European and American antisemitism was to be paid for by the Palestinians, a people who had nothing at all to do with Europe’s death camps or America’s death dealing immigration policy. The United Nations blessed the creation of Israel. By doing so it went a long way to assuring its own demise.
It is this background that makes so important, and depressing, the statement made before the General Assembly by Richard Falk on 20 October 2010. Falk is ending his tenure as Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Palestine. Here are some of the points he made in his address:

1. Throughout his tenure the Government of Israel has been consistently uncooperative, even to the point of refusing him entrance into Israel and the Occupied Territories.

2. The United Nations itself has failed to respond strongly to this challenge to its authority thereby encouraging the view that the world body has not the political will to uphold international law and the principles of its Charter when it comes to the ally of a Great Power.

3. The response of the international community has also been "disappointing."

4. Falk concludes as follows, "The United Nations will be judged now and in the future by whether if contributes, at long last, to the... realization of the Palestinian right of self-determination, and thereby brings a just peace to both [Israeli and Palestinian] peoples."

Dr. Saeb Erakat, chief negotiator for the Palestinian Liberation Organization, also spoke about this dilemma in his remarks on the UN’s 65th birthday. He observed that "Israel has undermined the efficacy of and derogated the UN system, the very authority through which it was created." He then went on to list some of the sources of international law in which Palestinian rights are grounded. These include UN General Assembly resolutions, UN Security Council resolutions, and the Fourth Geneva Convention. All of which Israel has been allowed to violate.

Both Erakat and Falk know that there is virtually no chance that the United Nations can or will even try to force Israel to abide by international law. Whatever its Charter might say, its decision making structure is designed to prevent any challenge to the great powers that have permanent seats on the Security Council. The United States is the great power patron of Israel and has, and will continue, to block efforts to sanction its ally. Thus, like the League of Nations, the UN can deal only with sparrows and but not eagles. It can go after the leaders of Sudan, Serbia and Rwanda, but not those of the United States for its crimes in Iraq, Not China for its crimes in Tibet, not Russia for its crimes in Chechnya, and not Israel for its crimes against the Palestinians or its near fatal corruption of an ancient world religion. It would seem that Israel flies with Mussolini’s eagles.

It is unlikely that the UN will end its days abruptly as did the League of Nations. While Israel does encourage war and mayhem in the Middle East, liking nothing better than to push the United States into a war with Iran, it is unlikely to spark World War III. Thus, it is probable that the United Nations’ fate is to go out with a whimper and not a bang. It will linger on for many decades to come, a tool of the great powers to be used to shoot at sparrows when appropriate. Ironically, this means the final legacy of the United Nations will be the opposite of its original ideal. Ideally meant to keep the peace and hold all nations to the rule of law, it will stand emasculated as an symbol of the ultimate supremacy of power in the world.

Power has been supreme for a very long time. In the 5th century BC the city state of Athens (alleged birthplace of Western democracy) was fighting the Peloponnesian War. Its naval forces came to the neutral city of Melos and demanded its surrender. The historian Thucydides recounts the ensuing debate in which the Athenians told the Melosians "...we both alike know that in the discussion of human affairs the question of justice only enters where there is equal power to enforce it, and that the powerful exact what they can, and the weak grant what they must." In our modern day such Machiavellian honesty has fallen out of favor. We need to manage our ruthlessness so as to keep our consciences clear. And that is what the United Nations is for. It will run after the sparrows so that the eagles can feel they have some modicum of justice to point to as they "exact what they can" from those they do treat unjustly. The United Nations has become a cover for great power hypocrisy.

Such is the way of international politics. Do we have to put up with this evil? The answer is no we do not. But we cannot look to any of the great powers for justice, fairness, equity or the like, for theirs is the world of Realpolitik and raison d’etat. Hope, such as it is, lies with civil society. The fortunes of justice, fairness, equity are a function of the ability of citizens worldwide to organize themselves for a specific cause, and the great precedent here is the struggle that brought down apartheid South Africa.

This strategy, born of mass communications and the ethical potential of individual consciences, knows no national boundaries and thus has enormous potential. It is presently focused on the condemnable behavior of Israel toward the Palestinians. If, in the next quarter century (for it is likely to take that long), the power of mobilized civil society can bring justice to the Palestinians it will create the possibility for a more humane world in practice and not just in theory. It is an intoxicating prospect. And it is one that has a chance of realization.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Major Dutch pension fund divests from occupation

Adri Nieuwhof and Guus Hoelen, The Electronic Intifada, 12 November 2010

The major Dutch pension fund Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn (PFZW), which has investments totaling 97 billion euros, has informed The Electronic Intifada that it has divested from almost all the Israeli companies in its portfolio.

PGGM, the manager of the major Dutch pension fund PFZW, has adopted a new guideline for socially responsible investment in companies which operate in conflict zones.

In addition, PFZM has also entered into discussions with Motorola, Veolia and Alstom to raise its concerns about human rights issues. All three companies have actively supported and profited from Israel's occupation of the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip.

Over the past few years, activists in the Netherlands have questioned the two largest pension funds PFZW and ABP about their holdings in companies profiting from the Israeli occupation of Palestine. In September 2009, the Norwegian State Pension Fund decided that it would no longer invest in companies that directly contribute to violations of international humanitarian law. By February 2010, ABP, the largest Dutch pension fund, informed The Electronic Intifada it had also divested from the Israeli company Elbit Systems. At the same time, PFZW confirmed that it held shares in Elbit Systems worth 1.6 million euros.

However, the pension fund was reevaluating its investments in Israeli companies. At the time, PFZW held shares in thirteen Israeli companies, including four banks, several telecommunication companies, construction companies and Elbit Systems. In November 2009, PGGM informed The Electronic Intifada that the fund would approach divestment decisions on "Bank Hapoalim, Bank Leumi and other [Israeli] companies" in a structural manner. This was based on a "new policy on how to deal with investments in companies in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." That month, PGGM announced that PFZW was divesting from Africa-Israel for "technical reasons." Owned by Lev Leviev, Africa-Israel has been involved in the building of illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.

