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620 Syrian Terrorists Quit Besieged Town Near Damascus

October 19, 2016
Daraya evacuation of militants
Around 620 terrorists and their families began evacuating a besieged town southwest of the Syrian capital on Wednesday under a deal with the government, a local official told AFP.
“The buses of terrorists have begun moving,” said Hassan Ghandour, a member of the local committee overseeing the deal in Moadamiyet al-Sham.
He said the buses held terrorists as well as their family members and would head to Idlib province, northwest of Damascus.
Source: AFP

In Pictures: Militants in southwest Damascus transferred to Idlib under evacuation deal

 An evacuation deal held earlier between the Syrian government and rebels in the southwestern town of Al-Moadamiyah has entered into force today with hundreds of militants leaving the longtime rebel bastion.Local sources reported that around 700 militants with their families (1800 in total) have initiated a one-way trip to the northwestern province of Idlib.
Those who choose to stay will have their status settled by the Syrian authorities.
The sources said that approximately 200 out of the 700 militants are originally from the adjacent Darayya and Kafarsouseh towns.
Eye witnesses said that dozens of the government ‘green buses’, accompanied by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, have entered the town early this morning to prepare for the evacuation process.
Last week, rebels in western Damascus left Al-Hama and Qudsaya to Idlib under a similar agreement.

Zen Adra | Al-Masdar News

3Zen Adra | Al-Masdar News
militantsZen Adra | Al-Masdar News

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