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Syria: the battle front on the Jordanian border is on fire, foreign mercenaries liquidated one after the other

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The battle front on the Syrian-Jordanian border is on fire, foreign mercenaries massacred with no pity by SAAF and Hezbollah

Deraa, the Northern province of  Syria is close to the Jordanian borders

What’s going on, right now, in Deraa? This little town and its province, highly strategic, are the theater of the meteoric advanced of the forces belonging to the Syrian Arab Armed Forces and Hezbollah’s fighters.

The al-Nusra mercenary leaders are liquidated one after the other.

In the night from Thursday to Friday, very fierce fightings took place between terrorist gangs and Hezbollah fighters. The biggest confrontation took place in the locality of Mosdababa, near Hamrit, located in the north of Deraa.

This town is now under the control of Hezbollah.

The Syrian Armed Forces, aided by the great Hezbollah fighters, managed to regain control of Tal Gharin, in the rif north of Deraa.

Reports are confirming the progress of the Resistance forces and the Syrian army to Kfar Nassej.

This latest resort was taken away from the control of Al-Nusra a few weeks ago.

Military sources report of an ambush laid by Hezbollah to the Al-Nusra mercenaries, who were killed there, while they were trying to smuggle military equipment.

The foreign mercenary terrorists tried to flee with their weaponry to the South East of Deraa, one of their main supply route. No one of them survived.
News in French by IRIB
English translation and adaption by Syrian Free Press Patriot
Submitted by Cem Ertür
The real SyrianFreePress.NETwork at:

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Dammam Blast Provokes Religious, Regional Bodies to Call for Islamic Unity

Local Editor

Saudi Arabia: Dammam attackThe Saudi Arabia received on Friday and Saturday letters of solidarity from various international and regional bodies, condemning the terrorist attack around Al-Anoud Mosque in Dammam.

In Egypt, Al Azhar Imam Ahmad el Tayyeb condemned on Friday the suicide attack outside the Dammam mosque, asserting the need to respect the brotherhood of Islam.

"Bloodshed is forbidden and houses of worship should be distanced from conflicts," Tayyeb said in a statement, stressing the importance of not being dragged into sectarian rifts.
Al-Tayeb stressed the need to give priority to reason and wisdom, and not to be deceived by schemes seeking to ignite sectarian strife.

The Board of Senior Ulema on Friday also condemned the suicide attack near Al-Anoud Mosque in Dammam, stating that the " terrorist groups behind the ghastly attack on Al-Anoud Mosque and Al-Qudaih's Ali Bin Abi Talib Mosque have exposed their hideous faces."
In a statement issued on Friday and carried by the Saudi Press Agency, the board said: "Islam forbids attacking places of worship even in legitimate wars. How can one target mosques in a Muslim society and a country that rules by the Shariah and serves the Two Holy Mosques?”

The statement also called for unity to "root out the menace of terrorism from our society."
A suicide bomber - disguised in women’s clothing - blew himself up in the parking lot of a Shiite mosque in Saudi Arabia's Eastern city of Dammam.

A member of the Popular Committees (PC) - formed of residents and are charged of defending the mosque - suspected the terrorist and informed the Saudi security forces deployed there, yet he didn't receive an answer. Then, he immediately rushed to catch the bomber who was hurry to detonate himself several meters away from the place, killing four people including himself.

The blast also set several cars ablaze.

The Islamic Republic of Iran strongly condemned the attack, and stressed the need for taking all necessary measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

"We stress the need for taking all measures to prevent such incidents and to seriously confront all those who have targeted the regional security and stability and intend to stir the religious differences,' Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said on Friday night.

For his part, Head of The Union of Tribes and Clans in Arab States, Ma'an al-Jarba, strongly condemned the twin terrorist attacks in on Al-Anoud and Al-Qudaih's Ali Bin Abi Talib Mosques.

In a statement issued on Friday, Jarba reiterated warns of playing with the flame of sectarian sedition, and spreading hatred among religions and sects, and eliminating the human values.

