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Red Ice Radio-Turkey’s Failed Coup, Rise of Nationalism & Mammonism

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In this episode, Gilad speaks about his understanding of the failed Turkish Coup that followed attempts by Erdogan to reinstate Turkey’s amicable relationship with Russia.

 Gilad speculates that Turkey was on the verge of becoming the new Syria, as it’s on one hand an extremely Nationalist country and on the other at the forefront of the NATO/neocon intervention project. We learn about the uprising and taking to the streets by the Turkish people that stopped the military takeover, which Gilad says has been likened by some (fools) to an 'Islamofascist' revolt.

Then, we discuss how the Brexit decision relates to a bone of contention for Turkey’s role in the dirty NATO wars and the refugee invasion sprouting out of Eastern Europe.

Gilad points out some factors related to the Jewish Bolshevist movement in Russia and the Zionist occupation of Palestine that echo in present patterns being seen in Turkey, and he emphasizes how Erdogan’s popularity is another clear signal of the nationalist uprising and growing awareness of ethnic belonging.

 We also look at the perils of today’s trade-driven capitalist Britain, which Gilad calls Mammonism, and was predicted nearly 100 years ago by the genius manufacturer and business tycoon Henry Ford.

In the member half, we hone in on the Brexit decision and newly appointed PM Theresa May’s clampdown on free speech. Gilad speaks more to the Mammonite funded power structure that is still at the helm of Britain’s capitalist system, and we draw some comparisons to the Mammonist monster manifesting itself in American politics.

We look at parallels between Hitler’sMein Kampf and Trump’s plea to a more fascist way of thinking, which can be understood by looking at fascism as an economic system that appeals more to the will of the people.

Further, Gilad gives his take on the rise of Nationalism in Europe and indications that we’re living in a post-political era as reflected in the miserable failure of NATO and the disastrous multicultural experiment. We consider what is causing the current trend of immigrant non-assimilation in Europe, and why the false narrative of needing more working people as a means to subsidize society cannot be superimposed on the people now that so many citizens have awoken to the globalist scam. We round off the conversation with thoughts on the appeal of civic nationalism in the demographically divided and increasingly un-PC West.

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France’s Terror Spiral Ends When France Stops Being a Rogue State

