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Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons are not any prisoners, they are freedom fighters in confrontation with the occupation and- for this reason- they are considered to be the center of the cause . These prisoners cannot be forsaken or ignored because they are the living part of the cause and its beating heart .Going around this issue on behalf of the Palestinian Authority has never quite succeeded .

Nowadays , the issue of Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails has become more than a riddle ; it is reflecting the whole complexity of the Palestinian situation which is what years of wrong moves and lack of strategy and absence of clear goals and compromise and complacency have led to, regarding the Palestinian people .

You can look at the situation from all perspectives , from the point of view of the refugees in camps , it is a real disaster, especially in Lebanon ; from the point of view of prisoners , it is another disaster , from the point of view of those living under occupation and seeing their land usurped and the settlers taking their property and the authorities building walls to tear them apart and the mistreatment they experience on checkpoints and during house arrests , it is also a disaster . The Palestinians besieged in Gaza live a disaster of a special kind and also those living in Jerusalem and in so many places to the point that one does not know anymore from where to start.

And while the Arab spring is being celebrated here and there , the situation in Palestine and other Arab countries was never as confused and as bad . The Palestinian leadership bears great responsibility and also the Arab rulers -mainly the Gulf rulers- who corrupted -by their corrupt money- so many leaders and responsibles.

The prisoners’ situation is part of this big mess and not independent from it , it is part of the Palestinian plight . Not only the Palestinian armed Resistance itself has become crippled and unable to act and has engaged in reconciliation as a prelude to start peace talks with the enemy, but it is getting drowned in regional and local swamps mainly sectarian conflicts and NATO wars.

Since long, the different NGOs that work under the label of human rights, have been prepared and trained to take out the Palestinian multiple issues from its original hands and original caterers to foreign or affiliated hands . They have done this as a prelude to partition the Palestinian cause and divide it among different organizations : one for Jerusalem and the other for the prisoners and a third for the boycott and a fourth for the wall and a fifth for the siege and so on and so on . Each has taken a part of the cake of the Palestinian cause, and each has taken a special assignment from the ones who finance it, be it Soros or the UN or the EU or any other country or movement or department.

Also , previously, the NGOs that looked into the Palestinian prisoners’ situation, complained about the fact that the kidnapping of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit- on behalf of HAMAS- harmed the prisoners’ cause and caused unrest among prisoners even if it led to the release of more than a thousand detainees from different factions and areas.This attitude –on behalf of different NGOs- was meant to discourage the acts of abduction of Israeli soldiers that proved the only effective means to have Palestinian prisoners and detainees released from prisons and from administrative arrests.

Finally we are now up to hunger strikes . We are up to dealing with the prisoners’ huge problem as separate individual cases engaging in long fasts that are life threatening even if they led to the promise or actual release of some .

All in all, these hunger strikes do not solve the prisoners’ problem that is not different from the Palestinian problem and cannot be dissociated from it or become restricted to individual attempts at freedom that rally people and ask for international support. And, even when the prisoners went on massive hunger strikes that involved hundreds of them , they could not achieve much in terms of prisoners’ rights. What they achieved was meager compared to the effort exerted. What was successfully achieved though- was assuring the security of the Israeli soldiers who –in spite of the atrocities they are daily committing everywhere in Palestine –are feeling safe now since the abducting operations targeting them seem to be halted leaving the Palestinian prisoner to face the only two choices left for him which are : rotting in Israeli prisons or starving to death.

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US escalates CIA intervention on Syrian-Turkish border

By Bill Van Auken
8 September 2012
Washington has rushed a beefed-up contingent of CIA operatives to Turkey’s southern border in a bid to escalate the war for regime change in neighboring Syria.

Citing US officials familiar with the plan, the Associated Press reported Friday that this “modest surge” by the US intelligence agency over the past few weeks “has helped improve rebels’ political organizing skills as well as their military organization.”

The AP describes the buildup as “part of a two-pronged effort by the Obama administration to bolster the rebels militarily without actually contributing weapons to the fight, and politically, to help them stave off internal power challenges by the well-organized and often better-funded hardline Islamic militants who have flowed into the country from Iraq and elsewhere in the Persian Gulf region.”

Weapons and funding have come from Washington’s closest allies in the Arab world, the Saudi monarchy and the monarchical regimes in Qatar and the other Persian Gulf states. Al Qaeda elements and other Islamist jihadist elements have played an increasingly prominent role in the US-backed bid to topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad by stoking a brutal sectarian civil war.

There can be little doubt that the Al Qaeda forces, which have come from as far away as Chechnya, have been brought into Syria with the covert support of Washington and its Arab allies. At the same time, the Obama administration and the CIA are attempting to use these forces for tactical advantage, while seeking to cobble together a puppet regime out of other, more pliable elements. This effort has centered on a combination of Western-backed opposition figures with no popular support in Syria and military defectors from the Syrian army command.

A Turkish and French agreement, backed by Washington, has produced a new “Syrian National Army” claiming to coordinate military councils opposed to Assad in various parts of the country. At its head is Maj. Gen. Muhammad Hussein al-Haj Ali, who defected last month.
The ex-general is demanding that the Free Syrian Army, which had claimed to be coordinating the array of anti-government militias, and the Syrian National Council, the fractious group of Western intelligence assets, Islamists and defectors, subordinate themselves to his command.
The leader of the FSA has rejected the general’s demand.

The CIA “surge” in Turkey was accompanied by an unannounced visit to that country by the agency’s director, David Petraeus. He carried out a one-day visit to Ankara on Monday, amid reports that he held talks with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, and National Intelligence Organization chief Hakan Fidan.

At the top of the agenda was tightening coordination between Washington and Turkey in the bid to effect regime change in Syria. It is likely that Petraeus offered Turkey increased US support for operations in Syria in part to mend diplomatic fences between Washington and Ankara. The Turkish government was reportedly stung by the US failure to support its demand for the imposition of a “safe haven” inside Syria for those fleeing the ongoing violence. Such a measure would involve direct foreign military intervention and partition of Syrian territory while creating a protected base of operations for the so-called rebels.

Foreign Minister Davutoglu appeared before the United Nations Security Council last week to make the case for carving out such a territory. Some 80,000 Syrians have crossed the border into Turkey and thousands more are expected to follow suit. Washington failed to side with its NATO ally on the proposal, which almost certainly would have been vetoed by Russia and China.

The Turkish daily Zaman quoted an unnamed “intelligence analyst” as saying that with Petraeus’s trip, “the US is … trying to make up for lack of support for Turkey’s non-starter call for a humanitarian safe zone inside Syria.” He added that, in addition to Syria, Petraeus and his Turkish counterparts discussed coordinating counterinsurgency operations against the PKK Kurdish separatist guerrillas, which have stepped up operations since the onset of the civil war in Syria.

