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MSM War on Gaza

Journalists daring to criticize Israel responsibility face likely dismissal and banishment from MSM employment.

Once again, Israel waged cold, calculated premeditated aggression against near defenseless Palestinians.

An Israeli Goliath mercilessly attacked a Palestinian David. It did so for unjustifiable reasons. Mass slaughter, destruction and human misery followed. 

Non-combatant men, women and children suffered most. They were deliberately targeted. They comprised over 80% of deaths and injuries.

Israeli casualties hardly compare to around  2,000 mostly civilian Palestinian deaths, up to 10,000 injured, large parts of Gaza in ruins, hundreds of thousands forcibly displaced, and families losing all their possessions.

Operation Protective Edge is the most devastating Israeli aggression on Palestinians since its 1947-48 war.

A shaky ceasefire could end any time. Heavy Israeli shelling and bombing could resume. Palestinian casualties could continue mounting. 

The fate of about 1.7 million Gazans hangs in the balance. They're trapped in the world's largest open-air prison. They're unable to find refuge anywhere. 

Every square inch of Gaza is fair game. Israel inflicts collective punishment mercilessly. Civilian men, women and children are considered legitimate targets.

So are schools, hospitals, mosques, residential neighborhoods and vital infrastructure unrelated to military necessity. Terror bombing and shelling reflect longstanding Israeli policy.

Precision weapons can mass slaughter with technological ease. Banned terror weapons are used against defenseless civilians in densely populated residential areas.

They include 4cm-long metal darts called flechettes. They're anti-personnel weapons able to penetrate bone deep enough to inflict horrific injuries.

One artillery shell can deliver up to 8,000 of them. On impact, rupturing releases them at high speed in a funnel-shaped pattern over an area of about 300 meters.

White phosphorous is devastating to human flesh. It's a flammable chemical. Israel uses it as an incendiary weapon and smoke screen.

When exposed to air, it spontaneously ignites. It burns to the bone. It keeps burning until consumed or deprived of oxygen.

It causes severe second and third degree extremely hard to treat chemical burns, as well as suffocation, convulsions, severe eye pain and inhalation complications.

Affected muscles and body cells are completely destroyed. Hemorrhaging is common. So are bone fractures.

Dense inert metal explosives (DIMES) from tungsten alloy can cut victims to pieces. They kill, mutilate and pose a longterm cancer risk.

Israel uses these and other banned terror weapons with impunity. Doctors report never before seen injuries. 

Wars let Israel test new weapons in real time. Mostly civilian victims have no place to hide. Media scoundrels ignore what demands condemnation.

They blame victims for horrendous Israeli crimes. Like Cast Lead (December 2008 and January 2009), Pillar of Cloud (November 2012), and countless less extreme Israeli attacks, truth is turned on its head.
Upside down reality persists. Truth is systematically suppressed. Big Lies substitute.

Cold, calculated premeditated IDF aggression is called self-defense. Legitimate Palestinian self-defense is called terrorism.

Palestine's democratically elected Hamas government is outrageously called a terrorist organization. 

Police state Israel is called a democracy. How can it be when Jews alone have rights. Arab citizens are considered fifth column threats. 

Elected Arab Knesset members are powerless. They're little more than potted plants. They're parliamentarians in name only. 

They're treated like enemies of the state. They're unable to help the people they represent. They can't protect themselves when wrongfully persecuted and vilified. 

Israel is more hypocrisy than democracy. It's more rogue state than egalitarian. It rules Occupied Palestine ruthlessly. It attacks Gaza whenever it wishes for any reason or none at all.

Every day is Kristallnacht in Palestine. Israel terrorizes Palestinians with impunity. So do radicalized settlers.

Fear is constant. Collective punishment is official Israeli policy. Public demonstrations are banned.

Population centers are isolated. Borders are closed. Normal daily life is denied. 

Economic strangulation and institutionalized racism are imposed. So are curfews, roadblocks, checkpoints, separation walls, electric fences, and other barriers. 

Neighborhood incursions, land, sea and air attacks, bulldozed homes, land theft, ethnic cleansing, slow-motion genocide, targeted killings, mass arrests, torture, and gulag imprisonment reflect daily life.