French shock at the murder of an elderly priest by two knife-wielding Islamist terrorists is understandable. The 85-year-old cleric, Father Jacques Hamel, was forced to his knees before the tiny mass-going congregation in a Normandy parish church, when his throat was slit. The killers then proceeded to film themselves proclaiming a macabre Arabic ritual on the church’s altar.
Expressing the nation’s horror, Father Philippe Maheut, the vicar general for the Rouen district in northern France where the murder took place earlier this week, reportedly said: «We ask ourselves: how have we arrived at this point?»
The shock of the barbaric slaying is all the more compounded coming less than two weeks after a Tunisian-born man smashed a 19-ton lorry into crowds of pedestrians watching a Bastille Day fireworks display in the Riviera resort city of Nice. French authorities say that attack – in which 84 people were killed – was also motivated by Islamist terrorism.
Since January 2015, France has incurred over 10 terror attacks, which have taken the lives of more than 250 people. The country has been in a state of emergency for nine months and will continue to be so until at least the end of this year. Perhaps even beyond that. Yet there seems to be no respite from the violence.
What is even more galling for citizens is that in the latest attack near Rouen, one of the two assailants who were subsequently shot dead by police officers, was known to the French authorities for having terror links. Adel Kermiche (19), a French-Arab, was tagged electronically and under surveillance as part of a sentence from a French court for attempting to go to Syria on two occasions during 2015 to join Islamist militias fighting there.
The disclosure adds to the growing popular discontent with the government of President Francois Hollande. It follows claims made by local French police in Nice that they were not given adequate national security support at the time of the lorry massacre.
Hollande’s Socialist government is being assailed on the political right for being «too soft» on security.
Nicolas Sarkozy, the leader of the Republicans, is calling for a «merciless» response in the aftermath of the priest’s slaying this week.
Sarkozy, who is expected to make a second bid for the presidency in elections next year, appears to be trying to sideline the rightwing, anti-immigrant National Front of Marine Le Pen.
Emergency measures being demanded by Sarkozy include detention without trial for anyone suspected of Islamist terror links, greater surveillance powers for police, and the deportation of French citizens to their country of heritage if convicted of terror offenses. That is a slippery slope towards mass internment of entire ethnic-religious populations, akin to a martial law state.
With Hollande’s government under increasing electoral pressure from both the Republicans and the National Front, and given its woeful performance so far on security issues, it seems inevitable that France will intensify its already draconian emergency powers.
French military operations overseas can also be expected to escalate. Both Hollande and his Prime Minister Manuel Valls have declared war on Islamic State (IS or Daesh) and have vowed that «the war will be long».
Only days after the Nice atrocity on 14 July, French warplanes carried out several air strikes near the IS stronghold of Manbij in northern Syria. However, Syrian government sources claimed that the strikes resulted in over 100 civilians being killed. Damascus sent a letter to the UN Security Council condemning French violation of humanitarian law, as well as its sovereignty in carrying out the air raids.
What we have then is a death-terror-spiral. Under prevailing circumstances this spiral will drill deeper and deeper into horrific oblivion.
Let’s go back to the question posed by the vicar general of Rouen following the priest’s murder: how did we arrive at this point?
It cannot be understated that much of the so-called jihadist violence that has erupted across Europe, from France to Belgium to Germany, is a form of blowback from illegal wars that European states have waged in Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. These wars have been conducted overtly along with the United States, under the auspices of NATO, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Mali. The legality of these «interventions» is highly questionable, if not criminal on the face of it.
It was under the French presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy in March 2011 that NATO bombed Libya into a failed state, overthrowing the government of Muammar Gaddafi, and unleashing Islamist terrorism across the Maghreb, Sahara and Middle East regions.
Under Hollande’s presidency from 2012, France has been a key sponsor of the covert war in Syria over the past five years to topple the elected government of President Bashar al-Assad. Along with the United States, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, France is responsible for one of the great crimes in modern history – the wanton destruction of Syria, with a death toll of 400,000 people and the displacement of millions refugees, all stemming from the covert support of terrorist militia for regime change.
As Syria’s ambassador to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari, admonished the Security Council this past week with sarcasm: «Why are attacks in Europe condemned as terrorist acts, but when they are carried out in Syria, Western governments refer to them as the actions of ‘moderate rebels’?»
The slitting of a priest’s throat in a Normandy church by self-proclaimed Islamist terrorists is indeed shocking. But how much more shocking is the beheading of thousands of Christians and Muslims by the same terror groups in Syria?
Syrian Christian patriarchs have for years been warning about the extermination of Christians in towns and villages that have fallen under siege from Islamic State and other al-Qaeda-linked terror groups. Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II told of just one horrific incident among many when 21 Christians were slaughtered inside a church in the town of Al Qaryatain. The reign of terror only came to an end in April this year when the Syrian Arab Army and Russian air force recaptured the town from the jihadists.
The jihadist networks – mercenaries from as many as 100 countries – nearly toppled the Syrian state until Russia’s President Vladimir Putin ordered military intervention last October. Toppling the state was the objective of the French government and its allies. And the proxies were directed, financed and weaponized by the foreign powers. France, the US, Britain and others are guilty of huge war crimes. The political leaders of these countries need to be prosecuted. Because without accountability under the law then there is no law. We have succumbed to the jungle.
Francois Hollande is on record publicly admitting that French weapons were being supplied to Syrian «rebels» as early as 2012, in contravention of a European Union embargo on Syria.
Western media reports have also occasionally and coyly acknowledged that foreign weapons have ended up in the hands of officially proscribed terror networks. The notion of a distinction between moderates and extremists is a cynical charade to absolve Western governments from the legitimate charge that they are aiding and abetting terrorists.
The videoed decapitation of a 10-year-old Palestinian boy near the northern Syrian city of Aleppo last week by US-backed «rebels» from the Nour al-Din al-Zenki brigade is proof of that charade. The US State Department admitted its link to the group, saying that the gruesome slaying of the boy would give it «pause» to continue its support for the brigade.
There seems no way out of France’s death spiral with terrorism. Not just France, but the whole of Europe.
A spate of terror-linked attacks in Germany – three in the last week – is stoking fear and resentment among ordinary Germans towards asylum seekers who have fled violence in Arab and Muslim countries.
The atrocity at the French church near Rouen is seen as a profanity against France’s Christian heritage. There are reports of fears that far-right French nationalist groups will seek revenge through attacks on Arab and Muslim communities. The mentality of fear, suspicion, retribution and xenophobia is in turn being reinforced by increasing emergency state powers and incendiary political rhetoric.
There is, it seems, an abysmal, apocalyptic vista of never-ending violence. Understandably, European citizens seem to be at a loss as to how to break out of the cycle of violence.
The truth is that France’s terror spiral, and that of wider Europe too, will only come to an end when states like France stop conducting themselves like rogue powers, trashing international law and violating other countries’ sovereignty with their support of terrorist proxies for illicit schemes of regime change.
France is in mourning – once again. The country needs to wake up to the reality of its own international lawlessness. And break the cycle of terrorism that its governments have in a big way instigated in the first place, along with their European and American NATO allies.
Speaking after the slaughter of the priest near Rouen, President Hollande looked into the TV cameras and solemnly said: «I owe you the truth. This war will be long. It is our democracy that is being targeted. We must unite».
Hold it right there. This is the kind of lying deceit that Western governments have to be called out on. The first thing that people should unite for is the prosecution of war criminals and the systematic violation of international law that has largely induced the phenomenon of endless terror in our midst

