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Pentagon Insider Says Green Light On Israel/USA To Strike Iran Within 2 Weeks

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Security specialist, ex cia agent , Steve Pieczenik, breaks down the fake terror plot and how it will be used by Israel as reason to attack Iran. The USA, and probably the UK, will back up the military action taken by Isra-hell
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Part 2
Iran does not attack other country’s. The propaganda fed to the public by the US/Israeli propaganda machine is not to be believed. They lies that have been fed to the public are all to obvious in recent years right down to 9/11. It was and inside job. To believe otherwise just reinforces the brainwashing, propaganda machine is working.
Iran is not the evil demon painted by the US/Israeli Governmnets or other NATO countries.
NATO is more of a terrorist organization then any other. They should be charged with war crimes as should the perpetrators of this Fake premeditated murder plot to kill innocent people in Iran.
The wars in the last few decades, have been waged under false pretenses. All were based on lies. Not one single person in Afghanistan had anything to do with 9/11. Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. False and we all know it. Libya was pure BS NATO was not their to help anyone. All lies. A multitude of war crimes committed in every country. Israel has also committed many war crimes Gaza/Lebanon and not one person has ever been charged or convicted form any of those wars.
Israel is very good at fabricating lies and use the self defense BS to a point of nausea.
If Israel does Attack Iran I can only hope other countries will come to the aid of Iran.
Israelis are in danger from their own Government, not Iran.
If Israel starts a war to bad, so sad, if their civilians get harmed. They are responsible for their own demise.
Very few around the world except the brainwashed will care. No pity party this time.
No one will be cheering for the Israeli murders.
People around the world know the truth.
The stupid Gentiles/Goy as they call everyone, are not so stupid this time.
So if bombs come raining down on Israel, because the foolish Israelis trust their government so much “tough”. You are responsible for the actions of your country. Cheer on your Leaders, but don’t be shocked if you die because of them.
Over the years I have seen how these cold, blooded, killers, operate and you get no pity from me.
May you rest in peace.
FED up with all WARS.
Warmongers make me sick. Nothing worse then lieing politicians who leads their people into and unfounded war. They should all be thrown in prison never to see the light of day again.
Genocide is illegal. Murder is illegal. Lieing to start a war is treason.
Of course Israel thinks it is above the law as does NATO these days.
All have broken International laws.
Israel on freedom of speech well there a laugh.
If you Question the Holocaust you are either Anti Semitic of a Holocaust denier.
If you Question Israels policides you are of course anti semitic. Blah blah blah.
Well I have see Jews threatedned by other Jews, more then I have ever seen a Gentile threaten a Jew.
That is a fact. They have even been given death threats not only to them but their families. So the Jew who speaks out against Israeli policies or questions the Holocaust could be murdered by fellow Jews/Zionists..
This type of behavior has been noted by myself and others on many occasions. All to often. So the freedom of speech that has been taken away from the Press and Gentiles, has also been taken away from Jewish people as well.
If you want to hide a lie, take away peoples “freedom of speech”.
Make laws so no can question certain historical events. If you talk about/question the event you go to jail. Well if that is not a fabulous way to keep people from finding the truth. Throw them in jail. When that can’t be done threaten to kill them. It’s been done numerous times to Jews as well as Gentiles.
They have lost their jobs, been terrorized and stalked repeatedly and the list goes on and on.
So if you never want the real truth to be told this is how you keep it hidden. Why else would you create such a Law? If there was nothing to hide, there would be no need for this type of Law now would there?
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Netanyahu and His Apocalyptic Rabbi

Via Free Thought Manifesto

Netanyahu's Messianism Could Launch Attack On Iran

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, whose followers
stood behind Netanyahu’s victorious
campaign in the 1996 election.

Relying on the Lubavitcher Rebbe and his teachings in a speech that was ostensibly in favor of a Palestinian state is like relying on a racist who fervently supports slavery in a speech that is ostensibly in favor of abolition, while also making abolition contingent upon conditions that will never be met.

By Sefi Rachlevsky
Published 02:52 27.09.11
Courtesy Of "Haaretz Newspaper"

Benjamin Netanyahu promised to tell the truth at the United Nations, and the truth was indeed revealed. The prime minister chose in this speech to quote reverently from his meetings with one person only: the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who viewed himself as the messiah.

Neither the source nor the inflammatory quotation was coincidental. Netanyahu was intimately acquainted with the Rabbi King Messiah, and also with the views he expressed from on high. The rebbe's followers stood behind Netanyahu's victorious campaign in the 1996 election, which following the incitement-filled demonstrations and Yitzhak Rabin's assassination, with the slogan "Netanyahu is good for the Jews." And on Sunday, the prime minister's entourage was sent to genuflect at the rebbe's court.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe was famous for his vehement opposition to even the tiniest withdrawal from any territory ever held by the Israel Defense Forces, even in the framework of full peace. He even opposed withdrawing from territory on the other side of the Suez Canal. In his view, not one inch of the Holy Land could be given to the Arabs. He based this opposition on both security concerns - that missiles would be deployed on any vacated territory - and religious-historical arguments. Netanyahu reiterated both claims in his speech to the United Nations.
The most prominent emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe - the great rabbi, as Netanyahu termed him at the United Nations - included Baruch Goldstein, perpetrator of the 1994 Hebron massacre, and Yitzhak Ginsburg, the rabbi of Yitzhar, he of the radical books "Baruch the Man" (which celebrates the massacre ) and "The King's Torah: The Laws of Killing Gentiles." Nor was this by chance. The Lubavitcher Rebbe inculcated his followers with the doctrine of "your people are the land's only nation": In the land of the messiah, there is no room for Arabs. Thus racism entered Netanyahu's speech at the United Nations - not "merely" against Islam, but also against Arabs: They, he said, are not like your neighbors in New York.

Relying on the Lubavitcher Rebbe and his teachings in a speech that was ostensibly in favor of a Palestinian state is like relying on a racist who fervently supports slavery in a speech that is ostensibly in favor of abolition, while also making abolition contingent upon conditions that will never be met. And thus, in a speech that warned about the danger of radical Islam, Netanyahu relied upon the most radically messianic Jewish theologian of our generation.

