Wednesday, 30 November 2016

BREAKING: Israeli jet carries out airstrike near Damascus

Moments ago, an Israeli jet fired four longe-range ‘Popeye’ missile upon the government-held town of Al-Saboorah, west of Damascus.
The overnight explosions were so loud they could be heard by an Al-Masdar News field correspondent in downtown Damascus.
The jet did not penetrate Syrian airspace but did allegedly breach Lebanese airspace in order to come within striking range of its designated target.
Although mere speculation for now, the Israeli airstrike likely intended to assassinate a senior Hezbollah figure due to Al-Saboorah’s proximity to the Damascus-Beirut Highway, a main road often used by the Lebanese resistance movement.
On Monday, the Israeli Air Force also conducted an airstrike in the Syrian Golan Heights, targeting the ISIS-affiliated Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade.
UPDATE: The latest report (not confirmed by Al-Masdar’s military sources) suggests the missiles struck a Hezbollah workshop for vehicles. No casualties as mechanics had retired for the night.
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