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Sayyed Khamenei Slams West's "Idiotic Remarks" over Election

Sayyed Khamenei Slams West's "Idiotic Remarks" over Election
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28/06/2009 Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei lashed out at the West on Sunday for "idiotic remarks" over the presidential election.

"Some European and American officials with their idiotic comments about Iran are speaking as if all their own problems have been resolved and Iran remains the only issue for them," his eminence was quoted by the Iranian State Television as saying at a meeting with judicial officials.

"They ignore the fact that the Iranian people believe that wherever they (Western leaders) step politically, that spot becomes soiled," Sayyed Khamenei said.

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28/06/2009 Iran has arrested eight local staff at the British embassy on accusations of having a role in the post-election riots, the Fars news agency reported on Sunday. Fars, without giving a source, said those arrested had a "considerable role" in the violence that erupted after the re-election of President Mahmud Ahmadinejad.

Rafsanjani Urges Cooperation With Guardian Council, Mousavi Rejects

Earlier, defeated Iranian presidential candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi has rejected a government proposal to recount 10 percent of all ballot boxes.
"This kind of recount will not remove ambiguities...There is no other way but annulment of the vote...Some members of this committee are not impartial," Mousavi said in a statement on his website.

Another defeated candidate Sheikh Mehdi Karroubi, also rejected the notion and called for the recent election results to be annulled.

On Friday, the spokesman of Iran's electoral watchdog, the Guardians Council, Abbasali Kadkhodai said that there was no fraud in the June 12 presidential election that saw Mahmoud Ahmadinejad win a new four-year term.

The Expediency Discernment Council, the highest political arbitral authority in Iran, has urged the candidates to fully cooperate with the Guardian Council. In a statement, the Council’s chief Sheikh Hashemi Rafsanjani said that the best way to resolve the situation and eliminate ambiguities was through legal channels. Rafsanjani called on the defeated candidates to fully cooperate with the Guardian Council and take advantage of the positive atmosphere to raise their issues and present their documents for an in-depth study.

Want to Stop Israeli Settlements? Follow the dollars.


June 27, 2009

by Ronit Avni

The Washington Post

Ariel Development Fund is presented with $500,000 at Christians United for Israel's Night to Honor Israel 2006. The Ariel Development Fund benefits the illegal Israeli West Bank settlement of Ariel. (CUFI)

Ariel Development Fund is presented with $500,000 at John Hagee's Christians United for Israel's Night to Honor Israel 2006. The Ariel Development Fund benefits the illegal Israeli West Bank settlement of Ariel. (CUFI)

This month, both at Cairo University and from the Oval Office, President Obama has called on the Israeli government to stop the expansion of settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. He should send the same message to the Americans who are funding and fueling them.

There are more than 450,000 settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, according to Peace Now, an Israeli organization that opposes the settlements. Some of them are Americans. And some of the most influential, militant figures in the settler movement have been Americans, too. Among them were Baruch Goldstein, the doctor from Brooklyn who fired 100 shots at worshiping Muslims in Hebron in 1994, killing 29; Rabbi Meir Kahane, the founder of the Kach party, which was banned in Israel in 1988 on the grounds that it was racist; and convicted terrorist Era Rapaport, a member of the Land Redemption Fund, which coordinates the acquisition of Palestinian land in areas targeted for settlement expansion.

Before the settlers were removed from Gaza in 2005, I visited a group of them while shooting my last film. Some of the settlements’ most passionate advocates spoke about their deep roots in the Gaza Strip even though they were actually Americans. Years earlier, while working as a human rights advocate, I had received reports from colleagues who had been threatened or physically attacked by young settlers as they tried to protect Palestinian farmers during harvest. The attackers often included North American Jews, my colleagues said.

Evangelical Christians in the United States also support the settlements, raising millions of dollars for them, according to a recent National Public Radio report. The Colorado-based Christian Friends of Israeli Communities, for example, encourages churches and ministries to connect with “the pioneers of Biblical Israel” through the “adopt-a-settlement program.” Sondra Oster Baras, director of the organization’s Israeli office, estimates that more than half of the West Bank settlements receive direct or indirect support from Christians, according to the NPR report.

A handful of wealthy businessmen, including American casino magnate Irving Moskowitz, are widely reported to have donated to groups such as the Brooklyn-based not-for-profit Hebron Fund, which raises money to support residents in the West Bank city of Hebron. According to the donation page on its Web site, the organization aims to “keep Hebron Jewish for the Jewish people.” Friends of Itamar, also based in Brooklyn, engages in domestic, tax-deductible fundraising for the West Bank settlement of Itamar. All this comes at the expense of the U.S. government, which loses tax revenue by allowing these groups to operate as not-for-profit entities.

Not all support for the settlements comes through charitable organizations. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz has reported that in 2007, the settler organization Amana held “housing fairs” in New York and New Jersey to encourage American Jews to buy property in the West Bank. According to the Jewish Voice and Opinion, a self-described “politically conservative Jewish publication” in New Jersey, approximately 250 people attended and as many as 10 properties were slated for purchase.

Last year the Palestinian village of Bil’in filed suit in Canada against two Quebec-based companies that built and sold residential units in a West Bank settlement. The case is still pending, but it demonstrates that people are beginning to pay attention to non-Israeli influences on settlement growth.

If the courts can’t find a way to dissuade settlement expansion, perhaps the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control should intervene. The U.S. government has already designated Kahane’s movement a foreign terrorist organization for reasons unrelated to settlement financing, but in doing so, it has prohibited U.S. citizens from providing financial support to this group.

The First Amendment protects the right of the settlement advocates to express their views, and so it should. I am not suggesting that non-profits should lose their tax advantages simply because they are at odds with American foreign policy. But the settlements are widely considered a violation of international law. Thirty years ago, a U.S. State Department legal adviser issued an opinion that called the settlements “inconsistent” with the Fourth Geneva Convention. In recent weeks, officials at State and in the White House have declined to say whether the 1979 opinion reflects official government policy, but President Obama’s comments have hardly been ambiguous. “The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements,” he said in Cairo. “It is time for these settlements to stop.”

Maybe it’s also time for Americans to stop supporting them.

Ronit Avni, an Israeli, U.S. and Canadian citizen, is the director of the film Encounter Point” and the executive director of Just Vision, an organization that documents Palestinian and Israeli conflict-resolution peace initiatives.


"The Lebanese forces burned my handicapped father alive, but it's Hasan Nasrallah who threatens me"...

The Link

Jawad Adra (Information International) is writing a commentary (next brief) to include testimonies & names of his final pre-election tour.

He visited a Sunni village in Batroun, known to have endured the premeditated savagery of the Lebanese Forces. He went to the house of a woman whose mother was shot while running for refuge inside her house and whose 75 HANDICAPPED father was gagged, tied and dosed off with gazoline and burned alive in his wheelchair while militiamen laughed and sneered at his supplications. She remembers these things vividly! When Jawad began by saying "your village lost 40 good men & women to sectarian cleansing", she immediately corrected him by saying "46 people, 'inta il sadeq'". She also remembers that there were some Maronites in the area who offered safe havens to the Muslims, among them was the family of Jubran Basil!

HOWEVER, when asked about her voting intentions, the woman said: "I am going to vote for Antoine Zahra". When she saw Jawad's EXTREME surprise she retorted with this title grabbing sentence "The Lebanese forces burned my handicapped father, but it's Hasan Nasrallah who threatens me".

This is beyond brainwashing!

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"The Iran chessboard, as seen by Team Obama"


LR in the CABLE, here

"As the Obama White House has recalibrated and toughened its daily talking points on Iran in response to the violence of the post-elections dispute, the impression has emerged in some quarters that Washington is flustered by recent events, and indeed, that a wrench has been thrown in President Obama's hopes for engaging Tehran.

But recent administration assessments and conversations with outside government Iran watchers and non-proliferation experts offer a different view in which Obama's hand may actually have been strengthened and Iran's weakened by some overlooked recent events. Among the factors they cite: the outcome of recent elections in Lebanon, in which a pro-western coalition won a majority over a coalition that includes the Iranian-backed Shiite militant group Hezbollah, the eagerness of Iran's leading regional ally Syria to engage with Washington, Arab states' generally positive response to the Obama administration's strong push to negotiate Middle East peace and the creation of a Palestinian state. Beyond the Middle East, Obama's aggressive non-proliferation initiatives and "reset" with Moscow could also end up increasing pressure on Iran, they said.

"From 2003 to 2009, Iran was on a roll," one senior administration official said Friday. "Expanding its sphere of influence, benefiting from a changed balance of power in the region, and generally optimistic about its world. Many said it was not possible to engage because Iran was so strong and thus disincented to do so. ....

