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"Okab Sakr Smuggles Arms, Ignites Civil War in Syria"

"Okab Sakr Smuggles Arms, Ignites Civil War in Syria"
Local Editor
Lebanon: Al-Akhbar emblemLocal Al-Akhbar daily has obtained recordings of Al-Mustaqbal party MP Okab Sakr organizing weapons transfers to the armed Syrian opposition groups at the behest of Al-Mustaqbal leader Saad Hariri.

The phone call is the first hard evidence of the role Sakr and his backers in Al-Mustaqbal were playing in providing arms and logistical support to the Syrian rebels.

In a three-part series built on documents, audio recordings, and interviews with sources close to Sakr, Al-Akhbar sheds light on Sakr’s attempts to hijack the Syrian unrest for his own means while running the armed opposition on ground.

A few weeks ago, Al-Akhbar’s offices in Beirut received an anonymous phone call. The caller claimed he was in possession of audio recordings which he said it will expose MP Okab Sakr and his role in destroying the so-called revolution in Syria.”

The news did not come as a surprise. Sakr’s connection to the Syrian opposition was well-known, and his role as an arms dealer to the rebels had been documented in the press.

Al-Akhbar initially doubted the caller and his motivations, but he promptly sent the first recording. It sounded a lot like Sakr’s voice, which was later confirmed by audio experts.

It was soon revealed that the source had been working with Sakr for more than a year as part of an operations room established to support the Syrian uprising.

According to the source, there are several operations centers: one in Antakya, one in Adana, and one in Istanbul. He mentioned that Sakr had his own building in the Floriya neighborhood in Istanbul where meetings are held from time to time.
Lebanon: Al-Mustaqbal MP Okab SakrHe also said that around 20 young men from various Syrian regions are charged with running military operations from the rooms. They coordinate with commanders of armed opposition groups to provide needed funding and hardware, and then they direct fighters toward areas under attack or siege, all under the supervision of Turkish and Qatari intelligence officers.

According to the source, all of this was coordinated through satellite communications devices, especially Thuraya and Iridium satellite phones. He added that the men regularly visit Syria to distribute money to opposition leaders.

The source also said that Sakr is very close to the abductor of the nine Lebanese pilgrims, known as Abu-Ibrahim. He claimed the latter received a monthly salary of $50,000, hand-delivered by young men from Sakr’s office.

As for his motivation to provide the recordings, the source said that “Sakr ruined the revolution with his crazy dealings.”

“During the meetings, we would object, for example, to his decision to send weapons to a particular area that we wanted to remain a safe haven for those fleeing the fighting,” the source told Al-Akhbar. “But [Sakr] would hysterically insist on his decision, indifferent to the lives of people.”

He went on to accuse the Lebanese MP of “dealing out money to the commanders of armed groups without discriminating between mercenary killers and patriotic opposition.”

The source also mentioned some incidents that “showed Sakr’s real nature,” explaining that Sakr “provided armed support to topple the regime because he hated the regime, not because he loved the Syrian people.”

Lebanon: Al-Mustaqbal MP Okab Sakr and his personal friend Louai al-Mokdad in TurkeyOn several occasions, the Lebanese MP refused to give out financial support to the wounded or civilian refugees, saying “there are humanitarian organizations they can go to,” according to the source.

He spoke of several incidents where “Sakr sent my friends out to die, knowing they will definitely be killed, because he doubted them or had a disagreement.”

He mentioned the “limitless influence” of the Lebanese MP within the Turkish intelligence services and the “blind trust” accorded him by the Saudis, whom he felt they trusted more than Saad Hariri himself.

According to the source, Saudi Arabia is not the only Gulf state with whom Sakr maintained warm relations. “His relationship with the Qataris is also exemplary, despite the fierce competition with the Saudis,” the source said.

He also confirmed that Sakr had been spending most of his time in Turkey “to follow up the Syrian revolution minute by minute” for the past several months.

The source revealed that Sakr held regular meetings with field commanders in the presence of Turkish, Qatari, and Saudi intelligence officers. The MP designated his personal friend Louai al-Mokdad, spokesperson for the Higher Council of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), to follow up on some of his duties and refused to delegate to anyone else.

As for the picture published recently showing Sakr and Mokdad together, the source confirmed that the latter leaked it at Sakr’s directions, after receiving information that their relationship had become known.

As for Sakr’s recent appearance from France on Future Television, the source said that the episode had been planned prior to the assassination of Lebanese security chief Brigadier General Wissam al-Hassan. He said that Sakr left Turkey the same day of the interview, to give the impression that he was away from Turkey and deflect suspicion.

First Recording: Okab Sakr Arming Syrian Rebels

Abu al-Numan (a leader of an armed group): Assalamu alaikum.
Okab Sakr: Wa alaikum assalam. Go ahead.

A. N.: Mr. Okab, our group is stuck and surrounded. One or two days and the region will fall. Here we are being bombed by airplanes and artillery. They are attacking from all fronts. Please help; we need weapons.

O. S.:
Please tell me, the weapons you want, what are the quantities.

A. N.: We need around 300 rocket-propelled grenades and twenty launchers. And if it is possible, provide 250,000 Russian rounds [for AK47s], 300 machineguns, and some special pieces of arms.
O. S.:
All of this, for which region do you need it exactly.

A. N.: Azaz, Tal Refaat, Andan, and the whole of Rif Halab [Aleppo’s countryside]. You know what is happening here. Since yesterday, they managed to enter from around three fronts from Idlib...and inside Aleppo, we have the Shabiha [government thugs].
O. S.:
So who will receive and where will the delivery happen. How will the operation take place?

A. N.: Delivery, as usual, will be divided up...Abu al-Baraa will be there with the guys and the cars will take them and bring them to Aleppo. But we need to do it as fast as possible, because there’s a big need and the shelling continues. People are scattered and there’s no ammunition. The men, each one barely has one or two magazines and there’s a lot consumption. Try to get them in any way possible, God bless you. I don’t know what to say, after God, there is only you.
O. S.:
Will you be there at the delivery?