On 8 November, PGGM spokeswoman Diana Abrahams confirmed in a telephone conversation PFZW's divestment from almost all Israeli companies. Abrahams could give no further details and referred to PFZW's 2010 annual report, which will be published next year.

During this period, PGGM has also contributed to the development of guidelines for the United Nations Global Compact. The Global Compact is a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to sustainability and responsible business practices which started in 2000. The initiative is endorsed by chief executives and seeks to align their operations and strategies with ten universally-accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. Last year PGGM was involved in developing a guideline for business operations in combat zones.

The decision by the Dutch pension funds to divest from Israeli companies is yet another indicator for the success of the international boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign. It is likely only a matter of time before these funds and others divest from the international corporations which profit from Israel's occupation.

Adri Nieuwhof is a consultant and human rights advocate based in Switzerland.

Guus Hoelen, secretary of Werkgroep Keerpunt, involved in divestment campaigns in the Netherlands.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Is Israel an Apartheid State? and more‏

Having an opinion is easy, acting on it is more meaningful

Join if you are near: Demonstration in Al-Walaja (near Bethlehem)
Saturday 13 November 2010 at 11 AM. 0598959506

The reunification of my parents, by Linah Alsaafin (just one of millions of stories)

This is great: see this video of young inspiring Jews disrupting Israeli Prime Minister Netayahu's speech in New Orleans

Palestinian Refugee Numbers/whereabouts

America's giant Holocaust claims fraud - more than just a blip?

Resources of note
-Is Israel an Apartheid State? A study by South African experts.
PDF 20 page summary found here

Full study here

-BDS actions accelerating around the world. A summary of some of these actions are here (88 pages, very informative)

Apartheid video contest (view and rate the 10 finalists)

Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Because They Are Not Just Numbers in a List: “Generals of Patience”

You go abroad to study or to work, you are disconnected from your family and loved ones and you count the days, day for day, hour for hour, minute for minute till the time when you return home and are reunited with your loved ones, when you see them again, hug them again. And while you are away, you fear something happening to them before your return, you fear that the time when they hugged you and kissed you goodbye might have been the last time you’d see them alive, you relive that moment over and over again and pray that they are safe every minute of the day.

So, imagine spending 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 30 years in a prison cell. Imagine being locked up in a dungeon for a life time, for eternity, with little chance of ever leaving that dungeon. Imagine life passing by while you are still. Imagine not being allowed to see, talk to or hug the people you love; your family, friends and comrades, for long periods of time. Imagine your children growing up, your parents getting terminally ill or dying, your sibling getting married and you aren’t there for them, you aren’t there to share their joy or their pain, you aren’t there to hold their hands, you aren’t there to comfort them, you aren’t there to say your final farewells. Imagine being born, growing up, going to school, to the university, starting a new job, getting married, having children, watching them grow up and start a life of their own and in the mean time, while you live your life to the fullest, there is a person who is locked up in jail because he/she refused to accept the occupation and fought against the oppression of their people. No matter how hard we try to imagine such a situation, it is beyond our comprehension.

This is why Palestinian prisoners and detainees locked up in Israeli dungeons are heroes. They are heroes kidnapped from the midst of their families and loved ones and locked up for refusing the humiliation and the oppression of the occupier, for daring to dream of a better day for their children and for fighting for their freedom and their legitimate rights. They are true heroes for enduring the torture that is systematic in Israeli jails, for surviving the inhumane conditions in which they are kept captive.

And among the over 7000 Palestinian heroes locked up by the most criminal, most immoral army in the world, there are little children, young women, mothers, fathers, grandfathers and patients whose only “crime” is an unending love for Palestine and a thirst for freedom.

Among these thousands of Palestinian prisoners/detainees there is a small group, which grows with every month, of very courageous and patient prisoners. These prisoners have been locked up inside Zionist dungeons for over 25 years!

They are truly the “Generals of Patience” and they endure this long and harsh captivity because the love of Palestine is strong in their heart and because the belief in the justice of their cause is as strong as the first day of imprisonment. The Zionist torture couldn’t break them and the Zionist dungeons couldn’t break them. According to “Sharm el-Sheikh Memorandum” signed on 04.09.1999, all Palestinian prisoners/detainees arrested by Israel prior to 04.05.1994 shall be released, nevertheless, again confirming the futility of negotiations with the Zionist entity, Israel refuses to release these detainees and they are excluded from prisoner exchange deals. These dungeons are graves for the living, prisons spent more inside them than outside them. Some spent their youth in Zionist dungeons; Palestinian children tortured by Zionist terrorists and tried as adults, and held captives indefinitely.

They were robbed of their childhood by Zionists who had destroyed their homes, killed their friends and threatened their families. Some left their children as babies behind to hug them later in jail cell or talk to them behind bars as grown up men and women. They were deprived of seeing their children grow up, deprived of holding them, playing with them, taking them to school, talking with them, quarrelling with them, celebrating with them, crying with them. Some left their parents and siblings behind, their parents punished and their homes demolished. They were deprived of the morning talk with their mother, deprived of working the land with their father, they were deprived of Palestine. They weren’t allowed to attend their children’s wedding, nor their parent’s funerals. They were neither allowed to share the joy nor give comfort and words of consolation. Some aren’t allowed to see their families, others aren’t allowed to see anyone. And some left the darkness of these Zionist dungeons to lie in the darkness of the graves. Imprisonment couldn’t break their free spirits, so the Zionists broke their captive bodies.

And while the Zionist entity remembers Shalit, an occupation soldier, every day, and whines about him every minute, him being a soldier who was on a mission to kill Palestinian civilians, our heroes who sacrificed their freedoms for our freedom, for our dignity and for our Palestine are often forgotten. We know that there are thousands of them in Israeli jails, but do you know their names?

Do we even know the names of 10 of them?

Do we know the names of the prisoners from our towns, villages or refugee camps?