Calls for a Syrian intervention came from some of those attending a meeting of European Union foreign ministers held in Cyprus Friday.

“Can we let a civil war take hold indefinitely because some countries are exercising their veto right in the Security Council?” Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders said, referring to Russia and China. “I have to say that there is now hesitation between that absolute respect of a Security Council agreement and the duty to intervene.”

France and Italy issued a joint letter calling on the EU ministers to hold an “extraordinary meeting” devoted to a “substantial strategic discussion” about Syria during the UN General Assembly later this month. The letter, quoted by the DPA news agency, warns, “Should we fail in Syria, stability in the Middle East would be disrupted and Europe’s security … be seriously threatened.”

Meanwhile, in an indication that Washington is once again preparing to employ alleged dangers from “weapons of mass destruction” as a pretext for another Middle East war, the Washington Post Thursday carried a major article entitled “Worries intensify over Syrian chemical weapons,” citing unnamed US intelligence and military officials.

The thrust of the piece is that the threat of a “complete breakdown of authority” in Syria, the product of the US and Western-backed civil war for regime change, would place Syrian chemical weapons stockpiles at risk, necessitating Western intervention to secure them.

According to the Post, these fears have “hastened preparations for securing the sites with foreign troops, the US and Middle Eastern officials said.”

The article adds that “if weapons sites are overrun during fighting—or if loyalist forces are seen preparing for a chemical attack—plans call for sending elite foreign military forces to secure the arms under fire, if necessary, according to the officials.”

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Netanyahu: The Mouth that Roars

My PhotoHis bluster long ago wore thin. Iranian/Israeli/Middle East analyst Meir Javedanfar said he put himself up a tree and wants Obama to bring him down. “It’s come down to threats, threats, threats, but we are at a saturation point.”

Growing numbers of Israelis reject him for good reason. He menaces them like others. Attacking Iran assures retaliation most Israelis fear. It’ll mean widespread destruction, radiation contamination, and large numbers killed or injured.

Gush Shalom founder Uri Avnery asked if he and Barak are mad or crazy? Netanyahu “may be crazy, but he is not mad. (Barak) may be mad, but he is not crazy.”

They’re an incendiary duo, but won’t attack Iran. Avnery quoted the film line: “If you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk.” He calls Netanyahu/Barak “beyond rational thinking.”

Israeli political analyst Yossi Alpher called Netanyahu’s antics “overkill. The US establishment is fed up with him. The Israeli public is fed up with him.” He created a “public controversy” and doesn’t know how to get out of it.

His vow to go it alone is bluster, not bite. Instead of calming things down, inflammatory comments follow earlier ones. On August 2, the Jerusalem Post headlined “Winograd: Striking Iran may endanger Israel’s future,” saying:

Former Supreme Court Justice Eliyahu Winograd opposes attacking Iran for good reason. In 2006, he headed the Committee of Inquiry on why Israel’s Lebanon war failed. He said:
“I am not convinced that the decision-makers will implement the findings of that report. If that is the case, we are all in big trouble.”
He denounced Netanyahu/Barak hawkishness on Iran despite strong opposition by senior Israeli past and current officials.
“All the heads of the defense establishment, the Shin Bet, the Mossad, both former and current, and military intelligence, everyone is saying ‘Don’t attack!’ ”
“(O)nly Barak and Netanyahu have decided yes,” or have they? Bluster often hides intentions. Bullies usually back down when confronted.
Winograd’s committee called Israel’s Lebanon war a failure. Political leaders didn’t sufficiently consult with military officials before attacking. They left before they looked.

Home Front preparedness was also inadequate. Little attention was given then and again now. A “rain of missiles” may follow attacking Iran. Israel is woefully unprepared. How many Israelis will die for Netanyahu/Barak’s folly? Why should any when peace avoids bloodshed.

How much longer will they put up with their bluster? Winograd criticized Netanyahu for complaining about former officials expressing views publicly. He’s more vocal than anyone.
“You intend to act. Sit down and shut up. Decide secretly if you’re attacking, and if you decide to attack, attack. But what are you talking for? So that the Iranians will be even more prepared and ready their missiles to target us?”
“You are going to endanger our entire country, everything we have built. Both the country physically and the economy.”
Opposition leader Shaul Mofaz echoed his comments, saying:
“Israel cannot act alone to prevent the Iranian nuclear program at this time. Such action might bring us into a very difficult war.”
Days earlier, Mofaz called Netanyahu “confused, stressed out and unfocused. (He) lost the trust of the security chiefs,” Obama and Shimon Peres. Former Mossad head Efraim Halevy fears a generation of war if Israel attacks Iran.
“We have to take into account the possibility that if we attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, there will no longer be a political horizon in regard to Iran or sanctions against Iran.”
“We have to deploy for the possibility that while the immediate result of the operation will be Israel’s glorification in the Sunni Arab world, the later result will be a sharp anti-Israeli public wave in the spirit of the Arab Spring.”
“We need to understand that after the attack, a deep Israeli complex will develop in Iran, one that crosses parties and opinions and communities, because we will become the symbol of those that humiliated Iran and prevented it from restoring its greatness.”
“We need to remember that we are very much dependent on the United States and not utter boastful slogans that we are sovereign and therefore will take our fate into our hands.”
Weeks ago, former Mossad head Meir Dagan said Israel faces no existential threat. He criticized inflammatory warmongering and urged changing Israeli’s system.
“(W)e need a prime minister,” he said,” who will not be subject to political pressures when deciding on such issues as an attack on Iran or a peace agreement.”
“The State of Israel is at a critical point in time of great challenges both foreign and domestic. Minority groups are controlling the state and the majority is not being heard.”
Former Military Intelligence head Major General (ret.) Uri Saguy also believes Netanyahu/Barak are heading Israel over a cliff. He expressed outrage over their dangerous warmongering. He called it “orchestrated and purposely timed hysteria that puts the country into a state of anxiety, artificial or not.”

His bottom line is that Netanyahu/Barak can’t be trusted. How can they be by putting Israelis and others in danger. IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz and Mossad head Tamir Pardo also oppose war.
So do Air Force head Amir Eshel, Military Intelligence chief Aviv Kochavi, Shin Bet director Yoram Cohen, and other top Israeli officials. Netanyahu/Barak are increasingly isolated.

On September 4, Haaretz headlined “In the Iranian poker game, Netanyahu and Barak have overplayed their hand,” saying:

The Israeli Hayom daily has close ties to Netanyahu. In recent weeks, it’s featured a barrage of worrying reports on Iran’s alleged nuclear progress and Washington’s failure to halt it.

In the last few days, something changed. On August 31, it highlighted Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey’s comments about America’s unwillingness to be complicit if Israel goes it alone.

