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The Witch Hunt: from Pontius Pilate to the Labour Party

A witch hunt is a dangerous game. It entails a merciless campaign directed against  people who hold unorthodox or unpopular views. But, as Jewish history tells us, a witch hunt can backfire and turn the pursuer into the hunted.
Jewish past is littered with witch hunts that boomeranged. In fact, the birth of Christianity contains a classic example of this. Jesus’ persecution began with a hate campaign against a whistle blower who held some radical views, such as ‘love your neighbor’ or ‘turn the other cheek.’ Historically, it was the Sanhedrin war against Jesus that made him into Christ – the message as well as the messenger.
Jesus wasn’t the only casualty of such a campaign. The history of Jewish herem  (Hebrew for excommunication), tells us that Spinoza was subjected to the apparatus of a similar highly orchestrated witch hunt. In the Jewish world,  Herem is the highest rabbinical censure, such a verdict commands that the person suffer total exclusion from the Jewish community and beyond. As with Christ, it was Spinoza’s humanism and universalism, and not the dictates of the inquisitor rabbis, that planted the seeds of enlightenment and progress. While Spinoza’s Jewish contemporaries didn’t approve of the Dutch Jewish philosopher, the Goyim couldn’t have enough of his Wisdom.
The Hasbara Handbook indicates that Israel is very concerned that it will be subjected to ‘name calling.’  “Through the careful choice of words, the name calling technique links a person or an idea to a negative symbol.  Creating negative connotations by name calling is done to try and get the audience to reject a person or idea on the basis of negative association, without allowing a real examination of that person or idea.”(Hasbara Handbook p 22)  It is interesting that the Hasbara Manual complains that Israel’s enemies employ name calling. The truth is the opposite. Name calling is actually a state policy of Israel. It is certainly Israel firsters’ most popular device. Far more concerning to me is that Jewish so called ‘anti’ Zionists use  exactly the same tactics. Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and Jewish BDS have been smearing those whom they want to cleanse out of ‘their’ solidarity movement. We have seen JVP and Mondoweiss witch hunting, name calling and issuing their Herem against Alison WeirKen Okeefe,Greta Berlin, yours truly and many others. What do these vile campaigns have in common? I will let you guess.
Name-calling, witch hunts and herem are designed to stop any lone voice from spreading beyond the walls of the ghetto. At his trial, Jesus was presented by the Sanhedrin as an enemy of the Roman Empire. The Rabbinical body intended Spinoza’s excommunication to impact the church. When Alison Weir is attacked, she is often criticized for her alleged ‘connection’ with white nationalists in an attempt to make the attack resonate with the wider community. I have been slandered as a ‘racist’ although I have never presented a single critical reference to race or biology.
What is fascinating about the herem ritual is both its complete lack of mercy and the role it allocates to the Goy. An examination of how the British Labour Party became an inquisitor provides us with a window into the metaphysics of the witch hunt mechanism.
Since the election of Jeremy Corbyn as the party’s leader, British Labour has been openly operating as a thought policing apparatus. The party has been played as an instrument of the Zionist global witch hunt. It has been purging, evicting, suspending and expelling some of its best and most ethical members. Ken Livingstone, probably the last true socialist in the Kingdom was suspended numerous times for telling the truth about Hitler, Zionism and Palestine. Hundreds if not thousands of other members have been suspended and/or expelled for supporting human rights in Palestine.
The British public has witnessed all of this with dismay. Labour Party members watched their party with disbelief. But none of that matured into any significant protest.  This has now changed.  Hell broke loose when the Islington Council (Labour) decided to stop me from playing my Saxophone with the Blockheads in one of its venues. Thousands signed a petition expressing disgust with the Labour Council, Hundreds filled complains with the Council. Many others expressed their total dismay with how the Labour Party has managed to fall into every possible trap in this affair.
As is consistent with the Jewish past, the witch hunt has boomeranged. This last slander campaign against me revealed an astonishing continuum between Likud and British Labour. When the story made it to the national press, the Labour Party panicked. Like Pilate, it made the wrong decision which has backfired colossally. Instead of the people judging me, it is the Labour Party that is under scrutiny. Although many of us are sympathetic to Corbyn, the actual workings of the Labour Party have been devastating and perhaps tragic. The Labour Party is running a Stasi like operation, operating as a hateful opponent of elementary freedoms. If the Labour Party in its current form manages to win an election, it may mark the end to Britain as a free country (assuming that it still is). This might sound like a radical prediction but it isn’t original. Orwell saw it coming in 1936 while in Spain. He was slightly wrong about the date (1984). I predicted this fatal transition in my recent book Being in Time.
By no means do I compare myself to Jesus Christ or Spinoza. Instead,  I am trying to point out that what is at play here is the classic ritual of a witch-hunt. This time it is the Likud UK instead of the Sanhedrins that has instigated a non ethical anti humane campaign through a proxy operator that happens to be the Labour Party. In this saga, a Labour Council was happy to play the role of Pilate. The Labour Party has been exploring this treacherous role for at least three years. Yet no one seemed to care when hundreds of Labour members were unfairly punished by their party. People have watched the absurd impunity with which Jewish pressure groups have been terrorizing the British media and political universes. But the public reacted differently in my case. First because the idea that the director of Likud UK, a body that in the eyes of many is associated with crypto fascist ideology, can interfere with British culture and politics is sickening. But there is another reason.
My offering is a message of hope. It counters the path towards destruction that is advocated by pro war Zionist enthusiasts. It transcends beyond the politicized left/right agenda to exist in the realm of the philosophical and the universal. People seem to take my side because they are expressing their fatigue with the institutional duplicitous narrative imposed on them by the media, politics and academia. People are rallying behind me because this battle is theirs as much as it is mine: they fight for my right to express what they think but are afraid to say.
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Moscow Demands Answers after FBI Arrests Russian