Have we ever wondered what they are doing while we eat, drink, work, celebrate? We only remember them on occasions and during campaigns, when we should remember them every single day. In the mornings, when we wake up in our homes amongst our families and loved one, we should remember that Palestinian prisoners wake up away from their families and loved ones, wake up on dirty ground in cold cells. During the day, when we go to work, go to university, go shopping, we should remember that Palestinian prisoners are locked up in cells, in dungeons, many are isolated and have only contact to their executioners.

When we sit with the family or with loved ones, laugh with them, cry with them, hug them or fight with them, remember that Palestinian prisoners are deprived of their loved ones, they are deprived of their parents and their siblings, of their partners and their children, and of their friends and comrades. They are only allowed to see those whom the executioners approve of, one parent or one of their children, for less than an hour and without guarantees that a second visit would ever be approved. And yes, we have our share of the suffering, and we are under occupation and we are held captives in our own homes, towns and land, and every aspect of our lives in controlled by our occupiers, we are an occupied nation, but that doesn’t mean we forget Palestinian prisoners/detainees who are deprived of their families, of their lives and of Palestine.

They are not just figures in a list, they are not just statistics to be added to reports. We will never do them justice, will never be able to thank them enough for their sacrifice, but the least we could do is remember their names, know a little bit about their lives, where they come from, what their hopes were and what their wishes for the future are, we should remember their suffering and tell them every day that there will never be freedom for Palestine without the freedom of all Palestinian prisoners/detainees.

And to their parents I say: your children are not forgotten. They are in our hearts and minds for they are our fathers, brothers, and comrades.

Following is a list of the “Generals of Patience”; 26 Palestinian and one Syrian prisoners who have spent over 25 years inside Israeli dungeons and are still captives of the Zionist entity (the last three will be finishing 25 years in a couple of weeks). I collected as much information as I could find on every prisoner. It is disappointing that there is very little information on some of the prisoners except their date of birth, place of birth, date of detention and sentence.

Note: According to Palestinian prisoner sites, and unless otherwise indicated, a life sentence = 99 years.

“Generals of Patience”

1 Na’il Saleh Abdallah Al Barghouthi

53 years old, from Kobar, Ramallah, is in prison since 04.04.1978 (32 years, 7 months, 8 days – total days: 11910). Received life sentence for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country. Na’il is the Dean of all Palestinian and Arab prisoners in Israeli dungeons.

Nai’l Al Barghouthi, born in 1957, was 21 years old when imprisoned. He spent more time inside Israeli dungeons than outside them. He is considered the longest-standing political prisoner in the world.

He continues calling for unity among Palestinian political factions because disagreement is weakening the Palestinian people and their cause and the cause of Palestinian prisoners.

He lost both his parents while in jail, and wasn’t given the chance to say farewell to them. For every day Na’il spends behind Israeli bars, his brother plants an olive tree and prays that his brother would be free one day to care for them himself. Despite over 30 years of imprisonment, Na’il never lost hope of being free one day. Lawyer Butheina Duqmaq from Mandela Institute for Human Rights recalls several memorable encounters with Na’il. During one visit to Na’il, he gave his mother a lemon seed which she planted it in front of their home in Kobar. Every time his mother was allowed to visit him, he would give her a water bottle to water that seed for him. The seed grew into a tree and gives fruit every year.

One time Na’il asked his lawyer to get him a lemon from that tree. When she did, he was very happy to hold the lemon from his lemon tree in Kobar in his hand. Another encounter Duqmaq recalls is one time during a visit when he was looking at something thoroughly. Upon asking him what was wrong, he asked her if she could give him her water bottle.

“Because it had “Made in Palestine” on it”.

She also recalls one time when Na’il’s brother Omar was also in jail and their mother was in hospital. She went to visit them and tell them that their mother was fine. She had to wait for some time before Na’il suddenly appeared alone in the visiting room. He looked scared and confused, so she hurried to tell him that his mother was fine. Upon hearing this, he suddenly called to Omar, who was standing hidden behind the wall. Omar came out and both brothers had tears in their eyes. They had feared this visit and that she would inform them of their mother’s death. They were hesitant who among them to meet Duqmaq first and hear the sad news.

During one other visit, Duqmaq was waiting for him in the visiting room. When he was allowed in the room by the Israeli soldiers, he stopped and looked at her for some time. She asked him what he was looking at. He told her that 25 years ago his mother sat on that very same chair she was sitting on. During the lighting of a torch in his house for a ceremony honouring him on the occasion of entering his thirty third year in imprisonment, Na’il commented from prison saying: “We are the fuel for this flame. Some lit it before us and some will come to light it after us.” In a recent talk with his lawyer Duqmaq, he said: “I am like the rest of my brothers the prisoners. We are here in prison for a just cause worthy more sacrifice from us than this. This is a long struggle with the occupation, and so far we have not achieved our goals, aspirations and ambitions, but we are continuing on this path until we achieve a complete victory, God willing.”

2 Fakhri (Asfour) Abdallah Al Bargouthi

56 years old, from Kobar, Ramallah, in prison since 23.06.1978 (32 years, 4 months, 18 days – total days: 11830). Received life sentence for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Fakhri was born in 1954 and is Na’il’s cousin. He is married and had a 1 and half year old child and his wife was pregnant with his second child when he was detained. His children, Shadi and Hadi, despite growing up away from their father, followed in his footsteps, the footsteps of a Palestinian hero.

They were both imprisoned and destiny wills it that Fakhri meets his children in prison to hug Shadi for first time in 27 years and Hadi for first time in his life.

Like his cousin Na’il, Fakhri spent more time inside Israel jails than outside them, was deprived of seeing his children grow up and was deprived of his wife, parents and siblings. He lost his parents and older brother while in jail and he wasn’t allowed to see them for the last time.