But Netanyahu, whose speech was steeped in religious extremism, surpasses even his rabbi. For all his hatred of Arabs, the Lubavitcher Rebbe never incited against Jews. Netanyahu - from the demonstrators chanting "with blood and fire we'll expel Rabin" through the whispers that "the left has forgotten what it is to be Jewish" to his links with the radical Im Tirtzu organization - has also engaged in domestic incitement.

The Quartet's plea that Netanyahu, of all people, should bring about a full withdrawal from the occupied territories and Arab East Jerusalem within a year is thus pathetic. It is like wishing that Michele Bachmann would turn America into a welfare state or that Eli Yishai, leader of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, would separate religion and state.

Bill Clinton, someone with vast experience of Netanyahu, had it right: The man is not interested in peace and compromise. Netanyahu opposed peace with Egypt and the first Oslo accord. He led a campaign of incitement against the Oslo-2 agreement and then refused to implement it. Ariel Sharon, Rafael Eitan and then-Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Amnon Lipkin-Shahak were stunned by what they interpreted as his willingness to consider arming doomsday weapons in the face of Saddam Hussein's threats, and they worked to dissuade him. Netanyahu opposed the pullouts from Lebanon and Gaza, and not because he thought they should have been done by agreement. Nor did he respond to Mahmoud Abbas' moderation by taking advantage of the opportunity: Instead, he waged a campaign of incitement to preempt any chance of a deal and a withdrawal.

After all, he is the emissary of the Chabad messiah, the man who taught that this is the Jews' land exclusively. He returned from the United States with the feeling that the American government is a rag to wipe his feet on, with no power to stop his most extremist plans.

This is the background to what must become a global understanding of the issue that is now most important of all, which will also be the main topic of U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's visit. Netanyahu is completely serious in his desire, and also in his preparations to circumvent the warnings of the entire defense establishment in order to implement this desire, which many of those in his inner circle have defined as messianic: to attack Iran before winter. Before the clouds come, anyone who can stop him must do so.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Harper Downplays Occupy Bay Street

 Recorded telephone call to the Prime Ministers Office
by Joseph Sisson

What you are about to hear is a telephone call that I placed to the Right Honourable Stephan Harper.

I placed the call in the hope that I could have the Prime Minister or someone at his office answer the question that the Prime Minister avoided answering when it was posed to him in a press conference in Peterborough Ontario on Friday October 14, 2011 at approximately 10:40 A.M. MST.
The press conference was broadcast live by the CBC News Now network. I watched (live) as a reporter prefaced his question to the Prime Minister with comments about the growing Occupy Wallstreet Movement and that plans are to have an Occupy Bay Street protest tomorrow and the reported recollected the violence at the G20 summit.

Having said that the reported went on to ask the question: “What are you saying to the police”? The reporter was obviously referring to what instructions the Prime Minister had for “law enforcement” with respect to the upcoming “Occupy Baystreet” protest.

The Prime Minister avoided the question by saying “I think that Canadians understand…….” and went on to make statements about how things are different in Canada and that Canada did not bail out our bankers…..etc.

The Prime Minister concluded his “answer” to the question: “What are you saying to the police”? by saying that he would not comment further.

As a citizen of Canada I was not satisfied by the Prime Ministers avoidance of the question and would like to have the question answered.

I have phoned the Prime Ministers office in the past and have not being allowed to talk to anyone in person as the views that I expressed differed with those of the PMO.

So today, I decided that I would create the illusion that I was a citizen who was in favor of quelling the “Occupy Wallstreet Movement” at the border and not allowing this movement into “peace loving Canada”. Having said that to the receptionist responsible for screening calls and directing calls to the appropriate “route”, I was allowed to talk to “John” about my concerns.

I need to state unequivocally that I am in support of the “Occupy Wallstreet Movement” and encourage all Canadians to take action to support the movement provided that you do so peacefully.

In order for my voice to be heard at the PMO I stated that I was in favor of stopping the movement at the border and not allowing it into Canada. These statements firstly, allowed my call to be directed to a person rather than the voice mail option. These statements secondly, allowed me to talk to “John” who was “happy” and “pleased” that I was making these statements.

Listen to the conversation and draw your own conclusions. You will hear as I finally leave a voice message for the Prime Minister asking him to answer the question (which I state 3 times so there is no confusion as to what the question is) and to “try to stay on topic”.

Subsequent to my call to the PMO, I watched on CBC News Now as they presented to the viewing public the “edited” version of what I had witnessed live at 10:40 A.M. MST.

The edited version, which aired at approximately 1:05 P.M. MST omitted the reporter’s question: “What are you saying to the police?” and omitted the Prime Ministers concluding remark that he would not comment further.

You will be able to hear the Prime Ministers avoidance of the question aired again and again on CBC news as they create the illusion that the Prime Minister is making a statement about the current state of affairs in Canada.

You will see this illusion play over and over again with the PM saying “I think that Canadians understand…..”

So Mr. Prime Minister, what are you saying to the police with respect to the role of law enforcement at the upcoming “Occupy Bay Street” protest?

Will you allow Canadians their Charter Rights and Freedoms to peaceful protest?

If you will not answer this question when posed by a reporter in a free and democratic society then we will have to wait for the answer until tomorrow to witness the role of law enforcement in Canada when encountering citizens exercising their right to peaceful protest.

I remind you sir that the whole world will be watching.

I also remind all Canadians that the whole world will be watching and to act PEACEFULLY to exercise your Charter Rights to peaceful protest.

Gilad Atzmon on Jewish Identity Politics' Panel Discussion

Gilad Atzmon speaks about self love, self hate, thinkers who inspire him and of course, The Wandering Who.
There are couple of minutes missing due to a camera failure but we will do our best to get the missing footage from other cameras that were in the room.
Gilad Atzmon on Jewish Identity Politics' Panel Discussion

You can now order The Wandering Who on or

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Laura Stuart: Zionist Cowardice and a "Thinly Veiled" Attack on Myself and the P.S.C.

