Saturday, 22 October 2011

I didn’t want to see Gaddafi arrested, killed or tried, I just said "AMERICA MUST ATTACK GADDAFI NOW!"

"I didn’t want to see Gaddafi arrested, killed or tried. However, I am an American and didn’t live under his rule for 42 years. Those who did, people I know of heroism and character, hated him." Wrote Gordon Duff,

I, 8 months ago, just said:  AMERICA MUST ATTACK GADDAFI NOW!

"We can still be a nation of heroes if we are allowed to be, if we are led honorably."

You are a nation of sheep led "honarably" by Netanyaho..
Your HANDS are soaked with BLOOD

"Our goal was not to kill Gaddafii". Juppe said. "When I say us, I'm talking about the coalition, of France within NATO. Our goal was to force him to relinquish power. It was then up to the National Transitional Council to capture and judge him",  he added


"Believe your instincts and information from reliable independent web sites and other sources.
The struggle to free Libya continues." Stephen Lendman

Mutassim Gaddafi:Last Cigarette,rest and dead body. 

The Zionist Murder Of Muammar Gaddafi
In case you missed it: Stop the NATO Bombing of Libya- Victory to the Arab Revolution.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian


Nysoulcontrolla aka Ali said...

Salaamu Alaikum brother...these are ''absolutely'' ''must see'' articles..

Former Mojahedin Khalq Insider Constance Tanter exposes MEK link with CIA and Mossad Officials in Washington

MUST SEE!!! Iranian Intelligence Minister Rebuts US Accusation ''Point by Point''

Nil Nikandrov: The Empire Against ALBA

enjoy brother,Salaam...

LIES AGAINST IRAN - UN not an independent organization: Journalist

VIDEO- SYRIA- Three sisters martyred when terrorists launched RPG missile at their house

Colombian foreign minister conveys Netanyahu proposal to Palestine

Rai: Resistance’s Arms Justified as “Israel” Still Occupies Lebanese Territories, Violates Sovereignty

Nysoulcontrolla aka Ali said...

Salaam brother,im trying to go on your front page,but my browser doenst allow it freezes,i had to get here thru ''cached'' option..dying to post some of your stuff as well..but my google browser ,safari,opera is hijacked,anyway see if this interests you..

must read...THE EMPIRES ”NEOCOLONIAL SOLUTIONS”…U.S. Entrepreneurship Delegation Visits Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco

UNASUR (Union of South American Nations) is the shield against barbarism, Chavez says

President Chavez labeled the events in Libya as “something sinister. Something that could be compared with the genocide occurred in here against our indigenous people when Spaniards arrived [500 years ago]. The thing is that nowadays is even worst because they [colonialists] have planes and bombs. A scientific-technical advance at barbarism’s disposal. I would have never imagined to see something like this, but we are seeing it and with people even applauding it.”