"The chessboard is moving demonstrably in the U.S. direction." That is the takeaway, said Congressional Research Service Middle East analyst Kenneth Katzman, from recent assessments by administration officials. "What I heard them saying is, ‘Let's take advantage of that now, while we have the chessboard, and try to get a nuclear deal and get that resolved, rather than the whole ball of wax.'"

Added Katzman, of the perceived trend: "The strategic picture in the Middle East has moved to the U.S. advantage. The Lebanon elections, reengagement with Syria, stability (?) in Iraq, have added up to a shifting chessboard against Iran."But he added, while there is some optimism that regional and global trends are working to the U.S.'s advantage on Iran, there is also diminished expectation that near-term engagement is likely to occur. At the earliest, it's not expected -- if at all -- until the fall. ...

And indeed, not everyone is feeling optimistic. "My understanding is the president has had a much larger vision," said one Washington Iran analyst on condition of anonymity. "He wanted a strategic dialogue with the Iranians, he gave them a pathway into the western camp that benefits the west, the people of Iran, and the larger picture: peace and stability in the Middle East.....

Byman did think Iran would be feeling uncomfortable about some regional trends, including renewed Washington engagement with Syria, as well as the U.S. drawdown in Iraq. "The Syria thing is real in terms of pressure on Iran. Iran has only one strategic ally in the Middle East: Syria. The U.S. drawdown from Iraq is real. It reduces the vulnerability of America." ....."

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Saudi Media Take the Lead Against Iran's Regime


WINEP, here

"....So far, at the popular level, the dominant feature appears to be -- at least from the outside -- a lack of great activity or even interest, rather than the gathering storm of popular mobilization that some commentators expected. ...

The media outlets of Arab actors with axes to grind against Tehran -- such as the Palestinian Authority, Lebanon's March 14 coalition, and most significantly Saudi Arabia -- have replaced the usual taciturn official response with overt schadenfreude and an anti-Iranian-government slant. ....

In al-Hayat, columnist Ali al-Jihani opined that Iran is "a fake democracy that leads only to bloodshed." Anticipating the obvious riposte, al-Jihani added this intriguing postscript: "The rulers of the Gulf States have never claimed they have come to power through elections, but any expert in Gulf affairs knows that the majority of their citizens don't want to change those rulers . . . the symbols of national unity, stability, and economic development." ....

The glee of Saudi media sources is conspicuously absent from most newspapers in Egypt, Morocco, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), despite their particular national grievances against Tehran. In part, this reflects sensitivity to any examples of popular opposition. In Iraq -- a country that is more democratic but also more politically precarious and entwined with Iran than other Arab states -- the media have special, security-related reasons for their relative reticence on Iran. On June 26, for example, Baghdad's leading al-Zaman newspaper did not have a single front-page story on the subject.

In Egypt, despite a war of words with Iran in April over a Hizballah terrorist plot on Egyptian soil, the media have mostly reported factually about the events in Iran. Al-Ahram, the leading daily, has carried a front-page story about postelection issues nearly every day for the past two weeks, many with photos of pro-Mousavi demonstrations. But columnists have generally refrained from partisan commentary on these events .Egypt's comparatively neutral media position seems to contradict its opposition to the Iranian regime. One al-Arabiya journalist, Ali Brisheh, suggested a reason: focus on Iran's demonstrations might contaminate the Egyptians with "Iranian influenza," inspiring them to protest against their own regime. Egypt's reticence may also be a message to Iran to stop its own anti-Egyptian propaganda -- a message that appears to be having some success, since Iran's official media focus on alleged "Western" or "Zionist," rather than "pro-American Arab regime," meddling in Iran.

Bahrain is a special case, in which the tension between appeasing and opposing Tehran is taking an acute and visible form. Bahrain's government briefly suspended the leading local Akhbar al-Khaleej newspaper on June 23 after it published a column criticizing the Iranian regime and even referencing a rumor about Mahmoud Ahmadinezhad's supposed Jewish ancestry. The next day, this newspaper was back in circulation, but with noticeably lower-profile coverage of and commentary on Iran's difficulties. Similarly, in the UAE, after a handful of commentaries by Abdel Wahhab Badrakhan and others critical of Iran's suppression, the media have reverted to a largely neutral approach.

The media of Syria, Qatar, and Hizballah have openly aligned themselves with Ahmadinezhad and the Iranian leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, even as some in Washington look for signs of divergence. Although some uneasiness or hedging of bets may happen behind the scenes, the outward posture remains as solidly aligned with Tehran as ever.

Fragmentary reports about the reactions of "ordinary" Arabs (as distinct from democracy or other activists) to the violence in Iran indicate relatively little sense of involvement or connection.

U.S. Policy Implications

Overall, the divided Arab reaction to Iran should be at most a secondary factor in current U.S. policy calculations. In the future, if Washington seeks public Arab support against Tehran, Riyadh rather than Cairo appears to be the most receptive address. Damascus, for its part, offers no visible sign of reciprocating recent U.S. overtures by distancing itself from Iran, suggesting that skepticism about this aspect of a possible U.S.-Syrian detente is justified. Moreover, the prospect for popular Arab uprisings against autocratic governments -- modeled on the recent developments in Tehran -- is doubtful."

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We're all Anti-Semites Now


June 26, 2009

weareall.jpgBy Henry Makow Ph.D.

Anti-Semitism used to refer to a racial prejudice against Jews. Now "hate" is a codeword for something else: Opposition to Zionism, a political program that many Jews find repugnant.

By equating "hate" with opposition to Zionism, organized Jewry has given everyone permission to be an anti-Semite.

In Soviet Russia, anti-Semitism was considered "counter revolutionary" and severely punished. Similarly, anti-Semitism is now a political crime in the West because it runs counter to the New World Order.

For example, a Winnipeg journalist, Leslie Hughes, was dropped as a Liberal candidate in the 2008 election for remarking on Israeli foreknowledge of the 9-11 attack in an 2003 article. She taught courses on tolerance and had no feelings of hostility against Jews whatsoever. Her crime was political. (She is suing the Jewish groups.)

My writing warns Jews they have been used to advance the central banker's plan for world government dictatorship. I emphasize that every significant nation, religion and organization is being used in the same way. Nonetheless, the Canadian Jewish Congress accuses me of "hatred against Jews" and wants to suppress my writing on this subject. The absurdity of accusing the son of holocaust survivors of anti-Semitism only underlines the true political nature of my crime.


Rev. Ted Pike extrapolates from the 2004 US "Global Anti-Semitism Review Act" to define the kind of political activity that is being criminalized. ("The Real Motive Behind
'Dept Of Global Anti-Semitism'")

1. Any assertion "that the Jewish community controls government, the media, international business and the financial world" is anti-Semitic.

2. "Strong anti-Israel sentiment" is anti-Semitic.

3. "Virulent criticism" of Israel's leaders, past or present, is anti-Semitic.

4. Criticism of the Jewish religion or its religious leaders or literature (especially the Talmud and Kabbalah) is anti-Semitic.

5. Criticism of the U.S. government and Congress for being under undue influence by the Jewish-Zionist community (including AIPAC) is anti-Semitic.

6. Criticism of the Jewish-Zionist community for promoting globalism (the "New World Order") is anti-Semitic.

7. Blaming Jewish leaders and their followers for inciting the Roman crucifixion of Christ is anti-Semitic.

8. Diminishing the "six million" figure of holocaust victims is anti-Semitic.

9. Calling Israel a "racist" state is anti-Semitic.

10. Asserting that a "Zionist Conspiracy" exists is anti-Semitic.

11. Claiming that Jews and their leaders created the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia is anti-Semitic.

12. Making "derogatory statements about Jewish persons" is anti-Semitic.

13. Denying the right of mostly atheist Jews to re-occupy Palestine is anti-Semitic.

14. Alleging that Mossad was behind the 9/11 attack is anti-Semitic.

Essentially if you believe in truth and justice, you're an anti-Semite. If you believe in free speech, free inquiry and the democratic process, you're an anti-Semite. If you oppose tyranny, corruption and murder, you're an anti-Semite.

If you're not an anti-Semite, you're uniformed at best, and a sell-out ("vendu") at worst.

Ultimately, the New World Order will turn 90% of the world's population and at least 50% of Jews into anti-Semites. Is this the real agenda? To divert blame away from the central banksters and their non-Jewish Masonic minions?


Andrew Hitchcock's "The Synagogue of Satan" is a compelling chronology of the Jewish role in the central banker's Satanic conspiracy a.k.a The New World Order. Together with my Illuminati, it provides as an excellent introduction to the subject.

The.Synagogue.of.Satan.gifThe only knock is that Hitchcock does not provide references. For example, he lifts the above list from the Internet without giving credit to Rev. Pike. Nevertheless Hitchcock's sources can be verified online.