DateSaturday, October 15, 2011 at 6:14PM AuthorGilad Atzmon
Laura London"Say to (them): "If the home of the Hereafter with Allâh is indeed for you especially and not for others, of mankind, then long for death if you are truthful." (Al-Baqarah 2:94)
As a muslim woman (Alhamdulilah) I choose to wear the niqab, this is notimposed on me by any man it is entirely my personal choice, yet it is the focus of fear and loathing by such groups as the E.D.L.- Rabid Zionists such as Harry's Place and even Anti Zionists such as Tony Greenstein.

Today my personal choice of clothing was used in a "thinly veiled" attack on the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. This is the second time this week I witnessed the P.S.C. come under attack the other time was a question as to who funds them raised by Jonathan Hoffman at a meeting hosted by M.E.M.O. at the House of Commons, about The Cold War on British Muslims. Who actually funds the "cold war" on British Muslims was part of the presentation of a report by The Cordoba Foundation. You may well ask what my niqab has to do with the P.S.C. Well after the attack on the Mavi Marmara the P.S.C. hosted an event where some of us who had been on board were able to speak of our experiences, the event was open to anyone who wanted to come and listen to eye witness accounts not just P.S.C. members.

To add to what I already said on the video. . . After the I.D.F. had finished murdering humanitarians on the M.M. they took the rest of us one by one at gunpoint, searched, hand cuffed us and finally hours later after they had searched the ship took us to sit inside one of the salons. Sitting inside the ship I was at the perimeter of a group of women and was face to face with about six I.D.F. soldiers who kept their guns pointing at us all the way to Ashdod port. The soldiers faces were covered at all times in fact even when they took a drink from their nicely chilled water bottles (we had to make do with warm water) they turned their faces away so we could not see them. I asked one of the soldiers "why do you hide your face? Are you ashamed"? I then went on to say to him "if I ever see you on the streets of Golders Green or Finchley I will recognise you, and you won't have your gun"! The soldiers laughed, and the one I directed the question at told me "shut your mouth"! Such is the bravery of the masked I.D.F. who killed unarmed activists at point blank range and who pointed their guns at a group of women for many hours on the way to Ashdod.

Zionist cowardice is nothing strange or new to me I read about it every day in the reports from various human rights organisations. The worlds "Most Moral Army" kills civilians, women and children from the air and sea with sophisticated weapons paid for with American tax dollars, but never in one to one combat. Now the Zionists want to try to scare me, first I have had weeks of ANONYMOUS slightly sinister e.mails and now for their biggest act of cowardice yet, 'they' put my name and my photograph on their rabid Zionist website where they don't dare to put their own REAL NAMES! Who is the brave cyber stalker who uses the name Joseph W? One comment on the thread suggests that there can't be more than three I.D.F. soldiers in Finchley who served in operation "Cast Lead". I wonder how it would sound to them if it was suggested that there were probably no more than three of Hitler's soldiers who served in Auschwitz living in Finchley? The United Kingdom should be no haven for WAR CRIMINALS.

The wandering who- Gilad Atzmon
It looks like the woman from Finchley who wears niqab out of religious conviction and not to hide my identity has them running scared!

"The movement of the caravan will never be stopped by the barking of dogs" - Arabic Proverb.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

The value of any prisoner

More than one thousand pictures of this soldiers ,
but none showed him carrying his army-weapons....
why ???

The value of a prisoner,
is measured by the danger or the damages
that this prisoner has done , or can do.

When a prisoner´s swap is done ,
we assume that each part of that exchange
must be equal in order to have both parties agreeing
and both satisfied too.

When one Israeli soldier is swapped for 1023 Palestinians ,
I assume ,or I conclude, that the danger or the guilt

(or the damages) of each part of that deal, would be also equal.

The guilt of that Israeli soldier was :
1- being an active citizen of an apartheid+oppressive+colonialist state
2- occupying a stolen land (while even having a double nationality)
3- member of the army of an occupier and a besieging force

What was the guilt of the other 1023 prisoners ??
if and when we cannot find any "guilt" for them,
then we have to assume and declare them as HOSTAGES , only.

Bearing in mind that 90% of those 1023 " prisoners "
where not even charged, nor did they face any judge,
let alone meeting with any lawyer.


One Israeli soldier is being swapped

for 1023 Palestinian-Hostages !!

Raja Chemayel
a hostage to the Truth
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

The problem is NOT how they got in there...


read to bottom....

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Obama’s Depression: Chosen to serve "Chosen", not American interests,

Chosen to serve "Chosen", not American interests,
Chosen to serve power, not popular interests, Obama wrecked America’s economy to save giant Wall Street banks. He’s still doing it, despite claiming he’s been out in front doing all he can.

By bailing out too-big-to-fail banks and waging multiple imperial wars, he intensified social misery.

As a result, Main Street is mired in protracted Depression. Economist David Rosenberg believes we’re in the “third inning” of hard times malaise.

Four occurred in the 19th century. Until now, the 1930s Great Depression was America’s last severe downturn, lasting a decade, punctuated by failed bounces.

America’s Greatest Depression began in late 2007. Rosenberg calls is a “modern-day” one similar to what Japan experienced for over two decades. It’s still ongoing, boding ill for US workers if America replicates Japan’s experience.

Depressions occur “once it becomes painfully obvious” that conditions don’t improve despite “repeated bouts of policy stimulus.”

Most of America’s went for banker bailouts, tax cuts for corporate favorites and super-rich elites, as well as quantitative easing money creation for speculation, not economic growth.

In contrast to recessions lasting six to 18 months, depressions last years.

From 2002 – 2007, America’s economy was massively manipulated and levered. As a result, financial activities comprised 40% of profits. At the same time, household debt to income and assets “surged to unprecedented levels and the personal savings rate” was negative when the housing bubble peaked.
As a result, America experience levered prosperity. Conditions are now reverting to the mean. A long way down remains.

Since fall 2007, GDP, production, real income, and other major economic indicators never recovered to previous cycle highs. In normal times, post-recession tops are achieved and surpassed in a year or less.
Not now. Home sales are 22% lower than in late 2009. Employment growth, in fact, has been stagnant for over a decade. The S&P 500 is no better than in spring 1998. In terms of job creation (what matters most on Main Street) and equity appreciation, America’s had a lost decade well into another one.

