BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:01 A.M.) – After two incidents in London, considered as terror attacks by the Metropolitan Police, and the suspects still on the run in the city, more and more details emerge. So far one person is confirmed dead and at least 20 more injured.
The first attack took place on London Bridge, where a white van was used to run over pedestrians on the sidewalk. The second one occured at a bar at Borough Market. There several persons were stabbed by at least 3 assailants just 500 metres from the first secene. A third incident at Vauxhall, was dismissed by the police as a unrelated stabbing.
While so far no terrorist group has claimed the attack, it’s pattern matches the recent call of the Islamic State (ISIS) on supporters to attack Christians in Europe on Ramadan and recommending the usage of cars, knifes and handguns.
The Metropolitan police urges the public, to avoid the area and published instructions, which tell people to either run or hide and inform the authorities of new incidents:
Henri Feyerabend | Al-Masdar News
While police tries to evacuate the areas with all means, including lifeboats, the elite anti terror units of the British Army, the British Special Air Service (SAS) have reportedly been deployed and pictures of helicopters used by the SAS frequenting the city center emerged:
Henri Feyerabend | Al-Masdar News