A. N.: No brother, Abu al-Nour will be there with the guys and the cars. They will take them from you as usual.
Source: Al-Akhbar
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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Dr. Yahya Abu Zakariya on Syria and corrospondance with Faisal al-Qasim

أخي وصديقي فيصل القاسم .. بقلم : د.يحيى ابوزكريا
دام برس:
رسالة من فيصل القاسم إلى يحيى ابوزكريا : "أحيي فيك روح العروبة والإسلام والمقاومة أخي يحيى، لكن أربأ بك أن تدافع عن واحد من أسوأ الطواغيت عبر التاريخ. لقد نسفت بذلك تاريخك المشرف في المقاومة ضد الطغيان الذي لطالما تناوله الملايين عبر يوتيوب بالمديح والإعجاب. اين ذلك الفارس الذي حرض الشاع العربي على الثورة بعبارته التاريخية من يحيى الذي يدافع الآن عن نظام يستخدم كل أنواع السلاح ضد شعبه للبقاء في السلطة. صديقك من صدقك أخي أبا علي "

رد يحيى ابوزكريا

أخي فيصل , و الله العظيم ما زلت كما عهدتني و الحجم الهائل من المعلومات بين يدي إستقيتها من أوروبا و أمريكا و ما يدبر لهذه الأمة مهول , مستعد أن أبعث لك الكثير منها , بغض النظر عن المعلومات التي سأطلعك عليها بشكل شخصي أخي فيصل , مشكلة الثوار و الإخوان منهم على وجه التحديد وهم أصدقائي , الغنوشي قال لي قبل وقت قصير أنت أفضل من كتب عني كتابا بعنوان : تونس من الثعالبي إلى الغنوشي
صديقي فيصل ...الثورات سرقت , و المشهد مظلم في تونس و مصر ذاهبة إلى التقسيم كما بلغني جنرال مصري وطني , و اليمن ضاعت ...لنفكر قليلا حبيبي ..
ثورات بدون قيادات , و أنت تعلم أن رموز المعارضة السورية أصدقاء و عبد الباسط سيدا كان ساكنا في نفس المدينة التي قطنتها عشر سنوات في أوبسالا السويد , و غليون كذلك جمعتنا منتديات الفكر و هيثم مناع أكثر من صديق ...نترك سوريا و نحيدها بالكامل ...
أين أصبحت تونس وفيما يختلف النهضويون عن الدستوريين ...أمروا بإطلاق النار على متظاهرين نددوا بالإعتداء الوحشي على كرامة رسول الله عليه الصلاة والسلام , و النهضويون الذين وصلوا إلى دوائر القرار التونسي بلافتة رسول الإسلام أمروا باطلاق النار على من تظاهر إنتصارا لرسول الله حفاظا على كرامة أمريكا , لو فعلها زين العابدين لكفروه و زندقوه ,,,
الإخوان في مصر تصافوا و تعاقدوا مع الأمرييكيين و النتيجة ثلاثة قواعد أمريكية في مصر , أولها تم الإنتهاء من خارطتها الهندسية في سيناء ...
و الوثائق عندي ...
اليمن ضاعت و في ليبيا ما فعل الثوار بشكان بني الوليد , لم يفعله هتلر في أعدائه و الشواهد عندي كما الصور ...
أخي فيصل الثورة فعل جميل , لمن ما أقبحه عندما ينتهس سريعا ويتحول إلى ثورة , و معادلتي الأساس هي :
الثورة عندما تقتقد القادة الإستراتيجية و الوضوح في الرؤية السياسية و الأهداف و البديل المتكامل في صناعة الدولة ستصبح مدخلا لحروب أهلية و المصاديق في مدن الملح و الإستبداد والثورة نحن شهود عليها الآن ...
نعود الآن إلى سوريا أنا أعلم أن ثغرات عديدة لازمت الأداء السياسي الرسمي ,, وأنا أتكلم من منطلق عربي و ليس من منطلق سوري وأنتم أدرى ببلادكم التي نحبها و نحترمها و مهما كان عندما نترك الإنفعال و الإنتقام من الأجهزة الأمنية جانبا لا ننسى أنها قدمت الكثير للقضية الفلسطينية , و أنا كعربي متخوف من أن يصيب سوريا ما أصاب تونس و مصر و ليبيا و اليمن و بقية البلاد العربية المرشحة للتقسيم و التشرذم السياسي ..
نعم للسوريين كل الحق في أن يصنعوا قرارهم و يتدولوا على الحكم و الجهر بنقد الفساد والإعتداء , لكن من حقي أيضا أن أقلق على الدور القومي لسوريا و الدور الريادي في نشر ثقافة المقاومة ..
سوريا التي أعرفها يوجد فيها تجاوزات و عدت القيادة السورية بالإنفتاح على المواطنين و المعارضين الشرفاء ..
وفي سوريا الجديدة التي تنادون بها صديقي العزيز فيصل , هي سوريا الطائفية وتفجير الطوائف و القتل بدم بارد و التكفير , عنصران كبيران في المشهد السوري المعارض الإخوان و الإرهابيون التكفيريون الطائفيون ..
فهل هؤلاء سيشكلون ضمانة لمستقبل سوريا , و الله لحد الآن لم أقراء لهؤلاء مشروعا لإدارة الدولة السورية و آليات البناء الجديد .
صديق فيصل تتهمون عناصر النظام السوري بالفساد , والفساد نخر المعارضة السورية إلى العظم , أحدهم صديق معارض حكم عليه بالإعدام في سوريا في أحداث حماه سرق 25 مليون يورو وحولها إلى حساب خاص و لم تصرف على اللاجئين السوريين في مخميات تل الزعتري في الأردن ..و التكفيريون أهدوا سوريا تكفيرا و زواجا من الفتيتات السوريات أسأل الله أن يحمي عرض السوريات ..
وقد إتصل بي أحد الإسلاميين من أوروبا و قال أنه قادم إلى المنطقة لإصطحاب بعض الفتيات السوريات ..
حبيبي فيصل , صحيح أنك مثقف ثقافة واسعة عربية و غربية , و أنت واحد من أبناء جبل العرب , جبل الرجال و الأشاوس , لكن أخي و حبيبي أبا أصيل ..هل دورنا أن ندمر الدول ببدائل هشة لما تتكامل , و بعناوين الإسلام هو الحل ثم يترحم الناس على زمن مبارك و يلعنون الشريعة الإسلامية , ولا يبقي في الحارطة العربية غير التلمود و النموذج الغربي , و نكون قد خدمنا مجانا الإرادات الغربية و نؤكد بمسلكيتنا ما ذاهب إليه فرانسيس فوكوياما من أن الليبرالية الغربية إنتصرت على كل الأفكار و الإيديولوجيات , وبالتالي تهزمنا أمريكا فكريا و عسكريا ..
أخي فيصل أنت خير من يعرفني و خير من يقرأني , وتعرف تاريخي بالكامل يا فيصل , و الله العظيم كلما يموت مواطن عربي سوري من المعارضة و الشعب و الجيش العربي السوري و الأجهزة الأمنية أبكي بصدق , يخنقني الألم يا فيصل ...
أعترف لك أن الموضوع السوري أرقني عذبني و أنا أرى الدماء تسيل نحصن الأمن القومي الصهيوني و لا نحص الأمن القومي السوري أو غيره ..
قرآنيا , الله يقول الصلح خير , و أصلحوا بينهما , فكريا , كل القضايا الكبرى و المعقدة في التاريخ إنتهت بالحل السياسي ...
تأمل يا فيصل و إقرأ مفردات خطاب المعارضة السورية , خطباء و محللو الإخوان المسلمين ...يرددون دوما في برنامج الجدلي :
كلب , حمار , خنزير إبن زنا , حقير , أدوس عليه , إبن اليهودية , آلاف المفردات جمعتها رصدا و إستقراءا وإطلاعا , مبدئيا كيف سيدير عقل كهذا و لسان كهذا دولة سورية فيما عشرات الطوائف ...
ذات يوم قال الدكتور عباسي مدني زعيم الجبهة الإسلامية المنحلة في الجزائر ...أنت ما أوصل الإسلاميين إلى السلطة في الجزائر بقلمك ولسانك ,,,ولكني أقول الحمد لله مليون حمدا أن الإسلاميين لم يحكموا الجزائر و أن الرئيس عبد العزيز بوتفليقة أفضل للجزائر من كل الإسلاميين الذي أصبحوا أفظع من "ألكابون" في جمع المال ...
ثم يا فيصل , تأمل معي مشهد إعتقال الشاعر القطري الذي هجا حمد بن خليفة آل ثاني , أيعقل أن يحكم بالسجن المؤبد على إبن الذيب ...
لماذا موقف حمد سليم , و موقف بشار في ملاحقة بعض المثقفين , أنا معكم في ضرورة الحرية , و العدل والمساواة لكن لا الشك أن الصدقية تقتضي أن تتحدثوا في الجزيرة عن إضطهاد المثقف في قطر و سوريا على السواء ,,هكذا تكون الحيادية , و المهنية و الحرية ...
أنا الدكتور يحيى أبوزكريا بملء شدقي أقولها بملء فيّ وفمي :
لا للمساس بالمثقف السوري و لا للمساس بالمثقف القطري أو أي مثقف عربي ...
أخي أبا أصيل , هل اكون بعدها شبيحا , وتكونون في الجزيرة أصحاب صدقية ...
إنتهاء أخي فيصل , لا أريد لإبنتك بردى التي سميتها تيمنا بنهر بردى السوري , أنت تضيع في المنافي و المجهول , وهي تملك أقدم الحضارات الإنسانية , لأن النفط القطري الذي سينضب بعد ثلاثين سنة , سيغير كل شيئ ....أبا أصيل " المضيّع وطن فين الوطن يلقاه "
أخي فيصل رغم الأراء و الأفكار التي بالتأكيد ستتقارب لو أدنا النظر سوية في الراهن العربي ...سأظل أحبك و ستظل صديقي إلى الأبد , أتعرف لم يا أبا أصيل لأني عربي , و العربي الشريف لا ينسى الملح و الطعام الذي كان بيننا ...
و أستميحك عذرا , حبيبي فيصل , و الخلاف لا يفسد للود قضية , سأنشر رسالتك لي و ردي حتى تكون ربما شهادة للتاريخ تفهم الأجيال المقبل لماذا إنهار عالمنا العربي .................أخوك .د.يحيى ابوزكريا  
عاجل ماذا قال يحيى ابو زكريا في النعاج ؟ كلام جزائري حر