Recessions usually reflect inventory cycles. Traditional monetary and fiscal stimulus reignites demand.
In contrast, “balance sheet compression and deleveraging” characterize depressions, including debt reduction, asset liquidation, and rising savings as consumers hunker down in hard times.

When excesses produce bubbles, mean reversion is protracted and painful. Structural, not cyclical, problems need fixing. It happened in the 1930s, Japan since 1990, and today in America and Europe, causing global reverberations.

After nearly four years of near-zero interest rates, unprecedented money creation (QE ad infinitum), loan adjustments, and tax cuts, no end is in sight to contracting credit, no job growth, or economic pain, despite tout TV pundits saying otherwise.

Despite fiscal and monetary measures, America’s economy “is still saddled with roughly $1 trillion of excess capacity.” Moreover, unemployment is shockingly high at nearly 23%.

Again, headline numbers stick to the illusory 9.1% based on most recent data because the formula to compute it was manipulated to lie. Workers without jobs wanting them tell a different tale.

Around 25% idle manufacturing capacity also shows economic trouble, not recovery. As conditions worsen, Rosenberg “shudder(s) at how far operating rates” may fall from current levels.

Two decades of speculative credit expansion created bubble conditions that burst. Despite deleveraging, private sector debt to national income still hovers near a record 137% high, compared to a more normal 80%.

As a result, getting there entails mean reverting from $4 – 6 trillion to bring liability levels to where credit again can expand. It won’t happen easily or quickly.

“It will take time and a shared burden by lenders, households and future generations of taxpayers before we hit bottom in this credit contraction.”

Expect years before it ends, exacerbated by secular attitude changes toward credit, savings, discretionary spending and homeownership.

Consumers no longer see dwellings as a surefire investment, especially with continuing foreclosures and falling valuations with no end of pain in sight.

Moreover, since late 2007 to mid-2011, an estimated $7 trillion of household net worth was lost. Recouping modest amounts of that will take years, and for older workers nearing retirement it’s too late.

“Long and variable lags between changes in household net worth” and consumer spending patterns suggest protracted demand weakness for years. Emphasizing savings and budget priorities will impact most discretionary goods and services negatively.

Ahead, emerging economies will far outdistance America even though global demand overall relied too long on the US consumer for growth. That “well (ran) dry. This time for good,” at least for the long term.

Moreover, the combination of rising US savings reducing aggregate demand will be deflationary for years.

It also suggests protracted hard times for beleaguered households, struggling through hardships not helped by counterproductive policies.

They understand it better than Wall Street’s best and brightest, getting fat bonuses while working Americans suffer.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at Also visit his blog and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening. He is also the author of “How Wall Street Fleeces America

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

The Real Enemy of the Palestinians

By Dr. Elias Akleh

When I was young I perceived the Zionist Israelis to be the Palestinians, and my, only enemy. The Zionist terrorist gangs had forcefully occupied my country, razed about 400 Palestinian towns, perpetrated many massacres against their Palestinian residents, and evicted many hundreds of thousands others out of the country into refugee camps. Among them was my family, whose property; home and ranch planted with citrus and olive trees and vineyards, were seized by Israeli terrorists.

Researching deep in the history and nature of the Arab/Israeli conflict, watching the unfoldment of the Palestinian struggle for freedom and independence against the savage Israeli oppression and territorial expansion, and examining the Western political policies towards the conflict I came to a new different realization. Israelis, themselves, are as victims as the Palestinians although to a very lesser extents. Those Israelis are being misguided, mass-brainwashed, and militarily driven by deliberately distorted and misinterpreted theology, political Rabbis, and Western Zionist imperialist powers to execute the colonial Zionist project of establishing Greater Israel in the heart of the Middle East.

It has become obvious to all, by now, that Israel could not have been created nor could it continue to exist as a viable state without the assistance of the West especially the USA. Israel is a military subsidiary of the US; a forward-deployed American military base in the Middle East, who is totally dependent on American funds. Since its creation, 63 years ago, Israel received more American tax money, $3 Trillions as reported by Army War College in 2003, than any other country on earth. This money is used to cover the expenses of hoarding to Israel, housing, re-socializing, and absorbing every Zionist Jewish immigrant. It subsidizes homes for every Israeli citizen. It pays for free education of every Israeli child from elementary school until university graduation. It is used to create industries and jobs in Israel. It pays for complete medical coverage and for hefty monthly social security payment for every Israeli senior citizen. Even during the current economic crisis, when American tax-paying citizens are losing their jobs, losing their homes, the majority are without medical benefits, their educational system is facing severe budget cuts, with high rate of unemployment and many middle-class families are on the verge of poverty, their tax money is still generously transferred to subsidize Israelis’ relatively comfort living. Without the financial, technological, military, and political support of the successive American Administrations Israel would not have been created and would immediately collapse.

Successive American Administrations, since President Woodrow Wilson up to President Barak Obama, are the real enemy of the Palestinians.

Arming and supporting Israel unconditionally, while fighting and undermining in every way possible the Palestinian legitimate struggle for freedom, self-determination and statehood had been a core principle in the American foreign policy. Despite the American Administration’s claims to be an honest broker in the already 20 years old Palestinian/Israeli peace negotiations, and despite their claimed support for the two states solution we are witnessing only more Israeli expansions and more encroachments of fully armed aggressive fundamentalist extremists Israeli settlers on Palestinian towns. American Administrations have never been the honest broker they claimed to be, rather an Israeli full partner in occupation and oppression of Palestinians.

Enumerating all the actions of the American Administrations detrimental to Palestinians would require volumes. For the purpose of this article I will mention just few.

