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Stuart Littlewood: Hamas, don’t blow this chance - commented By Uprooted Palestinian


Dear Mr. Stuart Littlewood I claim that Hamas seized the golden opportunity.

Thank for your great writings supporting our cause,
Please forgive me for my disagreement with this one.

You know very well who blow all the chances since Oslo, and you know that Fateh and its founder, "Father Palestine" as Alan Hart calls him, was dragged to Oslo under the same slogan: "Don’t blow this chance"

I don't understand why fighting an occupier let "crude impressions be formed."??

Hamas before "hurling threats of more violence "was branded as terrorist organization, even after stopping the so-called Suicide operations.

Fateh, was a terrorist organization, with hands soaked with Jewish blood until, in Oslo they sold 78% of Palestine, and recognized Israel for nothing.

The "disappointment considering the hopes of so many are pinned on Hamas coming good." shall never be realized, the Holly Jewish blood on its hands shall never be forgotten, until Hamas recognizes Israel as Jewish states.

"Coming good" = Selling Palestinian Land and Rights.

"The world needs reminding" that the reason for the acceptable by that delinquent duo – Clinton and Rabin – to sit down with democratically elected (after Oslo) Arafat was selling 78% of Palestine, the reason for refusal by that delinquent duo – Obama and Netanyahu – to sit down with democratically Hamas is Hamas refusal to sell Palestinian rights (the rights of uprooted Palestinians), refusal to recognize Israel as Jewish state paving the way to Ethnic Cleansing of Arab citizens in Israel.

Some Palestinian Idiots smeared Hamas and claimed that Hamas is using resistance to get to negotiation table.

About two years ago Amira Hass wrote "Hamas in the Gaza Strip wears three hats: It is the ruling party, a popular semi-underground movement and a military organization. Some believed its role as the ruling party would contradict its self-image as a resistance movement opposing the Israeli occupation, leading one role or the other to be weakened or renounced. But so far, the facts indicate otherwise. The lab conditions of an isolated and impoverished strip of land allow both kinds of discourse to exist peaceably, side-by-side."

"Politically, Hamas accepts the borders of June 4, 1967, for determining the boundaries of a Palestinian state. The public is told two versions of what will happen next. In one, the state will be achieved only through a genuine armed struggle (`not like that of the PLO`) and greater Palestine will be returned to its legal owners at the right time. The other, shorter version skips over the 1967 stage and gets directly to the future."

"As a consolidated political movement, Hamas has done a good job of predicting what its rivals and enemies will do. Hamas leaders expected Fatah to do all it could to sabotage the 2006 election and prepared accordingly. Since the Oslo Accords, Hamas has crafted its policy on the assumption that Israel would do everything to foil the implementation of a two-state solution along the 1967 borders. The history of settlement expansion, the splitting up of the West Bank and the isolation of Gaza since 1993 show that they were right."

So dear Stuart Littlewood, I claim Hamas has Siezed the "right moment" and the "golden opportunity" to:

  • drive the last nail in the Coffen of Oslo option, and the occupation sub-contractors in Ramala,
  • remind brainwashed Palestinians that Peace with Israeli elected men of Peace is a mirage, that Only Resistance in all its forms is the only way to get rights. Resistance forced barak to leave Lebanon without conditions, and forced Sharon to leave Gaza without conditions.
  • remind palestinian Idiots that Hamas, in participation in last election, was not looking to replace Fateh at the negociation table, was looking to prevent liguidation of the Palestinian cause.
Unfortionatly, the Zionist controlled Meadia and Zionist controlled politicians, shall not allow others, the brainwashes outside the Holy Land, the Majority, to sympathize and know the truth,

Look at those pictures: History repeats itself, with abdulla instead of Hussain, Abbas instead of Arafat, and Netanyahu instead of Rabin.

Never, ever expect to see Khaled Mishaal in stead of Abbas.

Finally, I would like to quote my dear and yours Gilad Atzmon.

"Try to buy an F-15 fighter jet. They're expensive, man. Try to buy a tank. Try to buy armor. How much is it? Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of dollars?

It's much cheaper to buy a politician. You take him on two trips to Israel with his wife and put them in the Hilton in Tel Aviv...She can do the shopping, blah blah blah. They have a good time, they fly them back, give them some money so they can have a new swimming pool. That's it! It's much cheaper to buy American or British or French or German or Dutch politicians than buying a tank!

So they buy a few American politicians, and then you fight their wars. You go, you kill Saddam, you say you're going to liberate the Iraqi people. It's almost pathetic. How can these can this system provide us with hope?

The first step towards hope is to be genuine. Say, "We don't like what we see." And for Palestine, I think that the shift of consciousness is far bigger than the politicians. The politicians will follow us. We are ahead of them."

Gilad, you and all true Palestine friends are ahead of them, the politians, but they want follow you, untill people of the world wakeup, and fight for their freedom by "upsetting the pro-Israel lobby, a small fraction of a small tribe that accounts for just 2.2 percent of the US population and who, along with their hundreds of stooges in Congress"

Thank for doing your home work, and let Hamas do her's, I claim it's doing well, despite mistakes here and there.

Hamas, don’t blow this chance

05. Sep, 2010

By Stuart Littlewood

Can the resistance exploit the fake talks, re-position itself and finally “come good”?


Hamas “vows to step up attacks on Israel”, say reports in the western media.