Long Live the statehood

Zionist Entity Provoked by UN Bid, Oks 3000 Illegal Settlements
The Zionist entity on Friday approved the construction of 3,000 settlements on occupied Palestinian lands, drawing swift condemnation from the Palestinians a day after the successful U.N. recognition bid.
Israeli settlements
The Palestinians reiterated their refusal to resume negotiations with the Israeli occupation while building continues.

US, who voted against Palestinian bid for being an observer state at US, criticized ‘Israel’ for the move.
“This administration - like previous administrations - has been very clear with Israel that these activities set back the cause of a negotiated peace,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in Washington.

Reviving plans to build a settlement [in large area of empty land left between East Jerusalem and the West Bank]could be fatal for the ‘peace process’, Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad told Sky News in Washington.

“It would kill it. This would be the last nail in the coffin of the peace process a process that fulfills that which has been and has become a matter of international consensus. The two state solution to this conflict. It simply cannot happen if E1 is implemented.”

Under all interpretations of international law, Israeli settlements on occupied land are illegal.
A European diplomatic source told Sky News: 'If Israel officially confirms plans to expedite settlement building in E1 area, it will elicit a 'strong response' from European states.'

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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"Thank You Iran" Covers Gaza Streets


I can not help but admire the skills of Khalid Mishaal and the opportunism he expressed in investing, marketing and advertising the victory of the resistance in Gaza.
In his Press conference in Cairo Mishaal thanked Qatar, Turkey, and Mursi for their great support, when somebody cornered him saying that Tel Aviv was hit by Irani missiles he thanked Iran highlighting his dispute with Iran on Syria, confirming his standing with the people.

Next day Nasrallah, on the fifth night of Muharram, without naming ,adressed the ungrateful son of Hamas asking:

"How did this huge number of missiles reach the Palestinian resistance?
Who sent it and who delivered it?
Who enabled Gaza, besides the will of Allah, to fight or destroy Israeli armaments?
And how did anti-aircraft missiles reach into Gaza?"