It's for praying to the wrong God. It's for wanting to live free from oppressive rule. It's for believing in peace, equity and justice. and struggling to achieve it.

It's for rejecting state-sponsored racism, colonization and apartheid. It's for belonging to the wrong political party.

It's for wanting self-determination and long denied justice. It's for wanting Israel held accountable for crimes of war, against humanity and genocide.

Operation Protective Edge is the latest example of Zionist depravity. Palestinian lives and welfare don't matter.
Media scoundrels support what demands condemnation. The New York Times has a long history of pro-Israeli bias.

Its Jerusalem bureau chiefs are ethically challenged. Its columnists and op-ed contributors see justice through Israeli eyes.

It's editors consistently blame Palestinians for Israeli crimes. Ten days after Israel's premeditated aggression, they headlined "Israel's War in Gaza."

They turned a blind eye to horrendous Israeli crimes. They turned truth on its head claiming "Israel sent tanks and ground troops into Gaza to keep Hamas from pummeling Israeli cities with rockets and carrying out terrorist attacks via underground tunnels.

Fact: Israel's Operation Protective Edge was cold, calculated, premeditated aggression.

Fact: It wasn't in response to Hamas rocket attacks.

Fact: They followed in self-defense.

Fact: They're crude and ineffective.

Fact: They're no match against sophisticated Israeli weapons able to hit targets with pinpoint accuracy.

Fact: Israeli tunnel propaganda worked as intended.

Fact: It stoked fear and hysteria.

Fact: Netanyahu claiming they're used to attack kindergartens in nearby kibbutzes and other civilian targets are Big Fat Lies.

Fact: They're for self-defense against IDF attacks only.

Fact: Don't expect NYT correspondents, contributors or editors to explain.

Fact: Or other scoundrel media liars.

Fact: Regurgitating propaganda and other misinformation is official MSM policy.

Fact: NYT misreporting is longstanding.

Fact: It's an establishment publication supporting wealth, power, privilege and the worst of US and Israeli high crimes against peace.

Netanyahu is a world class thug. Not according to Times editors. "There was no way (he) was going to tolerate the Hamas bombardments," they said.

"They're "indiscriminately lobbed at Israeli population centers," they claim.

Fact: Hamas fires rockets in response to naked Israeli aggression.

Fact: They carry small warheads.

Fact: They're crude and ineffective.

Fact: They're not "lobbed at Israeli population centers."

Fact: They do more to generate fear than deaths and injuries.

Fact: They most often prove harmless.

"Hamas leaders deserve condemnation for storing and launching rockets in heavily populated areas," said Times editors.

Fact: Gaza is small - about 140 square miles.

Fact: It's one of the world's most densely populated areas.

Fact: Except for farmland, practically no open spaces exist.

Fact: Don't expect Times editors to explain.

Fact: Or tell readers responding to Israeli aggression is legitimate self-defense under international law.

Times editors admit no military solution is possible. At the same time, they support illegitimate Palestinian president Abbas. 

Israel rigged his 2005 election. His term expired in January 2009. He refuses to call new elections. 

He's a longtime Israeli enforcer and collaborator. He's hugely corrupt. He's mindless of the rights of his own people.

He sided with Israel during Operation Cast Lead. He failed to forcefully condemn Israeli Operation Protective Edge mass murder and destruction.

Don't expect Times editors to explain. Or denounce Israeli crimes too horrendous to ignore.

On August 11, Mondoweiss contributor Patrick Connors headlined "Serving Israel's aim of lowering civilian deaths, 'New York Times' Gaza tally says 15 - 17-year old's aren't children."

Its days earlier article shamelessly supported Israeli propaganda. It lied claiming half or more of Gazans killed were "terrorists."

Over 80% were civilian men, women, children, infants, the elderly and infirm. None were terrorists. 

Hamas fighters struggle for freedom. Claims otherwise are Big Lies. Times correspondents, op ed contributors and editors proliferate some of the most outlandish.

They bury truth. They feature managed news misinformation. It's unfit to print. It's one-sidedly pro-Israeli.