During WWI Great Britain was losing the war to Germany and was considering a German peace offer. An agreement (October 1916 London Agreement) was struck between Great Britain and World Zionist Organization (WZO) according to which Britain promised the Zionists to turn over Palestine to them as a reward if getting the US in the war as a British ally against Germany. Although the German Emancipation Edict of 1822 gave Jewish refugees equal civil rights as German citizens, the London Agreement had transformed German Jews from pro-German to pro-British. Encouraged by the London Agreement, and in partnership with WZO, American President Woodrow Wilson declared war against Germany in April 2nd 1917 under the false claim that German submarines had sunk the S.S. Sussex ship. It was later discovered that the Sussex was never attacked (see Francis Neilson’s book “Makers of War” pp 149-150). Rewarding the WZO Belfour Declaration was issued promising a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

In WWII the British was losing the war against Germany, again, and seems to lose grip over its Middle Eastern colonies especially Palestine. President Franklin Roosevelt came to the rescue. Needing a good excuse to break his pledge to the American people not to enter WWII President Roosevelt provoked Japan, a German ally, to attack Pearl Harbor (refer to diaries of Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of Defense under Roosevelt, in Yale University Library). Roosevelt informed the Japanese that they could not purchase any more American steel or oil, the Japanese were heavily dependent on to continue their war against China. (refer to “Backdoor to War”, published by Henry Regnery of Chicago in 1952 written by Professor Charles Callan Tansill, professor of diplomatic history at Georgetown University). Roosevelt sacrificed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans so that Britain can keep Palestine as its colony and can fulfill its promise to WZO.

In a bargain with WZO President Harry Truman hastened, despite the opposition of his Secretary of State, George Marshall and the warnings of his Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, to recognize the Zionist terrorist state of Israel eleven minutes after its declaration in Tel Aviv at midnight of May 14th 1948, a state established by 600 thousand alien professionally armed terrorist groups into Palestine after the massacre and expulsion of its indigenous rightful owners into refugee camps in exile. Truman also compelled the UN to admit Israel as a peace-loving state, and provided billions of US taxpayers money to make Israel very powerful militarily. (Eliahu Epstein, the US representative of the Jewish Agency in Washington in 1948, told the story in a three page article in the June 1958 issue of the Jewish Chronicle of London). In return the WZO helped Truman win his 1948 election despite 20 to 1 odds against him, to serve as a president for a second term.

Sponsoring Joint Resolution by Congress H J Res. 117 on January 5th 1950, that was then refined by Congress to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, President Dwight Eisenhower sent 14,000 troops to occupy Lebanon, and shipped the US Sixth Fleet to station off the coast of Lebanon threatening the increasingly restless Arab nations not to make any move against the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine.

President John F. Kennedy, like his predecessors, provided Israel with all kinds of support and even went further pledging to protect Israel even if it meant sending American troops to the Middle East. Yet when he stepped out of line by opposing Israel’s development of nuclear weapons and insisted on close inspection of Israel’s Dimona nuclear plant he was assassinated.

President Lyndon Johnson gave Israel an estimated $32 Billion in financial aid and sophisticated military weapons on the expense of the American taxpayers so that Israel could wage the Six Days War on June 1967 against Arab countries. Risking military confrontation and war against the Soviet fleet, according to Robert McNamara, Johnson’s Secretary of Defense, Johnson sent the US Sixth Fleet to the Mediterranean to defend Israel during that war.

In 1969 President Richard Nixon struck a deal with Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir that US would stop its inspection of Israel’s nuclear plant in Dimona and would turn a blind eye to Israel’s nuclear weapons program as long as Israel did not go public with its program and does not test weapons openly. (“Israel and the Bomb” by Avner Cohen). Israeli nuclear weapon program was exposed on October 5th 1986 when the Sunday Times of London published an article in which Mordechai Vanunu, a former Dimona technician, provided a detailed look and pictures of Israel’s Dimona plant.

During the October 1973 War Israel was losing the war to Egypt and Syria. Known as Operation Nickel Grass President Nixon immediately built aerial and sea bridges between the USA and Israel, through which an estimated 117,895 tons of military equipment, including fighter bombers, helicopters, armored vehicles, tanks, missiles and electronic equipments, worth $4 Billion were shipped to guarantee Israel’s victory. Nixon also allotted $2.2 Billion a year to Israel. Arab members of OPEC countered this American aid to Israel with oil embargo against the USA causing the 1973 crisis.
When the Israeli trained and armed proxy South Lebanon Army and Maronite Phalange militias failed to kick the PLO out of Lebanon Israel invaded Lebanon on June 6th 1982, but faced fierce resistance from PLO fighters. Under the guise of multinational peacekeeping force President Ronal Reagan sent American aircraft carriers USS New Jersey, USS John F. Kennedy, and USS Independence to Lebanon to provide intelligence and military assistance to Israel that led to PLO’s withdrawal from Lebanon. This assistance made US troops a legitimate target for resistance groups, who bombed the American barracks in Beirut on October 23rd 1983 killing 241 marines. The US withdrew from Lebanon in 1984.
President George H. Bush was busy with his “Desert Storm” war against Iraq. To obtain cooperation of Arab countries he pretended to restrict American funding to illegal Israeli settlements in Palestinian occupied territories, although he sent the same funding through the back door of economical aid. Although he granted Israel the entire military hardware surplus from Desert Storm he was made to lose second election for bringing the subject of Israeli settlements in the open.

President Clinton’s administration was able to isolate and control the PLO through signing the Oslo Accords on September 13th 1993. Allowing Arafat to establish the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Ramallah had helped only to cut the wings of the PLO by placing it under close Israeli scrutiny and virtual control. The Palestinian Preventive Security Service was established, trained, and used to control the Palestinian population, thus relieving the Israeli army from this task. Making itself the primary financial donor while restricting other fund resources to the PA the Clinton administration had pressured Arafat to give one concession after the other to Israel throughout the next seven years of futile peace negotiations until Arafat rejected what was claimed to be “Israel’s generous offer” at the 2000 Camp David Summit.

The administration of President George W. Bush had the most devastating effects on Palestinians. Bush forced Arafat to appoint the American/Israeli puppet Mahmoud Abbas as a prime minister. Not willing to give any more concession to Israel Arafat outlived his usage and thus was poisoned. After Arafat’s death on November 11th 2004 Abbas was helped into presidency through an orchestrated election in 2005. When Hamas won the 2006 Palestinian legislative election Abbas conspired with the Bush administration to topple Hamas government, but the attempt failed (Gaza Bombshell by Vanity Fair), and the Palestinians became divided into West Bank and Gaza Strip.

