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UK – Expulsion Of Judeophobic Labor Party Members To Get Easier


Sabba – This is a total and open jewish takeover of the UK Labor Party as from now on, it is Israel and the jews whom she represents who will decide who becomes a member, who can be kicked out of it, who can enter the world politics etc.  

HAARETZ –  British Labour Party lawmakers and Jewish activists have proposed a change in party rules to make it easier to permanently expel members who use anti-Semitic and other racist language. The effort, spearheaded by the Jewish Labour Movement, comes amid a string of party scandals involving alleged anti-Semitism.

“Everybody’s talking about zero tolerance of anti-Semitism, but it’s become apparent because of a spate of incidents over the last couple of months that the rules and processes of the party don’t provide adequate provision to deal with it,” Jeremy Newmark, a Labour Party branch chair and representative of the Jewish Labour Movement, told the BBC on Wednesday.

The new rule would ban the use of anti-Semitic, Islamophobic or racist language by party members, the BBC reported.

If the motion is approved by the local branches, it would come up for a vote for adoption at the party’s annual conference this fall.

“We’ve now got a problem where too many of our Jewish members and people out there in the country think the Labour Party is apathetic to anti-Semitism and it isn’t a place for Jewish members,” Labour Party lawmaker Wes Streeting told the BBC. “I think we’ve got to make sure that this party with its historic commitment to tackling all forms of prejudice including anti-Semitism is still a place for Jewish people.”

Last weekend, party leader Jeremy Corbyn defended a remark by his brother Piers, who dismissed as “absurd” allegations that Labour was not properly handing anti-Semitism and said “Zionists can’t cope with anyone supporting rights for Palestine.”

Since Corbyn’s election to head Labour in September, the party has seen a string of scandals involving alleged anti-Semitism, including at its Oxford University chapter, which is now the subject of a party probe. Labour activist Bob Campbell also said on Facebook that the Islamic State group is run by Israel. Campbell was reported to have been suspended as a party member, though he has denied the action has taken place.

Separately, a Labour lawmaker in Parliament, Vicki Kirby, was suspended after it was revealed she suggested in a series of social media posts that Adolf Hitler might be a “Zionist god,” saying Jews have “big noses” and asking why ISIS was not attacking Israel.

The party over the weekend suspended a Muslim municipal lawmaker over anti-Semitic tweets written before she was elected, including one praising Adolf Hitler as the “greatest man in history.”

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Syrian father accuses FSA moderate cannibals of killing his son to recruit him

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Netanyahu: The Ethnic Cleanser

The Ugly Truth

“The longer he rules the closer the current iteration of the State of Israel will come to its own demise.  As the Herut anthem goes: “by fire and blood did Judea fall and by fire and blood shall it rise again.”  Strike the second half of that phrase.  It is the first half that is telling.  Netanyahu offers Israel unending blood and fire.  The blood flows not in rivers at first, but rivulets.  The fire isn’t a conflagration at first.  It only burns a Palestinian baby and father and mother.

But we know how this ends: not well, as the anthem warns.  The question for the world is can we afford a Judea that brings nothing but blood and fire to the region and the world?  If not, what is the world prepared to do to end it?”



A few days ago, an Israeli researcher working on behalf of faculty members from the University of Sciences Po, asked me if I could help authenticate an Al Hamishmar newspaper article which I featured in a 2011 post.  The article quoted Bibi Netanyahu espousing, clearly and definitively, his support for ethnic cleansing.  He delivered these remarks in a November 1989 speech which Maariv, the Jerusalem Post and Al HaMishmar quoted in their reports:

“Israel should have exploited China’s suppression of the demonstrations [Tienanmen Square], at a time when the world’s attention was devoted to events in that country, in order to conduct mass expulsions of the Arabs [sic] of the Occupied Territories. However, to my sorrow, they [government ministers] didn’t support the policy I espoused and whose implementation I continue to recommend.”

A reader notified me of this speech back in 2011 and provided a link to the Cosmos website which documents historical archival material related to the Israel-Palestine conflict.  But the reference there mentioned the Al HaMishmar article, written by Yaakov Lazar, was published on November 28 1989.  That was stymieing those trying to authenticate the report, since the newspaper supplement in which it was originally published, Hotam, was only published on Fridays (November 28th wasn’t a Friday).