Flags of Russia and US
Russia said Saturday it wanted an explanation from Washington over the arrest of one of its nationals, as Moscow continued to hold a US citizen for alleged espionage.
FBI agents arrested Dmitry Makarenko on December 29 on Saipan, a US island in the western Pacific and he had since been taken to Florida, a Russian foreign ministry statement said.
It did not detail the accusations against him but said the US authorities had failed to inform them of his arrest and they had only found out from his family.
Meanwhile, a top Russian diplomat on Saturday said the case of Paul Whelan, the US national detained in Moscow, was very serious.
Whelan, a security official at a US auto parts company and former US Marine, was arrested on December 28 “while carrying out an act of espionage”, the FSB security service announced.
“The situation around Mr Whelan is very serious,” Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told RIA Novosti news agency.
“He came to Russia, as we understand, to take measures to carry out intelligence activities in violation of Russian law,” he said, indicating that Whelan had not yet been formally charged.
But Whelan’s lawyer Vladimir Zherebenkov told RIA Novosti on Thursday that his client had been charged — with espionage.
Whelan’s family said he was visiting Moscow for a friend’s wedding and US security experts have raised doubts that he was a spy, given a reportedly chequered history in the US military.
Some observers believe his arrest was in retaliation for last year’s arrest in the US of a Russian woman called Maria Butina.
Butina was indicted and pleaded guilty to acting as an unregistered agent of the Russian government — a legal charge sometimes used against foreign intelligence agents.
Analysts have speculated that Moscow might be hoping to swap Whelan for Butina or another Russian held by the United States.
Ryabkov said that given the fact that Whelan has not yet been charged, it was too early to talk about his possible release in a spy swap.
Although Whelan entered Russia on his US passport, he also holds British, Irish and Canadian citizenship.
Ryabkov said the question of which country’s diplomats would have access to Whelan would be decided on a case-by-case basis, based on conventions on consular relations.
Source: AFP

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George Soros Person of the Year?

By Stephen Lendman
The London-based Financial Times (FT) calls itself “the world’s leading global business publication.”
Around the time of its 19th century founding, it described itself as the friend of “The Honest Financier, the Bona Fide Investor, the Respectable Broker, the Genuine Director, and the Legitimate Speculator” when its readership was largely comprised of London’s financial community.
Today its reach is global, publishing business, economic, financial and geopolitical news – polar opposite journalism the way it’s supposed to be.
It supports what demands condemnation, operating like other Western media, using journalism as advocacy for powerful interests, hostile to world peace and the public welfare.
James Petras slammed the way the FT operates, backing US-led NATO wars, endorsing illegal sanctions, supporting powerful political and monied interests.
Petras cited a “journalist who was close to the (FT’s) editors suggest(ing) it should be called the ‘Military Times’ – the voice of a declining empire.”
Annually it chooses a Person of the Year. Earlier ones included Trump, Angela Merkel, ECB president Mario Draghi, Goldman Sach CEO Lloyd (just a banker “doing God’s work,” the money god, of course) Blankfein, Obama, Bush II, Alan Greenspan, Tony Blair, Rupert Murdock, Saudi king Faisal, Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger – you get the picture, a virtual rogue’s gallery of warlords, imperialists, crooks, and other scoundrels.
This year it named neoliberal globalist/international con man George “(As a market participant, I don’t need to be concerned with the consequences of my actions”) Soros. 
The award should have been for the international con man person of the year, glorifying market manipulation, grand theft, economic and political chaos, along with endless imperial wars.
Soros made billions of dollars the old-fashioned way, by all sorts of dirty tricks – including notoriously sabotaging European monetary policy by attacking the European Rate Mechanism (ERM) through a highly leveraged speculative assault on the British pound, forcing its devaluation and ERM breakup, making a billion dollars in short order on this scheme alone.
He made billions more from the 1997 East Asian currency crash, profiting from global turmoil. 
Backing Hillary in 2016, he financed anti-Trump protests, including hooligans disrupting some of his campaign events, using violence and other dirty tricks to turn voters against him – unsuccessfully as things turned out.
All the money and mischief he aimed at Trump failed to put Hillary in the White House where he wanted her, easily bought to serve his interests.
Moscow’s Prosecutor General earlier called his Open Society Institute and Open Society Institute Assistance Foundations “threat(s) to Russian national security and constitutional order.” is a Soros front group, involved with other dubious NGOs, their activities serving his interests.
In 1998, he called for a “comprehensive political and military strategy for bring down Saddam Hussein.” Five years later, Bush/Cheney’s aggression obliged him.
He supports global wars for huge profits. He takes credit for “Americaniz(ing) eastern Europe” by exploiting its wealth and people.
He believes “America should be replaced by a world government with a global currency under UN rule.”
He wants national sovereignty replaced by centralized control over money, populations, resources and markets – an undemocratic ruler-serf global society unfit to live in except for rulers and profiteers.
He once said “(w)e need a global sheriff.” Maybe he had himself in mind. He’s one of the world’s worst, profiting from the misery of others.
Naming him person of the year was another black mark on the FT and what it notoriously stands for.