I was impressed by the amount of new information and insight I found. Hitchcock explains how the "nationalization" of the Bank of England in 1946 was a sleight-of-hand. He recounts new details of the murder of Rachel Corrie which evoked not a murmur from the US "leadership" and media. He explains how the attack on the USS Liberty was a false flag like 9-11. He lucidly explains the significance of the Noahide Laws.

You read this book with growing fury at the scale of ruthlessness, criminality and chutzpah of certain Jews. These Jews are not God's Chosen people, but Satan's, a matter that should be of concern to the others who are guilty mostly of naivety, complacence, conformity, cowardice, opportunism and even some complicity. (The same can be said of Americans who support US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan with their tax dollars. Neither can hold their head up.)

Hitchcock quotes Werner Sombart who says that from 1820 onward, there was "only one power in Europe, and that is Rothschild." He says modern capitalism and Americanism are nothing else but "the Jewish spirit distilled." Certainly we must analyze the positive and negative aspects of this spirit, weighing material prosperity against spiritual, cultural and political bankruptcy. We must realize that modern Western civilization is essentially Cabalist (Masonic) and Jewish, and increasingly so.


Does the New World Order represent the central banker's need to consolidate power? Is this culmination of a Jewish agenda, or a more general satanic agenda? I suggest that these three agendas are complementary and overlapping.

Our world is the product of a long-term Satanic conspiracy to overthrow Christian civilization and institute a veiled dictatorship using the mass media, education and sophisticated technology. All the scoundrels selling their fellow Americans down the river are put there by the central banking cartel, ( David Rockefeller, US franchisee.)

In 1984 George Orwell predicted that reality would be turned upside down. Black would become white according to Big Brother diktat. Now that free speech is a political crime, Orwell's prophesy has come true.

We must resist the globalist traitors with all our power. A people too stupid or weak to demand their freedom don't deserve to have it.

They bribe us with our own money now but eventually the bankers will demand payment in blood.

Palestinian Prisoners and their Names for a Change



A Palestinian boys looks at pictures compiled by family members of Palestinian prisoners being held in Israeli jails. How will this knowledge influence him as he becomes a man? (AP Photo/Tara Todras-Whitehill)

In 1987 the United Nations General Assembly marked June 26th as International Day in Support of Torture Victims. According to former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan:

This is a day on which we pay our respects to those who have endured the unimaginable. This is an occasion for the world to speak up against the unspeakable. It is long overdue that a day be dedicated to remembering and supporting the many victims and survivors of torture around the world.

His words may have been nicely phrased, but they provide little comfort to those who continue to be tortured in prisons and detention halls (legal and illegal) located all over the world. Writing about it won’t provide them with any comfort either, but one can only hope that reading this may move you, dear reader, to take actions in solidarity with torture victims from the past, the present, and to work to prevent more from existing in the future.

Mohamad Ballan of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) compiled a list of 200 of the estimated 11,000 Palestinians who are currently being held in Israeli prisons — the majority of whom were taken there unlawfully and who have not been formerly charged or provided with adequate legal council. Writes Ballan (also thanks to Fatemah Meghji of SPHR):

Being that a few days ago was Gilad Shalit’s “capture anniversary”, there’s about a billion news stories on it. For a change, let’s remember the 11 000 + Palestinian prisoners in Israeli captivity (illegally). If collectively, they had as much news coverage as Gilad Shalit, maybe they would have been released by now, or the numbers would be significantly smaller, as the pressure to release them would be equivalent to the campaigns to release Gilad Shalit. To everyone that knows they exist (including any Palestine solidarity workers), they are just a number.

But, here are some names for a change. Let’s remember them, because if we know Gilad Shalit’s name, we owe it to the Palestinians to learn several of the ones below, that are beloved to them and missed by them…. note that the ones listed below are a mere fraction of the numbers in captivity.

For more information on Palestinian Prisoners, visit this link.

For reports from B’tselem on those considered to be in ‘administrative detention’, please see this link.

Most of the names of these prisoners have been gathered from various websites and sources, ranging from the Israeli Ministry of Public Security official website, which deals with issues of administrative detention and Palestinian prisoners, to human rights groups, including Addameer, Sumoud, and others. The names of ALL the prisoners listed, especially those of women and children, have been double checked with other sources, mainly UN reports and Palestinian prisoners online forums, for verification. There are also at least 25 cases of infants under 2 years old being detained as well. Most of the prisoners live in appalling conditions and are subject to torture on a regular basis, and many human rights organizations are not entitled to access to most of the prisons in which they are held. Of all the prisons run by Israel, Facility 1391 is by far the worst and is known by Palestinians (and Israeli human rights groups as) “the Israeli Guantanamo” but it is in fact worst, and actually served as the blueprint on which Guantanamo, Abu Gharaib, and Bagram prisons are based.

It is also imperative to note that these name are only roughly 200 names when in fact there are over 11, 000 in Israeli prisons. Unfortunately, there is no transparency, and the names of these prisoners remain elusive due to the nature of their imprisonment. No human rights organizations or governmental organizations have access to all of the names and identities of these Palestinians. Although they may be erased from our regular world, we will not forget their existence and let them run through the pages of history.

It should also be noted that of those Palestinians detained, only a minor proportion have actually committed acts of “terrorism” (as defined by Israeli law) or orchestrated attacks against the Israeli civilian and military infrastructure of occupation.

For some of the source used to compile these names, please visit:

ISRAELI PRISONER (in captivity with Hamas):

One soldier, captured during combat role.
Mainstream media coverage: 180 hrs +, over 200 news articles, since 25th June 2006
Name: Gilad Noam Shalit

10,000 men, 1500 women, 500 children under 12 yrs old.