President Bush had supported Israel’s war against Lebanon in July 2006. He created a direct airlift from US to Israel sending all kinds of weapons including the illegal cluster bombs. Another direct airlift was created sending weapons, including white phosphorus munitions, to support Israel’s 2008/2009 war against Gaza Strip (operation Cast Lead). Bush had also sabotaged peace negotiations by sidetrack unworkable ideas such as George Mitchel’s report, Road Map, and Geneva Initiative.
Obama’s administration followed even tougher policies against the Palestinians and very aggressive defense of Israeli crimes. Through the threat of withdrawing American funds the administration kept their obedient puppet, Abbas, as president beyond his term. Hillary Clinton stated: “… there is no alternative to him (Abbas)”. Abbas’ bid at the UN to recognize a Palestinian state, when in reality the UN had done so in 1947, was just an American/Israeli/PA game to strengthen Abbas’ leadership by portraying him as a national hero and to avoid any revolt against his corrupt rule similar to what happened in Tunisia and in Egypt. Abbas is “the best Palestinian leader for Israel” as stated by Israeli Shimon Peres. Obama threatened to veto recognition of Palestinian state declaring that the only way to statehood is to go back to the futile peace negotiation. Negotiation is Abbas “first, second and third choice”.

Threatening Palestinians and Arab countries Obama took the opportunity, in his UN speech, to assert American strong commitment to Israel’s security:
“America’s commitment to Israel’s security is unshakeable. Our friendship with Israel is deep and enduring. And so we believe that any lasting peace must acknowledge the very real security concerns that Israel faces every single day”

Obama had totally ignored the issue of Palestinians own security, and the fact that the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative offered Israel recognition, security, and normal relationships with all Arab countries if Israel recognizes a Palestinian state within the 1967 border.

To express this commitment to Israel’s security Obama’s administration has pledged to sell Israel (actually to gift on the expense of starving and unemployed American taxpayers) nuclear material as well as technology and other military equipment despite the fact that Israel is not a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

All these successive administrations had strongly supported Israel despite the fact that Israelis had militarily attacked the US, spied on the US, and stole secret technologies from US and sold them to its adversaries.

Israelis attacked American targets starting with the 1954 Lavon Affair (Israeli code name Operation Susannah “video”) in which Israeli terrorists planted bombs in a US diplomatic facility in Egypt leaving evidence behind to implicate Egyptians. In an act of war against the US, during the 1967 Six-Days-War Israeli fighter planes and torpedo boats had deliberately and intentionally attacked the USS Liberty killing 34 and wounding 173 sailors. Read the reports (point to “US interest” tab and click “USS Liberty”), the findings of the Independent Commission, and watch the documentary. The purpose of the attack was to accuse Egypt of sinking the USS Liberty so that the US would retaliate against Egypt. Many circumstantial evidences had surfaced implicating Israeli terrorists in the attack of 911, whose aim was to get the US wage war against Islamic countries.

It is a very well known fact that Israel has been spying on the US for a long time. Read the many reports here. Besides the well known story of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard there is the story of the alleged Israeli art students selling cheap art work to government personnel. These students were members of Israeli intelligence and electronic surveillance intercept units. Almost 90% of American communications traffic is managed and manipulated by Comverse Technology an arm of the Israeli government. In order to comply with the 1994 Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) AT&T and Verizon had employed the services of Narus Inc., a subsidiary of Comverse. In 2006 AT&T whistleblower technician Mark Klein exposed the company’s secret tapping room spying on American citizens at its San Francisco Facilities.

Israel had stolen nuclear material from the US. The case of Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC) referred to large quantities of weapons-grade uranium, 587 pound, that were missing from the Apollo plant in Pennsylvania in the 1960s. This was reported by Carl Duckett, then CIA deputy director in a 1981 interview on an ABC television program “Near Armageddon: The Spread of Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East. It was also mentioned in 1991 book “Dangerous Liaison” by Andrew and Leslie Cockburn. Read also the General Accounting Office (GAO) report, the newly unclassified Comptroller General report, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, and further here, and here.

Many of the American-made advanced weapons and military technologies given to Israel have been reversed engineered and resold to American competitors and enemies such as South Africa, Russia, Venezuela, North Korea, China, and to any highest bidders. Read Gordon Duff’s article and article and video of Phillip Giraldi, who is a former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer.

Although many Christian Americans are stupid enough to believe what their administrations and their political clergy tell them about Israel rather than using their own reasoning to realize the facts, there are many other Americans, whom I met, read and heard about, some are Jews themselves, are aware of the realities and sympathize with the Palestinian just cause.

Dr. Elias Akleh is an Arab writer from a Palestinian descent born in the town of Beit Jala. His family was first evicted from Haifa after the “Nakba” of 1948, then from Beit Jala after the “Nakseh” of 1967. He lives now in the US, and publishes harticles on the web in both English and Arabic.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Occupy Wall Street and The Tahrir Lesson

“Every success story is also a story of great failure.”

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

October 15, 2011 

Tahrir square saga
What took place in Egypt Tahrir square last February is proving, as days go by, to be a decisive turning point in the psychology of the silent masses around the world.

What made this Tahrir revolution so influential is that we were not told about it, we did not read about it days or years later in some newspaper or history book, we didn’t watch a 30 seconds-clip of it on the TV news, rather we watched the whole uprising as it unfolded during 18 consecutive days live and uncensored.

In other words, we, the huddled masses, the silent majority, saw for ourselves that people, if united in their aspirations and vision, could break the long chain of sinful obedience.

As the world follows the current New Yorkers sit-in and their anti-corporate greed rallies in Wall Street as well as in many other American cities, we find it hard for any scholar or observer of socio-political affairs to skip the link, or rather the impact the Tahrir square phenomena had, not only on “Occupy Wall Street” but around the world.

It is not hard to connect the dots as we recollect what happened in Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, Spain and Israel ever since the millions of Egyptians made good on the famous motto “the street is ours”
But every success story is also a story of great failure.