Lo and behold, an Israeli who is a highly trusted researcher, discovered another reference to the speech from Al Jazeera, which wrote this about it:

As deputy foreign minister in 1989, speaking to students at Tel Aviv’s Bar Ilan University in Israel…said…

This offered us further documentation about the provenance of Bibi’s speech which we hadn’t known (that it was delivered at Bar Ilan University).  And it offered a new publication date: November 24, 1989. Bingo!

Nailing down the source fully, our Israeli friend discovered another reference in the 1989 Knesset plenum, in which Netanyahu was taken to task for his racist remarks by an Israeli-Palestinian MK.  Here is the translation of a portion of MK Tawfik Toubi’s speech:

“…Teachers warn us to be careful of what lies hidden behind the words of the “diplomat,” deputy foreign minister Benjamin Netanyahu, when he’s invited to speak about peace.  On November 16th, he appeared before the students of Bar Ilan University at a political conference.  There he said the following [see quotation above].

This racist, dangerous speech was reported on November 17th in Maariv and November 19th in the Jerusalem Post.  According to the latter, the deputy minister said more–that should’ve expelled 5, 50 or 500 “inciters” when it was offered several opportunities to do so since the beginning of the [first] Intifada.  As the Post reported, its editorial staff has a recording of the speech.  Therefore denials of the deputy minister’s spokesperson, Eyal Arad–who claimed that his boss’ words weren’t reported precisely and that he [Netanyahu] was speaking about the nine Palestinians whom the defense minister ordered expelled–will be ineffective.

The deputy minister’s call for the mass expulsion of the Arab-Palestinian people from its homeland is not an isolated phenomenon or a new one.  This call for expulsion has been heard in the past at various times.  There were ministers who advised the Arabs to leave Israel in taxis via open border crossings before there is a more comprehensive expulsion.  There have been prior calls to exploit events in order to bring about a mass expulsion.  There have been racist calls for mass “transfer.”

The truth is that there haven’t been just calls for expulsion.  During various periods there have been actualexpulsions.  There were mass expulsions during the 1948 War.  There were expulsions during the June [1967] War.  The truth is that the expulsions never ceased.  In the course of 22 years [1967-1989] the Occupation expelled thousands of residents of the West Bank and Gaza from their homeland.  In Gaza, thousands were uprooted in the course of Minister Sharon’s [military] operations.  Tens of thousands were expelled from the West Bank in the months after June 1967.  Up to this day the expulsions continue.  I’m not talking about just a few hundred citizens.  Members of the Palestinian community are expelled regularly, without effect, in order to restrain the Palestinian people from its just struggle for independence and peace…

Along with the condemnation we demand from this Knesset regarding the words of the deputy minister and his preaching in favor of the expulsion of a people from its homeland, we say with full conviction: This is no longer 1948, nor June 1967.  More than ever in the past, the Palestinian people is holds fast–learning from historical experience–with its very fingernails to its land.  No terror, oppression and expulsion will remove it from its homeland.

In his response, Netanyahu attempted to conflate his comments about the nine individual terror suspects who’d been expelled, to say that he was not speaking about mass expulsions, but of selected expulsions of individuals.  Of course, Bibi never denied the authenticity of the quotation attributed to him above.  And this quote rings clear as a bell.  Nor is the sound that of the ‘chimes of freedom,’ as in the resounding Dylan song.  But rather the clanging dirge of mass expulsion and ethnic cleansing.

I used the November 19th date for publication of the Jerusalem Post article to find it online as well.  The article, written by Menachem Shalev, reads:

Deputy Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has called for Israel to exploit political opportunities in order to expel large numbers of Palestinians from the territories. Netanyahu made the remark in a speech to Bar-Ilan University students on Thursday. In a tape recording of a portion of Netanyahu’s address obtained by The Jerusalem Post last night, the deputy foreign minister clearly states that “five, 50 or 500” inciters should have been expelled at various times since the start of the intifada.

Netanyahu told the students that the government had failed to exploit politically favourable situations in order to carry out “large-scale” expulsions at times when “the damage would have been relatively small.”

“I still believe that there are opportunities to expel many people,” Netanyahu said.