Mainstream media coverage, including Israeli/Arabic/Palestinian/Western news stations: 0.00 minutes, 0 news articles
Names (a mere fraction of them)
Abdullah Hussein Abdullah Odeh
Samah Abdullah
Muhammad Ouni Muhammad Daadou
Amin As’ad Mustafa Salim
Mahmoud Shukri Abd al-Karim Hamshari
Ali Kamal Hussein Abu Salim
Muhammad Saleem Shaheen
Azzam Yusuf Mahmoud Yasin
Roulan Tawfiq Abdullah Dighlis
Nahed Taysir Tawfiq Abu Diyak
Mu’in Mustafa Musa Feshafesha
Muhammad Bassam Tawfiq Walway
Muhammad Amin Ahmad Yunus
Nadel Khalil Ahmad ‘Aalouna
Adam Ghazzan Ahmad Harami
Khadeer Ali Muhammad Bisharat
Mahmoud Radwan Mahmoud Musleh
Samed Muhammd Hassan Asleem
Ehad Mansur Ibrahim Khleelya
Muhammad Saleh Suleyman Mardawi
Saleh ‘Amer Swey’ad S’aida
Amin Abd Muhammad ‘Arbash
George Ghabi Yusuf Bihnan
Ghassan Nu’man Mahmoud Taha
Jibr ‘Ouda Ali Mukhamra
Nitham Mustafa Sawafta
Samer Mahmoud Karim Haimouni
Ibrahim Muhammad Khalil Dababsa
Khalil Suleyman Khalil Jrouf
Ashraf Hussein Mahmoud Abu Ghlass
Tamer Badr Qubtan Abu ‘Arqoub
Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad ‘Oud
Tawfiq Abd al-Qader Talib Omar
Ziyad Hassan Abd al-Jalil Kahla
Ayman Yaser Khalil ‘Amru
Imad ‘Ezat Muhammad Awlad Muhammad
Mustafa Sawafta
Muhammad Zuhdi Abd al-Rahman Mahfoudh
Muhammad Ahmad Abd Quttamsh
Amru Hassan Muhammad ‘Amru
Osama Muhammad Suleyman Sabateen
Najeh Yusuf Muhammad ‘Amru
Mu’mmar Muhammad Khalil Ta’amra
Ouda Ismail Muhammad Za’anouna
‘Asem Mahmoud Abd al-Rahim Salama
Amna Mouna
Bedran Abd al-Qader Ibrahim Badir
Ahmad Hassan Ahmad Shaqura
Amin Sarhi Salama Abu Mandil
Hussam Suleyman Mustafa ‘Arouq
Omar Mustafa Muhammad Omar
Fadi ‘Essam Sha’ban Saleem
Jum’a Qader ‘Atiya Abu Farha
Mundhir Mahmoud Muhammad Abu Zaghreet
Ala’ Rubhi Hussein Saleh
Muhammad ‘Ayed Muhammad Rub’i
Ghada Jasser
Nayef Ahmad Abd al-Fatah Butran
Khawla Zeitawi
Khaled Ramadan Tawfiq Ismail
Sa’di Mahmoud Hassan ‘Ouda
Ahmad Mahmod Muhammad Saleh
Haitham ‘Asmat Reja’i Zahran
Muhammad Ahmad Fraj Asleem
Asma’ Hussein
Samar Subaih
Bara’ Subaih
Fadi Husni ‘Oud Abu ‘Aoun
Abdullah Qa’dan Khidr Sa’ad
Mutleq Saleh Qassem Bani Jaber
Rasheed Muhammad Rasheed ‘Aql
Ahlam Jawhar
‘Isa Ahmad Amin Abu Eid
Murad ‘Ezzat Muhammad Qassem
Haitham Muhammad Ahmad Baradi’iya
Muhammad Ahmad Shehadeh Farhan
Muhannad Abd al-Fatah Mahmoud Hatataba
Suad Ghazal
Ahmad Mustafa Ali ‘Araj
Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad Abu Jheesha
Ibrahim Mufleh Saleh Abu Jheesha
Muhammad Abd al-Karim Ismail Hameedan
Abdullah Hassan Ahmad Qandil
Muhammad Na’eim Nimr Muhammad
Manal Ghanem
Nor Ghanem
Khayri Nasr Yusuf Wahdan
‘Asem Ahmad Muhammad ‘Isa
Hani Mahmoud Hussein Taneena
Nadeem ‘Aoud Mahmoud Smara
Sa’ad al-Din Muhammad Abd al-Majid Hassoun
Muhammad Ibrahim Ismail Abu Ismail
Sana ‘Amer
Rafet Suleyman Hussein Radaideh
‘Ouni Yusuf Mahmoud Omar
Rasem Suleyman Abu Rayhan
Sameeh ‘Isa Abd al-Haroush
Ismail Hassan Ali Jabour
Jibril Hassan Hassan Jabour
Imad Yunus Suleyman Jabour
Tawfiq Ahmad Za’al Jabour
Arafat Mahmoud Muhammad Abd al-Aziz
Ayman Munir Tawfiq
Sa’eed Wajia Sa’eed Al-Outban
Na’el Saleh Abdullah Barghouti
Fakhri ‘Asfour Abdullah Al-Barghouti
Akram Abdulaziz Sa’eed Mansur
Muhammad Ibrahim Mahmoud Abu Ali
Fu’ad Qassem Aeafat Al-Razem
Ibrahim Fadl Nimr Jaber
Aseel Al-Hindi
Hassan Ali Nimr Salama
Uthman Ali Hamdan Musleh
Sami Khaled Salama Yunus
Karim Yusuf Fadl Yunus
Maher Abd al-Latif Abd al-Qader Yunus
Salim Ali Ibrahim Al-Kayl
Hafedh Nimr Muhammad Qundus
Majd Al-Kokhen
‘Isa Nimr Jibril Abdrabo
Muhammad Abd al-Rahim Sa’eed Mansur
Ahmad Fareed Muhammad Shehadeh
Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad Nasr
Rafe’ Farhoud Mahmoud Kraja
Talal Yusuf Ahmad Abu Al-Kabash
Ziyad Mahmoud Muhammad Ghneimat
Mustafa ‘Amer Muhammad Ghneimat
Khalid Sa’adi Rashed Abu Shamt
Uthman Abdullah Mahmoud Bani Hussein
Heza’ Mahmoud Heza’ Al-Sa’adi
Bashir Suleyman Ahmad Al-Muqt
‘Asem Mahmoud Ahmad Wali
Seitan Nimr Nimr Wali
Sidqi Suleyman Ahmad Al-Muqt
Hani Badwi Muhammad Sa’eed Jaber
Muhammad Ahmad Abd al-Hamid Al-Tus
Nafidh Ahmad Talib Herz
Fayez Mutawwa’ Hmad Al-Khour
Azi Jum’a Muhammad Al-Nams
Ahmad Abdurrahman Hussein Abu Haseera
Muhammad Misbah Khalil ‘Ashour
Nour Al-Hashalamoun
Walid Nimr As’ad Diqqa
Muhammad Abd al-Hadi Muhammad Al-Husni
Tawfiq Ibrahim Muhammad Abdullah
Mustafa Mahmoud Musa Qar’ushi
Marian Saleh
Rashda Hamdan Muhammad Abu Mikh
Ibrahim Nayef Hamdan Abu Mikh
Ibrahim Abd al-Razeq Ahmad Beyadsa
Ibrahim Mustafa Ahmad Baroud
Ali Badr Ragheb Musulmani
Fawaz Qadhem Rashda Bukhtan
Khalid Ahmad Dawoud Muheisen
‘Asem Saleh Ali Jundal
Wasfa Ahmad Abd al-Qader Mansur
Aladdin Ahmad Reda Al-Baziyan
Ahmad Ali Hussein Abu Jaber
Abd al-Latif Ismail Ibrahim Shaqir
Afu Misbah Nufal Shaqir
Saleh Muhammad Yusuf Al-’Abd
Tareq Dawoud Mustafa Al-Hlees
Abd al-Nasser Dawoud Mustafa Al-Hlees
Ibrahim Hussein Ali ‘Elyan
SamirIbrahim Mahmoud Abu Ni’mah
Hazem Muhammad Sabra ‘Asilia
Hamza Nayef Hassan Zayed
Samer ‘Asem Salem Al-Mahroum
Abdurrahman Fadl Abdurrahman Al-Qeeq
Khaled Muttawa’ Muslim Al-Ja’eedi
Ahlam Al-Tamimi
Aziz Dweik
Maryam Saleh

Written by Jasmin Ramsey

June 27, 2009 at 4:18 am

Mashaal to Obama: we appreciate your words, but actions speak louder

5 days ago, commented on Khalid Amayreh's article: Fatah deadlock continues

I wrote;

"Hamas Basher mocked Hamas expected that Cairo dialogue will deliver a domesticated Hamas, that Hamas would join the Happy family:

"There is Love in the Air: All Together Now.....I Love You....You Love Me..We're A Happy Family..."

Let Abbas deliver a Fatah Happy Family.

Yes, Hamas delivered a Happy family in Damuscus, and deepened the rift in Fatah.

Mubarak failed to deliver a domesticated Hamas, therefore, Abbas came to Assad for help.

"We agree with Syria that the dialogue should succeed," Abbas's aide Nabil Abu Rdainah told reporters. He was referring to Egyptian mediation between Abbas's Fatah faction and Hamas. Abbas's visit to Syria is the second since May. His aides said ... Details "

No meeting between Mishaal and Uraikat, So nothing achieved, and nothing real is agreed upon with Assad."

Now I would add,

As I predicted, Assad told Abbas: Palestinian "dialoque should succeed", and to succeed he has to talk to Mashaal.

Abbas failing to domesticate Fateh decided to hold the Sixth Congress Bethlehem under the canopy of the Israeli occupation.

Ahead of Abbas congress, in Bethlehem, and next session of Palestinian dialoque in Cairo, Mashaal delivered his landmark speech from Damascus, sending messages/replies to all concerned (Netanyaho, Obama and his Carter, Moderate Arabs).

  • No to Jewish State killing the Uproted Palestinians right of return, and 1948 Arabs right to stay

  • No to Naturalizing Palestinian Refugees

  • Yes to an Arab state with its capital in occupied Jerusalem and full sovereignty in the areas liberated by Israel in 1967, dismantling of Jewish communities in those areas.

Khalid Amayreh's article on Mashaal's Landmark speech shall, as I bet, not be posted at PP

Mashaal to Obama: we appreciate your words, but actions speak louder
[ 25/06/2009 - 08:46 PM ]

From Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine

In a landmark speech in Damascus Thursday afternoon, Hamas leader Khalid Mashaal urged President Barack Obama to transform his positive words about the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people into “concrete actions.”

“We do appreciate Obama’s new language, we think it is a step in the right direction. However, we expect the American administration to put these words into actions and to refrain from imposing conditions on Hamas.”

Mashaal said dealing with Hamas must be based on respecting the Palestinian people’s democratic choice, not imposing conditions such as those imposed by the Quartet, which included demands for unconditional recognition of the apartheid Israeli regime, giving up resistance entirely and accepting without reservation all the vague agreements and understandings reached by Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Mashaal pointed out that conditions such as these had been imposed by Israel and the U.S. and carried out (by the PA), but nothing changed on the ground as the Israeli occupation remained entrenched, the settlement expansion continued unabated and the Palestinian horizons narrowed further and further.

He argued that whenever the PA budged to Israeli demands and conditions, fresh demands and conditions were imposed.

“They asked the PA to recognize Israel , and the PA recognized Israel . But, look, now they want the Palestinians to recognize the Jewish nature of Israel , to recognize that al-Quds al Sharif is Israel’s capital, and to give up the right of return for the refugees. You see, Israel’s conditions and demands are endless.”

Mashaal stressed that Hamas was not terribly concerned about getting itself recognized by foreign powers.

