Sunday, 14 May 2017


South Front

On Saturday, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) repelled an attack by the Syrian Army Army (SAA) in Al-Zayat area and Al-Zahr al-Aswad west of Damascus. HTS also recaptured Tal Al-Ruba near the village of Mughr al-Meer.
Helicopters of the Syrian Air Force bombed positions of HTS in Mughr al-Meer village:
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It is believed that the Satuday SAA attack was a reconnaissance by fire. The SAA may launch an operation to capture Mughr al-Meer in order to besiege the villages of Beit Thabit, Kafr Hour and Beit Thima and to push local militants to accept a reconciliation agreement. In this area, militants had repeatedly violated a previous cease-fire agreement with the SAA.
The SAA may continue its advance in order to capture the village of Mazra’at Beit Jin, and then the village of Beit Jin taking advantage of the fact that this area is not included in the safe zones agreement.
Meanwhile in Daraa, the SAA and the local council of the village of Mahja (located near the Daraa-Damascus road) reached a reconciliation agreement. 1,000 former members of militants groups in the village were granted amnesty, including 350 defectors from the SAA.
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Militants handed over light arms to government forces.
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