3 Akram Abdel Aziz Sa’id Mansour

48 years old, from Qalqilya, in prison since 02.08.1979 (31 years, 3 months, 10 days – total days: 11425). Received life sentence (that was later confirmed to 35 years) for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Akram was born in 1962 and was 17 years upon arrest. He spent more years in Israeli jails than outside them. He is a refugee, son of a refugee family from At-Tirah. His family was expelled from their home in 1948 by the Zionists, but they still hold the key to their home. As children, he and his 15 siblings, used to listen to their parents talk about their home in At-Tirah and how beautiful it is and how beautiful At-Tirah is.

Till today, they keep holding on to the key because it means their return to their home one day. Because the family was very poor, Akram left school early to work and help his father support the family. He sacrificed his education to help educate his siblings. Israel’s invasion of Lebanon 1978 was a turning point for Akram. He was determined to resist the Israeli occupation that expelled his family from their home and that is killing and terrorising Palestinians and Arabs everywhere. After his arrest, Akram spent 8 months in interrogation cells, being tortured by Israeli interrogators.

He was isolated during interrogation and several times during his long imprisonment. During his imprisonment, Akram was attacked several times by Israeli prison soldiers. On one occasion, he was beaten savagely by the Israeli soldiers on the ear which caused him permanent hearing difficulties. Also, he can’t move one of his fingers and lost most of his teeth due to torture. Currently, Akram suffers from various ailments such as continuous severe headache. One time, as a punishment and as harassment, Israeli soldiers threw Akram’s food portion, a plate of macaroni, on the ground and forced him to eat it from the dirty ground while they kicked him and insulted him. Then they poured a bucket full of urine on his head. When he later complained to the prison authority, the Israeli jailors forced him to undress and poured water on him as a punishment. Akram lost his parents and one of his sisters while in jail and wasn’t allowed to say goodbye.

4 Fouad Qasem Arafat Al-Razem

53 years old, from Silwan, Jerusalem, in prison since 30.01.1981 (29 years, 9 months, 11 days – total days: 10878). Received 3 life sentences and 11 years for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.
Fouad was born on 09.12.1957 and was detained when he was 23. Upon his arrest he was tortured to confess but he didn’t, so his parents were detained to force Fouad to confess, which he didn’t. His parents weren’t released except after his mother’s health condition deteriorated. Upon her release she was transported to hospital. Then they detained his mother a second time and his sister and both were taken to the interrogation room where Fouad was held.

The interrogators told him: “if you don’t confess, you know what will happen to your sister and mother”. His sister Nabila immediately told him: “don’t worry Fouad, you’re not the first to be detained and won’t be the last they will detain, be patient.” Upon which the soldiers took Nabila and her mother and locked them up in a room for 12 hours. Also his brothers and sisters were continuously detained to force him into confessing. For 7 years, Fouad wasn’t allowed to see his mother, and all his requests for a visit were rejected. Finally, after human rights organizations intervened, while on her deathbed, his mother was given a special permit to visit him. She was brought on ambulance bed to the prison visiting room to see her son for the last time and say goodbye. She was frail and connected to tubes. She hadn’t been able to talk for some time, but when Fouad hugged her, she said: “May God be pleased with you.” He had only 40 minutes with him mother. A few days later she died.

He wrote a story describing his mother’s last visit to him called “The visit of a farewelling mother”, in which he says: “The heart of a mother knows only pain, the days and years in the heart of the prison steal the ages without supervision or control and without the prisoner’s realization, and only remains locked in the chest is yearning and nostalgia for the parents …the mother, father, brothers and sisters, to all their sons and daughters. But the mother remains the address, despite what’s going through her from pain and grief, despite the severity of chronic disease that took over her body until it became thin and made her prisoner at home moving only from home to hospitals.

The heart of a mother remains a mother’s heart, a compassionate, merciful, kind heart”. At the end of his novel he says “the tape of the meeting came back to my memory and mind, I remembered my mother whisper: “May God be pleased with you … May God relieve you” and the situation, forgive me mother, and my eyes shed tears again and all I want and wish for is for her to go to the other world pleased with me.”

His mother’s wish before her death was to see him free and see him married and see his children. In a recent talk to lawyer Duqmaq from Mandela Institute, Fouad said: “I hope that like we entered the prison with dignity and honour, to come out of prison also with self-esteem, dignity and honour and raising our heads high, sticking to our Palestinian constants and the land of Palestine and the soil of Palestine, especially Jerusalem and Al Aqsa Mosque.

The imprisonment, no matter how long it lasts will not weaken our resolve and our will because we are the defenders of a just cause who first believe in God Almighty and secondly in the justice of our cause and our historical and religious rights in Palestine. And despite the constraints that rip us and the oppression that is practiced against us to undermine our resolve and our will, despite these long years in captivity, away from family and loved ones, we believe that Palestine is asking us for more than this honest loyalty and affiliation to this dear country that is not divisible by two. Despite all, we say that it is the duty of every free Palestinian to make every possible effort for the release of the prisoners, all prisoners of all political and regional stripes, whether through the political level or through the exchange of prisoners.

The Prisoners of Jerusalem and Palestinian areas occupied in 1948 are part of the Palestinian people and those prisoners who remained in jail after the Oslo-Agreement are the victims of the Oslo Agreement.” He added: “if the prisoners are not released in a political process or in a political deal, when will they be released? do we wait for them to be released the way martyred captives Mohammed Abu Hadwan and Jum’a Ismail were released, ie wait until the release of prisoners after martyrdom within the prison? When will the prisoner Sami Younis be released?

Now he is in his eighties and has spent 28 years in detention.” He also talked about how many prisoners lost family members while in jail without being able to say goodbye, about how conditions in jails are worsening and he called for Palestinian unity and that all parties end the division because Palestinian unity is the only guarantee for the Palestinian cause and to preserve its achievements. Fouad suffers from weak eyesight, headache and stomach ache and chest pain and is denied medical treatment.

5 Ibrahim Fadel Naji Jaber

56 years old, from Hebron, in prison since 08.01.1982 (28 years, 10 months, 4 days – total days: 10535). Received 3 life sentences for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Ibrahim was born in 1954. He is married and has 4 children, the eldest was 6 years upon his arrest and the youngest was born after his arrest. His children were not allowed to visit him in jail except rarely, so his wife visited him all the time and would spend up to 15 hours on the road, checkpoints until she reached the prison.

