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‘Israel’ Welcomes Saudi-Trump Arms Deals

‘Israel’ Welcomes Saudi-Trump Arms Deals
Commenting on the Saudi-American arms deal, Amos Gilad, former head of the ‘Israeli’ War Ministry’s Political-Military Affairs Bureau, offered The Times of ‘Israel’ a simple explanation: “With Trump everything works fast. I’ve got no answer beyond that.”
‘Israel' Welcomes Saudi-Trump Arms Deals
Despite the record time, in addition to the record size, of Saturday’s deal, other than Steinitz’s and Kara’s limited concerns, precious little dissent has been voiced against the arms sale.
Most have instead described it as either benign or potentially beneficial.
Speaking to the newspaper over the phone, Gilad wondered: “How can it hurt? For now, there’s an alliance between the US and the Arab world against Iran.”
The countries receiving weapons from the US “are not the ones that harm our security,” he added.
Gilad also pointed to a 2011 arms deal by the Obama administration that gave the Saudis “154 airplanes, which is far more dangerous.”
For his part, former so-called national security adviser to Zionist Prime Minister, Yaakov Amidror, said that ‘Israel’ has no reason to worry about the massive Saudi-US arms deals, arguing that it is not new for Washington to provide Riyadh with advanced weapons systems.
If anything, Amidror argued, this latest arms deal could help pave the way for “Israeli”-Arab cooperation in the future.
“It does not change the balance [of power] in the Middle East,” Amidror said.
“The US administration is very sensitive about keeping ‘Israel’s’ military edge. That was the case for previous US administrations, and I am sure it’s also true for the current administration.”
Amidror pointed to the F-35 fighter jet, five of which have already landed in ‘Israel’ – and not anywhere else.
“This is part of the efforts the US administration makes to keep ‘Israel’s’ qualitative military edge and even enhance it,” Amidror told a press conference organized by Media Central.
Amidror said that beefing up the Saudi military against Iran, a common enemy with the Zionist entity, might increase the Saudis’ “self-confidence” and their readiness to expand their engagement with the Zionist entity in an anti-Iran alliance.
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