Reading further, we learn that this escalation is either “a natural response to the crimes of the occupation” or a spiteful reaction to being left out of the talks.

Either way, Hamas surely knows better than to let such crude impressions be formed.

This is their golden opportunity. The eyes and ears of the world are focused on the Israel problem, and will re-focus every two weeks.

Instead of hurling threats of more violence, which only serve to reinforce opinion that Hamas is a terrorist organization, the words and deeds of the resistance movement should be carefully chosen to harmonize with the West’s values and beliefs.

This is Hamas’s chance to ‘educate’ the rest of the world as to the truth about the evil that stalks the Holy Land. It is perhaps a final window of opportunity to define the massive, decades-old injustice accurately.

For example, Hamas could have said:

“Israel doesn’t have a monopoly on security and we Palestinians are equally entitled to feel safe… Armed Jewish squatters terrorize Palestinian families, menace our children, damage crops, poison our water and often cause fatal harm… Therefore any armed squatter on Palestinian soil risks the same fate as an armed Palestinian found in Israel."

Yes, call them what they are: squatters. ‘Settlers’ is too nice a word, suggesting peaceful intent when their motives are anything but. Israel’s foreign minister is a squatter, which speaks volumes about Netanyahu’s gangster government.

Produce a continuously updated, easily digested fact sheet showing the scale and enormity of Israel’s crimes and how the stench clings to regime’s misguided supporters.

The world needs reminding how the refusal by that delinquent duo – Obama and Netanyahu – to sit down with democratically elected Hamas tramples on everyone’s democratic principles, not just the Palestinians’, and how their contemptuous attitude disqualifies them from ever again preaching democracy to others.

The same goes for Tony Blair and his protégé Lady Ashton, both unelected meddlers who have wheedled their way into powerful positions – she as EU foreign minister and he as peace envoy (no, don’t laugh) of the so-called Quartet (no, you really mustn’t laugh). Both studiously avoid contact with the Palestinians’ elected leaders even when visiting their territory, showing not only the appalling manners now commonplace among western political ‘élites’ but the conspiratorial enslavement of the western alliance.

Here is part of Netanyahu’s pre-dinner speech at White House on the eve of the talks

“I came here today to make peace. I didn’t come here today to play a blame game… I know the grief that has afflicted so many families who have lost their dearest loved ones. Only yesterday four Israelis, including a pregnant women — a pregnant woman — and another woman, a mother of six children, were brutally murdered by savage terrorists. And two hours ago, there was another terror attack. And thank God no one died. I will not let the terrorists block our path to peace, but as these events underscore once again, that peace must be anchored in security.

“We left Lebanon, and we got terror. We left Gaza, and we got terror once again. We want to ensure that territory we’ll concede will not be turned into a third Iranian-sponsored terror enclave armed at the heart of Israel — and may I add, also aimed at every one of us sitting on this stage.

“This is why a defensible peace requires security arrangements…”

You can see how he paints his false scenario, claiming not to play the blame game while proceeding to do exactly that, weaving a tissue of lies, playing the beloved family card, demonizing Iran (as always) and seeking to justify his ultimate objective – a tight, permanent military stranglehold on the Holy Land.

Alternative, parallel peace talks?

What of George Mitchell, whose high reputation has allowed him to play possibly the most sinister part of all in the ‘talks’ pantomime without so far attracting hostile comment. His insistence that there is “no role” for Hamas at the peace table is at odds with the much-acclaimed Northern Ireland resolution he often refers to, where ‘terrorists’ Sinn Fein were eventually invited to talks and this led to peace (of sorts). Sinn Fein now plays a full part in the political process.

This is where Mitchell comes unstuck. One can only conclude that barring Hamas means peace in Palestine is not the objective, nor has it ever been. If he wanted to retain his heroic image he should have turned down his latest starring role in Middle East skulduggery.

So what is the fundamental problem?

Well, people all over the world are beginning to understand that the delinquent duo and their pet quisling are puppets of the most craven kind, who wet their pants at the very thought of upsetting the pro-Israel lobby, a small fraction of a small tribe that accounts for just 2.2 percent of the US population and who, along with their hundreds of stooges in Congress, are allowed to call the shots.

Not one of them – not even the Palestinians’ unrepresentative representative – either before or after the talks, acknowledged the binding decisions of the United Nations. They seem determined to ignore the internationally agreed position.

Their pantomime, however, is not receiving rave reviews and actually does the Palestinians a big favour by setting the scene for Hamas to turn the tables on their tormentors. With the co-operation of well-wishers and all who value freedom, they could bring about a public relations coup.

Will they seize the moment?

From now on, Hamas would do well to always link their words, actions and demands to established law, human rights declarations and UN recommendations, and press forward their equal entitlement to security, in order to show that their aims and aspirations are no different from the values of all decent citizens of the world.

They could even consider setting up alternative, parallel peace talks to ridicule the US-Israel-Fatah axis and to produce an alternative, parallel final status solution based on justice… just for fun, or maybe as a serious counterpoint.

Hamas would also do well to frame their case in a manner that allows others, outside the Holy Land, to sympathize and feel persuaded that it’s time they were welcomed into the mainstream.

It is part of the re-positioning and re-branding process one hoped had already begun. But judging from those threats to step up violence they haven’t yet made a start.

This is a disappointment considering the hopes of so many are pinned on Hamas coming good.

Stuart Littlewood is author of the book Radio Free Palestine, which tells the plight of the Palestinians under occupation.

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