Fundamental international law is ignored. Israeli rights alone matter. Civilian non-combatants are considered militants.

Israeli aggression is called self-defense. Palestinian self-defense is called terrorism. Facts are what Israel and Washington say they are.

Longstanding Times pro-Israeli bias consistently blames Palestinian victims for Israeli crimes.

According to Connors, Times reporting "supports the perpetuation of Israeli Jewish privilege at the expense of basic Palestinian rights." 

Don't expect its editorial policy to change. Or CIA-controlled Washington Post misreporting and analysis. 

Its July 23 editorial was typical. It headlined "The US should push for the disarming of Hamas in Gaza-Israel cease-fire," saying:

"The tunnels are the reason that (Netanyahu) decided (to) launch a ground invasion of Gaza…"

They "show why it has been difficult to reach a cease-fire and why any accord must forge a new political and security order in Gaza."

"Hamas's offensive tunnels should not be confused with the burrows it has dug under Gaza's border with Egypt to smuggle money, consumer goods and military equipment."

"The newly discovered structures have only one conceivable purpose: to launch attacks inside Israel."

"The depravity of Hamas’s strategy seems lost on much of the outside world…"

"…Hamas's leaders deliberately placed (tunnels) and among homes…"

"(T)hey continue to reject cease-fire proposals, instead outlining a long list of unacceptable demands."

Ceasefire terms should "be negotiated with the Palestinian leadership of Mahmoud Abbas."

It should return Gaza to "the security forces of the Palestinian Authority, the disarmament of Hamas and elections for a new government."

Fact: Israel's Operation Protective Edge was well planned in advance premeditated aggression.

Fact: It aimed to destroy Gazan resistance in all forms.

Fact: Israel wants Palestinians left defenseless.

Fact: It affirms the right to attack them throughout the territories for any reason or none at all.

Fact: It does so for total unchallenged control.

Fact: Durable ceasefires and peace in Palestine are impossible because Israel prioritizes violence and instability.

Fact: It blames its crimes on Palestinian victims.

Fact: WP and other media scoundrels regurgitate Big Fat Lies ad nauseam.

Fact: Hamas tunnels are mostly conduits for badly needed supplies unavailable because of Israel's illegal blockade.

Fact: Others are for self-defense in response to Israeli aggression.

Fact: WP editors consider legitimate Palestinian self-defense "depravity."

Fact: They support the worst of US and Israeli high crimes against peace.

Fact: Gaza is one of the world's most densely populated areas.

Fact: Other than farmland, few open spaces exist.

Fact: So-called "unacceptable" Hamas demands include long denied justice.

Fact: Hamas is Palestine's democratically elected government.

Fact: Abbas serves illegitimately.

Fact: He's a longtime Israeli collaborator against the fundamental interests, needs and rights of his own people.

Fact: He's a Palestinian Quisling.

Fact: Disarming Hamas and other resistance groups is a non-starter.

Fact: Palestinians alone should decide who'll lead them - not Israel, Washington, other Western countries or WP editors.

Wall Street Journal editors one-sidedly support Israel. On July 20, they headlined "Israel's Gaza Offensive," saying:

"(I)t's hard to see what other choices the country's leadership had to defend its citizens from the terror group Hamas's unrelenting missile attack."

"Israel warned Palestinian civilians to move out of harm's way…"

"Hamas's political-military strategy (involves) civilian casualties…"

"…Israel should stay the course until it achieves its strategic objective of neutralizing Hamas's missile attacks."

"Hamas won't stop its rocket and other attacks until it concludes that the military and political price it is paying is too high." 

"Until that happens a democracy like Israel is obliged to take the steps necessary to defend itself."

Fact: Hamas fires rockets at Israeli targets only in response to Israeli aggression.

Fact: Self-defense is fundamental and sacrosanct under international law.

Fact: Telling Palestinians to move out of harm's way was a transparent Israeli PR stunt.

Fact: Deliberate Israeli attacks on UN shelters, schools, hospitals, residential neighborhoods and other non-military targets showed every square inch of Gaza was unsafe.

