Saturday, 30 April 2011

Hunger strikes in Ashkelon, Beersheba prisons

[ 30/04/2011 - 08:42 AM ]
JENIN, (PIC)-- Prisoners in the Ashkelon and Beersheba prisons have begun a hunger strike to protest the treatment of the Israeli Prison Service, the Ahrar prisoner studies center reported on Friday.
Palestinians held at the Beersheba facility began fasting after several prisoners sustained injuries during a violent crackdown on section 10, said Ahrar director Fuad el-Khuffash.
Ashkelon prisoners refused two meals and also refused to leave to the recreation yard, Khuffash added. He added that prisoners have declared other steps due next week to pressure and protest the treatment of the IPS.
Khuffash said the IPS has boosted provocations against prisoners and deliberately lured them into direct confrontations in order to repress them and to drain their achievements.
Separately, Palestinian prisoners at Ashkelon have announced they are happy after the signing of the Palestinian reconciliation deal. They held celebrations at the prison yard where Fatah and Hamas affiliates distributed sweets to celebrate the deal signing.

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