"This is what we must reconsider today, we must realize who enabled Gaza today to stand on its feet and fight and bomb Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The role of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria in arming the Palestinian resistance is evident,"

Many days after the resistance rockets scored a resounding victory on "Israel", three large billboards reading "Thank you Iran," were on three major road junctions in the Gaza Strip.
Sah al-noum Haneyeh
صح النوم هنية


Days after the resistance rockets scored a resounding victory on "Israel", "Thank you Iran" covered the triumphed besieged strips.

In details, various billboards in Gaza expressed gratitude for the Islamic Republic rockets which struck deep into the Zionist entity's capital Tel Aviv and changed the equation.

"Thank you Iran," read the large billboards on three major road junctions in the Gaza Strip.

The message was written in Arabic, English, Hebrew and Farsi. The posters also depicted the Iranian Fajr 5 rockets that were used for the first time to target "Israel's" capital.

In this context, the political analyst Dr. As'ad Abu Sharkh, stressed that the Palestinian people feel grateful to Iran.

"Since the Islamic Revolution, Tehran carried the banner of defending Palestine: it launched al-Quds Day on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, expelled the "Israeli" ambassador " after the revolution, cut ties with the enemy, opened the first Palestinian Embassy of Palestine, and supported the Palestinian people, via arms and military training," he listed.

According to the analyst, "This support comes at a time when the Arab countries, unfortunately, are far from any courageous position."

He further mentioned that "the Iranian Fajir 3 and 5 rockets are a main cause of Gaza's victory on the Zionist enemy during its recent aggression."

Meanwhile, Abu Sharekh urged the Arab countries to follow the example of Iran, because "the recent experience proved that: if supported, the Palestinian people can win."

During the eight-day "Pillar of Cloud" aggression Gaza, the Iranian officials declared that "Tehran is honored to have provided Gaza with military aid.

Following the ceasefire, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal and the Islamic Jihad chief Ramadan Abdullah Shallah thanked Iran for arms, funding, and support.


Gaza's Dead - a film by Harry Fear for

DateThursday, November 29, 2012 at 6:13PM AuthorGilad Atzmon


كرسي دولة فلسطين لحظة إدخاله قاعة الأمم المتحدة
And finally we have retrieved Palestine !Thanks to Mahmoud Abbas and the UN and the International Community, the impossible has become possible and now we have finally a seat in the UN , not a real one, not as real as that of Israel of course , but nevertheless a seat in the International Community where Mahmoud Abbas can sit and enjoy the great achievement of his life and a great moment in the History of Palestine .

Now that we have retrieved Palestine we don’t know what to do with it , we don’t know where to go either , we hope to go to the International Court and sue Israel for crimes against humanity, but we will not go of course. We will not do anything , the Israelis will do, they will build settlements and confiscate territories, and take over Jerusalem and dig underneath al Aqsa and build walls of segregation and increase their check points and normalize with HAMAS and provoke Palestinians and shell Gaza and arrest and incarcerate people and negotiate with Mursi and kill leaders and commit massacres from time to time . The Israelis will do all this while Abbas is enjoying his seat, and they will do more than this …much much more .

The truth is that the Palestinian Cause has been auctioned and set for sale . Before it deteriorates and dies it has been set for sale . The last nail added to its coffin being the sectarian alignment of HAMAS and- between ABBAS and HAMAS- Palestine is being lost . And yet we have the guts to celebrate and congratulate and wave our flags which is what is left of the cause . Not only we have come back empty handed but we have given Israel a legal status.

We have recognized its sovereignty over the territories occupied in 1948 while we remained bereft of any sovereignty over any state or territory , whether Gaza or Ramallah. The refugees will remain refugees and the prisoners will remain prisoners and Abbas will remain in his seat .

We are reaping thus the fruits of the Arab Spring , the bitter fruits of the barren Spring . This Spring that has started with Palestine to end up in Palestine. The Spring designed by the US administration to counterpart the rise of the Iranian power , to counterpart the Islam that overthrew the Shah, the Islam that restored the power to the people , the Islam that recovered the Natural order of things , the Islam that closed the Israeli embassy and opened –instead- the Embassy of Palestine , the Islam that chased out the colonialists and imperialists and their clientele , the Islam that proved that a country can build its own autonomy and independence and defend its own integrity , the Islam that proved that an Islamic revolution can work miracles , the dangerous Islam , the Islam that defeated the imperialists and vanquished Israel , the Islam of the Resistance of Hizbullah , the Islam of the missiles of different ranges targeting and hitting Israel ; this Islam and not any other Islam.

To take care of this Islam the west started its maneuvers and started stirring- in the Arab world- what is called the Arab Spring that is no more than a series of social agitations that could turn into direct assaults or prepare the ground for foreign invasions of this or that country . There is no doubt that the Arab Spring did not spring from nothing , it is the outcome of careful studies that focused on the behavior and mental structure of the Arab masses . It was found out that -by exploiting the dissatisfaction and frustration of the Arab masses, and by fueling their religious and sectarian prejudices- the world Order can take care of the growing support to the armed Resistance of Hizbullah, and succeed in isolating the triumphant Resistance for the benefit of a fake moderate Sunni Islam- set against the Shi’as - that will promote an Islam liable to coexist with Israel and will -on the other hand -hire and use -on the ground - fanatic groups to create instability and havoc and instigate riots .

This is the world Order Spring, and the UN and US Spring that took over many Arab countries -one after the other -sowing discord among the population, and turning the Arab masses against their rulers, and getting them involved in toppling these rulers without being able to replace them. All this while making them believe that they were acting in the name of Democracy and religion . The purpose is getting them involved in internal fights and make them forget their essential enemy and prevent them from embracing the victories achieved by the armed Resistance of Hizbullah and from identifying with these victories the way they should .

Now it is for Palestine to have its own Spring and there is no removal here of some ruler or president , What is required here is simply to forsake the cause and to liquidate it and this has been done by both HAMAS and ABBAS , first by joining the sectarian alignment of pro Zionist normalizing Islam that is harmful to the cause , at the expense of the Resistance, and second by accepting the compromise of a virtual Palestinian State in exchange of the relinquishment of the refugees’ right to return and of all other Palestinian rights .