Fact: Hamas' "political-military strategy" is achieving long denied justice.

Fact: Israel considers civilian men, women and children legitimate targets.

Fact: Its longstanding strategy is total unchallenged control regardless of the human cost.

Fact: It bears repeating. Hamas responds solely to Israeli aggression.

Fact: Israel is no democracy, never was, and won't be under its racist apartheid policies, lawless occupation, and denigration of its Arab citizens.

NYT, WP, WSJ and other MSM print and electronic media consistently show one-sided pro-Israeli bias. 

They blame its worst crimes on targeted victims. Long denied justice is nowhere in sight. 

Israel repeatedly gets away with mass murder and destruction unaccountably. Expect nothing different this time.

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UN Council Adopts Resolution Targeting Syria, Iraq Terrorists

Local Editor
UN SCThe UN Security Council on Friday unanimously adopted a resolution aimed at weakening terrorists in Iraq and Syria by cutting off funding and the flow of foreign fighters.

The measure represents the most wide-ranging response yet by the top United Nations body to the "jihadists" in Iraq and Syria, who now control large swaths of territory and have been committed atrocities.
Source: AFP
15-08-2014 - 22:49 Last updated 15-08-2014 - 22:49
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USA / Israel sponsored ISIL terrorists Attempt to Burn Palestine Flag

Isil Terrorists Trample and Attempt to Burn the Palestinian Flag, Exactly As Their Zionist Masters Do This video shows gunmen from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant trampling upon a Palestinian flag and denouncing it as “a flag of sedition” and a passing fad. Some of the ISIL gunmen attempt to burn the flag before trampling upon it and declaring that “There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger” and that they are willing to die for the black flag of Salah al-Din. Read more at:…
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Gaza: Whole Villages Have Been Wiped Off the Map, mass executions by IDF

by Dr. MONA EL-FARRA                      
I’m writing now from my home, but I still feel dizzy from shock and nauseated by the sights and smells on my visit to Khan Younis and Khuza’a.
Yesterday I decided to use the opportunity of the ceasefire to visit my family in Khan Younis. I especially wanted to see my sister who had open heart surgery before Israel’s assault. I hadn’t seen her for 36 days. I’m lucky that I have enough fuel in my car to drive 24 kilometers (15 miles) so I struck out towards the south.
I drove down Salaheddin Road and passed rubble from mosques, houses, and factories. Some buildings were destroyed completely and some partially. Later on in my drive, I saw dozens of big trees uprooted and smashed, fruit trees destroyed and farms and gardens decimated and ruined. The Israeli bombs were aimed to destroy the infrastructure, to destroy Gaza’s economy. Even the main cookie factory was targeted and destroyed.
I passed UN trucks distributing food to people in long lines. This siege and assault by the Israelis has made everyone in the Gaza Strip live as a refugee, missing basic needs and struggling to survive.
When I drove up to my family’s place in Khan Younis, it was a very emotional moment. We’ve lost many family members and, excuse me, my friends, I’m not going to talk about this meeting because every family in Gaza is going through the same thing.
My sister and relatives decided they wanted to go to see Khuza’a, a village located east of Khan Younis. At first I didn’t want to go to Khuza’a. I didn’t want to be reminded of the massacre, to witness more horrors. But I decided to go so I could give you, my friends from the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA), and others living outside of Gaza my first-hand account. I know you are following the news closely but I also know the news might not tell you what has gone on and is going on in Gaza.
As we set out to the east, my niece pointed out the devastation, “You can see where the Israeli tanks were—here and here.” When we came to the village Abbasan, there was an Israeli military vehicle destroyed. Palestinian flags were flying from it and Palestinian children were playing on it while their families stood watching them.Gaza: Whole Villages Have Been Wiped Off the Map
We continued toward Khuza’a. It was a model Palestinian agricultural village with open fields and green everywhere. They had fruit trees and vegetable fields. But there was nothing left of the village I remembered.
The smell and the sights we saw were shocking. The moment we parked and I got out, a very strange smell hit us—the smell of dead bodies. That smell will never leave me; it is still stuck in my nose. We saw totally flattened houses and other houses partially destroyed.  It reminded me of pictures from war-torn areas where years of fighting erased a village. I could tell that something huge and terrible had happened here, the rubble and the destruction were extreme. Some villagers told us they had found two bodies in the rubble a couple of hours before we arrived. Still people were searching the ruins for their relative’s remains. Many times I had to stop myself from vomiting because the smell was so strong.
This Israeli assault has hit the Palestinian people more deeply than the last two military attacks. This one is even more deadly and destructive. Whole neighborhoods and villages have been wiped off the map.
I ask myself now how can we start again?
Dr. Mona El-Farra, Director of Gaza Projects, is a physician by training and a human rights and women’s rights activist by practice in the occupied Gaza Strip.
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Turkey Ruling Party Favors Davutoglu as New PM

