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Ziad Fadel 

مقتل 10 إرهابيين في جرود القلمون.. وتواصل العمليات النوعية في الغوطة الشرقية

Almasdarnews correctly described a new campaign by Nusra, now allied with the Zionist Creep Entity, and the Southern Front FSA led by the completely inept ‘Abdul-Ilaah Al-Basheer Al-Nu’aymi, to expand as much as possible in the Golan Heights.  The strategy is clear: The terrorists are doing dirty work for their Zionist masters.  They have already ceded the Golan to the enemy Ashkenazi Khazar state when one “opposition” spokesrodent, Kamaal Labwaani, promised to recognize Zionist annexation of the Golan Heights if his non-indigenous allies in Tel Aviv will help to unseat the democratically elected president of the SAR, Dr. Bashar Al-Assad. 
Well.  It ain’t workin’, fellas.   And the ghetto rats of Zionism are demonstrating more incompetence today than they did back in July, 2006 when the Hizbol lah-Syrian-Iranian Alliance kicked their Yiddish butts out of the Lebanon.
Hadhar Village:  About 7 days ago, SAA-AD knocked out a Zionist Skylark drone over this town.  The drone was allegedly sending pictures of SAA formations on the Golan in order to help the Rat Alliance to initiate the new campaign described herein-above.

Mas-hara:  East of the city 12kms.  A firefight resulted in the deaths of 14 Nusra with 3 being field commanders in this area just north of Tal Al-Haarra.

Tal-Al-Bazzaaq, Tal Kuroom Jibbaa, Tal Al-Sha’aar:  Liwaa` Nusoor Al-Reef Al-Gharbi (Eagles of the Western Countryside Brigades. Yawn.) and Liwaa` Al-Sabtayn** (I will explain the meaning of this hilarious organization in a note below) tried to infiltrate into these areas yesterday as part of the BIG CAMPAIGN.  Unfortunately, these rat carcasses will not have a chance to participate in what appears to be another disastrous Zionist-engineered fiasco:
‘Abdul-Salaam Al-Jaahoosh (leader of the Western Countryside rodents)
Yusri Al-Barm (Leader of Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islamiyya)
“Abu Hamza Al-Rafeed (Rat leader of Sabtayn and field commander. Id pending)
Maaher ‘Aql
Hassan ‘Ali Al-Tahhaan
Subhi Al-‘Alloosh (No relation to that rat in Doumaa)
Moussa Al-Dunayfaat (Der’ah rat)
Ma`moon Al-Jibaawi
Muhannad Khaleel Al-Tamr Al-Jibaawi
Bahaa` Mahfouzh Jamraani
Ma’an Al-Raadhi
Hussayn Haashim
Muhammad Moussaa Al-Khaalid  (Brother of another ape killed a couple of days ago)
‘Abdul-Fattaah Al-Ma’asaraani
‘Ubaada Muhammad ‘Abdul-Mawlaa ‘Awadh
Another 8 could not be identified.
Bi`r ‘Ajam:  Developing news.  A large number of rodents killed to the southeast of Qunaytra in this village about 18kms from the city. 

**NOTE TO READERS:  The word “Al-Sabtayn” is in the dual form, a common noun formation for pairs of objects or persons.  Here it is derived from the root “sa-ba-ta” (سبط) which means to be generous or liberal or to have long/limp hair.  Hence, it refers to an act of generosity probably involving the generosity of “two hands”.  Thus, here, it might mean the “The Brigade of the Two Generous Hands”.
But, more ominously, it might also refer to the “Sibt” (Plural: Asbaat), an Israelite tribe.  This name could be an attempt to describe the Arabs and the Ashkenazi Ghetto rats as “two kindred tribes”.  Go figure.   Only at SyrPer do you get analyses, such as these,  of totally recondite terms about extinct rodent terrorist organizations existing in oblivion.

Fighting reported in these areas: Al-Rafeed, Umm Baatina, Mamtana (6 rats killed), East Zubayda Village, Rasm Al-Khawaalid Town, Al-Tayha, Al-‘Ajraf Village.

Burayqa:  This town suffers from an infestation of the following groups:  Alwiyat Al-Furqaan (Brigades of the Qur’an) and Liwaa` Fajr Al-Islam (Brigade of Islam’s Dawn).  Well, despite the lofty-sounding monikers, they managed to lose 2 pickups with 23mm cannons to the accurate and divinely-guided fire of the Syrian Arab Army.  23 rat carcasses counted as of yesterday.

Qunaytra City: At the Main Square, SAA has killed over 15 Nusra rodents.  Reports indicate their wounded were being taken behind Zionist lines for treatment by Jewish Limonadiers de Derriers.

Nab’ Al-Sakhr (The Spring (water) of the Rock):   An attempted infiltration to Tal Al-Bazzaaq (Hill of Snails) led to disaster for the creeping rodents.  No details.

Hamreet and Koodnaa Villages: 10s of rats killed by SAA artillery with precision strikes at these 2 locales just on the Disengagement line with the Zionist Ghetto Abomination.

The Nusra/Al-Qaeda – ISIS attempts to regain a foothold in the foothills of the Qalamoon continue to flop as traditional illegal pathways between both the Lebanon and Syria are becoming more like bottlenecks.

Al-Qaarra:  The Syrian Air Force was active over this town killing a confirmed 10 rodents and wounding 22.  Altogether, 4 vehicles, a pickup with 23mm cannon, 2 vans and 1 flatbed, were in flames.

Crossings: Martabiyya, Zamraani, Al-Roomiyya, Meeraa.  All these crossings were targeted by frustrated militant rats in Lebanon.  All efforts to enter were thwarted by SAA, PDC and border patrol.  No details about number of dead rats.

Jawbar:  More rats go down screaming.  At Al-Manaasher Roundabout, 4 confirmed rodents belonging to Nusra were dispatched with confirmed sightings of wounded vermin being spirited away to certain death at the hands of heretical quacks.

Doumaa:  This is not only ‘Alloosh’s Jaysh Al-Islam territory, there’s also the aptly named Jaysh Al-Umma (yawn. Army of the Islamic Community).  SAA delivered a right hook today after annihilating an ‘Alloosh HQ and C&C center near the Medical Tower.  No names available, yet.

Fighting reported here: Harastaa at the Secondary Roundabout, ‘Irbeen, Al-Jarbaa Farms (no relation to Boss-Pimp and Saudi catamite, Ahmad Jarbaa), Al-Zamaaniyya Farms, Al-Bilaaliyya Farms, Al-Nishaabiyya at the Southern Highway.

Khaan Al-Shaykh:  At the Al-Zuhoor Avenue, 3 criminals belonging to Nusra were killed by security:
Ayham Mansoor
Mu`ayyad Daghmeesh
‘Umar ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-‘Ashshi
Yep, that’s Khaalid Mish’al, the Palesteezian traitor and Zionist spy who has been exposed by SyrPer in Konya, Turkey.  He is attending some Erdoghani black mass on behalf of the MB Hamas Movement.  Here he is seen being embraced by none other than Clown-in-Residence and Chief Dwarf, Ahmet Davutoghlu.  Try to hold down lunch.  (Photo credit: World Bulletin)


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U.S. War Against Russia Is Now Against Hungary Too


Global Research, December 27, 2014

Hungary has decided to align itself with Russia against the United States.
The Western Alliance is starting to fray, over the insistence by Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress to go to war against Russia.

This is called a ‘new cold war,’ but it’s actually already a hot war within Ukraine, immediately next door to Russia.

America’s plan to locate nuclear missiles there aimed against Russia has made stunning progress this year. The formerly neutral nation of Ukraine has now become officially anti-Russian. Because of the Obama coup, Ukraine is suffering a civil war between the Ukrainian regime that Obama’s CIA and mercenaries installed in Kiev on 22 February 2014, versus the people in Ukraine’s far eastern districts, where the Ukrainian President whom Obama was overthrowing had received around 90% of all the votes that had been cast there, and so the newly installed Obama regime in Kiev in the west was overwhelmingly rejected by them — hence, Ukraine’s civil war is raging there now, with Obama’s Kiev regime trying to eliminate the residents there.

But, within the European Union, and especially among its former member-states of the Soviet Union, this is, as of yet, still only a cold war, which is in the process of heating up toward perhaps the super-hot temperature of a nuclear conflict between Russia and NATO (the latter organization consisting of the United States and its vassal nations against Russia). And America is already investing heavily in it.

According to German Economic News (GEN), on December 25th, “Hungary Will Not Take Part in the Cold War Against Russia.” They report that, “Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban takes his distance from the EU, and accuses the US government of trying to instigate a new Cold War against Russia. Hungary will not participate.” GEN also links to an earlier, October 19th, GEN article, which had reported that, “After Russia, Hungary is now apparently also being targeted by Americans: the United States is hitting senior Hungarian government officials and businessmen with entry bans. The Americans throw corruption-charges against the Hungarians.”

Actually, the United States Government is also very corrupt, and uses corruption-charges against other nations’ officials in order to provide a pretext to force them to buckle to America’s aristocracy — to become vassal nations. Will the U.S. Government now place entry-bans against high U.S. officials, also, such as against Joe Biden even now, and perhaps including against Barack Obama after his Presidency ends and he starts taking favors that are widely expected for him, on and from Wall Street (such as did his friend Timothy Geithner)? (And this was already after the cascade of corruption during George W. Bush’s Presidency — none of which Obama allowed to be investigated and prosecuted.)

In 2013, a Gallup poll asked Americans, “Is corruption widespread throughout the government in the United States?” and 73% said “Yes.” But the corrupt Obama Administration pretends to be in the position of international arbiter against corruption in other corrupt nations. Whom is he fooling? (Perhaps people who don’t read this news-site, for example?)

On Tuesday, December 23rd, Reuters headlined, “Hungary PM Orban: U.S. uses corruption charges to gain influence,” and reported that, “The United States is using corruption allegations against some Hungarian public officials as a ‘cover story’ to boost its influence in central Europe amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Tuesday. Orban’s comments come amid a wider souring of relations between Hungary, a NATO ally, and the United States over what America perceives as Orban’s increasingly authoritarian rule and Budapest’s warm relations with Russia.”

America’s pervasive NSA snooping, militarizing of local police-forces, and invasions of Iraq, Syria, Libya, and other countries that never threatened the United States, are not considered (by the British Reuters) ‘authoritarian,’ but somehow Hungary now is ‘authoritarian.’ Suddenly (though the U.S. didn’t say this when Hungary was trying to meet the demands of the American aristocracy), Hungary is ‘authoritarian,’ and is ‘too’ corrupt to do business with.

When more than two-thirds of the United States public are against the U.S. Government’s selling arms to the Ukrainian Government, but 98% of the U.S. House of Representatives wants not only to sell them to Ukraine but to donate them to Ukraine, with U.S. taxpayers paying the tab for this largesse, and when 100% of the U.S. Senate then goes along with that, and the U.S. President signs it into law, how fake is American ‘democracy’?

Even on such a vital war-and-peace issue as nuclear war, America’s aristocracy, which overwhelmingly finances all ‘elections’ to national office, is controlling the U.S. Government, no matter what the U.S. public want.

Obama hasn’t succeeded in fooling the American public into invading Russia, as George W. Bush succeeded in fooling the American public into invading Iraq, but now he won’t even need to.

All of this trouble is being done in order to surround Russia with our nuclear missiles. It’s not resulting from too much democracy; it’s resulting from fake ‘democracy.’
So: now we know that it’s fake.

It’s fake: that’s the reality. Once this reality is understood, everything else can begin to make sense. Getting rid of the illusion from the lies from the many liars is the prerequisite to understanding. Before that, is only myths. They’re getting more dangerous day-by-day. Nuclear war is deadly serious.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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The honest definition of “moderate Syrian rebels”


There are no “moderate” Syrian rebels in a real and serious sense of the word. It might be that a very small number of militants fighting against the Syrian government are non-sectarian idealists who dream of a new Syrian society, which continues to be secular and in addition more human rights respecting than the current government with broader based and 100% free elections etc. pp. Such “moderates”, however, do not play the slightest role in the ongoing military events.

What western governments and their Gulf Arab allies plus Turkey continue to portray and hail as “moderate” Syrian rebels are in fact militants who meet these criteria:

Insurgents who

– not openly call themselves IS or Jabhat al Nusra (JAN or “Nusra Front”)
– but frequently cooperate with JAN (The “Islamic Front” even cooperated with IS when they took over Adraa)
– often have joined IS and/or JAN
– seldom hesitate to sell or share their advanced weapons (Manpads, ATGMs) to/with JAN and/or IS
– do not resist being treated in Israeli hospitals
– are often helped by Israel with the latter shooting down Syrian jets and pounding Syrian Army positions (which were then overran by JAN alone or in cooperation with “moderates”)
– are routed and humiliated by JAN in the North but continue to work with JAN in the South (e.g. what SRF has been doing)
Read more about such “moderates” here:
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by Peter Lavelle, Russia Insider

This year the list is modest, even downright humble. The following should be considered as bare bones basics.

As you will see Russia is merely asking the west to live up to its lofty self-proclaimed ideals and values:
  • A US president who knew what s/he was talking about when making remarks focused on Russia.
  • An end to expectations Russia will participate in a bailout of Ukraine while western sanctions remain in force.
  • The west should stop talking about democracy when it can’t tell the difference between a real expression of self-determination (Crimea’s vote to return to Russia) and Ukraine’s recent sham parliamentary election.
  • A west that finally stops overthrowing democratically elected governments (like in Ukraine)  what comes later is always worse.
  • Washington and its allies should be careful what they wish for: Forced regime change in Moscow could actually end up with the end of the EU and chaos in much of the American global empire.
  • A west that recognizes the value of a Russian life is on par with that of an American and European.
  • A west which recognizes that all countries have the right to defend and protect national interests.
  • The United States should finally stop talking about its “values” to the entire world after the publication of the Senate’s torture report.
  • Ask Victoria Nuland to visit Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries when she has the urge to pass out “democracy cookies.”
  • Washington should firmly distance itself from and condemn Ukrainian fascists and extremist ideologies.
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Haikal's Vision of the world in 2015

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IOF Kidnap Two Palestinians In Jerusalem

Saturday December 27, 2014 10:33

Undercover soldiers of the Israeli military kidnapped, on Friday evening, a young Palestinian man in Wadi al-Jouz neighborhood, during clashes that took place after the army invaded it. Army also kidnapped a child in Ras al-‘Amoud.
File - Maan News Agency
File - Maan News Agency
Eyewitnesses said that the undercover forces assaulted the young Palestinian, causing various injuries, and moved him to an unknown destination.

They added that local youths burnt tires, and hurled stones, empty bottles and Molotov cocktails at Israeli military vehicles and police cars near the entrance of the neighborhood.

The youths also used fireworks while the soldiers fired rounds of live ammunition, rubber-coated metal bullets and gas bombs.

In related news, soldiers kidnapped a child, identified as Hamada Daoud Nasser, 13 years of age, in Ras al-‘Amoud neighborhood, and held him at an illegal settlement in the neighborhood.

On Thursday, the soldiers kidnapped Hamada’s brother, Mohammad, and released him on bail, after ordering him under house arrest for two days.

Earlier on Friday, soldiers kidnapped a child identified as Musallam Odah, and a young man, identified as Mohammad Sharwana, and held them at the al-Maskobiyya interrogation center for several hours before releasing them.
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greater israel

(EDITOR’S NOTE: On January 18th, 2011, Mask of Zion, Mouqawamah Music’s predecessor and affiliate, reported in a piece entitled “Occupied Iraq: New Year, Same Zionism” that the usurping Jewish entity’s agents were engaged in the communal cleansing of Christians in Nineveh and elsewhere in Northern Iraq, a literal depopulation project, for the sole purpose of facilitating Jewish settlement in Iraqi lands that the Jews consider part of “Eretz Yisrael”, the Greater “Israel” project. 

Clearly, ISIS,an organization backed in every way imaginable by the illegitimate “Israeli” regime, is the acceleration of this menacing endeavor. Insha’ALLAH the recent rapprochement between Erbil and Baghdad and the hands-on approach by the Haidar al-Abadi administration in the tackling of corruption are indicators that this gross, humiliating violation of Iraqi sovereignty by the arrogant Zionists will soon come to an abrupt halt, not only for Iraq’s sake but for the entire region. ~ Jonathan Azaziah)

A report says Israeli businessmen are buying properties belonging to the displaced  minorities in the ISIL-held regions in northern Iraq to prepare the ground for accommodation of more than 2,000 people there.

Citing a local source, Fars News Agency reported that estate agencies in Mosul and other cities of the Nineveh province in northern Iraq have began purchasing the houses and lands of Iraqi minorities including Christians and Izadis and Turkmens.

The estate agents offer “attractive prices” in exchange for the properties and later sell them to Israeli businessmen, the unnamed source said.

The source added that more than 2,000 Jews have recently returned to Iraq’s Kurdistan region to resettle in Iraq’s northern areas.

Thousands of Iraqi Christians and other communities have been forced out of their homes in Mosul since June following an ultimatum by ISIL terrorists. Most Christians in the northwestern Nineveh province escaped after the Takfiris overran the region.

The ISIL terrorists control some parts of Syria and Iraq. They are engaged in crimes against humanity in the areas under their control.

Source: Press TV

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Israeli Soldiers Rob Family of 70,000 Shekels in Nablus Raid

Friday December 26, 2014 01:05

by IMEMC News & Agencies

Ahrar Center for Prisoner Studies and Human Rights said that Israeli forces seized about 70,000 shekels after breaking into home of 52-year-old Ahmed Shubeiri, in Qarboun village, near occupied Nablus.

According to the PNN, Ahmed is father of Ali Shubeiri, who has been imprisoned for over a year now.

The family told Ahrar that soldiers brutally broke into and raided their house after midnight, claiming that they were searching for arms.

University student Abdullah Shubeiri, age 20, was abducted and taken to an unknown destination.

The family said that the soldiers took from them 7,000 Jordanian dinar and 25,000 Israeli shekels, amounting to some 70,000 shekels total.

Ahrar's director, Fuad Al-Khuffash, condemned the action, saying that it was actually theft and not the first incident of of its kind among Israeli soldiers.

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