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“Exclusive to Syrper by Canthama”
Damascus – West Ghouta
The battle for Waadi Baradaa has been going on for 2 weeks since the day the terrorists started to blackmail 5 million people in the Damascus area. The initial approach by the SAA was to get closer to the main villages. There are some 11 villages which have been under terrorist occupation for over 4 years. When the SAA managed to control the southern hills overlooking some of the villages the SAA used pinpoint artillery and GRAD missiles  hitting terrorists’ headquarters and main gathering points. Little by little, the terrorists had to tolerate unsustainable losses in both killed and wounded. Surrounded on a larger hilly area without resupply and short on ammo, the terrorists started to blackmail the local civilians, forcing an estimated 2,000+ civilians to flee the area toward safer villages under Syrian government control.
Map credited to @A7_Mirza (situation at Wadi Barada pocket until January 4th)
Reinforcements arrived for the SAA and the final plan to liberate all Waadi Baradaa was finalized. In the last two days of battle, the SAA and its allies managed to break through from the northeast capturing vital hills such as Dhahrat Al-Nayla overlooking 6 key villages on the western end of the valley. In factm the SAA encircled and, thus, was able to control both the south and north high grounds resulting in checkmate.
Map credited to @A7_Mirza (situation at Wadi Barada pocket on January 6th)
In a matter of a few hours the terrorists called for reconciliation.  The details are emerging but it is known that some terrorists will take the green buses to Idlib and several will apply for amnesty. At the moment, the SAA is already controlling the main water spring at ‘Ayn Al-Feeja and water department technicians are on the scene in an attempt to restore the water supply to Damascus as rapidly as possible.
Wadi Barada was the last bastion of terrorists in the larger West Ghoutaa area. The implication of that is very important for what is coming which is the liberation of East Ghoutaa and the complete safety of millions of Syrians in Damascus Province. When all the Damascus area is free of terrorists, the number of battle-tested soldiers who would be freed to fight in other fronts is very substantial; very likely in the tens of thousands.

Central Homs

The Latest news from T4 is encouraging. Though there were several reports that ISIS was withdrawing from the area due to heavy losses and the growing pressure near Al-Raqqa, it is a known fact from past ISIS operations to see them fleeing, but, then, striking back; their mobility is their main tactical advantage.
It seems, however, that this time their “fall-back-come-forward” tactics failed miserably at T4. In another attempt to storm the small village of Shareefa, ISIS again lost multiple armored vehicles and dozens of KIAs.
Sensing ISIS’ inability to cause more damages in the area, the SAA and allies took advantage of the momentum and struck hard at ISIS north of T4 capturing several small hills and expanding the safety perimeter of the base. It is not yet clear whether this is an SAA move toward central Homs to clear ISIS off the many villages they control there and in eastern Hama, or a flanking action aimed at the key gas fields northeast of the airbase, Mahr, Jiraah and Jazal.

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  • Iraq – Anbar Province
Very important offensive on-going at upper Euphrates in Anbaar Province. In less than 2 days, the Iraqi Army and militias have liberated 11 villages and it is now approaching the city of ‘Aana and the village of Rawaa, increasing the pressure on ISIS toward the vital border town of Al-Qaa`im. The fight won’t be easy for the brave Iraqi army because for this vital crossing ISIS will stand tough.
The implications for ISIS if it loses Al-Qaa`im are huge. Their vulnerability in East Homs and Deir El-Zor Provinces will be very high and it is most likely that revolts will start in many villages aimed at expelling ISIS from their midst.
The Syrian Government is moving fast to realign with tribal leaders in the area to ensure smooth transition of order and power. (Note from Ziad: Nawaaf Al-Basheer has returned to Syria and is expected to use his influence with eastern Syrian tribes to fight ISIS.)

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NEWS AND COMMENT: (Prepared by Ziad)
The terrorists are trying to negotiate their way out of the mess they created in Waadi Baradaa.  Read this one sent by Wa A Ha:
More from our friend at Syrianews about the 1,200 former rodents who have decided to join the majority and fight for the SAA:
A main member of the hotelier opposition, Nawaaf Al-Basheer, has returned to Syria to reaffirm his loyalty to his people, army and president:

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