Local Editor

Ahmet Davutoglu Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has strongly backed the naming of Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu as the new premier and party leader to replace president-elect Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a pro-government daily said on Saturday.

The executive committee of the AKP is due to meet on Thursday to formally agree the successor to Erdogan, who by law must give up both his current posts as premier and party leader when he becomes president on August 28.

But the Yeni Safak daily, which has close contacts with the AKP, said Erdogan had already put the issue to an informal vote at a closed-door meeting with top party members this week.

After giving a speech, Erdogan asked the party members to put the name of who they would like to see as party leader and prime minister in an envelope.

The results showed that there was overwhelming support for Davutoglu -- foreign minister since 2009 -- to take over the posts of premier and party leader.

Davutoglu is a loyal Erdogan ally who has developed a more assertive Turkish foreign policy in recent years that has been criticized by opponents as being over ambitious and even neo-Ottoman.

Other names who received limited support included former transport minister Binali Yildirim and Health Minister Mehmet Muezzinoglu, Yeni Safak added.

The paper said some senior lawmakers had been unwilling to support Davutoglu as they themselves were barred from running owing to an AKP internal rule that proscribes more than three terms in office.

But "Davutoglu has met some of these lawmakers who eventually extended their support to him and now it is almost certain that he will be the new prime minister," it added.

The government is on the brink of a major reshuffle as Erdogan prepares to step down as prime minister and move to the presidency following his victory in August 10 presidential elections.

Source: AFP
16-08-2014 - 16:28 Last updated 16-08-2014 - 16:28


مع الحدث _ د محمد نور الدين | المنار 12 08 2014

يحدث اليوم _ احمد ابراهيم _ السلطان العثماني الجديد | تلاقي 13 08 2014

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By Closing Gaza's Only Exit, the Egyptian regime is supporting Israeli aggression

Egypt turning blind eye to Gazans plight by keeping Rafah closed

Video here

The Egyptian government has opted to keep the Rafah crossing into the besieged Gaza Strip closed, a decision that adds to the plight of the Palestinians trapped there amid Israel’s brutal onslaught, Press TV reports.

The Rafah crossing, which lies on the international border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip,  works as Gaza’s only gate to the outside world, and keeping it closed is worsening the plight of the 1.8 million Gazans who have been hit hard by the recent deadly Israeli attacks on the besieged territory.

The crossing is considered to be a matter of survival for the Palestinian people and should not be subject to so-called negotiations. However, Egyptian authorities continue to prevent Gazans from leaving the blockaded strip through the Rafah crossing.

Amid Gazans’ pain and suffering, Egypt has only partially opened the Rafah crossing and it has almost totally kept it closed during Israel’s latest invasion of the strip.
“It’s really disturbing to us the way the Egyptian regime has dealt with injured Palestinians and other Palestinian travelers. The role Egypt has played during the war is shameful, and, God willing, we hope its position toward us would change soon,” Ayman Aloul, a Palestinian journalist in Gaza told Press TV.
 The people of Gaza say Egypt is denying them the right to freedom of movement just as Israel does.
“Rafah crossing must be fully reopened at least to deal with the humanitarian situation. Rafah is a lifeline for Gaza and for the eight-plus years we have been suffering due to its closure most of the time,” Amer Forah, an unemployed worker, told Press TV.