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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مركز أحرار لدراسات الأسرى

النسخة الفيسبوكية لمركز احرار لدراسات الاسرى وحقوق الانسان تحت اشراف الاستاذ فؤاد الخفش الباحث المختص ومدير مركز احرار لدراسات الاسرى

 Don’t call me a Palestinian of the Palestinian Territories because it is called Palestine.

Don’t give me a fraction of my homeland and call it a solution.

Don’t give me oppression and call it peace.

Don’t give me a Bantustan and call it a home.

Don’t give me a prison and call it freedom.

Don’t draw the borders of my existence according to your whims and interests and call it a state.

 My home is not a disfigured result of a till-death-do-us-part-marriage between the occupier and the champions of negotiators-for-life that yields a Bantustan on 20% of my homeland.

My home is not a “lets legitimize the Zionist racist colonization of Palestine and hope they accept us and allow us to live with them one day” tale for the sake of fame and a shoulder pat from “conditional-supporters”, while giving the Zionist usurpers a right to my land which they stole and continue to colonize… a right to my home which they destroyed and continue to destroy…. a right to my village which they ethnically cleansed and continue to do so to the rest of Palestine… a right to Palestine, the Palestine they raped and continue to rape for over 63 years, a rape they are proud of and celebrate very year while denying us even the tears and the memories and the names of the victims they massacred and the villages they erased.

My Palestine is the home that is mine since the dawn of history till the end of history.

My Palestine is the home of my ancestors, the home between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River.


The End of Jewish Power

DateFriday, November 30, 2012 at 11:44AM
By Gilad Atzmon

Israel suffered a humiliating defeat at The UN yesterday. The nations of the world stood up and said NO to the Jewish state - NO to Israeli occupation, NO to Israeli human rights abuse, NO to Jewish racism. In effect, they stood up and confessed to serious Zio-fatigue.

Despite Jewish success in constantly reminding Europeans of their tormented past, Europe yesterday delivered itself of its guilt and Israel’s European allies such as Germany, France, Britain and Italy also delivered a clear messages to Israel – they are right out of patience. This is a very good news indeed.

But interestingly, this united opposition to Israel is not in response the Israeli strength. On the contrary, it is actually a reaction to Israeli weakness. In the last few months we have seen the complete and final eradication of the famed Israeli power of deterrence. For months, Israel gave the impression that it was ready and willing to attack Iran nuclear facilities, only to have to admit, even to itself, that it lacked both the means and guts to do so. Israel then launched a lethal attack on the people of Gaza. It called up 75.000 IDF reservists, only to find out that it didn’t have the stomach to face Palestinian resistance.

So, just as Israel is learning to admit to its own cowardice, the rest of the world is at last finding the courage to realise that it can well do without a Jewish state that is nothing but trouble and a grave threat to world peace.

In spite of the powerful Jewish lobby, the Zionist-controlled media and Wall Street, the Jewish state and its Zionist backers have proved to be impotent. It may have the desire, the hope and even the pathos, but it just ain’t stiff enough to deliver.

The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics, power and collective impotence... or

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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Arab Tea and Sympathy: Gaza, Jewry and The Right of Return

by Kashif Ahmed
Saturday, December 1st, 2012

Today’s extremist Jew has three very real, equally grave, concerns:
  1. The international backlash over the fact that Israel did 9/11.
  2. The end of Rothschild’s fractional reserve, Fiat currency scam (i.e. paper money) and economic system of usury (i.e. money lending at high interest to incur massive debts on the borrower).
  3. The Palestinian right of return instigated from the borders of Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon.
The aforementioned points, coupled with Zionist Jewry’s failure to force its henchmen in the U.S. to invade Iran, and the ensuing public humiliation over being exposed as cowards for not wanting to go in themselves, led to their latest round of terror attacks against the easy target of Gaza, Palestine.

The U.S. regime’s refusal to attack Iran on Israel’s behalf, is not motivated by any sense of morality or self-respect, its just that the United States, having lost Rothschild’s war in Afghanistan, a defeat significantly worse than the one they suffered in Vietnam, lacks the manpower required to try to invade and occupy another country. For according to Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson: U.S. ground troops are “broken” by a decade of fighting the Afghan Mujahedeen.
Not that the illegitimate state of Israel cares about Gentile lives, after all, they’ve sent skittish, subservient Americans off to war on a lie many times via false flag terror attacks (e.g. Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, U.S.S. Liberty etc) or economic intimidation (e.g. contracting the money supply to crash the economy) and are quite prepared to cripple their weakened host to further the lunatic schemes of Jewish extremism. But this time, its Zionist Jewry’s visible reluctance to target a serious, morally-sound, well-informed adversary that’s got them on the back foot; for Rothschild knows that The Islamic Republic of Iran isn’t one to abide by their nonsense, and will retaliate with extreme prejudice at the first hint of any aggression.
Rothschild is also concerned that one wrong move may trigger an international revolt against their corrupt and parasitic system; a catalyst for anti-Semitic riots like the ones in Paris circa 1453 AD when Gentiles finally lost their patience and all sense of perspective; burning copies of The Talmud in the streets en route to another mass expulsion of Jews in Europe.

Similarly, we could see an intensified version of events that took place on August 1st -5th, 1947: when violent protests against international Jewish terrorism, rocked London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff and Leeds. These riots coincided with the arrest of Zionist bio-terrorists Menahem Arber, Mayer Rokach, Mayer Oved Ben Ami, Max Kritzman, Arieh Altman, Abraham Krinitzki and David Stern, who were caught trying to poison the Palestinian water supply with botulism.

Now you may ask: ‘But isn’t that what extremist Jewry wants; Herzellian anti-Semitism designed to scare all the Jews into a deadly embrace with Benjamin Netanyahu and his kind’? Yes and No, for the new uprising is unlikely to be defined by random, or randomly anti-Semitic, fury; but focused on the Rothschild criminal network itself, pro-Israeli usurers, bankers, plutocrats, company men and their hired henchmen: For the string pullers who tend to ride out the backlash from behind the scenes, are now well and truly in the eye of the storm.