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US/Israeli New Year’s Resolution on Iran

By Stephen Lendman
US/Israeli Iran bashing has been ongoing for nearly 40 years, regime change the objective of both countries.
Long-planned US naked aggression on the Islamic Republic may be coming if its political, economic, financial, and propaganda war fails to achieve its objective.
A year ago ahead of Trump’s inauguration, a joint House/Senate Resolution 10: Authorization of Use of Force Against Iran Resolution was introduced.
Though not adopted, it called for “us(ing) the Armed Forces of the United States as the President determines necessary and appropriate in order to achieve the goal of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons” – knowing the Islamic Republic’s legitimate nuclear program has no military component.
Time and again, its leadership called for eliminating these weapons. Nothing suggests they intend developing them, nor does any evidence indicate Iran threatens Israel, the US, or any other countries. 
It’s the region’s leading proponent of peace and stability, its agenda polar opposite how the US, NATO, Israel, and their imperial partners operate.
The issue about Iran is its sovereign independence, its refusal to subordinate its sovereignty to US interests, the way all countries everywhere should operate.
US sanctions and other actions against the Islamic Republic are flagrantly illegal. Its claims about its regional policies are Big Lies.
A Trump regime State Department report on Iran vilified the country with malicious disinformation.
It lied claiming the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) “regularly threatens freedom of navigation in the Persian Gulf while its Aerospace Force directs the country’s ballistic missile program in defiance of Security Council resolutions.”
It lied saying Tehran supports regional terrorist groups, adding “(s)ince 1979, Iran has made it a policy of state to actively direct, facilitate, and carry out terrorist activity globally” – a US, NATO, Israeli specialty, polar opposite how the Islamic Republic operates.
It lied claiming “Iran’s development of ballistic missiles…pose a critical threat to regional security.” The Islamic Republic’s military and legitimate weapons are solely for defense.
Iran hasn’t attacked another country in centuries. It threatens none now. The US, NATO, Israel, and their imperial partners threaten everyone everywhere.
A further litany of Big Lies followed, how the US operates ahead of and while pursuing regime change actions against targeted countries, Iran a prime one.
That’s what US imperialism is all about, a diabolical plot for global hegemony by whatever it takes to achieve its aims, endless wars its favored strategy.
Will Iran be targeted in the new year? Will Trump regime hardliners go this far to replace its legitimate government with pro-Western puppet rule?
On Tuesday, Mike Pompeo and Benjamin Netanyahu met face-to-face. They vowed to continue jointly cooperating on countering Syria and nonexistent Iranian “aggression” – whether US forces stay or leave the Syrian Arab Republic.
Commenting for the first time on Trump’s troop withdrawal announcement, Pompeo said it “in no way changes anything that this administration is working on alongside Israel,” adding:
“The counter-ISIS campaign (sic) continues, our efforts to counter Iranian aggression (sic) continue, and our commitment to Middle East stability (sic) and the protection of Israel continues in the same way it did before that decision was made.”
Netanyahu said that “(w)e’re going to (continue) our intense (regional) cooperation” in countering Syria and Iran,” turning truth on its head claiming Israeli actions are for “self-defense” – ignoring that the US and Israel have no enemies in the Middle East or anywhere else, just invented ones to unjustifiably justify waging forever wars.
Deputy State Department spokesman Robert Palladino lied, saying Pompeo and Netanyahu “discussed the unacceptable threat that regional aggression and provocation by Iran and its agents (sic) poses to Israeli and regional security.”
When repeated endlessly, Big Lies take on a life of their own, Iran unjustifiably assaulted by them since its 1979 revolution.
Relentless US-led hostility toward the country failed to achieve its objectives? Is war on the Islamic Republic likely in the new year?
For sure, US/Israeli hostility toward Iran will continue intensively, perhaps escalate beyond what’s now ongoing.
It’s unknown how far Trump and Netanyahu will go. War remains an ominous possibility – risking Russian involvement if launched, heightening the chance for East/West confrontation beyond what’s happened so far.
Previous articles discussed the ominous possibility of US launched global war with nuclear weapons, hardliners in Washington thinking they can win.
US war plans were prepared long ago and updated against all its adversaries, notably Russia, China and Iran. 
The sole purpose of NATO is to pursue Washington’s imperial objectives, including its endless wars, wanting ruling authorities in all sovereign independent countries eliminated.
That’s where things are heading because militarist hardliners run Washington’s geopolitical agenda.
US presidents are frontmen for their policies. Their aim to colonize and control planet earth may destroy it. Their drive for global hegemony should scare everyone.