A group of Egyptian parties along with individuals from various backgrounds have recently issued a statement calling on their government to reopen the Rafah crossing permanently.
“Closing the only exit for the people of Gaza and imposing restrictions on aid passing through it means that the [Egyptian] regime is supporting this [Israeli] aggression,” read the statement.
 The Israeli regime has blockaded the Gaza Strip since June 2007, as a result of which the standards of living there have deteriorated markedly. The siege has also led to unprecedented levels of unemployment, and unrelenting poverty in the Palestinian coastal enclave.

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US, EU now allowed to buy Ukraine’s gas pipelines, the only real asset left

Published time: August 14, 2014 23:45

AFP Photo / Sergey Bobok

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US, EU now allowed to buy Ukraine’s gas pipelines
AFP Photo / Sergey Bobok
Ukraine’s parliament has passed a law that will allow foreign companies from the US and EU to co-manage Ukraine’s national gas transportation system (GTS) which has a value of around $25-35 billion, one of the largest in the world.
The motion, proposed by PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk, was only supported by 228 parliament members, just two more than the required 226 to adopt the bill. The first reading of the bill was approvedon July 4.
Ukraine will control 51 percent and foreign partners will be offered 49 percent in the venture, which seeks to “strengthen” Ukraine’s position as a transit state, according to the bill’s advocates.
AFP Photo / Sergey Bobok
AFP Photo / Sergey Bobok
Together with Western investors Ukraine is planning to create a new company that will control the country’s gas transit system. However, it could be hard to find investors willing to participate in the project, some analysts believe, as Russia is currently developing a transit system bypassing Ukraine’s territory, which has proved unreliable as a transit partner.
Russia is building two pipelines that do not run through Ukraine to deliver natural gas to Europe. The Nord Stream is already complete, and once the South Stream is complete, Ukraine’s gas transportation system may lose more than 50 percent of its value.
Earlier, the Ukrainian parliament rejected the measure to fully split Ukraine’s Naftogaz into two separate companies, which would help comply with Europe’s third energy package, which doesn’t allow one single company to both produce and transport oil and gas.

1000 Turks Join Ranks of ISIL

Local Editor

More than 1000 Turkish citizens are fighting under the umbrella of the Takfiri terrorists group fighting in Syria and Iraq, FNA reported according to Turkish officials.

However the Turkish officials admit that they are unable to learn the exact number of the Turks engaged in the fight.

The estimated number of armed ISIL fighters is around 12,000 to 15,000, which shows that Turks make up just less than 10 percent of the Takfiri group.

Turkish media broadcast a few days ago pictures of hundreds of men with long beards in Taliban-style dress gathering for Eid al-Fitr somewhere in Istanbul.

The group was allegedly linked with ISIL, and they dedicated their Eid al-Fitr prayers to ISIL fighters in Iraq and Syria.

Source: AFP
16-08-2014 - 13:19 Last updated 16-08-2014 - 3:2

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S. Nasrallah: It is Not a Joke, We Are Facing Existential Takfiri Threat, We will Change Path of Region Fight to Win or be Martyred.

كلمة السيد حسن نصر الله 

Sayyed Nasrallah: July War Had Political, National, and Regional Aspects



Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said on Friday that the July 2006 "Israeli" aggression on Lebanon was a key part in a series of attempts to crash the Resistance. He assured it was a real war that had major goals and dimensions on the different levels, also repercussions on the entire region.

Delivering a speech on al-Manar TV on the 8th memory of the July 2006 Divine Victory, Sayyed Nasrallah saluted the souls of the martyrs who belong to the Resistance, the Lebanese army, the security forces, the civil defense and the media. He also greeted the wounded and the families who were partakers in the victory, as they stood unwavering in face of the "Israeli" aggression.

Sayyed Nasrallah mentioned in particular maryr Ibrahim al-Hajj, who was a major pillar in the Aita al-Shaab battles for 33 days during the Zionist aggression. 

He further thanked Syria and Iran for helping in this victory.