Palestinian victims of Jewish terror attacks in Gaza.
Gaza endures another deadly invasion by the illegitimate state of Israel; a protracted onslaught which began with the murder of 12-year-old Palestinian boy Hameed Abu Daqqa in Khan Younis on November 8th; shot to death by an Israeli helicopter gunship in a craven Jewish terror attack ordered by IAF ringleader Avital Leibovich.
“We need to flatten entire neighbourhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza. There should be no electricity in Gaza, no gasoline or moving vehicles, nothing.”

Gilad Sharon, son of ‘The Butcher of Beirut’ Ariel Sharon
“We must blow Gaza back to the Middle Ages destroying all the infrastructure including roads and water”

Eli Yishai, ‘Israeli Deputy Prime Minister’
Against all odds and under constant aerial bombardment by drones, fighter jets and missiles, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas Mujahedeen put aside their differences to put up a sterling, albeit desperate, defence of their country and even managed to launch a series of unexpected retaliatory strikes against targets in Tel Aviv as well as shooting down an IAF F-16 over the Gaza Strip. Benjamin Netanyahu’s ‘Iron Dome’ turned out to be more of a soggy Matzo, as Israel’s planned ground offensive was hastily called off, much to the relief of gutless IDF conscripts, fearful of another ‘Battle of Bint Jebiel’ (Lebanon War, 2006) or ‘Battle of Jenin’ (West Bank, 2002).
That said, to portray the sides as military equals would be absurd; for besieged, sanctioned, extremist Jew occupied Palestine going up against the criminal state of Israel is the equivalent of putting a toddler into a cage fight with an inbred pack of rabid Rottweilers. And yet pro-Israeli Jews and their Christian Zionist sidekicks celebrated the Gaza massacre in the same way as a handful of white immigrants celebrated the carnage at Sharpsville or how the Rothschild controlled, U.S. regime glorified their depraved terrorist attacks on Iranian airliner IR655 and Cuban flight 455.

An Egyptian brokered ceasefire came into effect on November 23rd but as we ought to know by now; an Israeli ‘ceasefire’ isn’t worth the paper its’ written on and only lasts about as long as it takes Zionist Jewry to solicit more handouts from the goyim and rearm.

The Gaza attack and its aftermath will be interpreted in a variety of ways depending upon whom you’re hearing it from. Personally, I wouldn’t go so far as to call the IDF retreat and ceasefire a victory, since many Palestinians were martyred in Jewish terror attacks with only a handful of Israeli reservists eliminated by the resistance. But then again, any invasion that ends with the rejection of Israel’s demands, as this did, is a defeat for the Knesset and Israeli sympathisers the world over: This latest atrocity also provided a stage for some ridiculous political theatre / regional jostling; as Anglo-American-Arab opportunists and war profiteers either regurgitated extremist Jew drivel or feigned concern for the Palestinians whilst trying to ensure the continuation of the status quo. A notable strategic development would be the Palestinian’s renewed ability to strike deep into Tel Aviv, exert greater control over the Theatre of Operations and defiantly undermine Israel’s Rothschild masters on an international level.

Now extremist Jews and their acolytes have yet to realize that bombing a disarmed, locked down population under siege isn’t war, participating in a Rothschild brokered land grab via a convoluted drôle de guerre in 1948 isn’t war, using Depleted Uranium and chemical weapons on 3-year-olds or driving bulldozers into residential properties is not war. For extremist Jewry hasn’t experienced a real, honest-to-goodness war since the glorious reign of Roman Emperor Trajan and have cleverly coerced debt ridden, economically enslaved goyim like Britain and the United States to fight their battles for them: Successfully using and abusing indoctrinated / greed driven Americans as a reasonably effective, but now visibly worn, decaying and splintered, battering ram against all who resist Judaic rule.
“Goyim (non-Jews) were born only to serve us (Jews). Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve Israel. This is why his (the Jew’s) servant gets a long life, to work well for this Jew: Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.”

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Talmudist Shas’s Council of Torah Sages
Extremist Jew squatters harass Palestinian woman.
Simply put, if Rothschild’s Israeli terror network isn’t deactivated where it is, its’ only a matter of time before they do to us all what they’ve been doing to Palestine. For lets not pretend that this is some far off plan, because its already here; imposed by venal and corrupt regimes in the West: Strip searches, once carried out at gunpoint by Jewish perverts in the West Bank, are now standard operating procedure at airports and holding cells around the world. Home invasions, arrests without charge, warrant less searches, prison without trial, secret courts, wanton police brutality, constant surveillance, slave labour, state seizure of private property, gulags, rendition / extradition: All socio-political ills symptomatic of extremist Jew run regimes, from the Rothschild controlled British Empire to the Soviet Union to the staunch Israeli ally that was Apartheid era South Africa. Now an unwelcome intrusion upon our lives thanks to our sell out governments, Talmud kissing company men, Cabbalistic Freemasons and Zionist parasites who’ve crawled out of the woodwork since Israel did 9/11.
Gaza and the West Bank are projections of the type of rule extremist Jewry wants to impose on the world; for obvious reasons, we cannot allow that to happen.
Our comrades at home are in a similar position to our allies aboard; the Palestinians understand the enemy but lack the infrastructure to effectively engage and dismantle it. Palestinian activists at home have the (rapidly deteriorating) infrastructure in place but have yet to comprehend the nature of the enemy.
“To communicate anything to a goy (Christian or Muslim) about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if they knew what we teach about them they would kill us openly.”