Ibrahim met his eldest son in jail, when both were imprisoned in same cell. His son recalls how his father used to hug him several times every day, place his son’s head on his lap and talk to him and treat him as if he were a child, as if he wanted to compensate for the lost time. His son recalls: “I felt how much pain he was in for being far away from us. When I was released he cried, cried out of happiness and cried because we will separate.”

6 Hasan Nimir Ali Salma

52 years old, from Beitunya, Ramallah, in prison since 08.08.1982 (28 years, 3 months, 4 days – total days: 10323). Received life sentence for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Hasan was born on 08.02.1958 in Yalo, Latroun. He spent his childhood in that village, played in its street and loved it. In 1967, his village and the other 2 villages of the Latroun were ethnically cleansed of their people and destroyed by the Zionist entity. After being expelled from their home, his family lived in Beitunya, Ramallah. But he neither forgot his village nor what the Israeli soldiers did to it and to his people. He studied physics at Birzeit university, was an excellent student and was detained with one semester left before his graduation. He was 24 years old at the time and was tortured during interrogation and later isolated several times.

His first children, a twin boy and girl, Ali and Sana’, were born 19 days before his arrest. Both children attended university, Sana’ wed while her father in jail, but Ali refuses to wed until his father is released. On the occasion of his daughter’s wedding, he sent her a letter that reached her years later. She works now at the ministry of detainees to help Palestinian detainees. Before their marriage, his wife lived in Jordan and had to apply for visit permits to able to reside in the West Bank because she had no ID. She worked hard to provide for her children after her husband’s detention and used to make embroidery and sell it. Every now and then, she used to leave her kids in Palestine with their grandparents, go back to Jordan to renew her visit permit and then come back to Palestine.

This went on for 15 years until the “PA” was established and she got an ID. She hasn’t been allowed to visit Hasan since 11 years and other family members aren’t allowed to visit him either. He is a leader of the prisoner movement, joined many hunger strikes, very active in jail and continuously calls for Palestinian unity. Hasan is known to love reading and writing and he wrote a book with another detainee. He is also known for his patience and wisdom and in many incidents was able to stop disagreements between prisoners. He suffers from various ailments such as severe headache, toothache, a shiver in his hand and can’t hold anything with it.

During a recent visit of Mandela Institute to him he stressed the importance of uniting all efforts towards achieving national reconciliation and to heal the rift and end the division between all parties. He underlined that our people have national unity as the only option. He always stresses activating the street to stand in solidarity with the prisoners, and called for the formation of a committee of lawyers in coordination with the ministry of the prisoners to follow up the legal aspects of the achievements of prisoners after each strike in order to preserve these achievements. He also stressed breaking the Israeli standards and conditions for the prisoner exchange process to be agreed upon, and the need to include all veteran prisoners, prisoners of Jerusalem, prisoners of the Palestinian areas occupied in 1948, prisoners of the occupied Syrian Golan, the sick and the female prisoners, stressing that no exchange process has any value that does not meet these goals.

7 Othman Ali Hamdan Misleh

58 years old, from Az-Zawyeh, Nablus, in prison since 15.10.1982 (28 years, 25 days – total days: 10255). Received life sentence for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Othman was born on 13.06.1952. He is married and has 7 children, the youngest of whom was few months old upon their father’s arrest.

Not only did the Israeli occupation forces deprive the children of their father, they also demolished their family home after Othman’s arrest. He was tortured during interrogation, which is a common practice of the Zionist entity.

Later, his children followed in his footsteps and 4 of them were imprisoned but didn’t have the chance to meet their father in jail.

He lost his father while in jail and didn’t have the chance to say goodbye. He is one of the leaders of the prisoner movement and joined numerous hunger strikes demanding better condition for Palestinian prisoners. His family is only allowed to visit him once a year.

8 Sami Khaled Salameh Younis

81 years old, from ‘Ara, in prison since 05.01.1983 (27 years, 10 months, 7 days – total days: 10173). Received life sentence for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Sami was born on 05.01.1929 and is the oldest detainee from Palestinian lands occupied in 1948. He is married and has 3 children. He was detained on his 54th birthday. His interrogation lasted months, during which he was tortured. Sami had a heart attack while in jail and underwent an operation to remove a tumour from his intestine.

He suffers from various ailments such as arthritis, inflammation of the eyes and ears and has to take over 20 pills every day. He lost 4 of his brothers while in jail.

During a Mandela Institute visit, Sami stressed that he belonged to a just and sacred cause worthy of all the sacrifice and redemption. He called on all Palestinian factions to unite immediately and put aside their differences to enable them to continue the struggle and focus on the issues of the homeland, the citizens and the prisoners and to provide security, safety and dignity for every Palestinian. Sami doesn’t hesitate to urge his sons/brethren prisoners, his sons and his family and all whom he meets to uphold the Palestinian national rights and not relinquish them, but defend them and distance themselves from despair and frustration until achieving the Palestinian dream of establishing a Palestinian state.

He wishes Palestinian prisoners of Jerusalem and Palestinian areas occupied in 1948 not to be ignored because they are part of the Palestinian people. He prays that he lives long enough to be free and see his home again and pray in Al-Aqsa. In case he doesn’t leave the jail alive, Sami left a will saying: my people should hang on to their rights to the last day of their lives. He further writes that in the event of his death in jail, and after Israel releases his body to his family, not to bury him immediately, but he wishes his family to take him to his hometown and leave him for a while in his home, in the house where he grew up, to indulge in memory and say farewell to the home he loved.

9 Karim Yousif Fadil Younis

53 years old, from ‘Ara, in prison since 06.01.1983 (27 years, 10 months, 6 days – total days: 10172). Received life sentence for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Karim was born in 1958. In an interview, his mother said that the worst thing for parents is seeing their children behind glass and not being able to touch them. She remembers how during visits when her eyes would tear, he would ask her if he was annoying her and would ask her to be proud of him.

