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Yemeni Navy Foils Landing Attempt Of Saudi-led Coalition Near Al-Hudaydah
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On June 29, units of the Yemeni Navy [loyal to the Houthis] foiled an a landing of the Saudi-led coalition on the western coast of Yemen, according to the Yemeni Saba News Agency (NSA). A source in the Yemeni Navy told SNA that coalition naval forces suffered from “catastrophic loses” during the failed landing attempt.
The pro-Houthis news agency said that the Yemeni Navy knew in advance of the Saudi-led coalition plans thanks to credible intelligence. SNA added that coalition naval forces used “advance boats” in the landing attempt, but the Yemeni Navy was able to detect them.
Earlier this month, the Houthis foiled a similar attempt of the Saudi-led coalition navy to land troops near the coastal city of al-Hudaydah. Back then, the Yemeni Navy hit a landing ship of the coalition with two anti-ship missiles, killing four personnel of the UAE Navy including an officer.
The Saudi-led coalition will likely decrease its naval activity along the western coast of Yemen after this failed attack. However, the coalition air force may intensify its operations against the Yemeni Navy.
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