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White Helmets, Black Hearts

By Jeremy Salt
In 2016 the White Helmets were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Justin Timberlake thought they should get it. So did Bear Grylls, Ben Affleck, Michael Palin, Daniel Craig, Rowan Williams, Ridley Scott, George Clooney, Sacha Baron Cohen, Vanessa Redgrave and various other artists, writers, and politicians who put their signatures to the petition on the White Helmets web site.
‘Give it to Syria’s White Helmets’ theGuardian, a media mainstay of the terrorist war on Syria from the beginning, implored the Nobel committee. ‘They embody a spirit of civic resistance.’
The actor George Clooney also identified their essential goodness. ‘In a world full of hate these people put on helmets and run towards violence while everyone else is running away from it,’ he said in London when attending a showing of the glowing documentary the White Helmets made about themselves.
‘Where there is no structure in society they are there to protect. First and foremost they are heroes.’
On their website, the White Helmets describe themselves as ‘former tailors, bakers, teachers and other ordinary Syrians’ who had come together to form the ‘Syria Civil Defence’. In fact, Syria has, and has had since the 1950s, a government civil defense organization of the same name, which operates across the country, unlike the White Helmets, which has operated only in ‘rebel’ held areas.
Furthermore, far from being an organization set up by ‘ordinary Syrians’ who saw a need for ‘civil defense’ and decided to fill it, the White Helmets were not even Syrian in origin but the brainchild of a former British intelligence officer. Furthermore, again, they were never financially independent, as they claimed, but were funded from the beginning by the same governments making war on Syria through armed proxies tied to their intelligence services. They were a carefully constructed arm of this war.
The White Helmets were a sustained lie from the start. They were deliberately packaged to give the corporate media the images it wanted, dominated by the White Helmet hero scurrying across a rubble-strewn foreground with a dusty, crying child in his arms. In the background, out of sight but figuratively represented in the wailing of children and the bodies on the street were the architects of these horrors, the ‘regime’ in Damascus and the dictator sitting in his palace.
It was not long before holes began to appear in the narrative. These rescues were not genuine but were being staged for media consumption. Journalists Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett were the first to pick holes in the narrative and the more they picked the more the holes widened, to the point where it was clear that the White Helmets were a scam of the first order.
But they were a scam the governments making war on Syria wanted their people to believe and a scam that the corporate media perpetuated, when the most cursory research would have revealed the lies.
The White Helmets were not just working in ‘rebel-held’ areas, a media euphemism for civilian districts taken over by the most violent terrorist groups on the face of the earth. They were an extension of these groups. They boasted of their affinities on their Facebook pages. They hated the Syrian government with the same fervor as the takfiris. They also reviled the Alawi, the Shia, Christians and Sunni Muslims who fell short of the takfiris’ exacting standards.
Many White Helmets doubled up as ‘first responders’ and takfiri gunmen. They operated completely under the instructions of the takfiris. They took away the bodies of the newly executed for burial and staged chemical weapons attacks as required. As evidence gathered by Russian researchers indicates, they were also involved in the harvesting of body organs from the bodies of wounded civilians.
These activities were all funded by the ‘liberal democracies,’ including the UK, the US, the EU and individual EU governments, including Denmark and Germany, nominally committed to fighting terrorism around the world.
By 2017 the British Foreign Office alone had paid the White Helmets an acknowledged $80 million. Outside money had even come from the Jo Cox Foundation, set up in memory of the British Labor politician, murdered in 2016, to work for a ‘fairer, kinder and more tolerant world.’
The contradictions in western attitudes were exemplified when Raed Saleh, the head of the White Helmets, and the recipient of millions of dollars in US aid, travelled to the US in 2016 to receive a humanitarian award and was turned back at Dulles International Airport in Washington.
Although the Department of Homeland Security never makes its reasons public, Saleh was clearly on a security/terrorist watch list. He had been allowed into the country before but this time he was turned away.
Waiting to greet him, the well-meaning but naïve members of the InterAction NGO alliance donned white helmets in his absence. Unfortunately, they are not likely to see the White Helmets being outed anywhere in the US media.
The Russian Foundation for the Study of Democracy recently compiled evidence based on extensive interviews in Syria with hundreds of witnesses, including former White Helmets and takfiri fighters, physicians and civilians living in areas that had been taken over by takfiri groups.
The interviews indicated that many of the White Helmets were not volunteers as claimed. In East Aleppo men were imprisoned and given time to decide whether to join Jabhat al Nusra or the White Helmets. It had to be one or the other. There was no third option unless saying ‘no’ to both and facing execution can be considered an option.
For some, joining the White Helmets was the only means of survival for themselves and their families but once inside the organization, everyone knew orders had to be obeyed whatever they were.
These orders came from the takfiri groups. A member of Jaysh al Islam’s internal security services told Russian researchers that instructions were delivered to the White Helmets by phone or personal messenger but either way, they were under the full control of Jaysh al Islam.