“Hamas’s priority is not getting itself recognized by others, but rather getting others to recognize the Palestinian people’s legitimate rights. The Palestinian national cause has a priority over Hamas, and concerns over the national cause takes precedence over concerns over all other interests and considerations. And no faction has the right to give concessions at the expense of the national cause for the sake of making factional political gains.”

On Netanyahu speech

Mashaal reserved some of his strongest words for Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu who two weeks ago proposed the creation of a vaguely-defined Palestinian entity which would be nearly completely controlled by Israel and not encompassing Jerusalem .

“Netanyahu wants to give our people a state with a name but without any substance. He may continue to entertain his fascist whims for ever, but he won’t find a Palestinian who would listen to him.”

He said that Netanyahu’s racist speech reflected an inherently racist mindset and hell-bent desire to keep up the occupation of our motherland.

He further pointed out that recognizing Israel as a Jewish state meant in real terms killing the right of return as well as undermining the future of the 1.5 million Palestinians who are Israeli citizens.

Mashaal addressed Arab leaders, saying they should withdraw the so-called Arab peace plan because Israel is viewing it with contempt.

“Netanyahu has turned the table upside down, hence it is futile to keep our hands extended to an insolent Israeli leadership. Therefore, and in response to the Israeli arrogance and insolence, I urge Arab leaders to behave in a dignified manner and make available new choices and gather our assets of power, which are available, provided there is the will“

He said Hamas was willing and ready to cooperate with any party for the sake of expediting the national interests of the Arab people. He added that begging Israel for peace would give a sign of weakness.

Hamas’ politburo chief devoted a significant part of his speech to the national rift with Fatah, saying that Palestinian national unity was paramount, not necessarily for the sake of expediting peace talks with Israel, but rather in order to strengthen the Palestinian people and enhance their ability to extract legitimate Palestinian rights from Zionist hands.

“National unity is paramount because it consolidates our internal front in Israel’s face.”

He said that Hamas adopted a decision to act expeditiously to end this rift through Egyptian-mediated efforts.

However, Mashaal said that there were three requirements without which inter-Palestinian reconciliation wouldn’t be accomplished.

First, Palestinians must not allow foreign interference in their internal affairs;
Second, Palestinians must agree on all contentious issues in one package; and,
third, the Palestinian Authority must put an end to the provocative policy of arresting Hamas’ supporters and sympathizers.

“The problem is not a mere internal disagreement. We are talking about systematic practices carried out by the Fayyadh government under the supervision of the American Gen. Keith Dayton. There is a close coordination with the Israeli occupation army against resistance elements, for the sake of arresting or killing them as happened recently in Qalqilya.”

Mashaal pointed out that as many as 830 men and women, including scholars, academics, students, business people and other professionals were languishing in PA jails.

“Many are tortured and some have died while others were transferred to hospital for treatment of torture-related illnesses.

“There is a systematic process of eradication. Nothing like this has happened since 1967. All institutions have been closed down, Zakat (Alms) committees confiscated, funds destined to prisoners and orphans stolen…”

Mashaal argued that the provocative and repressive practices of the PA were the main obstacle impeding national unity between Fatah and Hamas.

Underscoring Dayton’s disastrous role in fomenting Palestinian division, Mashaal called on President Obama to withdraw Gen. Dayton from the West Bank immediately.

“I believe that building a repressive authority is incompatible with Obama’s calls for spreading democracy in this part of the world. Hence.”

Mashaal scoffed at the PA for meticulously carrying out “commitments” to appease Israel while Israel was continuing to build settlements and steal land and Judaize Jerusalem and imposing siege on Gaza .

Mashaal recognized that some political prisoners were being released from PA jails.

However, he pointed out that even more people were being arrested, accusing the PA of following the rolling-gate policy.

“I am sorry to say that what the PA is doing in the West Bank doesn’t really give us a reason for hope. This is why I am urging our brothers in Egypt to deal with this matter urgently.

Finally, Mashaal reasserted Hamas’ commitment to free Palestinian prisoners languishing in Zionist jails, detention camps and dungeons.

He pointed out that there were as many as 12, 000 Palestinian prisoners detained in Zionist custody, including 400 children, the youngest of whom is Yousuf al Zeq, who is only 15 months’ old.

“What is preventing a prisoner swap deal from seeing the light is Israeli intransigence. Otherwise, we are willing to carry out a serious deal that would release our prisoners from Zionist jails.”

Al Manar

Mashaal said the minimum his group would accept was establishment of an Arab state with its capital in occupied Jerusalem and full sovereignty in the areas liberated by Israel in 1967, dismantling of Jewish communities in those areas, and permission for return of the families of Arabs who left when the Zionist entity was founded in 1948.


However, "Progressive" assholes shall continue preying and fishing in muddy water.

"This is an interesting piece and I will post the English version as soon as it is available; it is worth a read. "

# posted by Tony : 9:53 AM

The Spineless Hamas Backtracks on its Own Article!

How do you spell spineless? This is how you speak from both corners of your mouth in Arabic: From one side to domestic audience and from the other side to the White Man!

# posted by Tony : 7:26 AM"

Yes ton tfuuuuuu, “The game is clear: Obama has started it, Netanyahu is investing it and Carter is playing in networking relations and taking advantage of direct reactions practically,” as Hamas lawmaker opined....."

I don't care for speaking from both corners of the mouth, and I am sure the domestic audience are able to realize which corner is true.

Moreover, Mashall set the record straight;


Two State Solution VS Two stage solution

Anal-ysis, Hamas, Netanyahu, Obama, Palestinian reconciliation, Ramallah Traitors

American historian: I read in faces of Gazans immense strength and confidence


[ 26/06/2009 - 08:54 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- The American historian, Professor Paul Aron, who is visiting the Gaza Strip said that the situation in Gaza after the war is horrifying adding that he expected this situation to persist for a long time.

He said, during an interview with Quds Press on Friday, that the USA was not concerned about Gaza and held Israel, Egypt and the west responsible for the siege.

About the situation of the people of Gaza after the war and under the continous siege Aron said: "I visited a people who are living in a tragic situation, but they have not been defeated from inside [..] I expected to find a people who were full of anger and animosity, but what I read in the faces of people here was immense strength and confidence, they might have something else inside them, I don't know."

"I saw in the people of Gaza emotional stability, I did not see them crying, they keep their feeling inside," he added

Professor Aron also said that he expected to find people in the Gaza Strip at each others' throats, but that was not the case, and when he asked for the reason, someone told him that the residents of Gaza have always suffered and the Israelis could not do anything worse to them than they have already done.

He added that he talked to a mother who lost two of her children who were mutilated by an Israeli bomb. She told him that during the war she lived with her children for ten days, without food or water, then he says that he did not find her broken, but she was strong and her children who are still alive are full of hope and did not show any signs of being broken.

He expressed admiration for the family, which despite its losses was full of hope for a better life, adding that the outside media tries to portray Gaza as a place full of people who love death and destruction, but that what he found was people who want to live a dignified life and connect with others.

[Note: This news item was translated from Arabic]

Friday, 26 June 2009

Meetings of the Lebanon's Happy Family continues

Sayyed Nasrallah Receives MP Saad Hariri; Praise Calm Atmosphere

Readers Number : 367

26/06/2009 Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah received Thursday night the head of the Future Movement MP and PM hopeful Saad Hariri. Sayyed Nasrallah and Hariri discussed the political situation in the country and the assumed preparations for the coming phase in light of general elections’ results.
They also stressed dialogue was crucial for clam to continue and praised the atmosphere of stability in Lebanon.

Sayyed Nasrallah Hold Lengthy Meeting With Jumblatt

19/06/2009 Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah received Thursday night the head of the Democratic Gathering MOP Walid Jumblatt. The two leaders held a lengthy meeting during which they made an in-depth review of the past stage and discussed the coming stage in Lebanon and the region. Sayyed Nasrallah and Jumblatt stressed the necessity to work together to enable Lebanon and its people to face the great challenges lying ahead. They also praised the efforts exerted by Youth and Sports Minister Talal Areslan during the May 7, 2008 incidents. Sayyed Nasrallah and Jumblatt also agreed to continue communicating and deliberating during the next phase.


On May 7th, 2008, Hasan Nasrallah described Walid Jumblat as "liar, thief, and killer." Last week, Hasan Nasrallah and Walid Jumblat had a 3 hours tete-a-tete.
Posted by As'ad at 8:56 AM


I DISAGREE with angry arab, but I respect him, using the same measuring stick.

Don't Expect the Bitch to post or say a word on that. He will not drop his last fig leaf.

Nasralla meeting the same Jumblat, the warlord, the liar who betrayed resistance after 2005 elections.

Yes he, Nasrallah, did it, after 13 months of Dialogue, and after losing 2009 elections. This is politics, the politics that cracked March 14 movement, and forced Clinton and Bidin to come to Beirut to tighten the M14 Screws, with Saudi petrodollar.