Also saluting the late leaders of the Resistance, Sheikh Ragheb Harb, Sayyed Abbas Moussawi, Haj Imad Moghnieh, and absented Imam Moussa Sadr, Sayyed Nasrallah assured that if it were not for these leaders who established the Resistance movement, all the victories would not have been achieved.

July War Aim: Eliminating the Resistance

The Resistance leader pointed out that the July war was a main part of a bigger plot to give birth to a "New Middle East".

"A lot has been said about the July war, lectures were given and books were written to discuss it... This war remained a case study because it was a real war with political and historical dimensions which transcend Lebanon and Palestine to influence the entire region. And here, we must recall former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's statement on this war producing a new Middle East," he stated.

The Resistance leader accentuated that the July war turned out to be part of a scheme that aimed at annihilating the resistance in Lebanon, not disarm it only. "

After ending the war on Lebanon, "Israel" continued its plan by attacking Syria with the aim of creating a new regime allied with the U.S.," he explained, adding "The third part of this plan was attacking the Palestinian resistance in Gaza and this was to be achieved before the end of 2006."

Sayyed Nasrallah noted that the two goals behind this plan are: the U.S. would take control of all oil and gas fields in the region and the second is that it would draw an end to the Palestinian cause and impose a settlement on Palestinians and Arabs.

According to Sayyed Nasrallah, the plan which included direct American occupation, an "Israeli" war aimed at attacking the resistance in Lebanon, then attacking Syria and ending the resistance in Palestine was obstructed thanks to the resistance in Lebanon the fabulous Lebanese resilience through the July war victory.
"The steadfast of the Resistance, also the political and popular resilience forced the Americans, "Israelis", Europeans, and the UN Council to withdraw most of their conditions since the very first days of war. Meanwhile, the Resistance was glorified in Lebanon, the "Israeli" war did not reach Syria and the war on Gaza was postponed from 2006 until 2008. Not only that but also the Iraqi resistance gained momentum and expelled the U.S. occupation from Iraq," he elaborated. 
Yet, Sayyed Nasrallah assured this does not imply the U.S. has failed to achieve its goals but rather changed its path. "We must follow up on their paths to topple the American-Zionist plan for the region," he stated.
The Hizbullah SG highlighted that this war has failed, and assured that the region -amid all dangers- that it is still able to face these dangers and able to overthrow any projects in the region.

New Project for the Region: "Israel" & ISIL 

Sayyed Nasrallah said what is happening today in Gaza is part of a new path for the region and in light of new developments, which in fact has the same goals of an "Israeli" control over the region's oil fields.
This new project being drawn for the region, according to Sayyed Nasrallah has two factors.
 "The new project is more difficult and dangerous from the previous one, because it does not aim at overthrowing regimes and replacing them with new ones, because in this case the country and the army remain the same while the authority changes only. The new project, meanwhile, is that of destruction, of destroying countries and armies, people, and entities." 
He added
"This new project aims at setting up a new map for the region in which the enemy becomes the savor. The first factor is the "Israelis" who aim at eliminating the resistance, while the second factor is the so-called Takfiri movement, of which ISIL [Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant-Daesh] is a clear example."
Sayyed Nasrallah stressed
"I tell all the people of the region that we can take down this project but it needs time and effort."

ISIL: Existential Danger Threatens All 

More on the current situation, Sayyed Nasrallah explained
"We have to believe that there is a real existential danger threatening us all and it is not a joke, and we must be aware of the threat's potentials." 
He stressed that all are concerned find means to face this threat with real tools.
"We must not resort to illusions and options that have been tested and have proved to fail. Rather we must choose real means based on the history of our people." 
Sayyed Nasrallah noted that some people mounded on the international community and on the UK, the Arab League, and the GCC to confront the Zionist project yet without getting anywhere. He also stated that in the early 20th century, when the Zionist entity established its presence on Occupied Palestine, people did not recognize it is a real and existential threat, noting they should be aware to the similar situation today.