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israel’s policy towards Palestinians is destruction, destruction and more destruction in the name of ethnic cleansing

Shelter for the largely Bedouin population in Area C is provisional and flimsy, so easy to demolish compounding the wretched living conditions. Photo by B’Tselem.
Many of the Palestinians living in Area C have inadequate housing, shelters do not protect the residents from the heat, communities that were previously prosperous have become reliant on food aid.
By Tovah Lazaroff, JPost
July 27, 2016
Israel has created conditions on the ground that force Palestinians to leave Area C of the West Bank, which is tantamount to a creeping annexation of the area, warned [a representative of]  the United Nations on Wednesday.
The country’s “policies and practices have created a highly coercive environment in Area C that forces people [Palestinians] to leave,” said Natalie Grove, who is a representative of the UN’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.
She spoke as part of an unusual conference in the Knesset that was organized by left-wing politicians, including Joint List chairman Ayman Odeh, to highlight Israeli actions against Palestinians in Area C of the West Bank, which is under Israeli military and civil control.
“Forcible [population] transfer is a great breach of the Geneva Convention,” Grove said.
“Israel creates humanitarian need in a place where it should be addressing it. When the humanitarian community seeks to address these needs, Israel tries to prevent it,” she said.
Grove and Odeh charged that Israel was taking such actions to put in place a policy of creeping annexation.
As the “occupying” power, Israel has obligations both under international humanitarian law and human rights law toward the Palestinians, she said.
They have the “status of protected population” and the UN is mandated to advocate for their rights, including the right to receive humanitarian assistance, she said.
“The occupying power has the primary responsibility to meet the basic needs of the population in Area C. It does not do so,” she said.
Many of the Palestinians living in Area C have inadequate housing, shelters do not protect the residents from the heat, communities that were previously prosperous have become reliant on food aid.

Collecting essential foodstuffs in Hebron provided by the UN refugee agency. Photo by Getty images.
“Primary school children walk long distances to reach their nearest school, 180 communities are not connected to a water network, and obtaining building permits is virtually impossible,” Grove said.
“Palestinians who attempt to repair or upgrade their homes risk demolitions, those who install solar panels risk demolitions, those who dare to install a children’s play center risk demolitions,” Grove said.
EU Ambassador to Israel Lars Faaborg-Andersen said at the conference that preserving Area C as a major land reserve for Palestinians is critical to the viability of their future state.
It is for this reason, he said, that the EU has invested €21 million in the last two years for economic development and humanitarian assistance in Area C, including providing modular housing for Palestinians who lack proper shelter and homes.