Those of us who care about Israeli history, who care what politicians say and believe they should be held accountable–we know Netanyahu.  As Jeremiah (who was much wiser than any Israeli politician) told us, the leopard doesn’t change its spots.  The Netanyahu of 1989 is the same Netanyahu of 2016.  For anyone, whether he be John Kerry, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or even Bernie Sanders to mistake Israel’s prime minister for a man who can change his convictions, for someone who can become a Man of Peace–is laboring under a fatal delusion.

Remember, this is the same demagogue who only six years later stood on a Jerusalem balcony and told a crowd ravening for the blood of Yitzhak Rabin that they were dead-right and should not stop baying for blood till they got it.  Within weeks, they did get his blood and his life, as one of Netanyahu’s admirers murdered Rabin, and thus murdered peace and hope.

Before readers begin to crank up their keyboards to dispute my portrait of Rabin, I am not a devotee.  I understand Rabin’s limits.  And perhaps he would’ve failed.  But at that historical moment, he offered something Israel hasn’t seen since and may never see again.

Returning to Netanyahu, he is the opposite of peace: he is the death of peace.  I would go even farther and say that the longer he rules the closer the current iteration of the State of Israel will come to its own demise.  As the Herut anthem goes: “by fire and blood did Judea fall and by fire and blood shall it rise again.”  Strike the second half of that phrase.  It is the first half that is telling.  Netanyahu offers Israel unending blood and fire.  The blood flows not in rivers at first, but rivulets.  The fire isn’t a conflagration at first.  It only burns a Palestinian baby and father and mother.

But we know how this ends: not well, as the anthem warns.  The question for the world is can we afford a Judea that brings nothing but blood and fire to the region and the world?  If not, what is the world prepared to do to end it?

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CrossTalk: Syria plan B?

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The Demonization of Russia: How The U.S Are Planning For WWIII

SOTT – Because this article states so many things that might be likely to contradict what most people in Western countries have been led to believe, readers here are especially strongly encouraged to click onto any allegation which seems at all questionable, in order to get to the sources behind any given questionable allegation. And wherever a clicked-onto source turns out to be another article, one is encouraged similarly to do the same there, so that the reader will be able, in this way, to probe down to the ultimate sources, which are the sources upon which this article is finally based.

After having expanded NATO right up to Russia’s borders and essentially surrounded Russia with U.S. military installations, the United States is now using the pretext of Russia’s having allowed the people of Crimea in 2014 to rejoin Russia (after the Soviet dictator Khrushchev had transferred Crimea from Russia to Ukraine in 1954) as being an excuse for arming and soldiering Russia’s northwestern borders sufficiently to be able to launch as soon as 2017 a ground invasion of Russia, which would then be backed up by U.S. air power and nuclear arms.

In the United States and Europe, the promotion for this action presents the plan as purely defensive against ‘Russian aggression’, for Russia’s having ‘seized’ Crimea in 2014. Promptly, U.S. President Barack Obama slapped economic sanctions against Russia for Russia’s accepting Crimea back into Russia. It was actually hardly a ‘seizure’; it was a protection of the residents there, 75% of whom had voted for the man who had recently been overthrown in a violent coup (which was presented in the West as being a ‘democratic revolution’).


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The Debate – Divisive OIC (April 15th)

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Erdogan’s Muslim Summit in Istanbul