After eastern Ghouta was taken over by the takfiris it was divided into four sectors. The White Helmets in the district were integrated with the takfiri group assigned responsibility for each sector.
Along with faked chemical weapons attacks, setting up faked ‘regime’ bombings in line with instructions from the takfiri groups was a specialty of the White Helmets media unit. Witnesses gave evidence of bodies being brought from the morgue and the wounded from the hospital in preparation for faked attacks. Wrecked cars would be dragged to the site. The stage having been set with the apparent consequences of a ‘regime’ bombing, tyres and trash would be set on fire and the cameras would begin to roll.
In Douma, the White Helmets constructed barriers, dug trenches and tunnels, and transported fighters, weapons, and ammunition to the front lines. According to witness evidence, they were permanently engaged in preparing battle positions for the takfiris. White Helmet or ‘rebel’ media rooms or centers kept the global corporate media supplied with a steady flow of lies which were eagerly lapped up, no questions asked. The lies included the faked 2018 chemical weapons attack in Douma.
Theft was a common perquisite of being a White Helmet. Money and gold would be stolen from houses and jewelry stripped from the living – usually women – as well as the dead. Senior White Helmet figures enriched themselves, one in Douma buying cars and summer houses.
In the districts, they occupied the takfiris and the White Helmets shared office space. They took over schools and kindergartens. Under the threat of death, teachers in eastern Ghouta were told to send their students to religious schools. Students at the Gaza school in Aleppo were told to seek their education at the mosque.
The most heinous of White Helmet activities was the harvesting of body organs. Statements made to the Russian researchers indicated that organs were being removed in Turkey for transplantation into the bodies of wounded fighters and that the White Helmets and takfiri groups such as Ahrar al-Sham acted as an integrated team throughout the whole process.
The Russian researchers heard extensive prima facie evidence of the wounded being taken away for treatment by the White Helmets and being returned as corpses stripped of their body parts. A doctor in Aleppo gave evidence relating to a driver in Aleppo who weighed about 70 kgs when taken away and about 30-45 kgs when his corpse was returned. He had been cut from his throat to his stomach.
‘The skin almost touched his back,’ the doctor said. ‘I touched him with my hand and understood that there were clearly no organs left.’
In Aleppo the mother of a boy whose organs had been removed was only allowed to see his head and neck. An injured girl was taken to Turkey for ‘treatment’ and her body returned three days later with her internal organs missing. Even a person with a minor injury would be taken away and returned with the stomach cut open and the organs removed. It was understood, according to witnesses, that people taken away for medical treatment by the White Helmets often did not come back alive.
In July, 2018, 429 members of the White Helmets were smuggled out of Syria across the occupied Golan Heights and moved immediately to Jordan. The transfer was facilitated by the government of Israel which had armed the takfiris and given hospital care to their wounded since the beginning of the war. It had also helped and protected them by attacking Syrian military installations and now it was saving their White Helmet enablers from the retribution of the Syrian state and people.
From Jordan, the White Helmets were dispersed among the countries whose governments had supported them. They were quickly whisked away into a life of anonymity, supported by the British, European or American taxpayer. No one would know where they were or who they were so no critical questions could be asked. The truth was being buried with them.
This is a shocking story, of government criminality and media irresponsibility, of which the lies fed to the world about the White Helmets is only part.
The Russian report is a significant addition to the enormous body of prime facie evidence about the real nature of the White Helmets but as anything coming out of Russia is instantly dismissed as ‘fake news’ the corporate media already has a licensed reason to ignore this report.
The caravan of celebrities who moved quickly to capture some of the limelight created by the White Helmets, without asking any questions about what they were actually supporting, without caring as long as some of the spotlight fell on them, will move on in their narcissistic, feckless fashion.
The truth must have dawned on George Clooney by now. Certainly, it would be surprising to see him going ahead with his feature film on the White Helmets unless he intends to show what they were really like behind the lies he and many others swallowed. That’s the story that certainly needs to be told.

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Israeli Forces Open Fire at School Students in Nablus

Jewish settlers routinely open fire near schools in the West Bank. (Photo: File)

Israeli soldiers opened live fire and tear-gas bombs targeting Palestinian students who were leaving their school in the northern occupied West Bank village of Tell in Nablus, on Thursday.
Meanwhile, Palestinian security sources said Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian vehicles passing by the main Nablus-Qalqilya road near the illegal Jewish settlement of Yitzhar.
Israeli forces reportedly opened live fire at students of the Tell High School, showering them with tear-gas bombs as they left their school.
No injuries were reported.
Ghassan Daghlas, an official who monitors settlement activity in the northern West Bank, said that Jewish settlers threw rocks at Palestinian vehicles near the Yitzhar settlement, causing damages, and blocked the road near Yitzhar.