The strategically timed IAEA report got second billing. On September 1, Iran got back page coverage. On September 3, it again made headlines, “but only in the form of Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Benny Gantz’s vague statement that the IDF can act ‘anywhere, anytime.’ ”
In other words, the daily out in front echoing inflammatory Netanyahu comments now backed off. “Does this indicate that (he’s) seeking a ladder to climb down from” his perch high up in a tree and very much out on a limb?
Perhaps he overplayed his hand. Crying wolf enough times begins falling on deaf ears. Growing Netanyahu/Barak public disapproval also matters. So does disagreement with Washington. It’s over timing, not policy.

Key is that Netanyahu/Barak talk is bluster. Without Washington’s support, attacking Iran won’t happen. Haaretz thinks inflammatory Israeli comments damaged US/Israeli relations. Perhaps eventually but not now.

Key is what major media reports don’t say. Their common theme is suppressing truth and full disclosure. On Iran, Haaretz is no different. The Islamic Republic poses no Israeli or regional threat. Its nuclear program is peaceful.

Top world leaders know it. Over 100 NAM countries support it. They oppose US/Israeli warmongering. Their agenda is peace, not conflict. They respect national sovereignty inviolability.
They know international law prohibits interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. It’s also unequivocal against attacking another one except in self-defense.

These issues are ignored in America’s media, what’s seen and read across Europe, and what Israeli broadcast and print media report. They’re key above all others. Failure to discuss them advances the ball for war.

Doing so is reckless, irresponsible, and complicit. It puts culpable journalists in the same category as propagandists. Blood will be on their hands if it’s shed.

Apologies won’t be forthcoming for being on the wrong side of rule of law principles, support for what should be condemned, and failure to do what good journalists should – their job.

A Final Comment

On September 4, Israeli intelligence officials briefed Netanyahu and security cabinet members. They do it annually or when special occasions arise.

They focused on Iran, Syria, Egypt, and US/Israeli relations. The meeting was closed. Ministerial aides and advisors weren’t invited. Military intelligence, Mossad and Shin Bet participated. So did Foreign Ministry representatives.

A follow-up meeting is likely. Hopefully opposition to inflammatory rhetoric was stressed. Honest talk about no existential threat needs highlighting and repetition. Truth needs to be separated from what’s not. Above all, avoiding potentially catastrophic war is vital.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius is no peacenik. He’s hardline for direct Western intervention against Syria. His no-fly zone/safe haven advocacy means war if either or both are instituted.
At the same time, he warns about attacking Iran. “I think that if there were an Israeli attack, unfortunately it could come back to haunt Israel,” he said.

“I am absolutely opposed to the idea that Iran would gain nuclear weapons,” he said, “but I think if there was an Israeli attack,” Tehran will be victimized and gain legitimacy.

Britain’s defense establishment Royal United Services Institute director Michael Clarke says there’s “no basis in international law for preventative, rather than preemptive, war.”

There’s no basis for either except when clear evidence shows foreign forces mobilized for attack.
Israeli borders aren’t threatened. Iran supports peace, not war. Its nuclear program is legal and non-military. It fully complies with NPT provisions.

Those issues deserve daily headlines. Don’t expect warmongering media to feature them.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at
His new book is titled "How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War"
Visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.
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’Turkish Officers Directly Commanding Syria Insurgents’

Local Editor
Turkish officers are directly commanding insurgents in northern Syria, as they are coordinating with US Central Intelligence Agency CIA.
syria militants
Debkafile, which is widely believed to have close links to Israeli intelligence sources, reported on Thursday that insurgents in the cities of Idlib and Aleppo receive orders from headquarters in the southeastern Turkish city of Gaziantep.

Meanwhile the director of the CIA David Petraeus, arrived in Ankara on Monday to discuss Turkey’s proposal to expand its military presence in Syria. After meeting with Turkish military and intelligence chiefs, Petraeus flew to the Zionist entity to hold similar talks with the Tel Aviv regime, the report said.

Earlier on June 21, The New York Times also reported that a group of CIA officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey.

Syria has been experiencing unrest since March 2011. Damascus says outlaws, saboteurs, and armed terrorists are the driving factor behind the unrest and deadly violence while the opposition accuses the security forces of being behind the killings.

The Syrian government says that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and there are reports that a very large number of the armed militants are foreign nationals.

Damascus also says the insurgents are supported by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
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Bahrain Regime Surrounds Capital, Quells Protestors Heading There

Local Editor
The Bahraini regime forces deployed in Manama, quelling the crowds who were heading towards the capital to take part in the march that the opposition called for.

AFP quoted protestors as saying that Secretary General of Al-Wefaq Society Sheikh Ali Salman was among the crowds, while Bahraini sources reported that the security forces were surrounding Sheikh Salman and a crowd of protestors in Momin mosque in Manama.

Moreover, the Bahraini forces surrounded the capital from all its entrances, outrageously suppressing citizens trying to join the protes and arresting a number of them.

Opposition Condemns Regime’s Suppressing of Protestors

Bahrain ForcesThe Bahraini opposition warned the regime of the dangers of going on with its suppression, reassuring its adherence to its strategic demands of implementing reforms, and of the people’s right to protest in various Bahraini regions.

The opposition further called upon the UN Human Rights Council to take punishment measures against the Bahraini regime so that it halts its constant suppression and its recklessness towards the international treaties on top of which is the Human Rights Council’s recommendations to the regime.

For its part, Bahrain Forum noted that the countries’ criticisms to the Bahraini regime’s unjust trials do not match with the violations taking place, considering that this is pushing the authority towards more violence.

It also stressed that the Bahraini regime is proving day after day that it is not ready for a serious dialogue with the opposition.
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Friday 7 September 2012

Palestine Protests: Occupation Economy Falters

Palestine Protests: Occupation Economy Falters

Palestinian protesters burn an effigy of prime minister Salam Fayyad during a demonstration against the high cost of living in the southern West Bank city of Hebron on 4 September 2012. (Photo: AFP - Hazem Bader)
Published Friday, September 7, 2012
A few days ago, a Palestinian from Ramallah tried to set himself on fire to protest the dire economic conditions in the West Bank. Soaring prices, high taxes, costly fuel, and low salaries are pushing Palestinians to take action.

Ramallah - Seven in the morning is when rush hour starts on the main roads of Palestinian cities. Students head to their schools and universities and working people to their jobs.

But yesterday was not like any other day. Thousands of trucks and taxis blocked road junctions connecting the towns of the West Bank.

The Union of Transportation Workers in the West Bank went on a full strike between 7am and 9am, continuing with a partial strike for the rest of the day.

Taxi, bus, and truck drivers were protesting soaring fuel costs, which ultimately led to higher prices for major food products.