On Friday, a 2-day Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s PR meeting in Istanbul came to an end. It was attended by head of states and government officials from 30 Muslim nation-statesThe rulers of the remaining 27 members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation including Egypt’s Crypto Jew military dictator Gen. al-Sisi,Jordanian King Abdullah II, and Syrian president Bashar al-Assad did not even bother to attend the meeting.
The theme of the conference was ‘Unity and solidarity for Justice and Peace’, but some of its participants like Erdogan and King Salman of Saudi Arabia made it a jokes. Both of them are among the evildoers who want to bring a violent regime change in Syria for Israel’s interests. Most of countries that attended the meeting have not recognized the occupation of Palestine by the European Jews, but Turkey was the first Muslim-majority nation to recognize the occupation in 1949.
Erdogan in his closing address made several absurd statements, such as,
why are we expecting others to solve the problems of Muslims? We should be able to solve our own problems. The OIC shall be there for eventual purpose. And why do Muslim nations suffer from terrorism the most? Who is behind this terror? Which countries stand behind this issue? This needs to be addressed.
Erdogan addressed the plight of Palestinian people who are not supported by Saudi and other Arab ‘royals’, by saying:
The weeping of Palestine under Israeli pressure is a deep wound in the heart of the Muslim world. An independent Palestinian state must be established to solve the conflict in the region.”
Erdogan also advised the participants not to exploit Sunni-Shia sectarianism and struggle for a united Ummah – referring to Saudi ‘royal’ policy towards Iran, Iraq and Bahrain.
I’m sure Erdogan know the answers to all his questions – because he and Saudi ‘royals’ are major parts of some of the problems the 2 billion Muslims are facing around the world.
King Salman of Saudi Arabia blamed Iran and Labanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah of terrorism for helping Arab countries targeted by the His Majesty’s regime especially Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq.
Lebanese Al-Manar TV responded to Saudi accusation by saying:
While speeches delivered at the OIC asserted the importance of dialogue to resolve the problems of the Islamic world, Saudi Arabia continues its efforts in targeting Iran and Hizbullah by accusing them of terrorism. These accusations caused heated debates in the OIC discussions.”
Iranian president Dr. Hassan Rouhani accompanied by foreign minister Dr. Javad Zarif attended the conference. In his speech Rouhani condemned rulers of Muslim countries who are creating division among Muslim nation-states.
Iran does not support tension and instability in the region, said Rouhani, adding that the Islamic Republic pursues policies aimed at fostering solidarity and unity in the Muslim world,” Rouhani said.
Dr. Zarif  said that Riyadh’s effort for the inclusion of four paragraphs in the draft declaration against the Islamic Republic and one more against Hizbullah were against the spirit of Islamic solidarity that can only serve the interests of the Israeli regime.
In protest to Saudi Arabia’s anti-Iran agenda, president Rouhani, Dr. Zarif and the entire Iranian delegate boycotted the closing ceremony on Friday. Rouhani instead flew to Ankara to meet his counterpart president Erdogan.

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The Guardian: UK Military Officers Continue Targeting Training to Saudis amid Yemen War

