Monday, 9 January 2017

Hot off the press: Israel plot to 'take down' Tory minister:

Both The Daily Mail and The Guardian are reporting tonight that an Israeli embassy official has been caught on camera in an undercover sting plotting to “take down” members of the British parliament regarded as hostile, including the Foreign Office minister Sir Alan Duncan – an outspoken supporter of Palestinian statehood.
In the video Shai Masot, who describes himself as an ‘officer in the IDF’ was recorded in conversation about a hit list of British MPs.
Many commentators including yours truly have been arguing for years that the Israeli Lobby is a disaster in our midst. Tonight the Brits can witness for themselves the level of Mossad interference in British politics.
If British Jews are really concerned about Anti Semitism maybe they should consider how to disassociate  themselves from the Jewish State.

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