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The combined forces of 11 terrorist organizations could not move the Syrian Army from its fixed positions.  The attack started with the usual sacrificial lambs in the shape of  suicide bombers driving trucks.  From 7 different axes, the terrorists led byNusra/Alqaeda, opened up a barrage of intense artillery fire after 4 trucks exploded prematurely when SAA Kornet operators fixed their eyes on the moving bombs and fired.  From Khaan Toomaan, BirnaSayf Al-Dawla, Al-Mansoora, Kafr Hamraa and Hazma, they came.  But, as before, good intelligence from sources deep inside the terrorists organizations and from ordinary, loyal civilians, and very importantly, from drone surveillance, the Syrian Army was prepared to confront the plague-carrying sadists.  At every front, the terrorists were pushed back.
The major focus of their attack was Al-Raashideen Quarter and the Assad Suburb.  For the last few months the SAA has been making progress in street to street fighting in Al-Raashideen, but, with the talks in Geneva now stalled by the Saudi Arabian child molesters,  the opposition needs some trump cards to bring to the table.  The Saudis and the Turks are obsessed with Aleppo.  They do not believe that their terrorist henchmen will have any credibility if they lose the area of Aleppo.  And, yet, that’s exactly what has been happening.
The United States has already given the Saudis the go-ahead to provide the terrorists with MANPADs.  The agreement for the sale of such weapons comes in a contract that prohibits the sale or supply of such weapons to third parties.  There are no exceptions unless the U.S. provides them.  It is clear from Obama’s tenor in Saudi Arabia that he is not averse to the Saudis giving such weapons to Alqaeda even if that means losing a commercial airliner.  But, these weapons, once very effective against Soviet bombers in Afghanistan, are also antiquated given the newest technology developed by Russian engineers.
The Saudis are also fearful of a Syrian Army victory at Al-Raqqa which would take the wind out of their simian geo-political strategy.  Al-Raqqa will have to wait until the terrorists in the north have been weakened sufficiently so that the army can move decisively to the east and liberate that long-suffering city.

 الجيش السوري يصد هجوما للإرهابيين على مدينة حلب

LATAKIA:  No matter how hard the Turks try, they can’t establish a real foothold in this area.
The Syrian Prime Minister, Waa`il Al-Halaqi, visits the Al-Baraadoon Dam near Al-Rubay’ah without any concern over the few remaining rodents still clinging to a few square meters to this north.

Yesterday and today, the SAA repelled an attack by Alqaeda rodents near theZuwayqaat Mountain area and managed to liberate Elevations 1112 and 1154.  Reports from the front tell a story of huge losses to the attacking murdering rodents with Wael telling me that over 50 were counted dead or wounded near the mountain.
The SAA has also moved to the Kobaani Mountain area right on the border with Idlib and has taken over the eastern part of the elevation.  There was another attack at Al-Qal’ahMountain which was handily repelled by the army.
The SAA has now liberated Ruwaysat Rattu and Jawrat Al-Nahla.  Alqaeda losses here are in excess of 20 dead.
IDLIB:  Four top Ahraar Al-Shaam rodent commanders killed by the Syrian Air Force in precision strike.
Binnish:  Once again, the Syrian intelligence network proved unfailing in its doggedness.  Reliable intelligence arrived at the Syrian Army command HQ in Aleppo describing a meeting which was to be held in Binnish to discuss reinforcing the rodent presence at Kubaani on the border with Latakia.  That’s all it took for two Sukhoi bombers to take off from Kuwayris AB to drop a 500 pound load on the huddled vermin.  There were 4 rat leaders, one of whom was the traitor deserter and child molester,Maajed Hussein Al-Saadiq (see above, a/k/a Islaam Abu Hussein), who held the title of chief of staff.  All of them went up in a big puff of smoke leaving the hapless gangster group reeling once again as its rat leaders continue to follow a procession down to the depths of Hell.
This was such a big event, the propaganda terrorist networks tried hard to maintain the fiction that these rats were killed by ISIS in a suicide bombing.  Not true.  They were killed by the Syrian military.
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ارهابيو “النصرة” واتباعهم يخرقون “الهدنة” ويستهدفون حلب
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