The Guardian British daily reported Saturday that senior British military officers are providing targeting training to Saudi forces, including for cruise missile attacks, despite the kingdom’s airstrikes on neighboring Yemen provoking an international outcry over civilian casualties.
The Guardian: UK Military Officers Continue Targeting Training to Saudis amid Yemen War
The extent of the assistance to Saudi units from the Ministry of Defence has emerged from freedom of information [FoI] requests made by the human rights organization Reprieve, which is urging the British government to reconsider providing military support.
The MoD has consistently maintained that British personnel are not involved in directing strikes, selecting targets or conducting operations in Yemen, but the latest revelations demonstrate how close the cooperation has been.
There have been three courses in “international targeting”, each lasting three weeks, for members of the Royal Saudi air force, the MoD has disclosed. A seven-strong army artillery detachment has also visited Saudi Arabia to advise land forces on targeting and “weapons-locating radar”.
The cruise missile courses delivered by RAF “weaponers” relate to the deployment of Storm Shadow, an air-launched explosive device designed to destroy buried enemy command centers. Reprieve is concerned that the military courses may not contain advice on obligations under international humanitarian law to avoid killing civilians.
Saudi Arabia launched its first attacks on Yemen in March 2015. Since then, the conflict is believed to have martyred more than 8000 civilians, including at least 700 children, many of them in airstrikes.
Over the same period, the UK has licensed sales of £2.8bn of weaponry to Saudi Arabia. Parliament’s committee on arms export controls is investigating that commercial relationship.
The FoI response came from the MoD’s operations directorate, Middle East and Near East, Arabian Peninsula and the Levant. It showed that a variety of courses had been provided for Saudi pilots and soldiers since the country intervened in Yemen.
The MoD explained: “There are up to 20 Royal Saudi air force students on each course … Each three-week course consists of approximately 90 hours of training.
“These courses have been delivered by a team of three: a Sqn Ldr – OC targets training; a Flt Lt – targets specialist; and an MoD civilian C1 – air warfare centre operational analyst: weapons and weaponeering specialist. Secondly, a seven-man short term training team visited Saudi Arabia to provide field artillery and weapons locating radar [WLR] training to the Royal Saudi land force [RSLF].
“The field artillery course was delivered to RSLF artillery institute instructors. Overall, 52 hours of training were provided. The training was provided by a team of four: a battery commander close support artillery battery [Maj]; a battery captain close support artillery [Capt]; a sergeant major instructor in gunnery close support artillery [WOII]; and a detachment commander close support artillery [Sgt].”
The MoD said the weapons-locating radar courses were “delivered to a mixed group of soldiers and officers from the RSLF field artillery”.
“Overall, 44 hours of training were provided. The training was provided by a team of three: a battery commander surveillance targeting and acquisition battery [Maj]; a sergeant major instructor in gunnery surveillance targeting and acquisition [WOII]; and a troop staff sergeant and SME [subject matter expert in] surveillance targeting and acquisition battery [Staff Sgt].”
The MoD also acknowledged there was an “ongoing engagement” between the Saudi and UK air forces over Storm Shadow. “RAF weaponry have provided the RSAF with training in the better employment of specific weapons systems. Since March 2015, this has consisted of training in Storm Shadow targeting on two occasions. Finally, Saudi personnel may be invited to attend regular training courses run in the UK for UK and allied forces.”
The FoI response contained the standard MoD disclaimer in relation to the Yemen conflict: “British personnel are not involved in carrying out strikes, directing or conducting operations in Yemen or selecting targets, and are not involved in the Saudi targeting decision-making process. UK service personnel provide guidance on best practice techniques, including advice to help continued compliance with international humanitarian law. This advice will be provided to a range of personnel in Saudi headquarters and the Saudi ministry of defence.”
