Monday, 28 April 2014

Syrian Army Regains Control over Height 724 in Latakia

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Syrian armySyrian Army on Monday continued operations against the armed groups across the country, killing scores of them and destroying their weapons.

In Latakia, a military source said that army units - in cooperation with the national defense forces - regained full control over Height 724 to the north of Point 45 in the northern countryside, and inflicted terrorist groups heavy losses.

In Homs countryside, national military continued operations in the old city and regained control over a building near Mar Gorgeous Church, killing a number of terrorists and injuring others.

A military source told SANA that army units confronted a group of gunmen trying to attack a military checkpoint near Akiribate roundabout in Sha’ar Mountain. More than 30 terrorists were killed and 3 cars equipped with heavy machineguns were destroyed, claiming all the terrorists inside.

Units of the armed forces also targeted a group of mercenaries near Dar al-Saadeh in al-Sean and destroyed 2 cars equipped with heavy machineguns on Deir foul –al-Sean al-Shamali road.
Moreover, the army units destroyed a rocket launcher pad in al-Kuwaiti farm, killing a number of terrorists in Abu al-Anz farm, near the sports hall and the cultural center in Talbiseh, while another unit destroyed rocket launcher pad in al-Khaldieh village and a mortar in al-Ghanto village, killing and injuring a number of terrorists in Aidon, al-Ameriyeh, Burj Qaae, al-Nasiryeh neighborhood and Kafr Laha in Homs countryside.

In Aleppo, units of the armed forces foiled terrorists'  attempts towards al-Khudr and Saad Mosques into Salah Eddin area in Aleppo city, killing and injuring a number of their members.
Army also destroyed a terrorists' den while a group of gunmen was hiding inside it in Daret Ezza in Aleppo countryside.

SANA reported that units of the armed forces targeted militants gatherings in the old city of Aleppo, Alliramoun, Saif al-Daoula, al-Kalaseh, al-Rashideen, al-Sheikh Said and al-Mansourah, killing a number of them.

It added that terrorists’ gatherings in Rasem al-Abboud, Jadideh, Kwairis, Erbid, Ezaz, Tal Refaat, Babis and surrounding the Central Prison in Aleppo countryside, were also targeted along with a number of cars in Haritan, to the north of Daret Ezzqah in Fah area in Aleppo countryside.

In Daraa, army units thwarted an armed terrorist group’s attempt to infiltrate from al-Yarmouk park in Daraa al-Balad city into a military checkpoint, killing all the group’s members, a military source told SANA.

The source told SANA that army units also killed a number of terrorists to the east of al-Masara and surrounding al-Yarmouk school in the city.

Army units targeted terrorists’ gatherings in Nawa, al-Nua’imeh, to the north west of Etman, on Salmin road, Jasem and Saida in Daraa countryside, killing and injuring a number of them.

In Hama, SANA reported that army units eliminated all members of an armed terrorist group in Mourek in the northern countryside of Hama, among them the leader of the so-called Ushaq al-Hour group, nicknamed Abu Farouk.

In Idlib countryside, army units eliminated a number of terrorists, injured others, and destroyed their equipment around Jabal al-Arbayeen, Kafr Najd, al-Rami, and Mariyaan in Idleb countryside.
Source: Agencies

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