She recalls how much he loves maqloubeh and mlukhiyyeh dishes and that whenever the family is gathered, they are always sad because he is missing. She adds that the conditions of Palestinian prisoners get worse by the day, for example, family members aren’t allowed anymore to bring their children certain food items during visits such as olive oil, olives, rice, clothes of all types, tea, coffee and stuffed vine leaves. So the prisoners are forced to buy their own food and water and other necessities such as soap and cigarettes for extremely high prices from the prison canteen (a sort of prison shop) which means a canteen allowance for every prisoner of at least 1300 Shekels every month. His mother never stops hoping that he will return home: I imagine that he will be released, and I am sitting in this very chair, and the door opens without anyone knocking, Karim enters opening the door widely to hurry and hug me, I scream out of happiness until I almost faint.

10 Maher Abdel Latif Abdel Qader Younis

53 years old, from ‘Ara, in prison since 20.01.1983 (27 years, 9 months, 21 days – total days: 10158).

Received life sentence for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Maher was born in 1957. He wasn’t allowed to see his father for 6 months and when his father was on his deathbed, he applied to the Israeli prison authority for a special permit to visit him, but it was refused and his father died early this year without Maher having the chance to say goodbye.

This had great effect on Maher and during the following Ramadan he asked his mother for money so he can make dinner for the prisoners in his father’s memory.

11 Salim Ali Ibrahim Al-Kayyal

57 years old, from Gaza, in prison since 30.05.1983 (27 years, 5 months, 10 days – total days: 10028). Received life sentence for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.
Salim was born in 1953, was detained a few months after his marriage and has a daughter called Du’a’ whom he only saw through the glass of the visitation room.

His daughter grew up without the love and guidance of her father. She postponed her wedding several times in the hope he might be released, but then had to wed without her father’s presence. Salim suffers from several diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and like all Palestinian prisoners his health is deteriorating due to medical negligence inside Israeli prisons.

His family isn’t allowed to visit him any more after Israel prohibited visits for Gaza detainees. His elderly mother hopes to see him even if for a few minutes before her death.

12 Hafith Nimir Mohammad Qundus

52 years old, from Yafa, in prison since 15.05.1984 (26 years, 5 months, 25 days – total days: 9677). Received 28 years imprisonment for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Hafith was born in 1958, he was 26 years old when detained. He worked as electrician to support his family and was active in his community in Yafa. He lost both his father and brother while in jail and his second brother is not allowed to visit him. When his younger brother died, his mother was the one who told him to have faith and be patient. In addition to visiting him, his mother adopted a Syrian prisoner whom she visits. She always visits her son, except one time she couldn’t because she had fallen and hurt her knew and was unable to walk. On the next visit, Hafith insisted that she walk in front of him to see that she is alright, which she did despite the pain just so Hafith might stop worrying.

When his mother’s health condition deteriorated, he applied for a visit that was rejected. His mother’s wish is to see him free before her death.

13 Issa Nimir Jibril Abed Rabbo

47 years old, from Dheisheh refugee camp, Bethlehem, in prison since 20.10.1984 (26 years, 20 days – total days: 9519). Received life sentence for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Issa was born in 1963 and is the son of a refugee family that was expelled from its home Al-Walaje in 1948. After his arrest, he was tortured by Israeli interrogators and later isolated several times.

He lost his father while in jail and his 80 year old mother visits him continuously in jail, joins all demos and sit-ins in support of Palestinian prisoners, even after she couldn’t move anymore and became confined to a wheelchair.

His mother keeps his letters and drawings together with the key of their home in Al-Walaje.

14 Ahmad Farid Mohammad Shehadeh

48 Years old, from Qalandia refugee camp, Ramallah, in prison since 16.02.1985 (25 years, 8 months, 25 days – total days: 9400).

Received life sentence for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.
Ahmad was born on 08.08.1962 in Qalandia refugee camp to a refugee family that was expelled from its home in Ma’een in 1948.

He worked as a taxi driver and as an ironmonger to help support his family. After he was detained, Ahmad was interrogated for 90 days, during which he was tortured. For over 8 years his mother and sister weren’t allowed to visit him, and one of his brothers isn’t allowed to visit him because he is a former prisoner.

Since recently, the rest of the family aren’t allowed to visit him. He loves reading and has a talent for drawing. Although Ahmad suffers from diabetes, he joins all prisoner hunger strikes.

15 Mohammad Ibrahim Mohammad Nasr

55 years old, from Saffa, Ramallah, in prison since 11.05.1985 (25 years, 6 months, 1 day – total days: 9316).

Received life sentence for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Mohammad was born in 1955 and is married.

16 Rafi’ Farhoud Mohammad Karaja

49 years old, from Saffa, Ramallah, in prison since 20.05.1985 (25 years, 5 months, 20 days – total days: 9307).

Received several life sentences for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Rafi’ was born in 1961 and played a leading role in the Palestinian prisoner movement.

He always says that unity of Palestinian prisoner movement and unity of Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli jails and preserving the achievements of the prisoner movement are a red line that should never be crossed. Rafi’ took part in prisoner hunger strikes and was isolated several times.

17 Talal Yousif Ahmad Abu Al-Kabbash

55 years old, from As-Samou’, Hebron, in prison since 23.06.1985 (25 years, 4 months, 18 days – total days: 9273).

Received life sentence for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Talal was born in 1955 and is married and has 5 children.

He wasn’t allowed family visits, except in 2007 when his wife was the only one allowed to visit him.

18 Mustafa ‘Amer Mohammad Ighnemat

45 years old, from Sourif, Hebron, in prison since 27.06.1985 (25 years, 4 months, 14 days – total days: 9269). Received life sentence for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Mustafa was born in 1965 and was 20 upon detention.

He was member of a Palestinian resistance group that worked in occupied Palestine. In 1985, Israeli warplanes bombed several group members while on their way to Syria.