"All this will pave the way for the enemies of Islamic Ummah, and will disperse its unity, calling for facing the takfiri terrorist expansion through rejecting the Wahhabi ideology and that of Ibn Taimiya.

Moreover, the Head of Arab Parliament, Ahmad bin Mohammed Al-Jarwan, condemned the criminal attempt to target the Dammam mosque, and said in a statement: "Terrorists seek to destabilize the Arab and Islamic nations’ security... Terrorism will never succeed in destabilizing national security."

Also, Head of Al-Ashraf Syndicate Mahmoud el Sharif and Chief of the Supreme Council of the Sufi Orders Abdel Hadi el Qasabi condemned the terror attack.

Source: Al-Manar Website
30-05-2015 - 13:04 Last updated 30-05-2015 - 19:58 

الملف | مجزرة القديح ، الاهداف والتداعيات | العالم

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Policing Solidarity

By Gilad Atzmon
I believe  it was my recent expose of JVP’s harassment, slander and herem (excommunication) campaigns that led to a new petition calling on us to  “End slander in the pro-Palestine movement online.”
Of course I oppose slander and abuse, but I also reject any form of censorship and thought control. Even though, more than anyone else, I have been the target of vile slander, I will not sign this petition nor will I support it.
The petition pledges to “block”, “delete” and/or “remove” those who behave in such a way as to interfere with ‘unity’. Do I have to remind our activist ‘undersigners’ that while ‘unity’ is not exactly a value, truth, justice and freedom most certainly are?
Rather than blocking the JVP leadership for tagging Ken O’Keefe as a ‘prominent Neo Nazi’ or associating Alison Weir with ‘White Supremacism’, we have to deal with the problem by openly questioning why these tactics are prevalent within certain Jewish groups – both Zionist and anti-Zionist – and why they keep appearing in our midst. And at the same time we must encourage our Jewish liberal ‘allies,’ as they call themselves, to search their souls, self-reflect and then to mend their ways.
I suggest that those who signed this petition bear in mind that the solidarity movement is not the ‘end’ nor is it the ‘goal’, it is only the ‘means.’  And our precious ‘unity’ is insignificant and redundant unless we learn to exchange freely and without fear.
Rather than turning this movement into an ‘ideological collective,’ driven by a quest for correctness, let it be simply a melting pot of thoughts, ideas and activism, but all aiming at truth and justice rather than at conformism and unity.

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Zionist Media: ISIL "Last Barrier" to Protect ’Israel’ from Nuclear Iran

رهان اسرائيل على داعش

Local Editor

ISILZionist media outlets considered that the terrorist group of ISIL is the last barrier which protects the Zionist entity as well as some Arab countries from Iran and the axis of resistance.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also supported this point of view by saying that "Nuclear Iran threatens Israel thousand times more than ISIL."

A number of other Zionist officials also noted that the terrorist ISIL group does not pose a real danger against 'Israel'.

The Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, revealed that the Zionist government and al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, Nusra Front, as well as other militant gangs reached an agreement which stipulates that the terrorist groups abstain from the attacking the entity and guarantee its security.

In this context, the Zionist circles expressed their fear of the sophisticated techniques that Hezbollah is using in his war against the terrorist groups in Qalamoun barrens.

Source: Al Manar TV
29-05-2015 - 16:47 Last updated 29-05-2015 - 17:08 

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Wahabism: Management of Savagery

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Yemeni Army & Popular Committees Bombard Saudi Najran Airport, Border Sites


Local Editor

The Yemeni army and the popular committees launched 50 rockets onto KSA's Najran airport and bombarded the Saudi military sites on border.

The Yemeni Al-Masira TV broadcast footage that shows the bombardment operation with all its the details, including the name of a Saudi soldier who fled the battlefield and left his weapons and equipment.

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’Israel’ Dreads Hizbullah New Tactics in Qalamoun: We Must Fear Attacking Drones

عملية نوعية للمقاومة ضد مجموعة تكفيرية كانت تنوي تنفيذ عمل ارهابي في جرود عرسال

Local Editor

The photos of Islamic Resistance new tactics in Qalamoun irritated the Zionist entity, out of fear of the new confrontation with Hizbullah. 

’Israel’ Dreads Hizbullah New Tactics in Qalamoun: We Must Fear Attacking Drones

This came hours after the Resistance broadcasted images of launching a missile from a reconnaissance targeting terrorists in the border area between Lebanon and Syria.

In this context, "Israel's" Channel 10 warned that "Hizbullah's use of the advanced weapons would rise fear inside the "Israeli" military institution."

"The existence of such a weapon, a military directed plane, means that they do not only receive and broadcast pictures for intelligence purposes, but for attacking purposes."
The channel showed how the aircraft targeted a gathering of "al-Nusra Front" [Al-Qaeda branch in Syria], describing the attack as "concentrated".

For his part, Nicholas Blanford wrote that "the ongoing Hizbullah offensive in Qalamoun has produced a rare abundance of online combat footage showing the party's fighters battling militants of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front and allied factions in the rugged mountain peaks of the strategically located region."

According to his article, Blanford highlighted that "viewing the raw footage leaves an indelible impression of a professional, motivated, well-kitted and disciplined army using an array of weaponry and logistical equipment to prosecute the offensive in the most efficient manner possible."

The Zionist entity's military officials have long voiced concern at the valuable lessons Hizbullah's cadres are learning in the Syria war and how they can be applied in the future conflict.

"We understand that Hizbullah is thinking offensively. It is gaining experience in Syria where it is initiating assaults in built-up areas and attacking cities," an "Israeli" army officer declared last September.

"They are learning about controlling hundreds of fighters, coordinating intelligence, firepower and command and control. This is a serious development that requires us to prepare accordingly."

Hizbullah's commanders carefully planned the offensive in advance, gathering intelligence on the militants' deployment using fighters on the ground and pilotless reconnaissance drones, marking the region into operational sectors and amassing the fighters and logistical support necessary for a campaign in remote and largely unpopulated mountainous terrain.

Most of the weapons systems used by Hizbullah, as seen in the combat videos, are standard fare which have stood the test of time from the days of the resistance campaign against the "Israeli" occupation of south Lebanon. They include mortars of varying calibers, recoilless rifles, "Dushka" 12.7mm heavy machine guns and anti-tank missiles ranging from the relatively antiquated wire-guided Sagger to more modern systems such as the laser beam-guided Kornet.

He further underscored that the Resistance men is also using some weapons that have been in their possession from before the Syria conflict but were rarely employed. They include sniper rifles such as the 7.62mm Dragunov and what appears to be, in one video at least, one of the variants of the U.S.-made Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle.

Systems that have been acquired by Hezbollah during the Syria war include the GP30 grenade launcher slung beneath the barrel of the standard AK-47 rifle. Since the GP30 emerged onto the arms black market in Lebanon 18 months ago, it has become a prestige acquisition for the discerning rifle owner, fetching around $7,000, more than three times the price of a good quality AK-47, according to arms dealers.

Some videos have shown Hizbullah fighters driving T-55 tanks and BMP armored fighting vehicles on loan from the Syrian army. They also have been making use of rocket-assisted mortar rounds that have a relatively short range but pack a powerful punch.

One of the most interesting developments is the tactical use of small short-range micro drones. Several videos feature footage shot by these tiny drones showing Nusra's positions, moving vehicles or personnel.

"Footage of the Hizbullah resistance men themselves show them wearing desert camouflage uniforms with military helmets and backpacks carrying all they need to fight in the field, an appearance far-removed from the more rag-tag demeanor of their opponents. They seem to use their weapons efficiently, generally firing machine guns in short bursts and their rifles with single aimed shots while holding the weapon by the magazine rather than the fore grip.

Some of the skills Hizbullah, according to the writer, is employing in Qalamoun will be irrelevant in the context of a future war with "Israel", such as driving tanks and armored vehicles. But other capabilities, such as using the micro drones and rocket-assisted mortars, could find a place in a war against "Israel"."

Source: News Agencies, Translated and Edited by website team

29-05-2015 | 12:27

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Our Top Priority!

 The ongoing is a continued escalation of the terrorists' war against Syrians. It is a continued US-Israeli-Turkish attack against the Syrians; the ewes' petrodollar still finances every cost of war against the Syrians. All anti-Syria compete to slaughter the more of Syrians, whose sacred blood is shed as a chip card even for elections propagandas for Turkey's Erdogan, for example, or for covering the Saudi humiliations in the Yemen.

The butcher Erdogan, the son of the butcher Ottoman Empire of ignorance and blasphemy, is involved personally in leading the war against the Syrians. All of Turkey's ruling party is on alert preparing for the coming elections through the slaughter of more Syrians, and occupation of some Syrian territories! The Syrians are fully aware that in the ongoing war, there are some losing battles and some heavy losses. However, who laughs last laughs most!
This is the nature of war and the Syrians in their majority are determined to flush out every terrorist from their country. The brave men of the Syrian Army, along with their brothers from the Resistance Axis, and forces of defence, have been heroes indeed on the ground, liberating many places in Syria from terrorists. The recent reassemble of troops, even withdrawals, from certain geographical points inside Syria proves but the noble and human nature of the Syrian and Resistance fighters.
Our top priority is to save human lives, infrastructure, and every thing Syrian. This runs contrary to the terrorists' invasion and barbaric slaughter and destruction. The Syrian Army, Defence and resistance Forces cleansed Qalamoun Area in a record time! Why? There is the real fight between the fighters and cannibalistic terrorists. The noble aim of our fighters has been to liquidate terrorists; In Qalamoun, there has been no fear for the innocents' lives, or for buildings or infrastructure; there exist none of these but the terrorists.
What I write is in way as to justify the recent losses, but to reiterate that whatever the losses were to be, the Syrians in their majority are determined more than ever along with every human as to continue the fight against terrorism, darkness, and ignorance. On behalf of the entire world, Syrians have been encountering and fighting terrorism and are ever to do so. This is our destiny: to be the defenders of humanity and illumination against terrorism and darkness.

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Al Jazeera Attempts to Whitewash Al-Qaeda’s Syrian Branch

May 29, 2015 by Alexandra Valiente
Rebels from al-Qaida-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra, also known as the Nusra Front, wave their brigade flag, as they step on the top of a Syrian air force helicopter.
Sputnik – Middle EastThe 

Al Jazeera news network has displayed surprising editorial standards in the past, facing multiple accusations of whitewashing the Syrian conflict. The network has now gone to new extremes, interviewing and promoting the leader of the al-Nusra Front, al-Qaeda’s arm in the region, and a recognized terrorist organization.
“We are only here to accomplish one mission, to fight the regime and its agents on the ground, including Hezbollah and others,” al-Nusra leader Abu Mohammed al-Golani told Al Jazeera as part of an exclusive.
Al Jazeera’s sympathies are clear throughout the interview, as its paints the terrorist leader as moderate figure, even as he makes not-so-veiled threats against Western governments and Syrian minorities alike.
“Our options are open when it comes to targeting the Americans if they will continue their attacks against us in Syria,” Golani said. “Everyone has the right to defend themselves.”
Golani also contradicts his own claims about not seeking revenge against the Alawite minority, supporters of the Syrian government.
“The battle does not end in Qardaha, the Alawite village and the birthplace of the Assad clan,” he said, adding that members of the Alawite sect should lay down their weapons and renounce the Assad government in order to be safe.
The al-Nusra Front, also known as Jabhat al-Nusra, is the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda operating in Syria and Lebanon. Described as one of the most aggressive factions in the Syrian Civil War, it is recognized as a terrorist organization by the United Nations, as well as Russia and the United States.
Supporters of the Al Nusra Front take part in a protest against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the international coalition in Aleppo on September 26, 2014
© AFP 2015/ Fadi al-Halabi
Supporters of the Al Nusra Front take part in a protest against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the international coalition in Aleppo on September 26, 2014
Published on the Qatari-owned network’s English-language site, the interview has already raised a number of eyebrows. Syria’s United Nations ambassador, Bashar al-Jaafari, said it was used to “promote terrorism and make threats to the government and people in Syria.”
He also noted that it was a clear indication of the Qatari government’s interest in influencing the Syrian conflict.
“It is clear that the Qatari regime is seeking with this interview, with the head of a terrorist group as listed by the UN Security Council, to clean up the image of Nusra Front,” he said.
A History of Manipulation
This isn’t the first time that the Qatari network has faced criticism for its slanted coverage of the Syrian conflict. In 2012, a number of high-profile employees, including the managing director, correspondent, and producer from the Beirut office, quit over Al Jazeera’s coverage.