Israeli bulldozer destroys one of the modular shelters provided by the EU in the West Bank village of Umm Al-Khair, close to the Israeli settlement of Karmel on 6th April 2016. Photo by EPA
Israel has cordoned off some 70 percent of Area C for its own use and has done little to help Palestinians develop a viable life there.
“Nearly all of the remaining 30 percent of Area C, much of which is private Palestinian property, is off limits for Palestinian development, because it requires permits that are almost never granted [by Israel],” Faaborg-Andersen said.
Israel’s civil administration granted the Palestinians only one permit in 2014 and none in 2015, Faaborg-Andersen said. Only 34 building permits in Area C out of 2,000 applications were granted to Palestinians from the years 2009 to 2013. Out of 108 master plans that were submitted to the civil administration, only a handful have been approved, he added.
At the same time, settler building continues, at a rate of approximately 1,500 new homes a year, he said.
He called on Israel to give Palestinians building permits and to stop demolishing illegally built structures.
In the last seven to eight years the EU has begun to offer Palestinians modular structures to use as homes, even though it has not received permits from Israel for such structures.
Its support of such illegal Palestinian construction is one of the points of tension between Israel and the EU, which views such actions as a legitimate form of humanitarian aid.
Faaborg-Andersen said that in the first six months of 2016, the civil administration has confiscated 91 such structures, which were funded by either the EU or its member states. He noted that in all of 2015, only 75 such structures were taken down.
There are also some 600 such EU structures for which Israel has issued demolition and stop-work notices, he said.
Ultimately, what is needed is a resumption of the negotiations between Israel and Palestinians so that two-state solution can be put in place, Faaborg-Andersen said.
Odeh [L] added that the Palestinians have no intention of going anywhere.
“Our fight will continue until the creation of a Palestinian state,” he  said.
This “is not just a Palestinian interest, but in the interest of all those who live here and seek peace,” Odeh said.
The diplomats and politicians were joined by a number of Palestinians who testified about the hardships of life in Area C.
MK Yehudah Glick (Likud), who lives in the Otniel settlement, was the only rightwing politician who spoke.
He said that while he does not believe a Palestinian state will be created, he was moved by the stories that the Palestinians told and believes that their conditions should be improved.

Israel has granted only 44 construction permits in response to over 2,000 requests, Lars Faaborg-Andersen tells Knesset meeting. Buildings that were destroyed were ‘illegal buildings,’ Israeli body says in response.
By Yotam Berger, Haaretz
July 27, 2016
European Union ambassador to Israel Lars Faaborg-Andersen criticized Israel on Wednesday for destroying Palestinian homes in Area C of the West Bank.
Faaborg-Andersen said at a conference at the Knesset that from 2009 to 2013 Israel had provided only 44 building permits to Palestinians in response to about 2,000 requests.
“EU assistance is provided in situations where Israel is not fulfilling its duty as the occupying power. That is according to the international law, universal norms and the Oslo accords,” Faabourg-Andersen told the conference initiated by lawmakers Dov Henin of the Joint List,  Michal Rozin of Meretz and Ksenia Svetlova of the Zionist Union.
“Some 70% of Area C has been taken for exclusive Israeli use. Nearly all of the remaining 30% is private Palestinian property, but is effectively off limits for Palestinian development”, he said.
L, EU Ambassador Lars Faaborg-Andersen. The envoy added that “in the first 6 months of 2016 alone 91 EU structures in Area C have been demolished. This is more than all of 2015. Since 2009, approximately 170 EU humanitarian structures have been demolished.”
According to B’Tselem data presented at the conference, Israel has destroyed more Palestinian homes in the first half of 2016 than the annual average for the past decade except for 2013.
Israel has razed 168 Palestinian houses in Area C built against the law. By comparison 125 homes were destroyed in all of 2015. The number of homes destroyed the first half of this year is more than the annual average for the past decade except for 2013 when 175 homes were destroyed.
The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories said in response that buildings that were destroyed were “illegal buildings which didn’t receive a permit form the authorities and therefore enforcement procedures were employed against them.”
Aviva Bar Ilan, who heads the Foreign Ministry department in charge of European organizations, said in January that the EU was weighing the possibility of suing Israel for damages for destroying structures donated by EU countries as humanitarian aid to Palestinian Bedouin living in the E1 area, outside Jerusalem.
“llegal construction merits destruction, Israel doesn’t accept the EU’s interpretation of humanitarian aid,” Bar Ilan said.

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PFLP: Continued normalization meetings between the Saudi regime and Zionist entity threaten the region


eshkinormalizationThe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine strongly condemned the continued normalization meetings between the Saudi regime and the Zionist entity, the latest of which was a Saudi delegation to the Zionist state in the presence of retired General Anwar Eshki and Saudi businessmen.