Only one member, Mohammad At-Tous, survived and another two members, Ziad and Mustafa Ighnemat, who stayed behind in Sourif, were detained. The three received life sentences and have been since then locked up inside Israeli dungeons. Mustafa spent more years inside Israeli dungeons than outside them.

19 Ziad Mahmoud Mohammad Ighnemat
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

45 years old, from Sourif, Hebron, in prison since 27.06.1985 (25 years, 4 months, 14 days – total days: 9269). Received life sentence for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Ziad was born in 1965 and was 20 upon detention. He was member of a Palestinian resistance group that worked in occupied Palestine. In 1985, Israeli warplanes bombed several group members while on their way to Syria. Only one member, Mohammad At-Tous, survived and another two members, Ziad and Mustafa Ighnemat, who stayed behind in Sourif, were detained. The three received life sentences and have been since then locked up inside Israeli dungeons. Ziad’s mother lost her memory after his arrest due to shock and sadness. He was prevented from family visits for 7 years. His father’s only wish is to see him before he dies.

Haza’ As-Sa’di and Othman Bani Hassan were friends and comrades since childhood, grew up together, played together and went to school together. At the age of 17 years they witnessed the incident of poisoning the water tanks of the girls’ school in Jenin by a number of collaborators. Many girls were poisoned. Both boys rushed to help transport the girls to hospital and the suffering they witnessed affected them deeply. A short while later a friend of theirs was killed by the Israeli occupation forces.

Both incidents caused them to join the resistance. Upon arrest, both boys were less than 17 years old, nevertheless they were tortured. The Israeli military court postponed their court sessions one time after the other until they were 17 and tried as adults. Othman received 2 life sentences while Haza’ received 1 life sentence and 20 years. They were often isolated. Once, during transport from Jneid prison to Nafha prison, the Israeli soldiers started provoking and mocking Haza’ and Othman. Both, despite being handcuffed, were able to beat one soldier. The other soldiers attacked them and they were placed in isolation and their family visits were cancelled for a while as punishment.
20 Haza’ Mohammad Haza’ As-Sa’di
43 years old, from Jenin refugee camp, in prison since 27.07.1985 (25 years, 3 months, 13 days – total days: 9239).

Received life sentence and 20 years for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.
Haza’ was born in 1967 and was less than 17 years old upon arrest, so his court session was postponed one time after the other until he was 17 and was tried as an adult. He loved attending school and was one of the best in his classes.

He used to sell watermelons as a child to help his parents and provide his school allowance. He has 3 sisters. His youngest sister Nariman who was 9 years old when she last saw him, is forbidden from visiting him because on her last visit she brought her brother a bottle of olive oil. Today, only one sister is allowed to visit him. His sister relates an incident during a visit when Haza’ eyes were suddenly teary.

She was scarred and asked what was wrong with him. He told her that he had caught a bird and took care of it as a father cares for his child, used to give it water to drink from his own mouth. When the soldiers enter the cell, he would hide the bird under his blanket to protect it. He told her the bird died a few days earlier and he was very sad. Haza’ lost his father while in jail, his only wish had been to hug his father. His mother is too old to move and to visit him. He wishes to hug her before she dies.

21 Othman Abdallah Mahmoud Bani Hasan

43 years old, from ‘Arbouna, Jenin, in prison since 27.07.1985 (25 years, 3 months, 13 days – total days: 9239). Received 2 life sentences for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Othman was born in 1967 and was less than 17 years old upon arrest, so his court session was postponed one time after the other until he was 17 and was tried as an adult.

He is an athlete and loves jogging. Before his detention, Othman used to join races and won first place in a marathon. He met one of his brothers in jail. He lost his parents and 2 of his brothers while in jail and he wasn’t able to say farewell. Only his eldest sister is allowed to visit him.

22 Sidqi Sleiman Ahmad Al-Maqt

43 years old, from Majdal Shams, occupied Syrian Golan, in prison since 23.08.1985 (25 years, 2 months, 18 days – total days: 9212).

Received a sentence of 27 years for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Sidqi was born on 17.04.1967 and was only 52 days old when Israel occupied the Syrian Golan.

He comes from a family known for its history of resisting the occupier. His father was detained several times and 2 of his brothers were also detained.

His grandfather is a hero of the Syrian great revolution of 1925.

When the Israeli occupation soldiers came to arrest Sidqi, his grandfather used his walking stick to hit them and he refused to issue an Israeli ID except after the arrest of his grandchildren so he can visit them. Sidqi loves reading and designing, was excellent at school and wanted to become either a lawyer or study aeronautical engineering. He was detained with a group of comrades, including his brother, and was tortured. When the Israeli military court judge read the sentence, Sidqi refused to acknowledge it and the military court and addressed the judge by saying: “I am a Syrian Arab and you occupy my land and I have the right to defend it and to resist you and I don’t acknowledge your kangaroo court.” Then he sang the Syrian national anthem with his comrades and those present in the court before they were kicked out of the court. Sidqi is very active in jail, was isolated more than 10 times and is known to be the last prisoner to break the 2004 hunger strike after 150 soldiers forced him to walk while beating him with their clubs.

In 2007, he got an article about the Lebanese resistance published, for which he was punished with isolation for one year. Israeli interrogators told him he would be spared isolation if he retracted the article which he refused. From his resistance group 3 comrades, including his brother, (Bishir Al-Maqt, Sitan Al-Wali and ‘Asim Al-Wali) were released after they finished their sentences.

The 4th from their group, Hayil Abu Zeid was released in 2005 after 20 years imprisonment to die at home of blood cancer a few months later. Sidqi is currently the longest detained Arab prisoner in Israeli jails. He suffers from pain in the stomach, the kidney, the spinal column and teeth. He isn’t allowed to see his brothers, only his parents are allowed to visit him. His grandfather was able to visit him once before he died but his grandma died while he is in jail. In a letter to his family he said that every day that passes and he is in captivity strengthens his conviction that homelands cannot be liberated except with the guns and the hands of its children, and that these open wounds will only heal when the usurper departs Arab lands everywhere. In a message to the captives of Shalit he said: “don’t hurry and close a deal” and asked them to break Israeli conditions and criteria and to liberate all prisoners, especially veteran prisoners, prisoners from occupied Jerusalem, prisoners from Palestinian areas occupied in 1948, prisoners from occupied Golan, sick and female prisoners and that any prisoner exchange deal that does not meet the aspirations and hopes of the prisoners is of no value.