The Talmud, Libbre David, 37 (Hesronot Shas)
I look at the grassroots struggle and see a familiar, but nonetheless encouraging, scene; I salute the ISM, BDS and all the activists for all their efforts time and time again, whether its one man standing out in the rain with a Palestinian flag or the thousands around him who’ve rallied in support of justice over tyranny. I’ll admit it was good to see those decadent, vile, out of touch Israeli apologists and their Fleet Street underlings up in arms; whining about how pro-Palestinian protesters ruined their evening’s entertainment by disrupting an Israeli dance troupe and almost made them choke on their Foie gras. And nor can we overlook those ‘Valiant and Victorious’ cyber-warriors of ‘Anonymous’ who continue to confound the ‘Villainous Vermin’ of Zionism online, taking out some IDF sites and frustrating Hasbrats all over the Internet.
But I’m also somewhat disappointed that we have yet to fulfil our promise on so many levels, disappointed that we hold aloft the same old placards and shout the same old slogans and chants; like milk bought to the boil, only to cool down once Palestine is no longer in the headlines: Stagnant, until the next major crime when the placards are dusted off for demonstrations that have yet to prevent the deaths of innocent people in Palestine and elsewhere.
Remember the case of 12-year-old Huda Darwish, blinded by an Israeli bullet?
 That happened over eight years ago; Zionist Jewry still laughs about it today, and why wouldn’t they? Have the perpetrators been bought to justice, have they been incentivised in a language they understand? Have the allies taken an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, or have they simply threatened a boycott, recalled an ambassador or drafted a mild mannered letter of complaint, careful not to offend the delicate sensibilities of Israeli serial killers, rapists, usurers and thieves? Solidarity groups should not care more for the enemy, than they do for their allies because no one can afford to compartmentalize Zionist crimes and deal with each one as it comes, for the cult of extremist Jewry in itself represents the epicentre of evil.

The illegitimate state of Israel is already condemned to its Sisyphean paradigm, Zionist Jews have spent 64 years running on the hamster’s wheel to nowhere, so we must never become a reactionary component of this deranged and self-destructive regime. Their crimes should not equal our protests; our protests should prevent their crimes. For as I said in my analysis of the 2006 Lebanon War, ‘Resistance Revived: Victory In the Lebanon’, we shouldn’t ask ourselves:
“What crime is the illegitimate state of Israel going to commit next? But rather: ‘How are we prepared to counter that next inevitable act of Israeli terrorism?’
Never forget the key word: ‘Strategy’, a concept so important that Latin American paramilitaries fighting CIA backed Chabad-Lubavitch drug cartels in Columbia, are said to dedicate an entire lesson to this word alone: The team leader translates the word ‘strategy’ into a hundred different languages to drum it into his comrades and we must do likewise.
1. Know Your Enemy
If we truly knew our enemy, we would have compelled our leaders to finalize and implement policies to formally engage extremist Jewry and their henchmen in a series of open-ended, humanitarian interventions in occupied Palestine. If we understood what these criminals were all about, we would understand the futility of genteel protests and demonstrations and cease to be such ‘freiers’   (derogatory Hebrew term for gullible, straight laced saps or sticklers for the law). For if we’d studied The Talmud, the depraved ramblings of Yitzhak Shapira’s Israeli bestseller ‘The King’s Torah’ and the macabre, occultist screeds of the Cabbalist Zohar, we would, to a certain degree, know what to expect from the Anglo-American-Israeli crime gang.
“What emerged for me, from the study of The Talmud was the discovery that the main stream of Jewish thought is permeated by the sense of genetic spiritual superiority of Jews over Gentiles, disconcertingly reminiscent of racist notions of our time.”

Moshe Greenberg, Former Chair of the Department of Bible Studies at The Hebrew University and graduate of Habad Hasidim ‘Sefer Hatanya’ Chabad-Lubavitch Yeshiva
Some Palestinians and their partisans have been so severely conditioned to avoid being labelled anti-Semitic (even whilst they’re being bombed by the Israelis), that they tread on eggshells and don’t call a spade a spade; its always some convoluted euphuism or term that half the population barely understands.

Progressive Jewry makes a stand.
We don’t need to be Politically Correct in front of our Jew comrades, for they know the score at this late stage of the game, they know full well that we will never abandon them nor they us. Rae Abileah, Yair Hilu, Avigail Abarbanel, Gilad Atzmon, Emily Henochowicz, Alison Ramer, Lisa Adler, the good people over at B’Tselem and millions around the world don’t need to be told who we mean when we condemn those who’ve bastardised Judaism for their own ends.
For we don’t abandon our allies or forget our martyrs, nor we do not forgive the mossad murderers of author Jack Bernstein or the Zionist scum who attacked Dr. Yaakov Yisrael Dehan on July 1st, 1924 in Al Quds-Jerusalem: Dr Dehan, one of the first martyrs of the Palestinian cause, was beaten to death by a gang of Zionist Jews on his way home from Al Quds Hospital. We shan’t forget Jewish defector Ben Freedman’s historic speech in 1961, warning the world about Rothschild and their plans. Each and every one of our Jew allies are well aware of the fact that victory in the war against Jewish extremism is a victory for progressive Jewry the world over; who, at long last, may be afforded an opportunity to break free from the shackles of Rothschild control.
  1. Tell the truth
First and foremost; we must call ‘Israel’ what it is; an illegitimate, fraudulent state based upon the most demented tractates of the Jewish Talmud. A criminal regime diametrically opposed to the universal testaments of human decency, the mad beast, the enemy that cannot be appeased or reasoned with. The enemy that seeks to sink the world into a cesspit of chaos, carnage and depravity,

U.S. President Harry S. Truman, perhaps burdened with the guilt of having committed war crimes in Japan on behalf of extremist Jewry and taking Rothschild’s $2 million bribe to recognise Israel in 1948, wrote in his diary that:
“The Jews, I find are very, very selfish. They care not how many people get murdered or mistreated as long as the Jews get special treatment. Yet when they have power, physical, financial or political neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the under dog.”
For no matter how many times you’ve witnessed a crime scene, you never quite get used to the sight of butchered babies or bullet ridden toddlers being pulled out from rubble, and yet every time one looks into their faces, these martyred Palestinian babies, they look more at peace; dead and laying in state, than any Israeli looks when they’re alive and well. The fact is that these people; extremist Jews and their enablers, posses very few, if any, of the characteristics that one would attribute to our fellow human beings.
For when a cult as obscene and deranged as Zionism, has chosen to operate outside the realms of human decency, it must accept that it will be treated in one of two extreme, equally undesirable, ways: As Übermensch by their slaves when they have the upper hand, and as Untermensch by their adversaries when the tide eventually turns, e.g. The Jewish fear of being driven into the sea is an understandable phobia, for any common criminal fears their comeuppance will mirror a crime that they’ve committed in the past. And since Zionist Jews drove the Palestinians in Haifa into the Mediterranean at gunpoint in 1948, its obvious that Jewry’s haunted by the prospect of this historical boomerang coming back to smack them into oblivion.