Don't be surprised if you see Jumblat quitting M14.

Prey Prey Prey:


Let me explain it to you Mr. politburo chief: Iran has clout and is a regional power, so Obama has to deal with it. Also, Iran (under the right conditions) has been beneficial to the Empire, as in Iraq and Afghanistan, so Obama is trying to put the [Domesticated] ayatollahs to good use. Syria has some influence (especially in Lebanon) and Obama is trying to divide and conquer, by moving Syria away from Iran.

But Hamas, Mr. politburo chief, regardless of how much "moderation" it shows, and how much begging it does, has no clout, and is safely caged in the Gaza concentration camp while Dayton destroys any presence it has left in the West Bank.

By removing Iran and Syria from the equation, Hamas will be cut off and the plan is to destroy it or at least domesticate it, just as Arafat was domesticated and finally destroyed.

You got that now, Mr. politburo chief?

# posted by Tony : 11:01 PM

Mashaal to Obama: we appreciate your words, but actions speak louder
Hamas Says Dweik “Real President” until Elections are Held
Majority Juggle Shakes Positive Atmosphere Ahead of Naming PM

Asha'l: Abbas has to choose between heading the PA or the occupation authority

Asha'l: Abbas has to choose between heading the PA or the occupation authority

[ 26/06/2009 - 10:50 AM ]

CAIRO, (PIC)-- Dr. Abdullah al-Asha'l, lecturer in international law and former aide to the Egyptian Foreign Minister, expressed his full support for the speech of Khalid Misha'al, the head of the Hamas political bureau, in which he called on the United States to withdraw Gen. Keith Dayton from the West Bank if Palestinian reconciliation was to take place.

"Palestinian reconciliation could not materialize while the PA [in Ramallah] is implementing Dayton's instructions, pursuing the resistance in the West Bank, arresting its activists and working towards liquidating it," Asha'l said, in a statement he made to PIC.

He also criticised the security coordination between the Palestinian authority and the Israeli occupation and said: "Abu Mazen has to choose between being a President of the Palestinian authority or the President of the Israeli occupation authority,"

Asha'l called on the Arab countries to heed Mishaal's call for following a new strategy which marries between resistance and politics, and gathers assets of strength.

He added that the Arab countries know, through years of experience with Israel that they will not get any of the Palestinian rights restored through Israeli willingness, because it is insistent on swallowing the land of Palestine, adding that the USA will not get into a confrontation with Israel for the sake of Arab countries. Thus, he added, the Arab countries should recognise that words are not substitute for actions, and they should take a serious stand because acquiescence to the USA has caused the loss of Palestine.

He also said that Arab countries should support the resistance and that an office for the resistance should be set up in each Arab capital, unless the Arabs have decided to liquidate the Palestinian cause and such a case they should clearly declare it.



By Steve Amsel • Jun 26th, 2009 at 7:47 • Category: Action Alert, Biography, Israel, Newswire, Palestine, Resistance, Zionism


A Journalist Beaten — One Year Later

June 26, 2008 is a day I will never forget. For the events of that day irrevocably changed my life. That day I was detained, interrogated, strip searched, and tortured while attempting to return home from a European speaking tour, which culminated in independent American journalist Dahr Jamil and I sharing the Martha Gellhorn Journalism Prize in London — an award given to journalists who expose propaganda which often masks egregious human rights abuses.

I want to address the denials from Israel and the inaccurate reporting by a few journalists in addition to requesting state of Israel to acknowledge what it did to me, prosecute the members of the Shin Bet responsible for it and put in place procedures that protect other journalists from such treatment.

Since 2003, I’ve been the voice to the voiceless in the besieged Gaza Strip for a number of publications and news programs ranging from The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs to the BBC and, Morgenbladet in Norway as well as Democracy Now! These stories exposed a carefully-crafted fiction continuing control and exploitation of five-million people. Their impact, coupled with the reporting of others served to change public opinion in the United States and Europe concerning the dynamics of Israel and its occupation of Palestine.

After receiving the Martha Gellhorn prize I returned home through the Allenby Bridge Crossing in the Occupied West Bank between Jordan and Israel. It was here I was detained, interrogated, and tortured for several hours by Shin Bet and border officers. When it appeared I may be close to death an ambulance was called to transport me to a hospital. From that day my life has been a year of continued medical treatments, pain — and a search for justice.

Lisa Dvir from the Israeli Airport Authority (IAA), the agency responsible for controlling Israel’s borders in an June 29th article by Mel Frykberg for the Inter Press Service stated, “the IAA was neither aware of Omer’s journalist credentials nor of his coordination.”

The statement is wholly inaccurate and impossible on two counts. First, because I’m Palestinian, I am unable to enter Israel or leave Gaza, even through the Rafah border with Egypt, without Israeli permission, something quite difficult to get. Each time I’ve left Gaza for speaking tours required substantial lobbying and political maneuvering by several governments. In 2006, it was the American governments who ultimately won my visa. In 2007 the Dutch Parliament invited me back to speak to the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and in 2008 when it was announced I won the Martha Gellhorn Prize, several European countries requested Israel grant me a visa but it was MP Hans Van Baalen of the Netherlands who, with great efforts, secured and guaranteed my passage out of Gaza and Israel, as well as the return for both the 2007 and 2008 trips on the condition I travel and be escorted by members of the Dutch Embassy in Tel Aviv while within Israel or the occupied West Bank. Therefore I was under diplomatic escort with the full knowledge of the Israeli government when I arrived at Allenby on June 26th. In fact Israeli security had blocked my re-entry for four days, causing me to miss a family wedding and wait in Jordan.

Secondly Dvir’s claim that the IAA didn’t know I was a journalist is proved false by the actions of the Shin Bet and border police. During the interrogation an Israeli security personnel searching my belongings repeatedly asked ‘Where’s the money from the prize, Mohammed?’ The prize is only given to journalists. Not only were they fully aware I am a journalist. They knew exactly how much I received, for what and where.

Dvir further perjured herself when she claimed, “We would like to know who Omer spoke to in regard to receiving coordination to pass through Allenby. We offer journalists a special service when passing through our border crossings, and had we known about his arrival this would not have happened.” Her denial shocked a Dutch diplomat in Tel Aviv who had confirmed with the state permission for me to cross on June 26. Again, I was traveling under diplomatic escort and when I asked to phone the escort — waiting on the other side of the terminal — Shin Bet’s response was they knew and didn’t care.

While not admitting that the interrogation and torture took place, Divr then dismissed any actions by the Shin Bet as out of her department’s control: “I’m not aware of the events that followed his detention, and we are not responsible for the behavior of the Shin Bet.” But the Israeli Airport Authority, Divr’s department, like most port authorities, is responsible for border security and those who enforce that security in Israel are members of the army and the Shin Bet.

Unfortunately Dvir’s diversions were just the beginning. In the days following my detention and torture, the Israeli Government Press Office acknowledged that despite traveling under diplomatic escort I was searched “due to suspicion that he had been in contact with hostile elements and had been asked by them to deliver items to Judea and Samaria (Occupied West Bank).” This has been mentioned and quoted in different papers. Like everyone else entering, my bags were x-rayed and cleared multiple times excluding the possibility I was carrying some type of contraband. And I was traveling in the Dutch Embassy’s car directly to Erez crossing with Gaza , as communicated to the Israeli authorities. There was zero possibility of me delivering ‘items’ to anyone.

Confronted with the medical reports and injuries including bruised ribs Israeli officials told the BBC on July 1, 2008 that, “He lost balance and fell, for reasons unknown to us,” other officers suggest, “Mr. Omer had a nervous breakdown due to the high temperature.”

Despite the attempts at denials, the emergency medical technician who sat in the back of the ambulance with me reported, “We noted fingerprints on his neck and chest,” the type bruising caused by excessive force often used in forensics to identify an attacker.

When Associated Press reporter Karin Laub called me on my cell phone for an interview after my ordeal, I detailed how I was stripped and held at gunpoint. Her reply? “Go on,” she stated. “This is normal about what we hear happening at Ben Gurion Airport. It’s nothing new.”

Torture, strip searches and holding award winning journalists or any other human beings at gun point is normal at Israel ’s largest airport? Ms. Laub’s apathy continued. In her article for the Associated Press on June 29th she wrote that she interviewed “Dr. Husseini who claims there were no signs of physical trauma.”

There’s only one problem with this. This Dr. Husseini never treated me. The Minister of Health in Ramallah confirmed that Husseini never made any such statement to the AP reporter. For reasons known only to her, Ms. Laub appears to have fabricated this comment and purposely ignored the medical reports and the statements by the attending paramedics — counter to journalistic ethics and standards upheld by the Associated Press. Despite this, no independent investigation took place.