The strike led to heavy traffic jams in the morning rush hour, with hundreds of thousands of students and workers experiencing delays.
The drivers promised to repeat the strike next Monday – for a full day and throughout the West Bank – if the government of Salam Fayyad does not consider their demands to bring fuel prices back to what they were before the last increase.

Al-Akhbar asked several residents and activists in the West Bank about the popular mobilization taking place against soaring prices.

“I believe that people have the right to express their opinions peacefully. The situation has become unbearable,” Ahmad al-Barghouti declared.

The political class is confused and “there does not seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a rupture in the social situation in all directorates and inside every family,” he continued.

“Where do you start? There is unemployment, inflation, poverty, clientelism, and preferential treatment, not to mention the occupation and daily abuses from settlers. Then there is an extremist right wing government [in Israel] and a wall that suffocates the people,” he explained.

Barghouti said he believed these conditions to be “pressure tools that will lead the street to erupt, whether against the high prices or in a third intifada against the occupation. It could be over a list of popular demands leading to a real revolution to overthrow the [Palestinian] Authority (PA).”

Sami Awad from Ramallah said he feels “a widening gap between the people and the PA. People do not feel a part of the authority, and the authority does not represent the wishes and aspirations of the people.”

He indicated that “the absence of elections, a real democratic process, unity, and a common vision for the future are part of the problem.”

“I support the people’s right to protest peacefully for their causes. I am in favor of this mobilization, not just because I want to blame and complain, but to participate politically. It is our responsibility to confront such challenges, in order to create a better future. We have to stop dealing with the symptoms and look into the real reason behind the economic crisis,” he elaborated.

From occupied Jerusalem, Roline Tafakji told Al-Akhbar that “the demands to overthrow Salam Fayyad are irresponsible. Those who know about the agreements signed by the PA will discover that Fayyad was not present. He is merely a scapegoat before the local elections.”

“The scenario will be as follows. Fayyad will be toppled and the burdens of the Paris economic agreement [signed in 1994 and aimed at coordinating economic ties with Israel] will be blamed on him. Then, politicians will start promoting incomprehensible ideas and win the local elections,” she said.

“I prefer that we call for the downfall of the Paris economic agreement, instead of burning pictures of Fayyad and calling for his overthrow or the resignation of his government,” she recommended.

Rami Deaibes from Jenin believes that “demonstrating is a legitimate right. It is a means of challenging the exorbitant prices relative to income...The situation now is that most citizens are hostage to their salaries and bank loans. They live under heavy economic and livelihood pressures.”

Akram al-Natsheh from Hebron was more direct. “The latest hike in prices broke the camel’s back. Palestinians have been living in a state of poverty and unemployment for too long,” he said.

He explained that “none of the promises were fulfilled, and nothing was gained except new taxes and exorbitant fees received by the PA on transactions. Over the past years, these increases accumulated and led to the current upheaval.”

Natsheh suggested that protests are becoming more popular by the day. Indeed, they could escalate, unless the PA takes immediate action.

Although the protests revolve around economic issues, he argued that they concealed an underlying resentment of the overall performance of the Palestinian government.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.

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The Enemy Within? (must watch)

An opportunity to listen to the voices of the people who live in the biggest Jewish ghetto ever.
Israel is the Jewish State, it is racially driven and Judeo-centric to the bone.
Israel is about to implode, the enemy is within and it isn't the Palestinians, the Arabs or the Goyim. It is Jewish supremacy and morbid tribalism that is inherent to Jewish political collectivism.

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Damascus Condemns Erdogan Remarks as "Brazen"

Local Editor
Erdugan to pray in Amawides Mosque in Damuscus ‘soon’

Syria condemned on Thursday the "repeated and impudent statements" of the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The foreign ministry released on Thursday in which it accused Erdoan of terrorism as Ankara supports the insurgents in Syria.

“Erdogan accuses Syria of terrorism while he and his government practice this terrorism overtly against the Syrian people through harboring, training and supporting the armed terrorist groups,” the statement said, according to SANA news agency.

The ministry added that Ankara was “facilitating the infiltration of terrorists and Jihadists to Syria in a way that has been clearly exposed through the testimonies of journalists who visited Syria and the confessions of terrorists in the Syrian media, and even the statements of some Turkish politicians who accuse Erdogan's government openly of ‘playing with fire’."

The Turkish PM said on Wednesday that Syria has become a “terrorist state,” adding that President Bashar al-Assad as “up to his neck in blood”.

" In the time when Erdogan, in every international forum, is calling for establishing buffer zones, it would be useful to remind that the joint borders between the two countries were an example to follow regarding the integration between countries in terms of trade exchange and building friendship bridges between the two brotherly peoples.”

The statement stressed that yet Erdogan, who “shoulders the responsibility for the deterioration of the bilateral relations because of his hostile policies, has not been satiated with the Syrian blood he shed and the destruction he caused to Syria, as he also flouted all principles of fraternity and good-neighborly relations between the Syrian and Turkish peoples.”

"The sign of Erdogan's aggressive behavior is obvious, as it expresses his frustration for the failure of the scheme targeting Syria and its people," the statement said.

“Friendship ties between the Syrian and Turkish peoples will remain firm, as Erdogan's policies could not drag the Turkish people to antagonize their brothers in Syria." The statement concluded.

Erdogan's government established a company to train Syrian dissidents

Islam Times - The Turkish newspaper Aydinlik revealed that Erdogan's government established a company under the name of (defense company for International Advisory and Construction) to train armed terrorist groups to carry out attacks in Syria, pointing out that the company that looks legal was established by retired Turkish officers loyal to this government.
ErdoganThe paper revealed in a report based on Turkish intelligence sources and the first part of which was published yesterday, that the company which aims to train and equip these groups, including foreigners to launch attacks against the Syrian state and work to create a civil war, is operating under the umbrella of (Association supporters justice) banner stressing that this association and company is headed by retired Brigadier General (Adnan Tanera Wardi).

The Turkish newspaper showed that this company is illegal and transfers funds allocated by the Erdogan government to state treasury from the Gulf to the Syrian opposition.

"The company indicates on its website that it provides military training services in the field of street fighting and guerrilla warfare, assassinations and acts of sabotage in addition to secure all types of weapons, training and transfer to the required places."

According to information obtained by the newspaper the (defense company for International Advisory and Construction) has trained 2800 men to street fight in the camps set up in different areas pointing to the continuing military exercises and training groups of between 300 and 400, and the company seeks to raise the number to 4,500 armed.

The paper added: “After the crisis in Syria, the Association decided to engage in military activities in accordance with the demands of the government and its members decided to set the consulting firm of International Defense and Construction headed by retired Brigadier General Wardi on instructions of the Erdogan government.

The paper continued its report and noted that the retired Brigadier Wardi said in a statement after the overthrow of Turkish plane in Syrian territorial waters: “the company engages in covert operation based on three points which are the support, the organization and the formation of the Free Army.”
In his statement, he also refers directly and indirectly to the need to support armed groups in Syria and the role of his company in this area.

25 Turkish soldiers killed in blast

(Reuters) - An explosion at an ammunition store in western Turkey has killed 25 soldiers and wounded four others....The cause of the blast, which happened late on Wednesday in the western city of Afyon, was not immediately known, the military said

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MP Raad: March 14 Memo Indicates Involvement in Syria Assault

Local Editor
The Head of Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc, MP Mohamad Raad, slammed the memorandum, delivered by March 14 coalition to President Michel Sleiman, as provocative.
mohammad raad
During a press conference at the Parliament, said that role of the memo is “a provocation against Syria in a bid to get together with the international assault targeting Syria.”

“The aim of this memo is to cover up March 14’s involvement and participation in the assault against Syria.”

 “We draw President Sleiman’s attention to the dangers, the aims and the contents of this memorandum,” MP Raad said, urging the President to deal responsibly with the memo.

Last week, ex-PM Fouad Saniora handed President Sleiman, on behalf of March 14, a memo demanding the annulment of the security treaties with Syria, the expulsion of the Syrian ambassador, the filing of a complaint with the Arab League over what it called Syria’s violations.

“The memo doesn't reflect any keenness to preserve Lebanon's sovereignty and violates the Taef accord,” MP Rad said further.

He called on the Lebanese authorities to investigate the clashes that erupted recently along the northern Lebanese-Syrian border and the side that opened fire first.

“The investigation will reveal if the alleged Syrian violations are true, and if Syria is opening fire first or if it comes as a reaction to violations committed by Lebanon.”

MP Raad also said that “if the government was ruled by March 14 then it would have engaged Lebanon in a war against Syria.”
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Prof' William A. Cook: Tearing the Veil From Israel’s Civility-a book review

DateSunday, September 18, 2011 at 11:29PM

 Gilad Atzmon: The following is a very a deep and thoughtful reading of my work by William A. Cook

Gilad Atzmon’s insight into the organism created by the Zionist movement in his book, The Wandering Who, is explosive; it tears the veil off of Israel’s apparent civility, its apparent friendship with the United States, and its expressed solicitude for western powers—Britain, Canada, Australia, France and Germany—exposing behind the veil, the assassin ready to slay any and all that interfere with its tribally focused ends. In February of this year, Atzmon characterized Islam and Judaism as tribally oriented belief systems rooted not in “enlightened individualism,” but rather in “…the survival of the extended family.” These belief systems have nothing to do with personal liberties or personal rights; they have to do with securing the realm of their respective “ways of life.” But unlike tribalism in Islam, tribalism in Judaism “can never live in peace with humanism and universalism” (4). “Both religions stand as systems that provide thorough answers in terms of spiritual, civil, cultural and day to day matters.” In this regard, “…both Islam and Judaism are more than just religions: they convey an entire ‘way of life,’ and

The Wandering Who is a personal journey of a man born in Jerusalem, raised in the Jewish ‘way of life,’ infused with the myths of the founding of the Jewish state; “Supremacy was brewed into our soul, we gazed at the world through racist, chauvinistic binoculars. And we felt no shame about it either” (5). Inducted into the Israeli military during the 1980s he served in Lebanon, and, in his late teens, experienced an epiphany caused in good measure by careful listening to voices beyond the wall that encircled him in the ghetto that is the Israeli state. This epiphany forced a distinction in identity versus identifying, between self-reliance and obedient servant to an ideology, a distinction that recognized Jews as people, Judaism as a religion, and Jewishness, an ideology that determines identity politics and a resulting political discourse.

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What, then, characterizes a Jew? Atzmon distinguishes among those who follow the Judaic religion; those who regard themselves as a human being who happens to be of Jewish origin; and those who put their Jewishness over and above all other traits. Chaim Weizman, the first Israeli President and a Zionist, identified being a Jew as a ‘primary quality’ above citizenship, occupation, head of household, indeed “Jewishness becomes the key element and fundamental characteristic of one’s being.”

Vladimir Jabotinsky wrote “…the nucleus of his spiritual structure will always remain Jewish, because his blood, his body, his physical racial type are Jewish” (“A Letter on Autonomy,” 1904). It is this identifying principle that Atzmon sees as corrosive, not only to Judaism, but to the safety and security of the Jewish people, their friends and their neighbors. “…probably then and there I left Chosen-ness behind to become an ordinary human being” (6). “For me to be Jewish is, above all, to be preoccupied with overcoming injustice and thirsting for justice in the world, and that means being respectful toward other peoples regardless of their nationality or religion, and empathetic in the face of human suffering whoever and wherever victimization is encountered” (“On Jewish Identity,” 1/15/2011).

Significantly, Atzmon turns to the ancient tale of the wandering Jew to reap the complexities inherent in the contradictions that beset Judaism in today’s world: tribalism versus universalism, chosen-ness versus democratic equality, rule by defiance of law versus nations ruled by law, control of government by Zionist controlled ideology versus responsiveness to the voice of the citizenry, and tribalistic morality where morals are fabricated for political utilitarian ends versus the inalienable rights of all endowed by nature.

The legend’s primary symbolic value resides in its identification of ‘otherness,’ the unique concept of ‘chosen-ness,’ that separates the Jews from the rest of humanity resulting in an ideological and psychological isolation that becomes a strategic tool used by the Zionists and the Neo-Cons to manipulate the Jewish people and the formation of the Jewish state. Jabotinsky and Weizmann’s “primary quality” of Jewishness prevents assimilation, thus forcing the Jew to remain always an alien wherever he or she resides. Personal identification can only exist in the tribe, a virtual and absolute commitment to Jewishness, making possible the use of Jews around the world as "sayanims”  (assistants) to further the goals of the Jewish state (17). “The sayan is a person who would betray the nation of which he is a citizen out of devotion to a notion of a clannish brotherhood” (17).
There are thousands of sayanim around the world. In London alone, there are about 2,000 who are active, and another 5,000 on the list. They fulfill many different roles. A car sayan…running a rental agency, could help the Mossad rent a car without having to complete the usual documentation. … a bank sayan could get you money if you needed it in the middle of the night, a doctor sayan would treat a bullet wound without reporting it to the police…The idea is to have a pool of people available when needed who can provide services but will keep quiet about them out of loyalty to the cause (17).
“In Zionist eyes Jewishness is an international network operation…to be a Jew is a deep commitment that goes far beyond any legal or moral order” (19). Atzmon identifies a functioning organism controlled by Zionist ideology and Neo-Con sayanim in the United States that has yoked Israeli interests to those of the United States using a document titled the USA Defense Planning Guidance Report for fiscal years 1994-1999. “In the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, we seek to foster regional stability, deter aggression against our friends and interests in the region, protect U.S. nationals and property, and safeguard our access to international air and seaways and to the region’s oil. The United States is committed to the security of Israel and to maintaining the qualitative edge that is critical to Israel’s security.” (22). This manipulative strategy “transformed the Jewish tribal mode into a collective functioning system.” It also transformed “the American and British armies into a Zionist mission force” as Israel and the Neo-Cons manipulated the governments of the UK and the US to attack Israel’s enemies in Iraq while imposing sanctions on Syria and defending its occupation and oppression of the Palestinians and its wanton destruction of Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza in 2008-2009.

Atzmon illuminates the inner soul, or more correctly, the lack thereof, of the Israeli state as it has evolved from early Zionism to a politically astute merger of ancient Judaism with secular purposes to attain its goals. It is in this respect the abortive grandchild of Leo Strauss, a Professor and teacher of Paul Wolfowitz and the Neo-Cons who clustered about his determinist altar—Richard Perle (former Defense Policy Board Chairman), William Kristol (Chief Editor of the Weekly Standard), Gary Schmitt (Chairman and Director of the Project for the New American Century), Stephen Campone (Under-Secretary of Defense for Intelligence under Rumsfeld), Abram Shulsky (friend of Perle and head of Rumsfeld’s special intelligence unit sometimes characterized as the “Specious Planning Unit”), Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld who are connected through the PNAC (Project for the New American Century)—all “leaders” of course accepting without question a brand of determinism that controlled human life with some born to lead and the vast majority born to follow.

I had tracked the emergence of this cult that came to power in an article published in 2003, “Moral Insanity: the Cabal that Corrupts,” and offer two paragraphs that capture the consequences of this deception.
Since Strauss taught that nature’s determinism thrust the “wise few” into positions of leadership over the “vulgar many,” and since virtue is defined by the elite who rule, and since morality does not exist, and since justice is merely the interest of the stronger, and since the rule of the wise is absolute, authoritarian and unquestionable, and since religion is “the glue that holds society together,” using religion for political ends, like lying, deception, secrecy, and intimidation, is a good necessary to achieve the determined goals of the government. Manipulation of the “vulgar masses” becomes an end in itself and the distortion of words and concepts becomes the means to that end…
Only a Straussian Cultist would have the arrogance to create a National and International policy on behalf of 300 million people when they represented none of them. Two years later, a year after 9/11, this report became “The National Security Strategy Report of the United States of America,” a document that details how America will act, nationally and internationally, during the second Bush regime. Needless to say, few Americans ever saw the details of this report before it became policy—not the average American citizen nor their representatives in Congress nor the Senate. Yet we are the ones who must pay for the plans these men designed, be victims of the world’s censure as they carry out their designs, and fall prey to their restrictions on civil liberties imposed by this regime as “security measures.”
Atzmon’s analysis reveals strategies used by the Zionists to control their population: “Some marginal politicians seek to publically ‘shame’ their integrated brothers and sisters. This serves two purposes. First, it conveys a clear message that real assimilation is impossible…Second, it pushes the assimilated being towards collaboration with his old clan. ‘You will never escape who you are so you better be proud of it’” (34). But it does not stop there. The Zionist lobbies tell the assimilated Jew “You will never escape who you are so why not be proud of it and work with us.” Indeed, this very assertion undermines a moral foundation as it forces the American Jew to succumb to that “primary quality” of Jewish-ness above loyalty to his nation. “First they are Jews and only then are they humanists” (35).
Zionism, as Atzmon notes, has used Jewish ‘separatism’ and its resulting ‘insecurity in relations with his fellow beings’ to coerce obedience and commitment. This tactic has been characteristic of the Zionist power since the Mandate period. In the Introduction to The Plight of the Palestinians, I presented evidence of such coercion from the classified documents of the British Mandate Police, most especially the Hagana Oath that forced an allegiance to the Zionist High Command:
The Haganah Oath goes deeper than fear. In effect, it declares that an individual has turned his/her conscience over to the High Command thus accepting what is right and what is wrong as determined by that authority regardless of local, state or international law, indeed, regardless of the morals, values and traditions of Judaism. This commitment is forever, to death.
From the moment an individual takes the oath, they are committed to a life of secrecy and hence of disloyalty and betrayal to those they are most intimate with in their day to day life. Neither their actions nor their true identity is discernible to those with whom they interact regularly. This is a life that encapsulates the necessity of lies, deceit, coercion, extortion, and obedience to a group that dictates the actions one must pursue; freedom no longer exists, self-direction no longer exists, loyalty to others no longer exists, indeed, friendship with others is compromised or impossible, one becomes the subject of that group, a veritable slave to their desires and wills. The mindset that promotes such control allows for spying, for deception of friends, for ostracism in one’s own community for thinking differently, for imprisonment without due process, for torture, even for extrajudicial executions. It is a total commitment to a cause that supersedes all others determined and dictated by an oligarchy in silence and subject to no legitimate institution and to no one (xxvi).
Atzmon elaborates on his contention that the Zionists intentionally manipulate Jewish separatism to their advantage by instilling a myth of persistent persecution against Jews as evidence of their need to support the Israeli enterprise, a virtual effort at ghetto building, and one that results in a form of Pre-Traumatic Stress Syndrome induced by a continual grand narrative of Israeli victimization caused by the Holocaust: being driven into the sea, being wiped off the map, delegitimized, all portend the impending disaster that awaits the Jewish state.

Such perception forces the Diaspora Jew to confront the significance of the promise and fulfillment of the Zionist dream, the return to Zion. “By bonding Eretz Yisrael and the Diaspora continuum, the Settler replaces the ‘negation of the Diaspora’ with a ‘negation of the Goyim’ (a return of the Jewish pre-Zionist condition).” This effectively stops the possibility of Jewish assimilation and promotes a return to tribal distinctiveness, albeit with political and global interests. Concomitantly, “It leaves the Diaspora Jew in limbo. He or she is neither assimilated into their surrounding social environment nor settled in a Jewish state” (43). Rejection then of the Zionist call must be understood as an act of treason or a form of self-hatred. Unfortunately, yet reflective of the symbolic nature of the legend of the Wandering Jew, “…it emphasizes the racist and expansionist Judeo-centric nature of the Jewish State. .. and the Diaspora Jew finds himself or herself intrinsically associated with a bigoted, ethnocentric ideology and an endless list of crimes against humanity” (43).

Chosen-ness determines its own end. What the Chosen believes through the books that give them their unique status must be truth. Since the words used are not theirs, but the words of their G-d, they are immune from the limitations of language (32). The Chosen need only respond to themselves to find identity, but in their affiliation with their group, not humanity at large. Atzmon notes that the religious understanding of Chosen-ness carries with it a moral burden to “stand as an exemplary model of ethical behavior,” but in the Zionist mind that has been “reduced to a crude, ethno-centric, blood-oriented chauvinism”… a kind of “tribal supremacism, in which ‘love yourself as much as you hate everyone else’ becomes a pragmatic reality” (86). Consequently, “This form of supremacy lies at the heart of the Zionist claim for Palestine, at the expense of its indigenous inhabitants” (87). Justice is not a consideration.

Perhaps the most insidious corruption imposed on the Jewish people and on their religion by the Zionists who garnered control of the new state of Israel was the manipulation of the Holocaust into both a religion and an industry. Norman Finkelstein covers the creation of the industry, Atzmon, with the help of Professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz, a Latvian-born philosopher at the Hebrew University, and Adi Ophir, an Israeli philosopher and Associate Professor at the Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas at Tel Aviv University, takes on the description and the consequences of transforming the Holocaust into a religion. Leibowitz, according to Uri Avnery (19.3.05, “Remember What? Remember How?), stated that “The Jewish religion died 200 years ago. Now there is nothing that unifies the Jews around the world apart from the Holocaust.” Atzmon suggests that Lebowitz might have been the first to recognize that the Holocaust had been made into a religion with priests, prophets, commandments and dogmas, rituals and temples.
The Holocaust religion is, obviously, Judeo-centric to the bone. It defines the Jewish raison d’etre. For Zionist Jews, it signifies a total fatigue of the Diaspora, and regards the goy as a potential irrational murderer. This new Jewish religion preaches revenge. It could well be the most sinister religion known to man, for in the name of Jewish suffering, it issues licenses to kill, to flatten, to nuke, to annihilate, to loot, to ethnically cleanse. It has made vengeance into an acceptable Western value (127).
Let us return now to the wandering Jew of legend. In 1848, Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote “A Virtuoso’s Collection,” an exotic tale of the strange and fantastic that subsumes the legend in the personage of the Virtuoso.
Hawthorne uses the legend to capture that mystery of behaviour that has haunted writers for centuries, a mystery that still befuddles our scientists that search for an explanation for actions that seem devoid of “natural sympathies,” actions that elicit no response to human suffering, emotional or psychological, to physical pain and anguish, to loss of those loved, a child, a son or daughter, a father or mother, actions inflicted for no perceivable reason, where guilt has not been determined nor compassion considered. The legend captures the man that witnesses the suffering of the innocent, the Christ bearing His cross though guilty of nothing but the spirit of human compassion for his brothers and sisters, the sacrifice of atonement, yet mocks the innocent to “go on quicker,” for the Wanderer “is linked with the realities of this earth… to what I can see, and touch, and understand, and I ask for no more.” Nothing can stand in his way as he rushes through life acquiring all that this world can offer, and at any expense, regardless of his impact on others. “The soul is dead within him,” Hawthorne proclaims, the natural sympathy for his fellow humans does not exist.
Hawthorne grappled with this image of the lost soul, severed from the roots that carry all in the concept of humanity, where each is a brother or a sister to another and to all; where the teachings of the faiths that sustain humankind across the globe find love and compassion the fundamental life force that binds all and gives meaning to all; where mercy and kindness serve to heal and advance the commonweal; where the island that is this planet unites all humankind in bonds of necessary and never ending ties if there is to be a future for our children; this is the source of the human spirit that emanates from one all embracing soul that is the common experience of all that must endure the suffering and pain that is this life suffused and made endurable by the springs of love that give joy to the world. This is a concept that requires of all, sharing of all things, that each might survive despite the ravages of time and circumstance. It is the essence of all faiths that truly believe in the human spirit and the uncertainties that control our lives. It finds repulsive, as a consequence, those who seek to destroy the unity of spirit that binds all together in favour of personal gain, sought in the material acquisitions made possible in this world, regardless of the havoc wrought to achieve their ends.
The image of the Wandering Jew reflects that person who abandons his fellows for personal gain, who forfeits human love and compassion for the artefacts of this world gained at any expense, satisfied with the acquisition of wealth, of position, of power even when achieved by devastation and death since ultimately only he exists and all routes to his end are achieved. All humans are expendable and are, then, by definition inferior to the man free of moral or spiritual restraints.
The Wandering Jew is then, as metaphor, another rendering of the story of Cain who slew his brother, for which act he was cursed by God Almighty to wander the earth a fugitive…. The Wandering Jew, like Cain, is Everyman” (William A. Cook, “The Eternal Jew Goes on Forever,” 8/24/2009).
Gilad Atzmon brings us to this understanding as it applies in our day; he is our Hawthorne who journeys through our time to illuminate the consequences of actions that deny, indeed, that defy the oneness of humanity to benefit the few at the expense of the many. He writes a critical and devastating explanation of Jewishness as it has been manipulated to control the Jewish people and impose the will of the Zionist dictators in Israel and the U.S. on the American people through control of the U.S. Congress. He unravels the nuances that veil the arrogance, the deceit, and the hypocrisy of those in power, why they are so bound by terrorism and force, revealing in the process the horror of their betrayal and the emptiness of their words.

He comprehends Hawthorne’s description of the Virtuoso, the Wandering Jew, as it fittingly captures the mindset of those who impose a deterministic and amoral direction on political events both in the United Nations and the United States, “…there was a bitterness indefinably mingled with his tone, as of one cut off from natural sympathies, and blasted with a doom that had been inflicted on no other human being, and by the results of which he had ceased to be human. Yet…it seemed one of the most terrible consequences of that doom, that the victim no longer regarded it as a calamity, but had finally accepted it as the greatest good that could have befallen him.”

That frame of mind accepts no guilt because it has rejected personal conscience as the basis for actions in lieu of tribal security; the tribe alone determines right: individualism, natural rights, self-reliance, personal responsibility in a democracy no longer exists. This mindset, clustered in a functioning, global, tribal concentration of power, focuses on one voice, theirs. It denies democracy yet calls itself democratic; it speaks of universalism but protects only itself; it proclaims brotherhood with nations that exist by rule of law even as it defies all laws but its own; it presents itself as a nation imbued with the righteous morals of ancient times yet establishes policies that are apartheid in character.

To not defend this frame of mind is to damn self and the Jewishness that gives them an identity. It is in effect a self-inflicted torture; an incredibly powerful identity fabricated out of ancient tales that gives the most ordinary of them superiority over others who must be denigrated and even destroyed. It’s a tribal character, protection of the group at all cost or lose self in the multitudes with which one must live. It had a place in ancient days, but cannot exist in a world where 192 nations share covenants with each other based on equality, respect and human dignity.

To hold to their beliefs they must negate similarity and equity, as well as justice and freedom for all. Given the power they possess and the money they use to control the U.S. Congress and the British Parliament, with similar controls being exerted in Canada, Australia, France and Germany, as Atzmon graphically demonstrates, the dangers of an elite few dominating the direction of international policies threatens international security and the quest for peace.

This 21st century Jew, like Jeremiah of old, wanders the world warning of an impending doom hidden behind the mask of civility that is the Israeli state. The world meets this nation in the halls of the United Nations through its pin-striped representatives who speak fluently and even eloquently of rights, of democracy, of justice, of self-defense, and of terrorism that threatens the civilized world. Yet behind that mask of civility reside a nation and its fascist belligerent leaders whose sole purpose is to control the very organizations erected to bring equity and justice to all. Their purpose, to gain time to achieve their end, the creation of Eretz Yisrael through the continuing ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people. Gilad Atzmon fears this end for the Jews and defies the Zionists that preach it. The Wandering Who proclaims the choice; we are Everyman, one in soul, one in sympathy, one in respect and dignity for all humanity.

William A. Cook is a professor of English at the University of La Verne in southern California and author of Tracking Deception: Bush Mid-East Policy, The Rape of Palestine, The Chronicles of Nefaria, and The Plight of the Palestinians published a year ago. He can be reached at or through his web
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Damuscus: The new Whorehood's First Qibla, and Third Haram

Israel attack Gaza terrorists preparing to fire rockets -  Hamaston army under intense Egyptian pressure arrests Salafi militants in Gaza "to prevent rocket fire from Gaza."

As Egypt continues its military campaign against Islamist militants in the Sinai. And after the the successful of Hamas security delegation to Cairo, Dayton army, I mean Hamas-ton army under intense Whorehood's pressure arrests Salafi militants in Gaza.

The little-known group – the Mujahadeen Shura Council of Jerusalem – said its members were rounded up this week "to prevent rocket fire from Gaza."

Hamas currently is believed to be interested in avoiding a conflict with Israel over rocket fire.

The group also claimed that Hamas confiscated light and homemade weapons, and assaulted family members of Salafi militants. "Families of the fighters were assaulted by security forces during the arrests," the groups said in a statement, adding that several Salafi activists and leaders had been summoned by security services in Gaza.
Most likely those Salifis, will have no choice other than moving to Syria to join the 800 Sinai Salafi, Mursi sent to Syria.

Israel joined the war on Gaza "terrorists". Its  Offensive claimed Lives of six.  An Israeli military spokeswoman confirmed the attack, claiming the strike targeted "a group of terrorists who were preparing to fire rockets at Israel from the centre of the Gaza Strip."

According to whorehood Israeli entity the "gigantic crime against humanity" is no more the enemy. The enemy is Syria.
Hamami from London to Mishaal
Leave Damascus now
Nine months ago, Hamami, a whore based in London, imagined himeself in Nasrallah shoes he "Sincerely" Promised "our next gloat will be soon from free Damascus, God willing, that's a promise!"
“Now after brother Obama state in unequivocal terms that he believes "Jerusalem is Israel’s capital”, the Whorehood's first Qibla, and second Haram is no more in Jerusalem, in the final analysis Jerusalem will be  Arab-Free in 2015, therfeore, after Nato Mufti, Erdugan, the neo-saladin intends to Erdugan to pray in Amawides Mosque in Damuscus ‘soon’

Meanwhile sectarian Khalid Hamayreh, silent on American Brothers deeds, is mocking Ramallah traitor for saying " Israel was created in order to stay for ever." and calling "Fatah to distance itself from Abbas's scandalous remarks"

'Abbas's remarks have been vehemently rejected and condemned by many Palestinian intellectuals, who called the remarks, inter alia, catastrophic, shocking and crossing all redlines." Hamayreh said "Abbas should have thought elaborately before uttering the unutterable. Palestine from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean belongs to the Palestinian people and the Muslim Umma, not to the Abbas' family. Which begs the question of whether Abbas had consulted with the Palestinian people and Muslims around the world before uttering these stunning words." Hamayreh added, ignoring that the all the red lines were crossed by Arafat since Oslo, where PLO recognised Israel's right to exist on 78% of historic Palestine.
"if Muslims can not liberate Palestine due to their military weakness, they have no right to come to terms with the usurpation of Muslim land." he wrote "In the final analysis, there is no verse in the Holy Quran stating that the Palestinian problem must be resolved during Mahmoud Abbas's life time."

In Hamayreh's final analysis "Palestine from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean belongs to the Palestinian people and the Muslim Umma, not to the Abbas' family."

Palestine belongs to Mursihood, "representing" 1.5 billion Muslims, But as "the Zionist entity is powerful militarily, thanks to its domination of the American government." and as there is no verse in the Holy Quran stating that the Palestinian problem must be resolved during Haniya's life time,

Moreover, according to "Umma Leader" the rights of the Palestinian people will restored by "diplomatic action".

In Harmony with Whorehood, Hamas called the Arab League to address the Israeli "I am a Refugee" campaign launched recently by Israel Foreign Ministry aimed "to equate between the Palestinian refugees who were displaced from their country by the Israeli occupation, and between Jewish colonists who have been brought to the Palestine with the encouragement of the Jewish Agency and the Israeli successive governments."

Palestine do not to Nasrallah and the Shiits of "Iblis" claming that that the Zionist entity is weaker the than a spider web, reminding arabs that Al-Quds is the central cause, reminding Islamists that the American Administration
"is the one occupying your Palestine, violating your Al-Quds, threatening your Holy mosque, and it is the one responsible, even before the enemy, of holding thousands of Palestinians in prisons, and of displacing, torturing, and besieging them in Gaza and the West Bank." 
Israeli Offensive against Gaza Claims Lives of Six
palestinian_martyrsThe number of Palestinians martyred since the Israeli offensive against Gaza strip started on Wednesday raised to six, after Israeli fire claimed lives of six people on Thursday. 
"We have received three bodies," said Ashraf al-Qudra, spokesman for the health ministry in Gaza.

The spokesman said that the three were martyred by an Israeli tank shell just east of the town of Beit Hanun.
The incident occurred 11 hours after an Israeli air strike on a car in the Al-Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza killed three civilians and seriously wounded a fourth person.
An Israeli military spokeswoman confirmed the attack, claiming the strike targeted "a group of terrorists who were preparing to fire rockets at Israel from the centre of the Gaza Strip."

In the same context, several Israeli vehicles entered the strip early on Thursday, as they moved deeply in the city of Khan Younis and fired against the Palestinians’ homes.

GazaThree Palestinians Hurt in Mysterious Gaza Blast
Three Palestinians were wounded in an overnight blast in a building in Gaza City, a medical official in the enclave said on Wednesday.
"One of those hurt was gravely wounded, and the other two were more lightly injured," said Ashraf al-Qedra, spokesman for the Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza. There was no immediate news on the cause of the explosion.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!