Occupy Wall Street protests
Engulfed by the naïve impulse of mass culture and mesmerized by the system apparently bending to their demands the thousands of Egyptians who occupied Tahrir square for almost three weeks prematurely evacuated the place without delegating a committee to speak on their behalf and without choosing some leadership to represent them and carry on the political struggle necessary for the full realization of their demands.

This is where the tahrir saga went wrong and the reason why their revolution has been unabashedly hijacked. We hope the American youths currently steering “occupy Wall Street” have learned the Tahrir square lesson and that they will take the necessary precautions not to let their uprising get hijacked.

Beware, the old hawks are watching.

‘I Am Not Moving: Occupy Wall Street’ – Short Film

Edited by Corey Ogilvie

Dedicated to the People, Shot by the People, For the People who are breaking the chain of obedience.

Segments of speeches made by the US President and Secretary of State, as they discuss present-day social unrest in the Middle East, professionally and beautifully edited with scenes of recent police brutality in Lower Manhattan, drawing a powerful observation about the hypocrisy and corruption of US foreign and domestic policy.
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PCHR: Blockade Must Be Lifted After Swap Deal Is Concluded

Thursday October 13, 2011 22:19author by Alaa Ashkar - IMEMC News
The Palestinian Center for Human Right (PCHR) confirmed Thursday morning that once the prisoners swap deal is concluded, the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip must be removed, adding that the collective punishment Gazans are undergoing must be ended as well.
Palestinian Prisoners.
Palestinian Prisoners.
The PCHR stated that the blockade on the Gaza started after the Palestinian resistance captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. on June 25, 2006. Since then, the Israeli military has tightened its restrictions on Gaza terminals, hindering the movement of the residents and the import/export of goods.

Israel's collective punishment against the Palestinian people in the enclave has caused devastating effects involving all areas of Palestinian civilians’ lives in the Strip, the human rights center stated.

The PCHR welcomed the swap deal signed by the Hamas Movement and Israel, which ensures the release of 1027 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the release of the one Israeli soldier.

It also praised the mediation role of Egypt in the deal in facilitating indirect negotiations between Hamas and Israel.

"The center looks forward to reinforcing the Egyptian role in implementing the Palestinian national reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah movements, signed on May 4th, 2011 in Cairo."

In addition, the center raised concerns over the forced exile of 203 prisoners included in the swap deal. 40 will be forced into exile, and 163 will be deported to the Gaza Strip. The PCHR said that the deportation violates .international law.

“There are still more than 5000 Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails, including 400 from the Gaza Strip,” the statement reads, “Those detainees are undergoing ongoing violations and tough living conditions”

The PCHR urges the international community to exert pressure on the Israeli government for the release of the Palestinian prisoners held by Israel..

The organization also calls on Israel to stop assaults carried out by the Israeli Prison Administration and prison guards, and to act in accordance with international law and Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which concerns protection of the civilian opulation and the rights of detainees. 

Head of German Intel: 'Shalit's return makes all of Germany proud!'

Bibi: 'You use these things so well...'
Angie: 'You sink? ah vell, danke meine Biblieng'
As for the 1000 Palestinians, their return was okay .... "... "If we achieved a result that will shortly see Shalit return to his family ...and if Germany and the BND played a part in that, then that makes us proud...."

كشف موقع "قضايا مركزية" الناطق بالعبرية، النقاط السرية في صفقة التبادل التي جرى التوقيع عليها الثلاثاء الماضي، والتي سترى النور خلال ايام، ومن المتوقع عودة الجندي الصهيوني جلعاد شاليط الى الكيان العبري ليل الثلاثاء او صباح الاربعاء القادم.
وقد طلب رئيس وزراء العدو نتنياهو عدم نشر هذه النقاط وابقائها سرية وهذا ما يفسر تراجع نتنياهو عن طرح الصفقة امام الكنيست للمصادقة عليها كما وعد بعد فوزه بالانتخابات وتشكيل الحكومة الصهيونية.
وبحسب ما نشر الموقع اليوم الجمعة، فقد اخفى نتنياهو هذه النقاط حتى عن وزراء حكومته اللذين صوتوا لصالح الصفقة، وتتمثل هذه النقاط التي اتفق عليها مع حركة حماس وتعتبر جزء من هذه الصفقة:
اولا: يتعهد الكيان الصهيوني برفع الحصار بشكل كامل عن قطاع غزة.
ثانيا: يتعهد الكيان الصهيوني بعدم التعرض لاي أسير افرج عنه في هذه الصفقة وكذلك افراد عائلته، وفي حال عاد بعض المفرج عنهم "للنشاط" ضد الكيان الصهيوني، فإنه يتوجب على (اسرائيل) ابلاغ المخابرات المصرية بنيتها "تصفيته"، ويوجد حق للمخابرات المصرية للاعتراض على القرار.
ثالثا: لم يستطع نتنياهو انتزاع موافقة من حركة حماس بوقف نشاطها لخطف جنود صهاينة في المستقبل، حيث خضع لموقف حماس بأنها سوف تستمر في السعي لخطف جنود والقيام بعمليات لتحرير باقي الاسرى في السجون الصهيونية.
ويذكر ان وزير خارجية الغدو افيغدور ليبرمان كان على علم بالنقاط السرية او كافة تفاصيل الصفقة، وهو الذي قام بتسريب هذه النقاط للمقربين منه.
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Names Of The Prisoners Who Are To Be Freed In First Phase Of The Swap Are Released

author Friday October 14, 2011 12:02author by Mais Azza - IMEMC & Agencies
Abu Mojahed, spokesperson of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, stated that implementation of the first phase of the prisoner-swap deal will be next Tuesday, the Palestinian news agency, Ma’an reported.
Image by Ma'an news agency
Image by Ma'an news agency
He added that when Israel releases the prisoners, the Palestinians will make sure the group contains all of the agreed upon prisoners. They will then hand the Israeli prisoner Gilad Shalit to the Egyptian side; he will be transferred into Egypt and then back home to Israel.

Abu Mojahed also said that Palestinian prisoners to be exiled and moved to the Gaza Strip will be transferred to Egypt first, then to the Rafah crossing and eventually into the Gaza strip, while the other prisoners will be exiled directly through Cairo airport.

