Saturday, 22 September 2012

Bint Jbeil Protests in Loyalty to Prophet Mohammad

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The Lebanese protested on Saturday in condemnation to the offences against prophet of Islam Mohammad (PBUH) in the southern city of Bint Jbeil.
Bint Jbeil
The protest, which comes among the series of "Loyalty to the Prophet" protests that Hezbollah and Amal movement called for, took off at 5:00 pm with tens of thousands chanting slogans of love and alignment to the noble prophet, and condemning the US and Israel.

Parliament members, as well as political and social figures took part in the march which headed towards the center of the city, where Development and Liberation Parliamentary bloc MP Ali Bazzi read the statement of Amal movement, assuring that "We came here, Muslims and Christians, to say: Here we are, at your service o prophet of Allah".

Bazzi considered that "this Christian-Muslim assemblage is the only direct reponse to everyone who wanted to offend the prophet and the Islamic religion."

Adressing the crowds, the Lebanese MP further said: "You turned the incitement project to a unity project on the religious, social, and moral levels," adding that "one people, one religion, and our country Lebanon is one nation."

Morever, Bazzi stressed that "when freedom of expression harms a basic symbol of freedom in the humanity, then this would not be freedom at all, neither of opinion nor of expression."

In parallel, Loyalty to the Resistance parliamentary bloc MP Nawwaf Al-Moussawi spoke in the name of Hezbollah, indicating that "in Bint Jbeil, the protest has a differnt taste. We stand here to raise for the prophet the fists that himiliated America before even humiliating Israel."

"The forearms that humiliated it in 2006 are capable of humiliating it in every occasion and every battle," he added, pointing out that "in this area in specific, the American missiles were dified and from this blessed field we say: Here we are at your service o prophet of Allah."

Al-Moussawi went on saying: "We came to this place to continue our commitment to our leader the Secretary General (of Hezbollah) Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah... We are here to say that we are not denouncing a despicable, dirty film, but we are denouncing a programmed, systematic agression that is sponsored by the American administration."

"The United States of America wants to tell everyone criticizing its administration that it deals with them based on its own will. The US wants to spread this policy in all the West. There was an attempt to stop the French magazine from publishing the caricatures, but the White House insisted on moving on with this campaign to tell the Muslims that this is our way in dealing with you," he added.
In addition, Loyalty to the Resistance MP said: "We are proud that just like we first raised the rifle, we raised out fist to defend the prophet of Allah."

In this context, he wondered: "Why this silence? If this film mentioned a president, a king, or some official, would the country remain silent or would it cut the ties? What are you waiting for in the Arab world to meet the prophet, and How will you be able to meet him?"

Al-Moussawi also considered that "there is an American, Western effort to quench the uprising and the revolution in various ways. Here, I ask: Will you be loyal to the prophet of Allah?"

"In Lebanon, we tell you not to worry, for this film will not have consequences on the nation, especially on our Christian brothers," he emphasized.

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