Meanwhile the Jerusalem correspondent for the Los Angles Times, Ashraf Khalil, conducted an investigation into my case and noted in his article on November 3, 2008, that my medical records describe: “Tenderness on the anterior part of the neck and upper back mainly along the right ribs moderate to severe pain,” and “by examination the scrotum due to pain varicocele (varicose veins in the spermatic cord) at left side detected and surgery was decided later.” Fevers and falls do not cause such distinctive marks. Kicks, punches and beatings do. Continuing Khalil explains that, “Paramedic Mahmoud Tararya arrived in a Palestinian Red Crescent Society ambulance and said he found Omer semiconscious with bruises on his neck and chest. Tararya said Israeli security officers were asking Omer to sign “some sort of form written in Hebrew. The paramedic said he intervened, separated Omer from the soldiers and loaded him into the ambulance, where he remained semiconscious for most of the trip to a hospital.”

Khalil notes in his article that Richard Falk, the U.N. human rights official wrote to Verhagen, the Minster of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands and stated: “I have checked out Mr. Omer’s credibility and narrative of events, and I find them fully credible and accurate.”

Recovering mentally and physically from torture and interrogation is far from easy. This should not happen to anyone. My objective is for my case to focus attention on universal human rights, the right of freedom of expression and freedom of movement. There are places in this world where these freedoms do not exist. Israel insists it is not one of those places, but both the government and the complicity of individual journalists in covering up what they did to me prove otherwise. Ironically, the day the Shin Bet chose to detain, interrogate and torture me — June 26 — is the date set aside by human rights groups as the International Day Against Torture.

Mohammed Omer has reported for numerous media outlets, including the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, Pacifica Radio, Electronic Intifada, The Nation, and Inter Press Service; he also founded the Rafah Today blog. He was awarded the 2007 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism.

Copyright © 2009 Mohammed Omer Distributed BY


A CALL FOR ACTION…… From DesertPeace

Today, the 26th of June marks the one year anniversary of the near beating to death and torture of Mohammed Omer. He was returning to his home in the Rafah Refugee Camp in Gaza from a trip to Europe where he was the recipient of a prestigious award for journalism. A complete recap of the events that took place upon his entry to Israel on his return trip can be read HERE. Mohammed was escorted on his return trip by Dutch diplomats of Her Majesty’s embassy in Tel Aviv. After his torture and beatings, those same diplomats returned with him to the Erez Crossing where he continued on to a hospital in Gaza.

Kenneth Ring had the following to add to the situation in a brilliant report that he wrote about the situation. He interviewed Mohammed while he was in the hospital in Gaza…. By clicking HERE, you can read the full report.
The investigation referred to still has not been launched after a complete year. Mohammed is presently in the Netherlands where he is still receiving medical treatment as a result of his injuries. He is scheduled to undergo surgery one more time in the very near future.

It is now up to YOU to do something about the situation. We ask that you write to the local representative of the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, DEMANDING that they put pressure on the Israeli government to bring the criminals involved in this case to justice. It was Dutch Government representatives that were witness to this horrendous act, it is their responsibility as human beings to help bring justice in this case and to help guarantee that this never happens again to anyone.

It is extremely urgent that residents of Israel and Palestine take part in this letter writing campaign. All contact information is available below…. worldwide.

Thank you for your efforts and watch this site for updates on the situation.

Contact info for Royal Netherlands Embassies WORLDWIDE (alpabetical)

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Edificio Porteno II
Olga Cossenttini 831, piso 3
(C1107BVA) Buenos Aires
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: (54-11) 4338-0050
Fax: (54-11) 4338-0060
Web Site:

The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Canberra, Australia
120 Empire Circuit
Yarralumla ACT 2600
Canberra, Australia
City: Canberra
Phone: +61 (0)2 6220 9400
Fax: +61 (0)2 6273 3206
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Vienna, Austria
Opernring 5/7
A-1010 Vienna
City: Vienna
Phone: +43 (1) 589 39
Fax: +43 (1) 589 39 – 265
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Road nr. 90, House 49
Gulshan II
Dhaka, Bangladesh
City: Dhaka
Phone: +880-2-8822715-18
Fax: +880-2-8823326
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Brussels, Belgium
Avenue Herrmann-Debrouxlaan 48
1160 Brussel
City: Brussels
Phone: (+32) 02 679 17 11
Fax: (+32) 02 679 17 75
Web Site:

Embassy of Netherlands in Cotonou, Benin
Avenue Pape Jean Paul II
City: Cotonou
Phone: 00-229-21- 30 04 39 / 30 21 39
Fax: 00-229-21- 30 41 50
Web Site:

Embassy of Netherlands in La Paz, Bolivia
Avenida 6 de Agosto 2455
Edificio Hilda, piso 7
La Paz, Bolivia
City: La Paz
Phone: +591 2 2444040
Fax: +591 2 2443804
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Sarajevo, Bosnia
Grbavicka 4
71000 Sarajevo
City: Sarajevo
Phone: (+387) (0)33 562 600
Fax: (+387) (0)33-223 413

Embassy of Netherlands in Brasilia, Brazil
SES – Qd. 801, Lote 05
CEP 70405-900
Brasilia – DF – Brasil
City: Brasilia
Phone: +55 (0)61-3961.3200
Fax: +55 (0)61-3961.3234
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Bulgaria
Oborishte Street 15
1504 Sofia
City: Sofia
Phone: (+359) 02-8160300
Fax: (+359) 02-8160301
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Ottawa, Canada
Constitution Square
Building 350 Albert Street,
suite 2020
Ottawa, ON K1R 1A4
City: Ottawa
Phone: +1 613 237 5030
Fax: +1 613 237 6471
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Santiago, Chile
Apoquindo 3500 Piso 13
Las Condes, Santiago
P.O. Box:
Casilla 56-D
Santiago, Chile
City: Santiago
Phone: (+56) 2-7569200
Fax: (+56) 2-7569226
Web Site:

Embassy of Holland, Netherlands in Bogota, Colombia
Carrera 13 No. 93-40 Floor 5
Apartado Aereo 4385
City: Bogota
Phone: (+57) 1-638 4200
Fax: (+57) 1-623 3020

Embassy of Netherlands in San Jose, Costa Rica
Oficentro Ejecutivo La Sabana
(detras de la Contraloria)
Tercer Edificio, Tercer Piso
Apartado 10,285
1000 San Jose, Costa Rica
City: San Jose
Phone: +506 296 1490
Fax: +506 296 2933
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia
Medvescak 56
10000 Zagreb
City: Zagreb
Phone: + (385) 1 4642 200
Fax: + (385) 1 4642 211
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Nicosia, Cyprus
34 Demosthenis
Severis Avenue
P.O. Box 23835
1686 Nicosia,
City: Nicosia
Phone: +357-22-873666
Fax: +357-22-872399
Web Site:

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Prague
Gotthardska 6/27
160 00 Praha 6, Bubenec
Czech Republic
City: Prague
Phone: (+420) 233 015 200
Fax: (+420) 233 015 254
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark
Toldbodgade 33
1253 Copenhagen K
City: Copenhagen
Phone: (+45) 33 70 72 00
Fax: (+45) 33 14 03 50
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Max Henriquez Urena #50
(tussen Av. Lincoln en Av. Churchill)
P.O. Box 855
Ens. Piantini
Santo Domingo
City: Santo Domingo
Phone: (+1 809) 262-0320 (Ambassade)
Fax: (+1 809) 565-4685
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Cairo, Egypt
18, Hassan Sabri
11211 Zamalek
Cairo, Egypt
City: Cairo
Phone: +20-2-7395500
Fax: +20-2-7365249
Web Site:

Netherlands Embassy in Helsinki
Erottajankatu 19 B
00130 Helsinki
P.O. Box 886
00101 Helsinki, Finland
City: Helsinki
Phone: +358 9 228 920
Fax: +358 9 228 92 228
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Paris, France
7-9 rue EBLE
75007 Paris
City: Paris
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Berlin, Germany
Monastery route 50
10179 Berlin
City: Berlin
Phone: +49 30 20956-0
Fax: +49 30 20956-441
Web Site:
Email: nlgovbln@blnnlambde

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Athens, Greece
Leof. Vass. Konstantinou 5-7
106 74 Athens
City: Athens
Phone: +30 210 7254900
Fax: +30 210 7254907
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Guatemala
16 Calle 0-55, Zona 10
Edificio Torre Internacional
Nivel 13, Guatemala
City: Guatemala
Phone: (502)- 2381 4300
Fax: (502)- 2381 4350
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Budapest, Hungary
Fuge utca 5-7
City: Budabest
Phone: 336-6300
Fax: 3265978
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in New Delhi, India
6/50 F, Shanti Path
New Delhi 110021
City: New Delhi
Phone: +91-11-24197600
Fax: +91-11-24197710
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav.
S-3, Kuningan Jakarta 12950
City: Jakarta
Phone: +62-21-524 8200
Fax: +62-21-570 0734
Web Site:

The Royal Netherlands Embassy, Tehran
Sonbol Street #7 Farmanieh
City: Tehran
Phone: 0935 2111299

Embassy of Netherlands in Repubic of Iraq
Park Al-Sadoun
Hay Al-Nidhal 103
Street No. 38, House No.10
Baghdad, Iraq
City: Baghdad
Phone: 00-964-1-7782571 / 00-873-762953520

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Dublin, Ireland
160 Merrion Road
Dublin 4
City: Dublin,
Phone: 00-353-1-2693444
Fax: 00-353-1-2839690

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel
Beit Oz 14, Abba Hillel St
Ramat Gan 52506
City: Tel Aviv
Phone: 03-7540777
Fax: 03-7540748
Web Site:

Netherlands Embassy in Rome, Italy
Via Michele Mercati, 8
00197 Rome
City: Rome
Phone: +39 06 32286.001
Fax: +39 06 32286.256
Web Site:

Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Amman, Jordan
22 Ibrahim Ayoub Street (former name: Embassy Street)
4th Circle
(opposite the offices of the prime minister in the Alico building)
Amman, Jordan
City: Amman
Phone: 00962 – 6 – 5902222
Fax: 00962 – 6 – 5930214
Web Site:
Email: amm-info@minbuza.

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Kuwait
Jabriyah, Area 9, Street 1, House 76
P.O. Box 21822
Safat 13079
State of Kuwait
City: Safat
Phone: 00.965.531.2650 / 1 / 2 / 3
Fax: 00.965.532.6334
Web Site:

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Beirut, Lebanon
Netherlands Tower
Charles Malek Avenue,
Opposite Centre Sofil
2073-0802 Achrafieh
City: Beirut
Phone: 00-961-1-204663
Fax: 00-961-1-204664/00-961-1-339393
Web Site:

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Luxembourg
6, rue Sainte Zithe
L-2763 Luxembourg
City: Luxembourg
Phone: +352 22 75 70
Fax: +352 40 30 16
Web Site:

Embassy of the Netherlands in Skopje, Macedonia
Leninova 69-71
1000 Skopje
City: Skopje
Phone: +389 91 129-319/+389 2 3109-250
Fax: +389 2 3129-309
Web Site:

Netherlands Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
7th Floor, South Block. The Ampwalk
218, Jalan Ampang
50480 Kuala Lumpur
City: Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 00-60-3-21686200
Fax: 00-60-3-21686240
Web Site:

Embassy of Netherland in Mexico
Avenida Vasco de Quiroga 3000
Edificio Calakmul, piso 7
Colonia Santa Fe
01210 Mexico D.F.
City: Mexico City
Phone: (+52) 5552589921
Fax: (+52) 5552588138
Web Site:

Embassy of Netherlands in Rabat, Morocco
40 Rue de Tunis,
Quartier Tour Hassan,
Rabat, Maroc
Potal Address:
B.P. 329, Rabat, Maroc
City: Rabat
Phone: +212 37 219600
Fax: +212 37 219665
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy of Wellington, New Zealand
P.O.Box 840
Cnr. Ballance & Featherston Street
City: Wellington
Phone: +64 04 471 6390
Fax: +64 04 471 2923
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Oslo, Norway
Oscarsgate 29
0244 Oslo
City: Oslo
Phone: +47 23 33 36 00
Fax: +47 23 33 36 01
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Warsaw, Poland
Ul. Kawalerii 10
00-468 Warsaw
City: Warsaw
Phone: 00-48-22-5591200
Fax: 00-48-22-8402638
Web Site:

Embassy o Netherlands in Moscow, Russian Federation
Kalashny pereulok 6
131000 Moscow
City: Moscow
Phone: +7 495 7972900
Fax: +7 495 7972904
Web Site:

Embassy of Netherlands in Madrid, Spain
Avenida Comandante Franco, 32
28016 Madrid
City: Madrid
Phone: 91 353 75 00
Fax: 91 353 75 65
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden
Gotgatan 16A
P.O. Box 15048
104 65 Stockholm
City: Stockholm
Phone: (+46) (0)8 556 933 00
Fax: (+46) (0)8 556 933 11 (general)

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Bern, Switzerland
Seftigenstrasse 7
3007 Bern, Switzerland
City: Bern
Phone: +41-(0)31-350 87 00
Fax: + 41-(0)31-350 87 10
Web Site:

Embassy of Netherlands in Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic
Abou Roumaneh
Al-Jalaa Street
Imm Tello
City: Damascus
Phone: 00-963-11-3336871
Fax: 00-963-11-3339369

Embassy of Netherlands in Vatican
Piazza Della Citta Leonina 9/ II
00193 Rome
City: Vatican City
Phone: 00-39-06-6868044
Fax: 00-39-06-6879593

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Ankara, Turkey
Hollanda Caddesi 3
06550 Yildiz
Ankara, Turkey
City: Ankara
Phone: (0312) 409 18 00 visa: (0312) 409 18 20
Fax: (0312) 409 18 98
Web Site:

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kyiv, Ukraine
Kontraktova Ploshcha 7
01901 Kyiv, Ukraine
City: Kyiv
Phone: +38 044 4908 200
Fax: +38 044 4908 209/267
Web Site:

Royal Embassy of Netherlands in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Hamdan Street
Al Masaood Tower
6th floor, Suite 602
P.O. box 46560
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
City: Abu Dhabi
Phone: (+971) 2- 6321920
Fax: (+971) 2- 6313158
Web Site:

Royal Netherlands Embassy in London, England (UK)
38 Hyde Park Gate
London SW7 5DP
England, UK
City: London
Phone: 0044-(0)20-75903200
Fax: 0044-(0)20-72250947
Web Site:

Embassy of Netherlands in Washington DC, U.S.A.
4200 Linnean Avenue, NW,
Washington DC 20008 – USA
City: Washington DC
Phone: (202) 244-5300
Fax: 202-362-3430
Web Site:

Embassy of Netherlands in Montevideo, Uruguay
Leyenda Patria 2880 2o. piso
11300 Montevideo
City: Montevideo
Phone: +598 – 2 – 711 2956
Fax: +598 – 2 – 711 3301
Web Site:

Embassy of Netherlands in Caracas, Venezuela
Edificio San Juan, Piso 9
Avenida San Juan Bosco
con 2a Transversal
Altamira, Caracas
City: Caracas
Phone: +58-(0)-212-276-9300
Fax: +58-(0)-212-276-9311
Web Site:
Contact info for the United States

Contact info for Great Britain

Contact info Internationally

/index.htm Contact info for the Internet challenged (easy links) Selected areas in the United States….. all others can be found HERE

California (South)

Los Angeles, CA
310-268-1598 (phone)
310-312-0989 (fax) (email)
Please call or e-mail us for an appointment.

Jurisdiction: Consulate-General Los Angeles
Honorary Consulate: NO

District of Columbia Netherlands Embassy
Washington, DC
202-244-5300 (phone)
202-362-3430 (fax) (email)

Jurisdiction: Embassy Washington
Honorary Consulate: NO Illinois Consulate-General Chicago
Chicago, IL
312-856-0110 (phone)
312-856-9218 (fax) (email)
Please call or e-mail us for an appointment.

Jurisdiction: Consulate-General Chicago
Honorary Consulate: NO Massachusetts Netherlands Consulate
Boston, MA
617-542-8452 (phone)
617-542-3304 (fax) (email)
Office hours are Monday – Friday from 10.00 am until 1.00 pm.

Jurisdiction: Consulate-General New York
Honorary Consulate: YES
Consul: Mr. Hans Gieskes New York Consulate-General
New York, NY
212-246-1429 (phone)
212-333-3603 (fax) (email)
Please call or e-mail us for an appointment.

Jurisdiction: Consulate-General New York
Honorary Consulate: NO

Selected areas in Great Britain …. all others can be found HERE Address:
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
38 Hyde Park Gate
London SW7 5DP
United Kingdom
tel.: 0044 (0)20 7590 3200
fax: 0044 (0)20 7225 0947.

Netherlands Consulate Manchester
Apex House
266 Moseley Road
Manchester M19 2LH
Tel: 0161 – 248 2390
Fax: 0161 – 248 2401

Israel and Palestine


Beit Oz, 13th floor

14 Abba Hillel Street

Ramat Gan 52506

Tel: +972 3 75 40 777

Fax: +972 3 75 40 748

E-mail :

The Representative Office in Palestine

Visiting Address:

12, Holanda Street

(off Nablus Road)

El-Bireh, Ramallah

Click here for a map of the location

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1899 Ramallah

P.O. Box 54706 Jerusalem

Tel.: 02-2406639 / 2409797

Fax: 02-2409638

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