The prisoners are reportedly to be transferred to Qatar and Turkey.

Popular Front committees issued a list of the agreed upon prisoners who are to be released in the first phase of the deal.

The International Committee of the Red Cross has offered its services in implementing the deal as an impartial side.

Spokesperson of the committee said that their members are negotiating with the Israeli and Palestinian side, providing offers and suggestions.

Hamas Political Bureau head, Khaled Mashal, released details about the swap. He stated in a media conference held in Damascus that the swap includes over one-thousand prisoners, and all twenty-seven female prisoners in the Israeli jails are to be freed.

He added that the swap also includes detainees from all the Palestinian factions in the West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem and the 1948 territories.
Families of political prisoners hold a protest in al-Khalil
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Occupy Wall Street not Palestine!

Occupy Wall Street not Palestine!
Wall St protests - End American military aid to Israel

Palestinian women demonstrating outside of Ofer military prison
in support of Palestinian political prisoners on hunger strike
We are part of the world’s 99% yearning for freedom, justice and equal rights!

If a people one day wills to live fate must answer its call

And the night must fade and the chain must break

-- Abou-Al-kacem El-Chebbi (Tunisia)

Occupied Palestine, October 13 -The Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC), the largest Palestinian civil society coalition struggling for Palestinian rights, is proud to stand in solidarity with the movements struggling for a new world based on democracy, human rights and economic justice. From New York to Athens, from Madrid to Santiago, from Bahrain to Rome, these huge mobilisations provide a much needed reminder of something that Palestinians have always known – that another world, a dignifying one, is possible and ordinary people can create it.

Our aspirations overlap; our struggles converge. Our oppressors, whether greedy corporations or military occupations, are united in profiting from wars, pillage, environmental destruction, repression and impoverishment. We must unite in our common quest for freedoms, equal rights, social and economic justice, environmental sanity, and world peace. We can no longer afford to be splintered and divided; we can no longer ignore our obligations to join hands in the struggle against wars and corporate exploitation and for a human-friendly world community not a profit-maximizing jungle.

The Occupy Wall Street movement and its counterparts across the US, Europe, Latin America and elsewhere are -- at least partially -- inspired by the Arab Spring for democracy and social justice. Leaders of the Arab popular revolts tell us that they, in turn, were largely inspired by our own, decades-old struggle against Israel’s occupation of our land, its system of discrimination that matches the UN’s definition of apartheid, and its denial of the right of Palestinian refugees to return home.

The rapidly emerging movement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law is a key and effective part of the Palestinian struggle. Anchored in universal principles of human rights and struggling for freedom, justice and equality, the BDS movement, established in 2005, is deeply rooted in decades of Palestinian peaceful resistance to colonial oppression and is inspired by the South African struggle against apartheid as well as the civil rights movement in the US. It is adopted by a near consensus among Palestinians everywhere, with all the main political parties, trade unions, professional syndicates, women’s unions, student groups, NGO networks and refugee advocacy networks represented in the BNC, the reference for this growing movement to end Israeli impunity.

The Palestinian-led BDS movement is a global effort of groups, from South Africa to Britain, from Canada to India, and within Israel itself, all committed to ending Israel’s denial of basic Palestinian rights. It is endorsed by towering moral leaders of the calibre of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Holocaust survivor and co-author of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Stephane Hessel. It is supported by world renowned cultural and intellectual figures such as Alice Walker, Naomi Klein, Roger Waters, Judith Butler, Sarah Schulman, John Berger, Ken Loach, John Greyson, and Adrienne Rich. Massive trade union federations such as COSATU (South Africa), CUT (Brazil), TUC (UK), ICTU (Ireland), among many others, have also adopted BDS.

The movement has scored in the last two years some spectacular achievements when internationally renowned artists and music groups heeded the cultural boycott of Israel and refused to perform there or cancelled scheduled appearances. These have included the Pixies, Elvis Costello, Snoop Dogg, Meg Ryan, Vanessa Paradis, Gil Scott-Heron, among many others. The Norwegian state pension fund, among others, major European banks and some corporations have all been convinced to divest from businesses implicated in Israel’s violations of international law. Increasingly, BDS is recognized as a civic movement capable of ending Israeli impunity and, crucially, contributing to the global struggle against the war-mongering, racist agenda which Israel has persistently played a key role in. 

So as you break your own chains and build your own effective resistance against corporate tyranny, we ask you to demand a just peace for all the peoples in the Middle East, based on international law and equal human rights. Palestinians, too, are part of the 99% around the world that suffer at the hands of the 1% whose greed and ruthless quest for hegemony have led to unspeakable suffering and endless war. Corporate power has not just profited from our suffering but has colluded in maintaining Israel’s occupation and apartheid to perpetuate an unjust order that profits oil and military companies and multinational financial institutions.

We call upon all the spreading social movements of the world to think critically when considering their attitude towards the Israeli ‘social justice’ protests, which have almost completely ignored the key issue at the heart of all of the problems faced by ordinary Palestinians and even Israelis: Israel’s costly system of occupation, colonialism and apartheid over the Palestinian people. Without putting an end to that multi-tiered Israeli system of oppression, our entire region will never enjoy a comprehensive and lasting peace, one that is based on justice and human rights.

Money for jobs, health and education, not for racist oppression and occupation!

Nowhere is this more important than in the United States. Despite Israel’s persistent denial of Palestinian rights, the US has provided Israel with unconditional political and military assistance that directly contributes to the denial of Palestinian rights, but also to the problems faced by ordinary US citizens. Could the $24bn of military aid provided to Israel in the period 2000-2009 not been better spent on schools, healthcare and other essential services? Did Israel not play a major role in prodding the US to launch and continue its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, at immense human and material cost, mainly borne by the poorest in those countries?

But, we must remind ourselves all the time that this struggle will never be easy, and reaching our objectives never inevitable. As Martin Luther King once said:

"Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent."

The refreshing scenes of determined peaceful protest for justice from around the world tell us that we, the 99% of the world, are in the process of straightening our backs, collectively, with unwavering fortitude and boundless hope.

BNC Secretariat

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian