Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Shaaban to Al-Manar: Resistance Movements Natural Reaction to Israeli Occupation

18/05/2010 Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban,Syrian President Bashar Assad's political advisor, warned Monday that "there is always a chance of war".

According to Shaaban, Syria is not listening to Israel, whether the Zionist entity is relaying "calming or non-calming" messages", but is monitoring its actions.

In an interview with al-Manar television, the Syrian official was asked to respond to the calming messages conveyed by Israel. She replied that "Syria's actions are not based on others' calming messages, but on its abilities and information about the enemy it is facing.

"We are not interested in the threats or in the calming messages. What we are interested in is the Arab and international stand. No one has the courage to relay messages to Syria," she said.

Shaaban stressed that Hezbollah and Hamas movements are resistance movements that are found as a natural reaction to the Israeli occupation.

She addressed Israel's claims that it was in constant danger and the threats she said it made against "the resistance movements and the countries supporting the Arab's rights."

According to Shaaban, "These are pressure measures used by Israel to cover up the fact that it is torpedoing the peace negotiations, continuing the settlements, Judaizing occupied Jerusalem, attacking mosques and expelling the Palestinians.”

"All these statements are not directed at us but at the Western world, so that it will sense that Israel is in danger and that it is its right to kill and destroy in order to stay safe… Israel's security perception basically aspires to continue the deception in order to gain constant and unconditional support for Israel from the Western world."

Dr. Shaaban slammed Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, saying that "we are not listening to Lieberman's statements and are not considering them. His remarks are aimed at covering up one thing in order to gain other things."

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