Palestinian towns and villages in the Nablus area are surrounded by Jewish settlements and outposts, many of which are protected by the Israeli military and have gained notoriety for being comprised of the most extremist settlers.
Between 500,000 and 600,000 Israelis live in Jewish-only settlements across occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank in violation of international law, with recent announcements of settlement expansion provoking condemnation from the international community.

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Weekly report on israel’s terrorism against Palestinians (27 December 2018 – 02 January 2019)

Israeli forces continued with systematic crimes, in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), for the week of 27 December 2018 – 02 January, 2019.
Israeli forces continued to use excessive force against peaceful protestors in the Gaza Strip. A disabled Palestinian was killed in eastern Khan Younis, while 25 civilians, including 5 children, a woman, a journalist, and 2 paramedics, were wounded; the injury of one of them was reported as serious.

In the Gaza Strip, the Israeli forces continued to use lethal force against the participants in the peaceful protests organized along the Gaza Strip borders, which witnessed the peaceful protests for the 40th week along the eastern and northern border area of the Gaza Strip.  In the Gaza Strip, the Israeli forces killed a Palestinian civilian with a disability, and wounded 25 civilians, including 5 children, a woman, a journalist, and 2 paramedics.  The injury of 1 of those wounded was reported serious.  In the West Bank, the Israeli forces wounded 3 civilians; one of them sustained serious wounds.

In the Gaza Strip, on the 40th Friday, 28 December 2018, the Israeli forces killed a Palestinian civilian with a disability in excessive use of force against Palestinian protestors in eastern Gaza Strip, though the demonstrations scaled back for the ninth week in a row and most means usually used during the demonstrations were almost absent since the beginning of the Return and Breaking the Siege March 8 months ago. According to PCHR’s documentation, the civilian killed was the 8th one of the persons with disabilities, who were killed by the Israeli forces during those demonstrations.

As part of using excessive force against the peaceful protesters along the Gaza Strip borders, during the reporting period, Israeli forces wounded 25 civilians, including 5 children, a woman, a journalist, and 2 paramedics.  The injury of 1 of those wounded was reported serious.

Injuries in the Gaza Strip between 27 December 2018 – 02 January 2019 According to the Governorate
TotalChildrenWomenJournalistsParamedicsCritical Injuries
Northern Gaza Strip000000
Gaza City1020100
Central Gaza Strip811020
Khan Younis811020

As part of targeting the Palestinian fishermen in the sea, the Israeli forces continued to escalate their attacks against the Palestinian fishermen, indicating the on-going Israeli policy to target their livelihoods.  Those attacks during the reporting period resulted in the arrest of 2 fishermen and confiscation of their boat.

As part of targeting the border areas, on 31 December 2018, Israeli soldiers stationed along the border fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel opened fire at the agricultural lands in eastern Deir al-Balah and al-Maghazi in the central Gaza Strip.  While no farmers were reported wounded, they had to leave their work behind in their lands.

During the reporting period, Israeli soldiers stationed along the border fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel, east of Rafah, opened fire at the shepherds and agricultural lands 17 times, forcing the farmers to leave their agricultural lands.  However, no casualties were reported.

As part of the airstrikes, on 29 December 2018, Israeli helicopters fired a missile at a military site belonging to the Palestinian armed groups, southwest of Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip.  As a result, the site sustained damage, but no casualties were reported.

In the West Bank, during the reporting period, Israeli forces wounded 3 Palestinian civilians, including one of them sustaining serious wounds, in separate shooting incidents.


During the reporting period, Israeli forces conducted at least 68 military incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and 8 similar incursions into Jerusalem and its suburbs. During those incursions, Israeli forces arrested at least 54 Palestinians, including 9 children, in the West Bank.  Moreover, 14 others, including 2 children, were arrested in Jerusalem and its suburbs.

In the Gaza Strip, on 28 December 2018, Israeli forces moved 100 meters into the western side of border fence with Israel in eastern al-Bureij in the central Gaza Strip.

Israeli forces continued to create a Jewish Majority in occupied East Jerusalem:

As part of house demolitions and demolition notices, on 02 January 2018, Israeli munipality bulldozers demolished a house belonging to Hamzah al-Mughrabi in Qalendia village, north of occupied Jerusalem, under the pretext of building without a license.  The 1-storey house that is built on an area of 100 square meters was rented by al-Mughrabi Family of 6 members, including a person with a disability.  It should be noted that the house was built 5 years ago and its owner managed to delay the demolition many times, attempting to obtain a license from the competent authorities.  Moreover, the Israeli municipality imposed on him a construction fine of NIS 35,000 and another NIS 30,000 as expenses for the municipal teams.