He accentuated that ISIL today is a real threat to the region.
"I want to tell the Lebanese and all the people of the region that we have to put all differences aside because these is a real danger threatening your entities, churches, mosques, kids and women."
He clarified.
"The so-called ISIL is a group that has now taken control of large geographical areas in Syria and Iraq and has taken control of resource fields and main water dams. It has huge quantities of weapons and ammunition and is selling oil. It also comprises many foreign fighters whose arrival here has been facilitated," 
Sayyed Nasrallah added
"This group has committed massacres, has killed prisoners and civilians in Iraq and Syria, and also killed people close to ISIL, like al-Nusra fighters, and then assassinated people of other Islamist factions in Deir Al-Zour and Aleppo and Iraq before cameras to augment their psychological war... The massacres harmed Sunnis primarily and ISIL did not spare anyone in Iraq like Kurds, Yazidis, Shiites, Christians, and Turkmen...This example [takfirism] has nothing to do with Islam, Prophet Mohamad -pbuh- or the Holy Quran." 
"What I know is that some regional countries have adopted these groups and the Americans have turned a blind eye and expanded their vision to benefit from this phenomenon."
Battle Inclusive War, Not Sectarian

Sayyed Nasrallah called on every Lebanese, Palestinian, Iraqi, Syrian and any Gulf national to leave sectarian chauvinism behind and reason if this phenomenon is a threat against Shiites only.
"No one should regard this battle as a sectarian one; it is a takfiri war against anyone who opposes it. It is a danger threatening everyone. We must discuss what we should so; should we hang on the international community?"
Addressing the Christians of Lebanon, Sayyed Nasrallah said
"if you think the U.S. would do anything for you, you are wrong. The U.S. will tell you to travel abroad, just like what France told Iraq's Christians."
On the Hizbullah presence in the Syrian battle, Sayyed Nasrallah said that
"If Hizbullah withdrew from Syria; this would not eliminate the danger and would not safeguard Lebanon from [IS founder Abu Bakr] al-Baghdadi's map.
 Sayyed Nasrallah noted that some people mounded on the international community and on the UK, the Arab League, and the GCC to confront the Zionist project yet without getting anywhere. He also stated that in the early 20th century, when the Zionist entity established its presence on Occupied Palestine, people did not recognize it is a real and existential threat, noting they should be aware to the similar situation today.

 More on the disassociation policy to which many call for, Sayyed Nassrallah highlighted 

"If ISIL seized control of Syria and reached Rashaya and Baalbek and the North, would the disassociation policy protect the country? Is this a realistic approach? Is this approach correct in the first place?"
 He stressed that logically speaking, when the country is facing an existential threat the priority becomes facing this danger. 
"Those who do not do that are not acting logically, morally or based on religious values."
LA, Security Forces To Preserve Country

 As for the foremost factor to be invested to face this existential danger, Sayyed Nasrallah noted it is the Lebanese army and security forces. 
"They protect the state and towns, not Hizbullah. We welcome any help for the Lebanese army but troops must get real weapons"
He pointed out that the major thing required is official and popular support to the army, which should be financial and psychological.

More on the army, Sayyed Nasrallah said that the state should stand by the army all the time to release its kidnapped troops. "Secondly, we should stop insults and never slam the army as a tool in Hizbullah's hands," he stressed.

The Hizbullah leaders pointed out that the Lebanese must also preserve the current cabinet and not allow it to collapse despite the differences.

He iterated that all Lebanese regions should reconcile and stop all forms of incitement.

 Commenting on the person who was arrested for operating the Free Sunnis of Baalbek Brigade, he assured such persons must be punished.

As for Arsal's future, Sayyed Nasrallah said it is linked to Baalbek, Hermel and the Bekaa - not al-Nusra or ISIL. Hence, there should be efforts of reconciliation among the different regions. 

On the issue of Syrian refugees, Sayyed Nasrallah stated that minimum cooperation should take place with Syria regarding the refugees' issue.

Meanwhile, on the presidential polls Sayyed Nasrallah said "We support a certain nominee and you know him."
 Ending his televised speech, Sayyed Nasrallah highlighted 

"We will not abandon our responsibility and will not leave this land, but rather will stay here with our heads high, and if war is to be imposed on us we will either fight to win or be martyred."
Source: Al-Ahed news 
15-08-2014 | 21:00


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