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Qaddhafi could have got on a flight to Cuba; but he died fighting in defence of Libya

"There can be little doubt that he was as sincere in his original visionary and revolutionary spirit as a Lenin, Mao, or Castro. As an Arab nationalist he was more Nasserite than Nasser himself. And there can be little doubt that he truly believed in Islām.....he went astray in his Islām and in his ideology -- a curious mixture of Islam, socialism, and political anarchism rooted in the free bedouin spirit from which he sprang. Finally he fell victim to his own hubris and pride which, in perfect harmony with that famous law of life, was at its greatest just before his fall.

In the first half or so of his rule there can be little doubt as to how much he did to develop Libya as an independent nation. He gave Libyans the best standard of living in Africa. Unlike Tunisia and Egypt, poverty had nothing to do with his overthrow -- indeed, many of Libya's most poor fought the hardest for him. He threw out the multinationals, wrested Libyan oil -- the best in the world -- from greedy Western hands, and used the money to build Libya and to stick finger after finger into the interests of the Euro-American Empire.

On the international front Qaddhafi supported anti-Western liberation struggles around the world, from Nicaragua to Northern Ireland to the Philippines..."

"For his struggle and vision, with all the flaws of its ideological basis and practical implementation, to free Africa, Arabs, and other oppressed peoples from the shackles of European colonialism and imperialism; for this he earned the eternal hatred of the Euro-American Empire. Although he often cooperated with the same Empire for reasons of expediency after 9/11 -- Libya after all is a small country in terms of human resources to defend against an American or NATO attack -- in this particular regard it would be grossly unfair to merely lump Qaddhafi along with quisling rulers such as Mubarak and Ben-Ali,.......Along with Syria, he continuously supported Iran throughout the Iran-Iraq war and against the rest of the Arab world....."

"In their love and grief for the Imām Sadr, many Shīʿīs will cheer the fall and death of Qaddhafi. Many in the progressive Sunni Ikhwan movement will also cheer the death of someone who eradicated that movement from Libya. But that will be very shortsighted. The impact of the short-term -- and perhaps even mid-term -- victory that the Euro-American Empire has won in recolonizing Libya .......The Mediterranean Sea is now a NATO lake: Full spectrum dominance has been achieved. The richest and most independent country in Africa has been reconquered by the Euro-America."

"Finally, the death of Qaddhafi himself: After his convoy is bombed by NATO, first they say he was wounded and captured; then they say he died of his wounds; then they say he was found hiding in a ditch ... But now we know: He was captured alive, tortured, and brutally killed on live mobile camera moments after being caught, in violation of any and all civilized norms"

Qaddhafi could have got on a flight to Cuba; his friend Hugo Chavez of Venezuela would have been happy to send him a private jet so Qaddhafi could save himself.

"In the future it is going to be your turn too,"

"Today, Adel Abdel Ghafar, a graduate student in Australia, surfaced one more gem: a video of Qaddafi warning Arab leaders at a 2008 summit in Syria that they might soon suffer the same fate as Iraq's Saddam Hussein and be overthrown by foreign powers. "A foreign force occupies an Arab country and hangs its leader while we are looking and laughing," he declares, according to the video's English translation. "In the future it is going to be your turn too," he adds, to laughter from the audience. An Al Jazeera report at the time noted that some of the Arab officials "looked stunned" by Qaddafi's words "while others broke into laughter at his frankness."


French MOD Longuet: 'A US Predator & a French Mirage 2000 finished Qaddafi off!'
"Un drone américain Predator a également tiré un missile contre le convoi attaqué par un Mirage 2000 français, et dans lequel se trouvait Mouammar Kadhafi selon le ministre français de la Défense, a affirmé aujourd'hui un responsable américain.
Le drone a tiré son missile Hellfire à proximité de Syrte "contre le même convoi" que celui attaqué par l'avion de chasse français, selon ce responsable. Le ministre français de la Défense, Gérard Longuet, a assuré que l'ancien dirigeant libyen se trouvait dans ce convoi, une information que le responsable américain de la Défense n'était pas en mesure de confirmer."

With the first
With the second

The Third

I thought itsto send my condolences, to my "friend" Dr. Mazin, for losing a great suppoter of Sharing the Land of Canaan - Isratine, but on checking my mail i found his a fresh piece of shit.

My inside information tells me that Syria would be next
so that it will be two for two:
I, a Palestinian from occupied Palestine,
want to share my homeland with Zionist colonizers"
"Congratulations to the Libyan people.But we must be cautious.The US government considers this its first victory in getting a government moved from an erratic despotic western stooge to a government that will be (at least they (I) hope) more reliably dominated and subjugated."
"Let us not forget that Bashar Assad (and before him his father) ......were not bastions of support for Arab causes...... (Sharing the land)

"The Syrian regime was also an ally with the US in the destruction of Iraq (including the genocide of over 1 million civilians). "
Muammar al-Gaddafi In this handout image provided by the Palestinian Press Office (PPO), Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (2nd-R) is greeted by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (R) on September 4, 2010 in Libya, Tripoli. Abbas is in Libya following a trip to the U.S. for Mideast peace talks in which he met in a State Department room alone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Abbas is greeted by Muammar Gaddafi on September 4, 2010 in Libya, following
a trip to the U.S. for Mideast peace talks in which he met alone with Israeli Netanyahu.
( September 3, 2010 - Photo by Handout/Getty Images Europe)

Kudos Mr. Abbas‏, Abbas would "now implement quickly the reconciliation agreement...would act quickly and decisively to really promote popular unarmed resistance throughout Palestine.(put an end to armed resistance throuhout palestine"

Hamas security men keep watch as a bus c So what "But there are still thousands of Palestinian political prisoners". Thus Commenting on Hamas historical Shalit deal

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