The Front noted that these meetings would not take place without a green light from the official Saudi authorities, noting the danger and harm to the national cause and the interests of the Arab people at the hands of Saudi officialdom, which is working to redirect and alter the character and compass of the struggle in the region.
The Front added that the recurring nature of these meetings indicates a high level of coordination between the Saudi regime, the Zionist entity, and the United States administration in the destruction of the region, keeping it burning and torn apart by sectarian and confessional conflicts, terror, and the takfiri groups funded and fueled by Saudi Arabia and the West.

The Front also emphasized that the continuation of these meetings provides cover and assistance to the occupation in its oppression of the Palestinian people and gives a veneer of legitimacy to its massive and ongoing crimes. They also continue to the normalization with the Zionist entity as a “fact on the ground” in the region, working to promote the role of the occupation state in the region and increase its influence.

The Front denounced the participation of a Palestinian official in these normalization meetings, emphasizing that there are some in the monopolistic Palestinian leadership who do not want to leave the framework of negotiations, normalization and meetings with the Zionist entity. This must be confronted with a popular response and clear Palestinian stand to confront this corrosion that eats away at our national liberation struggle.

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US Delegation Meets Assad in Damascus

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (C-R) meets with an American delegation in the capital, Damascus, July 28, 2016.
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said the policy of the US administration in the region goes against the interests and values of the American people, adding that they are getting increasingly violent at the expense of logic and common sense.
During his meeting on Thursday with the US Peace Council delegation currently visiting Syria led by Henry Lowendorf, President al-Assad said the US policies are at a collision course with the interests of the US citizens and the peoples of the world.
He further indicated that the role of the United States as a superpower should otherwise be positive and based on fostering knowledge, science and technology instead of chaos and destruction.
President al-Assad gave a concise review of the events in Syria since the start up until now, indicating that the crisis which later morphed into a war on the Syrian people was prompted by Syria’s rejection to have a regional role that runs counter to the interests of its people.
Accordingly, the delegation members said their visit is aimed at having a close look into the situation in Syria and conveying their first-hand accounts to the US public opinion, vowing to do their best to stop the war and US and Western interference in Syria.
They underlined their vehement opposition to the US belligerent and interventionist policies, pledging to exert efforts to change this policy.
For his part, the Syrian president praised such visits for their importance in helping governments change their policies if they are willing to.
In a statement to journalists, Lowendorf said the delegation held“fruitful and constructive” talks with President al-Assad.
“We had the honor to meet President al-Assad. He was straightforward and wanted us to be so. We related to him what we saw and he provided rational, accurate and wise answers for our questions…He impressed us with his insight not only about the situation in Syria but also about world powers,” he added.
Source: SANA, Edited by website team
29-07-2016 | 13:15
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Terrorist Attempts to Change Image Futile: Russian Foreign Ministry

Russian Foreign MinistryNusra Front, whatever it calls itself, has been an illegal terrorist organization that has no other purpose than to create a so-called “Caliphate” with cruel and barbaric methods, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry.
Any attempt by a terrorist organization to change its image is futile, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Friday, commenting on the Nusra Front leader’s announcement of a split from al-Qaeda, Sputnik reported.
In a Thursday video, Nusra Front leader Mohammed al-Jolani said the group had split from al-Qaeda and changed its name to Jabhat Fateh al Sham, or “The Front for Liberation of al Sham.”
“There is no need to prove that all attempts by terrorists to change their image are futile,” the ministry said in a commentary.
The ministry added that the international community will continue its consistent fight against terrorist “fanatics” until their complete destruction.
Source: Agencies
29-07-2016 – 18:16 Last updated 29-07-2016 – 18:16
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Gaza in Context… Watch it!!!

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Happy Fifth Anniversary, Hillary Clinton, You’ve Destroyed Libya… We Await Your Next War