Commenting on the MoD assistance to the Saudis, Omran Belhadi, a case worker at Reprieve, said: “Claims by ministers that Britain is helping the Saudi government abide by the law are disingenuous.
“Extensive British ‘targeting training’ has done nothing to prevent the bombing of schools, hospitals and weddings, and the deaths of thousands of Yemeni civilians. The UK claims its support to the Saudi-led campaign is necessary to combat terrorism – but killing innocents doesn’t make us safer. Ministers must urgently reconsider the UK’s support for these abuses.”
Earlier this week, the international lawyer Prof Phillipe Sands QC, of Matrix Chambers, called on the committee on arms export controls to ask ministers to seek assurances that British weapons were not being used in indiscriminate attacks. A fragile ceasefire exists in Yemen.
Source: The Guardian, Edited by website team
16-04-2016 | 12:32
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Saudi Arabia, Israel Signed MoU on Military Cooperation: Report

Thursday 14 April 2016
Alwaght- Saudi Arabia and Israeli Regime have signed a memorandum of understanding in 2014 on joint military cooperation in Red Sea, a senior military official linked to social-democratic and Zionist political party, Meretz, revealed.
Based on the secret documents, the memo concluded to Saudi Arabia and Israeli regime management on Bab el-Mandeb Strait, the Gulf of Aden and the Suez Canal and the Red Sea littoral countries as well, the veteranstoday website reported.According to revelation, Israeli regime accepted to train Saudi officers at Polonium naval base in northern Israeli port city of Haifa in 2015.
Tel Aviv and Ankara aim to improve regional security and stability and combating terrorist groups in the Red Sea, the website cited Israeli whistleblower as saying.
The Israeli military source also revealed that the formation of a joint operation staff by Israel and Saudi Arabia in Tiran Island was among the secret MoU’s provisions.
Colonel David Salami from Israel and Major-general Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Zahrani from Saudi Arabia were appointed as the joint commander of the Navy.
Once an unforgivable taboo among Arab and Muslims, Relation with Israeli, who has occupied their first Qibla i.e. Quds, is turning into an ordinary measure, at least for their leaders.
From time to time, reports are circulated about secret meetings between by Saudi, Qatari, Turkish … leader with their once arch-foe, Israeli regime.
Expert familiar with regional development, however, believe that news leaks of this kind are calculatingly, as Israeli as well as some Muslim leaders look on the one had to appraise public opinion’s reaction to reconciliation with Israel and on the other hand to increase the bar for what instigates Muslim populations’ action.
Late on February 2016, a report circulated saying Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir accompanied by the Saudi intelligence chief Khaled al-Hamidan made a secret visit to Israel during the past few days.
The visit was reportedly meant to discuss joint Israeli-Saudi military operations against Syria and Lebanon. During the clandestine visit, Adel al-Jubeir met with officials of the Israeli regime’s spy agency Mossad.
However, the Israeli-based Meretz’s member also published a list of senior Saudi officers who took part in Israelis’ training course in Haifa:
Command School and specialized courses: nine officers and 1 graduate.
number  Name  CodeRankthe period
1محمد بن عبدالله الزهراني12166ColonelStaff War
2محمد بن عبدالله محمد الربيعة12620Lieutenant ColonelCommand course
3وليد بن عبدالرحمن العبيدي16153ColonelCommand course
4معيض بن هادي القحطاني17453Colonel engineeringAdvanced
5بندر بن معتاد جزاء المطيري4625MajorSpecial
6عبدالعيز بن عبدالله الناصر4701MajorAdvanced
7سعيد بن علي الأحمري22301CaptainSpecial
8حمود بن طريخم الشمري23580First lieutenantSpecial
9خالد بن حمود الحربي23259First lieutenantSpecial
10بندر بن سهيل العتيبي34053Senior master sergeantSpecial

Navy including (87) high-ranking officers in advanced and specialized courses in sailing
Number      Name         Rank          code
1  ثامر بن ماجد العاصي الهذال  Colonel       7224
2  يزيد بن منصور عبدالله العمرو  Colonel     7230
3  محمد بن مشعل عبدالله المشعلي  Colonel    7233
4  محمد بن حسن محمد البارقي  Colonel      7594
5  محمد بن عبدالعزيز سعد الشدي  Colonel    7596
6  محمد بن علي عبدالرحمن الشهري  Colonel 7603
7  محمد بن نغلي محمد المطيبري  Colonel    7601
8  معتز بن مساعد محمد الحنطي  Colonel    7599
9  هذال بن حسين حسن الحصيني  Colonel   7608
10  نايف بن عبدالمحسن حسن البليهد  Colonel  7604
11  محمد بن حمد عبدالرحمن السعدان  Colonel  7595
13  وليد بن ردام صحين العصلب  Colonel    7597
14  ظافر بن سعود بطي الشهراني  Colonel   7606
15  محمد بن إبراهيم محمد اليحيي  Colonel   7600
16  معاذ بن عبدالله سعود المرعبة   Colonel  7598
17  سليمان بن حمد فهد العنقري  Colonel     7602
18  عبدالمحسن بن محمد الصيخان  Colonel  7607
19  علي بن صالح ابراهيم الخميس  Colonel  62012688
20  عبدالعزيز بن عبدالهادي الجعيدي  Colonel  62012693
21  سعود بن محمد سعد الربيعي  Colonel     62012697
22  خالد بن عبداله عبدالرحمن الحمدان  Colonel  62012879
23  عبدالله بن محمد عبدالعزيز الزامل  Colonel  62015772
24  غيث بن عمر عبدالعزيز الصعب  Colonel  62015761
25  زياد بن محمد ضيف الله العمري  Colonel  62015759
26  حسن بن أحمد حسين العثمان  Colonel  62015776
27  بسام بن سعد عبدالعزيز اليحيان  Colonel  62015770
28  سلمان بن عبدالله العصيمي  Colonel  62015767
29  خالد بن محمد الحميدي   Colonel  62015767
30  عبدالله بن منصور عبدالله العمرو  Colonel  62015760
31  فهد بن عبدالرحيم عبدالولي الشيخ  Colonel  62015760
32  مهند بن عبدالله محمد الهويمل  Colonel  62015764
33  وليد بن حمد محمد بن دريهم   Colonel  62015773
34  محمد بن حماد مبارك العنزي  Colonel  62015774
34  عبدالرحمن بن محمد السديس  Colonel  62015769
35  عبدالرحمن بن محمد السديس  Colonel  62015769
36  فراس بن عبدالله صالح الثنيان  Colonel  62015763
37  خالد بن مشاري خالد الدعجاني  Colonel  62015778
38  عبدالله بن حمد سليمان الرميح  Colonel  62015765
39  سلطان بن ماجد السبيعي  Colonel  62015716
40  محمد بن علي أحمد الشهري  Colonel  62016742
41  طارق بن محمد صالح الأحيدب  Colonel  62016739
42  عمر بن مسفر مستور الشمراني  Colonel  62016742
43  معتؤ بن عايض سعد العسيري  Colonel  62016743
44  محمد بن عبدالرحمن الراشد  Colonel  62016744
45  أحمد بن عبدالله محمد المشرف  Colonel  62016738
46  حمود بن عبدالله حمود الشريف  Colonel  62016752
47  تركي بن خالد محمد بوجليع  Colonel  62016727
48  مالك بن عبدالله عبدالرحمن المشوح  Colonel  62016741
49  سويلم بن عبدالعزيز محمد السويلمي  Colonel  62016729
50  أحمد بن إبراهيم أحمد السويد  Colonel  62016729
51  مشاري بن حمد بن راجح الراجح  Colonel  62015775
52  محمد بن أحمد جابر البلوي  Major  62015762
53  سالم بن منيف سالم القحطاني  Major  62015771
54  محمد بن عبدالله محمد سلمة  Major  62017029
55  عبدالرحمن بن عبدالله اللطيف  Major  62017013
56  نواف بن سعد حمد البصري  Major  62017001
57  عبدالله بن سعد عبدالله المحمود  Major  62017017
58  مهاب بن محمد عوده الجهني  Major  62017009
59  راكان بن سعود محمد علي  Major  62017032
60  عبد الاله بن سعد محمد العجاجي  Major  62017038
61  سلطان بن محمد سلطان الفراوي  Major  62016990
62  عبدالله بن ناصر عيد الهدباء  Major  62016956
63  فيصل بن غشام مناحي القحطاني  Major  62016984
64  عبدالله بن مساعد عبدالله الصغير  Major  62017008
65  عبدالله بن حسن مسفر العصيمي  Major  62019900
66  عبدالعزيز بن عبدالرحمن مشيط  Major  62019901
67  مهند بن فوزان عبدالله المشرف  Major  62019902
68  مهند بن خالد علي الحمدان  Major  62019903
69  أحمد بن محمد عامر عسيري  Major  62019906
70  محمد بن صالح صلاح المطيري  Major  62019905
71  يزيد بن عبدالرحمن محمد الحصين  captain  62019906
72  صفوان بن ناصر صالح البليهد  captain  62019207
73  جاسر بن ناصر محمد العساف  captain  62019908
74  مؤيد بن سعيد محمد الزايدي  captain  62019909
75  ثامر بن محمج ناجي الدغيش  captain  62019910
76  عبدالكريم بن محمد سلطان الفراوي  captain  62022026
77  أسامة بن محمد ناصر الشعيبي  captain  62022027
78  عبدالعزيز بن محم البريكيت  captain  62022028
79  طلال بن مسفر سعد القحطاني  captain  62022029
80  مشعل بن سلطان عبدالعزيز السلطان  captain  62022031
81  خالد بن محمد إبراهيم أل حرشان  captain  62022031
82  سعود بن فيصل غازي المطيري  captain  62022032
83  محمد بن فهد عايض الزهراني  First lieutenant  62022033
84  عبدالعزيز بن محمد السديس  First lieutenant  62022034
85  محمد بن عبدالله محمد السكيت  First lieutenant  62022036
Army, including : 10 military officers participating in specialized and advanced courses.
number       name                                          Rank
1  بدر بن عبدالرحمن عبدالعزيز العقلاء  73029  Major-general
2  بندر بن خلف حمود البلوي  73033               Major-general
3  راكان بن ثامر معيكل العجمي  73073           Brigadier-general
4  عبدالرحمن بن حسين غازي الجودي  73151   Brigadier-general
5  عبدالله بن سلطان ناصر اليعيش  73209         Brigadier-general
6  فارس بن مترك صهيب الدوسري  73255      Colonel
7  محمد بن إبراهيم عبدالجبار الحميدي  73306   Colonel
8  عبدالله بن رشيد عبدالعزيز الشلاش  73204    Colonel
9  محمد بن عبدالله سعيد القحطاني  73329        Major
10 علي بن سعيد مصلح القحطاني  73500       Major
Air Force, including: 2 persons in specialized airborne periods.
number             name                     Rank
1  عبدالعزيز بن محماس المطيري  6825  Airborne officer
2  مشاري بن صالح المالكي  6842          Airborne officer