Israeli Forces continued their settlement activities, and the settlers continued their attacks against Palestinian civilians and their property

As part of settlement crimes and demolitions, on 31 December 2018, Israeli forces uprooted 50 olive trees planted 3 years ago and iron beams fixed in the vicinity of the land and confiscated them.  The olive trees belonging to Sa’id al-‘Amour (55), from Kherbet al-Rakiz in eastern Yata, south of Hebron, were uprooted claiming that the land which was reclaimed and planted with trees is classified within the State Lands where any work is banned unless there was a prior authorization from the Israeli authorities.

On 02 January 2019, Israeli forces confiscated a mobile room (caravan) belonging to Belal Fanoun (50) from Kherbet Khelet ‘Adas in northern Bethlehem.

As part of the Israeli settlers’ attacks against the Palestinians civilians and their property, on 28 December 2018, an Israeli settler from “Ramat Yishai” settlement outpost attacked Hatem Muhtaseb (25), from Tal al-Rumeidah neighborhood in central Hebron, when he was on his way to buy medicine from a pharmacy in Bab al-Zaweyah area.  As a result, al-Muhtaseb sustained bruises and one of his teeth was broken.
  • Efforts to Create A Jewish majority

Israeli forces escalated their attacks on Palestinian civilians and their property. They have also continued their raids on al-Aqsa Mosque and denied the Palestinians access to it:

Arrests and Incursions:

  • At approximately 01:30 on Thursday, 27 December 2018, Israeli forces moved into Silwan village, south of occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City. They raided and searched a house belonging to Adam al-Reshiq (17) and then arrested him.
  • At approximately 01:30 on Sunday, 30 December 2018, Israeli forces moved into Silwan village, south of occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City. They raided and searched houses, from which they arrested 2 civilians, including a child. The arrested civilians identified as Yazan Mohamed al-Froukh (16) and Zuhair Khadir al-Rajbi (48) were taken to an investigation center for interrogation.
  • At approximately 01:00 on Monday, 31 December 2018, Israeli forces moved into al-Mukaber Mount area, south of occupied East Jerusalem. They raided and searched a house belonging to Ashraf Salem ‘Owisat and then arrested him.
  • Around the same time, Israeli forces moved into occupied East Jerusalem. They raided and searched a house belonging to Mohamed Kamal Gharablah and then arrested him.
  • At approximately 01:30, Israeli forces moved into Sho’fat refugee camp, north of occupied East Jerusalem. They raided and searched 2 houses belonging to Diyaa Mohamed ‘Ali and Ayman ‘Adwi Da’ajnah and then arrested both of them.
  • Around the same time, Israeli forces moved into many neighborhoods in occupied Eat Jerusalem’s Old City. They raided and searched houses, from which they arrested ‘Alaa al-Haddad, Marwan Najeeb and Subhi Najeeb.
  • At approximately 02:00 on Monday, Israeli forces moved into al-Zaytoun Mount area ( al-Tour), east of occupied East Jerusalem. They raided and searched houses, from which they arrested Yousef Sami Abu al-Hawa, Hisham Abu al-Hawa and Ameen Khadir Abu al-Hawa.
  • Around the same time, Israeli forces moved into al-‘Issawiyia village, northeast of occupied East Jerusalem. They raided and searched a house belonging to Mohamed Halaiqah and then arrested him, taking him to an unknown destination.

House Demolitions and Notices:.
  • At approximately 06:00 on Wednesday, 02 January 2019, Israeli forces backed by military vehicles and police officers and accompanied with the Israeli Municipality staff and a digger moved into Qalandia village, north of occupied Jerusalem. They surrounded a house belonging to Hamza al-Moghrabi and gave him few minutes to vacate the house content. After that, the Israeli bulldozer completely demolished the house under the pretext of non-licensing. The 100-sqaure-meter house, which was comprised of 1 floor and rented by al-Moghrabi Family, was sheltering 6 members, including a child with disabilities. It should be noted that the abovementioned house was built 5 years ago and his owner managed to delay the demolition many times. He was also attempting to license the house from the component authorities. The Israeli Municipality imposed a fine on him estimated at NIS 35.000 and he paid NIS 30.000 for the municipality staff as demolition costs.

