Tuesday, 9 August 2011

More sense to the senses

By Nahida the Exiled Palestinian

More sense to the senses

I am fascinated by my hands

With: I carry my lavender basket

Stitch French knots, knit tiny socks

Write my poems and paint lilac twilights

But more enchanting

Caressing with

The face of my beloved

And holding on my babe’s hand

I am fascinated by my ears

With: I hear birds singing

Enjoy melodic tunes, and fairytale stories

But more captivating

Hearing my baby calling “mama”

And the tender heartbeat

Of the one I love

I am fascinated by my nose

With: I smell my favourite foods

Pineapple cake and ginger biscuit

Roses, jasmine, lemon zest

Ocean waves and waterfalls

But more intriguing

The sweet fragrance of my twin-half

And the delicate scent

Of my newborn

I am fascinated by my eyes

With: I perceive the world in full colour

Look at beautiful butterflies

Flowers… trees… sky and stars

But more mystifying

The tears running down

Yearning for my soul mate

Or gazing at my child sleeping

I am fascinated by my mouth

With: I taste delicious flavours

Tangy oranges… juicy mangos

Sweet strawberries

But more alluring

Kissing my baby’s feet

And whispering words like

“Sweetheart, I love you”

And “Thank you God for all these things”

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