Monday, 20 February 2012

Are you a "certified cuckoo"?

In the land of the insane, it is of no use to have a brain !

Like the ideological, authoritarian, cemented narrative of the Holocaust, 911 has become an ideology revealed by the establishment. You are forbidden to discuss, read about, question, or investigate except through the parameters defined by them, on their terms and as laid down by their think-tanks.

Failing to conform would grant you the "lunacy" title, you become a "conspiracy theorist", a "certified cuckoo" living in "LaLa-land".

Complying with this, the "Thought Police" of some "Friends of Palestine" demanded the removal of any information, links or even mention of 911 from the group's website.

Having your "best interest" at heart, they want you to stop looking at "controversial topic", to stop asking questions, and to overlook any inconsistencies or contradiction... In their eyes "Earth is Flat", and it is "anti-Semitic" to question that, pure and simple.

You see, it's all for your own good; limiting your capacity to use your brain, will save you much valuable time and effort. Reducing your ability to think, will remove the burden of hard work from you. They will do all the work on your behalf, what more do you want?

"If it’s my head you are relying on....
but if it’s my head you relying on,
you gotta realise
you got to save yourself…. save yourself, YEH!"
Robert Wyatt

Have a look at this:

911 A Conspiracy Theory

Remember, the motto of the "Thought Police"

. . . It is "cool" to be a "fool"

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