Their murderous activities in Gaza and elsewhere are Herod-esque deeds of bloodthirsty paranoia: Apartheid walls, gun-nest settlements, dumping sewage in the streets, water theft and their well documented plans to build a race bomb (to target the genes of Arabs only) provides further evidence of how demented and far gone this inbred rabble of antediluvian psychopaths actually are.

3. Always Face Facts
The Palestinians don’t really need our solidarity or vigils as much as they need modern defence capabilities and a standing army. Palestine is an international Theatre of Operations; always was, after all, Palestine was destroyed by an international axis (i.e. Anglo-American-Jew) and will be restored via an open-ended series of internationalist, humanitarian interventions, so lets not pretend for a second that its just up to the Arabs to confront this enemy.

In many ways, it’d be better if Palestine’s false friends in the region kicked them all out, that’s right I’ll say it again; it’d be better for the Palestinian struggle if some Arab regimes (e.g. Jordan), Israeli collaborators in all but name, expelled every last Palestinian from their land; empty the refugee camps and declare it a crime to be a Palestinian. For when the stark reality of an unwritten, unspoken policy is made apparent, when the Palestinians have no where else to go, they’ll finally go where they should’ve gone all along: their homes, their motherland, their country. The alternative being that the handful of sincere Arab governments provide cover and support for their Palestinian allies to actively undermine false borders; to enact the propaganda of the deed by simply walking back home, as was the case in Syria, 2011.

For lets make it absolutely clear; that this isn’t about socialising, cultural exchanges, group hugs or afternoon tea; because I’m not eager to receive a pat on the back, or eat humous and falafel, wave my keffiyeh, dance the Dabke and call it a day. The brass tacks of the struggle should never be diffused or discarded for lesser aims, for even if I had my reservations about some of Mao Tse Tung’s political ideas, there’s no denying the commendable breviloquence, unassailable truth and sheer moral clarity of his great declaration:
“We support Palestine. The Palestinian Arabs should go back to their homeland. Right up to the present time we have had no diplomatic relations with these Israelis. The Arabs are the overwhelming majority. All Arab peoples are opposed to their fellow-Arabs being driven out of Palestine. If we don’t stand on your side we will be making a mistake. That is why we are with you.”

Chairman Mao Tse Tung, 1951
The civilized world eagerly awaits Imam Mahdi (ra) on his way from Khourasan, but until that glorious day arrives; conscience driven, anti-imperialists must see to it that our comrades have a fighting chance against the hordes of Jewish extremism.

Needless to say, the cult of Zionist Jewry is bent on one of two outcomes: world domination or world destruction:
“We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen, before Israel goes under. Israel has the capability of hitting most European capitals with nuclear weapons. We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions. Most European capitals are targets of our air force.”

Professor Martin Van Creveld
Every Muslim, Christian and progressive Jew in the world ought to thank Professor Van Creveld for his hubristic candour, and for letting slip the mask of civility that his fellow cult members try to keep on at all times. Now as far as world domination or world destruction goes: in order to deny them the former humanity must negate the means with which they’ll able to execute the latter, but if extremist Jewry is serious about escalating their war of extermination against the Gentile world, let them make that move: Call their bluff and force them to face the consequences & repercussions should they try to go through with it.
There’s no real victory that needs celebrating here yet, for Gaza was clearly an opening salvo, and the war goes on until Rothschild’s unconditional surrender, until the complete restoration of Palestine to her 1948 borders, repatriation of hostiles to Birobidjan and the first payments of reparations for 60 plus years of Zionist occupation.

So until then; ignore the treacherous U.N.’s empty promises, maintain your positions, go once more into the breach and etch onto your souls these simple words to live by:

Never forgive. Never forget.

  • Omar Al-Mashharawi, 11 months old, killed by Israeli bombardment
  • Rinan Arafat, 7 years old, killed by Israeli bombardment
  • Heba Al-Mashharawi, 19 years old, six-months pregnant, killed by Israeli missile strikes
  • Walid Al-Abalda, 2 years old, killed in an Israeli drone terror attack
  • Hanin Tafesh, 10 months old, killed by Israeli bombardment
  • Mohammed Sa’d Allah, 4 years old, killed by Israeli bombardment
  • Jumana Salamah Abu Sufian, aged 1, killed in an Israeli drone terror attack
  •  Tamer Salamah Abu Sufian, 3 years old, killed in an Israeli drone terror attack
  • Eyad Abu Khusa, 18 months old, killed by Israeli missile strikes
  • Ranin Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 5 years old, killed in an Israeli drone terror attack
  • Jamal Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 7 year old, killed by Israeli bombardment
  • Yousef Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, 10 years old, killed in an Israeli drone terror attack
  • Ibrahim Mohammed Jamal Al-Dalou, aged 1, killed by Israeli bombardment
  • Suhaib Fo’ad Hjazi, 2 years old, killed by Israeli bombardment
  • Mohammed Fo’ad Hjazi, 3 years old, killed by Israeli bombardment 
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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The Jewish 'Progressive' View Of The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

DateThursday, November 29, 2012 at 5:35PM AuthorGilad Atzmon
The following video is a pretty impressive educational video produced by JVP (Jewish Voice for Peace)

I believe that the intentions behind this video are sincere.

It clearly points at Israel being Judeo-centric. Yet, it also focuses on Jewish victimhood - 'one group of refugees was seeking a shelter' (Jews) on the expense of another group (Palestinians). Our progressive JVPs probably forgot the embarrassing fact that Zionism predates the Shoa and even Nazism..

The video claims to seek peace, yet, it is not clear from the video how it can be achieved as long as Israel remains 'The Jewish State.' It also doesn't addresss the Palestinian Right of Return.

I guess that what we see here is an exemplary case of AZZ (Anti Zionist Zionist) operation-Soros for beginners. JVP wants Israel to remain The Jewish State, but it also wants it to improve a bit on equality.

The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics and progressive spin ... or

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!