They alleged that the network refused to publish pictures of al-Nusra’s clashes with Assad’s government forces, and also deliberately ignored a Syrian constitutional reform referendum which saw a 57% turnout with 90% voting for change.
Other former employees have provided testimony indicating that Al Jazeera has even played a direct role in fueling the conflict. Speaking to RT, Ali Hashim, a former correspondent for the Qatari network, says he resigned because “the channel was taking a certain stance on one side.”
“…We were able to spot these militants and we took some footage of those people, and later on the channel refused to air these pictures and I was asked to forget about these militants and I was asked to leave the whole area…” Hashim said.

Syrian-based investigative reporter Rafik Lotf found that the channel was manipulating footage of smoke, making it look like amateur video recording an explosion. He also uncovered behind-the-scenes video of Al Jazeera producers coaching interviewees.
“The activists who become journalists try to make their shows as hard as possible,” Lotf told RT. “The more blood and death the higher the price.”
There is also a clear conflict of interest in that al Jazeera’s Syrian coverage was led by the brother of a Syrian National Council member, as evidenced through a series of hacked emails recovered from the network’s servers. These emails were published by al Akhbar.
Members of al Qaeda's Nusra Front prepare to fire a mortar towards forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in al-Mallah farms, north of Aleppo, February 18, 2015
© REUTERS/ Hosam Katan
Members of al Qaeda’s Nusra Front prepare to fire a mortar towards forces loyal to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad in al-Mallah farms, north of Aleppo, February 18, 2015“[The emails] also confirmed an allegation Ibrahim had reportedly made in one of her emails,” al Akhbar reports. “That Ahmad Ibrahim, who is in charge of the channel’s Syria coverage, is the brother of Anas al-Abdeh, a leading member of the opposition Syrian National Council. He allegedly stopped using his family name to avoid drawing attention to the connection.”
The bias appears to have had a major impact on al Jazeera’s audience. A poll conducted by the network earlier this month shows that a confounding 81% of viewers support the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist group.
Al Jazeera’s credibility has been gradually sinking ever since the Syrian conflict began. A Western diplomat stationed in Doha said that the Golani interview was proof of a new push by the Qatari government to present al-Nusra as national movement.
These sentiments were echoed by As’ad Abukhalil, professor of political science at California State University, and author of the Angry Arab News Service, who spoke to Sputnik.
“It is very clear that Qatar is now the official sponsor of An-Nusrah Front,” Abukhalil said. “The interview was quite significant in that Qatar is now openly advocating on behalf of Nusrah and trying to draw an artificial ideological line between Nusrah and ISIL while both drink from the same ideological and philosophical well.”
“Golani basically spoke of unofficial understanding that his organization has with the West,” Abukhalil added. “That they will spare West of attacks provided they continue to receive Gulf arms and money, and even indirectly Western arms and money.”

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