Global Research, July 29, 2016
OpEd News 27 July 2016
Convention confetti raining down on smiling faces should not conceal the bloody truth that trails Hillary Clinton.  As the balloons rise to celebrate her triumph, her victims continue to fall.
Following the bidding of her oligarchic backers in the hidden government, she has always been fervently eager to lend her immoral authority to the massacre of foreign peoples and the destruction of their central governments. Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Serbia, etc. – the list is as long as her moral turpitude is deep.
But as the “Queen of Chaos” is crowned and feted in the City of Brotherly Love, it is crucially important that we recall her role five years ago in the destruction of the African country that had the highest living standard on the continent, excellent health care, free education, good social services, etc. – Libya.
As Hillary Clinton Testifies, How Will Libya Shape Her Legacy ...
As Hillary Clinton Testifies,
How Will Libya Shape Her Legacy …
(image by
   License   DMCA
As Libya, according to plan, has descended into civil war and chaos (see Iraq, Syria, etc.) as a result of the 2011“humanitarian intervention” instigated by Clinton and her ilk, it has disappeared from mainstream media propaganda. Out of sight, out of mind.  It will reappear in the corporate press if the American/Nato aggressors decide to bomb the country again in alliance with their friend, the Egyptian dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, probably in support of the CIA-affiliated General Khalifa Haftar, who is presently wreaking havoc in eastern Libya with western support, as leaked tapes have shown.  The time for that renewed bombing may be fast approaching, though it might be delayed for political reasons until after the presidential election.
In the popular mind, of course, Clinton is associated with the controversial events of September 2012 in Benghazi that resulted in the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. As the Secretary of State, she was no doubt aware of Stevens’ work with the CIA organizing the transfer of the seized Gaddafi government weapons to Turkish ports.  As the Italian historian Paolo Sensini writes in his eye-opening book, Sowing Chaos: Libya in the Wake of Humanitarian Intervention, “The arms were then transferred to the jihadi forces engaged in terrorist actions against the government of Syria under Bashar al-Assad.”  While bi-partisan outrage over the Americans’ deaths was duly noted by the media and became a political football, the nature of Stevens’ work under Clinton and Obama received no mainstream media coverage, and the illegal and immoral wars against two countries continued apace.
But the Stevens’ issue pales in comparison to Clinton’s larger role in waging war on a sovereign nation for propagandistic “humanitarian” reasons.  As with Iraq (Hussein) and Syria (Assad), she was a central player in the lies told about Mu’ammar Gaddafi to justify a war of aggression.  Each in his turn was declared to be the new Hitler In Gaddafi’s case, he was falsely accused of killing 10,000 people in Tripoli, having his soldiers use Viagra and rape as a matter of policy, and of being a bloody mad dictator intent on genocide.  Rwanda and the Holocaust were elicited as warnings.  President Obama justified the savage attack on Libya, fully supported by his Secretary of State Clinton, with the following lie:
“We knew that if we wanted [sic] … if we waited one more day, Benghazi, a city nearly the size of Charlotte, could suffer a massacre that would have reverberated across the region and stained the conscience of the world.”
And he announced he was sending Clinton to London to meet with the Libyan “opposition” – aka terrorists.
The western media ran with these false accusations, as usual, as did Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya, prominent Arab media.  Like Iraq, Syria, and Serbia, it was another war of aggression based on lies, and Clinton was a primary player.
She was fully aware of developments in Libya from the start; knew that the rebels were Islamic militants armed and trained by the US, Britain, France, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and UAE; knew that they summarily executed anyone they considered their enemies; knew that this war of lies was aimed at preventing Gaddafi from fulfilling his goal of economic independence, not just for Libya, but for the entire continent of Africa by introducing the gold dinar into Africa as common currency; knew, in short, that Libya had to be raped, its Central Bank destroyed, for its exploitation by western globalists.  Thus her boss, Obama, in August 2011 confiscated $30 billion from Libya’s Central Bank that Gaddafi had planned to use for the establishment of the African IMF and African Central Bank.  This is what Clinton termed “smart power at its best.” Under the pretext of ‘humanitarian intervention,’ Clinton supported the killing of tens of thousands and the destruction of an independent country to serve her masters.
Paolo Sensini characterizes the Democratic presidential nominee (and next president) perfectly:
Mrs. Clinton’s joyous exclamation on hearing the news of Gaddafi’s death sums up the recklessness and irresponsibility of an entire political class – an unrepentant class that has wreaked havoc around the world on a truly unprecedented scale.
When she thought cameras and microphones were off and exclaimed“We came, we saw, he died,” she was speaking not just for herself but for the party and interests that she now represents.
“I’m with her,” says Michelle Obama.
“I am proud to stand with her,” says Bernie Sanders.
I wonder where the dead children of Libya stand.
But this is Hillary Clinton’s hour.  Congratulations!  Happy Anniversary!
We await your next war.

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