23 Hani Badawi Mohammad Jabir

46 years old, from occupied Jerusalem, in prison since 03.09.1985 (25 years, 2 months, 9 days – total days: 9201). Received life sentence for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Hani was born on 23.07.1964. His mother died when he was 12 and he has 15 siblings.

His wife was pregnant with their only daughter Fida’ when he was arrested at the age of 21. He was tortured during interrogation and had to be transported to hospital. His family home in Hebron was demolished by the Israeli army, so his family moved to their home in occupied Jerusalem.

During one Israeli raid on prison cells, Hani’s hands were handcuffed in a very tight and painful manner. Hani asked one soldier to lighten the cuffs, but instead, the soldier tightened them more and hit Hani in his face so hard that his face hit the wall of the prison cell and his front teeth were broken. One other time Hani was beaten during inspection by 8 Israeli soldiers, isolated and prevented from family visits for 2 months. Not only did his daughter grow up deprived of her father, but also he was not allowed to attend her wedding.

He had applied to the Israeli prison authority through a Palestinian Knesset member to be able to attend his only daughter’s wedding on a bail of 1 Million Shekel, but his application was rejected. Fida’ grew up and got married without her father’s presence. She recalls her father telling her during one visit that when she visits him the moments are as painful as a sinking ship and that he yearns to hug her. He said to her: “if I die, you should continue talking to me as if I were there with you and hearing you, for you are in my heart and I hear you”. Hani lost his brother while in jail, his father is old and bedridden and can’t make the trip to the prison and his sister isn’t allowed to visit him since 4 years.

He was told he will lose his Jerusalem ID and would thus lose his right to live in his birthplace and home Jerusalem. He Joined hunger strikes and often calls for unity because it is the safety valve for the Palestinian people and their national cause. He also stresses that veteran prisoners, prisoners from Jerusalem and Palestinian areas occupied in 1948 are a red line which no one has a right to cross in any deal. He was an athlete and loves writing poetry. Hani suffers from ulcer, weak eyesight, toothache, rheumatism and problems in the neck area. Currently, he is working on an encyclopaedia of general knowledge.

24 Mohammad Ahmad Abdel Hamid At-Tous

55 years old, from Hebron, in prison since 06.10.1985 (25 years, 1 month, 6 days – total days: 9168).

Received life sentence for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Mohammad was born in 1955 and is married, was tortured and isolated several times.

He was member of a Palestinian resistance group that worked in occupied Palestine. In 1985, Israeli warplanes bombed several group members while on their way to Syria. Only Mohammad survived and another two members, Ziad and Mustafa Ighnemat, who stayed behind in Sourif, were detained. The three received life sentences and have been since then locked up inside Israeli dungeons.

25 Nafith Ahmad Talib Hirz

55 years old, from Gaza, in prison since 25.11.1985 (24 years, 11 months, 16 days – total days: 9118). Received several life sentences for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Nafith was born in 1955 and was 29 upon detention. He has 6 children and 21 grandchildren. He was tortured during detention, and one time his wrist was smashed. He was isolated several times. After he received the life sentences he told his wife to apply for divorce because she is young and should not waste her life waiting for him. But his wife refused and told him she will stand by him and protect their children for ever, whether he likes it or not. He was not allowed any visits for a long period of time and when he was finally allowed to see them during visitations he didn’t recognize some of his children.

His youngest daughter was born after his detention, so she knew him only through the glass of the visitation room. His wife recalls how their children used to fight who will visit their father because she wasn’t allowed to take them all to the visit. So, she prepared a programme so they all see him and know him and have a few minutes with him. She would often make the long tiresome trip to jail on visitation days to be told she won’t be allowed to see him because he makes trouble. Family members were gradually prohibited from visiting him from 1990 until the last visit in 2006. All of Nafith’s children married while he is in jail. On one occasion, his son told him of his wedding date.

Nafith made a sort of wedding celebration for his son in the cell and celebrated with his comrades, but not being with his family affected him so much that he was depressed for some time. After that the family didn’t tell him anymore of exact dates of weddings to spare him extra pain. His youngest brother and his cousin were killed in an extrajudicial execution while he is in jail. Nafith loves making models of Al-Aqsa and whenever he is done with one model he would say: “I will continue fighting until Jerusalem is liberated. We are not free without the freedom of Jerusalem and Palestine is not Palestine without Jerusalem.” He suffers from problems with the thyroid.

26 Faiz Mtawi’ Hammad Al-Khour

49 years old, from Gaza, in prison since 29.11.1985 (24 years, 11 months, 12 days – total days: 9114). Received 3 life sentences and 10 years for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Faiz was born in 1961 and his mother died while he is in jail. He suffers from a severe mental illness caused by the trauma of being isolated for a whole 7 years and not being allowed to see any other human being. He doesn’t comprehend what goes around him and doesn’t recognize any one anymore.

Many requests to the Israeli prison authority to remove Faiz from solitary confinement, which is a sort of slow death, were rejected.

His father wishes to see him before he dies and wishes he could exchange places with Faiz and spend the remaining years of his life in jail instead of his son.

27 Ghazi Jum’a Mohammad An-Nimmis

52 years old, from Gaza, in prison since 30.11.1985 (24 years, 11 months, 11 days – total days: 9113).

Received 3 life sentences for practicing his legitimate right to fight the Zionist occupation of his homeland and for defending his family, home and country.

Ghazi was born in 1958 and he lost his mother while in jail.

Freedom for ALL Palestinian and Arab prisoners in Israeli dungeons