Thursday, 20 May 2010

"What I Saw That Day" Available in Hardcover - Now When is the Movie?

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At long last, the book co-authored by Mark Glenn and USS LIBERTY survivor Phil Tourney is now available for sale at Besides the hardcopy version, there is also an audio version available as well.

from the Ugly Truth

If the message from Hollywood wasn't controlled, this would make a heckuva major motion picture.

Academy awards, Mel Gibson wins best actor and director, millions awakened, school textbooks revised to add the story, History Channel apologizes for not covering it sooner .....

Oops, sorry, just daydreaming.
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Well Kenny
I have a Video for you

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian


kenny said...

Yes, Duke is an impressive intelligent speaker who has a lot to say about zionism with which most of us will agree.

But he stops short when it comes to 9/11, spouting the official line of 19 Arabs did it and it was a result of 'blowback.'


This gives me pause for concern. Why doesn't he go into the Israeli/Mossad and rouge US government involvement, the so called inside job.

Some folks question his lack of addressing this at the linked video. As far as I know he's never replied about it. I've questioned it at other sites and his apologists say his enemies would use it against him, etc.

Huh? This is David Duke. His 'enemies' always have had a lot to use against him. Why would this be any worse.

9/11 is my bias, my litmus test. Any discussion of Israel, zionism and the ME wars must at least include questioning the official story and wanting a real investigation or I'm suspicious.

I don't know that Duke is controlled opposition but it makes me wonder.

Just my opinion.

uprooted Palestinian said...

Dear Kenny
I care for the message more than the messanger, However, I agree with you, lack of consistancy raise questions.

kenny said...

"I care for the message more than the messenger."

That's a great simple response. I may have to borrow it to use sometime.


kenny said...

This video is not a Palestinian issue but is related. It's been around since april 10 but is only now getting passed around.

Dogs surrounded the lion

All occupations must end.

uprooted Palestinian said...

You may borrow and use any thing in this Blog
Thank you for the video