Settlement activities and attacks by settlers against Palestinian civilians and property

Israeli forces’ attacks:
  • At approximately 10:00 on Monday, 31 December 2018, Israeli forces backed by military vehicles and accompanied with a vehicle of the Israeli Civil Administration moved into Kherbit al-Rakeez, east of Yatta, south of Hebron. The Israeli soldiers deployed in the vicinity of al-Kherbah while the Israeli Civil Administration officers uprooted around 50 olive trees planted 3 years ago, damaged iron beams fixed on the plot of land and then confiscated them. The uprooted trees belong to Sa’ied Mohamed Rabba’ al-‘Imour (55). The trees were uprooted, claiming that that land, which was reclaimed and planted with trees, is classified as “ State Land” and working in it is forbidden without taking a prior permit from the Israeli authorities.
  • At approximately 08:00 on Wednesday, 02 January 2018, Israeli forces backed by 3 military vehicles and accompanied with a vehicle of the Israeli Civil Administration and a mounted-crane truck moved into Kherbit Khelet al-‘Adas, north of Bethlehem. The soldiers deployed in the southern area of al-Kherbah and then confiscated a mobile room (caravan) from a plot of land belonging to Belal hmed Fanoun (50).
  • Around the same time, Israeli forces backed by 3 military vehicles and accompanied with a vehicle of the Israeli Civil Administration moved into Nahaleen village, west of Bethlehem. They stationed in the western area of the village, where the Israeli Civil Administration officers handed Samer Fayiz Shakarnah notices to stop construction work in his 130-sqauremeter an under-construction house, under the pretext of non-licensing. Moreover, Shareef Musallam Najajrah received a notice to stop construction work in an agricultural room under the pretext of non-licensing.

Israeli settlers’ attacks:

  • At approximately 18:30 on Friday, 28 December 2018, an Israeli settler, from “ Ramat Yashai’” settlement outpost, attacked Hatem Sameeh Moussa Mohtasseb (25), from al-Ramadiah neighborhood in central Hebron, while he was heading to a pharmacy in Bab al-Zawya area to buy medicine. As a result, Hatem sustained bruises and some of his teeth got broken. The aforementioned civilian said to PCHR’s fieldworker that: “At approximately 18:25 on Friday, 28 December 2018, I was in my house that is located in al-Ramidah neighborhood in central Hebron, classified as area (h2), and then headed on foot to checkpoint (56) which leads to Bab al-Zawia area in order to buy medicine from the pharmacy. Forty meters away from my house, when I turned left to the intersection, I saw 12 settlers in their thirties. I recognized the extremist “Baruch Marzel”, who is well-known in the neighborhood. The other settlers were also holding rifles. I wanted to return home for fear of attacking me, but they were already 4 meters away from me. Meanwhile, I went to the right side of the road to get away from them, but they followed me and stopped in the middle of the way. I stopped on the side of the road near Abu ‘Aisha’s family stores. After that, one of them approached me, punched me in the mouth and slapped me several times on the face. I ran in the opposite direction where several Israeli soldiers stood still at the checkpoint watching what was happening to me. I talked to them in Arabic, but nobody cared to what I said. The settlers went on their way to “‘Ramat Yashai”’. I called my father and told him what happened. Few minutes after my father arrived, several civilians gathered around while I was bleeding from the mouth. The settler “Marzel” came back and seemed unaware of what happened then followed the other settlers.”

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Report: “Israeli Soldiers Killed 312 Palestinians In 2018”

The National Gathering of Martyrs’ Families has stated in its annual report for the year 2018 that Israeli soldiers have killed 312 Palestinians, including women and children, and added that this number is four times higher than the year 2017.
Mohammad Sbeihat, the Secretary-General of the Gathering, has reported that Israel and its occupation forces are encouraged by the silence of the international community, and expressed its support of the calls of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to prosecute Israel in international courts for its escalating crimes and violations.
Sbeihat added that the Gathering has thoroughly documented the Israeli violations in all governorates during the year, including reports from various human rights organizations.
The documentations reveal the following:
  1. The number of Palestinians who were killed by Israeli army fire in 2018 is 312, including 310 who were shot with live ammunition, and two who died from the severe effects of teargas inhalation.
  1. 271 Palestinians were killed in several parts of the Gaza Strip.
  1. 42 Palestinians were killed in the West Bank.
  1. Six of the slain Palestinians are females.
  1. 306 of the slain Palestinians are males.
  1. The youngster slain Palestinians is Laila al-Ghandour, only eight months of age, and the oldest is Ibrahim Ahmad al-‘Arrouqi, 74.
  1. Fifty-seven of the slain Palestinians in 2018 are children (below the age of 18).
  1. Approximately one Palestinian was killed every 28 hours, which means that, comparing to the year 2017, the average is four times higher, as Israel killed 74 Palestinians.
  1. The month that witnessed the highest numbers of deaths by Israeli fire was May, as the soldiers have killed 89 Palestinians.
  1. The Average age of the slain Palestinians was 24.
  1. The number of married Palestinians killed by the army is 107, 104 of them were males and 3 females.
  1. Israel is still holding the corpses of twenty Palestinians who were killed in 2018. This is added to 38 corpses of Palestinians killed by the army in 2015 and remain held by Israel.
  1. The total number of corpses of slain Palestinians held by Israel since the year 1965 is 284.
  1. Israeli forces have killed 145 Palestinians in 2015.
  1. Israeli forces have killed 127 Palestinians in 2016.
  1. Israeli forces have killed 74 Palestinians in 2017.
  1. Israeli forces have killed 312 Palestinians in 2018.

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The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!