River to Sea
 Uprooted Palestinian   
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!


Handaraat:  Control over the Handaraat Camp is important because it looks over the Castillo Road which is crucial to terrorist capability to supply the rodents holed up in East Aleppo.  It is the last supply route to those particular terrorist cannibals.
Yesterday and today, the Syrian Army backed by the PDC and the air force battered the rodents in this area.  Interestingly, since last Sunday, the Turk terrorist enablers, were allowing over 400 newly trained murderers to enter Syria and reinforce the terrorists atHandaraat and Tal Hidya.   The terrorists were trained by the CIA using “independent contractors”.  With them were one T-62 tank, 22 4-wheel drive pickups with Doschka cannons and several armored cars.
The Syrian Army knew from the first day that the Turks were doing exactly that.  As the rodents arrived in Handaraat, the SAA opened up a massive curtain of artillery fire and assaulted the terrorist positions from many angles.  The artillery assault was bone-shattering causing the rodents to fall apart, many abandoning their fortifications and moving inside the town where they were quickly sent back to the front.  By the time they had arrived to their original positions,  Syrian Army infantry had overrun some of the positions leading to some hair-raising hand-to-hand combat at which the SAA excels.  It only took a few hours of fighting before the SAA managed to liberate whole sections of the Al-Mallaah Properties between Huraytaan and Handaraat.
The Syrian Army then turned its attention to the northern section of the Palestinian Camp and took control over the Zuhayr Muhsin Secondary School and the Palestine Mosque.  Zuyayr Muhsin, a person I have met, was the commander of the Al-Saa’iqaPalestinian Resistance Group, trained by the SAA and controlled by the Ba’ath Party.   Inside this area was Ahraar Al-Shaam and Alqaeda.  The disaster for the rats took place after they tried to recover areas lost to the legitimate forces of the Syrian Arab Republic.  Poorly planned and anarchically executed, their counter-attack played out under the watchful eye of SAA spotters who vectored in some astonishingly accurate artillery fire.  The SAA has confirmed 120 dead rodents, many of them leaders such as:
‘Abdul-‘Aleem Al-Hassan (Leader of Liwaa` Al-Faatiheen. Yawn.)
Hakeem Al-‘Umar (Leader of Faylaq Al-Shaam) (See pictures of Al-‘Umar before and after. Thanks, Khaled)


Muraad Baashaa (Leader of Liwaa` Al-Muntasir bi-llaah)
Others who were identified positively were:
Zaahir ‘Ali Al-Khalaf
‘Ammaar Jihaad Rajab
Misbaah Kharroob
Arshad ‘Umraan
Mustafaa Khudhr Al-Hamawi
Nasooh Zhaafir Al-Bayrooti
Faysal Al-Baydaawi
Anwar ‘Aabdeen
Fu`aad Al-Qaasimi
Shafeeq Al-Sawwaaf
Hilmi Al-‘Allaaf
Muhammad Jaanu
‘Awadh Muhammad Al-Buhayri
Faaris Bilaal Al-Halbaawi
Khayreddeen Al-Kayyaali
Zakariyyaa Yaaseen
‘Abduh Ismaa’eel
The others were determined to be foreigners, many from Chechenya and some from Bosnia.
A dead Chechen at Handaraat (Thanks, Khaled Nawaz Al-Nouri)

Al-‘Ays:  For 3 days the Syrian Army has been unloading artillery and rocket fire on this area.  I can confirm the destruction of one T-62 tank and one armored car.  No other details.

الجيش السوري يشن هجوما جديدا شمالي حلب وروسيا تنفي أسقاط طائرة لها في الرقة
Kafr Naahaa:  SAA and SAAF struck hard at rat positions here destroying one tank used as an artillery piece.

Baanis Village:  Being struck by the SAAF as I write.  Large concentration of rodents here belonging to Nusra/Alqaeda.

Tal Hidya:  There are 200+ rodents newly arrived from Turkey taking positions here.  AllAlqaeda and trained by the U.S.

Icardaa:  SAAF very active here.  No other details.

Abu Taltal:  ISIS fortifying intensely here as though this would be their last holdout.  The same is true for Al-Madyoona Village.  Both these villages are on the way to Al-Baab and Sawraan.  SAA has struck several command-control centers with artillery and destroyed 3 pickups with 23mm cannons.

Rasm Al-‘Alam:  ISIS has reported its losses at 17 killed and 30 wounded from SAAF airstrikes.  Fortifications also destroyed.
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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!